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Your Specs


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Hmm, I noticed some of you are running the game in 16Bit Colors on Geforce4 cards. 16Bit colors is a known weak spot of Geforce4 cards.. So always run your games in 32Bit colors.


Anways i'll post my specs..


AMD T-Bird 900Mhz

384MB Ram (PC-133)

PNY Geforce4 Ti 4400 128MB (44.67 Det's, OC 300-Core 607-Mem)

Audigy XGamer (Driver ver

Quantum Fireball LCT15 (30GB, Split into 3 partitions, Primary for OS, Second for installed Programs, Third for the Page File only)

Generic Mobo with VIA Chipset (VIA 4in1 v4.48)

Win XP Pro w/SP1/DX9


VC Runs smooth as possible at 1280x768x32 85Hz refresh rate, Besides when there is fog or alot of smoke.. I think that is due to my CPU though. Draw distance all the way up, 4x AA 4x AF, Frame Limiter off, Vsync on ....Oh yeah if your running VC on Win XP and getting the delayed textures, Set gta-vc.exe in Compatibility mode for Win 98/Me.

Edited by 3G_Accord
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2.4 Ghz Pentium 4


ATI Radeon 9800 128 MB Graphics Card

Windows XP Home


No slowdown at all on any graphical setting biggrin.gif


Without frame limiter I get up to 170 fps

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the compatability mode in XP works great for stopping the texture delays, but now for some reason my r-shift doesn't work....

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I run P III 600 @ 800x600 the game runs good but sometimes it freezes after 2 hours of play, 32 mb video from matrox



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Well... I finally got Vice & these are my specs.


P4 2.8ghz

ATI Radeon 9700pro 128mb

512mb ram


& there is the sound card: Sound Blaster Live! 5.1

No Slow downs. Except the texture delays. but I now know how to fix that.

Thats basically it.


My other Computers specs.

P4 2.2ghz

GeForce4 TI4200pro 128mb

256mb ram


Sound Blaster Live!

Vice only slows down when u chuck a burnout while it is raining.

That is that.


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2.4 Ghz Pentium 4

Radeon 9700 tx 128mb

512mb RAM

120GB HD

Live! 5.1 - 2.1 speakers sad.gif

19 inch monitor


It runs really good, only slow once in a while for a few seconds. The only problem is that lately it has been crashing, i think it is from modding sad.gif , will have to reinstall or something.



Edited by texasdave
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