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Your Specs


Recommended Posts

I used to favour Nvidia, but to be honest, I've heard bad things lately, especially with FX's, and Radeons are supposedly faster anyhow, so I think I'll go with one of them. I prolly won't upgrade for a while anyhow, and I get a decent enough FPS on this and Hitman 2, just wish my resolution could go higher.


P.S I can actually get 20fps put on 1024x768!

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Okay.. speaking of performance, wtf?!? I'm running an athlon xp2200, gf4-4400, 512 pc2700 ram, on an abit nforce2 mobo and the game is running like crap. Even at a fairly low 1024x768x16 without any AA or aniso. Yeah, it hits the 100s now and again, but it drops down into the teens more often then that and even when fraps says I'm doing 50-60 it's choppy and stuttery as all get out. To make matters worse it WAS running fine last week (smooth enough that I wasn't bothering with fraps to actually check the fps). Came home friday and A) my savegames were all gone and B) the game was running as above. Reinstalled, still crap.


Anyone have any clue?




Bah, stupid me. For some reason the thing installed with miles 3d sound as deault this time (last time it was, and should be, eax). Odd indeed. Just that doubled the top fps and more than doubled the average. *whew*


Now I can get back to redoing 50 hours of the game. *grumblemoanbitch*



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Dell 4450

Intell Pentium 4

2.53 Ghrz

40gb Hard Drive


Geforce 4... something

Windows XP Home Edition


It runs perfectly no problems at all, it is has smooth as the Sky is Blue.

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abit mobo

p4 2.4gig

gf4 ti4200

512 ddr ram

40 gig hd

17 inch monitor

win xp pro.


i run at 1024 x 768 and everything runs fine no slowdowns yet:-)



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Hi, My System:



AMD Athlon XP 1800+ CPU

GeForce 4 Ti4200

512mb PC2100 Ram

C-Media CMI8738 Sound

Win XP Pro

2 X 40GB 7200RPM HD


And it runs great with 2X AA, 8X antistropic filtering, full draw distance, at 1024x1280x16, but i do run it with 3D analyze which does help quite a lot.

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I guess I will post


Epox 8k9a2+

Raid 0 (2) wd120gbse

Sec. Maxtor 160gb

512mb pc2100 clocked at pc2700

xp2100 @ 2166 (xp2700)

geforce 3ti200 225/515

sb audigy platnium

win xp home


I can run every res no prob but I enjoy [email protected]

30fps no slowdown at anytimes. Can get 60-70fps with frame limiter turned off.

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P4 2.66 [533 FSB]

GeForce4 Ti 4200 Superfast ( Asus V9280S/TVD )

1Gb PC2700 DDR 333Mhz RAM

20Gb Maxtor HD

SoundMax On-Board Sound

17" TFT


Running on Win 2K SP3


And it runs a dream ... I dont use the frame limiter as i feel it restricts the game for me to be honest.


But yer no quarms so far , apart from my Logitech Cordless Rumblepad playing about so i use KB and Mouse again now, been playing for a week and am 25% Complete.

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Wu Masta James

AMD Anthlon 2000+ O/C @ 2.13ghz $70

VIA KTV400 Motherboard $40

GeForce 4 Ti-4200 64MB PNY O/C @ 375/615 $90

256 PC2700 DDR $42

Lindows 3.0

60 Gig Maxtor Hard-Drive $40

HP-CD Writer 9100+ 8x4x32 $30

Samsung CD-ROM 54x $15

Phillips Dynamic 4.1 PCI 32-Bit Sound $25

...and the other useless sh*t


Overall I paid $400 for the complete system excluding a monitor which I had. And I recently bought a water cooling fan for $230. But thats not bad....gotta love computer shows

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GOOD GOD!!!  That's f*cking huge!!


I think I just soiled my pants.


Dude take some screenshots at that resolution.  I want to see it!!  :(!


My monitor only goes to 1024 x 768..  Stupid thing..

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My System:

AMD 2100+

512 ddr

Ge 4 ti 4600 upgraded

Gamesorround III

80Go hd

iiyama 19"

DSL line


very smooth in 1280x768x16, some textures bug while drivin da MS_T 735i (this car got a 20Mo TXD file)

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AMD Athlon 1GhZ


32 MB GeForce2 latest drivers

Directx 9.0




The game runs quite smooth on 1024x768x32..

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Amd 2.6xp

1024 DDr 333mhz Ram

Geforce 4 4800se 128mb 8x Agp

160 gig HDD

DvD-rw & DvD

Flat panel monitor

5.1 surround

Logitech cordless/optical mouse & Keyboard


also a


Amd 1.7xp

1024 DDr 266mhz Ram

Geforce 3 128mb

40 gig HDD


runs Perfect on both!  :pp

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Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

Shouldn't this topic be pinned so we don't have to get thousands of these topics

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amd athlon 2000+

sound blaster live

geforce 4 mx 420

512 mb pc2100

80 gig seagate 2 mb


it runs ok...........excpet it restarts my computer or freezes it after 3 minutes of gameplay.......help  :nervous:


:angry:  :furious:  :sui:

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AMD XP 1.46


512 Mb DDR


GeForce2 Pro W/ 64 Mb DDR


Onboard sound


I play all of my games at 800x600, my eyes are getting old, and the game runs like a dream. :colgate:

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P3 850 mhz

127 mb ram

30 gb hdd

intelr 82810e graphics controller

crystal wdm audio

win me

directx 9


The game is really laggy. running at lowest setting and freezes a lot.

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i have

p-4 1500mhz

256mb sdram

radeon 9700 pro

SoundBlaster Live!

Windows ME


and it dont run at all..freezing after intro

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Athlon XP 1800+

Asus A7V333

512 Mb DDr

GeForce 3 Ti 200

Soundblaster Live 5.1



It run's very very very good, only with smoke it slows down.

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Pp3 845ghz

320mb PC133 SDRAM

GeForce 4 Ti 4200 (PNY Verto)

20 GB Fujitsu 5400

Memorex 48/12/40a

Logitech I feel optical mouseman

Floppy drive


Thrust 4D Sound card


Runs fine ,a little jumpy getting into cars

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that res is not a standard setting... intresting enough. But i can run at 1920x1440x32 without slow downs, if i turn off AA and AF.


Celeron 1.8ghz

768mb (pc-800 rambus)

Leadtek geforce 4 ti 4600


i keep it at 1280x1024x32 with frame limiter on, so the textures load right. also with Quincunx AA and 2x Af on, averages around 40-50fps

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P2 366 celeron

riva tnt 2 16mb graphic card



it works fine, but when it is loading new objects

it goes slower because of slow harddisk...

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Ok, my crappy PC is:


Intel Pentium 3 @ 733 Mhz

512 MB SDRam

Asus videocard with GeForce 4 TI4200 chipset and 128 mb DDR ram memory

a crappy old logitech joystick


and gues what: the game runs perfectly at 1280x1024x32 :D



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Computer 1


p4 2.0ghz

ECS P4VXAD m/board 533fsb

nvidia geforce 3ti 200 64mb

384mb ram

40gb 7200rpm hdd

ac97 sound (on board)


Game runs at 1152x864 32bit -> 50-100+fps


Computer 2


pII 400mhz

Intel m/board

nvidia geforce 3ti200

192mb ram

40gb 7200rpm hdd

SB AWE64 snd card


Game runs at 1152x864 32bit -> 15-100+fps






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my spec:

Athlon XP 1400+

Soyo Dragon+ Mobo


Leadtek GF4Ti4200 128MB

CMedia onboard Sound

WinXP Pro

Gravis gamepad Pro (good, but upgrading to PS2 Pad and USB adaptor soon)


had probs with the game (slowdown) till i changed the geforce intellisample settings to 'application'.

Now runs smooth as silk in 1152x864x32

still get the odd crash tho, that 'c00.......' one that nobodys figured out yet :)


good tip: if u have access to a widescreen telly and have a tv-out on yr graphics board, hook the pc up and run the game in widescreen mode.....beautiful ;-)

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  • 2 weeks later...

XP1700 @ 2130MHz

MSI KT4 Ultra

384MB PC2100 @ 177fsb

17GB WD Caviar

MSI Ti4200 @ 303/607

Windows 2000 SP3


game runs silky smooth, slows down when theres a lot of stuff on the screen though.

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  • 4 weeks later...

2.7ghz p4

768mb of ddr333mhz

gf4 ti4200 128mb agpx8

(no overclocking)

runs constant 30fps with limiter on

or well over 100fps with limiter off but the game runs to fast

Edited by JENKO
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Duron 1200

512 DDR

Radeon 7500 64MB


XP Pro


Game runs good with FL on, but chops when hard drive seeks (it's only a 5400rpm Quantum POS), with FL off it's nice and smooth, but I lose textures, and when driving fast and "Loading ..." screen pops up every 10 or so seconds.


I should have never upgraded to XP. Game ran almost perfectly on 98 mad.gif

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