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Please help with fuzzy intro graphics.


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Ok I've installed the patch 1.1.  I'm using a Radeon 9700 pro on a 2.4ghz computer with 512mgs of ram.  What I notice is that, first off, the colorful cartoon splash screen is sort of fuzzy.  Not too bad, just not very sharp.  But, the intro movies are pretty low rez with a ton of jaggies and blurry.  Definately below what I would expect for the game and what my machine can handle.  I've got the options set for 1600x1200, 32 bit rez.  Is there something i can do to clear this up?  The rez in game is ok - just wanted to clear up the intros if possible.  thanks alot,



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Your attention please


Ask and answer questions about GTA: Vice City's missions and other gameplay goes in the Gameplay forum.

Forum for discussing Vice City cheats, tricks, and secrets goes in the Cheats and Tricks forum.

For all discussion about ideas for stuff you'd like to see infuture GTA's, Please post in the pinned topic.

And for the PC version, Please post in General PC Chat.



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I can account for the actuall movie been fuzzy.


Its of mpeg1 qaulity.

If you have ever watched A VCD you will know why this is...


You over probelm sorry...cant help.

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They made it that small to save space. A 1600x1200 DVD-quality intro would barely fit on a CD (with nothing else). The loading screen is the same image whether you're at 1600x1200 or 640x480, too. They have to be resized.

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Mine isn't fuzzy...  Are you talking about when it shows Sonny at a table with a bunch of people and it starts off with "Tommy Vercetti?"


Or the ACTUAL intro video BEFORE the main menu?


That's the MPG quality...  Every cheap MPG video in PC games look like that.

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Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

Why don't you take a screenshot of your fuzzy screen and we'll tell you if it's identical to ours  :)



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No it's not the part about Tommy Vercetti, it's the intro intro.  I guess you all have it so oh well.  Not like I play the intro  :p

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