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OLD--Official Bug List with Solutions

Recommended Posts

Alright...since I don't really feel like looking through all of these posts I'll just state my problem...


I'll be doing a firefighter mission or a Vigilante mission and the game crashes on me when I get to around levels 10-12. mad.gif I haven't been able to complete the game because of this...any suggestions?

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  • 4 weeks later...

1: my vertical mouse speed is WAY higher than my horizontal speed, known issue?


2: how the heck do i make the game register a wheelie?


i can do stoppies no problem, and make whellies no problem, the stoppies it registers, the wheelies it doesnt..

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I downloaded IMG Tools to put new machines to my Vice City game, but then I wanted to put back original ones. I had made a backup of the gta3 IMG file and copied it from my backup folder to E:/games/GTA - Vice City/models but then when I wanted to load a game it crashed and there was an error message on desktop: Unhandled exception: c0000005 At address: 0048944c Now I can't play VC at all. Please help me!

Edited by mkanza
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Hello all! Im having a little problem with GTA: VC; After playing 3 to 5 hours the screen locks up and sounds repeat themselves. I thought this was normal but when I read all the posts in this section they "all" said it crashes quickly (5min-1h). So if someone has solved this problem, please reply!


Its not an overheating problem bc I got watercooling rah.gif system which affects on my CPU and GFX (temps aren't rising even after playing 24h of GTA III).


Other system specs:


Win XP with SP1

AMD xp 2200+ (@ 2.1ghz)

Hercules Prophet r8500 128mb (@ 340/340)

512mb 333mhz ddr ram (Kingston)

120gb matrox HD (20gb free @ VC drive)

SB Audigy player



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No idea godspeed. I have been having the same problem for about 4 months now. suicidal.gif except mine locks up after 30 seconds.

At least you can actually play the f-ing game! Why not restart your machine and reply the game.


I think its just a game bug. I hear it did it with GTA3. bored.gif

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All my problem is is that i can't get 100%, because Trial by Dirt (the Motorbike Race against your best time in Downtown) won't register. I got told to redo the Test Track in the 4WD and i beat it twice, and have a time of 2:14 on it, and Trial by Dirt still hasn't registered. It is now near impossible to win because of the guy that puts u off the road from the security company. Is this the real way to finish it?


P.S. I don't know what version my game is sorry. How do i tell for future reference?

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I had read some posts that have given bits and pieces to the problem I have had, but cannot figure out what to do. The game runs great until I try to load up a saved game. Gives me the same "Unhandled Exception: blah blah At Address". In addition to this, I have saved several games and only the first one ever shows up. I have deleted the GTA_vc. set file, and set my sound option to things other than EAX, but nothing seems to work. This seems like a great game, but I dont want to try to play it through in one sitting. Thanks


PC specs:

-Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.53GHz,


-80.1GB, WDC WD800JB-00CRA1

-512MB DDR (Samsung)

-Radeon 9700 Series (128MB)

-Creative SB Audigy

-Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Edited by drewborn
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  • 2 weeks later...

i was also having the 3-5 second freeze after 5-10 minutes myself, and it seems to be related to either 1) a direct sound error, or 2) an eax issue, ive noticed that everyone else ive talked to with the same error runs a EAX enabled SB live or audigy, or similar card.. so im assuming it deals with EAX hardware issues, because theyhad the same problem. i beleive it deals with one effect or processing function that overflows after so much use/playback, obviously something win9x didnt do. (perhaps an expanded function with winxp?)


what i did was changed "mode" to headphones, and format audio playback with "dsound (directsound) hardware playback".. i think i heard someone else mention this earlier but to no avail, i tried a fresh install and switched modes again, so far so good, ive gone an hour with no errors to report. not quite sure why this would do it, but if it works i dont think id care to analyze it biggrin.gif

Edited by LuminuS
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  • 2 weeks later...
Has anyone found a solution to the stunt camera bug yet?

(Besides alt + tabbing or using the replay camera)

When I got that problem in GTA 3 I would type "timeflieswhenyou" cheat code. That's the only way I know how to get out of the stuck camera. It doesn't speed up the game on the first type which is good because I don't want the game faster than it already is. It flashes the camera back to you and you're free to roam once more. Each time when the ustunt is finished I had to type it. For several months.


Now I can't get into my save game without typing in the speed code and the bad thing is I had to type it twice to complete loading of the game. When the game loaded the game sped up significantly(like when you ff a tape). The game played too fast, it was a real turn off. The bad thing is that I had completed like 97% of the game and had like 19 hidden jumps and around 2 more missions to complete. Anyway this is all GTA 3. The fix might work for vice city but it sucks. Replay and alt+tabbing might get around the loading bug.

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Here's my problem.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Is there any fix or setting to get rid of this flat object cardboard cutout weirdness yet? It looks like some drunken bitch puked on it. I don't think this is the way its supposed to look.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I`m having a problem with vice city. the game runs fine until I mod it. For instance if I add one or two modded cars, the game runs fine. But if I add more than two cars the game locks up when I load or start a new game. I have recently re-installed windows xp and all of my software and hardware drivers. I myself don`t have a fast internet connection so looking through all of these posts could probably take 3 days at the least. Anyway I`m confused about this problem and I`d really like to play vice city with modded vehicles again.

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  • 3 weeks later...

i have 3 problems

one is when i get in a car (not a really fast one) i take off and the car rocks back and forth until i pick up some speed. so the back tire goes into the body work of the car.


when i take off in a pcj no sound comes out of the motor bike but then when i pick up speed it sound like the bike is going to blow up and then it changes gears and goes normal


when a heli is coming after me, when it gets really low to the ground and the dust blows, the dust looks like lots of little circles this also happens with explosions differnt couloured dot make up the flames.


i have a pics but i dont know how to post them


me specs are

P4 2.8 (800 FSB)

512 ram

fx 5200

creative 5.1 sound card

windows xp home

80G hard drive




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  • 1 month later...

i have recently installed gta vice city on my computer, however the game will crash at random places usually about 5 mins into the game.and on the very first mission as tou are about to get onto the colonels boat, the computer will restart, i experience no graphical glitches during gameplay.i have tried 1.01 but still no change.in the game requirements it says service pack 1 is required - i dont have this - could that be the problem?


i am running win XP home, P4 2.4Ghz, GeForce 4 MMX 440 (not overclocked) and have 512mb ddr ram


can anybody help me?


I put this here too becouse i thought someone "expert" in this would help me out to solve this problem

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  • 1 month later...

I`ve got a big problem!!


I dont have any audio in the game!I dont hear any sounds in the game!!


Thats strange cuz any other game that I play has clear perfect sound.

Wats the answer to my problem?


Windows XP + serv. pack 1

Pentium 4 2.0 ghz

SiS audio card

Ati Mobility Radeon 9000

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I only found this this afternoon, but, I recently installed MSN messenger on my PC, and since then, it kept crashing after a short amount of play. I discovered that vice city runs beautifully if you close MSN first. The same probably applies to GTA3. I only discovered that 1 hour ago, and it would probably help an awful lot of people. Hope that helps for all those people out there where vice city keeps crashing after a certain amount of play.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Im new I don know if this post is old or not (probably is ) I found it while searching for something in google. my system spec are /ECS mobo/6 PCI/ 1 AGP/

/256MB of RAM/ AMD Duron at 1.3 ghz/ MSI Geforce fx 5200 with 128MB of ram/

WIN 2k latest updates and drivers/EXTRA STUFF- Lite-on 52x32x52 and another 50x rom drive/ logitech optical mouse/ logitech speakers with sub/ comcast broadband usual speeds are 100kbps-425kbps/ and finally a Logitech wingman force 3d with force feed back. I am curently building a new system with a P4 at 3.0 ghz, intel mobo with 5PCI 1AGP and 512MB of ram,win XP pro and im still buying parts. ABOUT ME- My actual name is Henry Im 16 and I have a nice job as a pc tech for a pc store, my average pay is $9.45 an hour and that was my starting pay. The only problem i have with vice city is some times when the cars change gears (mostly sports cars) thay do this strange wiggle thing but it goeas away after about 5 min of play and hologram stuff (bushes and the statues at your mansion the same prob LivingPuppet is having ) thers a light blue halo and those are the only probs i have.Im running the game at 1280 x 1024 32bit and draw distance to the highest and frame limiter off and it runs great and no slow downs. tounge.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...
Brenteus Maximus

Alright. I've read through every one of these posts because i'm suffering from the random lock up bug in the game. But before i try out some of thesolutions i wanted to post my issues wity vice city to see if they match anyone else's.


My problems have started since i installed windows xp pro. I used to have windows 2k advanced server and vice city never had any problems at all on there. but on xp i've had weird things happen. The first is an issue i also saw in gta3, where if i drove around the city the close-up textures on the outside objects would have a delay in loading. Now i turned off the frame sync and turned frame limiter on in gta3 and it was ok. I'm not certain about vice city but this error was much less frequent in vice city, and i attributed it to driving around the city too fast in my infernus bc that's about the only times it happened. but it wasn't a big deal. what i found odd was that when i'd drive through the little island where the demolition man building is, for a second or two the "Loading..." screen would appear in the game. then things would be perfectly normal but it was odd that around that area or driving down the street past ken's law office from that area would make this loading screen appear. once again though, this was an odd thing but not a severe problem. but the severe problem has struck me recently, in the form of the game suddenly locking up completely, with the last bit of sound played being repeated over and over and the computer being totally unresponsive. i can't alt+tab out of the game nor can i even ctrl+alt+del to restart. i gotta cold reboot the machine when it happens, and it seems to happen at random times during gameplay. i usually play for few minutes before it happens. the other night it was around 30 mins, but right before it crashed after around 15. the funny thing is it always happens when im driving in a fairly fast car and usually when im driving around the side of the ocean beach area closest to cortez' yacht. i don't know if that has anything to do with the problem but i figured the more detail the better.


now i know some ppl think the problem lies with the eax sound but i mentionned my other video issues bc i'm thinking it is a video problem, though perhaps just in my case. i'm running a radeon 7500 clone on an amd athlon t-bird 1100 with an sb pci 128 sound card.


in an effort to keep the informative nature of this thread going i'm going to list the possible solutions i want to try out and i'll let you know if any of them work.

- i'm going to first update my drover as there is a new catalyst driver version on the ati website.

- then i might try the speaker sound setting thing

- i might download the sound driver update recommended in the windows update list for my machine

- i'll try changing the anti-aliasing setting to see if it helps

- i'll try the compatibility mode


any other suggestions?



I installed the newest ATI Catalyst Driver (version 4.3) and my lock ups in vice city seem to have stopped. I played for several hours last night without incident and today i started from the beginning of the missions all the way to demolition man and it didn't lock up at all. Let's hope it stays that way.

Edited by Brenteus Maximus
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I am running an AMD 1000 Mhz Processor with 256MB RAM and a 64KB AGP Geforce2 GTS Pro Card. Vice City original version generally runs pretty smooth on it, but I was thinking of checking out all the car models I am interested in first, and then when I have done that, I will update my PC and try to play the game again with the new extras... but I don't want to update my PC if I risk to run into the same problems with my new setup (2.6 Intel PIV, 512 MB RAM, ASUS Mainboard and a 128 ASUS Radeon 9600XT grafx card)...


So here's my question? Do more powerful systems also experience the kind of texture bugs I am going to describe below? Maybe these problems are general Vice City bugs, i don't know... Or is it worth patching my game to 1.1? Or maybe even that I need to adjust certain things with the limit adjuster, because the textures are getting too big all together...?


I have already experienced the problem with the game freezing but sound still playing on a few times, on the odd occasion. But I have not added any custom MP3 files... only cars, buildings and characters and a few sounds for the in game models in sfx.raw... so I guess in my case it's not due to the sounds that it freezes... sometimes it even recovers after a while...


What I truly am worried about is though, that if I put in a high-poly model... e.g. Jackz Charger '68 (11MB for the txd) and go up to those cars in game, then it sometimes happens, especially if another quite big car shows up, that some textures disappear... for example the trees and houses... sometimes the textures also show up in very low quality... Had quite a lot of see through buildings, especially at Sunshine Autos, when I had the Charger as the hotring in game. Now I use it as the bloodring, and so the textures around the stadium disappear at times... generally it calms down after some time, or after I blow up the car...

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Here’s something for all of you having problems


1. Crapy Game Play

A. Lower the video settings in the game and in your cards advanced properties

Like anisotropic filtering and video quality etc.

B. Go to www.microsoft.com and go to updates and it will automatically update all your driver and get all the updates possible.

C. Try the new GTA vice city patch.

D. keep a clean and fresh Defragged hard drive


2. Sound problems

A. make sure you have the latest drivers www.microsoft.com.


3. Your out of luck if YOU

A. Have some old video card- I know just how much you want to hold on to that old dusty Radeon or Geforce or older but its time to get that card out and burn it or keep it for nostalgic purposes what ever JUST CHANGE THE DARN THING!!!!!!!!!! you can get a great card and run GTA VC at 1280x1025 32 with draw distance to the highest without any over clocking like me (by the way the game runs as smooth ass butter and it looks and sounds amazing) go to www.pricewatch.com you cant go bad with a Geforce Fx5200 128mb or some newer Radeon if you cant get a new card don’t complain that the game runs like crap, of course its going to run like crap with an old card.(oh and if you are using on board graphics go get a card onboard graphics are horrible)


B. If you didn’t have enough space for the full install make space by deleting all that porn off your hard drive or what ever you have on it the game will run smoother or get a new hard drive and don’t forget to defrag every now and then.


C. If you keep getting sound problems try getting a new card or get a card to replace the onboard sound, onboard sound happens to be crappy and it takes up more system recourses so personally I would go with a card.


D.MODS- if you have any MODS installed and you weren’t getting any problems before the MODs than remove it if you want.


E. Old CPU’s can’t keep up just get a new damm board and a new CPU like a P4, Celron, Athlon, duron at 2.3 GHz will do wonders.


F. RAM, if you have below 256mb of RAM get more RAM like about 512mb will increase system performance. Make sure is DDR S-Dram the one with one little notch not two.


G. If all fails build or get a new pc.


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  • 4 weeks later...

OK, here's my problem. Sometimes the game freezes, but only when I'm in a car. Eventually it unfreezes and plays fine, I didn't have this problem at first but it seems to be getting worse. I didn't read through all 11 pages of this topic so if it has already been addressed please direct me towards it.


I'm playing with a Geforce 4200




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Many people get crashes, but does anyone get a crash, with an Windoze Error message which says

Windows has detected and recovered from a something error. Reboot too restore functionality

It keeps my computer stuck at 4 bit colour, and at 860x640

254meg ram

2.00 ghz pentium 4

DirectX 9.0b

Intel 8284/gl vid card

SoundMax Digital Audio

Edited by SnIpErMaN
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  • 2 weeks later...

damn im runnin out of options .. vice city wont work after i upgraed to win xp.. reinstalled .. gonna try whut the guy above wrote..


official catalyst drivers.. im running on omega corner drivers now ( the only ati supported modded drivers )

hope it ll work


so far my problem has been that it locks up after a few minutes..

with sounds running .. no other solution then to reboot the pc ..


tried the headphones thing didnt work .. cant be the mp3 dont hav them


my pc can handle this game.. got everything low


got a amd 2500+ at 3000+

audigy 2

radeon 9700 --> softmodded 2 9800 and clocked ( temps are all in check..)

512 ram

asus n7x8x-x mobo nforce 2 chip




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Hey I got a Amd 2800,win 98, raedeon9600xt card, a good system right.

And i installed Gta Vc and it freezes just before the game menu, and it has no error message and does not react to anything but the power switch, please help me? confused.gifconfused.gif

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Cartoon Corpse

i had the same problem. i contacted customer support, sent them dxdiag and msconfig files. they said i had a virus. (i found that weird). but i downloaded avast (free). it found 6-7 unscannable files. i deleted them, the game started working!


also kill all nonessential procs (virus, firewall (disconnect from internet)) etc. my spec: p4 1.4g, 1g rdram, 9700pro (4.2 catalyst), directx 9.0b.


get it running, the game is gorgeous! took me 2 weeks to (back and forth with customer support) get it going.


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  • 4 weeks later...

i can't remember how many of u asked this but the freeze where a dialog box appears with an unexpected expectation (something like that) that is caused by you entering the garage or just when you load the game mean that your save game is corrupted. Unfortunatly the only fix i know for this is to start over or download another save game. Sorry xbox users cry.gif

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Ok here is my problem. My game freezes everytime i get on the street in front of the car dealership. I get the Unhandled exception error that so much of us dread.

Could someone please help me. My computer is

Athlon 2.0 GHZ

Nvidia MX440

The sound is fine and for me reason i can't install the Patch because im using a no cd because i am very lazy and have multiple computers.

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