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News report.


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This new report is based on actual GTA: Vice City game play events...


Around 7am this morning Fort Baxter officials were suprised to learn their standard Hunter military helicopter had infact been stolen. "It was a total shock to the system" Says Fort Baxter spokesmen Dennis Cravesmorehead "Its not something you want to wake up to...the fact the most powerful weapon in Vice Cities militart arsenal could be stolen by anyone is not something out soldiers are proud of."


An anonomys inside source tells VCN that the culprit "couldn't have been easier to catch" The man believed to be suspected mobster Tommy Vercetti, jumped over the red and white gates of Fort Baxter and simply walzted through the grounds and started the helicopter. Fort Baxter officals say it is infact "standard proceedure to let any uniformed law enforcement personal to enter Fort Baxter and use its resources."


VCN worries for the saftey of Vice City citizens however because when asked about the previous accounts of military power being taken from under their noses, be it by disguise or air drop, Fort Baxter officals had a big "No comment." Most worrying of all however was the fact that who ever did steal this morning's Hunter obviously knew how to use it as they roamed South Western half of town firing missles at criminals.


A bizzare vigilante type mission seemed to have been undertaken by the unknown piolit as they continued to murder countless bank robbers, store robbers, arms dealers, drug trafficers, people on random killing sprees and even a late parking ticket. The mad man's flight of lunacy didn't stop until late afternoon when police had gone so far as to call in the FBI special forces. At one stage the culprit even switched helicopters unpon returning Fort Baxter unharmed.


"On his second theft we did open fire" Says Mr Cravesmorehead "But the suspect wasted to time and our replacement Hunter was in premium condition ready for take off at any second." Comments such as this make this reporter wonder why the Vice City army simply don't use their "replacement Hunter" to take down the stolen hunter. Does the Mayor not want a dog fight over his city despite the loss of countless innocent lives? Or maybe the law enforcement agencies actual believe the police Maverick is enough to take down the flying armoury?


Fortunatley the vigilante's reign of explosive terror did come to and end around 4pm this afternoon when the Hunter caught fire after one too many bullets. VCN's helicopter was just about to fly on home and hand in the tape when from the charcoled wreckage crawled the insane vigliante. The man, still yet to be identified leapt into a Star Fish island residents back yard, stole their scarlet Banshee sports car and with much difficulty worked his way through the FBI Ranchers and too the Vercetti estate.


Things were quiet for several minutes until the vigilante rushed onto the roof top and took off in Tommy Vercetti's Maverick. VCN helicopter followed in hot pursuit of the unarmed Maverick along side the police department chopper until landing at Sun Shine autos, a car yard owned by Tommy Vercetti near Escobar International.


The Maverick exploded on landing however when the tape is slowed some people believe you can just see a man's figure running from the smoke. Official police report says the dangerous vigilante infact died in the creative landing and when asked about today's events Mr Vercetti stated a simple "I wish these people would simply rampage in their own homes. I can't keep buying new helicopters and replacing all the property damage everytime some doosh bag decides to take his anger out on my belongings."


This is Carrol Wantsmore for Vice City News, signing off.


8 June 2003.

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Well done, this was a great read.  Any plans for more?

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Thankyou, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was planning on doing more yes...but I haven't played yet today so I have nothing to report...maybe in a few hours. :D


Thanks again. :)

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The following is based on actual gameplay events...



Being a reporter for Vice City News, is not an easy job. Sure I have a six figure income and a nice house on Star Fish island but just occasionally you have to get out into the thick of things and see all the craized lunatics that ravage our city for yourself.


On my way to the office, just this very morning of writing this article, I witnessed several [We cannot print specific gang names due to saftey regulations-Ed] members battling an old lady who, give her her due did quite well. I am unsure as to what started the skirmish but as I drove on past I saw the woman reveal a belt full of grenades and take to the streets. I removed myself from the neighbourhood as quickly as possible.


Vice City citizens, new and old alike only have to drive from five minutes to their local gang hang out to come across some form of chaos but recently I was privilaged enough to spend a day with one of Vice City's number one gang related personalities. For respect of the person I spent the day with I am unable to reveal their name so for this article I will simply be refering to them as 'MR V'.


I was due to meet MR V outside Big Mitch Bakers bar at 7.00am. When I arrived MR V was already there shooting at unsuspecting bikers from the corner. MR V insisted that it "usually take four of these bullets to take a person out and I'm only aiming for the tyres." MR V mentioned he found great ammusement in blowing out peoples tyres and was willing to pay for any damages or wounds sustained and give a lift to the victim to where ever they wanted to go.


The bike shooting activity continued on for several minutes and not one of the bikers asked for assitance. It wasn't until one young man went flying from his small blue Sanchez dirt bike into a wall that MR V decided to interact. Upon arrival we discovered the young Haitan man was infact quite unconsious and his bike was in a bad way. Kindly, as the ambulance arrived, MR V wheeled the bike over to the young man. Readers will be happy to know the young man rode off quite happily.


With an odd smile on face MR V opened fire on the happy young Haitan until one of Vice City's finest smacked MR V with his baton. Turning as if without a thought MR V knocked the police officer down and "in pure self defense" shot the officer four times in the chest. Living in Vice City I was relativley used to seeing people be shot but never in such close proximity, I was due to a interesting lesson.


Quickly more police turned up, I opted to stay out of the way however MR V insisted I come with him. We ran the enitre way to MR V's condo in the northen part of of Down Town. "I had to shoot them" MR V explained as I asked him why he killed so many law enforcement agents on our sprint to the condo "it was all self defense. Its unfortunate, sure, but if I don't shoot them they'll shoot me even if it is a big misunderstanding."


By the time we had climbed to the roof of the apartment buliding SWAT teams had the place surrounded. "What are we going to do now?" I questioned. Oddly and despite the most chaos I had ever witnessed in my entire life MR V decided to show me another one of his favourite pass times. "Now isn't THIS illegal?" I asked when MR V began throwing home made molotov cock tales from the roof top. "If you watch the cock tales are only hitting roof tops" MR V explained with the sound of the police helicopter arriving in the distance. "I have an arrangement with the owners of those buildings, this is perfectly o.k"


The helicopter wasn't half a mile off before I took cover behind a vent unlike MR V who quickly clipped together a rather slick looking rifle and looked through the scope at the police chopper. I heard a gun shot and the next thing I saw was the police helicopter spinning out of control. "Self defense" MR V uttered before a huge explosion. "Look, dead or not its the piolits responsiblitly to avoid crashing into civilian population." he continued as I saw a smoldering helicopter wreck on the side of a high rise buidling.


More molotov cocktales were thrown until a second helicopter arrived at which point MR V and myself climbed into the Maverick chopper which sits on the buildings heli pad. "Its for the use of all the renters in this building" MR V explained while SWAT officers repeled from the helicopter above. "But I'm sure I get the most use out of it."


According to MR V we "just happened to take off on a sharp angle which was rather unfortunate." Unfortunate indeed for the three armed SWAT officers who were caught in the spinning rotor blades. "I own a small car yard on the other side of town" MR V told me as we sped away from the pursuing police helicopter. "we should be able to sort this mess out from there."


Apparently the explosion of the first helicopter had upset VC law enforcement quite a lot as I noticed the FBI special forces firing upon our Maverick while we flew across town. "I can't explain all this to the police without getting to the police station." MR V told me as expertly landed the helicopter in the work bay of his car yard. "Unfortunatley we can't just drive over there, their gunfire will kill us...luckily I'm somewhat of a military enthusiast."


To my surprise MR V owned a tank. As the tank lumbered up the ramp towards the road my friend for the day went on to explain that it was the only vehicle he had which could sustain so much misdirected fire. Upon leaving we heard a huge explosion "I'll be charging the police department for that." MR V said angrly looking in the review mirror to see the explosion of the chopper we had arrived in.


Unfortunatley MR V had taken a wrong turn and we ended up at Escobar International. Police drove into the tank on suicide missions and if I say so myself MR V obeyed all the rules of the road the men that drove into the tank knew the risks. The gun was fired on the tank but only as means to speed up and clear the jump out of the air port grounds. "I didn't hit anyone, I would only fire such a destructive weapon in an open area such as the airport with no one around."


MR V did however fire the rocket several more times on our way to the police station however, as so many of his weapon firing, was purely in self defense. Unfortunatley due to our increased speed the tank only just managed to stop before the water when and FBI 4x4 nudged us into the water.


Heroically MR V pushed me from the tank and I watched as it fell upside down into the ocean. To top of a most exciting day a red sports car (believed to be under cover police) just missed me as it sped off the wharf and exploded into the tank tracks.


It was indeed a most exillarating day but I would like to leave you with this thought: Next time you see and old lady kicking a group of gang members or a business man stabbing someone with a knife ask yourself 'Is this really their fault? What combination of bizzare circumstances might have lead them to commit such an act?' Specifically I'm aiming this at our law enforcement but to all of you - give the luncatics a chance to explain.


-Carol Wantsmore, VCN.

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Well Done!

It reminds me of the Voice-over "news report" you hear at the end of GTAIII ("The Exchange").

I wish they had done something similar in VC.

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I saw how you bitched about somebody telling somebody (hint hint), a certain topic should have been in another forum...


So I'm gonna tell you that this should be posted in General Discussion :D


Stoned? Mebbe... put a lid on it and get lost :pp

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I saw how you bitched about somebody telling somebody (hint hint), a certain topic should have been in another forum...


So I'm gonna tell you that this should be posted in General Discussion :D


Stoned? Mebbe... put a lid on it and get lost :pp

What are you on about? Someone told me to put a topic in another forum when it was exactley where I wanted it to be. This topic is in the correct forum because it is gameplay.


Glad you guys enjoyed it. I'll type more up once I have some more interesting playing time. :D

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Kindly, as the ambulance arrived, MR V wheeled the bike over to the young man. Readers will be happy to know the young man rode off quite happily.


With an odd smile on face MR V opened fire on the happy young Haitan until one of Vice City's finest smacked MR V with his baton.

Lmao...that's good.


Both were good, I think the second one was better. More to come?

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yo man, youre the best! I wish I had such good english skills like yours

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Chunky Lee Chong

Wow, that is the best reading I've ever done while one this forum. Keep up the good work. I hope to be reading another one of these stories soon I hope...

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