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Your best Vigilante effort

McLaren F1

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McLaren F1

One aspect of GTA3 and GTA:VC I love is the Vigilante mission.  What is your highest level reached and what vehicle(s)/weapon(s) did you use?  Also, where did you do it?  This does not include the Hunter.


I used "the" FBI Washington and the M60 and got up to level 37.  I did it in the Downtown area.  I ran out of ammo in the M60 and switched to the M4 for the last few levels.  My car got blown up twice so I used "the" cop car to go get another FBI Washington. :)


I found a lot of the criminals would end up circling the loop in front of the stadium which made them easy targets.


I tried the Barracks OL at the Airport and got to level 4.  I don't think the Airport is a good area for Vigilante.  I will try it elsewhere as it's fun to ram things. :)  You couldn't use the OL in GTA3 for Vigilante so it's nice they added it in VC.


Sorry for rambling, but I love this!



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I'm rather cheap when it comes to Vigilante missions. I just waited to get my spankin' Hunter at the army base to do the mission. By the time you reach Level 20, you have 15 minutes to complete that level. I haven't tried doing Vigilantes with other vehicles beside the Hunter, bur I might as well try.

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Never went for the high levels myself, only ever got to level 20 I think.  For my money though, nothing is easier than using the Rhino.  All you have to do is catch up to them and ram the cars.   :D  I'll see how high I can go when I get home (damn job)



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Charlie Lucky

73, with the tank, starting at the airport.  I disabled my sound card to do this on the PC.  No problem with frame rate with no sound.

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For this i tried using the cheetah, But it was when I was trying to get 150 armour, so I stopped at 15, The weapon I used mainly was the MP5... And I died by crashing into a wall :p  
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The Highest Level I got to was Level 24 with a Rhino (Tank)..takes a damn long time to do it due to the speed of it..but it doesn't have any problems sorting out the Cops..you just ram, ram and ram again! Loadsa cash..and 150 Armor..



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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Earlier today I got to 51.  The only reason I quit is because I got busted because the other tanks somehow managed to trap me against a wall.


Anywho, around the 46th level you earn ~$100,000+ per future mission so the money adds up rather quickly.


I did all of this on the side with Sunshine Motors and the Printworks.  Actually, it was on the main roads that run the entire length of that island.  I would go all the way to one end and kill'em, and they'd spawn on the other end.  A couple times they spawned right in front of me, literally, and I gained about six levels in four or five seconds.

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my highest vigilante level was over 400.

I did this in the Hunter.


By far the best cop vehicle for doing these missions in.


I think in the past we had a set of records for this kind of

thing. IIRC then highest then was over 1,000 and second was

850 ish. Link is here...






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I did level 12 with a sportscar (first) and the minigun. Later I took a police cheetah and drove to the Paint&Spray regularly.


Then I used the Hunter to get to level 161 and to 76 million bucks.  :cool:

They always spawned at the car showroom, and there's a police bribe near it.

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McLaren F1

Got to level 28 in the tank in the Airport area.  After you build up some time it's quite simple.  I got to 6 stars and did a few more levels.  Jumped into the Sabre Turbo at Sunshine and sped to the PnS.  I like finishing without getting wasted or busted.

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The cool thing is, after you finished 100%, you can even get busted, because you got umlimited ammo.

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