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Found 3,183 results

  1. livejoker

    The Van Society (Part 2)

    Continued from Part 1 I grew up with my brother's posters in my room, hand-me down posters. Countach is a 90's car for me as I was too poor to afford 90's car posters.
  2. Kirsty

    Xbox Car Meets

    Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: Gamertag:
  3. Do you host car meets, roleplays, or big events that can sometimes be ruined by people that kill others? If so, please read on! We are the San Andreas Defense Force [SADF], a free aim military crew that provides security for big events with random people like car meets, roleplays, and more! As security, we protect your event against tryhards, griefers, and trolls that have the intent to disrupt and ruin your event. We are looking for people that host these events to be a long term client. If you are interested in receiving these services, please visit this document to learn more and to learn how to contact us.
  4. Wow! Well hey there, chipster! Surprised to see a skills GTA player like you surfing around the recruiting thread on the Forums. Like. Wow. Such wow. Shame you haven't found a crew that ticks all your boxes already. Or have you? The Caballero Cartel (pronounced: Ca-ba-ye-ro) is a free-to-join, open gang set up by myself (link to my Social Club profile: Maxminister05) is a bordering on the illegal transport and protection service for Xbox One Grand Theft Auto Players. Members receive exclusive information on Car Meets and clientele and can also get promoted to various ranks. The Cartel will also have inactive members signed up by the loyalty pact when they request a lifetime package and as a result join the Caballero Client Network, or CCN. Protection Packages Against Unwanted Intruders Online (U.I.Os) Griefers, tryhards, kill-to-death ratio warriors, and general vermin are considered to the Caballeros as Unwanted Intruders Online. This umbrella term can be interpreted in different ways, but the overall conclusion would be nearly the same to anyone. The CCN offers a wide variety of Protection Packages (PPs) against UIOs online and with no cash payment, what's not to lose*? The Standard Package The Standard Protection Package (SPP) offers hitmen as an easy way to protect yourself. Although possible, no escorts can be guaranteed with this package. However, the hitmen may find themselves doing just that under certain circumstances. The "On-The-Move" Package The On-The-Move Protection Package (OPP) offers motorcycle escorts and hitmen to protect yourself. It also offers free boat scouting and plane recon. too. Armed to the teeth with advanced Caballero weaponry, your precious Tempesta or maybe your sacred Sabre Turbo Custom will be safe from any enemies on the road. CCN and its parent Cartel cannot guarantee any safeguarding from complete damage of your car from traffic, crashes, and any non-offensive means of destruction. The Premium Package The Premium Protection Passage (PPP) offers car and/or motorcycle escorts and hitmen to protect yourself. However, armoured cars does not come with this package and only four-door cars can be used by our staff. It also offers boat scouting and plane recon. as well. Again, we cannot guarantee any form of non-offensive damage being stopped. The Gold Package The Gold Protection Package (GPP) offers car and/or motorcycle escorts and hitmen to protect yourself. However, armoured cars do not come with this package, although either four-door or two-door cars can be demanded. It also offers boat scouting and plane recon. Again, no guarantees can be made against you being damaged from any non-offensive incidents. This package requires you to join the Caballero Crew on Rockstar Games Social Club, but with all clientele does not require this crew to be your active/main crew. The Liquid Gold Package The Liquid Gold Package (GLPP0 offers car escorts and hitmen to protect yourself. Armoured cars can be demanded and boat and plane recon. can also be used by the client. This package requires you to join the Caballero Crew on Rockstar Games Social Club, but with all clientele does not require this crew to be your active/main crew. *Any entering a escort's vehicle (which directly goes against the Package Terms and Loyalty Pact for high-end packages) will immediately result in any Package being terminated for Twenty Four Hours and gives any staff the right to shoot the client until they submit. Terms and Conditions Apply. See the Cartel Instagram Page for more details. Transport Packages for on-demand travel For lower-level players who have no personal vehicle to hand and for experienced GTA pros who are right in the middle of a battle, allow the CCN to fill that gap and get you to your destination as soon as possible. We offer a wide range of Transport Packages (TPs) for when you need that luxurious travel with your hands completely off the steering wheel.** The Standard Package The Standard Transport Package (STP) offers a choice of a Canis Seminole, Bravado Buffalo S, or a Albany Emperor to get you around not-so-quickly but very efficiently. Any destination is completely free and boat transport is an option. There is also an "Airport Circuit Option" which allows you to fly over independently from Los Santos International Airport, Sandy Shores Airfield, or McKenzie Airfield to any other of those three locations then get picked up and taken to a nearby destination. The "What Client?" Package The "What Client?" Transport Package (WTP) offers a more secretive on-demand service with a choice of a Fathom FQ 2, Ubermacht Oracle, or an Albany Alpha all with limo windows and upgraded parts. Any destination is free and there is also a boat transport option. "Airport Circuit Option" is available. The Elite Package The Elite Transport Package (ETP) offers a luxurious on-demand service with a choice of an Albany Alpha, Ubermacht Revolter or a Albany Manana as a mode of transport, with upgraded parts. "Airport Circuit Option" is available and boat transport is available. The Gold Package The Gold Transport Package (GTP) offers a more robust on-demand service with a choice of an Ubermacht Revolter, Albany Manana or an Armoured Karin Karuma as a mode of transport, with upgraded parts. "Airport Circuit Option" is available along with boat pick-ups. This package requires you to join the Caballero Crew on Rockstar Games Social Club, but with all clientele does not require this crew to be your active/main crew. The Liquid Gold Package The Liquid Gold Transport Package (GLTP) offers the best on-demand service with a choice of any vehicle (subject to availability) from the sports, super, sedan, coupe, sports classics, vans, off-road, SUV or armoured vehicles as a mode of transport. Boat and the "Airport Circuit Option" are available. This package requires you to join the Caballero Crew on Rockstar Games Social Club, but with all clientele does not require this crew to be your active/main crew. SPECIAL: The Street Package The Limited-Time Street Transport Package (StrTP) offers a more exhilarating on-demand service with a choice of any vehicle from the muscle or compacts class and also a free selfie with your driver. Boat transport is the only extra option available. This package requires you to join the Caballero Crew on Rockstar Games Social Club, but with all clientele does not require this crew to be your active/main crew. **Any violation of the Loyalty Pact or the Package Terms, executed by either the staff member or the client, will result in punishment. For more information, please visit the Cartel Instagram site. Contact Me and Joining Info To join the Caballero Cartel, just go onto my Social Club profile and add me as a friend (that's optional, the adding friend bit) then just join right up. I'll also leave a direct link here. Plus, I'll make an emblem contest soon, to design a new emblem for the Caballeros. I'll be blunt with you for the final time, but honestly I would really appreciate it if you joined. If the Cartel was your active crew that would be amazing, but honestly just joining is generally satisfactory. I would love to make new friends and have a better time on GTA Online with you! Remember, we are only available for the Xbox One. Any member wishing to join to become a hitman, driver or accountant should contact me personally over on our Instagram page or send a private message to me before joining the crew. If you wish to join but don't have the suitable equipment, the Cartel would be more than happy to help you find certain vehicles. There is a Discord server, where you receive special emojis and roles for being an active member of the crew! To join, please click here! The Caballero Cartel - The Absolute Worst When it comes to Font Decisions | Discord Server | R* Social Club | Instagram Page |
  5. Flachbau


    Check out our Discord server!
  6. Bobbylee3rd

    gta 5 roleplay

    I see a lot of servers doing great RP but it seems to be missing something join the link below if you are interested... https://discord.gg/bgmjp4R
  7. Looking to gather round the first nine brothers who are willing to call Vinewood home Twisted Hounds 1%ER MC Wars,Bike Rides,Meetings,Opportunity,Brotherhood, And Much More If Intetested Please Message and Add The GT:XDG GRIM REAPER Or Feel Free To DM @Twisted_Hounds_52MC On IG Social Club Link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/twisted_hounds_mc_ps/wall THMC🔙🔛🔝🔴⬛💯🔥🔫😈 -Nat Prez Reaper
  8. Xdgreaper

    Twisted Hounds VW 1%ER MC XB1

    Looking to gather round the first nine brothers who are willing to call Vinewood home Twisted Hounds 1%ER MC Wars,Bike Rides,Meetings,Opportunity,Brotherhood, And Much More If Intetested Please Message and Add The GT:XDG GRIM REAPER Or Feel Free To DM @Twisted_Hounds_52MC On IG Social Club Link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/twisted_hounds_mc_ps/wall THMC🔙🔛🔝🔴⬛💯🔥🔫😈 -Nat Prez Reaper
  9. letsgobuffalobs

    [Xbox One] The Gun Runners XLT

    Welcome to The Gun Runners XLT We are looking for ACTIVE, XBox, GTA players to Join our Crew Our crew has 3 main focuses within GTA Making Money Helping each other out Annihilating anyone who opposes us We specialize in the following : Selling in Full Lobbies(High Demand) Controlling Lobbies Lester & Doomsday Heists Criminal Mastermind CEO/MC Businesses/Bunker/Hanger/Night Club Best Money-making methods in GTA We also hold Crew Events Weekly where we give away up to $8 Mil in GTA Prize Money Our Crew Events/Contests range from Races, Adversary Modes, to Car Shows and more Please PM me the following on Xbox before applying to the crew : Rank Age Mic(y/n) Time Zone/Time most Active Best Skills What you'd like help with What you'd like out of a crew If anyone - Gamertag of who Referred you Xbox Gamertag LetsGoBuffaloBS WE WILL NOT ACCEPT INVITES UNTIL YOU'VE SENT THIS. If accepted you will be invited to our Discord. Match your username with your GT and Please confirm you've read our #crewrules Click Here to Apply to our Crew's Rockstar Social Club
  10. StandingGhost

    (XBOX1) Dirty Warlords MC

    Who needs flashy posts Hello You looking for a fun, chilled back, semi serious MC Will now's your chance Come join DWMC TODAY!!!! (Mic Required) + (Kik Required) Msg StandingGh0st or King Kovach to prospect - StandingGhost (Nomas President, Prospect manager) Social Club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dwmc_prospect/wall Outdated website - https://dirtywarlordsmc.weebly.com/
  11. doubleg213

    The Van Society (Part 1)

    How to join this crew The event plans for this weekend Van Society Memberslist
  12. « Continued from Chapter 1 Welcome to The Yardies crew. I'm this gang's glorious leader named Rewas. Worship me, peasants. Leader: RewasGanteks Co-Leader: Aliveite Co-Leader number dos: paul the great Co-Co-Leader: Thomas The Tank Sak Co-Co-Co-Leader: Ironz Secretary: Andy12234555896 Co-Secretary: Dole of the Bob And the rest.... Thats the gayest thing I have heard in years. Oh crap, I forgot you're gay. Nvm, cancel everything.
  13. Don F Barzini

    Recruitment for The Barzini Famiglia

    Hello, My name is Focus, My Family is Barzini. I'm Here wondering if anyone would be willing to take on a role in the Barzini Famiglia. Personally i have over $340 Million Dollars in game, and am willing to buy warehouses, and do heists to earn money for the families members and get rich, while also being the most dominate in the servers! I plan on creating something big and mighty to compete with all other familys out there. XBOX Username: Don F Barzini SocialClub: DonFBarzini SteamID: Focus (STEAM_0:0:58213132) Mic: Yes Age: 18 RULES: 1. To kill one another is the same as killing your own blood. As such, it is strictly forbidden and punishable by death. 2. Money may rule the world, but it does not rule your soul. Greed has been the downfall of man, and if you let it get in the way of your brothers or sisters, it shall be your downfall as well. 3. Act older than your age. 4. Respect is earned before it can be given – do NOT come in with a superiority complex. 5. God granted us mouths – he also granted us the intelligence to use it wisely. 6. While your family consists of murderous criminals, they are still your family – assist them in any way you can. 7. The Don is the patriarch of the family and should be respected as such. 8. Retain a certain sense of humility. REQUIREMENTS: After 1 Week Of Being in the Barzini, You MUST change your GamerTag to <Name> Barzini, (Example: Rico Barzini, or Rico S Barzini, Or Rico Se Barzini) Must be able to Semi Roleplay (Not To Serious), But able to take care of business, Meetings, Assassinations, TDMs, Etc.. (The Barzini Famiglia Will Train you if you cannot preform 1 or more of these tasks) MUST be Active!, User Activeness is Key!, Once Joining, Talk to us and tell us about your schedule. Must be over the age of 15, Few Acceptions for Mature 13+ Must have a Mic, IF getting one soon, That would be an Acception, (Soon Range = 1-2 Months, 3 at most.) Socialclub Crew Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_barzini_famiglia
  14. ChaseWR48

    Xbox One DOJ RP

    We are a role-play community that is similar to Polecat324's DOJ, but on Xbox One. We role-play mostly on the week ends, but sometimes on weekday evenings. We have 6 different departments, the Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, San Andreas Highway Patrol, Paleto Bay Police Department, Los Santos Fire Department, Communications, and Civilian. To join you must be 15 years old or older, then join our Discord channel and then put an application in for the department you want to join. We prefer you to have a computer, but you need to have access to Discord, Zello, and our CAD/MDT. Also, you must have a working microphone. If you are wanting to be in the communications department you don't need an Xbox, but you must have a computer. We don't have Mods. Add me on Discord: ChaseWR48#8835 Visit our website: https://xb1doj.bubbleapps.io/ Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/MzZc75p
  15. kineticgamer123

    gta5 rp xboxone

    rp server
  16. Governor salutes a member after promotions. Members of SADF pose after a very successful operation in Blaine County. Landing zone is cleared as units stand by for exfil. Image taken starboard of the USS San Andreas, currently decommissioned. Graduating class of recruits, with their instructors. P996 Lazer enters airspace over LS County, as apart of a regular training exercise that takes place around the state. Gamertag: Why do you want to join?: What can you offer SADF?: Do you agree to follow our rules while in service?: http://SADefenseForce.weebly.com Socialclub: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_defense_operators
  17. GTAMobbBoss

    XBOX One Roleplay

    GTA ONLINE XBOX ONE ROLEPLAY Starting a GTA Online role-play squad to become part of the growing world of gta role play community to just all do different staff, mansions, millionaires, billionaires, hustlers all in one private session just hanging out taking pictures really so just make sure you have like an Instagram account to post pictures detailing your role-play, so if interested just message me on here or on Instagram @h3istgang Ideally all players should just have the following when playing in our sessions -An in game career -An in-game house -Vehicles We dont really have that much restraints on how you modify your vehicles or if your cars have to be in a certain type of way, as long as it links with your role-play character thats about it ALL LEVELS WELCOME So just join and lets all just have fun and make money......
  18. ORMC Popatop

    Outcast Reapers MC

    Founded in the small coastal town of Paleto Bay in San Andreas began the ruthless Outcast Reaper Motorcycle Club. Ousted from their original clubs, the group came together to form a different kind of club. They learned from their predecessors how to run a club and exactly what they would need to thrive. Run by actual bikers, for bikers and enthusiasts who wanted an alternate way to experience a brotherhood, a family, and a well organised club. They descended into the town overnight, overtaking Beekers Garage and making it their own. Route 1 Motors, the original "legal" base of the ORMC. The club lives off of the ideal that brotherhood means everything and, depending on their family, a group of brothers, each from different walks of life, come together to take over the game and run the state of San Andreas. While the club is forgiving and understanding, cross them and you'll learn just how relentless and ruthless they can be. Loyalty, above all else matters to this band of brothers and sisters. They left together, stayed together, ride together. This club is all about second chances. It doesn't matter who you were with before you came to us or your past. What you do to prove yourself here is what matters. In October of 2016 the club closed their Xbox 360 charter and thus the Outcast Reapers Sandy Shores charter was born on Playstation 4. It gave the brotherhood the chance to experience a new generation and to spread the mindset and bond of the Xbox One brotherhood to a wider base. How To Join: We are an adult gaming clan. Therefore (1)players must be of at least 16 years of age, (2)have a mic, and (3) be active. Prospects are held in the same esteem as patched members. They must abide by the club rules and rules of MC Warfare. Apply below to join our prospects, and possibly become part of the Outcast Reaper Brotherhood. We communicate via use of the app, Discord, available on Android, iPhone, Windows, and online. Prospects must download the app and provide their Discord username AND the ID which comes after it. Example: Username#1234 (Note: Discord usernames are case sensitive) To even be considered you must state your age. If you are chosen to prospect, we will be in touch within a week after you submit you application. Prospect Rules: Prospects do not competitively TDM or 1v1 unless against other Outcast Reapers in a warm up/practice. Prospect dress code is the chocolate brown jacket or kutte. Prospects are to follow any and all orders given by ORMC officers and other patch members. Prospects are to attend 'Prospect Night' held on Tuesday nights, where we put you through multiple tests to better task your traits and attributes. Prospecting is a 4 week minimum. You can not simply sit in our chats and expect to become a trusted member of the ORMC. You put in the work, the faster you reach patch. Blatant disregard and/or disrespect to patch members or allies can result in you being kicked or in minor offenses, extended time to your prospect period. Prospects, it is not a patch members job to recognize when you are online. Post in the chat or ask for an invite. Currently Accepting Applications! Website: http://outcast-reapers-mc.com Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/outcast_reapersmc_pb HEY! Really quick, don't forget to check us out on YouTube! Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6RxrrfPXK5nameWB1Zllwg And Follow us on all social media outlets:
  19. corstkiller00

    Gta Military crew competition

    Hi i have started a competition where military themed crews fight each other through a LST match for control over areas of the map, This map is updated weekly on my IG so crew's no who owns what so they can plan out their next attack. Message competitive_milsim_gta on IG for more details!
  20. V Niko Bellic V

    Heist Elite Pack

    Ellow my fellow Ex-boxers, My name is Niko and I’m looking for mature, experienced and active heist associates. The Los Santos Dream is here baby and it’s about time to go and chase that Final Score. You feel like retirement? Better take a turn and wave! Do you think “You got what it takes”? Apply now and request an invite at SocialClub: Heist Elite Pack Requirements: - If you don’t have skill, atleast be eager to learn. - special skillset - Ready to do Elite Challenges - Ready to do Criminal Mastermind Challenges - Trainings https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/heist_elite_pack Xbox One Club - Heist Elite Pack Heist Elite Pack - Emblem p.s. Send in your request the reason why we should let you in 🤟🏿
  21. Greetings!. Due to mess and inactivity of GTA players Im trying. to revive the community. My crew is recruiting new members. Whether you are a new player or a pro I will personslly set you up with adequate players. I offer help with pretty much anything and am available per your request as I currently play 18 h EVERY DAY. My. excessive activity is the. only way for me to ensure that everything runs smoothly I am agains griefing, cheating or glitching. If you are interested please message me so we can set up a short chat. My crew is about QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. I also will make sure that everyone knows each oher. Maturity and decency are very much welcome and the minimum age is 16 . Last but not least, you need to be an ACTIVE PLAYER, Kind Regards, Andrew GT QWASSUP101

    The Legend Devils

    Crew motto: Once a Legend, Always a legend (Casual/Tryhard) crew. Looking for players who likes to PvP, Ceo/mc jobs, role play, take over lobbies,making funny outfits, and build silly cars. Xbox One only. Gamertag: DARKL0RD DEVIL Crew link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_legend_devils
  23. FastFuriousCruisers was created to celebrate and bring together "The Fast And Furious" Franchise Fans, and genuine Car Enthusiasts from around the World together via GTA Car Meets. The organization began purely based on the "Fast And Furious" Franchise, however we now Host a variety of Themed Meets. My goal for "FastFuriousCruisers" is to create an organization where people of all ages from around the World can chill, appreciate the scene, respect one another and most importantly have a good time within a friendly environment. If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of look no further! Join the Crew, and enjoy the ride! FFCS LOBBY RULES BASIC RULES - TO BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES REALISTIC DRIVING & MOVEMENTS AT ALL TIMES FOLLOW & LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS BY HOST & MODERATORS AT ALL TIMES NO WEAPONS TO BE DRAWN! (KILLING WILL RESULT IN AN INSTANT BAN) "STANCING" IS THE ONLY TIME A GUN MAYBE USED! "STANCE" AWAY FROM ALL PLAYERS LEAVE GOOD SPACE BETWEEN YOU & THE CAR YOUR FOLLOWING AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS HIT THE GAS TO NUDGE FORWARD EVERY NOW & THEN TO AVOID SPOOKING "A.I's IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MIC MAKE SURE YOUR CHAT IS SET TO "GAME CHAT" TO HEAR US ​ HOW TO JOIN A: Join FastFuriousCruisers Crew (Make sure your GT is visible in R* settings) B: Online - Crews - My Crews - FastFuriousCruisers - View Members - ChrissyBoi87 - Join Game C: If the above don't work for you go to my Xbox Profile: ChrissyBoi87 and Join Game FastFuriousCruisers Xbox Club - Now Available To Join! Just Search - FastFuriousCruisers Car Meet Organization (ABSOLUTELY NO ONE EXCEPT THE CREW LEADER & MODERATOR IS TO HOST A FFCS MEET) FastFuriousCruisers Team Founder / Host & Crew Leader - ChrissyBoi87 Moderator - SkittleTwist Moderator - VGNLesbianGoose Moderator - CrispyTheBiker Moderator - Ayrforce 245

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