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  1. Hey, I'm looking for 2 players to help with a complete Prison Break heist starting at 6pm +10GMT, 20th June. A bit over 8 hours from this post. Helping with the setups will of course guarantee a place in the final heist with a 25% cut. My gamertag is GreatScott1181. Thanks!
  2. aquahaze2

    Bogdan Problem Grind

    I know I'm really late to this party but I've been busy with school. I'm preferably looking for someone who knows how to do the thing, you know the one. My GT is Aquahaze2
  3. Hyperion CMDR

    (XB1) Omega Defense Agency (Xbox One)

    Greetings, I am Hyperion CMDR the founder and CEO of the Omega Defense Agency. The Agency has one goal: to play GTA Online and have fun. We are also a group of players that offer contracts to help other crews with heists, achievements and business sales. Here is what we offer: * Teamwork in getting businesses, cash and heists done * Hard to earn achievements * Fun environment * Weapons training and gear * Brotherhood We are also looking for alliances with other crews for the same above. If you're interested please visit our rockstar page or visit here: http://omegadefenseagency.guildlaunch.com/?_ga=2.12513396.193275933.1536455337-497268687.1536455335 If any of these pique your interest into becoming an Agency member or to hire the ODA message me directly on the Xbox One. (also visit here too: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/omega_defense_agency/gtav/xboxone) Signed, Hyperion CMDR CEO and Founder Omega Defense Agency Grand Theft Auto Online (Xbox One)
  4. I'm a level 61 and I'm looking for friends. I have a CEO office with a crate warehouse and a vehicle warehouse, I also own a cocaine lockup and document forgery place. I want to put together a crew to help me maximize profitability from these ventures. I would of course return the favor and help you out with anything needed. I'm looking to put together a heist crew as well. Eastern Standard Time. Xbox live username: BlowingRock828 Message me if your interested!
  5. Apriliarsv

    ACT 2 money glitch

    Must have act 2 last part ready to do, must have mic, 1 million every ever 10 min, send messages or party invite GT: apriliarsv4aprc
  6. Xdgreaper

    Twisted Hounds VW 1%ER MC XB1

    Looking to gather round the first nine brothers who are willing to call Vinewood home Twisted Hounds 1%ER MC Wars,Bike Rides,Meetings,Opportunity,Brotherhood, And Much More If Intetested Please Message and Add The GT:XDG GRIM REAPER Or Feel Free To DM @Twisted_Hounds_52MC On IG Social Club Link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/twisted_hounds_mc_ps/wall THMCπŸ”™πŸ”›πŸ”πŸ”΄β¬›πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ”«πŸ˜ˆ -Nat Prez Reaper
  7. StandingGhost

    (XBOX1) Dirty Warlords MC

    Who needs flashy posts Hello You looking for a fun, chilled back, semi serious MC Will now's your chance Come join DWMC TODAY!!!! (Mic Required) + (Kik Required) Msg StandingGh0st or King Kovach to prospect - StandingGhost (Nomas President, Prospect manager) Social Club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dwmc_prospect/wall Outdated website - https://dirtywarlordsmc.weebly.com/
  8. Emergency Service of San Andreas Roleplay Community You must be 16 or older, with discord, PS4/XB1, and can be active! Some of the things we have to offer: Discord Utilized 16+ Community EMS / Fire / LEO / Dispatch / Civilian Training from IRL First Responders Working CAD / MDT Implemented Economy System PS4 / XB1 Oriented NA / EU Servers Available Apply HERE ===> https://sites.google.com/view/essarpc/home
  9. thusicporkachu

    Reaper Hounds MC Recruitment

    We Are Looking For Prospects For The Reaper Hounds Motorcycle Club Requirements: Mic 12+ XB1 Crew Social Club Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/reaper_hounds_ If Interested Contact Porkachu xD On Xbox One or reaperhoundsmotorcycleclub On Instagram Or Reply To This Post Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/reaperhoundsmotorcylceclub/?hl=en

    The Legend Devils

    Crew motto: Once a Legend, Always a legend (Casual/Tryhard) crew. Looking for players who likes to PvP, Ceo/mc jobs, role play, take over lobbies,making funny outfits, and build silly cars. Xbox One only. Gamertag: DARKL0RD DEVIL Crew link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_legend_devils
  11. Hello fellow Ex-boxers, Trying to organise a solid heist team together with decent players. Requirements: - Mature - CoΓΆperative - Achievementhunter - Experienced - Timezone GMT+1 - Active - Training on Elite Runs - Microphone Goals: - Criminal Mastermind Challenge - Elite Challenges - Loyalty Challenge - All in Order Challenge
  12. Why is this place so dead, it has 1000's of online players/registered players yet i cannot find 3 players to make money with. Im level 220 and have act 2 finale and pac standard finale.
  13. So after that gold trophy I'm not a pvp player and my last attempt to grab one in a big lobby turned into a warzone with me getting wrecked So hoping there's people grinding in a lobby around I just need one per battle so I'm willing to leave one out for anyone and can provide help when needed to with deliveries etc GT is Matt sstg
  14. Slow Magic

    Dark Matter (Very Light RP Crew)

    "Only In The Darkness Can You See The Stars..." Dark Matter is a powerful crime organization shrouded in mystery. Not much is known about them or their silent founder, who only goes by the name "Eon", but the Dark Matter Organization is said to be home to Los Santos true elite class of millionaires, politicians and VIP. GUIDELINES 1) Respect your crew mates, do not kill or grief them. 2) Always have Dark Matter as your active crew. The one exception to this is Peaceful CEO. 3) Have fun!
  15. Nough said. GT is SnazzySki98 and my little brother got me a 7 day communication suspension for calling some one some gnarly stuff so I cant talk
  16. OPEN INTERVIEWS DISCORD LINK- https://discord.gg/XHcXDaw Discord Utilized Mature 16+ Community EMS / Fire / LEO / Dispatch / Civilian Training from IRL First Responders Working CAD / MDT Implemented Economy System PS4 / XB1 Oriented NA / EU Servers Available 80+ Members **Waived for the weekend** APPLY HERE: https://sites.google.com/view/essarpc/home
  17. --- --- (click image for Social Club page) (click image for Social Club page) (click image for Social Club page) (Hangaround crew is an open crew! Hangarounds are for those who would like to play and hangout with us and learn more about our MC! Hangarounds do not get to vote!) Crew emblem is still red, we as a club have decided that the red fits our club better and looks better on the emblem! Vulture Shock Mc was founded on Aug 1st, 2018 by President, MrSkaahso. Our mission/goals for this club are easy! We wanted to form an MC friendly to new players to GTA:Online or to players who have a love for motorcycles! Vulture Shock believes in Life comes first, which means we will not require you to be on everyday of your life. We will not kick you for being inactive for a period of time. We will not require you to attend meetings, bike meets, or when voting in prospects. The only people required to attend voting in prospects to earn their patch are Officers. We do not require you to have Discord, Kik, Line or any other chatting apps. A website is being put together that will have open forums and a chat room so people can get on there and see what's what and get in touch with anyone if needed. Other than that, we will contact you on Xbox and you'll get it when you get on! We understand this is just a game! VSMC follows the rules of a traditional 1% MC. Vulture Shock MC may be new, but I (MrSkaahso) have been around since launch, and have noticed the MC community dropping. I've also noticed that alot of MCs run the 1% Patch, but I have only ran into a very slim number of 1% MCs who follow the rule-sets of a 1% MC. We aim to bring the Traditional MC back into GTA:Online. We are an MC designed to have fun and give you the freedom of getting the full GTA:Online experience while being around others who enjoy riding motorcycles, will help you out in missions, getting supplies and PvP if attacked in a session. If you are interested in becoming a prospect for us, read below on the Rules and what is allowed for use in our club! We hope to see some of you in the clubhouse! Club Location: LA MESA Businesses owned: Clubhouse Bunker Counterfeit Cash Factory NightClub If anyone has any questions comment below, or message me on Xbox GT: MrSkaahso Becoming a prospect is easy, just leave the following info in the comments below, and we will direct message you either on here or on Xbox 1. Gamertag (we are an Xbox1 only club) 2. Must be 16+ years old (We want mature, fun members) 3. Must be willing to obey dress code(dress code: Wear a biker cut/jacket with our patch on it) 4. Must have a motorcycle (If you don't own one, buy one. If you can't afford one, we will help you get money to buy one) 5. Mic preferred (If you don't have a mic, no worries! Just make sure you're able to communicate in some way, either text through in-game phone or message the party chat via party menu) Example: Gamertag: MrSkaahso Age: 24 Willing to wear biker cut/jacket: Yes Favorite Motorcycle(s): Western Bagger, Western Zombie Bobber Mic?: Yes Any Additional Info for the club: None at this time (Copy above text and fill it out with your own answers and post it below!) Vulture Shock Mc, has a few benefits that will hopefully help us stand out from other MCs or crews. A few benefits we have are: 1. We work together as a team to help everyone earn money, sell and collect goods 2. There will be opportunities to earn Shark Cards (valued from $100,000-$1,250,000) 3. We will run Heists, Doomsday Heists, Missions, Club Work, Club Challenges & Free mode events to help break up grinding businesses 4. Be around good, fun players who have an interest in Motorcycles 5. We will host different events such as Car Shows, Bike Shows, Fight Clubs, and Golf tournaments 6. We are a chill group and understand that life comes first, so you won't be hassled about getting a Kik, Discord, Line or be required to play x amount of days a week. If we have club business to handle, such as patching in prospects, the only people required are the Officers and Prospects being patched in 7. We try making the game as fun as possible, because after all, it is just a game! (Please read the rules, and read them again) 1. All members must obey by the 1% law of combat (Basically meaning we fight fair, no weaponized vehicles, no stupid weapons like the MiniGuns. We basically use Biker affiliated weapons such as Knives, Pistols, Smgs, Assault Rifles, Pump/Double barreled shot guns, Compact Grenade Launcher, Jerry Can, Molotov Cocktails, Pipe Bombs). A lot of MCs do not allow explosives of any kind, but realistically, you need a little something to protect against weaponized vehicles and other griefers 2. Wear a biker cut/jacket with Club patch on the back 3. Have fun! That's what this club is all about 4. Help fellow members if they need it! If they are being killed in a session, and you're in another session, join them and help your brothers/sisters! We are a family here. 5. Do not kill any club member. If you have a problem with a member, start a deathmatch and fight it out there! Public crew killing just makes us look unorganized and foolish. 6. WE ARE NOT A KOS CLUB! Meaning we do not kill anyone unless they threaten us in our turf, attack a fellow member or go after supply cargo. If you are attacked by someone, you may kill them at will *We do not have many rules as of now, but the rules we have we are strict about. This is a family and we are trying to keep it as fun as possible for everyone We allow only Western & LCC Motorcycles We do not prospect like other clubs, we put you into our prospect club to monitor you as a player, and see if you are right for our family. There is no set time limit you will be in as a prospect. Once you become a prospect, you will remain a prospect until you are voted into the club, all that depends on you! We hope to hear from some of you! Thank You, VSMC President, MrSkaahso
  18. NextRP Hey guys! Just posting a quick thread regarding a brand new RP I started. You guys probably see a lot of threads like this and think, omg not another RP! I understand if you're feeling that frustration, let me see if this thread changes your mind. NextRP offers multiple features that benefits all members, non stop. We listen to user suggestions and are willing to try anything to make roleplaying a better experience for everyone. Some of the features we offer are; Website, Police, Fire & EMS Database (for records, etc), Jobs (government and regular jobs), Paid to Work (you're paid through our Discord server, in which you can use to gamble, purchase businesses in and around Los Santos, which will also produce income for yourself, and other things), Driving Licenses (when you start in the RP, your classified as an unlicensed driver, don't get caught! It costs $50.00 over Discord to obtain a license and you receive your own, unique drivers license number), Purchase businesses and receive extra income (like the yellow jack, get paid via Discord), On the job training for each and every job (police, fire, ems, etc.), Impound lot (pay via Discord to get your vehicle out), And much more! Currently the website is still under construction, but will be released soon. The website will have extensive information that will be useful to all members of the RP community. If you're interested, let me know by sending me a private message via GTA5 Crews forum or join our Discord server using this link: https://discord.gg/zTCC5VD or you may send me a message on Xbox: JTRJ29. NOTE: Databases for jobs are separate from each other so it’s less confusing. Police for example; will get their own login information to use the database service to validate any member such a check plates, licenses, and also have the option to input information into the database. The website AND databases were customly developed NOT using wix, weebly, or any other website building program! Made for NextRP by NextRP! Thanks everyone, hope to see you there! JT.
  19. Tri-State Community Recruitment ( TSC ) We are a brand new server that is on the hunt for new applicants. We drive our server off professionalism and realism! Tri-State Community Recruitment is an XBOX ONE roleplay server that offers LOADS of things to you and is one of the most realistic and professional servers out there for console! We also own a CUSTOM CAD/MDT to enhance 'TSC' and the realism right to the top! We have multiple departments with many subdivisions linked in with it. (LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, SSPD, PBPD). We also then have our communication department which is the heart and soul of LEO! We offer another department which is our FIRE/EMS team. This is a small but wonderful department that adds to the realism aspect of 'TSC'. We are very proud of our wonderful civilian department as our civilians are the fuel to the fire! We have one of the best staff team a role-playing server has and we are still on the hunt for you to join it! So what are you waiting for? Come and join us or you'll be missing out! Here's Our Discord Link: https://discord.gg/SKNQsMS
  20. 🚨🚨🚨ATTENTION ROLE-PLAYERS🚨🚨🚨 *XBOX ONE* Wanna Join a mature well trained professional mature community Are roleplay last up to 4 hours and we have amazing dispatchers we would love all men and junior kids to join and have an amazing experience We have about14-17 attending roleplays, SADPS is a thriving community with a various community of people That are highly mature who are REAL LIFE First responders and Law enforcement officers! So without a doubt, SADPS is a very professional and well-functioning clan with a fully working command structure. The Administration team in San Andreas Department OF Public safety loves to hear the opinions and suggestions of their members and they value and respect each and every member and take time to get to know everyone in SADPS . The Departments SADPS has to offer are; San Andreas Highway Patrol πŸš” SAHP HAS SUBDIVISIONS Communications For, ex.Dispatch HAS SUBDIVISIONS San Andreas Fire Department πŸš’ HAS SUBDIVISONS Los Santos Police Department πŸš“ HAS SUBDIVISONS Civilian Operations Department 🚲 HAS SUBDIVISONS Thank you have a nice day https://discord.gg/VBV33ny Social Club link :https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/san_andreas_departme
  21. Lookingο»Ώ to gather round the first nine brothers who are willing to call Vinewood home Twisted Hounds 1%ER MC Wars,Bike Rides,Meetings,Opportunity,Brotherhood, And Much More If ο»ΏIntetested Please Message and Add The GT:XDG GRIM REAPER Or Feel Free To DM @Twisted_Hounds_52MC On IG Social Club Link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/twisted_hounds_mc_ps/wall THMCπŸ”™πŸ”›ο»ΏπŸ”ο»ΏπŸ”΄β¬›πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ”«πŸ˜ˆ -Nat Prez Reaperο»Ώο»Ώ
  22. Greetings!. Due to mess and inactivity of GTA players Im trying. to revive the community. My crew is recruiting new members. Whether you are a new player or a pro I will personslly set you up with adequate players. I offer help with pretty much anything and am available per your request as I currently play 18 h EVERY DAY. My. excessive activity is the. only way for me to ensure that everything runs smoothly I am agains griefing, cheating or glitching. If you are interested please message me so we can set up a short chat. My crew is about QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. I also will make sure that everyone knows each oher. Maturity and decency are very much welcome and the minimum age is 16 . Last but not least, you need to be an ACTIVE PLAYER, Kind Regards, Andrew GT QWASSUP101
  23. letsgobuffalobs

    [Xbox One] The Gun Runners XLT

    Welcome to The Gun Runners XLT We are looking for ACTIVE, XBox, GTA players to Join our Crew Our crew has 3 main focuses within GTA Making Money Helping each other out Annihilating anyone who opposes us We specialize in the following : Selling in Full Lobbies(High Demand) Controlling Lobbies Lester & Doomsday Heists Criminal Mastermind CEO/MC Businesses/Bunker/Hanger/Night Club Best Money-making methods in GTA We also hold Crew Events Monthly where we give away up to $4 Mil in GTA Prize Money Our Crew Events/Contests range from Races, Adversary Modes, to Car Shows and more Please PM me the following on Xbox before applying to the crew : Rank Age Mic(y/n) Time Zone/Time most Active Best Skills What you'd like out of a crew If anyone - Gamertag of who Referred you Xbox Gamertag LetsGoBuffaloBS WE WILL NOT ACCEPT INVITES UNTIL YOU'VE SENT THIS. If accepted you will be invited to our Discord. Match your username with your GT and Please confirm you've read our #crewrules Click Here to Apply to our Crew's Rockstar Social Club
  24. ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ We are Emergency Roleplay Community, otherwise known as β€œSADPS”. We have many departments for people to join (listed below). We are looking for many members that are able to dedicate their time and effort to our server! We are a server that loves to roleplay and loves to strive and get as many new role-players’ as possible! We are Age-friendly so anyone is welcome. We have a very friendly staff! Please Come Check us Out! ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Discord: https://discord.gg/GdRvbB Civilians should register under the CAD system for better RP! Our Departments: Los Santos Police Department SAHP (STATE TROPPER) PALETO BAY POLICE DEPARTMENT Sandy Shores Police DEPARTMENT Blaine County Sheriff's Office Communications EMS/Fire (SAFD) Civilian Server Features: A Fun community to be in! Very Nice Fire Dept. Rigs! Legit and fun roleplay is our number one priority. We love to hear feedback from our users. We take pride in our staff team as they professionalism and will deal with any problem that comes. Real life LEO’s/FIREMEN/EMT’s in the community, who are always willing to help and teach you how you can RP better, or just help with any general questions! Age-Friendly Mature Directors Experienced Staff Hiring For all Dept. (High Ranks Open!) Many Sub-Division’s to choose from! ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Coming Soon: Some we already have Whitelist once enough members cad system! Why join our departments? SASP = Very Experienced Commissioner / High Ranks open! BSCO = Experienced Sheriff LSPD = High Ranks and More! SAFD = IRL Deputy Fire Chief as Commissioner / Very Nice Fire Dept. Rigs (Pic Below) Civilian = Looking for great RP as civilians (Remember to do /dsciv) ═════════════════════════════════know════════════════════════════════ Requirements: Must Know how to RP! Must-Have Discord Must be in Discord when RP as LEO! To join LEO you must have some experience! ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Social Club link :https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/san_andreas_departme
  25. Looking for people to grind the humane labs heist all week to get as much money as possible. Add my gt - Hazqe and I’ll invite you.
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