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  1. Winner of The Best Conversion in Annual Awards 2017 Grand Theft Auto - Re: Liberty City Stories (Formely LCS2VP/LCS:PC) is a modification that 'port' the unavailable GTA LCS to PC using Vice City engine as its base with various tweaks and enhancements to make the best of LCS. We intend to make this mod have at least 99% feels of the original LCS. Started as a one-man project by Surya926 at 28 Oct 2016, but as I reveal this mod on January 2017, many starts helping me on this project. [table] @Surya926 @KNN. @RD4 @George Costanza @spaceeinstein _Æ_ _AG [/table] MAP [x] commer [x] fortdestroyed [x] fortstaunton [x] indust [x] suburb PEDS [x] plr [x] plr2 [x] plr3 [x] plr4 [x] plr5 [x] plr6 [x] plr7 [x] plr8 [x] plr9 [x] plr10 [x] plr11 [x] plr12 [x] plr13 [x] plr14 [x] plr15 [x] plr16 [x] cop [x] swat [x] fbi [x] army [x] medic [x] fireman [x] male01 [x] taxi_d [x] pimp [x] criminal01 [x] criminal02 [x] male02 [x] male03 [x] fatmale01 [x] fatmale02 [x] female01 [x] female02 [x] female03 [x] fatfemale01 [x] fatfemale02 [x] prostitute [x] prostitute2 [x] p_man1 [x] p_man2 [x] p_wom1 [x] p_wom2 [x] ct_man1 [x] ct_man2 [x] ct_wom1 [x] ct_wom2 [x] li_man1 [x] li_man2 [x] li_wom1 [x] li_wom2 [x] docker1 [x] docker2 [x] scum_man [x] scum_wom [x] worker1 [x] worker2 [x] b_man1 [x] b_man2 [x] b_man3 [x] b_wom1 [x] b_wom2 [x] b_wom3 [x] mod_man [x] mod_wom [x] st_man [x] st_wom [x] fan_man1 [x] fan_man2 [x] fan_wom [x] hos_man [x] hos_wom [x] const1 [x] const2 [x] shopper1 [x] shopper2 [x] shopper3 [x] stud_man [x] stud_wom [x] cas_man [x] cas_wom [x] camp_man [x] camp_wom [x] HITMAN [x] gang01 [x] gang02 [x] gang03 [x] gang04 [x] gang05 [x] gang06 [x] gang07 [x] gang08 [x] gang09 [x] gang10 [x] gang11 [x] gang12 [x] gang13 [x] gang14 [x] gang15 [x] gang16 [x] gang17 [x] gang18 [x] vice1 [x] vice2 [x] vice3 [x] vice4 [x] vice5 [x] vice6 [x] vice7 [x] vice8 All of the peds have their original voices from LCS. VEHICLES [table] #IDVCLCS/ModNotes 130LandstalkerDeimos SPWorks properly 131IdahoLandstalkerWorks properly 132StingerIdahoWorks properly 133LinerunnerStingerWorks properly 134PerennialLinerunnerWorks properly 135SentinelPerennialWorks properly 136RioSentinelWorks properly 137FiretruckPatriotWorks properly 138TrashmasterFiretruckThe water cannon doesn't move yet 139StretchTrashmasterWorks properly 140MananaStretchWorks properly 141InfernusMananaWorks properly 142VoodooInfernusWorks properly 143PonyBlistaWorks properly 144MulePonyWorks properly 145CheetahMuleWorks properly 146AmbulanceCheetahWorks properly 147FBI WashingtonAmbulanceWorks properly 148MoonbeamFBI CruiserWorks properly 149EsperantoMoonbeamWorks properly 150TaxiEsperantoWorks properly 151WashingtonTaxiWorks properly 152BobcatKurumaWorks properly 153Mr WhoopeeBobcatWorks properly 154BF InjectionMr WhoopeeWorks properly 155HunterBF InjectionWorks properly 156PoliceHearseWorks properly 157EnforcerPoliceWorks properly 158SecuricarEnforcerWorks properly 159BansheeSecuricarWorks properly 160PredatorBansheeWorks properly 161BusBusWorks properly 162RhinoRhinoWorks properly 163Barracks OLBarracks OLWorks properly 164Cuban HermesDodoWorks properly 165Helicopter (Chopper)CoachWorks properly 166AngelCabbieWorks properly 167CoachStallionWorks properly 168CabbieRumpoWorks properly 169StallionRC BanditWorks properly 170RumpoTriad Fish VanWorks properly 171RC BanditMr WongsWorks properly 172Romero's HearseLeone SentinelWorks properly 173PackerYardie LoboWorks properly 174Sentinel XSYakuza StingerWorks properly 175AdmiralDiablo StallionWorks properly 176SqualloCartel CruiserWorks properly 177Sea SparrowHoods Rumpo XLWorks properly 178PizzaboyPanlanticWorks properly 179Gang BurritoFlatbedWorks properly 180AirtrainYankeeWorks properly 181Dodo (Deaddodo)Bickle'76Works properly 182SpeederTOYZWorks properly 183ReeferCampaign RumpoWorks properly 184TropicBallot VanWorks properly 185FlatbedHellenbach GTWorks properly 186YankeePhobos VtWorks properly 187CaddyV8 GhostWorks properly 188Zebra CabBarracks OL (Ammotruk)Works properly 189Top FunThunder-RoddWorks properly 190SkimmerSindacco ArgentoWorks properly 191PCJ 600Forelli ExSessWorks properly 192FaggioFerryNot yet 193FreewayGhostWorks properly 194RC BaronSpeederWorks properly 195RC RaiderReeferWorks properly 196GlendalePredatorWorks properly 197OceanicTrainWorks properly (new version) 198SanchezHelicopter (Escape)Nope 199SparrowHelicopter (Chopper)Works properly 200PatriotAeroplane (Airtrain)Works properly 201LovefistDodo (Deaddodo)Works properly 202CoastguardAngelWorks properly 203DinghyPizzaboyWorks properly 204HermesNoodleboyWorks properly 205SabrePCJ-600Works properly 206Sabre TurboFaggioWorks properly 207PhoenixFreewayWorks properly 208WaltonAvengerWorks properly 209ReginaManchezWorks properly 210CometSanchezWorks properly 211DeluxoRC GoblinWorks properly 212BurritoRC RaiderWorks properly 213Spand ExpressHunterWorks properly 214MarquisMaverickWorks properly 215Baggage HandlerPolice MaverickWorks properly 216Kaufman CabsVCN MaverickWorks properly [/table] Yes, all the bikes are working and have correct sounds WEAPONS [x] brassknuckle [x] chisel [x] hockeystick [x] nitestick [x] knifecur [x] bat [x] handaxe [x] cleaver [x] machete [x] katana [x] chnsaw [x] grenade [x] gren_rem [x] teargas [x] molotov [x] missile [x] glock17 [x] python [x] chromegun [x] shotgspa [x] buddyshot [x] tec9 [x] uzi [x] ingramsl [x] mp5k [x] m4 [x] ak47 [x] sniper [x] laser [x] rocketla [x] flame [x] m60 [x] minigun [x] bomb (Detonator) [x] camera [x] cellphone MISSIONS Vincenzo [x] Home Sweet Home. [x] Slacker (new version). [x] Dealing Revenge (new version). [x] Snuff (new version). [x] Smash and Grab (new version). [x] Hot Wheels (new version). [] The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade. Ma Cipriani [x] Snappy Dresser (new version). [x] Big Rumble in Little China (new version, buggy). [] Grease Sucho (only half-converted). [] Dead Meat. [] No Son of Mine. Leon McAffrey [] Sayonara Sindaccos. [] The Whole 9 Yardies. [] Crazy '69'. [] Night of The Livid Dreads. [x] Munitions Dump (new version). Donald Love [x] The Morgue Party Candidate (new version). [] Steering The Vote. [] Cam-Pain. [] Friggin' The Riggin'. [] Love and Bullets. [] Counterfeit Count. [] Love on the Rocks. [] Panlantic Land Grab. [] Stop the Press. [] Morgue Party Resurrection. [] Bringing the House Down. [] Love on the Run. Side Missions [x] Taxi Driver (new version). [x] Paramedics (new version). [] Vigilante. [] Karmageddon. [] Firefighter. [] Trash Dash. [x] RC Triad Take-Down (new version). [] Trashin' RC. [] Ragin' RC. [] Chasin RC. [] Go Go Faggio. [] Noodleboy. [] Pizzaboy. [] Wong Side of the Tracks. [] Bumps and Grinds. [] Car Salesman. [] Bike Salesman. [] Low Rider Rumble. [] Deimos Dash. [] Wi-Cheetah Run. [] Red Light Racing. [] Torrington TT. [] Gangsta GP. [x] Scooter Shooter (new version). [] AWOL Angel. [x] 9mm Mayhem (new version). [] Scrapyard Challenge. [] See the sight before your Flight. [] Slash TV. [x] Unique Stunt Jumps. [x] Car-azy Car Giveaway. [x] Hidden Packages. [x] Rampages. [] Avenging Angels. Also many of the screenshots and videos of this mod is in this topic. BETA 1.5 If you have crash at address "006f6330", you should set your DEP (Data Execution Prevention) settings to default. (enable only for essentials windows services or something). Addons: Classic AXIS by _AG VC MiniConsole V2 by @spaceeinstein Unlocked all outfit by @Surya926 (Includes modified version of VC CLEO plugin specially for LCS:PC) - R* - Lucid Games - sharpie_eastern - Ash_735 - GTA LC Team - Silent - ThirteenAG - LINK/2012 - Seeman - Alien - The Hero aka aap - DexX - Guard3 - Sergeanur - Gts. aka Gtz - Fire_Head - The_GTA - MAJEST1C_R3 - FeroCT5 - DK22Pac aka _DK - Spooky - Steve-M - Raptor - MuzzleFlash - Kam - X-Seti - Mex - Nick007J - The guys at Documenting GTA3/VC Memory Addresses - And you guys who supported me! If you have an assets here in this mod and haven't mentioned, just tell me. I tends to forgot sometimes.
  2. Vice City: BETA Edition is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with the goal of returning most, or if not all cut features in development (at least, what is known and/or is possible). All information comes from several sources: BradyGames' Official Strategy Guide & Manual Pre-Release Screenshots Left-over files in the game I don't plan to make anything which has little to no proof of its existence in the Alpha/Beta stages of the game's development. However, some improvising may be done. The progress list above will be updated until and once a new version is released, V3.5 is out now. *Screenshots do not show off all parts of the mod. This is currently a small list that is being expanded on, as I'm still looking at screenshots and such for new information. Any help is appreciated. @Kalvin - Leader @Solidcal - Weapons @The Hero - Vehicles & Misc. @Crspy & @Nick007J - Script help @ermaccer & @Razor_BladePL - Weapon help / bug testing @Fire_Head - Slashed Tire Restoration & other misc. scripts @George Costanza - PS2 files & changes list, bug-testing @Matias_Montanna - HQ Manual reference pictures @RM76 - Carcols @Surya926 - HUD & Marker colours [V3] @TripleAs - Pedestrians @Vadim M. - The information that comes in his videos @Vlad Viper - Texture help @Xinerki - HUD & Marker colours [V2] For the best experience, I recommend you download SkyGFX & ALMOST610's BETA Vehicles. Like BETA mods? Be sure to check out San Andreas: BETA Edition!
  3. BEGINit

    Shine o' Vice

    STORY It's 1987. Vice City. A whole year has passed since Tommy Vercetti removed Diaz and Sonny Foreli thus becoming a new drug lord. But this story is not about him. Flint Casie - a new mobster from Liberty City - comes to this city in pursue of a mystery. His brother was killed here in Vice yet his rest in peace was ruined by an unknown party who completely destroyed his funeral. By coming here Flint expects find out who's behind it. Unfortunately, he will soon enough realise that things here are not done so easy. Hello BEGINit here. Let me present you with a new mod that I'm currently working on and it's quite near finish. GTA: Shine o' Vice. It's a total conversion for VC, similar to GTA Frosted Winter. Therefore the goal of this mod is to present you with new story in GTA universe. It's a WIP but the scripting part is almost done. What can you expect? NEW MISSIONS: There's gonna be aproximatelly 70-80 new missions including new story missions, side missions, asset missions. NEW COLLECTABLES: Like hidden Voodoo Masks, Money Coffins, hidden packages in new locations, all new unique jumps, rampages, new various pickup locations. NEW FEATURES: Buying clothes - now you can buy various outfits from stores Buying cars from Sunshine Autos and bikes From bike Chop Shop Investing in assets - now you not just buy an entire asset but you buy shares. The more shares you buy the more revenue it generates. You can own up to 100% shares of each asset (it takes a lot of money though). Also you may increase the revenue buy doing missions for assets. Drug dealing. You'll be able to sell coke on streets and get some money for it. A good way to make a fortune actually. Just watch out for cops. Recognition status. The more you'll work for big lords in Vice city, but especially the more you invest in business the greater recognition status will be. It will help you to live in Vice city since it will offer you discounts on clothes, houses, guns, cars, it will unlock new stuff to purchase and even new activities to do. NEW MAP CHANGES NEW SPLASH SCREENS NEW MENU NEW HUD STUFF AND OTHER... Sorry, no pics and no vids for now. Unfortunately the only thing that stopped me from releasing it earlier was my inability to model. The only script things that are not finished are those that require some mapping/modeling therefore I ask you some help. If someone could lend some help with modeling it would help me a lot to finish this mod as soon as possible. Please Thank you for your support
  4. WANTED LEVEL EDITOR Update for 28.07.2018 (Work In Progress): - main code update - rebuilt in c++ enviroment (with the plugin-sdk) - 95% - ini replace with xml file (tinyxml2) - 100% - compatibility with the gta Underground - 25% - menu update - 0% Wanted Level Editor 2.02 updated - 09.03.2018 Wanted Level Editor v2.01 Updated 08.03.2018 Previosly: Cheat Menu Update (18.12.2017): WLE_Menu 10.13: DOWNLOAD LINK 2.02 Previosly: Vehicle models Ped models Weapon Indexes Description: - the mod works with GTA SA 1.0 US Hoodlum only (14.383.616 bytes), - every wanted level star has 6 "slots" (7 is stars are higher then 6) for the vehicles which means you can use 6 (or less) diferent vehicle (ped or weapon) models for each wanted level star. - you can define the number of passengers, their skins and weapons, passenger values: 1 - one occupant, 2 - two occupants 3 - driver and gunman attached to a vehicle, 4 - four occupants. - added vehicle or ped models can be used along with this mod, WLE 1.08 new stuff (mostly related with the Hydra plane): Previosly:
  5. Under new management This mod is a Total Conversion for III/VC and possibly SA that aims to bring the original Grand Theft Auto to the 3D era. While working on this, I will be trying to learn more about modding GTA III and Vice city. That said, help is always appreciated GTA Renderware Edition - III Progress: GTA Renderware Edition - VC Team Original Map - Ss4gogeta0 & Redreaper666 Collisions and editing - Sharpie_Eastern Porting & Ped Paths - Sharpie_Eastern Vehicles & Peds - deadman23 Audio - Ss4gogeta0 Radio Icons - Graven, FunkyRJ Progress: GTA Renderware Edition - SA Team Porting & Collisions - patczuch Additional Mapping - Parik Art - Jeansowaty Audio & Coding - Ss4gogeta0 Radio Icons - Graven, FunkyRJ Progress: GTA London - SA Team Porting & Collisions - patczuch Additional Mapping - Wakka387 Vehicles: Click to Join Click to Join Special Thanks CRAZYGTASAINT - For his contribution of files from his previous GTA 1 mod, I will be using some things test
  6. Forever L

    [VC] XBOX Hands

    General As many know, the editions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for both XBOX and for the 10th Anniversary, have certain differences that are easy to perceive, and this has led some of us to try to get these versions. One of the most notable differences are the characters of the Cutscenes, which not change in graphic quality, but the hands of these models are much more "realistic" than those in the PS2 and PC versions. Update v5b: One Step Back The hands of all the characters, have been replaced by the corresponding in each of them. The angle of the hands, position, size, and the color of the texture of each of them, have been recreated. All these new parameters have been taken from the file "cutscenehands.xml", which can be found in the files of the XBOX version, as well as the Mobile version. Unfortunately, the hands do not have their own animation, since only the 3D model is only rescued. The hands are again joined to the body. While the pack is uploaded with the previous one, be attentive. So shut up, sit down, and relax. Progress List Updated - In Progress - Not Started Tommy Vercetti Main Characters Cutscene Characters Gangs Pedestrians Download
  7. VRTP VRTP (Vice City Retexture Project) is a mod that aims to retexturize the game completely with new high/medium resolution textures. The first version was released in March of 2017, and was redone because I thought the quality was not very good. Now i can grant you, the quality is better now! Team: HybridTheory MS Special Thanks and Credits To: Dimzet13 Rosa Project Team ThePedro004 FireBurns Treyarch OjTrue DingleMan Rim (I picked the Textures From LCS Mobile) Killer_XD Pequeno zedouglinhas ELTacoBanido Comparision Images: In-Game Screenshots: Overall Progress: 50% I need you to help me with VRTP! If you think this mod should continue, support the mod with a Donation Discord Server: Link Download: Moddb Little Fix Current Version is 1.4.
  8. Forever L

    [VC] VCS Peds & More

    As you know, Vice City pedestrians were re-imagined in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Although, there have been great projects to bring that game to a PC version. But we were never offered to all converted pedestrians (or at least, not the vast majority of them) to play with them in the game. I bring here all the pedestrians converted to Vice City. Although, not all Vice City pedestrians were re-imagined. That is why I will improvise them to have more agreement with the rest of the pedestrians. This is something that catches my attention, so I'll soon finish it (It's what I want) Features a) All models from VCS, converted with original bones. b)Pedestrians colored with original system color. c) New pedestrians, with the VCS style. Progress MAINS FEMALES MALES LAW&EMERGENCY GANGS GANGS_ALT SPECIALS PLAYER Download
  9. ilufir

    Vice City: Reborn

    GTA Vice City Reborn is a WIP mod that pushes VC's RenderWare to its limits. Currently we are working in a small team, but we already have some progress done. So, right now we need someone to make HQ Characters, someone to help me with modelling and someone to make this topic a bit better. SCREENSHOTS: VIDEOS
  10. MrFinger

    Beta Leftovers Fix - VC

    This mod is fixing beta leftovers, which they were left in the game. Changelog: - Changed sunshine autos beta map, to the final one, - Changed Flatbed and Landstalker plates to the Vice City ones, - Changed beta cutscene Sabre Turbo textures, to the final ones, - Changed cutscene mr.vercetti outfit texture, to the in-game one, - Fixed the radar texture here, now it's a alley instead of road, - Changed Deagle in cutscenes to Colt. - Changed wind machine gta 3 wheel texture, to the VC one. - Replaced mp5k with normal mp5 in introduction cutscene (thanks to brooklynzsmac), - Changed school bus wreck license plates to vc ones. To-do: - Add final wheels to cutscene Admiral and Walton, - Much more. Downloads: Download link for version 0.1. Thanks to: Brooklynzsmac - for help, CoolMods, Over_Pro123 - for suggestions. Like a mods like that? Check out the SA version.
  11. JankyModder

    Vice City Xbox Cars Mod

    Vice City Xbox Cars - version 1.0.0-alpha This mod brings the higher-quality vehicle textures and models from the Xbox version of Vice City into the PC version. Before I continue, I need to make something absolutely clear: most of this is not my original work! Essentially, all I have done is taken two mods (Xbox Cars to PC by ALMOST610 and Xbox Vehicles by Dimzet13), merged them together, and made it usable with Link2012's ModLoader. I've put together the best elements from the two mods, resulting in a mod that has more high-quality textures and models from the Xbox port than those two did separately. It was tedious work comparing .dffs and .txd, but it was easy work, and that's thanks to both of the modders I've previously mentioned, along with several others. This is my first mod, by the way, so don't be surprised if there are issues with it. I will be uploading the first version of this mod, along with some screenshots, later today. This mod is still a work in progress. As far as I can tell, all of the vehicle models are higher quality than the vanilla PC ones; I'm assuming this because I don't think either of the original modders would have included model files if they weren't. In the next few days, I'll be crosschecking with the vanilla models to make sure this is true. The majority of missing content in the mod is in vehicle textures. Of the 86 model files, at my last count, 35 of them are missing some or all of their higher-quality textures. However, I do not yet know if any/all of these higher-quality textures actually exist - I'm assuming they do. I have yet to look at the files of the Xbox or mobile versions to check. I plan on doing so over the next few days. A list of these vehicles can be found later in this post - if the vehicle is only missing a few of its unique textures, the names of the missing texture is listed. If anyone knows where I can find the textures for either version, let me know. Installation instructions: Simply unzip the contents into your modloader folder. If you have a modloader.ini file that you've already manually configured, make sure not to overwrite it with the one in the zip! Instead, set the override for Vice City Xbox Cars higher than any other mod that has models or textures for vehicles. (If you don't know what to put, use Vice City Xbox Cars = 100.) Download: GTAGarageDOWNLOAD COMING SOON - WAITING ON APPROVAL Requirements: Link2012's ModLoader. Known Bugs: When running this mod alongside the Vice City: The Leftovers Fix mod by George Costanza, the interior of the Cuban Hermes, along with the front and rear lights, trunk interior, and the engine compartment, will be untextured (along with the Cuban Hermes magically running without an engine).This is the result of these two mods both replacing cuban.dff. The Leftovers Fix can also replace flatbed.dff, hermes.dff, landstal.txd, pizzaboy.dff, reefer.dff, and sanchez.dff. To fix it, you can either Use the preconfigured modloader.ini included in the zip file - just place it in your modloader folder. (Use this if you haven't already messed with your modloader.ini.) delete all of these files from \modloader\Vice City The Leftovers Fixes\models\to gta3.img or in your modloader folder, open modloader.ini using Notepad or whatever and add Vice City Xbox Cars = 100 under the category marked [Profiles.Default.Priority]. (Note: if you have other mods which also change any of the files Vice City Xbox Cars uses, you'll need to make sure that you set the value high enough so that this mod takes priority over them as well!) Missing HQ Textures: Screenshots: ALSO COMING SOON Credits: ALMOST610 - Author of "Xbox Cars to PC" yojo2, SLAYERMAGGOT, rmws, Squirlkiller, DimZet13 - for assisting ALMOST610 DimZet13 - Author of "Xbox Vehicles" George Costanza - for his excellent advice and tips, and for being president of Vandelay Industries. Ash735 - for providing extremely useful information and sharing his techniques.
  12. Well, this is my first topic on GTA Forums, So I wanted to use it for good. Please answer my question above!
  13. Sebas647

    GTA 3 Skins For Vice City

    Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/n253ey78t347c1d/GTA_3_Skins_For_VC.zip/file
  14. Jinx.

    Expanded Weapon Arsenal

    Biggest Weapon Pack so far I was working on guns for the first time (now like, 1 month). I had in mind an Auto Sniper, based on the III's AK47. I did it, and showed to Jeansowaty (mod's co-creator). He was impressed of my skills, so he started to give me ideas for the weapons that would be done. I did some of them, along some that I had in mind. Then later (like, one month) I thought: 'Why not release it? I did lots of weapons.'. So I did more guns along the ones that I did aleardy, and this mod got born. -78 new added weapons (yes, added via MVL), inspired from games such as SR Series (NOTE THAT I DID THE WEAPONS WITH GTA 3/VC/SA/LCS/VCS/MH1/MH2 GUN PARTS), real life, GTA IV/EFLC/V, rigged from Manhunt 1/2/Other GTAs and from Jeansowaty/mines ideas. -Biggest gun pack so far for Vice City. https://mega.nz/#!q0hhlQAY!iX-z7UtuCq6_lbMBEJwdQDtyNuu0U24Y5lxC6nTy_G8 Feaures some more guns linked on this thread. Ignore the name. Just drop the archives in mvl/weapons from your Vice City directory. YOU MUST HAVE LATEST MVL RELEASE OR THE WEAPONS WON'T BE ADDED IN THE GAME. -Some model positions may be wrong. -Some settings may be wrong. -The Silenced SteyrAUG is reacting weird, will be fixed in V2. If a gun has these bugs, don't hesitate to report them here. One of the leaders will read and fix them for the next version. Team @Jinx. (formerly known as darthvader20011) - Leader, Mod Creator, Gun Designer (modeling), Texture Editor, MVLer @Jeansowaty- Leader, Mod Creator, Gun Designer (ideas), Texture Editor, Icon Maker, MVLer @//XP// - For setting spawn coords (Coming in V2) @Parik- Gun Designer (modeling), GFX Art, Weapon Placer, Icon Maker (coming in V2) @ermaccer- Gun Designer (modeling), Weapon Placer Special Credits @Son Of Big Boss - Provided me some Manhunt 2 guns to rig - For his LCS Weapons. I used some of them as base for some guns GTAguy234 - For his VCS Weapons. I used some of them as base for some guns [member=Aztecas_5] - For his BETA VC Weapons. I used some of them as base for some guns, and used some in the pack, just with changed textures. Also for his LQ IV Weapons (AK47, Combat Shotgun that will be used in V2) @Mr. Jago - For some BETA Icons ENJOY PLAYING WITH THE BIGGEST WEAPON PACK SO FAR.
  15. Forever L

    [VC] San Andreas: Characters

    Well, there's not much to explain about this. This MOD replaces to most of the protagonists of Vice City, by the protagonists of San Andreas. For now, I've focused on Carl Johnson, but I'll upload the other actors. I have decided to start with the "special outfits", in order to draw a parallel with Tommy's outfits. To make it more "original". If they have suggestions on which character they could replace, and that is consistent with the VC story, they can comment on them. For now, some screenshots, and a video:
  16. This mod converts all the characters from GTA LCS to GTA VC. Skins done: Toni Cipriani mafia [x] lawyer [x] casual (also known as "traveller") [x] chaffeur [x] coveralls [x] tuxedo [x] avenger [x] the king jumpsuit (also known as "Elvis clothes") [x] rooster mascot [x] underwear [x] hero [x] dragon jumpsuit [x] antonio [x] tracksuit [x] goodfella [x] smart suit [x] Main Characters vincenzo [x] salvatore [x] donald love [x] donald love (beard) [x] avery [x] 8 ball [x] (skin is included in LCS toni skins) maria [x] miguel [x] otool [x] phil [x] toshiko kasen (normal) [x] toshiko kasen (dress) [x] casa [x] kazuki [x] mickeyh [x] ray machiowski [x] donovan [x] mcaffry [x] Full Characters Pack + Toni Cipriani (All Outfits) Screenshots: Special thanks to The_Hero for his RendWare Converter!
  17. CoolMods

    [WIP][VC] LCS Toni for VC

    I know this has been done a lot of times before, but, i decided to do mine. Note: Those skins haven't been stole from GTA:LCS PC Edition or from Surya. All of them where converted by me. using hero's tool All the skins are converted. skins done yet: mafia [x] lawyer [x] casual (also known as "traveller") [x] chaffeur [x] coveralls [x] tuxedo [x] avenger [x] the king jumpsuit (also known as "Elvis clothes") [x] rooster mascot [x] underwear [x] hero [x] dragon jumpsuit [x] antonio [x] tracksuit [x] goodfella [x] smart suit [x] Those were taken from the PS2 version of LCS. However i plan doing an Mobile version sometime. I'm also planning to convert to CS versions if it works. Latest version: (V2) (PS2 Outfits) Download I plan to make Vic Vance one, but i don't have VCS currently.
  18. Forever L

    Cutscene Peds

    As you know, pedestrians usually appear in certain cutscenes, in any of the games in the series. In the case of Vice City, these models are the same that appear on the streets. In the Stories, pedestrians appear more detailed in the cutscenes, especially in VCS. I've wanted to do that, in VC too. In this case, I decided to recreate them, based on some models as a basis, and using resources from the other games. But trying to preserve its essence. Example From this: To this: Coming soon.
  19. IlyaKostygov

    GTA: Racing Towards The Sun.

    Hi everybody! This is my first TC for Vice City. Total Conversion about Street Racing. At the moment you can see only Central Part of this city. Building models made by Me, landscapes made by Dmitry Rastorguev, cars converted by Mr.Cop. You can see buildings & landscapes with prelight & mip-mapping. But anyway - you should download vicemips.asi by dk22pac. You can find some cars by armin360, but it will be replaced by more quality models. Some pix. Installation: - replace files in game folder by files from archive. You can download it here. Sorry for Russian share system & for my bad English. And yeah - Racing Towards The Sun.
  20. Forever L

    [VC] CS Chars to In-Game

    Many are fans of one of the major versions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I include myself as one. But since I knew that the issue could be edited, I always had the idea of changing the playable models. As many have noticed, the models are much more detailed Cutscenes that brings the game originally, so I decided to convert all the models have their version in the Cutscenes. That also includes models that only appear in Cutscenes. - All models of Cutscenes converted to be playable. References Updated - Complete - In Progress - Not Started Tommy Vercetti Main Characters Cutscene Characters Download
  21. *Checked the modification rules, there was nothing stated about console modding. also asked on the support board and got no replys.* This is a mod that ports the 10th Anniversary (Mobile) Assets to both GTA III and Vice City on the Original Xbox. which includes textures (if they differ from the Xbox versions) and numerous other stuff aswell as things that did not originally appear in the game but fit the atmosphere (like assets from VCS ported into VC)... I may also do PC versions for each aswell as San Andreas. GTA III Anniversary Edition for Xbox Progress replaced opening intro screen with Mobile intro screen. replaced in game load screen with Mobile splash1 image replaced vibrant weapon icons with the faded gold mobile equivalents in hud.txd Replaced textures in particle.txd with mobile equivalents. Replaced textures in MISC.txd with Mobile Versions. replaced III Double Cleff FM with LCS Double Cleff FM (to test audio replacements) To Do Find out if ped or vehicle textures need replacing (Xbox textures are nice) Replace Minimap with mobile. Screenshots: GTA VC Anniversary Edition for Xbox Progress replaced opening intro screen with mobile 10th anniversary artwork replaced menu map with mobile map (xbox menu map stored in Userinterface.txd) replaced default vice city weapon icons and textures with Mobile ones. Replaced textures in particle.txd with mobile equivalents. Replaced hud icons with the HD icons from yojo2 (will replace with mobile versions) replaced K-Chat/VCFL with Synthwave FM (Made by DatMuzik) replaced K-Chat's GXT entries with Synthwave FM replaced K-Chat's Radio Icon with Icon made by Funky RJ for Synthwave FM Replaced Vice City logo in start menu with 10th Anniversary Logo (Top Right) To Do Replace some weapons with VCS weapons (Tec-9 to Silenced Mac, etc) Figure out why Vice City does not like the Mobile Font. GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary Xbox Edition V2 (Mediafire) - 361 MB, Compressed RAR FileMirror (Mega) Screenshots: GTA San Andreas Anniversary Edition for Xbox Progress replaced default radar with mobile radar replaced default hud icons with mobile hud icons replaced radio icons with mobile radio icons Replaced CJ's head textures in Player.img with HQ Mobile head textures from Player_hi.img. Replaced menu pictures with mobile menu pictures. replaced User Track GXT string with Mixtape string replaced cracked window & car scrape textures with HQ ones from mobile To Do Replace pistol/Micro uzi/tec9 with beta weapons add in the 3 new gangs (Seville Blvd, San Fierro Flats, Little Saigon Boyz) Convince Ash to let me release his updated Xbox icons im using <3 Screenshots (taken at various times throughout the day on 2 different TVs): Downloads Alpha test (5/19/2016) - 296MB (FTP to your GTA SA install and replace the files with the ones included in the folder) [Known Glitch] Wanted star shows up as a Bracket due to the positioning of the Mobile Text's Texture. it will be fixed at a later date
  22. Jinx.

    GTA Vice City BETA Cars

    Grand Theft Auto:Vice City had some cool and detailed cars in the beta. Also different models. Some left-overs have been left on both platforms, PC and PS2, like the Cougar and the Toyz. Here there are some models that have been made to look like the ones in early screenshots/trailers: BLISTA COMPACT COUGAR ESPERANTO INFERNUS SABRE SABRE TURBO SENTINEL SENTINEL XS SPEEDER WASHINGTON WASHINGTON FBI DOWNLOAD MVL VERSION Currently Unavailable CREDITS Jinx. - Texturing Aztecas_5 - Modelling Jeansowaty - MVL Version maker OTHERS DO NOT USE THIS MOD IN MODPACKS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! DO NOT EDIT THEM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! DO NOT HOST THIS MOD ON ANOTHER HOST SITES! INSTALLATION If you want to replace a car, simply replace them using: GTA Garage Mod Manager or: IMG Tool
  23. Liberty City Stories has been released for mobile. So, why not bring its map to PC? This modification transforms Vice City to Classic Liberty City from 1998, along with many map and model fixes for a true Liberty City experience! What's New!: Portland Island is now 100% complete COMMER is now 100% ported More Staunton and Portland LOD fixes More Missing Texture Fixes Dynamic objects, interiors, pickups, mission stuff and more! More model fixes More Transparency bug fixes
  24. MS.

    Vegetation Addon Mod

    Hello everyone, I'm here to bring you another project! Are you tired of seeing the same palms from the good old gta vice city? Here's a solution! This mod tries to increase the diversity of trees in vice city, picking some trees from gta san andreas (which has a good amount of trees), and also increasing the amount of shrubs in very empty areas of the game. Some screenshots: Along the mod's development, I'll be adding more images here Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1koJC9qEfYM4VNpaT-jRZdndJSYvTcrdM/view?usp=sharing
  25. Hier werde ich meine arbeit und die projekte zeigen, die ich in zukunft planen werde.) Aktuelle projekte, an denen ich gerade arbeite. {1} 1992 Feltzer Sport. {WIP} {2} Monoblock alu styling II felgen. {WIP} Zukünftige projekte-

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