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Found 17 results

  1. George Costanza

    Vice City - The Leftovers Fix

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Leftovers Fix (An original idea by SpooferJahk) For some reason Rockstar Games ported Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from PlayStation 2 to the PC platform with a potato and because that, the game has lost features and has missing things which has been seen first time in PS2. This mod will restore them with little modifications and some improvements by our part. If you don't know what I'm speaking about, I recommend watching these Videos first. *_CP_ *BeckermannDewitt *BEGINit *Blackbird88 *EiF0hn *ermaccer *fastman92 *Forever L *inadequate *Jitterdoomer *JohnnyK *Kalvin *Mr.Jago *Mugetsuga *Neo Anderson *niltwill *R4gN0r0K *Silent *SpooferJahk *The Hero *TJGM *Tomasak *Zera CorePack - Last Update: 23/07/2016 Improvements - Last Update: 24/12/2015 Mega Mirror Improved ped.ifp PS2 Feels Vice City Edition Flash FM with "Running with the Night" V-Rock with fixed "Cumin' Atcha Live" Mega Mirror KCHAT & VCPR in better quality PS2 Police Radio and Grenade sound SFX (police.vb from PS2 is recommended alongside VBdec) Texture source CorePack Improvements Improved ped.ifp *Cleo *Modloader *Open Limit Adjuster (it's red because it's needed to run this mod) (requires Ultimate ASI Loader, which is already included in WS fix and Skygfx) If you run into crash near Gash shop in North Point mall center open limit_adjuster_gta3vcsa.ini and in [VCLIMITS] change EntryInfoNode = 3200 to EntryInfoNode = 30000 *Ped Speech Patch *SilentPatch *Skygfx *Potent Tear Gas (remove vcpd_ps2_teargas.cs from VCLF/cleo) *Updated SCM *Vice City Widescreen Fix *Mouse Wheel Radio Changer *VBdec DISCLAIMER: All modifications have been tested and are working correctly, but anyway I don't take any responsibility for damage that may appear after or while installing of one of the various modifications. Install at your own risk.
  2. MrFinger

    Beta Leftovers Fix - VC

    This mod is fixing beta leftovers, which they were left in the game. Changelog: - Changed sunshine autos beta map, to the final one, - Changed Flatbed and Landstalker plates to the Vice City ones, - Changed cutscene mr.vercetti outfit texture, to the in-game one, - Fixed the radar texture here, now it's a alley instead of road, - Changed Deagle in cutscenes to Colt, - Changed wind machine gta 3 wheel texture, to the VC one, - Replaced mp5k with normal mp5 in introduction cutscene (thanks to brooklynzsmac), - Fixed Rosenberg's office exterior, - Added in-game Admiral to the cutscene (thanks to @Kalvin for fixing the position), - Changed car wrecks, - Changed Badfellas poster, - Changed Freeway at The Greasy Chopper, - Changed cutscene Sabre Turbo wheels and textures. Download link (stuff from "- Changed sunshine autos beta map, to the final one" to "Changed cutscene Sabre Turbo wheels and textures"). Thanks to: Brooklynzsmac - for help, CoolMods, Over_Pro123 - for suggestions. Like a mods like that? Check out the SA and III versions.
  3. Forever L

    [VC] VCS Peds & More

    As you know, Vice City pedestrians were re-imagined in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Although, there have been great projects to bring that game to a PC version. But we were never offered to all converted pedestrians (or at least, not the vast majority of them) to play with them in the game. I bring here all the pedestrians converted to Vice City. Features a) All models from VCS, converted with original bones. b)Pedestrians colored with original system color. c) New pedestrians, with the VCS style. Progress & Download DONE - FEMALES DONE - MALES DONE - LAW & EMERGENCY Q&A Are all VCS pedestrians included? Yes, all pedestrians. How is it installed? The installation process is through ModLoader: Unzip the file and copy. Not all pedestrians are replaced, what should I do? The conversion from VCS is literal, which means that not all the names have their exact counterpart in VC (in question of the name of the file). So the name of some must be changed. Honestly, I did not do it at the time, and I must do it again. For now, the name will be in the rough.
  4. Improved Hyman Memorial Stadium 2DFX What is it? The Stadium in Vice City has lights all over, yet none of them actually light up. This fixes that. Download: OneDrive Installation: Download Mod Loader and simply copy the "Improved Hyman Memorial Stadium 2DFX" folder from the .zip into your "modloader" folder. If you use Project 2DFX, make sure you replace "VCLodLights.dat" with the one I provided in the .zip. Bugs: The light shadows that appear under lights can be iffy and not show a lot of the time due to the light shadow limit, until someone cracks that limit it's going to remain this way Screenshots:
  5. https://mega.nz/#!adhDjCbI!HoSV1Y9oBXxZ-QHlUZBRtgVFFX6YHYZb2gEtf6i8S-E
  6. Forever L

    [VC] XBOX Hands

    General As many know, the editions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for both XBOX and for the 10th Anniversary, have certain differences that are easy to perceive, and this has led some of us to try to get these versions. One of the most notable differences are the characters of the Cutscenes, which not change in graphic quality, but the hands of these models are much more "realistic" than those in the PS2 and PC versions. Update v5b: One Step Back The hands of all the characters, have been replaced by the corresponding in each of them. The angle of the hands, position, size, and the color of the texture of each of them, have been recreated. All these new parameters have been taken from the file "cutscenehands.xml", which can be found in the files of the XBOX version, as well as the Mobile version. Unfortunately, the hands do not have their own animation, since only the 3D model is only rescued. The hands are again joined to the body. While the pack is uploaded with the previous one, be attentive. So shut up, sit down, and relax. Progress List Updated - In Progress - Not Started Tommy Vercetti Main Characters Cutscene Characters Gangs Pedestrians Download
  7. The Eddo

    Fixed Seafloor Colors

    --------------------- Fixed Seafloor Colors by The Eddo --------------------- About: Have you ever wondered why the seafloor in VC appears so dark? Well, R* added 32 bits to all seafloor models' flags which made the game consider them as "interior objects". This mod simply removes those "excessive" 32 bits, and makes the seafloor light up as R* originally intended. Installation: 1. Put the provided "data" folder next to "gta-vc.exe". Or better yet, you can use Mod Loader to install it: 1. Download and install Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install Mod Loader from gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25377. 3. Create a new folder inside the "modloader" folder, name it "Fixed Seafloor Colors" and put the provided "data" folder inside it. Download from here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00118362737387787151 And here's a screenshot for those who demand photographic evidence:
  8. The Eddo

    Drive-By Reflexes

    ----------------- Drive-By Reflexes by The Eddo ----------------- About: A very long time ago, I found an unused text string within III's text files. The string was related to a small feature that was cut from it. It was a help text about drive-by that read; "have an Uzi selected when entering a vehicle", which clearly proved that the player needed to have that weapon selected beforehand. I once made a script in an attempt to recreate the feature in VC, but it wasn't working well. Now, I've recreated the script with sharpened modding skills and here is this mod. So, anyway, this mod will require you to have an SMG (or anything that uses slot "5" in weapon.dat) selected before entering a vehicle or else the drive-bys will be disabled. You can also equip your SMG in case you forgot to do so. Or you can "unequip" it, allowing you to decide which weapon to use after leaving your vehicle. One downside is that the SMG cannot be "unequipped" from if you enter a vehicle with an SMG already equipped. Features: * Complete recreation of the cut III feature. * Compatible with any other weapons that use the SMGs weapon slot. * Ability to equip your SMG while in a vehicle in case if you forgot to do so before entering it, simply hold the "Handbrake" button and press the "Change Radio Station" button. (This feature also works the other way around; press the aforementioned buttons again to "unequip" your SMG.) Installation: The US v1.00 EXE (with 3,088,896 bytes) is required for the mod to work because it uses a memory address from v1.00, so make sure you are using that EXE to avoid crashes. 1. Download and install Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install CLEO Library for VC from cleo.li. 3. Put the provided "CLEO" folder next to "gta-vc.exe". IMPORTANT NOTE #1: If you still have the old "VC.SMGRequirement.cs" file from any previous versions of this mod in your VC directory's CLEO folder, delete it immediately! IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Always have an SMG selected before saving the game to prevent the disabled drive-bys from getting saved in your save file! Credits: Memory address - spaceeinstein The rest of the mod - The Eddo Download here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00093996889479547088
  9. -------------------- Change Clothes Cheat by The Eddo -------------------- About: As you may already know, running around in that big map of Vice City just to change one freaking outfit is annoying, right? So let's put some EddoVision™ into it aaaaaaaaand at the very least, probably fix it someday. Features: * Just type the name of the outfit (without spaces) you wish to wear to instantly wear it, only the unmodified names of the outfits can be entered. * You cannot enter the cheats while driving, you will need be on foot in order to do that. * To wear the red Tracksuit type "REDTRACKSUIT", and to wear the black Tracksuit type "BLACKTRACKSUIT". * All outfits can be worn using this mod, regardless of whether you've unlocked them or not. * Full compatibility with custom SCMs, including the ones where the player handles aren't defined as $PLAYER_CHAR and $PLAYER_ACTOR. * A very fast, simple, lightweight and compact script. * Using the cheats does not increase the "Fashion Budget" stat. * Included two bonuses: The money cheat and the hurricane weather cheat, type "IAMARICHMAN" to get $250,000 or type "IJUSTLOVESCOTLAND" to change the weather to hurricane. * Support for the cut MC Tommy (biker) outfit, the files "play13.dff" and "play13.txd" are required to be in gta3.img. This feature is for mods that restore it. Installation: 1. Download and install Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install CLEO Library for VC from cleo.li. 3. Put the provided "CLEO" folder next to "gta-vc.exe". IMPORTANT NOTE #1: If you still have the "VC.ExtraCheats.cs" file from any previous versions of this mod in your VC directory's CLEO folder, delete it immediately! IMPORTANT NOTE #2: DO NOT type "MCTOMMY" if "play13.dff" and "play13.txd" are not present, or else the game will crash if you try to do so! Credits: EddoVision™ Download here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=67778639388828537629
  10. spaceeinstein

    Havana Outfit Fix

    Introduction Havana Outfit Fix is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City utilizing the CLEO Library. It checks for the misplacement of the Havana outfit pickup and repositions it to the correct location. After completing "Two Bit Hit", the Havana outfit pickup is created in a clothing shop in Little Havana. But doing "Cop Land" or "No Escape?" afterwards causes the game to misplace the pickup behind an invisible barrier. This can normally be avoided if those missions are completed before "Two Bit Hit" but with this mod you can complete the missions in whatever order you want without the pickup being misplaced. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. If you are unable to open SEHavana.rar, rename the file to SEHavana.zip. Download the mod from my website. Download CLEO for Vice City at http://cleo.li/. From the CLEO download, copy VC.CLEO.asi into Vice City's folder. If CLEO.asi already exists in the folder, you must delete that file. From this mod download, place the CLEO folder containing SEHavana.cs into Vice City's folder. This mod has been tested only on VC v1.00 US. Source
  11. CharlesVercetti

    [VC|ASI] Changeable HUD Colors

    Don't forget to download the new version with text shadow color changing support! Just a fun mod for GTA: Vice City to add some new colors to the HUD elements.While working with my Rectangular HUD,I thought "Why not create a script and add the colors through it?"Because in the previous release I included a modified EXE for colours.It was ignored afterall,so I just created this script to replace the EXE method.Also,when I searched for color modifications in Google,I got zero results.Hope this will reach to those people who were in need of this. Special thanks to: @spaceeinstein ,for providing memory addresses. @DK22Pac ,for PluginSDK. Contents: chhudcol.VC.asi ChangeableHUDColors.ini readme.txt SA.ini LCS.ini IV.ini V.ini VCS.ini Download: NewColorsHUD.zip(deprecated) | Mediafire | GTAGarage chhudcol.zip(ASI plugin) | Mediafire | GTAGarage(unavailable) chhudcolv2.zip(updated) | Mediafire | GTAGarage(unavailable) Screenshots: How to install? Download the chhudcol.zip and extract it. Copy the contents in the "Changeable HUD Colors" folder to "scripts" folder or directly in GTA:VC root folder. You can add and use your own color choice(RGB palette) to the ChangeableHUDColors.ini file.
  12. Sebas647

    GTA 3 Skins For Vice City

    Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/n253ey78t347c1d/GTA_3_Skins_For_VC.zip/file
  13. This mod intends to bring the aesthetic of the mobile/anniversary edition to PC. I've replaced menu backgrounds, logos, loading screens and weapon icons to have a more authentic mobile feel. If you're wondering why I edited out the '10th Anniversary' text in the logo, I thought it'd be kind of odd to have it still read '10th Anniversary' when you're using the mod 15+ years after the game's release. I also completely remade the loading screen from the mobile version of the game since it was low quality. Title/Loading Screen Menu Screen Weapon Icons To install, simply direct the extractor to your modloader folder in your Vice City directory and extract it. Modloader is required for this mod to work. Modloader by Link2012 (Install before the Aesthetic mod) HQ Menu Map (10th Anniversary Style) by Emillister DOWNLOAD
  14. After completing the mission Demolition Man, the destroyed building would normally look like this. But with this script now looks like this. Download
  15. Stealth755

    XML Maker 1.0 Beta

    Description: This tool is similar to ALMOST610's "XML Builder" and helps making XML files for "Maxo's Vehicle Loader" easier. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T1a_yn8RxRAq1G05yx5CzL_eyR4oGk4b/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VGgw9YGfm6I-cgG-R1I7A2-EHTc8hhCt/view?usp=sharing Features: Works for all vehicle types: bikes, boats, cars, helicopters and planes (Skimmer, RC Baron). You can select vehicle audio (engine, horn, siren, door). You can choose/type extra flags and immunity. You can select/paste original carcols.DAT, default.IDE, and handling.CFG values. Converts custom carcols.DAT, default.IDE, and handling.CFG lines to XML. If vehicle mod contains new carcols.DAT colors, you can select carcols/readme file and new colors will be applied automatically. Shows errors for incorrect values. Important notes: This tool doesn't check if extra flags and handling.CFG flags are valid. Credits: "samplexmls" folder and "flags.html" file by @maxorator. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17U8dbCODkyiD_dPg7ZpnTvB-jsj-rYKY/view?usp=sharing
  16. Download Link: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=26197 Rockstar North ECKO-s
  17. This pack contains all the Radio Stations of VCS, with updated icons, GXT changes and the correct order: Flash FM V Rock Paradise VCPR VCFL The Wave 103 Fresh FM Espantoso Emotion 98.3 Download!
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