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Found 12 results

  1. Continued from Part 1 ------------------ ------------------ I see it's reached sh*tpost time as people really just wanna hit four digits...
  2. livejoker

    The Van Society (Part 2)

    Continued from Part 1 I grew up with my brother's posters in my room, hand-me down posters. Countach is a 90's car for me as I was too poor to afford 90's car posters.
  3. M0rk

    Spanish Kings

    Formed as a b-boy clique on the streets of South Bohan in 1987, the Spanish Kings (founded by Cuban Marielito youth and local Puerto Ricans) gained a reputation in the city's burgeoning rap movement as regulars in the block party scene, with a tendency to take to the streets, occasionally committing petty crimes like vandalism and petite larceny. Eventually, the crew moved away from their hip hop roots by 1990, turning to the profitable crack game as a source of income for their disenfranchised members. Today, after years of networking and moving weight, the once-humble gang from Hollowback Street now have sets all over the United States; from the ghettos of Los Santos, to the streets of Las Venturas, to the sun-bleached avenues of Vice City. With the crew from it's very foundation, these individuals are considered the de-facto leaders of the Spanish Kings. Mark 'Marky' Escalante Raymond 'Pastry' Palacio Francisco 'Stoney' Santos Samuel 'Fahrenheit' Soltero Notable members and the gang's core membership. Most are MIA. Donald 'Donuts' Tagliani Svanderman Femme Fatale SMACKED! Curtis Absar J Khan Gerald Ford Seth
  4. Flachbau


    Check out our Discord server!
  5. The_Yakuza

    The Yakuza

  6. MadHammerThorsteen

    Fast Amphibians

    FAST AMPHIBIANS Social Club Twitter Youtube ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS 1899. The end of an age when the good died young and the bad died younger. Many of the most infamous outlaws of the Western territories had in the decade prior been brought to a bloody justice befitting their blood-soaked crimes. Cowboys were on their last legs and the "Wild" West was well on its way to being tamed. But where there is land, there will always be wilderness; where there is a place to take a stand, there will always be those who stand 'til their final breath; and where old legends fall, there will always arise new legends. As the United States government continued its rapid reach West seeking to bring an end to the old guns, many died and many ran. Some, however, saw new opportunity and dared to seize it. In the wake of the brutal struggle between lawmen and outlaws that cost countless lives and livelihoods, new gangs formed to claim the seemingly endless spoils left behind. One such gang, the Fast Amphibians, would become infamous for their wily ways and their ruthless efficiency. FAST AND INFAMOUS Blind quick and exceedingly deadly, Fast Amphibians take whole settlements in mere minutes. Banks, depositories, trains, coaches? Seconds. Fast Amphibians have the kindly sense not to make decent folk suffer through their losses any longer than is necessary... If, on the other hand, you're not the decent sort and you happen to find yourself at the barrel end of a big iron, they will ensure you never suffer even a single second--or that you suffer for every second you spent in their way. WHAT'S IN A NAME Story goes that to ride with Fast Amphibians, a man or woman must be able to shoot a fly at the draw, in water and on land. Such a requirement for speed, precision, and consistency in all terrains led one member of the early gang to quip that they had to be fast as a frog's tongue. From there, they claimed the iconic name under which they have earned their infamy. HONOR AMONG COWBOYS: THE SALAMANDER DOLLAR Taking the Western territories by storm and amassing immense wealth, Fast Amphibians often joke that they have more gold than any known depository. In their amusement at the idea, they went as far as to strike their own mint, a series of gold coins made to mock the Morgan Dollar. These coins have since become something of a calling card. As part of their perverse way of "giving back", the gang leave one gold coin for each person robbed. Two are left for any man or woman killed, that their eyes be covered or a proper burial purchased. ________________________________________________ MEMBERS Ronzilla: GTAForums / Social Club Ciaran: GTAForums / Social Club MatthewIRL: GTAForums / Social Club Assassin-_-MerKz: Social Club Kyle17: GTAForums / Social Club ImDKZH: Social Club Ya Boy Punk Fan: GTAForums / Social Club Nick1020: GTAForums / Social Club PretendWereDead: GTAForums / Social Club SkyDragon: GTAForums / Social Club SWEETSAPRIK: GTAForums / Social Club KCChief: GTAForums / Social Club FOUNDED BY FastAmpAdmin: Social Club _____________________________________________ AFFILIATES THE SHARKS 86 ______________________________________________ THREAD RULES All forum members are welcome and encouraged to post and participate, so don't be shy! It's simple: Be respectful to one another. No spamming, no flaming, no trolling, no sh*tposting, no harassing. And try to use decent grammar so we at least understand what you're saying. Other than that, be excellent and have a blast! [thread currently under construction]
  7. The Warriors Gang

    The Warriors

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Warriors is a gang established in the year of 1978. Our home turf is Coney Island, Brooklyn. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warlord: Mr. Bond Main Lieutenant: Slohbur Lieutenant: Pavle Heavy Muscle: Audi Artist: Kalvin Soldiers: Alexander Blaze Conspiria Carbonox Dock George Costanza Jimmy Shaundi ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Server invite: The Warriors
  8. GrudgefromSanAndreas

    The Wicked

    The Wicked Ciao a tutti GTAFrutti! This is not your typical member group. In fact, it is very unique or at least i hope so 😀 It is about my game concepts/projects that i might realise at some point in the future, especially after i finish college. This is a place where all possible future developers and all other those who are interested in my projects/concepts gather and discuss them here and/or just apply to become a co-developer or contributor by posting e.g. "I'd like to contribute" or "I wanna join" and if i like your post, you'll become a member of my group, i'll send you a Discord link to PM and add you to the Members List You'll need artistic, programming and other skills if you want to co-develop and contribute, any level, from beginner to expert. BTW ideas and suggestions also count as contribution ofc so ideas are totally welcome and ofc no skills for ideas needed 😝 I created a Discord server which is officially open and maybe i'll make a wiki. These are the concepts/projects i might realize: Wicked Terror Facilities – will have its dedicated website at some point so stay tuned and please be patient and civilised 😃 GSM Device City – shares many elements with GTA2, it's a top-down, open world game where you drive and steal mobile phones. This game project will be the main focus for now Legit Piracy (uncertain) – a possible action-adventure and/or RPG and/or real-time strategy game where you have various diverse pirate crews. Most crews would be based on various subcultures and art movements and eras, like Anarcho-Punk, Metalhead and Symbolist Pirates, but also those nationalist ones, like Somali and Classic Egyptian Pirates Speed of Luxury (uncertain) – basically a NFS Underground clone in which only cars are customizable luxury cars, especially those that didn't appear in any car tuning/pimping game so far, whether as part of the game or mod, e.g. i can't think of any game that features a tunable Continental Mark II, maybe it would be an awful idea to pimp that beauty but why not add turbo/nitro? Also, even if Rolls-Royce and Maybach were featured in some games they'll be included aswell Vision of Speed (uncertain) - another racing game which features concept sports, muscle and supercars as the only playable vehicles. Examples of such vehicles include the Mercedes-Benz C112 and all variants of Pontiac Banshee Current Team: Leader GrudgefromSanAndreas Members Jeansowaty MrFinger Yinepi Sanmodder/Sanmoding David36 * yes we start small * To join the group you need to be interested in and/or have played and/or be fans of: following games: TV series, movies, literature, comics etc: Others: Also you should/can stick/hang around to this thread and post comments, suggestions, questions and anything related to this, but only chosen members will get a Discord invite link in their PM 😀 This is still to be updated so stay tuned... You don't really need to be interested in all those things, one or several is enough to support my p/c The latter three uncertain p/c can also be discussed, and i'd even make them copylefted. In other words some devs may draw inspiration from my uncertain p/c as long as they don't ruin it I could also use another moderator who could help me with monitoring when i'm not able to and cleaning up the mess if it happens too much and often and i hope things don't get out of control IMPORTANT (UPDATE): WTF and GSMDC wont be discussed on this topic but instead in the Discord channel
  9. WeArePaletoBay @psymin , @B-Turb0, @FrikkenZz, @Hurst., @Local Crazy Man, @monkb4skunk, @Quadro, @supanaut, @statistic, @Uncle Sikee Atric. @Alex Francisco, @BCity77, @Crackhead_Ben, @GT500SuperSnake, @jessica293, @Lebowski_RS, , @MadMax4073, @Maxxi, @OfficialTwiggz, @PajeroJonas, @PeppersGhost08, @PoeticWhisper, @Ukeman5. Last Updated: 19th January 2018 Size: 3800x1798 Created by @Alex Francisco All Graphics by @supanaut CREW KILLING ETIQUETTE GTAF & VANS Friendly Crew Etiquette - This amendment in our crew killing Etiquette is to focus on how to act around the two crews that we consider "Allies". Vans Society is a crew that was made around a similar time to PBMO and have always been close with us in the way we think, act and play the game of GTA and how we operate on GTAF. We have forged a really close relationship, to the point we have acknowledged this in our OP on GTAF with a graphic "in association with VS". The love between the two crew is strong. In 2015, we both went out of our ways to become close, to prove that crews in the GTA-Online environment can work together. We have joined together for good spirited competitions in GTAF as well. This close friendship is not to be tested by any crew member of any rank. Grand Theft Auto Forums crew and PBMO have forged a relationship in game and over the forums, often teaming up in threads and in game to become forces that are rarely defeated. We have many members that are in both groups, in different positions of power. With both crews in some members profiles, this has meant that more often than not that PBMO and GTAF members end up in the same free roam session. Many of times have GTAF members came to our aid and vise versa. With this warrior bond, we fight others, not ourselves. Both of these crews should and are considered by PBMO as friendlies. When engaging a possible enemy, double press down to check the player's Crew Tag. If its GTAF OR VANS - do not engage. If they engage, send a message stating friendly. Any more issues with the particular player, contact a staff rep here and we will sort out with GTAF staff. To finish off - A quote from our Leader. As part of a high-profile GTA crew we need members that can represent our brand. If they can't be bothered to read the crew tags of randoms and be semi-mindful I hear ign is recruiting - Psymin Continue to shine bright Paletoians. We love each and everyone of you! - The Mayor Psymin and his Paleto Bay Mayor Office Commissioners. Banned members:
  10. StoneyRoach

    [PC] Deadly Sins MC

    The Deadly Sins MC is a 1%er group on GTA. We know there are a lot of other groups that make that same claim but we are one of the few that actually play with that lifestyle in mind. We are savage in game to outsiders and a tight nit brotherhood to those that carry a patch. We ride in formation and have church every other weekend. We are an older group so don't expect rigged playtime requirements or too much seriousness in the club. We like to have fun and ride with our brothers. We are a considerably old MC. We were established relatively soon after the initial launch of GTA: Online. We like to think that we are one of the more legit MCs. Now we know a bold statement like that may cause controversy so let us explain, we do ride bikes more often than not. We do have church every other weekend. And we do have bylaws, some consider them strict but we consider them our bible and it makes for a drama free environment. For us, at this point, the comradery and fun is what we consider most important. We still have many traditions as any self-respecting organization with some time under its belt should. Some of these include crew rides and prospect runs and even ceremonies for when a member patches in or leaves. We know these are not everyone's cup of tea. But for us, we are a close knit group and we cherish our brotherhood. So on the topic of tradition, we would like to share a bit of our history. We trace our roots to Reapers Legacy MC (RLMC) almost all of our original 7 sinners were the high command of RLMC. And after the president of RLMC disappeared for some time we proposed to the vice president (Uberchris) that we should either make him the acting president. Or since it had been two months since we last saw our president that maybe we should leave and create our own MC. After a long church, it was agreed that in order to maintain our current brotherhood our best bet would be to disband and create our own MC. So we went to laying the groundwork for Deadly Sins. Founded: Dec 30, 2013 In our first days, we started with seven members. This was part of the inspiration for the name. Brewcity_262 Uberchris zombe5150 L3GI0N3663 Peg-City-204 Btb1138 Hixxy_666
  11. doubleg213

    The Van Society (Part 1)

    How to join this crew The event plans for this weekend Van Society Memberslist
  12. MadGr


    We are MadZ AKA Madnesh.We are the future of San Andreas.Although we have plenty of gadgets and a giant underground base,We need more people.For more details message me. JOIN US https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/madnesh -Mad
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