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  1. nonamenoname

    SAMP Addon

    SAMP Addon 2.3 R12 Download installer Download rar - features missing in rar version: Map with transparent map mods 0.3DL It's possible now on SA-MP 0.3DL to connect to 0.3.7 servers! Fixed crash with reason SA-MP: FrameNode name was too long. SA-MP must exit. Fixed security exploit when you can change server loaded files! Fixed game freeze and loaded files check (OnPlayerFinishedDownloading) after reconnect Fixed bug when you reconnect with class selector menu Fixed corona reflections Fixed bad size aim texture Fixed broken break object animation Fixed samp bug when destroyed vehicle doesn't send info to server about destroy Fixed sit animation synchronization More FPS In SA-MP: Deleted SAMP sleep delay every frame, it increase ~10 perfomance FPS! Fixed low fps in centre of map if you deleted objects RemoveBuildingForPlayer Optimisation of player's nicks, they don't drop fps now (with 60 players in stream it will double fps) Fixed game brake lag from chat message (only DL) Ping decreased average by 4 (from 0 to 😎 Bugs fix SA-MP: Adjust the brightness in SA-MP Error SA-MP non-working some types of weapons SA-MP bug improper display of a parachute (when install mod parachute) (SAMPGraphicRestore) SA-MP bug removes the fire on the ground after death Mouse right click on map in sa-mp SA-MP objects in sniper scope Drawing 2 times TXD font type 5 Fixed samp bug when player can move after death and lost weapon sound Change language Alt+Shift doesn't prees Shift and player doesn't jump Fixed player shoot when you reopen dialog and close dialog/Tab/F6 while pressing mouse Fixed bug when you can teleport to transport if you can't seat as passenger Stunt no more give money Stunt text now shows on TextDraws Deleted non working Option - Esc - Options - Display Setup - HUD Mode Alt+Enter - doesn't press Enter TogglePlayerControllable doesn't freeze camera TogglePlayerControllable Invincible deleted Fixed TogglePlayerControllable bug grenades, C4 and fire has removed Fixed other driver's radio animation when you change radio If you press Esc in server dialog game Esc menu will not opened Fixed different width of health bar and armor bar Breaked objects 1269 1270 doesn't drop money Fixed caddy can give golf club weapon Fixed samp bug camera attached to object in spectator can glitch if server works more than 10 days Returned collision to RC vehicles Fixed vertical synchronization of sniper, rocket and camera Fixed random death in spectator Fixed SAMP bug when you can't connect to server after disconnect Fixed SAMP bug sound noise if you disabled wind sound with PlayerPlaySound Fixed SAMP bug alpha channel and lighting problems with objects draw distance >300.0 SA-MP bug will display a cursor in Windows 8 (old versions) SA-MP bug camera passing through the created objects outside world (on old versions) Fixed pickups doesn't work far from the map Fixed pickups has bad precision coords Fixed server objects interaction bugs: Removed jetpack no more created under objects Molotov and vehicle explodes and other explodes works on objects Camera doesn't pass through objects in vehicle at speed SetPlayerCheckpoint works on objects Details of breaked objects don't fly through objects Non-working dust effect under the helicopter over objects SetPlayerPosFindZ works on objects Animation fall parachute when you jump on object Bug game gives parachute if you leave plane on object Bug you can't use jetpack on object Non-working rain spray effect on objects Crashfix SA-MP: SA-MP bug causing to crash on startup at addresses 0x0040FB80 and 0x006F5636 SA-MP bug causing to crash when tuning vehicle in textdraw menu SA-MP bug causing to crash when opening map SA-MP bug causing to crash when creating objects garage doors SA-MP bug when changing skin while player enter a vehicle and causing crash Incompatibility SA-MP 0.3.7 and StreamMemoryFix and old version of Asi Loader and caused crash at 0x005B8E75 Incompatibility outfit weapons with SAMP (OutFitFix.asi) Fixed crash on exit on some systems 0x00544BC8 & 0x00415D47 CreateObject crash 0x0074DA25 with bad OnPlayerRequestSpawn 0x0064F73B delete vehicle when player try to sit SA-MP 0.3.7/DL changes: You can select player in Tab with 0-9 buttons Fixed bug when same message in F6 chat saved to chat history F9 killchat disable now saved to samp.cfg Added autowriting to dialogs and select listitem from dialog history F7 Chat disable now turn off killchat and textdraw Added F7 Chat disable without turning off game interface Fixed drawing order of nicks Fixed health and armor bars Fixed nick's size when you change game resolution Fixed mouse set on screen center when you reopen dialogs Connection restart when your connection rejected as unacceptable nickname (for situatuation when your game crash or you losted connection and kicked because you still in game) Enter key in Tab menu work as double click on player Fixed arrow keys don't work in Tab menu Changed color of selection in menu and scroll Cursor now use alpha channel and use cursor.png Fixed cursor wasn't at the screenshots Added restart to crash dialog Time is not displayed in empty message with timestamp Fixed bad font size after change resolution Light type chat in F7 removed and can be enabled in sa-mp.cfg - chattype=1 Increased dialog symbol size limit +500 Fixed bug when some game keys work in Tab menu Increased pagesize limit to 30 Deleted load delay on start Deleted delay on exit Fixed bug you can't use several TXD in TextDrawCreate with long name >10 symbols SA-MP objects in sniper scope, rocket launcher and camera Increased count of warnings to 100 before crash Fix crash on start in guest windows account (samp.dll guest ver) Tab position will not change when players enter&exits from server Fixed chat scroll position when you press PageUp/PageDown in Tab or menu dialog Increased speed of ping check of list servers HD ico Bigger size of server properties dialog Fixed focus on dialog in Tab, F5 & F10 Fixed bug when you can open chat F6 in Tab, F5 & F10 Fixed bug Skimmer and Vortex in water call OnVehicleDeath Fixed player lag when player aim, it also improves weapon aim sync Fixed samp bug camera can sometimes move to other place in CameraLookAt move mode Fixed wrong width space tabs in dialogs Removed double nextline in chatlog.txt SA-MP 0.3.7/DL crashfix: Fixed crash dialog bug with scroll Fixed bugs and crashes in RemoveBuildingForPlayer, limit now 100k, same RemoveBuildingForPlayer's will not reach limit Fixed memory leak and crash on start with page heap Fixed incompatibility with defective mods caused crash on exit Fixed SAMP bug caused crash from tff bug when you use SelectObject Improves SA-MP: All graphics modes (eg. ENB) display graphics correctly (SAMPGraphicRestore) Disable pause in Esc and when minimized Game menu transparent Removing unnecessary sections of the menu Returned player shadows disabled in SA-MP Ability to run multiple SAMP clients In SA-MP appears when typing input language (Setting can be disabled in installation) New interface dialogs SA-MP and the cursor (Setting can be disabled in installation) Possibility of replacing timecyc High Quality Lights Mod works in SA-MP Exception handler crashlog show more information: asi plugins, cleo, sf plugins, enb or sobeit installed, library where crash happened and backtrace File disablefpslimit.txt in game folder will disable sa-mp fps limit on every version of sa-mp Removed several buttons in right click menu on executable icon Deleted wind sound on connect Player now dies instead of teleport when player falls under the ground, it's changed to decrease false positives teleport anticheat (to disable you need to create enablefallteleport.txt in game folder) SA-MP 0.3.7/DL samp.img: Fixed bug you can't install mods to skin 163-166 Fixed bug skin 300-302 and some objects become bugged when you install mods New models: More FPS: Game now support other monitor hz (100hz 144hz etc) Optimization of physic engine. It will add 5-10% to FPS in cpu load place and 20% in big cpu load place near 200 players! Optimization of coronas and coronas road reflection Number of shadows from objects reduced to 12 to reduce the load on the graphics card Optimization CPU of world shadows Lowered particles count Fixed FPS issues: Fixed game bug when you can't strafe with high FPS Fixed speed of clouds and weather smoke on high fps Fixed bug when bicycle stuck in the air on high fps GTA bug speed of swim and hp blink with high fps FPS speed break object speed bug Screen glitches when break glass on high FPS Weather flash lighting FPS speed bug Low damage when you don't have oxygen on high FPS Rotate parachute Speed FPS bug Fixed bug Fire Extinguisher and Flamethrower effect don't work with high FPS Fixed game bug different speed of attack spraycan on different FPS Fixed slow world shadows update on low FPS Fixed radar icon on air runway on high FPS Fixed bad sound of wind, rain and swim on high FPS Fixed start speed of helicopters on high FPS Fixed firetruck and swat water attack on high FPS Fixed Skimmer speed on water on high FPS Fixed weapon fire, rocket, flash rocket and fire flash lighting FPS speed bug Fixed bug there were many particle effects on high FPS Fixed bug car quickly stops on high FPS Fixed bug sniper rifle doens't work on high FPS Fixed bug water creaters animation on high FPS Graphic: Increase the range of drawing objects and transport Increased quality mirrors Improved font text on road signs Enabled texture filtering numbers of cars in a single game Texture filtering is turned on low settings Radar textures support mipmaps Low-quality shadows of transport and players on low settings removed Water texture & aim cursor use anisotropic filtration and support mipmaps Water texture from addon with mipmaps (models/particle4.txd) Road Reflections Fix Increased quality of shadows Lights now get casted on vehicles and peds properly (up to 8 lights) (samp neon has more then 8 light at will not stack) High Quality Light Mod and texture of tires on the road repacked using mipmaps Increased range of display lighting lights Removed low-quality transport of light shade Increased display time traces of tires Weapons and a jetpack now cast proper shadows Muzzle flash looks better now Fonts now support mipmaps Fixed bad object loading in air Increased distance of birds Improves: Autooptions on start Faster launching Standard game settings set correct and to maximum Changing parameter settings Antialiasing is immediate Disabled monitor select dialog (option) Support for all monitor resolutions in a single game Increased the number of frames in a single game on fps limit If you change the painting in tuning vehicles no longer change the foreground color to white Reduced loading time of objects and radar textures The rear lights are switched off individually Enhanced approximation map in Esc Anti-Aliasing option has been altered - instead of listing 1, 2, 3 options (which in fact are 2x/2x/4x MSAA), the game will now show proper MSAA values from 2x up to 16x (depending on max MSAA level supported by the graphics card) SA-MP exception handler crashlog now works in singleplayer 2 additional mouse buttons (XMouse1 & XMouse2) now works in menu as Enter & Esc (option) Icons and player cursor transparency near icons Stunt text shows on monitor more time Some car panels now swing after car's explosion (like they were meant to be but the code forcibly fixed them immediately after damaging) When jetpack removed pickup appears further from the player and smaller in size If you enter to vehicle while burning fire vehicle will not explode Weather flash lighting is not so bright The object's effects are no longer disabled on other object's angles Fountain noise is reduced Neon lighting can be combined on surrounding objects Multimonitor: Added monitor number to video card list When you use 2'nd monitor, resolution on 1'st monitor doesn't get bugged When you select monitor it's autoselect maximum resolution When you select resolution it's autoselect widescreen parameter Game icon now shows in task bar, also dialog is updated Audio plugin from incognito for SA-MP Fast connection Volume depends on game volume Optimization of files check Fixed bug with only 10 connections Fixed connect if you write - / in nick Fixed lost packets Fixed bug if you disable radio game start play emergency vehicle radio Fixed bug volume of 3D sound depending on distance Fixed addon bug 3D sound didn't work (fix was in last Audio Plugin ver) Fixed bug Audio plugin was sleep when connecting to radio Bugs fix: GameExplorer disabled due problems at game start - game can start slowly or doesn't start, this also happens with some other games SA will not longer turn off Aero effect in windows 7 Nonworking 16 bit resolutions removed on Windows 10 Removed brakes from the effects of dust Stuck cursor in the upper left corner of the screen when you minimize the game Bugs of textures in the interior after the minimize of the game Hang mouse on some systems Encreased memory use for correcting texture mapping of the world and transport Increase the limit of lighting effects, explosions and projectiles Flickers of textures Error GTA when fire didn't do damage Vertical mouse sensitivity when aiming Black roads Error GTA improper display color of water Map control in ESC Quality parameters and effects mode radar settings are switched to the left and right properly Fixed vehicle tail light turning off when the camera is rotated to the side No replacement 2 wheels at the 6-wheeled vehicle with tuning Crosshair doesn't mess up weapon icon when on a jetpack anymore Thomas the Tank Engine interior does not dissapear when viewed through the glass door panel Toggling car lights on does not make windows invisible when viewed from inside anymore Vehicle lights do not get dark after being being initially lit anymore Vehicle components does not get bugged after it has been fixed anymore Weapons are now visible when viewed through a vehicle window Holding a weapon will not cause some objects to be incorrectly light anymore Muzzle flash will now show up when firing the last bullet from the clip Colliding with another car will now damage proper parts on both cars - previously, both cars got damaged the same way Fixed sun lens flare effect not appearing with AMD/Intel graphics cards Transparency on the edges in sniper scope Height of the tire tracks Vehicle headlights lags Game cursor, moon, width of icons, markers, and player cursor on map has right width on HD resolutions Added disable XBox panel on Win10 Fixed an issue introducing graphical artifacts from ped animations with high RAM usage - so called "streaming memory bug" (from Silent & The Hero) Radio station off now saves to config, you don't need to turn the radio volume off Fixed bug when you can die while crouching wall Fixed bug when you can die if was get out from vehicle by new driver IMGs bigger than 4GB are now handled properly Quadruple Stunt Bonus now works correctly Disabled the radio station changing when entering in a tuning garage Parachute Animation Fix Fixed non working mirror in some angles Fixed bug antialising doesn't changed if you set default video parameters Fixed setting to 5hp when you damaged on bike Fixed game bug when oxygen instantly restored in vehicle Game in window mode no more topmost Now if your game will lagsleep game will not block mouse after Alt+Ctrl+Del Fixed slow world shadows update on low FPS Fixed game bug you can see through walls with rocket launcher Descreased angle of doors to fix collision problems Fixed game bug when pickups does not render on the edge of the screen Fixed game bug when vehicle light doesn't render on the edge of the screen Fixed game bug when procedural grass does not render on the edge of the screen Game now uses 32 bit (24/8) ZBuffer on 16bit resolution, it fixes 16bit graphic glitches Fixed LV police object bad render problem Windows parameter swap mouse buttons now works Fixed bug teleport after exit from Sweeper Fixed game bug when mouse can move outsite monitor with several monitors Idle camera don't work in menu and chat (for SAMP 0.3.7 and 0.3DL Idle camera is return) Crashfix: Direct Play no longer needed on Windows 10 Game can run withoud sound/audiocard Minimizing on Windows 10 Crash at long game and consumption of large memory game Errors causing GTA game crashes at 0x004F02D3 and associated with sound Errors causing GTA game crashes when transport don't support tuning 0x007F0BF7 0x007F120E Crashes in interiors Crash when installing mods on high distance Crash in the fall Player Crash Ctrl+Alt+Del Crash 0x00571A00 0x004AB564 0x0061A5C5 0x0070FB39 with many players streamed 0x007C51A8 Run the game no longer freezing when locked gta3.img (happens when you install mods) Crashes with established curves effects A heap corruption in one place is now fixed If the game freezes while load textures & models game unfreeze after several seconds If game freezed game exit Nonexistent Files crashes 0x004AA4C8 0x005DC425 0x004C4576 0x006F7524 0x0156329D Game isn't responding if game tries to load txd that doesn't exist, if models\coll\peds.col or gxt is corrupted If game tries to read nonexistent file .dat .ide .col .ipl and crash - crash dialog now shows this file GTA bug caused crash at 0x00826360 when you use bugged timecyc.dat & popcycle.dat Crash 0x0071A708 if you try print bad message on screen GTA bug caused crash at 0x004D1750 & 0x005E5815 Half fixed crash 0x007F18CF Half fixed crash 0x00749B7B Addon restore some of lost files Game bug crash if game try load nonexist sa-ufiles.dat audio files damaged 0x004DFE92 0x004F0EBA 0x004F0E1C 0x004DFF90 0x006FE144 if texture roadsignfont2 doesn't exist 0x0053388E if game can't create 2D effect 0x005D5CA2 texture vehiclegrunge256 wrong format Crash when entering advanced display options on 2'nd monitor if count of resolutions on 2'nd monitor greater then on 1'st Bugs & crash if game try set non-existent resolution after maximize (possible via DSR) 0x005D9A9B Vehicle effects crash 0x005DD97C on start without plant1.txd 0x0070F9CA in interior with mirror half fix 0x007ECABB RwStreamRead 0x004F1464 run nonexistent radio or radio on Steam version of the game 0x007F39FB read nonexistent txd 0x006FD525 nonexistent platecharset in vehicle.txd 0x004C87B6 nonexistent white in particle.txd 0x007F3825 delete nonexistent txd 0x005B6B2F bad carcols.dat 0x004F153A & 0x004D9880 if audio/config files doesn't exist Instead of freeze if game try read nonexistent file in IDE game now exit with reason 0x004D46AE animation 0x00705D48 0x007F9533 0x007F7C82 0x007F777B when system go hibernate/sleep mode 0x007C91CC with skin mods half fix 0x007324B6 with bad OnPlayerRequestSpawn 0x0049CD77 0x005D95CE 0x0074533E & 0x00745393 if game haven't enough memory when you save screenshot with camera 0x00523E6B caused by vehicles 0x0048C3A9 with bad animation 0x007FFF12 missing textures in some mods 0x00557CEA when you create object crane 1382 0x00746929 on start 0x004C53A6 with bad FrameNode name in DFF 0x00529967 crash if you create object near garage Fixes in other mods: Fixes crashes in Normal Map (NormalMapFix.asi) Rusyoke mod shell crash (ShellFix.asi) Incompatible of Rusyoke outfit and SilentPatch Crash when vehicle was recreated and cleo speedometer installed Incompatible SAMPFUNCS with SilentPatch caused crash on start Crash in 1'st version of Insanity Vegetation 0x00827F6E on start with bad ini with InterdaceEditor 0x0072CD14 on death with distance mods III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster.asi optimization From public install russian version was deleted HD map, tuning mod, wheels, textures and effects due to forum rules
  2. You could also call this 'Things To Do In San Andreas: Lite Edition' Storyline Enhancement Mod aims to expand the main storyline in San Andreas with many dialogue, text and model tweaks for the purposes of fleshing out relationships, atmosphere and overall presentation in a lightweight (as much as it can be) and mod friendly fashion. Deezire's wonderful 'Things To Do In San Andreas' mod is one of, if not the best, mods out there. However there were many design choices that, while they were ingenious in their implementation, I did not fully agree with. I cannot take full credit for the majority of the code in this mod, as Deezire can be attributed to that. My part in this is simply adding tweaks, cleaning up and fixing some bugs that were leftover in the base game and TTDISA itself. New characters added throughout the missions do not affect free-roam pedestrians and as such, only appear in select missions. This is to ensure compatibility with other mods. SCREENSHOTS PROGRESS Los Santos - 100% - COMPLETE Countryside / Badlands - 100% - COMPLETE San Fierro - 100% - COMPLETE Desert - 100% - COMPLETE Las Venturas - 100% - COMPLETE Return to Los Santos - 100% - COMPLETE FEATURES Los Santos Countryside / Badlands San Fierro Desert Las Venturas Return to Los Santos Side Missions Misc REQUIREMENTS A downgraded (1.0) version of the game An IMG Editor RECOMMENDED SilentPatch (Fixes a lot of outstanding issues with the game and is generally required to have a sane playthrough) Modloader (Highly recommended. You never have to replace a single original file in the game with this, so if you don't like the mod you can just delete it easily) DOWNLOAD BETA_1 BETA_2 Please note that any save files you might have won't work with this mod installed, so you must start a new game UPDATE LOG INSTALLATION (If you have Modloader installed) Drag and drop the modloader file into your San Andreas game directory (If you don't have Modloader installed) Extract the contents of the 'Storyline Enhancement' folder to the game directory and overwrite, insert the contents of 'gta3.img' into the gta3.img archive using an IMG editor of choice (IMPORTANT) Insert the contents of the 'anim' folder into the cuts.img archive using an IMG editor of choice REPOSITORY [COMING SOON] TO-DO Add Rotating Radar Dishes at the Airports Add Lighthouse Beam CREDITS Deezire (For creating TTDISA and the majority of this code) Rockstar Games (For this masterpiece and all the leftovers that have been re-enabled) Various modders (who made the character models and supporting TTDISA further) Laremi Story (Further tweaks, bugfixing, compiling everything) IMPORTANT NOTE If the original creators of above have a problem with this modification and the contents inside, feel free to throw me a PM or a request. I would like to emphasise that my involvement in this is a very small part; I am only building on the foundations of what these creators have made and do not take credit for the full code.
  3. Version 1.0.1 Advanced Track Player, or ATP features customizable music player which can also acts as radio replacement. Additional features also included for more customization and allows to recreate radio system itself. Features Register up to 64 custom radio channels, with up to 999 tracks each. Listen to custom radio anytime, anywhere. No vehicle needed. Additional and customizable interface, such as Channel Logo and Track Title. Supports mp3, ogg, wav, aac, m4a, wma, m4r format. Supports optional tracks to recreate radio system: Tracks, ID, DJ Commentary, Advertisement, etc. Allows channel locked to certain area, so they can't be played out of said area. Video & Screenshots Download v1.0.1 - Download - GTAInside - source v1.0.0 - Download - source Other Downloads Channel Setup Reference Compatibility ATP will disable and replace radio interface from HUD mods. (DK22Pac's GTAV HUD's, _AG's GTAIV HUD) Using another music player script (ex. GTA Underground, Walkman Visual, etc) result in several tracks from each mod plays together. Make sure to turn off one of them. (Pocket Player mode is recommended) Downsides, Bugs & Issues Shortcut files are not supported Installation error would occur if player register/install tracks incorrectly. In rare case, player stuck performing radio tuning animation. Simply exit vehicle to solve this problem. Alt+Tabbing or similiar methods left music playing in background. Changelog
  4. BH Team


    v.026.5-beta WHAT IS MOONLOADER MoonLoader is a modification for GTA: San Andreas that brings new ability to use Lua scripts made by mods creators. With Lua scripts you can change some game aspects, expand gameplay and add new features. MoonLoader provides to developers extensive functionality for modding, it includes all familiar capabilities that CLEO has, and also combines many new features that were not previously available together in any GTA: SA modding framework. It is still a young modification and hasn't yet spread widely, but there are some scripts already made, and it aims to become the complete modern CLEO replacement! FEATURES Lua Programming Language β€” the heart of MoonLoader. Lua is one of the most popular scripting languages, it has huge community, Lua is very widely used in game development, it's very simple but also very flexible programming language. Very easy to learn β€” despite it is a simple language there are a lot of tutorials, guides, books, courses and answered questions Great community β€” lots and lots ready-made solutions, almost every programming universal objective is solved Simple and powerful No programming limits (compared to SCM) No compilation needed Safety and error handling Built-in debugging tools Good and straightforward API And much more... MoonLoader uses LuaJIT β€” a just-in-time compiler for Lua and the fastest scripting engine FFI β€” FFI is an embedded library in LuaJIT, it provides direct interface between Lua and process memory and gives ability to directly call functions in memory, access data structures, pass Lua-functions to memory and even write on Assembly with DynASM from pure Lua. And, as everyone knows, all this is an integral part of gamemodding Script Management β€” script management system allows to obtain information about scripts and manipulate scripts execution Compilation is not Necessary β€” scripts can be compiled but it's not required, and if the script is open source every user can edit it without any preparation Error Handling β€” MoonLoader handles as many errors as it can. If CLEO-script dies because of an error then the whole game dies, but if Lua-script dies due to an error, it just prints the error to the log and stops script execution No Dependencies β€” the only two things are required is installed ASI Loader and version 1.0US of GTA: San Andreas Compatible With SA-MP β€” MoonLoader is meant to be compatible with both sigleplayer game and SA-MP Events β€” track such events like starting new game, window messages, quitting game, stopping script, etc. Atom as an Official IDE β€” Atom is great code editor, it's modern and completely customizable. MoonLoader has its own package for Atom to provide smart autocompletion, function search and error highlighting. Notepad++ also has an official MoonLoader support. If you don't like Atom for some reason, you can choose any text editor, even the standard Notepad. There are really no requirements for any special tools Early Stage Loading β€” Lua scripts loads just after game starts but there are two stages of loading: the "initialization stage" right after game launch and the "active stage" when game loaded Separate Save Game System β€” event-based game saving system allows to control when player starts a new game, loads a game or saves it Inter-Script Communication β€” scripts can exchange data and interact with each other through the export-import feature (it's not the standard function 'require') Synchronous Scripting Threads β€” scripting threads makes synchronous multitasking a lot easier Standard Libraries β€” distro includes some standard libraries with the common development tools And of course a bunch of new functions NOTES AND PLANS After almost a year of open alpha-testing MoonLoader finally got a beta-testing status. The stability of its work has been verified by time and by many users, but there are some things that you need to be informed about. Originally was planned that MoonLoader will support all versions of GTA: SA but with increasing functionality it's began to become a more difficult task and in the end it was decided that only v1.0US will be supported, maybe in the future it will change, but not now and there is no promises. Anyway it's not a big problem β€” most of mods supports only v1.0US as well and this version is most common for modding. MoonLoader has lack of documentation in English, official wiki is ok but currently it's all in Russian (but has the embedded Google Translate). Another thing is that many of conventional scripting opcodes are not described on our wiki (but you can find descriptions over the Internet, eg on GTAGModding). DXUT and SA-MP functions requires SAMPFUNCS installed, because they are opcodes from SAMPFUNCS. If you don't use these functions, SAMPFUNCS is not required. Since MoonLoader emulates SCM opcodes to provide all familiar game scripting functions, it makes small speed overhead for these functions compared to SCM β€” it is the cost for the all standard scripting functionality, but in most cases Lua is faster than SCM. The most common opcodes are gradually replaced with built-in functions in newer versions. Lua has no native support of thread saving into the file and MoonLoader doesn't support this as well. But it's not that bad, there is event-based game saving system that provides full control over saving and loading game. At this moment MoonLoader already has all necessary concepts and new functionality (like more game functions) can be easily implemented via dll and lua modules. The current plans is to add good rendering API and fix some of issues listed above. If you are interested in Lua script development check the getting started guide. DEVELOPERS FYP, hnnssy, EvgeN 1137 SPECIAL THANKS DK22Pac, MISTER_GONWIK, 4el0ve4ik, EXPORT, Garrus, CLEO 4 DOWNLOAD Download Installer Installation: run setup-moonloader.exe and follow steps of the installation master Download Archive (for manual installation. Doesn't include extension for Notepad++) Installation: extract all files from downloaded archive to the GTA: San Andreas root folder (make sure you have ASI Loader installed) Download Script Examples (may be obsolete) SCRIPT INSTALLATION Follow the script installation instructions or just copy all content related to the script into the 'moonloader' folder located in the game's root directory. LINKS Development Thread Wiki (Translated via Google Translate from Russian): main page; all pages related to MoonLoader Lua Mods on BlastHack (some of them are available in archive with examples, but the threads in the forum have descriptions) Official Russian Thread Official Russian Development Thread
  5. "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PC Edition" is a Total Conversion Modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, attempting to bring you a port that Rockstar never gave you. In this modification we will be converting the map, characters, vehicles and weapons from the ORIGINAL game files and remastering content where applicable as well as porting the games weather system and atmosphere. In this modification will also be a set amount of storyline missions and side missions which will increase with each mainline BETA release, other things will also be available such as a redesigned menu, new neon lights, HUD, radio stations, etc as well as an attempt to look through the history of the game and bring back some BETA designs as a special bonus for you. The last mainline public release is BETA3, code-named "Blue Hesper" and the latest WIP build is E3 2018, so be sure to give that a download and check it out! We hope you enjoy the mod and we will do our best to keep working on it. Just a reminder though, there's only a few of us actually working on this project so we do NOT know when or if we'll ever be finished but we will keep you all updated. In the meantime, enjoy our current work and spread your support! -VCS Team Latest WIP Build: E3 2018 Rockstar Vision Google Drive MEGA Green = Converted from Original Game Files Pink = Remastered
  6. Rocky24pl

    LS Property Pack

    LS Property Pack is yet another modification of mine, which adds new properties to be bought in Los Santos. Of course, the house in Vinewood hills with a beautiful view on Los Santos won't be missing. In Downtown we also have a fully-stocked tenement house, it has a helicopter on it's roof. All safehouses have a garage and a wardrobe. LS Property Pack includes: -5 new propreties to buy. -A new room and bathroom in CJ's house. -A garage in the Verona Beach Safehouse. -New weapon and car spawn points. -Upgraded Madd Dogg's Crib: *Three new garages free to use. *A new transition which will make navigating the place a bit easier. *CJ's room & a wardrobe Screenshots: Videos Authors: LS Property Pack - Rocky24pl GRGX Script - Link2012 ENEX Script - Silent Package for Modloader LS Property Pack Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse & Richman Mansion
  7. All 3 cities in one map! Hey guys here is a project I have been working on the past couple of months. I shared a video about it in fastmans limit adjuster topic a while back and now I'm finally ready for a public release. In a couple of weeks I wont really have much time to work on it anymore, so I figured I might as well release it before it goes to waste. I do not like writing long posts so I'll get straight to the point. Latest Download: For the latest download of the mod please visit our GitHub Page. https://github.com/goodidea82/SAxVCxLC https://github.com/HeicoDev/SAxVCxLC/ About: SAxVCxLC basically adds Vice City and Liberty City into the San Andreas map with the use of fastman92's limit adjuster. In addition to adding VC and LC, I have also created a new seafloor to cover the much larger map and there is now a temporary land addition north of Liberty City. Maybe eventually I will make something up there but for now its just there so that the LC cliffs do not just abruptly end. The mod works with an original main.scm, although I have only tested the first couple of missions. Since it doesn't change any of the original game files, I don't see why it would not work throughout the whole story line. Important Note: I do not intend to have this mod be competition for SOL/Underground. We have two different goals. SOL/Underground intends to create a much more immersive mod, while the intention of my release is to provide modders with a base to build their own mods. This mod is intended to be free for anyone to use. If you wish to use these files to create your own mod, feel free to do so, all I ask is that you give credit. Media(Screenshots/Videos): I'm sure most of you have already seen all of the cities in this mod, but here are a few screenshots of how VC and LC look in this mod. San Andreas has been left untouched, so no point of showing it. Album available here: http://imgur.com/a/D2Io8/all Map Interior Testing(Cleo script) Old test(Build 0.4) I'll add more videos eventually. Main Author: PlatinumSerb Credits/Special Thanks: fastman92 - Limit Adjuster, IMG Console, Debugging goodidea82 - Infrastructure, Installation HeicoDE - Development 8.5+ artginPL - ENEX/Interior Markers, Patches, Conversion of music for radio Swoorup - PathMover, COLRenamer(old program ), Conversion of LC and VC paths GTA: Liberty City Team - Use of GTA:LC map OpenVice(NTAuthority) - Use of Vice City map Silent - ASI Loader and Extended Gangs ASI F - use of GTA VC cars Converted to SA CJ2000 - use of GTA VC and III vehicles Kam - Kam's Max Scripts Deniska - 3dmax script pack x-men - 3dmax scripts/IMG Manager CLEO Team ThirteenAG - Project2dfx Beckerbrasil - testing/bug reporting Junior_Djjr - Overhaul of CLEO scripts ZAZ - some of his CLEO mods were crucial for debugging/getting around the map. X-Seti - original concept of combining GTA III era cities so he deserves a shout out Squad - testing/bug reporting, map fixes Crspy - modloader installation fix inan.ahammad - added garages in VC, testing/bug reporting Beckerbrasil - testing/bug reporting This mod wouldn't be possible without these great people/mods. Thank you. Thank you Rock* Games Latest Download: For the latest download of the mod please visit our GitHub Page. https://github.com/goodidea82/SAxVCxLC https://github.com/HeicoDev/SAxVCxLC/
  8. Junior_Djjr


    VehFuncs is a asi mod for GTA SA which aims to bring new functions to vehicle mods similar to Improved Vehicle Features and Active Dashboard so replacing my old mod Enhanced Functions. See the disclosure post here. Since the mod focuses on 3D modelers, I will leave here only a summary of each function. To better understand what it is and how it works, click on the links below: Recursive Extras - featured New extra variation system that uses recursive logic to create part variations for cars, bikes etc. The new system breaks all old limits, as well as providing new controls on how the model will vary. It's possible to vary the entire model using this, including wheels. Characteristics Possibility to apply personalized characteristics inside the vehicle's .dff, for example paintjob, driver, dirt level etc. This is super powerful when used in conjunction with Recursive Extras, for example applying a paintjob if an extra is applied. Digital Speedometer You can create digital speedometers on dashboard of the car, bikes etc. This is the first speedometer for GTA SA that uses real calculation based on wheel rotation. [video] Engine/exhaust vibrating You can make a engine, exhaust or other part vibrate with the engine. The vibration uses perlin noise for a natural effect and suffers reactions with acceleration [vΓ­deo] Part rotating with pedals Formerly known as "enh_scoop", but now supporting configurable XYZ rotation. It's a part that rotates with the gas pedal, being useful for several cases. Fix: Material Colors Stop using that textures colors "black", "white", "red" etc!!! Fix: Vehicles adapted to IVF You don't use ImVehFt but downloaded a car adapted to it and got colored lights? VehFuncs will fix this for you. Functional Hitch Hitch that works on any vehicle (not on bikes, yet? The rest wasn't tested). No bugs; No limitations (like other mods); Compatible with other mods like this; No additional files. Spinning Parts You can add parts that rotates with engine rotation, or fans. See the complete wiki: How to adapt a vehicle to VehFuncs? Almost all wiki pages was updated 12/05/18, including the introduction. The mod is still in the testing phase and may have problems. Tell anything. VehFuncs uses GSX (Garage Save eXtender) by @fabio3 to save the additional information in the garage, which is also in the testing phase. f_shake + f_gas = Uses: - download the tractor and cart here, great for learn how they were made - Have you adapted a vehicle? Share! It is necessary to have VehFuncs installed on your GTA SA in order to use cars adapted to it. Thanks to plugin-sdk contributors for making this much easier to do. Check upcoming functions. Author: @Junior_Djjr Mod GSX, helps, Hitch: @fabio3 Version: v0.5 beta (04/08/18 - DD/MM/YY) (DOWNLOAD) Official thread on my forum (portuguese)
  9. WANTED LEVEL EDITOR Update for 28.07.2018 (Work In Progress): - main code update - rebuilt in c++ enviroment (with the plugin-sdk) - 90% - ini replace with xml file (tinyxml2) - 100% - compatibility with the gta Underground - 25% - menu update - 0% Wanted Level Editor 2.02 updated - 09.03.2018 Wanted Level Editor v2.01 Updated 08.03.2018 Previosly: Cheat Menu Update (18.12.2017): WLE_Menu 10.13: DOWNLOAD LINK 2.02 Previosly: Vehicle models Ped models Weapon Indexes Description: - the mod works with GTA SA 1.0 US Hoodlum only (14.383.616 bytes), - every wanted level star has 6 "slots" (7 is stars are higher then 6) for the vehicles which means you can use 6 (or less) diferent vehicle (ped or weapon) models for each wanted level star. - you can define the number of passengers, their skins and weapons, passenger values: 1 - one occupant, 2 - two occupants 3 - driver and gunman attached to a vehicle, 4 - four occupants. - added vehicle or ped models can be used along with this mod, WLE 1.08 new stuff (mostly related with the Hydra plane): Previosly:
  10. Kalvin

    BETA Mulholland Safehouse

    A mod of which is a remake of the Mulholland Safehouse in its BETA stage of San Andreas (with my own little touches). A lot is improvised (purely guess work) as most of the house has never been seen. However, a lot of it is based off of the Stahl House's interior (which the house's exterior is based off of). Screenshots: Download: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=26943 Required mods: CLEO - For added save point. Open Limit Adjuster - So the game doesn't crash upon loading. Just install the mods specified above and you'll be all good to go. Make sure to read the readme. Thanks to @CML99 for the carpet texture, and big thanks to Robson Martins for bug fixes and the like!
  11. The Eddo

    Restored Icons

    -------------- Restored Icons by The Eddo -------------- Summary: Well, as you may already know, the Jetpack and Cellphone have unused HUD icons in the game files. TTDISA may restore them, but the feature was removed from the new and fixed version of TTDISA for compatibility with custom HUD mods. Removing the feature was a good thing for people who have a custom HUD, but what about those who have the original HUD? So to fix that up, I made this. This mod will not only restore the icons, but it will also make the Jetpack\Cellphone icon appear next to your weapon icon so you are still able to see what weapon you have. Features: * The icons are perfectly shaped, sized and well-placed on the screen. * The icons don't appear when the HUD is off, the screen is fading or the widescreen borders are on (thanks MKKJ!). * The icons have the same quality as the unused icons present in the Jetpack and Cellphone's TXD files. * Smooth appearing\disappearing. * No "white square" texture bugs. * Full compatibility with custom SCMs, including the ones where the player handles aren't defined as $PLAYER_CHAR and $PLAYER_ACTOR (thanks Silent!). Installation: The US v1.0 EXE (with 14,383,616 bytes) is required for the mod to work as it contains two memory addresses from v1.0, so make sure you have it to avoid crashes. 1. Download and install Silent's ASI Loader from gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=21709 or the Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install CLEO Library for SA from cleo.li. 3. Put the provided "CLEO" and "models" folders next to "gta_sa.exe". Or if you have Mod Loader installed, create a new folder inside the "modloader" folder, name it "Restored Icons" and put the provided "CLEO" and "models" folders there. Credits: The whole mod - The Eddo Full compatibility with custom SCMs - Silent Proper "player holding cellphone", "hud mode on\off" and "widescreen borders on\off" checks - MKKJ Initial idea of restoring the HUD icons and the amazing "Things To Do In San Andreas" mod - DeeZire Unused HUD icons - R* Download from here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=34596100053969021191
  12. Old logo: Hi. This is my first real mod... Well it adds more gang peds, gang turfs and two more gangs - the Russian Mafia and the Bikers. The first guys are enemies to you, while the second are good friends with you and GSF Here is what has changed: -Added many new gang peds. Any gang has at least a new one. -Removed all of the hobos (the game couldn't spawn peds with id's over 300) -Added to any gang a female member - REMOVED - It had too many glitches, I will update everything -Added gang territory all over San Andreas for example - Rifa in Market, Da Nang Boys in Marina etc. -Added the Clover as the third Balla gang car. -The Aztecas, Triads and Bikers are friendly to CJ and each other. -Enables lots of gang wars all over the state. A full territory map: Credits to PDESCOBAR for giving the map so I could easily add the territorys LEGEND: PURPLE - Ballas GREEN - GSF YELLOW - Vagos TEAL - Aztecas BLUE - Rifa RED - Triads ORANGE - Da Nang Boys GRAY - Mafia GRAPE - Bikers BLACK - Russian Mafia DARK GRAPE - Bikers and Russians REDDISH - GRAPE - Bikers and Mafia GSF members: Ballas Members: A Ballas emerging from a Clover Vagos Members: Aztecas Members: Rifa Members: Triad Members: Da Nang Members: The shirt of the first one isn't edited, the Ped Editor inverts it. Mafia Members: Russian Mafia Members: Biker Members: Biker & Russians at once... I need help in some stuff: -Adding more gang tags - This is fairly easy, but I don't know how to place them at a wall I can't do any of these things, so I need someone to help me and do it. I will give credit of course Stuff I may do: -Add new gang cars, exclusive to any gang -Add Mafgoon2 from the cutscene files. DOWNLOAD LINKS: https://www.mediafire.com/?ntiq9okoyyqwyrt - New version, might have bugs but is not very bugged. http://www.mediafire.com/download/w7id25x9d298678/Big_Gangster_Mod_Ver_2.1.zip - Enhanced version with a lot more content and most bugs from the old version are fixed. http://www.mediafire.com/download/sxdxo73j0n9sbtb/Big_Gangster_Mod_Ver_2.2.zip -Some small fixes in this one, moves to a different Limit Adjuster and adds 3 more Rifa members. VERSION BY GTAGA3IE1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/erl58vo022w0186/new_big_Gangster_Light_V4.rar/file Q&A A: My CJ is invisible! J: Sorry, this is a difficult bug to fix and I can't do anything about it... A: This mod sucks, it crashes. J: You prolly installed it wrong. A: Why do the Seville, Temple and Santa Maria Families have turquoise color? And why can't I recruit them? J: Tensions are on the rise and they're independent sets. A: WTF I got Rifa in Market, Mafia in Commerce, various gangs in Las Venturas, lololol doesn't make sense. J: I'm porting various turfs found on the PS2 Territory Glitch Codes topic. I don't care if it makes sense or not, I made up a custom story set in 1993 explaining it all anyway. A: Meh the mod is not really like it's in real life. J: So? Who cares? It's GTA after all. You can do what you want. CREDITS: -Silent for his Gang Wars mod -ric-013 for his PS2 Gang War codes, I ported most of his stuff here. -Fans for support Main mod credits: Mario - Peds Jinx - Peds //XP// - Peds Onlinegamehunter1 - Peds, Weapons (future versions will include that) Ric-013 - Coding OrionSR - Coding TheR3MAK3R - Peds (future versions) Kalvin - One SMF member model When you notice any bugs in the mod, write a comment about it. Don't post the logs from the errordump.txt or whatever, I can't really decode what the heck all these numbers mean anyway.
  13. DK22Pac

    Improved Vehicle Features

    БКАЧАВЬ/DOWNLOAD (2.1.1) ImVehFt brings new features for vehicles in San Andreas: -reversinglights, foglights, turnlights, breaklights; -breakpads; -animated spoilers; -steering; -added taillight shadow; -possibility to use an unique texture for vehicle lights; -fixed lights darkening after switching; -fixed vehicle dirt feature; -and more... Notice these features (expect vehicle dirt, taillight shadow) could work only with adapted vehicles. You can find information about vehicle adapting and video tutorial in "Developer" folder. You can find 3 adapted vehicles in this release. 1. Blista Compact by Jur1zz with turnlights 2. Blade by Jur1zz with breaklights and foglights 3. Benson by Jur1zz with turnlights In this topic You can share your ideas and ask questions on car adapting Have fun. Screens Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Co-Authors Function-X- - author of some ImVehFt textures. Thanks So many people helped me... Den_spb - thanks to him for the idea of realising turnlighs. izerli - thanks to him for the idea of realising steering wheel. }0RIC)-( - much helping with HLSL and shaders programming; PetkaGTA - helping with shaders; Deji, fastman92, LINK2012 - helping with programming; listener - author of SA .exe database. Jur1zz, DERK7, Mad_Driver, THREE6MAFIA, YourCreatedHell - car makers/modellers.
  14. DK22Pac

    GTA5 HUD by DK22Pac

    v0.925 Mediafire https://www.mediafire.com/?p3uk0xvtyyeo10s v0.920 Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/download/p6r6ulrmcp19qsc/V+HUD+by+DK22Pac+-+release+28.12.14.rar v0.910 Sendspace https://www.sendspace.com/file/dyqhzi Mediafire https://www.mediafire.com/?rz65d0ihwgpuyd2 libertycity http://www.libertycity.ru/files/gta-san-andreas/83045-gta-v-hud-v0.910-by-dk22pac.html v0.890 Sendspace https://www.sendspace.com/file/u29umt Mediafire https://www.mediafire.com/?l28bhcjlh2p40qn libertycity http://www.libertycity.ru/files/gta-san-andreas/81914-gta-v-hud-v0.890-samp-edition-by-dk22pac.html v0.815 Sendspace https://www.sendspace.com/file/ireohu libertycity http://www.libertycity.ru/files/gta-san-andreas/80870-gta-v-hud-by-dk22pac.html?page=5 An exclusive add-on Other mods compability Since this plugin uses new version of plugin SDK, you'll need to remove all plugins which use "deprecated" plugin.dll library. You can get new versions of some plugins here: IMFX Final Update http://vk.com/doc45765610_318675122?hash=a11b3a754de2151207&dl=d19d71bef7f924385f Advanced Aiming Mod v1.1 https://www.sendspace.com/file/v85lgh
  15. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto Vice City Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto 3 Widescreen Fix This and many other fixes now available at thirteenag.github.io/widescreen_fixes_pack
  16. gold_fish

    [REL] KAM's GTA Scripts (2018)

    Updated and improved version of KAM's skipts. Based on the original Kam's scripts. This script was tested in 3ds max 2009 and 2012 and 2017. Complete with the script there is a fixed and updated GTA Material Download the latest version of the script https://yadi.sk/d/DQMt4tMM3TTV5e or https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yp0sq1Fz7qdNgVccfrOAUnhShVijs1rW Changes and updates: - - - - - - - - - - - [ DFF IO ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What was added: (17.03.2018) - mass import and export DFF's - import / export Night prelite - import / export Vertex Alpha - import / export UV2 channel - import / export 2dfx (only light sources) - optional interface for configuring 2dfx - additional locking dff (new) (23.03.2018) - import / export Bump maps - import / export Dual maps - import / export Normal Map and Reflection (Adaptation for Normal map Plugin from DK) - auto-save the interface settings DFF IO after each change What's been fixed: (17.03.2018) - exporting a hierarchy of models - export of normals - import of color from light sources 2dfx (23.03.2018) - export models of characters - importing a model hierarchy - general script code repair Additionally: - added more warnings and tips when exporting - added export log ( F11 listener) - updated and improved script interface - added optional UV2 coordinate compression - added additional tools to work with the model - added progress-bar and fixed script freezes - added default settings for exporting prelite - added menu GTA tools scripts in the top menu bar 3ds max ( ) Additional utilities: - Prelit Tools the script for mass configuration prelite - Fix models pivot script for mass alignment of the pivot position of the model to integer coordinates before exporting the mapping - Align pivot to center script for mass equalization of pivot in the center - Col Export (mass) script for mass export of col (cst) [COL IO] - not changed [iFP IO] - not changed [Map IO] - small fix Authors ========================= - 19.12.05 - Kam, Odie, Pioneer Official post on the forum: http://gtaforums.com/topic/218318-rel-kams-maxscript-going-over-quick-update/ -23.03.2018 - Updating the script (v 0.3) Goldfish - [email protected] / https://vk.com/vk.goldfish For questions and suggestions, write here (support): https://vk.com/topic-99725313_37821803 ================================================================= Script features:
  17. gamerzworld

    San Andreas Downgrader

    GTA: San Andreas Downgrader This downgrader will take the certain versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and downgrade them to their original version 1.0 counterparts. Works With - NewSteam r2 (including German) (12/9/14) - Retail Second Edition (2.0) US Why Downgrade? Later versions of San Andreas over the years have made a number of changes to the game such as removing songs, textures and animations along with editing the game's script. They've also added in a few protections against things such as Hot Coffee. Due to these changes, a number of modifications such as SA-MP will outright reject new versions. This downgrader restores all the original files, not only making your copy a more complete San Andreas - but also enabling the use of popular modifications. Known Issues None known at the moment. Please let me know if you find anything. I'm Crashing! Try the following: Deleting your gtasa.set file in "Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files" (Or use the "Delete gta-sa.set" option in the Tools menu) Removing any modifications. Remove any saved games from previous versions of the game (if this fixes it, read the topic again more carefully) Delete the game from Steam, re-download it and then reapply the downgrader. Still crashing? Check your computer setup for sh*tty programs and/or configuration. People have a tendency to blame the game/developers before checking their own crappy setup that's likely causing the issue. OMG I HAVE TWO EXES This is on purpose for compatibility reasons - they are both the exact same. The Steam release of San Andreas changed the EXE name - so Steam looks for gta-sa.exe when it attempts to launch San Andreas. Mods on the other hand look for gta_sa.exe as this was the original retail EXE name. Legal This downgrader relies on binary differences so no game files are being distributed. It requires a legally purchased copy of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in order to work. Video Vadim M has created an excellent video demonstrating how to use the downgrader. Download Stub Version (Updates Itself With Patches) (2.1 MB) RockstarNexus Download Full Package (522 MB) RockstarNexus
  18. Marty McFly

    HQ Mipmapped Road Textures

    What is it? Road textures for SF and LV and a Grove Street retexture. I was simply too lazy to retexture LS' roads completely, but may do it in the future, hence WIP. They are mipmapped, so everything should be fine. I am aware of various bugs especially on pedestrian crosswalks, due to bad UV mapping which I don't know how to change. Many people already have them because they are released for a very long time but I decided to create a topic for it so it's more "official". Download: LV Road Textures SF Road Textures Grove Retex 0.3 Screenshots:
  19. MrFinger

    Beta Leftovers Fix - SA

    This mod is fixing beta leftovers, which they were left in the game. This mod is not finished yet. Changelog: - Added Solarin Industries marking to benson, - Remaked renders inside driving school and otto's autos, - Remaked Sweet & Kendl photo, - Remaked Elegant(Elegance)billboard(thanks to R4gN0r0K for letters), - Added final San Fierro map in driving school, - Added final police biker texture to chop cop, - Added final bullet and turismo to thrust magazine, - Remaked RC Zero vehicles models, - Added final map to Toreno's ranch and in Lil'Probe'Inn bar, - Remaked some radar textures, - Remaked current RT maps, - Changed VLA tag color to turquoise, - Changed cutscene Emmet and Ryder texture to in-game one, - Changed glock17 to colt45 in cutscenes, - Added final vmaff4 texture to cspunter, - Changed lod texture with xenon billboard to final xoomer, - Changed valet's shirt texture to that same as CJ one, - Added final wheels textures to the cutscene Voodoo and to Glensh*t, - Changed beta clothes from the interiors, to the final ones, - Added new wheels to the Forklift and to the RC Bandit, - Added final weapons to cutscenes, - Changed logos in these textures (in first pic there was gta 3 logo and in second gta vc logo), - Fixed collision here (thanks to Kalvin), - Fixed police biker tank top, - Fixed rhino lod (thanks to Kalvin), - Fixed Ranger front lamp and added "SAPD" marking to Enforcer (thanks to Hellen), - Added final vehicles to cutscenes (thanks to Hellen), - Added final peds to cutscenes (thanks to ο»Ώ@Jeansowaty and @Brooklynzsmac). Downloads: Download link for version 0.5 (stuff from "Added Solarin Industries marking to benson" to "Changed VLA tag color to turquoise"), Download link for version 0.6 (stuff from "Added Solarin Industries marking to benson" to "Added final weapons to cutscenes"), Download link for version 1.0 (everything from the changelog). Thanks To: Brooklynzsmac, Kalvin, Hellen, Jeansowaty - for help, R4gN0r0K - for elegant billboard letters, frankandbeans, CoolMods, Napoleone - for suggestions. Like a mods like that? Check out the VC version.
  20. Wakka387

    City of Chicago

    What is this?: This mod ports the Driver 2 Chicago map to GTA San Andreas along with multiple other facets in order to create a living, breathing world Team: Vincedark - Mapping, Radar, Porting, Bugfixes Ss4gogeta0 (Me) - Scripting, Zoning, Audio bibidibabidibu - Retexturing Media: Pictures: Discord BETA 1.5 Download [159MB] HD Texture Pack (6/21/2018) [29MB] Special Thanks: Reflections Entertainment - For making Driver 2 Vincedark - For reviving my Interest in Driver 2's maps Xtreemo - For the Driver 2 Loading Screens James_UK - For fixing the missing models from Chicago's Map Skylabh - For helping me export the maps with the level extractor Krishty - For Developing the Driver 2 Level extractor LSRP Community - For making the skins used in this mod Cohex17 - for the Banner
  21. artginPL

    Enterable Hidden Interiors

    What is EHI ? This mod allows you to enter the buildings which are visible only in cut-scenes, and some of the missions in GTA San Andreas. Most of the interiors has made new collision files !!! Special thanks to Silent for made of the ASI file. DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.5 LIST OF THE ENTERABLE BUILDINGS: LOS SANTOS: - Sweet's House (Ganton), - Ryder's House (Ganton), - OG Loc's House (Ganton), - B Dup's Apartment (Ganton), - B Dup's Crack Palace (Glen Park), - Blastin' Fools Records (Market), - Crack Den - Ballas Apartment (Idlewood), - Vagos Gang House (East Los Santos), - One of villas (Richman), - Arena from 'New Model Army' missions (entry in front of Film Studio in Vinewood), - Los Santos International Airport, - Sayonara Hotel&Restaurant (Verdant Bluffs), - All floors of the Los Santos Office [Glazed building] - (Downtown). SAN FIERRO: - Woozie's Apartment (Chinatown), - San Fierro Police Department (Downtown), - Preasure Domes (Battery Point), - Supa Save (Juniper Hill), - San Fierro Easter Bay International Airport, - Doherty Garage (fixed camera view!!!) [controls in ReadMe], - Adds the possibility to open and close of the hold, and the possibility of lifting and lowering of the two platforms on the aircraft carrier (Easter Basin) [controls in ReadMe]. LAS VENTURAS: - City Planning Department (Come-A-Lot), - New Room in Bike School (Blackfield), - Sindacco Abattoir (Whietwood Estates), - Rosenberg's Room in Caligula's Palace, - Woozie's Room in Four Dragons Cassino, - Janitor Room in Four Dragons Cassino. - Las Venturas Airport, - Adds entry to eight casinos (Come-A-Lot, The Emerald Isle, The High Roller, The Pink Swan, Starfish Casino, The Visage, Old Venturas Strip x2), - Plastic Factory (Whietwood Estates), - Basements in Caligula's Palace. OTHER: - Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts (Market, Palisades and Fort Carson), - U Get Inn Motel (Angel Pine and Fort Carson), - Welcome Pump (Dillimore), - Bank (Palomino Creek), - Cesar's Hideout (Angel Pine), - Police Stations (Angel Pine i Fort Carson), - Interior of the Shamal aircraft (entry in every Airports), - Area around of the Liberty City Saint Marks (entry in Shamal aircraft), - Interior of the Liberty City Marco Bistro, - Two-Floors Ammunation (Liberty City), - All Hauses of CJ's Girlfriends, - Brothel1 (Valle Ocultado), - Brothel2 (entry in Strip Clubs), - Nude & XXX Shop (Los Santos x2, Las Venturas x1), - Sex Shop XXX (Los Santos x1, Las Venturas x4), - Sodom Sex Toys (Los Santos x2), - Gas Station (Dillimore), - Main entry to underground of Area 69, - Manhole with jetpack in Area 69, - All Bars and Restaurants from Dating Missions (all San Andreas), - All Hauses from Burglary Missions (all San Andreas), - Makes that the vent in Area 69 is not blocked, - Gates in fence of Area 69 are movable.
  22. Information: After seeing all these poor conversions I decided I should convert some cars by myself and see how that would work out. Turns out it's not impossible. I mostly only convert vehicles that I actually like, so flooding me with your request probably doesn't bother me. Suggestions, criticism, bugs and negative comments are welcomed. Features:San Andreas reflections San Andreas license plates San Andreas lights San Andreas dirt All cars adapted to Improved Vehicles Features mod by DK22Pac - Brake, fog, reverse and turn lights - Working steering wheel - Tire dirt 100% SA-MP friendly (wheels don't sink to ground and they are all tunable which means they don't crash[if replaced by default]) Custom collision and shadow meshes High quality damage model Custom handling.dat, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat and carmods.dat Download all at once! IVF Style DOWNLOAD (30.03.2015) SA Style DOWNLOAD (30.03.2015) Clean TLaD Gang Burrito (24.11 2013) Download GTA V Sandking XL (13.03 2014) Download GTA IV Primo (13.03 2014) Download GTA IV Landstalker (28.03 2014) Download GTA V Tailgater (04.04 2014) Download GTA IV Phantom (10.04 2014) Download GTA V Picador (03.05 2014) Download GTA IV Tanker Trailers (03.05 2014) Download GTA IV Industrial Trailers (08.05 2014) Download GTA IV Cargo Trailers (10.05 2014) Download GTA IV Emperor (13.05 2014) Download GTA V Packer (08.06 2014) Download GTA V Dashound (11.06 2014) Download GTA V Hauler (26.06 2014) Download GTA V Seminole (11.07 2014) Download GTA V Benson (17.07 2014) Download GTA V Police Stanier (21.07 2014) Download GTA V Unmarked Police Cruiser] (23.07 2014) Download GTA V Bison (04.08 2014) Download GTA V Surfer (27.08 2014) Download GTA V Dominator (07.09 2014) Download GTA V Tow Truck (13.09 2014) Download GTA V Youga (17.09 2014) Download GTA V Bullet (19.09 2014) Download GTA V Phoenix (21.09 2014) Download GTA V Infernus (24.09 2014) Download GTA V Granger (28.09 2014) Download GTA V FIB Granger (28.09 2014) Download GTA V Stratum (30.09 2014) Download GTA V Vigero (11.10 2014) Download GTA V Blista (18.10 2014) Download GTA V Sultan (18.10 2014) Download GTA V Intruder (20.10 2014) Download GTA V Minivan (24.10 2014) Download GTA V Ruiner (01.11 2014) Download GTA V Stretch (15.11 2014) Download GTA V Comet (24.11 2014) Download GTA V Ingot (06.12 2014) Download GTA IV Coquette (19.12 2014) Download
  23. Silent

    Extended Gang Wars

    Extended Gang Wars San Andreas introduced gang wars to the series. According to beta game screenshots and the game code, Rockstar at some point planned to allow the player to have wars with all gangs in game. However, in retail game the player would only be able to take over Ballas' and Vagos' turfs. This modification unlocks gang wars with all gangs (even the unused ones, if any modification makes use of them) so the player can quite literally take over an entire state. As SA doesn't load ASI files by default, you need an ASI loader. In case you don't have one (if you use any ASI plugin such as CLEO, you can skip this step), you can download a decent loader here: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=21709 Rest of the installation is easy as pie. Just extract archive content to your SA directory and that's all. Make sure you check the INI! Alternatively, San Andreas Mod Loader can be used to install this plugin: http://gtaforums.com/topic/669520-sarel-san-andreas-mod-loader/ Showcase video http://youtu.be/oNEKXvUuSfQ Download https://github.com/CookiePLMonster/ExGangWars/releases Supported game versions GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) GTA SA 1.01 (all versions) GTA SA 3.0 (Steam)
  24. SlingShot753

    Cipriani's Walkstyle

    This is an adapted Toni Cipriani's animations for CJ. I fixed some bugs (like the ugly/broken feet and the Root problem, with CJ's feet under the floor) merging CJ's animation with Toni's , but there's still others bugs like "Angry CJ"(fixed). Includes two .IFPs: Original San Andreas ped.ifp already replaced with the animations, and the Toni.ifp, in case you have a modified one, and just wants to replace. Replaces(for now): -IDLE_armed -IDLE_1armed -IDLE_stance -run_armed -WALK_armed -WALK_player -WALK_start -WALK_strat_armed -playersprint_armed(in case you have a mod that uses it) -DrivebyL_L -DrivebyL_R -Driveby_L -Driveby_R I highly recommend using _'s Sprinting With Two Handed Weapons. Video: Download: MediaFire (In case you have problems opening RAR, here's a ZIP file: Download)
  25. GroveStGTAV

    [REL][SA] Ped Database Project

    This mod contains all peds seen in cutscenes/beta screens/trailers/introduction/unused files. Most models are mix of the popular mods like Kalvin's BETA 3.0 mod, Arthur's beta ped packs and more. But most of them is improved/retextured by our team to make their appearance look like their original looking. Some peds have their alternate versions as optional. and every folder have credits.txt file to describe who modelled and retextured this ped and more info about optional things. Also, dont forget the read "Unused Peds info.txd" Note: If you interested, you can join team to recreate new missing peds we can work together to make this better and better. Credits: GroveStGTAV Kalvin Artur$MD G The Generous Yhdf fastman92 - Free IDs list Vadim M - Unused peds info from his videos Crispy & DeeZire - Unused peds info from TTDiSA PROGRESS: Red: Not started Yellow: Finished but maybe i can update later Green: Best and final version Main Characters: Sweet beta, beta(csingame), artwork1, artwork2, reproduction(blueshoes), reproduction(blackshoes) Smoke beta, artwork Smokev beta, artwork Ryder beta, beta hair, artwork Ryder3 beta, beta hair, artwork, grove bandana Cesar beta, artwork OG Loc beta, mobile/beta, artwork Big Bear grove(based on csbigbear2) Pulaski Emmet Rosenberg Kendl beta, cutscene ingame Truth Dwaine Jethro gangrl3 mecgrl2(fix) Group Peds Note:All groups supposed to be 5 different peds instead of 3 before games release. Ballas: Ballas1 introduction, ballas1, ballas1(alt) Ballas2 introduction, ballas2 Ballas3 introduction, balals3, ballas3(alt), ballas3(alt2) Ballas4 ballas4, ballas4(with chain) Ballas5 ballas5, ballas5(alt) Families: Fam1 blue, reproduction, reproductionv2 Fam2 blue, reproduction, reproductionblue Fam3 blue, darkgreen, green, reproduction, reproductionblue Fam4 Fam5 csblue2 csblue2, green, bandana Aztecas: Vla1 vla1, vla1(alt) Vla2 vla2, vla2(alt) Vla3 vla3, vla3(alt) Vla4 Vla5 Vagos: Lsv4 Lsv5 Triads: Triada Triadb Triadc Triboss Guppy Da Nang Boys: Dnb2 Dnb3 San Fierro Rifa: Sfr4 Sfr5 Mafia: maffc/vmaff4 Police: Lapd1 Lapd2 Lapdm1 Lapdm1(blue) Sfpd1 Swat Swat1 Swat2 Swat3 Peds: andre bfybu bfypro bfyri bfyst beta, earlybeta bmobar bmori bmyboun bmycr bmydj bmydrug bmypol1 bmypol2 bmyri bmyst bmytatt hfyri hmori hmybe hmycr/hmydrug hmyri hmyst omokung omost sbmost sfypro shmycr sofybu sofyri/ofyst somybu swfopro swmyhp2 swmyri/male01 vbfypro vbmybox vhfypro vwfywai vwmybox wbdyg1(cshelper1) wbdyg2(cshelper2) wfyclot wfysex(fix) wmori(cswmori) wmost wmybp wmydrug/wmycr wmyjg wmymech wmymoun wmyri/wmyst wmysgrd Converted from cutscene.img or introduction WMYTX1 WMYTX2 B Dup Bettina Bogman Burger1 Burger OG Loc csingame, mobile CSPlas1 Dancea Danceb Dope from GSF Jimmy Silverman Jose from VLA Little Bill Mafia Goon 1 Mafia Goon 2 Mafia Goon 3 Maria Latore Ran Fa Li Salvatore Leone csingame, introduction Slut Stew(wfystew) Suit2 DOWNLOAD http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/skins/120235-ped-database-project/

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