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Found 4 results

  1. Crack Yo' Neck

    Coutt & Schutz Used Cars

    Welcome to Coutt & Schutz Used Cars. Here you can find some of my mods i've made. GTA San Andreas GTA Vice City GTA III And, we have an official Discord Server for this workshop thread. Be sure to check it out and don't forget to read the rules once you joined! -Crack.
  2. g3DTZ is a collection of tools that extract some data from GAME.DTZ; both LCS and VCS versions! Specifically: IDE IPL SFX.SDT sets (PSP only) Zones (info.zon / map.zon / navig.zon) Path data (flight.dat / ferry1.dat / tracks.dat / tracks2.dat) Colour data (carcols.dat / pedcols.dat) Weapon data (weapon.dat / weapon_multi.dat) Animations CULL.IPL OBJECT.DAT PED.DAT PEDGRP.DAT PEDSTATS.DAT FISTFITE.DAT (LCS) PARTICLE.CFG SURFACE.DAT HANDLING.CFG TIMECYC.DAT WATERPRO.DAT
  3. Well, this is my first topic on GTA Forums, So I wanted to use it for good. Please answer my question above!
  4. Mafia HUD - III/VC/SA I've been working on the project for quite some time now , and I think today is the time to release it into public. This ASI plugin will modify the HUD to look similar to mafia's. Features - Health bar similar to Mafia. - Car Radar. - Compass point either north or towards mission destination - Analog clock for mission timer - Wanted level display system similar to Mafia - Customizable player health icon - Map on pressing <TAB> or any other button. - Loading Screen from Mafia - Customizable options - Compatibility with all three GTAs -
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