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Found 7 results

  1. Silent


    These games are surely great, nonetheless they have some issues. This modification attempts to fix some of them. Featured fixes: GTA SA: (last update: 22.02.2020) DOWNLOAD SilentPatchSA GTA III/GTA VC DDraw Component: (last update: 20.05.2018) This ddraw.dll component fixes some game issues which couldn't be addressed from within the ASI due to the fact ASI files load relatively late in those games. DOWNLOAD DDraw Component GTA VC: (last update: 28.12.2019) DOWNLOAD SilentPatchVC GTA III: (last update: 22.02.2020) DOWNLOAD SilentPatchIII Supported games GTA III 1.0 (all versions) GTA III 1.1 (all versions, including Steam and Rockstar Games Launcher versions) GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) GTA VC 1.1 (all versions, including Steam and Rockstar Games Launcher versions) GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) GTA SA - newsteam r2 (9 Dec 2014 patch; partial support) GTA SA Rockstar Games Launcher version (partial support) Non-GTA SilentPatches: Colin McRae Rally 2.0: (last update: 08.08.2015) The Godfather: The Game: (last update: 14.04.2019) Bully: Scholarship Edition: (last update: 22.07.2018) Far Cry: (last update: 06.07.2018)
  2. Hello g3SFX is a utility that allows you to extract and build SFX.SDT and SFX.RAW archives for GTAIII/VC* and Manhunt (PC). Why use g3SFX? With g3SFX you can extract sound effects with original names and directory tree information and build directly from that. No need to struggle with sound IDs anymore, just browse the generated sound effects folder, replace the sound you want, build, play!** example How does it work? In order to build the archives for the game, Rockstar used a listing file called sfx.lst, where developers kept track of the sound effects file paths and names. When a file like that is available, g3SFX can read it and extract with original filenames and then build as well. sfx.lst is available as a leftover in GTAIII mobile and Manhunt PC. How to use? There is a sample ini file where you specify the mode (extraction or build) and the path to required files. There's a ReadMe which explains the process in detail. Where's the download? Here! I have also included GTAIII's sfx.lst for convenience (since it only exists in mobile version). For Manhunt PC, this file is available in the audio folder. Ah, forgot to mention the tool is open source; if you want to check it out, the source is on github. Disclaimer All sound effects must be Mono, signed 16-bit PCM WAVs. Some sound effects have hardcoded properties, such as sample rate. So unless you patch those values with some sort of plugin or Cheat Engine, replacing may be buggy. *There's no sfx.lst file for GTAVC available, so while you have the option to extract without names, you can't build an archive. Unless you make one **Theoretically, check disclaimer
  3. Updated and improved version of KAM's scripts. Based on the original Kam's scripts. This script was tested in 3ds max 2009 and 2012, 2017 and 2020 Complete with the script there is a fixed and updated GTA Material Download the latest version of the script https://yadi.sk/d/DQMt4tMM3TTV5e or https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hjKlZzNjxilEBfDGrSIN2iJF-1xSwVxU Changes and updates: - - - - - - - - - - - [ DFF IO ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What was added: (17.05.2020) - checkbox 'Mesh Fix', necessary if polygons are mixed after exporting the model (28.10.2019) - choice of material before you import the DFF (GTAMat or standard) (17.03.2018) - mass import and export DFF's - import / export Night prelight - import / export Vertex Alpha - import / export UV2 channel - import / export 2dfx (only light sources) - optional interface for configuring 2dfx - additional locking dff (new) (23.03.2018) - import / export Bump maps - import / export Dual maps - import / export Normal Map and Reflection (Adaptation for Normal map Plugin from DK) - auto-save the interface settings DFF IO after each change What's been fixed: (17.05.2020) - 2DFX setup interface - export of materials - minor fixes and updates to the script code (20.11.2019) - import of multiclamp models (with clump UV Anim section) - other minor code fixes and improvements (28.10.2019) - import 2dfx (fixed a critical bug) - import map IO texture extension - UPDATED map IO script and improved its compatibility with the latest version of the DFF importer - updated script interface - other minor code fixes and improvements (01.09.2019) = compatibility with MAP IO (17.03.2018) - exporting a hierarchy of models - export of normals - import of color from light sources 2dfx (23.03.2018) - export models of characters - importing a model hierarchy - general script code repair Additionally: (31.05.2020) - additional tools have been added to the GTA Tools menu (for a list of all available tools in the KAM script, click here https://vk.com/page-99725313_54168827 ) (17.05.2020) - added the script 'Vehicle Scale Helper' in the GTA Tools menu (script for changing the scale of transport) - Added a script 'Object Explode' in the GTA Tools menu (script for dividing the landscape into even parts) (20.11.2019) - added checking the dimensions of the model before exporting to the script of mass export of collisions in CST(export_steve_col_script.ms) - added more warnings and tips when exporting - added export log ( F11 listener) - updated and improved script interface - added optional UV2 coordinate compression - added additional tools to work with the model - added progress-bar and fixed script freezes - added default settings for exporting prelite - added menu GTA tools scripts in the top menu bar 3ds max ( ) - - - - - - - - - - - [ Map IO ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What was added: (31.05.2020) - additional tools have been added to the GTA Tools menu (for a list of all available tools in the KAM script, click here https://vk.com/page-99725313_54168827 ) (20.11.2019) - added mass IPL import - added import of map models with any (custom) texture extension - added the ability to select model material when importing - added binary ipl import (when importing, you must specify the path to gta.dat of your mod / game) - added the ability to select IPL sections for import (you need to put a checkmark in front of the desired section) - added the ability to fake map import (instead of map models, planes will be created) - added button to launch EMAPTool script of the latest version, designed for easy export of map mapping to IPL / IDE - added a detailed log when importing a map - added progress bar when importing map - added statistics of loaded map mapping - the script code has been improved, now it is more likely that the script will not crash due to an error, but will issue warnings in the log (F11) and continue its work - added more warnings and tips to help identify most of the errors on the part of the user - EMAPTool officially became part of the KAM script and is located in the '/ scripts / GTA_Tools (GF) /' folder (it is recommended to check for an update of this script in the VK site of the script author group) What's been fixed: (31.05.2020) - [EMAPTool] added more decimal places to model coordinates when exporting to IPL (17.05.2020) - [EMAPTool] added more decimal places to model coordinates when exporting to IPL (20.11.2019) - improved and redesigned script interface - improved and revised map import code - fixed import of multi-clamp models (with clump UV Anim section) - fixed the problem when import was stopped due to incorrect IPL / mapping - IPL import with comments has been fixed (all comments in Cyrillic should be at the beginning of the file BEFORE the INST section!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional utilities: - Prelit Tools the script for mass configuration prelite - Fix models pivot script for mass alignment of the pivot position of the model to integer coordinates before exporting the mapping - Align pivot to center script for mass equalization of pivot in the center - Col Export (mass) script for mass export of col (cst) [COL IO] - not changed [iFP IO] - not changed Authors ========================= - 19.12.05 - Kam, Odie, Pioneer Official post on the forum: - 17.03.2018 - Goldfish - [email protected] / https://vk.com/vk.goldfish Updating the script: 31.05.2020 (v 0.3.7) For questions and suggestions, write here (support): https://vk.com/topic-99725313_37821803 ================================================================= Script features:
  4. Silent


    What up? Are you ready for the best Audio ASI Ever? Are you sick of TC mods and conversion mods badly messing and converting the audio wrong? Well guess what, we've got a great mod for you! VBDec, the first actual ASI plug-in for Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! What does it do? Well this plucky little plug-in enables playback of the PlayStation 2 .VB audio format on these games, NOT CONVERTED, NATIVE, untouched audio, so now you can finally get the full quality of these files without doing the conversions all by yourself or hoping that someone else hasn't messed things up and badly converted to MP3 or something. How about an added bonus? Well now the "MP3 Player" slot can also playback these files! Finally you can use stream audio from the PlayStation 2 versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories exactly how Rockstar intended, with no quality loss! "I use it on every installation so I can fight with the best sound" -Ash VBDec, by @Silent and @Sergeanur (...and @Ash_735, WHAT UP!?) So, how do you use it? Download VBDec from HERE Download Audio Samples from HERE Extract the following: vbdec.asi to "mss" folder audio-samples.asi to root directory of game audio-samples.ini to "audio" folder (pick the correct one from "III" or "VC" directories in the downloaded package!) Set up what files you want to replace with VB's inside the audio-samples.ini file, for example: AUDIO\HEAD.WAV will be changed to AUDIO\HEAD.VB AUDIO\WILD.ADF will be changed to AUDIO\WILD.VB Save the audio-samples.ini file, and THAT'S IT, your game will now playback the VB files in place of the originals NOTE: The default settings for VBDec is 32000Hz/Stereo, if you choose a file with different properties you will have to do an additional .ini file for that VB's properties placed in the same location as the VB, example: audio\VCPR.ini: [VB] sample_rate=16000 stereo=1 ; 1 - Stereo, 0 - Mono PS: A side effect of this plug-in allows Grand Theft Auto III to use the ADF files from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  5. SkyGfx (Sky is name of Renderware for the PS2, any semblance to the actual sky is purely accidental) brings accurate PS2 and Xbox graphics to the PC version of San Andreas, Vice City and III See this for a detailed explanation and screenshots of the most important features of SkyGFX: http://gta.rockstarvision.com/skygfx/skygfx.html San Andreas Download latest release, latest WIP version See the README for installation instructions. If you're using SAMP, use SAMPGraphicRestore. Credits: NTAuthority and Silent for their code and being generally helpful. Dexx. ASH for the logo and Neo tweaking files. El Dorado, Snowshoe, Noskillx for helping with debugging. Everyone who reported bugs and spotted differences to the PS2 graphics, especially El Dorado, inadequate.... For (somewhat outdated) Screenshots click here Vice City, III Download latest release, latest WIP version NB: The current version does not work with 1.1 and steam exes. Make sure to use a 1.0 exe!!! You will also need to use a 3rd party DLL/ASI loader, as of 2.3 skygfx will refuse to be loaded by the mss32 loader. For Screenshots of Vice City click here Also check out the gtamodding wiki: http://www.gtamodding.com/wiki/SkyGfx (thanks spaceeinstein) As a bonus for III and VC you can get a fixed generic.txd here: http://gta.rockstarvision.com/workshop/hires_txds/ I also recommend using this particle.txd with VC: http://gta.rockstarvision.com/workshop/particle_VC.txd Many thanks to Sergeanur for initially porting it to all the different exe versions (even though right now only 1.0 are supported). How to report bugs If you experience any bugs, please make sure it is really this mod causing them and not some other. Otherwise report them in this thread of course. When you report bugs and I ask to you to provide a PIX frame, see this: http://gtaforums.com/topic/669045-silentpatch/?p=1068370849 If your game is crashing and it's unclear why, send me a crash dump. Apply this to your registry (http://aap.papnet.eu/gta/minidump.reg) to have windows collect minidumps in %localappdata%\CrashDumps. This is the old post for postfx and ps2refl:
  6. g3DTZ is a collection of tools that extract some data from GAME.DTZ; both LCS and VCS versions! Specifically: IDE IPL SFX.SDT sets (PSP only) Zones (info.zon / map.zon / navig.zon) Path data (flight.dat / ferry1.dat / tracks.dat / tracks2.dat) Colour data (carcols.dat / pedcols.dat) Weapon data (weapon.dat / weapon_multi.dat) Animations CULL.IPL OBJECT.DAT PED.DAT PEDGRP.DAT PEDSTATS.DAT FISTFITE.DAT (LCS) PARTICLE.CFG SURFACE.DAT HANDLING.CFG TIMECYC.DAT WATERPRO.DAT cdimage DIR cutscene DIR GAME.DAT (aka decompressed GAME.DTZ) How to use? Simple! Just drag n' drop GAME.DTZ to the appropriate executable. For example, you should use lcs_psp.exe for a GAME.DTZ from lcs psp etc... Who to thank? @The Hero for his storiesconv source and @cj2000 for giving me a headstart! Where's the download? Here - v2.0, and don't forget to read the ReadMe Check it out on GitHub!
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