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Found 36 results

  1. gold_fish

    [REL] KAM's GTA Scripts (2018)

    Updated and improved version of KAM's scripts. Based on the original Kam's scripts. This script was tested in 3ds max 2009 and 2012 and 2017. Complete with the script there is a fixed and updated GTA Material Download the latest version of the script https://yadi.sk/d/DQMt4tMM3TTV5e or https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yp0sq1Fz7qdNgVccfrOAUnhShVijs1rW Changes and updates: - - - - - - - - - - - [ DFF IO ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What was added: (17.03.2018) - mass import and export DFF's - import / export Night prelite - import / export Vertex Alpha - import / export UV2 channel - import / export 2dfx (only light sources) - optional interface for configuring 2dfx - additional locking dff (new) (23.03.2018) - import / export Bump maps - import / export Dual maps - import / export Normal Map and Reflection (Adaptation for Normal map Plugin from DK) - auto-save the interface settings DFF IO after each change What's been fixed: (17.03.2018) - exporting a hierarchy of models - export of normals - import of color from light sources 2dfx (23.03.2018) - export models of characters - importing a model hierarchy - general script code repair Additionally: - added more warnings and tips when exporting - added export log ( F11 listener) - updated and improved script interface - added optional UV2 coordinate compression - added additional tools to work with the model - added progress-bar and fixed script freezes - added default settings for exporting prelite - added menu GTA tools scripts in the top menu bar 3ds max ( ) Additional utilities: - Prelit Tools the script for mass configuration prelite - Fix models pivot script for mass alignment of the pivot position of the model to integer coordinates before exporting the mapping - Align pivot to center script for mass equalization of pivot in the center - Col Export (mass) script for mass export of col (cst) [COL IO] - not changed [iFP IO] - not changed [Map IO] - small fix Authors ========================= - 19.12.05 - Kam, Odie, Pioneer Official post on the forum: http://gtaforums.com/topic/218318-rel-kams-maxscript-going-over-quick-update/ -23.03.2018 - Updating the script (v 0.3) Goldfish - [email protected] / https://vk.com/vk.goldfish For questions and suggestions, write here (support): https://vk.com/topic-99725313_37821803 ================================================================= Script features:
  2. SkyGfx (Sky is name of Renderware for the PS2, any semblance to the actual sky is purely accidental) brings accurate PS2 and Xbox graphics to the PC version of San Andreas, Vice City and III See this for a detailed explanation and screenshots of the most important features of SkyGFX: http://gta.rockstarvision.com/skygfx/skygfx.html San Andreas Download See the README for installation instructions. If you're using SAMP, use SAMPGraphicRestore. Credits: NTAuthority and Silent for their code and being generally helpful. Dexx. ASH for the logo and Neo tweaking files. El Dorado, Snowshoe, Noskillx for helping with debugging. Everyone who reported bugs and spotted differences to the PS2 graphics, especially El Dorado, inadequate.... For (somewhat outdated) Screenshots click here Vice City, III Download NB: The current version does not work with 1.1 and steam exes. Make sure to use a 1.0 exe!!! You will also need to use a 3rd party DLL/ASI loader, as of 2.3 skygfx will refuse to be loaded by the mss32 loader. For Screenshots of Vice City click here Also check out the gtamodding wiki: http://www.gtamodding.com/wiki/SkyGfx (thanks spaceeinstein) As a bonus for III and VC you can get a fixed generic.txd here: http://gta.rockstarvision.com/workshop/hires_txds/ I also recommend using this particle.txd with VC: http://gta.rockstarvision.com/workshop/particle_VC.txd Many thanks to Sergeanur for initially porting it to all the different exe versions (even though right now only 1.0 are supported). How to report bugs If you experience any bugs, please make sure it is really this mod causing them and not some other. Otherwise report them in this thread of course. When you report bugs and I ask to you to provide a PIX frame, see this: http://gtaforums.com/topic/669045-silentpatch/?p=1068370849 If your game is crashing and it's unclear why, send me a crash dump. Apply this to your registry (http://aap.papnet.eu/gta/minidump.reg) to have windows collect minidumps in %localappdata%\CrashDumps. This is the old post for postfx and ps2refl:
  3. Silent


    These games are surely great, nonetheless they have some issues. This modification attempts to fix some of them. Featured fixes: GTA SA: (last update: 04.12.2018) DOWNLOAD SilentPatchSA GTA III/GTA VC DDraw Component: (last update: 20.05.2018) This ddraw.dll component fixes some game issues which couldn't be addressed from within the ASI due to the fact ASI files load relatively late in those games. DOWNLOAD DDraw Component GTA VC: (last update: 20.05.2018) DOWNLOAD SilentPatchVC GTA III: (last update: 16.06.2018) DOWNLOAD SilentPatchIII Supported games GTA III 1.0 (all versions) GTA III 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version) GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) GTA VC 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version) GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) GTA SA - newsteam r2 (9 Dec 2014 patch; partial support) Non-GTA SilentPatches: Colin McRae Rally 2.0: (last update: 08.08.2015) The Godfather: The Game: (last update: 01.03.2018) Bully: Scholarship Edition: (last update: 22.07.2018) Far Cry: (last update: 06.07.2018)
  4. ThirteenAG


    LATEST RELEASES HERE - http://thirteenag.github.io/p2dfx This post will be updated later.
  5. LINK/2012

    Mod Loader

    What is it? Mod Loader is a plugin for Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas that adds an easy and user-friendly way to install and uninstall modifications into the game, as if the game had official modding support. No changes are ever made to the original game files, everything is injected on the fly, at runtime! The usage is as simple as inserting the mod files into the modloader/ directory. Uninstalling is as easy as that too, delete the mod files and you are done. Hot swapping mods while the game is running? By using Mod Loader you can! Still not sure? Check out this nice video from Ivey. Features: Do not replace any original file, all the mods are installed by injection on the fly. Instant mod swapping, you can refresh mods on the go without closing the game. Game menu for configurations, providing an even easier management of mods. Bug-free audio modding. When installing sound mods with Mod Loader, you'll no longer encounter this bug. Mod Loader will automatically read data lines from readme (.txt) files. If you have several of the same .dat files, Mod Loader will merge them together for you. Allows you to link mods to profiles, which is very useful for installing total conversions, isolating them completely from the rest of your mods. Mod Loader allows you to use command line arguments, you can find information on them here. Download Mod Loader will always get updated thought GTAGarage, with stable enough releases: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25377 Although you can also find the latest, maybe unstable, release on GitHub (recommended) https://github.com/thelink2012/modloader/releases Screenshots Source Code The source code is available under the MIT license, take a look at the project on GitHub
  6. Crack Yo' Neck

    Coutt & Schutz Used Cars

    Welcome to Coutt & Schutz Used Cars. Here you can find some of my mods i've made. GTA San Andreas GTA Vice City GTA III Stay tuned for more updates! -Crack Yo' Neck
  7. _𝓐𝓖

    Classic AXIS

    Description: Classic AXIS is a modification that try to improve the gameplay experience by adding a "better" camera movement to GTA: Vice City. Compatible with: GTA III 1.0 (all versions) GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) Features: Possibility to move the camera. Possibility to let the player walk in 4 directions. Possibility to move camera while driving a vehicle. Possibility to change camera mode. Added simple aiming instead 1st person view while aiming with some weapons. Attention: This plugin require GInput in order to works correctly. Video: Download: Version 1.6 - 03.11.2017 (Archive contain both III and VC releases) Here Old versions:
  8. Alexander Blade


    From now on please consider using store version of CLEO CLEO GOLD CLEO III CLEO VC CLEO SA CLEO Gold features CLEO for GTA III, GTA VC and GTA SA in one app and already has lots of scripts for GTA San Andreas inside, this is the way you can support CLEO developer. If anyone have bugs with CLEO don't hesitate to write it here or PM me , if you are unregistered user then register and write it here as well , I'm looking forward improving compatibility ! CLEO ANDROID Read everything before trying ! And don't quote the whole post ! Tested only on Android 4.0, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 5.0 ! Installation Make sure that you have rooted Android device (SU installed) Make sure that CLEO supports your GTA, you can check game version in Settings->Apps of your Android device. Supported versions are: GTA 3 v1.4, v1.6 GTA VC v1.0.3, v1.0.6 GTA SA v1.0.0, v1.0.2, v1.0.3, v1.0.5, v1.0.6, v1.0.7, v1.0.8 If you have previous CLEO version installed then you need to open the app, press Uninstall in order to remove CLEO from the game and then delete the app Install cleo.apk, if installation isn't possible then you need to enable Unknown sources in Settings->Security Launch installed app and when root request dialog occures grant an access Using the app you can Install and Uninstall CLEO from any GTA game individually, before doing this press Check in order to determinate possibility of installation. If install isn't possbile then probably you have unsupported game version If check succeeded then press Install If install succeeded then you should try launching the game. In GTA 3 and GTA VC standard "Touch to continue" label should be replaced with CLEO build info, in GTA SA build info should be shown in the text box just right after going ingame On some devices after reboot CLEO library (not the app) must be installed again Scripts First of all you should know that a lot of PC CLEO *.cs scripts can't be launched with CLEO Android because they are using PC opcodes and PC orientated controls. Any PC script must be manually checked and rewritten if needed in order to be used on Android. CLEO Android is using *.csa script extension, you can compile and decompile it with Sanny Builder like PC *.cs scripts, additionaly CLEO Android is using *.csi script type, the only difference between *.csa and *.csi scripts is that *.csa scripts start just after the game loads and *.csi scripts only when user invokes them via ingame script menu, see below for the detailed information regarding script menu. Script installation Once the game app is launched CLEO looks for the scripts in the folder which is one level up from the game saves directory, for example let's see what folders GTA San Anreas is using on my Android phone, note that it may be different with your device For me saves are located at: > /storage/sdcadrd0/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/ CLEO scripts and accompanied files must be copied to: > /storage/sdcadrd0/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/ In order to install scripts copy all files from the /scripts/gta**/ folder of this distrib to the directory described above. Script menu Lots of CLEO scripts on PC are using keyboard and it's not a big deal to find some unique key combinatoin which won't be used by any other script, but when it comes to an input limited by a touchscreen other ways must be used, thats where CLEO script menu takes a place. Note that only *.csi scripts appear in the script menu. There are two ways of activating script menu: - hardware menu button press until menu is shown - touchscreen center slide from top to bottom (from touch point #4 to #6) Script menu controls description involves touch points, you can read about CLEO touch points in the section below. In order to select desired script touch center-top (touch point #4) or center-bottom (touch point #6), this will move active row up or down, use center (touch point #5) to start the script, if script is still running then it won't be launched. While installing more *.csi scripts menu capacity grows with adding new menu pages when needed, you can switch between menu pages using left-center (touch point #2) and right-center (touch point #8) points. Menu can be closed by touching any other touch point which is not listed above or using menu button. Touch points CLEO touch points is the CLEO engine implemented touch detection system which can be used via CLEO Android additional opcodes. It divides touchscreen into 9 parts called touch points which can be used to detect timed slides and touches Touch point ids and names Videos CLEO Script Menu with the cheats script and the car spawner (with marked touches) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml8qxA3hHuQ Download cleo.android
  9. LINK/2012

    GTA3script Toolchain

    GTA3script Toolchain This is a compiler, editor extension, and debugger for the GTA3script language, which was the de facto language used by Rockstar North to code the mission scripts of the 3D Universe. The compiler is cross-platform, well tested and provides a CLI interface based off GCC/Clang. So if you are familiar with command line interfaces, this should be pretty standard for your tastes. The editor extension is a extension for VSCode, which is a lightweight, cross-platform, and extensible text editor (definitely not Visual Studio). Such extension provides syntax highlighting, auto-completion and documentation crawled from GTAModding and GTAG. This provides access to the compiler as well, so there's no need to touch the command line interface if you aren't familiar with that. The debugger is a client-server protocol which supports breakpoints, variable watching, and more. It's currently work-in-progress, but you should see it working together the editor extension pretty soon. Do note it is a protocol, as such it is game, compiler and editor agnostic, it just needs to be implemented on them. Everything is open source, as usual, and as noticed, it's all future-proof, in such a way that it can be used in future recreations of the game, such as OpenRW. This is compatible with all three games in the trilogy, III, Vice City and San Andreas. Get It:Download the compiler, or compile it yourself. Download VSCode and the extension (read the instructions). Download the debug server... ehh.. not yet. It's dangerous to go alone, take this:Learn GTA3script in Y minutes GTA3script at GTAModding GTA3script Complete Tutorial (PT-BR) GTA3 Multifile Source Code Quick Vehicle Spawner Source Code Special Thanks: Wesser for immensurable help in understanding the language, its principles and its future. Deji for his previous research and attempts at making a working compiler. Junior_Djjr and Silent for testing and feedback. I would also like to thank a certain company, without their slips, this wouldn't be possible.
  10. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto Vice City Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto 3 Widescreen Fix This and many other fixes now available at thirteenag.github.io/widescreen_fixes_pack
  11. LINK/2012

    Open Limit Adjuster

    Open Limit Adjuster This is a open source limit adjuster for Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas aiming to bring back limit adjusters to the scene. However it does not aim to be just a limit adjuster, but a limit purger, that's, turning whatever previously was limited into unlimited, being only limited by the machine/application capacity. Goals Bring limit adjusters back to the scene, but not totally centralized into one person. Avoid little limit adjusters here and there. Be an extremely stable limit adjuster. Purge out limits from the face of the community, we are in a dynamic world! Download The latest release can be found at GitHub, the ini comes configured to the best experience. https://github.com/ThirteenAG/limit_adjuster_gta3vcsa/releases Contributors aap / The Hero _DK fastman92 LINK/2012 maxorator Silent ThirteenAG Wesser Feel free to contribute to the project, check the GitHub repository Not sure how to contribute? Take a look here and here. Not sure what to contribute? Check our open issues.
  12. fastman92

    fastman92 limit adjuster

    fastman92 limit adjuster Like many other games, GTA has limits that may later need to be increased as the modding community grows. This limit adjuster gives you that opportunity. Furthermore, it hacks some limits that were once deemed impossible to be hacked because of their complexity, as the ID limits itself took over 5000 lines of code to hack. An example of these limits would be the ID limits, weapon limits, handling.cfg limits & cargrp.dat limit. Map limits are also hacked. This means bigger maps with more cities. Supported games: GTA III, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA IV, GTA V, Bully Scholarship Edition. Open-source work, can be studied and modified by other developers. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I am putting a lot of effort making sure that my projects meet the high quality requirements. That takes a significiant amount of work. If you like any of my projects, please consider making a donation. And keep on looking for what projects the future might bring. Download Follow http://fastman92.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What can be done with this limit adjuster? Author: dkluin ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// See the old GTA SA ID limits: http://gtaforums.com/topic/504006-rel-carcolsdat-unlim/?p=1061221494 Log file: Starting Limit Adjuster 0.5 by fastman92New ID limits:0 - 25599 (25600) - DFF models defined within IDE files25600 - 31099 (5500) - TXD archives.31100 - 31599 (500) - COL collision archives.31600 - 31899 (300) - IPL Binary IPL files.31900 - 31963 (64) - DAT files limited to nodes*.dat31964 - 32163 (200) - IFP animation archives.32164 - 32663 (500) - RRR car recordings, carrec*.rrr files32664 - 32762 (99) - SCM scripts32763 - 32764 (2) - Loaded list32765 - 32766 (2) - Requested list32767 - count of all file IDsAddresses:CStreaming__ms_modelInfoPtrs: 0x181B770CStreaming__ms_aInfoForModel: 0x3640020CAnimManager__ms_aAnimBlocks: 0xB5D4A0CVehicleRecording__StreamingArray: 0x97D880CTheScripts__StreamedScripts: 0xA47B60Modified limit IDE:cars section to: 500Game closedThe only ID limits that can't be adjusted: DATLoaded listRequested listLimits were patched with my new set of tools to hack limits flawlessly and find all relations and references that make a limit. Therefore you can trust 99% there's no single error when limit is patched. Although there's one drawback - old ASI plugins and some CLEO scripts won't work as they still point to old arrays and use default number of indexes for file types. Important ASI plugins will soon be patched to work properly with ID limit adjuster. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Silent


    Hey, what's going on? You plugged in your PlayStation or XBOX pad in hopes that you'll be able to play GTA on your PC just like you used to play on the console, and for some reason you can't make the controls work properly? You can't use full possibilities of your brand new, XInput-compatible pad? Maybe you want to refresh your childhood memories after ages of playing IV and you're sick of the old-fashioned controls? If any of these apply to you, GInput is the mod you've been looking for! This modification completely rewrites GTA controls handling and ditches DirectInput in favour of XInput. This way, your PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 pads will be handled by the game just perfectly, taking advantage of all their features, including analog triggers. This modification features: Complete XInput support, so pads are mapped to match console versions perfectly (including Start button, which can't be mapped on PC version without this modification). Proper vibration support - something that was cut from all PC versions of the game! FIVE (TWO in San Andreas) different control mappings - four setups matching PS2 selectable setups and fifth one being a recreation of GTA IV controls! Pad buttons in In-Game helps, replacing PC key names (depending on user's choice, either PlayStation or XBOX buttons are shown). An INI file with tons of options - including toggleable vibration, selecting controls setup, Invert Look option from console versions, axis inversion options from San Andreas and more! Automatic switching between keyboard & mouse and pad controls, basing on last device input. Support for Guide/PS button. The button is fully functional and can show your Steam Overlay menu if you launched the game via Steam! Cheats input from the pad. Use classic PS2 cheats on PC! Full co-op support in San Andreas - the game can make full use of two pads or bind the first pad to second player, so co-op can be played even if only one pad is connected. Increased support for DualShock 3 controllers and SCP Driver Package - including pressure sensitive buttons and SIXAXIS accelerometers. Screenshots San Andreas: Vice City: III: Footages GTA III "Give Me Liberty" gameplay: http://youtu.be/lgspMapwDgM DOWNLOAD HERE Make sure you pick the correct download (for GTA III, VC or SA)! Usage The changes take effect automatically, no need to toggle anything when the game is launched. Supported games GTA III 1.0 (all versions) GTA III 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version) GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) GTA VC 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version) GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) Credits @Deji - original GInput for San Andreas - huge inspiration for myself! @Ash_735 - testing, complete art support Bugbear Entertainment - Steering Sensitivity option
  14. The Hero

    WebGL Vehicle viewer

    This weekend I decided to play a bit with webgl and javascript and write a little viewer for GTA models. It should be able to load most dff files (native geometry NOT supported), textures are loaded like <img> elements by the browser. To make it a bit more interesting I implemented a little parser for IDE files and carcols.dat and made this vehicle viewer for III, VC and SA: http://gta.rockstarvision.com/vehicleviewer/ As for the code, it naturally only implements a small subset of RenderWare and perhaps it should be made a bit cleaner. It was mostly meant to be a proof of concept, but feel free to use and adapt it for you purposes. Hope you like it. Screenshot: BUGS: - due to name clashes some textures are not what they should be. (black64 &c.) - HTML and CSS are hard, so that part sucks a bit
  15. Ash_735

    Ash_735's Workshop

    Welcome to my Workshop, the thing I've put off making for quite some time but NO MORE! This will be my scrapbook area, a place where I can share weird tests and complete ideas that I've carried out. Now, if you've noticed me in the past there is one thing you'll know, and that is that I take quality and original atmosphere intent SERIOUSLY, here you'll find mods that have either been converted, repacked or re-purposed from other Rockstar Games, bringing the best quality from all across the board right back to the PC versions of these games! Maybe you'll also see content by me improving subtle visual effects here and there to? Who knows? I've worked on a lot over the years and I'll be going through old hard drives finding content and seeing what I can bring up to date and make fit for download for all of you to enjoy. Feel free to make suggestions and we'll see what we can do but do. Remastered Mobile GTA3 Background Remastered Vice City Menu Background Remade Mission Gradient Texture Mobile RADAR Map Textures Remastered San Andreas Menu Background
  16. Grinch_

    IDE/IPL Sorting Scripts

    IDE/IPL Sorting Scripts It's about time I'm actually posting on this board.Anyway,these are two scripts, IDE Renumber Script IPL Sorting Script IDE Renumber Script - This first script just renumbers object ID's from IDE files. IPL Sorting Script - This second script sorts IPL ID's against IDE id's. I've made this script inspired by @X-Seti's one's here.The concept is totally same,just the implementation is kinda different.You'll need Python to run these scripts. These scripts also support processing multiple files at once and will also copy other data sections of IDE & IPL to new file by itself. Usage: --------- Just put files in their respective script folders and run. Download v1.0 r2 Download v1.0
  17. ThirteenAG

    Windowed Mode

    Windowed Mode plugin (for GTA3, VC, SA) Originally created by maxorator as part of Maxo's Vehicle Loader for Vice City, this plugin starts the game in windowed mode. Download Installation 1. ASI Loader is required. If you don't have it, just install Widescreen Fix, ASI Loader comes with it. 2. Unpack III.VC.SA.WindowedMode.asi and (optionally) III.VC.SA.CoordsManager.exe to scripts folder, or modloader folder. 3. Start the game. Supported executables gta3.exe v1.0, gta-vc.exe v1.0, gta-sa.exe v1.0 Hotkeys * Alt-Enter: Toggle between borderless-fullscreen and windowed mode * Ctrl-Enter/Shift-Enter: Toggle border/menu * Ctrl-Alt: Toggle mouse cursor * If border is activated, you can resize the window with the mouse Known issues * If SilentPatch is installed, you won't be able to move mouse cursor while in-game. Enter main menu before activating mouse cursor. * In San Andreas, mouse cursor is not visible. Credits * maxorator Screenshots Download
  18. guard3

    g3DTZ - a GAME.DTZ extraction utility

    g3DTZ is a collection of tools that extract some data from GAME.DTZ; both LCS and VCS versions! Specifically: IDE IPL Cull.ipl Colour data (carcols, pedcols) Object.dat Pedstats.dat Particle.cfg Pedgrp.dat Weapon.dat Surface.dat Handling.cfg Timecyc.dat cdimage DIR cutscene image DIR Sfx.sdt (PSP) How to use? Simple! Just drag n' drop GAME.DTZ to the appropriate executable. For example, you should use lcs_psp.exe for a GAME.DTZ from lcs psp etc... Who to thank? @The Hero for his storiesconv source and @cj2000 for giving me a headstart! Where's the download? Here: v1.1, and don't forget to read the ReadMe Also g3DTZ is now open source! Check it out on GitHub!
  19. ThirteenAG

    CLEO 2.0

    CLEO v2.0 for GTA III and Vice City Visit CLEO Website CLEO is a hugely popular extensible library plugin which brings new possibilities in scripting for the games Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City by Rockstar Games, allowing the use of hundreds of unique mods which change or expand the gameplay. You may find more information about CLEO in the Sanny Builder help and on the website http://cleo.li CLEO 2 was made from scratch by @DK22Pac for GTA 3, I made an adaptation for VC and added a bunch of new opcodes, including cleo 4 ones. CLEO 2 supports all original opcodes that were presented in CLEO v1.1. Old cleo scripts are fully compatible with the new version. New opcodes added to CLEO 2: Sanny Builder data(for both games): SCM.INI OPCODES.TXT If you want to create an opcode check out CLEO SDK and sources of demo plugins. I created a small script to test some of the new opcodes, you can find it here. Supported executables: GTA 3 and VC: v1.0, v1.1, Steam. Note that some(and probably most) scripts aren't compatible with all versions of exe and they'll likely work only on v1.0. Download | Source code and SDK If you discovered a bug or an incompatibility with some script or any cleo related issue, report it here. Improved versions of Manual Aiming, Vehicle Camera Movement, IV pickups and other my scripts are here: http://13.sannybuilder.com/cleo-scripts.
  20. ermaccer

    ermaccer's Workshop

    Join my Discord server! Mods Information
  21. Hello g3SFX is a utility that allows you to extract and build SFX.SDT and SFX.RAW archives for GTAIII/VC* and Manhunt (PC). Why use g3SFX? With g3SFX you can extract sound effects with original names and directory tree information and build directly from that. No need to struggle with sound IDs anymore, just browse the generated sound effects folder, replace the sound you want, build, play!** example How does it work? In order to build the archives for the game, Rockstar used a listing file called sfx.lst, where developers kept track of the sound effects file paths and names. When a file like that is available, g3SFX can read it and extract with original filenames and then build as well. sfx.lst is available as a leftover in GTAIII mobile and Manhunt PC. How to use? There is a sample ini file where you specify the mode (extraction or build) and the path to required files. There's a ReadMe which explains the process in detail. Where's the download? Here! I have also included GTAIII's sfx.lst for convenience (since it only exists in mobile version). For Manhunt PC, this file is available in the audio folder. Ah, forgot to mention the tool is open source; if you want to check it out, the source is on github. Disclaimer All sound effects must be Mono, signed 16-bit PCM WAVs. Some sound effects have hardcoded properties, such as sample rate. So unless you patch those values with some sort of plugin or Cheat Engine, replacing may be buggy. *There's no sfx.lst file for GTAVC available, so while you have the option to extract without names, you can't build an archive. Unless you make one **Theoretically, check disclaimer
  22. Blue

    Blue's Workshop

    ADMINS AND MODERATORS //XP// A.G. Bleezey Colby direct_UA ermaccer JackProductions Jinx Mega Razor440 RM76 Savidge Stierlitz universetwisters THANKS TO My girlfriend, followers and the rest - For the amazing support throughout the years THE SAUCE
  23. Silent


    What up? Are you ready for the best Audio ASI Ever? Are you sick of TC mods and conversion mods badly messing and converting the audio wrong? Well guess what, we've got a great mod for you! VBDec, the first actual ASI plug-in for Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! What does it do? Well this plucky little plug-in enables playback of the PlayStation 2 .VB audio format on these games, NOT CONVERTED, NATIVE, untouched audio, so now you can finally get the full quality of these files without doing the conversions all by yourself or hoping that someone else hasn't messed things up and badly converted to MP3 or something. How about an added bonus? Well now the "MP3 Player" slot can also playback these files! Finally you can use stream audio from the PlayStation 2 versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories exactly how Rockstar intended, with no quality loss! "I use it on every installation so I can fight with the best sound" -Ash VBDec, by @Silent and @Sergeanur (...and @Ash_735, WHAT UP!?) So, how do you use it? Download VBDec from HERE Download Audio Samples from HERE Extract the following: vbdec.asi to "mss" folder audio-samples.asi to root directory of game audio-samples.ini to "audio" folder (pick the correct one from "III" or "VC" directories in the downloaded package!) Set up what files you want to replace with VB's inside the audio-samples.ini file, for example: AUDIO\HEAD.WAV will be changed to AUDIO\HEAD.VB AUDIO\WILD.ADF will be changed to AUDIO\WILD.VB Save the audio-samples.ini file, and THAT'S IT, your game will now playback the VB files in place of the originals NOTE: The default settings for VBDec is 32000Hz/Stereo, if you choose a file with different properties you will have to do an additional .ini file for that VB's properties placed in the same location as the VB, example: audio\VCPR.ini: [VB] sample_rate=16000 stereo=1 ; 1 - Stereo, 0 - Mono PS: A side effect of this plug-in allows Grand Theft Auto III to use the ADF files from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  24. The Hero

    Debug menu

    The last week I've been working on a nice little plugin: An in-game menu for III, VC and SA to tweak values and execute commands from within the game. The menu itself is completely empty by default. Other mods have to load it and fill it with whatever they like. Just so this thread isn't too boring I also wrote some nice little mods that make use of it. SkyGFX and sharptrails also expose their settings via this menu now. To install just put the debugmenu.dll into the root game directory. DO NOT rename this file, otherwise other mods won't find it. The module is not loaded by any dll/asi loaders, that would be pointless because it is empty. The individual mods that use it load it. You can get the menu here: https://github.com/aap/debugmenu/releases/ The debug mod has the following general features (different in each game, read the readme): - debug camera (original R* leftover in III made usable from the keyboard and ported to VC and SA) ( )- save and load camera positions and time & weather - standard game cheats in the menu (not for VC, the cheats are awkward to call there, maybe in the next version) - vehicle spawner with some "interesting" vehicles for quick acccess - change time and weather - change some player stats - COL renderer for III - lots of postfx settings in SA Get it here: https://github.com/aap/gtadebug/releases/ And have a screenshot: Some information for programmers: If you want to make use of this, check out the readme at https://github.com/aap/debugmenu and in particular the header file which you will need to include: https://github.com/aap/debugmenu/blob/master/debugmenu_public.h In this first version of the mod I have not yet settled on a 100% definitive API. So please be aware that later versions of the debug menu may be incompatible with earlier ones. I hope this will not happen but I can't promise. If you have suggestions for functions which you would like to see, tell me. Right now I haven't implemented anything that I didn't need, but a more complete and more flexible API would be nice of course.
  25. San Andreas PS2 vehicles: While working on ps2refl I noticed how bad the PC vehicle models looked with it. They have many errors in their reflection information so I converted the PS2 DFFs to PC files. Enjoy these much better models. EDIT: the old conversion was wrong as well. Finally you get correctly converted models: http://aap.papnet.eu/gta/ps2_vehicles_sa.zip Notes: - This package only contains the vehicles from vehicles.ide, no cutscene cars or upgrade parts - They should be used with SkyGfx (due to the dual pass I implemented, make sure you enable it for vehicles), otherwise you will have alpha problems (e.g. the hydra's glass will be invisible). - They are not straight conversions but I gave them the PC collision data so you can still use them with stencil shadows. Vice City PS2 vehicles: Load with 'CDIMAGE MODELS\VEHICLES_PS2.IMG' in default.dat or gta_vc.dat. The most noticeable difference are some different body textures(the admiral for instance) and stronger reflections. Use SkyGfx to get accurate PS2 reflections. http://aap.papnet.eu/gta/ps2_vehicles_vc.7z III, Vice City Xbox vehicles: Exact 1:1 conversion of all vehicles and wheels: http://aap.papnet.eu/gta_/xbox_vehicles_iii.7z http://aap.papnet.eu/gta_/xbox_vehicles_vc.7z

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