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  1. Symbiote

    [REL|IV] Arrest Warrant

    WHAT IT DOES This script adds a fairly intricate notoriety system similar to Assassin's Creed. Gaining Notoriety - If the cops see your face during a chase, there's a chance they'll IDENTIFY you for the crime. - If you ESCAPE after being identified, the crime is added to your arrest warrant. - Your warrant is given a NOTORIETY rating based on how serious your crimes were (1 star, 2 stars, etc.) - Press 0 on the numpad to show your current notoriety rating. Alerting Police - Your notoriety, behavior, and traffic crimes will ALERT police (see "Tips" below for extensive details). - A green indicator means the cop is watching you. Yellow & red mean he's suspicious, & he'll investigate. Starting Pursuits - If a red-alerted cop gets close, he'll stop you & ask for ID. Niko is an illegal immigrant, so... 1 star no matter what. - With high notoriety (3+ stars) if a nearby cop is fully alerted, he'll RECOGNIZE you & start a chase. - If a fully alerted cop sees you bump someone or commit a serious traffic crime, he'll give you 1 star.* - If you hold a gun/explosive near a cop, there's a chance he'll spot your weapon & give you 1 star.* Ending Pursuits - If you get arrested (or die during a chase), your arrest warrant will be cleared. - You'll lose your wanted level if you're unseen for a long time (60 secs per star). - Hold F1 to surrender. Doesn't always work, because cops are angry. High Alert* - Cops will be alerted more easily for a while after you escape a chase. - If a cop becomes fully alerted during this time, the previous chase will RESUME. - High Alert lasts 1 minute for each star you had in the previous chase. Wanted Vehicles - Your vehicle can have its own wanted level, if it's identified during a chase. - Outside of chases, alerted cops might RECOGNIZE your wanted vehicle while investigating. - If your vehicle's wanted level is at least 3 stars, it'll slowly alert cops on sight. - Stolen vehicles are often REPORTED to the police.* - Go to a Pay 'n' Spray to clear the vehicle's wanted level. Paying Bribes* - Press 5 on the numpad to arrange a bribe meeting. - At the meeting: . . . Press 4 & 6 to cycle through crime levels (1 star, 2 stars, etc.). . . . Press 8 & 2 to add & remove crimes from the bribe. . . . Press 5 to pay the bribe. . . . Press Delete to reset the current bribe. . . . The notoriety value & bribe cost are displayed for each crime level. * Can be disabled in the INI. ------------------------------------------------ HOW TO INSTALL This is a script for HazardX's .NET scripthook. Just extract the files into the 'scripts' folder of the .NET scripthook. Note: - Make sure you have the latest scripthook version, v1.7.1.7. - See below for known bugs, so you know what to expect. ------------------------------------------------ DOWNLOAD v1.1 Last updated February 21, 2015 ------------------------------------------------ TIPS General - Many settings can be tweaked in the INI. - Hold PageDown and press 5 on the numpad to disable/enable the mod. This won't clear your warrant or your wanted vehicles. Being Spotted - The chance of your face being identified depends on: . . . . your wanted level . . . . whether you're in a vehicle, & the vehicle's speed . . . . whether the cop is dying (lying down/limping) . . . . how long the cop has continuously seen your face - The chance of your vehicle being identified depends on: . . . . your wanted level . . . . your vehicle's speed & wanted level . . . . whether High Alert is active . . . . how long the cop has seen your vehicle - The chance of your gun being spotted depends on: . . . . whether you're in a vehicle . . . . the cop's alert level . . . . the size of the weapon - All the above chances also depend on: . . . . your distance & notoriety . . . . whether it's nighttime and/or raining . . . . whether the cop is in a vehicle, & his vehicle's speed Alerting Police - How fast cops are alerted depends on: . . . . your speed, distance, & notoriety . . . . whether you're holding a weapon . . . . whether you're climbing, jumping, or walking into people (especially cops) . . . . what size crowd you're in (how many NPCs are nearby) . . . . whether you're in cover . . . . whether you're facing each other . . . . whether you're in a vehicle, & the vehicle's speed, damage, & wanted level . . . . whether you're in an emergency vehicle (police, ambulance, fire truck) . . . . whether you're breaking traffic laws . . . . whether it's nighttime and/or raining . . . . whether you're near a dead or dying person . . . . whether you've been too close to the cop for too long . . . . whether High Alert is active . . . . whether the cop can see another cop chasing you . . . . whether the cop has seen, investigated, interrogated, and/or identified you before . . . . how long the cop has investigated you . . . . whether the cop is NOOSE, FBI, or just normal LCPD . . . . whether you're wearing the LSD uniform (–25% chance by default in INI) - They are alerted much faster if your notoriety is 3 stars or more. - Alert can slowly drain, but only after an alerted cop has seen you act normal for a while. - Alert indicators only show on the map for cops in your character's line of sight (360º). - Alert indicators will flash: . . . . White flash = alert level is higher than it's been before (bigger increase = more flashes) . . . . Gray flash = draining . . . . Blue flashes = fully alerted Investigations - If you break a cop's line of sight while he's investigating, he'll run to your last known position, try to guess where you went, & then give up if he can't find you. - If you're far away, the cop will jog until he gets near. - If a cop sees you run while he's investigating, he'll be alerted very fast. (Using my Weapon Weight mod, you can "hurry" to walk faster.) - Cops in cars... . . . . will try to follow you while investigating, if you're in a vehicle. . . . . won't get out of their cars until their indicators turn red. Secondary Vision - As a workaround for cops not seeing far, cops in cars and/or investigating have "secondary vision". - Secondary vision imitates the cop glancing around & looking in rearview car mirrors. - It's 360º & its range depends on the cop's alert level. - There's a chance, based on his alert level, that he'll see you in this field of view. High Notoriety - If your notoriety is at least 3 stars, cops will... . . . . get alerted just from investigating for a long time. . . . . ID you just from being fully alert & nearby. . . . . ID you for your past crimes when you get IDed for a lower-level crime. - If your vehicle's wanted level is at least 3 stars, it'll alert cops on sight. Escalating Notoriety - A new crime is added to your warrant every time you escape after being identified (not including chases resumed during High Alert). - Eventually, the notoriety from these crimes can add up, increasing your notoriety rating. - Even 1-star crimes can add up to a 2-star notoriety rating, if you have a lot of them on your warrant. - Notoriety escalates slowly at first (thirty 1-star crimes = one 2-star crime), but it gets much faster at higher levels (five 2-star crimes = one 3-star crime). Recommended Related Mods - Less Cops in Liberty City by lilmcnessy — Fewer police will spawn. - Halt Traffic Behind by HazardX, modified by me — Makes NPCs stop behind your car instead of trying to drive around. - Weapon Weight by me — Includes a "hurry" feature to walk/run/swim faster. Useful when evading police. - Prison Break by HippieCommunist — Go to prison when arrested. Post bail or try to escape. - Farnsworth's Business Mod by Prof_Farnsworth — Buy businesses and earn money for bribes. ------------------------------------------------ KNOWN BUGS (and workarounds for some) Important Bugs - Your arrest warrant is only saved when you use a bed to save the game, not when the game autosaves. - Your arrest warrant is persistent across different savegames. Workaround: manually create a different ArrestWarrant.dat file for each save. - When patrolling cops see an NPC criminal, they either ignore or shoot at him. Workaround: disable PreventCopDeletion in the INI, or temporarily toggle the mod off until the NPC criminal gets chased away. GTA IV Issues (unfixable?) - Most cops can't see very far. - The game AI can see through many things it shouldn't, like low walls, dumpsters, vehicles, vegetation, and people. - The game AI can't follow you through certain areas. Currently known to affect several alleys, one door, and one subway station staircase. - Sometimes, the game gives you 1 star for stealing a vehicle when you only tried to open a locked car door. - Sometimes, the game thinks you committed a traffic crime when you didn't (e.g. it thinks a street is one-way when it's not). - The game fades the indicators over cops when you're close to them. Vehicle Bugs - If you commit traffic crimes while moving very slowly, the police won't notice. - Cops are really bad at tailing you in cars, often crashing or making pointless wrong turns. - Stolen vehicles don't get reported if they're empty and unlocked when you get in (this is a workaround to prevent your saved cars from being reported). Minor Bugs - At the start of an interrogation, alert indicators stop flashing for a moment. - During an interrogation, sometimes cops don't face you. - Calling Kiki Jenkins or Francis McReary to remove your wanted level doesn't prevent the crime from being added to your warrant. Workaround: toggle this mod off (PageDown + 5) before using the cheat. - Any cheats for removing your wanted level (including the Kiki/Francis ones) don't reset cop alert levels. Workaround: same as previous. Incompatibility with Other Mods - Switching the player model with a trainer causes an error. Workaround: same as previous. - This mod conflicts with Wanted, Wanted Vehicle, Weapon Arrest, and Drive Felony by BR_Goianiense. - Ticket by HippieCommunist: Sometimes, cops will ticket you twice (or more) in a row. ------------------------------------------------ CHANGE LOG v1.1 — February 21, 2015 - Your notoriety rating is shown as big stars in the top-right. . . . . When you've been IDed in a chase, the stars and an eye icon both flash blue. . . . . During High Alert, the stars and countdown timer both flash red. . . . . Your vehicle wanted level is shown as stars above the radar. - Tweaked police behavior: . . . . Weapons are confiscated when you die in a chase (new INI setting, see below). . . . . Lose your wanted level even in search radius if unseen for a long time (new INI setting). . . . . You can surrender during a chase by holding down F1 (new INI setting). . . . . They call for backup when your wanted level rises. . . . . When investigating, they just follow and don't interrogate unless fully alerted. . . . . Investigating cops threaten you when they're nearby. . . . . Alert level starts draining if you haven't alerted them in a while, unless fully alerted (new INI setting). . . . . Alert level starts rising after they've investigated for 120 seconds, so you have to lose them (new INI setting). . . . . Alert indicators on the map are smaller for cops on foot (new INI settings). . . . . Alert indicator flashes whenever alert level rises, not just when it reaches a new peak. . . . . After a cop has investigated, his alert level won't drain below 20 (new INI setting). . . . . They're alerted when they see a nearby cop running after you (new INI setting). . . . . They're less easily alerted when you're in a crowd (new INI settings). . . . . They're less easily alerted when you're in cover (new INI setting). . . . . They're less easily alerted when you run during High Alert. . . . . They're less easily alerted during High Alert if your notoriety rating is less than the previous wanted level. . . . . High Alert is cancelled if you save, die, or go to Pay 'n' Spray (due to time passed). . . . . They're no longer alerted faster when you face them, unless you have 3+ notoriety stars. . . . . Driving away from investigating cops only alerts them if they're at red alert. . . . . If you drive fast nearby, they notice traffic crimes they can't see (except heavy car damage). . . . . They're not alerted by heavy car damage if you're barely moving. . . . . If your siren is on, traffic crimes are allowed (except hitting peds). . . . . They're less likely to spot your gun/explosive, except when you're aiming (new INI settings). . . . . They run slower when investigating (new INI settings). . . . . When investigating cops lose you, they guess your location multiple times within a wider radius (new INI setting). . . . . They no longer always run to the nearest sidewalk before giving up investigations. . . . . Investigating cops in cars don't get out to interrogate until they reach red alert. . . . . FBI and NOOSE pay less attention to you when your warrant/High Alert level is low (new INI setting). . . . . Cops pay less attention to you when you wear the LSD uniform (new INI setting). . . . . Chance of looking at player is based on peak alert level instead of current level. - Misc . . . . Added lots of INI settings & tweaked existing ones. . . . . Empty cars might be reported stolen if the engine was running when you got in. . . . . Police radio dispatch sounds are enabled when you're in an emergency vehicle. . . . . The "vehicle identified" message says whether it's for a past crime or new one. . . . . Bribe text is broken into multiple lines, and the amount of lost notoriety is shown after bribing. . . . . Added "reloadini" console command. . . . . Added "togglestats" console command to show various stats for the nearest tracked cop. . . . . Significant code restructure. - Fixed bugs: . . . . You were IDed when resuming a chase from High Alert, even if you weren't IDed in the last chase. . . . . Police told you to pull over while you were on foot. . . . . Cops sometimes didn't face you while interrogating. . . . . Cops sometimes didn't wander after giving up an investigation. . . . . Cops driving vehicles didn't stop to wait for other cops to get in. . . . . Script crash when the game deleted a cop right after he spotted your weapon. . . . . Weapon alert INI settings didn't have any effect. . . . . Wanted vehicle notification was still shown when disabled in the INI. . . . . ID messages were still shown when disabled in the INI. . . . . "Vehicle IDed" message didn't show if the car was already wanted when IDed for a new crime. . . . . More than the MaxTrackedCops could be tracked sometimes. . . . . The mod only started tracking new cops within TrackingRange_CopInCar, even if TrackingRange_CopOnFoot was bigger. v1.0.5 — October 8, 2012 - Cops turn their heads to look at you when their alert indicators are green. - Fixed bug where you were always instantly IDed when chases first started. - Minor tweak: Decreased default VehicleID_MinSecs INI setting from 7 to 6. v1.0.4 — October 6, 2012 - Police get alerted when you're driving an emergency vehicle nearby. . . . . Added "Driving_EmergencyVehicle" INI setting to tweak this. - You're instantly IDed for new stars in a chase if you were already IDed (reverted from v0.9.9). . . . . Added "NewStarsInstantID" INI setting — if set to "false", you must be IDed by a new cop or seen by a cop who already IDed you. - Minor code cleanup. v1.0.3 — August 2, 2012 - Bribe contact is armed with a Desert Eagle. - Fixed bugs where... . . . . OverallAlertModifier INI setting constantly alerted all cops. . . . . keypresses wouldn't work while holding Shift/Ctrl/Alt. . . . . invalid weapons, like the parachute in EFLC, caused script crashes. . . . . disabling all traffic crimes except speeding disabled speeding too. . . . . speech audio wouldn't work while receiving a ticket (with HippieCommunist's Ticket.cs mod). - Decreased script file size by 9% (was using the wrong compile mode before). - Renamed LastBribeKey INI setting to PrevBribeKey. - Very minor tweaks, optimization, and cleanup. v1.0.2 — March 25, 2012 - Increased default bribe costs for 4+ stars. - Fixed bug where increased alert modifiers in the INI could make cops get alerted too fast or too slow. - Minor tweaks to the INI file, minor code cleanup. v1.0.1 — January 12, 2012 - Added "mission complete" music when arrest warrant crimes are added/removed (can be disabled in the INI under MESSAGES). - Increased how much cops are alerted by running, especially during High Alert. - After bribing, any remaining High Alert time will decrease based on your remaining notoriety, instead of clearing completely. - Cops mention reckless driving when interrogating near your car (you no longer have to be sitting in the car). - Changed default value of "IDStatus_NumberOfCops" to false (under MESSAGES). - Cleaned up keypress handling. - Fixed bug where cops would steal your car. - Fixed bug where interrogations would get stuck, breaking other parts of the mod. - Fixed bug where cops in cars wouldn't reliably inherit the highest alert level among them. v1.0 — December 31, 2011 - Police can identify vehicles. - Stolen vehicles have a chance of being reported. - Cops are alerted when you break certain traffic laws. - New INI settings, including how much each traffic crime alerts cops. - You have to meet an NPC to pay bribes. - Cops are less likely to spot your face/vehicle/weapon at night and/or in rain. - Disabled the police radio that you hear during chases (can be re-enabled in the INI). - When a fully alerted cop sees you bump into someone, he'll give you 1 star. - Within a cop car, all cops inherit the highest alert level among them. - Alert indicators for cop car passengers are hidden, instead of overlapping the driver's. - Alert indicators on the map show alert levels in their labels. - New types of flashes for alert indicators. - More cop speech: . . . . comment when you walk into people or you're too close for too long. . . . . comment when they see you crash your car into another car. . . . . comment when they've seen reckless driving and pull you out of a car for an interrogation. . . . . comment when they give up an investigation on foot. . . . . yell when they're nearby and their indicators are red. (The cop won't flag you for evading police unless he has yelled at you.) - Workaround for nearsighted cops: Cops in cars and/or investigating have "secondary vision" . . . . Secondary vision is 360º and its range depends on the cop's alert level. . . . . There's a chance based on his alert level that he'll see you in this field of view. - Investigating cops in cars... . . . . will follow you if you're in a moving car. . . . . no longer abandon their cars if your car is far away or moving at moderate speed. - Investigating cops are alerted when you drive away from them (unless driving quite slowly). - When you break an investigating cop's line of sight, he'll guess which direction you went. - Improved cop awareness of jumping, running, walking into people, and being near dead people. - Significantly increased default tracking range setting; made a separate setting for cops in cars. - Whether guns are "large", "medium" or "small" depends on their dimensions, instead of weapon type. - Added readme file. - Lots of fixes and tweaks. v0.9.9 hotfix — October 8, 2011 - Fixed bug where interrogations wouldn't progress properly. - Fixed bug where cops would be deleted more often than normal during chases. - Minor optimization and cleanup. v0.9.9 — October 7, 2011 - Every consecutive second cop can see face at close range, +3% chance to ID; resets once cop can't see face anymore. (Imitates "getting a good look" at the player.) - If you were IDed and you escape a chase, cops will be alerted easily, and the chase will resume if they become fully alerted. Lasts 1 minute for every star on your warrant. - Cops now notice when you run near them even if they can't see you. - When you've been IDed and earn additional stars in a chase, you're no longer immediately IDed for the new stars. Now you must be IDed by a new cop or seen by a cop who already IDed you. - Cops who are down but not dead can now ID you. - Cops who have died are no longer counted as having IDed you. - Added "IdentifyChanceModifier" INI setting — changes how likely cops are to identify you. - Added several INI options for tweaking messages. - Replaced "ShowNotifications" option with separate options for "identified" and "crime added" messages. - Decreased max bribe cost to $999,999,999 (because that's the max that you can carry). - Increased default bribe costs for 3+ stars. - Increased default MaxTrackedCops from 20 to 25. - Improved cop tracking (several fixes and tweaks). - Improved cop tailing during investigation (more fixes and tweaks). - Improved compatibility with Ticket mod by HippieCommunist. - Fixed occasional "NullReferenceException" and "NonExistingObjectException" script crashes. - Fixed major bug in calculation of cops' chance to ID. - Lots of minor fixes and tweaks, and a few optimizations. v0.9.8 — September 6, 2011 - Renamed the mod from "Criminal Record" to the more accurate name "Arrest Warrant". - Alert indicators now flash every time a cop's peak alert level gets higher. - Cops are now alerted when they see you climb, and sometimes when you jump. - Cops will start getting alerted if you're close to them for a long time. - If a cop can see you and has been fully alerted for several seconds, you'll get 1 star. - Added "MaxTrackedCops" INI setting to avoid a noticeable performance impact. - Added "ShowNotifications" INI setting to disable "crime added to warrant" messages. - Workaround "fix" for some cops starting to chase an NPC and then immediately stopping. - Various tweaks, fixes and cleanup. v0.9.7 — August 28, 2011 - Cops are now alerted when you bump into people. More so for bumping cops, especially for the cop being bumped. - Cops are also alerted when you're near a dead or dying person. - Cops are also alerted when you stand face-to-face very close. - Fixed several bugs affecting investigating cops. - If your notoriety is high and a cop has investigated you for 90 seconds (not counting when he can't see you), he'll start getting alerted faster. - Decreased the range in which cops can recognize you when fully alerted, especially with lower notoriety. - Now investigating cops always move faster while walking, and they jog when they lose you. Removed MoveFasterWhileInvestigating INI setting. - Added AlertModifier INI setting, to increase/decrease how much cops are alerted per second. - Cop indicators are now labeled "Cop" on the map, instead of "Enemy". - Minor tweaks, fixes and cleanup. v0.9.6 hotfix — July 26, 2011 - Fixed bug where cop deletion would be prevented after an interrogation, even if PreventCopDeletion was set to false. - Fixed bug with older GTA4 patches where cops would shoot at the player with only 1 star, or even when not wanted. - Fixed bug where escaping after being identified would immediately make the player wanted again. - Minor fixes and tweaks. v0.9.6 — July 25, 2011 - Partially fixed major bug where cops could be deleted by the game when off-screen. Cops in cars/standing around can still be deleted. - Fixed major bug where cops would repeatedly identify the player, quickly giving massive notoriety. - Increased how much fast movement alerts cops, and how fast cops regain their peak alert level. - Increased default cop tracking range by 33%. - Made a separate INI setting for whether weapons alert cops (formerly included in "WeaponsAreIllegal"). - Minor fixes and tweaks. v0.9.5 — July 22, 2011 - Added INI file for keys, bribe costs, and other settings. - Now only the knife and bat will alert cops faster. - For guns, grenades, and molotovs, now there's a chance the cops will notice the weapon (like how they identify your face) and give you 1 star. - Fixed bug where cop alert levels wouldn't drain after giving up an investigation. - Compiled script and changed save file to CriminalRecord.dat. - Minor tweaks and cleanup. v0.9.4 — July 19, 2011 - Offenses are now added to your record as soon as you're identified, and the Notoriety value is shown. - Fixed bug where earning more stars after initially being identified wouldn't increase notoriety. - Significantly increased bribe costs for 2+ stars, and increased notoriety value of 3-star offenses. - Cops are alerted much faster when they see you holding a weapon, especially a large weapon. - Tweaked how fast cops regain their peak alert level after losing you and then seeing you again. - If you escape after being identified, the cops who identified you are alerted faster if they see you again. - Improved compatibility with Prison Break by HippieCommunist: Fixed bugs where 4-star offenses were wrongly added to criminal record while wearing prison uniform, and where instantly earning 4+ stars in any situation would be considered a prison escape. - Improved compatibility with Ticket by HippieCommunist: Fixed bugs where cops would follow you everywhere after a ticket, and where waiting until an interrogation ended would give you ticket after ticket, potentially for eternity. - Minor fixes and tweaks. v0.9.3 — July 12, 2011 - Cops are now tracked and can be alerted even if you have 0 notoriety. - When an investigating cop loses sight of you, if he still can't see you after 2 seconds, he'll run straight to where you are at that moment, to imitate "guessing" which direction you went after he lost you. - Decreased chance of being identified by police when farther away. - Increased range in which cops are tracked. - Fixed bug where getting into a car and driving away wouldn't fail an interrogation. - Other minor fixes, tweaks, and cleanup. - Changed version numbering scheme. v0.9c — July 10, 2011 - Added little "interrogations" to the end of investigations. - With a wanted rating of 2 or less, fully alerting cops no longer gives you a wanted level. Instead, they'll just follow until they lose you or you're close enough to interrogate. - If the police identify you while your wanted level is 1 star and you have a notoriety rating of 2 stars, you will no longer be given 2 stars (because realistically cops wouldn't know your face well enough with that amount of notoriety). - Cops walk faster while investigating, and fat cops run faster as well. - If a cop has investigated and lost you, they will quickly regain their previous alert level the next time they see you. (And if they've interrogated you before, the next interrogation will be much shorter.) - Tweaked how far cops can see and how fast certain situations alert them. - Alert indicators now show on the map if the cop is in your character's line of sight (360º). - Fixed bug where not all cops were affected by the script in crowded areas. - Workaround for bug where the alert meter filled way too fast due to the player velocity being inaccurate. Side effect: Moving fast while not in a vehicle will negate the effect of velocity on alert level. - Added compatibility for HippieCommunist's Prison Break mod: now when you break out of prison, you'll immediately be identified and notorious. (Note: only works if you set "AlarmWanted" in Prison.ini to at least 4.) - Improved compatibility for HippieCommunist's Ticket mod: when you pay a ticket, all suspicious cops will have their alert levels reduced to just under the suspicion threshold. - Minor fixes, optimization, and cleanup. v0.9b — July 8, 2011 - Fixed bug where breaking an investigating cop's line of sight would make him always go to your last known position, even if he sees you again before he gets there. - Fixed another bug where an investigating cop would go to a position far away from where he last saw you. - Added compatibility for HippieCommunist's Ticket script. Offenses aren't added to your record if you pay the fine. If you only have a 1-star notoriety rating, it will be cleared after paying. (NOTE: Only works if your Ticket file name is "ticket.cs".) - Minor fixes and optimization If you read all of that, I offer you THIS:
  2. Symbiote

    Real Reload

    WHAT IT DOES More realistic reload model! - Switching weapons no longer refills the gun's clip. - Reloading discards the remaining ammo in the clip (except for shotguns that don't use magazines). HOW TO INSTALL This is a script for HazardX's .NET scripthook. Just place RealReload.cs and RealReload.ini into the 'scripts' folder of the .NET scripthook. Note: If you don't use the R key for reloading, you'll have to change the key setting in RealReload.ini. ---------------- Download v1.3.2 Last updated January 15, 2013 ---------------- KNOWN BUGS - Doesn't work with gamepads, unfortunately. - When you switch weapons, your ammo will briefly look like the clip was refilled. As soon as you can aim the gun, the ammo numbers will revert back to what they were when you last used the gun. - The sawn-off shotgun in TLAD shouldn't be affected, but I can't test it since I don't have TLAD. ---------------- CHANGE LOG v1.3.2 — January 15, 2013 - Fixed bug where switching weapons during a reload caused a chain of reloads until all ammo disappeared v1.3.1 — November 15, 2012 - Added INI setting for whether remaining ammo in clip is lost when you reload - Very minor code cleanup v1.3 — November 6, 2011 - Now you must change the default key in the INI if you don't use R (reverted from v1.2) - Fixed bug where the reload key would be undetected if pressed too fast - Fixed bug where switching weapons would refill the gun's clip - Fixed bug where trying to reload with zero extra ammo would empty the clip - You can now cancel a reload by switching weapons before it's complete - Converted script from VB.NET to C# v1.2 — May 24, 2011 - Bug fixed - no longer necessary to edit the code for reload keys other than R - Bug maybe fixed - added TLAD sawn-off shotgun to unaffected weapons v1.1 — April 22, 2011 - Bug fixed - no longer subtracts a whole clip of ammo when you try to reload with a full clip - Bug fixed - no longer subtracts ammo multiple times when you press R multiple times - Added info in script on how to edit for a reload key other than R
  3. Symbiote

    Deadly Wrecks

    WHAT IT DOES Car wrecks hurt! Put on a seatbelt to reduce damage and prevent flying through the windshield. - Minor wrecks don't hurt you. - Normal wrecks hurt you based on car damage. - Big wrecks hurt you based on car damage x1.5 and can trigger the drunk cam effect. - Crashing upside down or sideways hurts you based on car damage x3. - Press Left Alt to put on your seatbelt. HOW TO INSTALL This is a script for HazardX's .NET scripthook. Just place DeadlyWrecks.net.dll and DeadlyWrecks.ini into the 'scripts' folder of the .NET scripthook. Download v1.1.6 Last updated October 16, 2013 TIPS - Only you take damage from this mod, not NPCs.- See the DeadlyWrecks.ini file for various settings. . . . . The default settings assume that you have a car damage realism mod like Realistic Driving by Killatomate. . . . . You can type "reloadini" in the console to load new settings while the game is running. - When you wear your seatbelt: . . . . You won't fly through the windshield. . . . . Damage is reduced by a configurable amount. . . . . There's a max amount of damage per collision (but you can still die if a wreck involves multiple collisions). - There are settings (off by default) for more seatbelt realism: . . . . Seatbelt_KeyHoldDuration: You have to hold the seatbelt key to put it on/take it off. . . . . Seatbelt_PreventExit: You have to remove the seatbelt before getting out (huge thanks to LMS). CHANGE LOG v1.1.6 — October 16, 2013- Decreased default ChassisSensitivity from 1.5 to 1.0 - Decreased default EngineSensitivity from 0.6 to 0.5 - Fixed bug: Flying through the windshield wasn't always detected - Fixed bug: The radar flashed red upon entering a vehicle v1.1.5 — October 15, 2013 - When you fly through the windshield, you take 90 damage (EjectionDamage INI setting) - Added Seatbelt_PreventExit INI option: you have to remove seatbelt to get out (huge thanks to LMS) - Added Seatbelt_Reminder INI option: reminder to remove seatbelt when you try to get out - Added underscore to seatbelt setting names in INI for readability - Decreased default ChassisSensitivity setting from 1.75 to 1.5 - Split INI into "Damage Detection" and "Seatbelt" sections - Minor code cleanup v1.1.4 — May 21, 2013 - "MinimumWreckDamage" threshold is applied AFTER any damage multipliers and seatbelt protection - Added "SeatbeltKeyHoldDuration" INI setting - how long you have to hold the seatbelt toggle key - Increased default "ChassisSensitivity" setting from 1.0 to 1.75 - Decreased default "EngineSensitivity" setting from 0.8 to 0.6 - Decreased default "MinimumWreckDamage" setting from 15 to 10 - Minor code cleanup v1.1.3 — February 15, 2013 - Added chance of big wrecks triggering drunk cam (4 new INI settings) - Changed INI setting "SeatbeltNoDamageWhilePassenger" to "SeatbeltPassengerProtection" (more customizable) - Decreased default "EngineSensitivity" setting from 0.95 to 0.8 - Increased default "MinimumWreckDamage" setting from 10 to 15 - Moved default seatbelt icon position to avoid overlapping my Arrest Warrant mod's vehicle wanted level - Damage multipliers are applied individually, instead of being added together and then applied v1.1.2 — January 15, 2013 - When you're a passenger, the seatbelt gives full protection from wrecks - Added INI setting "SeatbeltNoDamageWhilePassenger" to disable the above change v1.1.1 — November 18, 2012 - Fixed bug: The seatbelt warning appeared when you died with the seatbelt on - Changed default INI settings: . . . . Decreased UpsideDownMultiplier from 5.0 to 3.0 . . . . Increased SeatbeltProtection from 15 to 20 . . . . Decreased SeatbeltMaxDamagePerCollision from 85 to 80 v1.1 — November 12, 2012 - Replaced "Seatbelt on/off" text with a flashing warning icon near the radar - Compiled script to DLL file v1.0.1 hotfix — November 11, 2012 - Fixed bug: BigWreckTreshold and BigWreckMultiplier INI settings didn't load properly v1.0.1 — November 11, 2012 - Modified seatbelt calculation (damage cap is applied after protection, instead of before) - Fixed bug: The seatbelt key didn't work while holding Control, Alt, or Shift - Minor code cleanup
  4. _skinnymeanman

    Real live gangster voices in GTAV?

    So I have a friend that goes to the Art Institute for audio technology and he says that Rockstar went out and recorded the voices of real gang members to be featured in Grand Theft Auto V. Has anyone else heard about this? Does anyone else think this will be an effective dose of realism for the game? Does anyone believe that Rockstar would go this far to emphasize their take on how realistic they want to make this game?
  5. Symbiote

    Weapon Weight

    WHAT IT DOES — Slowed Movement This script decreases your speed on foot, depending on the weapons, ammo, and cash you're carrying. (All speed penalties can be tweaked.) — Hurrying Holding ALT increases movement speed by 20%. Doing so while sprinting uses Adrenaline, shown as a white bar under the radar. (This can be tweaked or disabled.) — Weapon Bag Large amounts of cash and all weapons except the knife and pistols are stored in a backpack or duffel bag, not in your magic pockets. (This can be tweaked or disabled.) — Weapon Removal Pressing * on the numpad drops the current weapon permanently. While unarmed, hold PageDown and press * to remove armor. (This can be disabled.) HOW TO INSTALL This is a script for HazardX's .NET scripthook. Just place the files in the 'scripts' folder of the .NET scripthook. ---------------- Download v1.2.8 Last updated October 28, 2012 ---------------- TIPS - Tweak the settings in the INI file to suit your preferences. - Carrying lots of guns and ammo can have a major effect on your speed. Drop weapons you don't need. - I recommend using my Weapon Storage mod if you want to get rid of weapons without losing them forever. - Having 1 armor affects your speed the same as 100 armor. When your armor gets low, it might be a good idea to just remove it. - To avoid being slowed down too much by your cash, use my Bank Account mod to store money at ATMs. Or set the cash speed penalty to 0.0. - For realism, I recommend editing your WeaponInfo.xml file and decreasing the max ammo for every weapon to something realistic. - Adrenaline recharges more slowly when you're moving fast. - After the "MaxTotalPenalty" is reached, additional weight just makes the hurry button less effective, until hurrying has no effect. KNOWN BUGS - Unfortunately, you can't get weapons back after dropping them, due to script limitations. See this post for an alternate (sometimes buggy) version that I use, which allows dropped weapons to be picked back up. - Melee weapons disappear when dropped, instead of falling to the ground. ---------------- CHANGE LOG v1.2.8 — October 28, 2012 - When bags are unavailable for the current player model, they are disabled to prevent errors. - Fixed bug where OtherMeleeBag INI setting applied to all melee weapons. v1.2.7 — October 23, 2012 - Added support for non-vanilla thrown/melee weapons (INI settings OtherThrownPenalty, OtherMeleePenalty, OtherMeleeBag). - Fixed bug where grenades slowed you down much more than intended. v1.2.6 hotfix 2 — September 29, 2012 - Fixed bug where cash never gave you a bag. - Very minor optimization when loading. v1.2.6 hotfix — September 3, 2012 - Fixed constant player animation twitching caused by updating the bag too often. v1.2.6 — September 3, 2012 - Added INI settings for bag behavior. - Fixed incorrect setting in INI file (was RemoveArmorModifier instead of RemoveArmorModifierKey). - Renamed AdrenRechargePerSec INI setting to AdrenRegenPerSec. - Code cleanup. v1.2.5 — September 1, 2012 - Ammo is measured per round instead of per clip. - Fixed bug where sniper rifles and heavy weapons wouldn't give you a duffel bag. - Fixed bug where dropped melee weapons weren't removed from your inventory. - Minor optimization and significant cleanup. v1.2.4 — December 31, 2011 - Added readme. - Fixed bug where sprinting while the sprint key wasn't pressed wouldn't drain Adrenaline properly. - Fixed bug where the cell phone could be dropped like a weapon. - Minor optimization and cleanup. v1.2.3 — September 27, 2011 - Added MaxTotalPenalty INI setting, default is 30%. This prevents super-slow-mo movement. - Removed AdrenBarHeight INI setting. The bar now approximately matches the health/armor bar size. - Fixed bug where a very high total penalty would make you slide around really fast. - Minor optimization. v1.2.2 — September 6, 2011 - Cash is now carried in a backpack if you have at least $65,000, a duffel bag for at least $500,000. - Cash also has a speed penalty now, 0.003% per $1,000. Adds up if you carry a lot of money. v1.2.1 — August 8, 2011 - Adrenaline is now shown as a bar under the radar. - Adrenaline now recharges faster when not running. - Minor fixes and optimization. - Changed version numbering scheme. v1.2 — May 6, 2011 - Compiled script and included INI file for settings. - Incorporated my "Hurry Up" script into the mod. Holding Alt increases movement speed, and while sprinting it drains adrenaline. Without adrenaline, sprinting speed is normal. - Changed default drop-weapon key to * on the numpad. - Added "ModifierKey" (PageDown by default), which has to be held down to remove armor, to avoid removing accidentally. - SMG, grenades, and molotovs are stored in backpack instead of duffel bag. - Misc. fixes v1.1b — April 26, 2011 - Removed guns now fall to the ground instead of disappearing (melee weapons still just disappear, all weapons still can't be picked up again) - Pressing the remove weapon key while unarmed will remove armor v1.1 — April 26, 2011 - Added ability to remove weapons with Y
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