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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone else have this same problem? I preordered the Collector's Edition back in June. I recall some odd glitch that happened as I was finalizing my order, and it looked like it didn't go through. At the time, I had emailed Rock* and they found my order with a confirmation email. Fast forward to a week ago, and for the heck of it, I'm checking my Rock* Warehouse account, and there's no order history. Completely blank. I emailed them again and I got this response Hello, We apologize for the slight delay in placing the orders under my account. Please note your order is not affected in any way. Thank you, R* Support Slight delay? This was three months ago! Not very promising. I still have no record of any order, and with launch around the corner, I'm pretty much freaking out. Its my first time ordering through them, and quite possibly my last.
  2. The Wooden Mask

    Who else is extreamly excited?

    Just got my GameStop Collectors Edition completely paid off for Xbox 360 and i cannot wait for this game, who else is excited for this gem of a game?
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