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Found 3 results

  1. 10 Days 10 Hours 10 Minutes 10 Seconds CANT WAITTTTTTTT
  2. rohra

    Unboxing Gta 5

    So what are your plans on the Unbox ? a) Just the regular rushed unbox b) Patient slow unbox clicking pictures of each moment C) YouTube unboxing What ? Please post Links to Your channel if you plan on doing an unboxing on YouTube. Share a story or a memory from past GTA Unboxing or any other game that you can never forget. Every Moment from the time you get your hands on that beauty is pure bliss..most of us remember the unboxing part and that feeling..that magic..its a great moment..I still remember that digital factory manufacturing smell from uncharted 3 collectors edition stuff..even From the Skyrim Edition...
  3. ATastyBurger

    Has anyone else's pre-order been cancelled?

    I pre-ordered the standard edition from Game (UK game retailer) back in July and received an email today telling me that my order has been cancelled. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm going to contact them via the online chat (their phone lines are a nightmare) and if it can't be resolved I'll go to Amazon. My payment method was Paypal if that's useful...
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