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Found 48 results

  1. Jinx.

    Unified Lore - EFLC Vehicles

    Unified Lore - EFLC Vehicles Description Celebrate IV's anniversary the way Rockstar always does with V! This mod intends to add the cars from TLAD and TBoGT as seamless as possible them on streets right where they would spawn in the DLCs... atleast based on the data files, along a few other changes: --!!! NEW !!! The REAL audio from EFLC, thanks to HackBoy and NTAuthority !!! NEW !!! --!!! NEW !!! Included RIL.Budgeted with a tweaked .ini so traffic will be more diverse !!! NEW !!! -the Police Buffalo, Police Bike and the Police Stinger (rarely) now spawn on the streets -the Lost now drive the Diabolus along their IV and TLAD rides -they also drive the Slamvan, while the AoD drive the Gang Burrito -since there is no Uptown Riders in the game, bikes like the Bati will be driven by civilians -the Regina and the Packer2 spawn on streets, where vigero2, respectively packer, spawn. Also, no game breaking bugs! You'll still be able to play bowling with our favourite cousin Roman! Known issues and bugs -you can't do Vigilante and Most Wanted missions in the Police Buffalo and the Police Stinger (probably because they were intended for multiplayer, like they were in EFLC; script needed) -the new Police vehicles don't act when shooting around (script needed for that) -they will still follow you and spawn when having a wanted level, just like the vanilla police cars -Buzzard's miniguns don't work (should work in the upcoming EFLC Weapons mod) -APC's cannon doesn't work (script needed) If you notice more bugs, tell me! !!! NOTE !!!: To have the original sounds, you must have bought and installed EFLC. I can't include the sound archives because they are too big for me to upload. Besides, that would be considered piracy, so I'm not going to risk my luck. Because of this, I made a separate folder with all the data stuff necessary for having those in. You can still use this mod, but you will have the sounds from the first release. If you have bought and installed EFLC, read the ReadMe from that folder. Screenshots Download Link (V2.1) Download Link (Hotfix) Credits -Rockstar, for IV and EFLC -Jeansowaty and Claude_lib, for helping me with audio stuff and for being generally helpful -fastman92, for his FLA -cp702, for his Traffic Spawner -juarez/HackBoy, for porting the audio scripts from NTA's CitizenIV mod -NTAuthority for CitizenIV work and RIL.Budgeted Have fun ramming peds and characters!
  2. G.C.T.

    GCT's Workshop

    Welcome to the GCT's Workshop. Here you can find my vehicles and future projects for: Released Models Classic Modern Works In Progress
  3. Zolika1351

    Character Switch

    A character switch mod for TBoGT. This is more than your average character switch mod though, as it includes much more than just switching between the 3 characters. It includes the characters' models with every clothing item (also with hats and glasses for Niko), walkstyles, rifle and rpg walkstyles, voices, save/load system with all 3 characters, and individual wanted levels, timecycles, health, cash, armor and weapons, clothes shops for all 3 characters, and all weapons from both episodes with working sounds, functional save beds and usable safehouse elevators. You can also enable AI for the other characters by pressing RCTRL + A then hire them as bodyguards by locking onto them and pressing G, dismiss with H. This mod REPLACES TBoGT and would probably screw up the story if it didn't, so back up your setup2.xml if you want to play the original game. Installation: Unpack everything into your EFLC folder. Controls: F10 to save the game LAlt + F1-F3 to change character (F1 - Niko, F2 - Johnny, F3 - Luis) DOWNLOAD LINK (8.0)
  4. Zolika1351

    IV HUD & Radar overhaul

    This mod aims to remake every part of the HUD that uses textures, making them higher resolution but without making any other changes where that's possible. Currently done: 8 radar images Radar circle Blips (512x blips from my remastered blips mod) Some controller buttons 13 radio station icons out of 23 Rockstar Games & Rockstar North logos Planned: Fonts Pause menu radar Pause menu low-res map Weapon icons Title logo Network icons (typing, host, voice, rank, etc.) Issues: No railways on the radar images (I can't figure out how to make them look good yet, I'll add them when I can) Changelog: 1.5 Added some controller buttons Fixed memory issue with radar images 1.6 Added 2 new radar images 1.7 Fixed Outlook Park radar Added 1 new radar image Added HD blip for fire station 2.0 Added HD radio station icons Added HD R* Games and R* North logos 2.5 Fixed border color of some radio stations Added HD colored radio station icons Added icons for Self-Actualization, The Beat, Electro-Choc and The Journey Screenshots: Installation: DOWNLOAD LINK (2.5)
  5. Unified Lore - EFLC (Retail) Radiostations Description After a few hours of thinking, I managed to add the three exclusive radio stations found in the standalone EFLC release, without replacing any other one: Self-Actualization FM, RamJam FM and Vice City FM. This might be a base for adding other radio stations in the game. Known issues and bugs -patch version does not work on -Independence FM crashes !!! NOTE !!!: You're going to need the retail EFLC release for this. No exceptions. For the Audio Patch version, you're going to need the EFLC Audio Patch by Jason Statham to load a few files. Also, you need xliveless. However, if you have my other mod, the EFLC Vehicles one, or you already have installed and edited the Audio Patch to your needings, you won't need to download the Audio Patch. Read the ReadMe for more details. Download Link - Audio Patch Version Download Link - No Patch Version Tutorial for EFLC, along IV Radiostations Credits -Rockstar, for IV and EFLC -Jeansowaty, for helping me -AndrewMulti, for his RAGE Audio Toolkit -Jason Statham, for porting the audio scripts from NTA's CitizenIV mod -NTAuthority, for his CitizenIV work
  6. ThatOneHick

    ThatOneHick's Workshop

    I decided to create this forum to show off some of the mods I am working on and statuses of the projects: Here are some images of the Jobuilt Linerunner I am converting over to GTA IV.
  7. iriedreadlock23

    Ingame WPL tool

    Did you ever want to be able to quickly add more detail to existing maps in GTA IV, but you don't have 3DS max and textual offline placement tools just weren't good enough for you? Ingame WPL tool (widget) will help you to place thousands of models from GTA IV library into game world, and quickly export all data to WPL binary file. Game will load objects automatically next time you play, even if you remove all script mods! Download here (v 0.20) (find older versions here as well) http://wpleditor.weebly.com/ FEATURES: - User friendly placement tool - Easy to navigate through 3D world - Place objects with mouse click - Select, position, or remove - Menu with thousands of models - Edit anything you see in real-time - Reads any WPL file - Reads any IDE file - Writes to any custom IPL/WPL file - Optionally updates GTA.dat All the editing is done in realtime, while you are in game, so it's easy to see how your placement of objects will look in game. Script doesn't require GIMS, Open IV or 3DS Max. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27802 Required: Scripthook and ScripthookDotNet Extract to game folder UPDATE LOG: version 0.20 - REL Fixed minor bugs from earlier versions Quickly remove objects loaded by game (and replace them) Fixed game crash bug from v0.13 and 0.14 Autoextract all WPL files from IMG files (for quicker search) Track file updates through BLOK section (edit/update placement by area) Set signature and tasks for each involved modder Edit any WPL file in game and any object you see Mass convert IPL files from/to binary (Xbox, PS3, PC) version 0.14 - REL Mass place objects with any brush size Randomize rotation of mass placed objects Randomize rotation of selected objects Place all selected objects to ground Added autosave option Pick objects in front of camera Quickly swap placement of two objects Added deselect all option Push/Pull/Throw objects Autodetect interior name Autoupdate GTA.dat file Export interior placement version 0.13 - REL Fixed mouse movement issues Fixed player collision/movement bug from 0.12 Reduced model spawning time Fixed rotation issues when loading saved objects Fixed point to ground calculation (key R) Added select/rotate/move multiple objects option (key Space) Added freeze/unfreeze/dynamic for multiple objects Added "filter" console command to search all models Export both IPL and WPL version 0.12 - REL Added mass placement option Added placement min distance settings Fixed player freeze state when console is open Fixed issue when exporting certain rotation values Fixed several issues with root folder Precise place to ground object rotation Camera movement is available without creating objects Added placement search option (search inside wpl files) Added INI configuration version 0.11 - REL Selected object will be shown in color depending on its physics state Fixed bug when importing models with PIVOT set to center Fixed default collision state of created objects - default: STATIC Fixed selection checkpoint size Added root folder option Fixed bug when current model doesn't spawn after importng objects Fixed issue with place to ground function version 0.1 - REL First public release Coming soon: Forced IPL/WPL objects load/unload in game Convert WPL for PC, XBox, PS3.... You can contact me with any requests or suggestions. Special thanks to: fastman92 Direct download link
  8. jaqub

    [IV/EFLC] Upstate Alderney

    Upstate Alderney (Alderney Countryside/expansion mod) As couldnt promised us a countryside around Liberty City, this mod adds it above Alderney. Why Alderney? Liberty City is just based off an metropolitan city, and Alderney is not a part of LC, but its living as a island is very small.... This is a new idea, so we just put here our plans in what way it will go. It will be finalized through CityScape 1.8 and converted with GIMS IV in 3ds max. Join the GTA IV Modding Discord server to follow our progress: https://discord.gg/VR5fedq Team Map creating @jaqub @Jeansowaty Ideas/Contribution @jaqub @Jeansowaty @B Dawg @HeySlickThatsMe Concept No sketches or anything like a terrain, just a concept of the area. Post your sketches and ideas!
  9. jacell

    Jacell's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop where i create and share custom, slightly improved vehicle interiors textures of better quality for GTA IV/EFLC cars. I look forward to getting feedback and request on what cars that are most requested. Completed: Huntley sport https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/cars/120726-new-huntley-sport-interior/ Cavalcade FXT https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/cars/120829-new-cavalcade-fxt-interior/ Bullet GT https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/cars/120706-new-bullet-gt-interior/ Unreleased: Pmp 600 Super Diamond Cavalcade/2 Elegy RH8 W.I.P: Super Diamond Drop Contender e109 Schafter
  10. This is a mod that replaces the Default Niko Bellic audio with the audio of Snoop Dogg from "True Crime: Streets of LA". *note that not all audio was replaced and that there might be moments where default nikos voice is played.* Current progress [Alpha 1] - Shooting Audio - Carjacking/crash audio - Fighting audio - Chase/Arrest audio - Some damage/pain audio Video Recommended skin to use: Snoop Dogg by AC.Amir Download Link: Alpha 1 [30 MB] To install - Use OpenIV to replace the files in PC/Audio/SFX/Speech.rpf with the files included in the archive.
  11. BrownieBear

    Grand Theft Auto IV: Beta Mod

    Grand Theft Auto IV: Beta Mod This mod is on hold. The thread will be locked until further notice. It's time to show some vehicles we've been working on... I have been working for quite some time on some beta vehicles. I've been invited to make this mod with a few others! Now we've got the Vehicles, peds, textures and not to forget, Niko. If you have any details about the beta that haven't been shared before or have been forgotten, feel free to join our discord and show what you've found. Credit: RockstarGames: Vehicles/Screenshots BrownieBear: Vehicles HeySlickThatsMe: Niko, Textures & Weapons PiraniataBG: Textures & Peds Neongamer/NeongamerTheNeony: Info & Miscellaneous Testers: Odix_L0adix Ken Kaneki Have you been removed from the Testers list? Please let me know or join our Discord. Here we release the test versions. *Major changes appear here* I've decided to start over with the Coach. It now features way more accurate resemblances to it's beta counterpart. *Known bugs* Maverick (all variants) and Annihilator's rear seats positions are off. List of Vehicles List of Map WIP pictures (Updated: 13th of May 2018 at 21:14 CET) WIP pictures (Updated: 12th of May 2018 at 17:04 CET) WIP pictures (Created: 7th of May 2018 at 20:25 CET Removed: 14th of August 2018 at 15:19 CET) WIP pictures (Created: 8th of December 2017 at 17:11 CET. Removed: 14th of August 2018 at 15:18 CET) We could use your help. Even a person who's ready to test this mod. Just send me (BrownieBear) a message or reply below. We could use some people with: Testing Modding vehicles Modding map Scripting/modifying timecycles, handling, and other data files And whatever you feel like that needs help
  12. Shady311

    Shady311 Workshop

    Projects: - Chevrolet Suburban 2015 - Done in game - Chevrolet Tahoe 2008 - Done in game - Ford E-250 extended cargo van - In work
  13. Tmaster

    Vice City Rage Classic

    Vice City Rage Classic (Beta 4) - Continuation Vice City Rage Beta 3 (But on this time without the HD models & textures and other) (Full classic Vice City Rage) New vehicles, peds, tommy skins, bug fixes and much more.. Support: GTA IV Only Screenshots: OUT NOW Download at www.vicecityrage.w.pw __________________________________________________________ Team Credits (Vice City Rage Classic)[/size] Tmaster - Project Leader, Lead Programmer, Sco Scripter, Peds Converter[/size] Mr.Vegas - Lead Designer, Converter[/size] [/size]AlexBrain - Vehicles Team Credits (BETA 3)[/size] Tmaster - [/size] Project Leader,[/size] Lead Programmer, Sco Scripter[/size] Mr.Vegas - Lead Designer, Map Converter[/size] Frank.s - Sco Scripter[/size] KamiShinx - Graphics Artist, Trailer[/size] Znenin - Design, Graphics Artist[/size] Vice Cry Team[/size] Links: http://twitter.com/vicecityrage - Twitter http://vk.com/rageteam_official - Vk.com http://youtube.com/user/RageTeamStudio - YouTube Channel http://vicecityrage.w.pw - Vice City Rage website (Download VCR Beta 3 & Multiplayer here) Old topic Beta 3 (closed) - http://gtaforums.com/topic/554396-ivwipbeta3-vice-city-rage/
  14. (Japan) GTA Love

    GTAIV&EFLC Character Fixs

    GTAIV&EFLC to Character Fixs GTAIV&EFLC 10th Anniversary!! Good Best Story Game Replaying EveryBody!! Bad News to Cut Songs... Mods Link URL ↓ Link to GTAIV&EFLC Character Fixs Update List Manual Install Only TBOGT No File Fix Not Pedprops File Fix Add Readme GTAIV Characters Johnny Biker to EFLC Clothes Luis to DLC Texture Color(DLC Model to Ingame Model Only) Gracie to Original Gaytony to Original EFLC Texture(Not DLC Model Sorry) Ashley to Original TLAD Texture(Not DLC Model Sorry) Jim Fiz Biker to EFLC Model And Texture Jason Biker to EFLC Model And Texture Eugene Reaper to New Texture (Not DLC Model Sorry) EFLC Characters Johnny Biker to High Texture Luis to DLC Texture Color(DLC Model to Ingame Model Only) Gracie to GTAIV Model Jim Fiz Biker to High Texture Jason Biker to High Texture Roman to High Texture Ashley to High Texture Gay Tony to High Texture Biker Ped to New Model Niko to High Texture TLAD Evan to TBOGT Texture TBOGT Evan to Original Texture (Cutscreen & Ingame Model to Change) GTAIV&EFLC Patchs GTAIV1.0.0.0~ EFLC1.0.0.0~ (OpenIV Install) Mod to All Version Work (Thanks Picture And Movie to Youtuber whatever57010) https://imgur.com/a/TYzPI (This video is not mine, but it shows the difference.) my GTAIV&EFLC Fixs to DLC Clothes GTAIV Johnny Clothes to Beta Clothes/EFLC Johnny to Final Biker Jacket Clothes Sorry Bad English (Japanese)
  15. Zolika1351

    IV Fixes & Improvements

    I was pretty disappointed in Rockstar for not providing any fixes for the 10th anniversary, so I decided to fix some bugs myself. I don't have a lot done currently, but I will have more fixes in the future. Changes: Screenshots: DOWNLOAD LINK (3.0)
  16. codyJ

    [V|IV|SA]Gostown Blue[WIP]

  17. Mafia Rage (Mafia 1 port to GTA IV and V) Mafia I to GTA IV and V (Or Lost Heaven in GTA IV and V) is an total conversion mod that ports the content from Mafia I to Grand Theft Auto IV (and V). It will contain the entire map (Lost Heaven, Countryside and the racetrack), vehicle, props*, interiors, objects*, peds and weapons. Also will feature (maybe as add-on) the game stlyle from Mafia 1 like the car handling* and GUI (HUD, Menu and Map style). In addition the mod will split in 2 playable options (will be featured into seperated option). The mod idea orginally came from the last LH to IV conversion by Alber2gt which was discontinued early by its slow progress. Many have wished and requested for an comback so I decided to take Lost Heaven as my first fully map mod conversion. *not planned mainly (note: The V port doesnt have a static plan, which means that we arent sure if the entire content is going to be ported on GTA V) More informations are coming soon. The mod is still in early development and searching for converters and scripters! Topic on Mafiascene Forum Join our Discord server for announcements, direct news and more details about the mod! Lead jaqub Headshots_Ops Map converting jaqub Headshots_Ops Car converting - Ped converting - Helper/Supporters (*testers) spartaque12 ZaKlaus Cukier Firefox3860 thg We appriciate it to help this conversion by joining our team, if you can convert cars and peds or write codes or scripts like on importing for 3ds max and .sco scripts on IV. Mods and Utilities used to make this mod Signature Banner
  18. Zolika1351

    Cunning Stunts IV

  19. Zolika1351

    Cutscene Collisions

    Ever wanted to be able to use cutscene interiors without walking through everything and/or be able to interact with cutscene props? This mod is for you! Currently done: Install instructions: Screenshots: Known bugs: DOWNLOAD LINK (8.0)
  20. Zolika1351

    Improved Freemode HUD

  21. Wakka387

    Marcus Bellic Mod [TCNY voice to GTA IV]

    This mod replaces a majority of Niko Bellics audio with "Marcus Reed's" voice from True Crime: New York City. With this one, I made sure to fully replace "MOST" of Nikos lines including his "ANGRY" archives. the only ones untouched are the Minigame/Prostitute/GF/Taxi related lines as well as some of the generic insult lines. Everything else is 100% replaced and working ingame. Video: There are some repeated lines, due to working with a limited voice set. but over all it should still be fine... Download link: Here To install - Use OpenIV to replace the files in PC/Audio/SFX/Speech.rpf with the files included in the archive. be sure to make a backup of the speech.rpf archive first
  22. BrownieBear

    NOoSE Brute Boxville

    NOoSE Brute Boxville The mod has been released!! Click me to download now I just wanted to return the boxville from the beta. In one of the beta screens of GTA IV, a boxville with some police lights can be seen in the background. Sadly, the lightbar isn't visible at all. It looks like the lightbar the NOoSE Stockade uses, although I wasn't sure. I went with it anyways and now there's the NOoSE Brute Boxville. It isn't done yet and it won't be this week as it needs quite some tweaks here and there. The mod will be released in just one variant: -NOoSE Brute Boxville- *Read this!* This model won't be locked as it is still "Rockstar Games's" model. However this does NOT mean it's allowed to upload it anywhere else. If you want to use the NOoSE Brute Boxville for a certain pack, please PM me. *This is a list of things I've gotta do. After every major change the Maverick will be tested ingame. Bugs will also be mentioned in this post.* Changing color-scheme and add NOoSE Stockade decals - WIP Add lightbar - DONE Add some new fancy cop wheels - DONE Change handling, vehicles and color file - DROPPED Add police computer - DROPPED Add pushbar - DROPPED Fix invincible windows and invisible wall - WIP Change to Boxville animation when using vehicle (hands clip through steeringwheel) - WIP *Bugs that appear during development will be posted here.* -Invincible windows, game crash when shooting from the inside. *Known bugs or issues.* seat issues/wrong animation Released - v1.1 Click here to download WIP pictures (Updated: 3th of April 2017 at 0:24 CET) Final release pictures (Updated: 3th of April 2017 at 20:38 CET)
  23. Zolika1351

    HD Remastered Blips (512x512)

    I started with controller icons but never finished, yesterday I decided to start remaking blips in general. I started with TBOGT mission blips and colored them to have different colors like in IV (included as extra in the archive), then did normal purple TBOGT blips and then finally a lot of IV blips. 4k+ monitor recommended. Some blips: In-game screenshots: 0.2: Added 128x128 versions. 0.3: Added blips: Stevie's garage, MP rectangle objective blips, ULP, Vlad, Hostage, Faustin, Dwayne & Red Dwayne, Michelle, question mark, Roman, Club, Helitour and Station C (this is used in SNT for saved cars) 0.4: Added blips: Dimitri, Elizabeta, Jimmy, Little Jacob, Playboy X Yellow&Red, Revenge, Station 3, Added MP blips: Grenade Launcher, Grenades, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, SMG, Poolcue, Sniper Download link (0.4)
  24. https://mega.nz/#!XB4BBIgC!84_SpaMgMyDP6v0B9MXOw-ytpxUeilr8MRLTRgCA7kA
  25. Zolika1351

    Two Player Mod (.sco)

    I once got the idea to make this but never released it. Now that I know much more about this game and how it works, I wrote it again but in a much more efficient and easier-to-use way. Controls: F8 to spawn player Numpad 8 to accelerate or move forward Numpad 2 to brake/reverse or go backwards Numpad 4 to turn left or go left Numpad 6 to turn right or go right Numpad 0 to jump Numpad 7 to shoot (weird, shoots at nearest player or nearest ped) Numpad 1 to move faster (hold) Numpad 5 to toggle duck Numpad Enter to enter nearest car (if player's car is nearest, enters into passenger seat) Recommended to use Joy2Key to bind these keys to the controller and x360ce to make IV not recognize the controller (unbind all buttons). Driving cars doesn't work in MP. (Even if you are alone) Download link (2.0) Use my menu to load this (Open it and go to SCO Loader - Named - 2 Player Mod)

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