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Found 39 results

  1. Wakka387

    GTA London 3D

    Information This is a mod that brings GTA London's 1961 & 1969 maps to the 3D era including zones & custom made peds. More info to be added later Team Mapper/Mod Leader - Zmey20009 Audio/scripting - Ss4gogeta0 Peds - Jinx Media Downloads V.02a Radio Stations (Copy to audio folder) test
  2. George Costanza

    Liberty City - The Leftovers Fix

    Grand Theft Auto 3 - The Leftovers Fix GTA 3 may not be that broken as VC, SA and IV but it still has some bugs and differences with PS2. This community mod aims to fix bugs and use best assets in PC vanilla quality *Claude Liberty *Blackbird88 *fastman92 *inadequate *Jinx. *JohnnyK *Fire_Head *Reflections *Mugetsuga *Tomasak CorePack - Last Update: 24/12/2016 Ped fix (since i forgot to pack it in corepack) PS2 Feels III Edition PS2 Original sound quality (requires VBdec) PS2 radio dispatch voice *Cleo *SilentPatch *Skygfx *Steam Car Colour Fix *GTA3 Widescreen Fix *PS2 Loadscreens *Mouse Wheel Radio Changer *Sit in boat fix *LOD fix (can be renamed to ASI to be used with standard Ultimate Asi loader) CorePack DISCLAIMER: All modifications has been tested and works correctly, anyway I don't take responsibility for any damages that may appear after or while installing of one or various modifications. Install at your own risk.
  3. Under new management This mod is a Total Conversion for III/VC and possibly SA that aims to bring the original Grand Theft Auto to the 3D era. While working on this, I will be trying to learn more about modding GTA III and Vice city. That said, help is always appreciated GTA Renderware Edition - III Progress: GTA Renderware Edition - VC Team Original Map - Ss4gogeta0 & Redreaper666 Collisions and editing - Sharpie_Eastern Porting & Ped Paths - Sharpie_Eastern Vehicles & Peds - deadman23 Audio - Ss4gogeta0 Radio Icons - Graven, FunkyRJ Progress: GTA Renderware Edition - SA Team Porting & Collisions - patczuch Additional Mapping - Parik Art - Jeansowaty Audio & Coding - Ss4gogeta0 Radio Icons - Graven, FunkyRJ Progress: GTA London - SA Team Porting & Collisions - patczuch Additional Mapping - Wakka387 Vehicles: Click to Join Click to Join Special Thanks CRAZYGTASAINT - For his contribution of files from his previous GTA 1 mod, I will be using some things test
  4. gallardo555

    GTA3: First Builds

    After being in development since late 2012, I'm excited to announce what I've been working on (and what I still am). I am working on a project, whose goal is to bring the GTA3 alpha-ish experience to everybody, who ever wanted to try it. By experience, I don't mean that I'm working on yet another beta mod that will include everything. That's being done by a team that I admire and support, the GTA3D Team. I'm talking about the experience, the feeling, the atmosphere of Liberty City from year 2000. The project is called GTA3: First Builds, because as you can see in screenshots and the trailer, i'm recovering the graphical experience that we've all seen in early screenshots from Gouranga and some magazines. This means, I'm recreating buildings, some based on screenshots and some based on my creativity. This also applies to all the vehicles (except the School Bus, subject to change), which were enriched by the cartoonish design. Last, but not least, I have borrowed the School Bus and a few buildings in Chinatown from Alex, with his permission of course. Currently, I'm pretty close to finish and release First Builds. What I need to finish is, a few buildings in Saint Marks District, Red Light District and last few buildings in Chinatown. And then, there are less than 5 vehicles that I need to finish and fix. Finally, I'm looking for a SCM scripter, who is be able to create a pretty simple mission script. This mod doesn't use SweetFX, which makes it fully compatible with Mac. To be released for PC and Mac. The OS X version is being tested on OS X 10.10.4 Yosemite. I can confirm 100% compatibility with the Steam version. Mac App Store version was not tested yet. The game requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or newer to run. A whole installation manual for this version will be released here together with the download link. Weekly Update (5/1/2015): Builds 'n Stuff (05/13/2015): Early-June Update (6/5/2015): Alex - For creating the original GTA3 Beta mod, that inspired us all Georgon - For fixing some things and teaching me basics in 3DS Max GTA3D Modding Team - For motivating me and for some advice You - For supporting this project
  5. GTA III: Stories is a conversion that attempts to bring the feeling of Liberty City Stories on III Engine by adding stuff from LCS like Maps, Buildings, Objects, Vehicles, Interiors, Peds and some features. We won't be converting each and every aspect of the game, this includes features that are not yet supported by the GTA III Engine. Map Objects & Buildings. All Cars, Helis & Planes. Reflections and Textures. Pickups. Interiors and access to them. Peds & Player Models. 1. Any planned Missions? A: None as of now. My objective is to port the whole map first before getting major stuff working. 2. Functional Motorbikes? A: Motorbikes won't be added. Just cars. 3. Will there be Safehouses? A: Yes, and they can be saved into. This includes saving in Interiors. Garages will be functional.
  6. M. Osborn

    Extended Interiors Universe

    What is Extended Interiors Universe? It's a modification that adds an 'interior world' to GTA III, like featured in it's sucessors, as well as improves the few existing buildings that already have interiors. Video Preview: It's a work in progress so, still lacking details in some interiors, like lamps, doors, rubbish, etc. This mod also intends to feature new NPCs, functional clothing stores, restaurants, vending machines and save icons. I will try to keep the original atmosphere of the game, like only using brands from the 3D Era Universe and avoiding storyline anachronisms. Done: - Portland Safehouse (added bathroom) - Staunton Safehouse (Lift, top floor hall and hotel suite) - St. Mark's Bistro (For now, there is no access for the kitchen and backyard) - Luigi's Seven Sex Club - Greasy Joe's Bar - Cheap Thrills Sex Shop - Bolt Burgers - Portland Beach Lighthouse - Mr. Wong's Laundrette (Improved wash machines) - [email protected] Internet Cafe (added door - no need to break through windows - and improved furniture) - AmmuNation (fixed camera) - Belleville Park Restroom (fixed camera) More updates soon (or not so soon, not sure).
  7. thehambone

    [WIP|III] GTA III Save File Editor

    Download GTAGarage MediaFire What is it? This tool allows you to edit save files created by Grand Theft Auto III. It is a work-in-progress, so it is not complete yet and more features are planned for future releases. It currently supports PC (Windows and Mac OS X), Android, and iOS save files. What can be edited? General General save info (save name and timestamp) Game time Weather Player Health, armor, money Infinite sprint and other player perks can be enabled/disabled Weapons and ammo Wanted level Stored Vehicles Color Special properties Radio station Car bomb Gangs Gang weapons and vehicles Hostility towards Claude can be enabled/disabled More features are planned for future releases! Other Features Game Bug and Glitch Fixes Purple Nines Glitch can be fixed Permanent effects of the "peds riot" and "peds attack player" cheats can be reversed Supported Saves Saves created by the following versions of the game can be edited: Android iOS Mac OS X Windows Support for PS2 and Xbox saves is planned System Requirements Operating System Windows XP or newer Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or newer Java SE Runtime Environment 7 or newer (http://www.java.com/en/download/) Screenshots These are outdated. Change Log Credits Program written by thehambone. All logos and images used in this program (however bad they may be), except for the "Grand Theft Auto III" logo, designed by thehambone. Special thanks to AlSar, OrionSR, Seemann, Silent, and spaceeinstein for helping with research and documentation. Please post any questions, comments, suggestions, or bug reports in this topic. Your input is very much appreciated! Copyright © 2015-2016 thehambone. Happy Editing!
  8. The Hero

    Liberty City 98

    I've been working on a mod the last couple of days. The idea is to bring the (ps2) LCS atmosphere to III WITHOUT being an LCS port. This means: - LCS timecycle - LCS textures - LCS building pipeline - LCS-like car pipeline (it's not 100% exact but close enough) - LCS postfx - just for the heck of it blue police car and enforcer cause I like them All textures in LCS had their gamma changed to 1.5, so this mod will replace all map textures with gamma-edited ones. Additionally I am using LCS road textures. But these are the only map changes I've done. Most notably I have not used vegetation from LCS, but plan to do so in a later version. Get it here: http://mods.rockstarvision.com/lc98.7z You *NEED* skygfx 2.8 or later. Source for the plugin can be found here: https://github.com/GTAmodding/lc98 Enjoy these videos:
  9. Jennawright

    Back To The Future: Liberty City

    1.1A was released on OCT 26 2011 There is no current release date for 1.1B though it is expected some time 2013 or 2014 This mod serves as an addon instead of a total conversion as you can still start a new game and play all of the missions that GTA III has to offer, This modification is not in any way related to a Vice City mod , made by the Back To The Future Hill Valley Team you can find constant updates here: BTTF:LC Moddb Page BTTF:LC Official Website Official Youtube Channel here is the workload as you may find it today. 1.1B Cheat Codes "IFYOUREGOINGTOBUILDATIMEMACHINEDOITWITHSOMESTYLE" DMC-12 "UNLESSWEPUsh*tUPTOEIGHTYEIGHTMILESPERHOUR" BTTF3 Rail Road "UNFORTUNATELYTHECARWILLNEVERFLYAGAIN" BTTF3 "WHEREWEREGOINGWEDONTNEEDROADS" BTTF2 "YOUMEANTHISSUCKERISNUCLEAR" BTTF1 "SANANDREASTOWINGSERVICES" Tow truck "DEBUGINFO" Debug Handler "MARTYMCFLY" Marty Mcfly Character replacement "CLAUDESPEED" Claude Speed Character replacement "EQUALISER" Turns Status Indicator Display into an audio Equaliser "EQUALIZER" Turns Status Indicator Display into an audio Equalizer "PARTYYYYY" Confetti 1.1 B Features Main Menu Revamp -WIP Hoverboard -WIP BTTF1 hook swap button BTTF3 railroad tie swap button dead BTTF1 Time circuits bttf1 DeLorean randomly dies bttf1 DeLorean dies after time travel Current date when loading game Blinkers for all cars left and right including hazard lights Snow on Ground Proper Wheel fire for flying cars High beams for cars proper headlights GMC Value Van December Snow (7AM - 10PM) Nov 12 1955 stormy weather Launcher and Updater GUI Burnouts In car RPM And Analogue Speedometer In car Digital Speedometer In car time circuits Internet Radio Flying Delorean Vent boost Flying RC Delorean Flying Delorean autopilot Hud on/off carry-able hoverboard RC/RC Multiple Speedometer: Analog, Digital,Analog & Digital, Off Mouse Modier (San Andreas Car Camera) New Time Travel Effects: Wormhole, Plasma, emitter sparks,reentry explosions, departure implosion Trash Pickup Main Menu Music Time Circuits Keypad Time Circuits Top Row Time Circuits Sparks on BTTF3 Delorean Wheels ingame map on/off Time Travel Modes Cutscene/Instant RC camera 2 modes, Focus on player, cocus on car Refuel Mr Fusion and Plutonium Nov 12 1955 10:04 pm explosion on top of clock tower BTTF2 flying underbody lights ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 A Features (Old Engine) not ported to 1.1B Plutonium Pickup Point Time Machine Garage Gasoline and Gas station refuel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. bibidibabidibu

    GTA III HD Universe Replacement

    GTA III : HD UNIVERSE REPLACEMENT thanks a lot for gameplay video and supoorts to Matt1010 Here is link, https://mega.nz/#!LwMjXLDK!J9OGH22KCOqKPO43C-zX-OePxQNJGuHUaxfMDWJL1-Q Finished and first mission save games, you cannot start new game. You can use first mission save for start. here is link(you can also use any kind of gta 3 savegames. game doesn't create any support problem for different savegames) https://mega.nz/#!awcE2DrB!cxtKmzU11ZNOq8hu9oYWFSW9IdK9l13pWt9Z2T7HMog Road patch https://mega.nz/#!7l...C5abxom31VN6iJA Screenshots for detailed roads, Installation, only paste all files from rar to your fresh and unmodded GTA III. Today I made little test again. I started from Luigi's Girls mission and played to Asuka's first mission. I also finished taxi mission with in this gameplay. I didn't get any error or exception. My gameplay time was about 4 hours. How to play, DON'T USE gta3.exe DIRECTLY FOR PLAYING. YOU NEED START GAME WITH GTAIIILauncher.exe(Run as admin). If you play with gta3.exe your game will crash in 10 or 15 minutes because of high memory usage(texture filesizes are very big and memory eater). I used cleanmem for making walkaround to that problem and GTAIIILauncher.exe is organizing memory usage issues for gta3.exe. Settings, I always used draw distance about %60 and used frame limiter on(If you choose "on" game will be played 60 fps not 30). I didn't get any problem with this settings with latest version. special thanks, Odie hellya2011 AdusPL PearCPY OnePiece(many many many thanks for great models) Silent ThirteenAG(Sergey P) Vitlgt(many many many many many many many thanks for great limit adjuster helper asi tools!) google images for thousands of hd textures. gtadude1 Dimzet13(many many many many many many many thanks for great scripts and advices for memory issues!) J*star rider_66 Jack DK22Pac dkluin fastman92 Forever L Hi; I'm fan of GTA III. I have made this for years (maybe 6 - 8 years It became my endless hobby). It includes other modders works too so I can't share it. replaced nearly all textures to HD ones(all buildings, all shops.. nearly everything, I replaced txd by txd. daily 10 txd files replaced) replaced nearly all pedestrians to GTA 4 (I'm still working on. All men peds replaced. I replaced 10 women and yesterday I replaced 3 more women peds too) replaced nearly all vehicles to GTA 4 added lots of locations from GTA 4(basketball courts, apartments, offices etc) I added real grass lots of locations(It has very low poly model and there isn't any fps drop) I want your ideas. How can I make it better? here is screenshots.
  11. *Checked the modification rules, there was nothing stated about console modding. also asked on the support board and got no replys.* This is a mod that ports the 10th Anniversary (Mobile) Assets to both GTA III and Vice City on the Original Xbox. which includes textures (if they differ from the Xbox versions) and numerous other stuff aswell as things that did not originally appear in the game but fit the atmosphere (like assets from VCS ported into VC)... I may also do PC versions for each aswell as San Andreas. GTA III Anniversary Edition for Xbox Progress replaced opening intro screen with Mobile intro screen. replaced in game load screen with Mobile splash1 image replaced vibrant weapon icons with the faded gold mobile equivalents in hud.txd Replaced textures in particle.txd with mobile equivalents. Replaced textures in MISC.txd with Mobile Versions. replaced III Double Cleff FM with LCS Double Cleff FM (to test audio replacements) To Do Find out if ped or vehicle textures need replacing (Xbox textures are nice) Replace Minimap with mobile. Screenshots: GTA VC Anniversary Edition for Xbox Progress replaced opening intro screen with mobile 10th anniversary artwork replaced menu map with mobile map (xbox menu map stored in Userinterface.txd) replaced default vice city weapon icons and textures with Mobile ones. Replaced textures in particle.txd with mobile equivalents. Replaced hud icons with the HD icons from yojo2 (will replace with mobile versions) replaced K-Chat/VCFL with Synthwave FM (Made by DatMuzik) replaced K-Chat's GXT entries with Synthwave FM replaced K-Chat's Radio Icon with Icon made by Funky RJ for Synthwave FM Replaced Vice City logo in start menu with 10th Anniversary Logo (Top Right) To Do Replace some weapons with VCS weapons (Tec-9 to Silenced Mac, etc) Figure out why Vice City does not like the Mobile Font. GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary Xbox Edition V2 (Mediafire) - 361 MB, Compressed RAR FileMirror (Mega) Screenshots: GTA San Andreas Anniversary Edition for Xbox Progress replaced default radar with mobile radar replaced default hud icons with mobile hud icons replaced radio icons with mobile radio icons Replaced CJ's head textures in Player.img with HQ Mobile head textures from Player_hi.img. Replaced menu pictures with mobile menu pictures. replaced User Track GXT string with Mixtape string replaced cracked window & car scrape textures with HQ ones from mobile To Do Replace pistol/Micro uzi/tec9 with beta weapons add in the 3 new gangs (Seville Blvd, San Fierro Flats, Little Saigon Boyz) Convince Ash to let me release his updated Xbox icons im using <3 Screenshots (taken at various times throughout the day on 2 different TVs): Downloads Alpha test (5/19/2016) - 296MB (FTP to your GTA SA install and replace the files with the ones included in the folder) [Known Glitch] Wanted star shows up as a Bracket due to the positioning of the Mobile Text's Texture. it will be fixed at a later date
  12. the errorman®

    [III] Mobile stuff conversion

    If You want to learn more about the changes to the mobile version you can watch this video: Rockstar Games War Drum Studios The Hero - RenderWare File Converter DK22Pac & The_GTA - Magic TXD & TXD Gen X-Seti - IMG Factory
  13. Hier werde ich meine arbeit und die projekte zeigen, die ich in zukunft planen werde.) Aktuelle projekte, an denen ich gerade arbeite. {1} 1992 Feltzer Sport. {WIP} {2} Monoblock alu styling II felgen. {WIP} Zukünftige projekte-
  14. Like the title says is there any better graphics than that?(EDIT)For GTA SA BTW! Thanks! DISCLAIMER! I don't care what pc do you need to run the graphics okay! Just gimme the best graphics mod -Gru
  15. Wanna know what happened to this mod check my web site.
  16. Jimmy

    Arrow's III Era Workshop

    Welcome to my III Era Modding Workshop. Listed here are the Mods I've made for III Era Games. While I do most of the work, provide appropriate credits to people whose work has been used. Most of my Mods are GTA III based and are Cars, Small Texture Mods or Script Mods. I hope you guys will like them. Also, the mods are linked to their GTAGarage Pages. Feel free to leave feedback on the same. + Cartel Crusher (WIP) Thanks for the feedback everyone. Was working on the Cartel Cruiser earlier and started messing with a few data. Now, I present the Cartel Crusher. It's a sort of Monster Truck version of the Cruiser. Can easily maneuver over other vehicles and less prone to over turning. Improved the wheelbase and suspension to make it more like a Monster Truck. You can easily slide a vehicle under it without any issues. + Improved GTA III Script This Script modification is a collection of script improvements that I did for easier gameplay and allowing some perks early in game which can come in handy. Max Player Health is 250 now. Sentinel in Give Me Liberty El Burro Missions Available at start Porter Tunnel open after Luigi's Girls Callahan Bridge open after Luigi's Girls Subway open after Luigi's Girls King Courtney's Missions available after Luigi's Girls The Leone Mafia no longer will attack you after Sayonara Salvatore The Uptown Yardies no longer will attack you after Kingdom Come BF Injection is now parked at Hepburn Heights Landstalker is now available around Portland like the Stories Changed some executive and richfamily car spawns Changed Parked Car Locations around Portland + Screenshots + Download: GTAGarage + Toni's LCS Safe House in Portland Converted Toni's LCS Portland Safehouse. The construction crane had to be hidden in the blue hell. Download at GTAGarage. + Other Modifications for GTA III Rainy & Dark Weather: This mod modifies the GTAIII timecycle to be a darker and Rainy one. The sky remains more dark till morning. GTA LCS Thunderrodd: This is a simple conversion of the LCS Vehicle Thunderrodd to GTA III. GTA LCS Kuruma: This is a simple conversion of the LCS Vehicle Kuruma to GTA III. GTA III Unlocked Script: This mod that allows a user to complete all missions in any order, just after Luigi's Girls. You can basically access all the islands as well. Beta Cops Model: A simple Cop model from the Beta Edition of GTA III. This is a small texture replacement that adds mustached cop models in game. Beta Gang Cars: This mod sets the Gang Members to drive the cars meant to be used while GTA III was still in Beta Phase. Attached below is a list of what vehicles each gang drives. SA Misc Sounds: This mod changes the misc sounds to SA sounds. Like pickup, click sounds. Just replace the files in audio folder. IV Mission Complete Sound: This changes the mission complete sound to the one of IV. Just copy the file to the audio folder. Fed Ex Rumpo: This is a simple conversion of the Fed Ex Van to GTA III. GTA IV Loadscreen: This is changes the boring blue loadscreen to a colorful and new IV style loadscreen. DHL Van: This is a simple conversion of the DHL Van to GTA III. Better Weapon Sounds: With this mod you can change the boring low quality sounds to high quality ones. VC Admiral: The mods brings the Admiral car from Vice City to III. It replaces the Kuruma. VC Sabre: This mods brings the Sabre car from Vice City to III. It replaces the Manana. VC Topfun Van: This is a simple conversion of the VC Topfun to GTA III. VC Voodoo: This is a simple conversion of the VC Voodoo to GTA III. This mod will replace Yardie Lobo. VC Washington: This is a simple conversion of the VC Washington to GTA III. Replaces Blista. VC Comet: The mods brings the Comet car from Vice City to III. It replaces the Bobcat. San Andreas Car Colors: This mod changes the car colors of the GTA III Cars to be similar to their San Andreas Counterparts. Thanks to for the Logo, @Jinx. & @Blue for the encouragement.
  17. We are working on a climatic modification, which is going to refresh this old, good game without destroying the game atmosphere. All vehicles have better quality (we took them from GTA III XBOX, GTA VC XBOX and GTA LCS iOS). We used ENB reflections only for a better effect, new particles, hud, generic textures ect. HamX - idea of the project, supervision; testing Sasosak - converting models from console versions; testing Vehicles: Ambulan (III XB) Deimos SP (replaces Banshee, LCS iOS) Barracks OL (III XB) Triad Fish Van (LCS iOS) BF Injection (III XB with VC light) Regina (replaces Blista, VC XB) Bobcat (III XB with LCS iOS textures) Roman's Taxi (edited taxi from VC XB, replaces Borgnine Cabbie) Bus (III XB) Cabbie (VC XB) Cheetah (III XB) Chopper (VC XB with LCS iOS textures) Coach (LCS iOS) Cartel Cruiser (LCS iOS) Corpse Manana (III XB) Diablo Stallion (III XB) Enforcer (III XB) Catalina's Maverick (replaces Escape, VC with SA textures) Esperanto (III XB) FBI Cruiser (edited III XB Taxi) Firetruck (III XB) Flatbed (LCS iOS) Ghost (edited Predator from SA) Burrito (replaces Hoods Rumpo) Idaho (III XB) Infernus (III XB with LCS iOS textures) Kuruma (III XB) Landstalker (III XB) Linerunner (III XB) Mafia Sentinel (III XB) Manana (III XB) Moonbeam (III XB) Mr. Whoopee (LCS iOS) Mr. Wongs (LCS iOS) Mule (III XB) Pan Lantic Pony (III XB) Perennial (LCS iOS) Police Cruiser (III XB) Pony (III XB) Predator (SA) Reefer (SA) Rhino (LCS iOS) Rumpo (LCS iOS) Securicar (III XB) Sentinel (III XB) Speeder (SA) Stallion (III XB) Stinger (III XB) Stretch (III XB) Taxi (III XB) Toyz (LCS iOS) Trashmaster (III XB) Yakuza Stinger (III XB) Yankee (LCS iOS) Yardie Lobo (III XB, LCS iOS textures) Wheels - VC XB Weapons - LCS iOS Remastered Radio Stations ENB Reflections Only Font - III Android Hud - III XB Radar & Icons - LCS iOS Particles - III Android & LCS Splashes - LCS iOS (Edited) SilentPatch by Silent Modloader by Link2012 Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG LCS iOS generic textures by RWW PRE-ALPA I
  18. Well, I guess the title says by itself This is my first foray into the topic of image editing, so I will take time to take it regularly. Description I know there are a lot of pages where some artworks of these remastered games, but not everyone respects the original (the game), and there are some who even made them. That's what I want to do in this case. Detailed description 1) All (or most) of the artworks games, remastered. 2) The artworks, resized to widescreen. 3) I will include the console versions as well. (Especially the main screens). Attention! As the first attempt of editing the images, most alone will be resized only. Now, I leave you an example of how they'll look. Downloads Warning To function properly, they must have the add-on called "Widescreen Fixes Pack" installed Here is the link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/547841-gtanfsmpother-widescreen-fixes-pack/ The credit is for @ThirteenAG.
  19. SomeGuy86


    Hey guys, here's something you don't get to see every day! Not to this extent to say, at least... This modpack lets you ADD (NOT replace!) most, almost all of the vehicles from GTA Vice City! //Getting Started / First of all, you need to have a clean, unmodified copy of GTAIII. No mods or file alternations of any kind, otherwise this modpack probably won't load up correctly and/or will crash the game. You also need to have the official v1.1 patch installed, which is included in this archive. //Requirements / OK, so before you get started you NEED to have GTAIII Limit Adjuster v2.0 already installed, which is available here: http://www.gtainside.com/en/gta3/mods/102297-gtaiii-limit-adjuster/ You also need CLEO library which is available at http://cleo.li/ Without it, you won't have access to all the exclusive vehicles hidden across the entire Liberty City. I also highly recommend that you get a "SilentPatch", available here: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/download.php?f=39611 You don't have to do this step (as the game will work just fine without it), but it will add better visual effects, make the overall atmosphere a lot more similar to the one from Vice City. //Installing / Once you have 1.1 patch, Limit Adjuster 2.0, CLEO Library & Silent Path installed, simply start up "install.exe" & browse to your GTAIII folder, where you want this modpack to be installed. Simple as that! //Testing the game / Once everything is (hopefully) set up, start up the game & drive around for few minutes... You SHOULD be seeing Vice City vehicles, driving along with pre-existing, standard GTA3 traffic. //Special Notes / Due to current limitations of Limit Adjuster & GTAIII game engine in particular, some of the vehicles won't be fully accessible at this time. I'm referring to public service vehicles in particular (Police, FBI, Military, etc) with the exception of Taxis, those are fully functional. Furthermore, due to same limitations I've decided not to release the boats, even thought all the files & models had already been loaded into the game & can easily be manipulated to spawn, hopefully without crashing the game. Maybe that's something I'll look into, if I ever decide to make an update //Have Fun! / Now that you have the game up & running, there are so many things you can do around Liberty City! Apart from trying out all the cars & trucks from Vice City, see if you can find ALL the hidden vehicles! This includes the following models: Firetruck, Ambulance, FBI Car (black Washington), Police car, Enforcer, Golf cart, Baggage, FBI Rancher, Hotring Racer(s), Bloodring Racer(s), Sandking along with Romero (hearse) and all the helicopters from Vice City. Do keep in mind however that because of the game limitations helicopters don't have a working rotor and have extremely simple behavior. //Authors / Rockstar Games - Vice City models, textures & COLL files LithJoe - automated GTA3 Mod Installer DMagic - Wheel Mod for GTAIII Vitlgt - limit adjuster which made this modpack possible SomeGuy86 (myself) - converting the models from Vice into III, CLEO scripts & beta testing DOWNLOAD Questions? Comments? Remarks? I'm open to your feedback & input
  20. JDaster


    Smartped "Peds are dumb" If you visit GTAForums, you like GTA, Correct? But let's admin it, peds in RW Gta's are dumb and quite annoying. The police officers are weak, the medics are scared of everything and the worst of all... Tommy is stronger than anybody else, it looks like you are playing a Superhero game! Smartped is a simple, very simple project, that promises some changes, to turn the game more balanced, realistic and fun. All only with some original files replacement, without any additional scripts. PROGRESS
  21. Zmey20009

    Multiplayer Maps

    GTA III Multiplayer Mod (or just GTA III MP Mod) As you know, multiplayer in GTA III was planned, but this idea was not released. This mod bringing back original multiplayer maps to game This maps is not complete by Rockstar Games Videos: You can play online via Liberty Unleashed. Tested on GTA.ru Freeroam LU Server. Working good, but game crash in Portland. So be careful You can move from one to another map via teleporter (in the archive + coordinates) Links: Russian releases: Version 1 Version 1 Test (not available for download) Version 1.1 Version 1.2 Version 1.3 Version 1.4 (canceled) Version 1.5 Version 2.0 Version 2.1 Version 2.2 Version 2.3 English releases: Version 1.3 Version 1.4 (canceled) Version 1.5 Version 2.0 Version 2.1 Version 2.2 Version 2.3 Version history: ...and sorry for my bad English. If that In Multiplayer Mod used my another mods: PS2 Sentinel V2 (Never released) Alternative Infernus (Never released) Alternative Police (Never released)
  22. Reflections

    GTA III Map Fixes

    I recently went back to playing GTA 3, walking around the city I came across two errors, I decided to fix these problems. If you can, send me prints of more errors on the map. Link - https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=DA633AC52AE84E5!106&authkey=!ABLMGHEv5-OBnHI&ithint=file%2c7z
  23. GTA III Dark Edition This is another total conversion mod for GTA III. We are working on it since september 2013. Modification changes textures, adds new interiors, effects and maps, improves graphics. We want to fit this mod to original atmosphere. Newest BETA is 0.2.2 TEAM Adu$ (AdusPL) - modelling, SCM scripting universetwisteres - modelling, textures Special thanks rwwpl - former leader, modelling, textures, .dat, .cfg editing Silent - help and permission to use his mods rmws. - permission to use Xbox cars (some of ours was bugged) polisx - testing, suggestions yojo2 - permission to use HQ splash Screen TheMariusz700 - viewfinder ALMOST610 - permission to use his Xbox Sabre If you want to join to our team feel free and post a comment with things that you can do. BETA 0.2.2 Download: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=24963 PROBLEMS? -if you are playing with DVD copy 'Audio' folder and paste in GTA III Dark Edition directory -if winrar/7zip shows errors during unpacking you must download mod again If you see any other problems report them to us. SCREENS VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1xT6we-aoc
  24. Edit 12/30/16: This topic will now be for concept art models you can give me a cool clothing concept and i will put it on a character of your choice or i will make one myself Dont worry Spike (my friend on steam) ill still make a HD tommy With my permission and please give the link to your mod page when uploaded Thanks. I will start with whatever model gets the most Yes! votes first

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