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Found 4 results

  1. marianst

    GTA V leak

    not mine
  2. I wont be looking at any leaks when they come out but I was thinking that the strategy guide might get leaked before the actual game does. I'm sure we could see a PDF floating around before we see the actual game. Does anyone know if this has happened in the past? Do you think it will happen with GTA V?
  3. Lol sorry guys
  4. Were we not promised a "large, satisfying arsenal" and at least one revolver? Then what do we get, 3 ARs, 2 SMGs (really, 2? That's it?), 3 (not counting the SE one) pistols.. I hate to sound so bitchy but I'm pretty damn let down. Maybe it's possible that wasn't the full list and there's more handguns/smgs/ars on the previous/next page? I sure hope so.
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