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Found 16 results

  1. Would you go to the hospital or walk to gamestop?
  2. If you want THE movie to get you pumped up even more for GTAV. (I'm sure most of you have already heard it mentioned before). HEAT, with Al Pacino & Robert DeNiro. You'll see A LOT of similarities between the game and the movie, even in the characters slightly. As a little taste, here is the soundtrack from the biggest bank Heist in the film, along with pics from the movie that SCREAM GTAV to your face. Enjoy!
  3. I have two reasons to ask this: 1-I don't want my Xbox360 fat model sounding like an aircraft constantly because she is reading the second disk 2-Xbox 360 20gb hard drive has about 13gb free of space: 8gb (If it's gonna be 8gb exactly) + 6,7gb like other games: 14,7 But I can install two games normally, for example RDR and EFLC, each one ocuppied 6,7gb. My possible solution is buy a new HDD (no) or buy an external hard drive (more interesting for me) What do you think? Hope people understand my english.
  4. WhyNot?

    Lets get lost 'Somewhereinlossantos'

    SomewhereinLosSantos Crew Hello there! We are a crew for the Ps3 platform! We live and die to create mayhem Somewhereinlossantos doing for the thrill of it! We love to have fun in whatever way we can find it.​ Our Crew We do stunts and have no fear for our own lives whether it be jumping off cliffs without a parachute or hunting with our bare hands! We also like to mob the streets in packs and dominate the competition when we feel like it! There will be many events and many sessions come Oct 1st and thats why we need your help by easily joining our crew and being active. So make a social club account at rockstar and join us at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/somewhereinlossantos !​ Rules Not many rules expect the basic rules that your mother always tells you like respect. There is also a 3-strike system in place whereas if you something against the rules you would gain a demerit.​ 1) No trolling or flaming amongst members 2) There will be equal distribution of wealth amongst members that are present during the heist. (only counts if you had started the heist and not entered the sessions) 3)Any who enters a heist in session with receive a pay cut. 4)You Must do something during the heist, no leeching aloud. Ranks Ranks are given based on amount of time they were with the crew and what they bring to this crew!​ Muscle: You are new to the crew ready to show what you got to the big dogs. Don't fret, your time will come when its time to move on up. Representative: You had just move from being the newbie to being a real member of the crew, but it doesn't end there yet, keep doing what you're doing and be loyal then soon you'll be the face of the crew! Lieutenant: Very trusted position. Members will have specific jobs based on what they are able to handle such as keeping the Crew in check or handing out promotions or demotions amongst lower ranks. Commissioner: These members are the most trusted members of the crew. They will hand out jobs to the lieutenants and handle play sessions. What more is there? There are spots currently open for Lieutenants or Reps! Please apply using this format and reply back to this thread.​ Social Club Username: PSN account: On a scale of 1-10, how serious will you be: Will you help recruit more people as they search for crews: Skills: Anything to add : So, please join this crew, at a social club near you! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/somewhereinlossantos​
  5. Harrisonial2992

    Blaine County Furz currently recruiting.

    The Blaine county Furz are currently recruiting. Crew with an emphasis on roleplay/fun. See http://gtaforums.com/topic/584277-blaine-county-furz-currently-recruiting-gta-vps3/ for details.
  6. The Blaine County Furz are currently recruiting. Roleplay preferred. Specializing in mayhem the Furz are known for recklessness and their flare for the dramatic. The Furz are infatuated with criminal activity, no heist, assassination, or kidnapping is out of bounds with the Furz. First founded by Trevor in 1997 the Furz leadership was recently passed on to Harrisonial2992 when the events of GTA V required all of Trevor's attention. Ranks: Blähungen: Harrisonial2992: The Head Furz. Responsible for all Furzian decisions. Criminally Insane. Capable of irrational, erratic decisions. Stillschweigend-Furz: Zexion_Armando: The Blähungen's right hand man. Oddly silent. Rarely communicates with anyone in the group other than the Blähungen, but relied on by the group to bring the Head Furz back to Earth and rationalize his thinking. Viewed by Furzmen as the co-leader of The Furz. Windjackes: recruiting: Much more involved in communicating with the group. Viewed as group leaders with the lesser ranking members of the group. Admired for unwavering bravery in the face of death. Spearheads many missions. Käseschneiders: recruiting: The Furz's version of a "made" man. Works with the Windjackes to recruit new Hinterns to the Furz. The main leaders for Hinterns, all Hinterns must gain approval through Käseschneiders to have any counsel with higher ranking Furzmen. Hinterns: Furzian recruits. Must show unwavering, irrational loyalty to higher ranking members of the Furz. Furzian Hinterns often turn on eachother in order to rise through the ranks, a behavior that isn't explicitly prohibitied. Answers to Käseschneiders, forbidden from counsel with high rankiing Furzmen without prior approval. Any potential recruit with graphical expertise will be given expedited promotion. If interested in joining please fill out this form(PM's accepted): PSN Name: Social Club Name: GTAF Name: Headset? Y/N: Age(age range): Country: Time Zone: Preferred GTA Playstyle: Relevant Skills: Favored Weapon: Favored Transport: Favored Crime: Character Bio(again roleplay encouraged), any other information: Social Club Page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blaine_county_furz
  7. TheCheese00

    The Vision of GTA V (Trailer w/ Kavinsky)

    I thought I would share this trailer with you guys. It's GTA V footage edited along with Kavinsky's "ProtoVision". I'm thrilled with the released soundtrack for the game, but it's a real shame that Kavinsky isn't included as rumors suggested. I think it would have been a perfect fit. Enjoy the video, and let me know what you think!
  8. Kiwiji

    SYDNEY(Au) - GTA V - PS3

    Hey guys. I have recently created my own Crew for GTAV . Named : Sydney-Money-Gang FOR PS3 ONLY I am looking for Dedicated, Loyal & GTA Die Hard Fans to join my crew. Im not trying to get 100 people to join. I want a small (10-20) crew. Only dedicated Gamers. Add me on PS3: Spyda-P


    Hey guys. Do you think surfing will be in the game? It wouldn't be unlike Rockstar to keep it a secret until launch. They wouldn't want us to know everything about the game, would they? Or maybe we'll see it later down the line as DLC. Your thoughts? P.S. Sorry if this is already a topic.
  10. Fixatot

    Question about a pre-order

    Hello, I wanted to ask a question that was bothering me in recent times: Turns out I pre-ordered GTA V in a store close to home. The problem is, as they said, the game will be available on launch day (ie the 17th of this month), but I was overcome by doubt that if, for any reason, the game comes before ... Do I some probability of not having the issue I reserved (the special edition) is not available at the time of retirement, or my reservation means that a copy of the game is safe for me on launch day?
  11. cashsmuggler

    GTA V Early whats your price?

    just want to clarify I don't have the game or have any for sale lol If you could have the game this weekend, what is the maximum price you would pay for it honestly?
  12. cashsmuggler


    I just came across this as I Youtubed 50 cents newest songs Does the apartment in 50 cents new video remind you of anywhere e.g the apartment in the GTA Online video with the telescope and large glass panel windows lol

    Mess Up ScreenShot From RockStar

    So i was watching a video on youtube and i never saw this untill i watched the video take a look
  14. cashsmuggler

    Exciting week ahead?

    Im realy excited for this week ahead as I know their are going to be many spoilers coming, I mainly want to see some raw gameplay and some official unboxing videos and yeah mainly gameplay and I know with many retailers getting their stock mainly this week people will get their hands on it as I have already seen adverts online offering GTA V for 80 pound on Friday the 13th I wont be getting it early I do love the hype and buildup till launch but yeah is anyone thinking the same and is their anything in particular anyone wants to see if anyone does get their hands on the game early?
  15. cashsmuggler

    Remember 1st trailer last year?

    So what I want to know is are you able to control convertible cars by putting the roof down and up might seem silly but online that would be hot im only asking because this gif down below I took from the 1st trailer last year shows it in action but no no kind of action has been shown or mentioned in any trailers I believe unless i'm wrong please comment Thanks
  16. rjrjrj123

    Join the Sons of Sparta

    Hey everyone the sons of sparta are looking for new members we need gunners, pilots, drivers, boat drivers, and co-leaders message me on on XBL @ daylightsun or windstormstrike
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