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Found 21 results

  1. charmed4eva

    10 More Days To Go

    10 more days to go excited!!
  2. BisexualGamer

    Who's your favorite GTA V's protagonist?

    My favorite protagonist is Franklin.
  3. Hey guys, I just made a crew on Rockstar Social Club about piloting and flying. It's meant for those who want to have fun exploring the skies, and maybe sometimes battle with other crews. It's primary a German crew for German speakers. Feel free to join, if you want. I'll try to be as fair as possible and if somebody is a good pilot I'll promote him, of course. Here you go: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_sky_explorers So - Maybe we'll meet in GTA online
  4. Mcbarker14

    Need a crew to join? Enlist here

    Hi many friends anticipating gta V, if you're not yet in a crew may I suggest joining mine "the lost santos" remember you need a rockstar social account to join the crew is open to all members who are willing to play gta v online for a very long time you may join the crew without requesting we are currently hiring muscle, reps and lieutenants Crew name; the lost santos Any enquires contact me crew leader on rockstar social club: mcbarker14
  5. brunopnt

    The last question before launch

    I know that we will have snow in gta. The question is: 1 -We will have stations of the year? 2 - In a trailer for gta v, we saw one of the characters with the same mask used in bully ! Will it have dates, such as Halloween and Christmas?
  6. I think it will leak on thursday. What do you think guys?
  7. HypeMan23

    Cant get gta v

    hey, sadly, due to the immense amount of schoolwork I have (taking 7 AP classes), I wont be able to get GTA V in September. Ill have to wait till June to play it, which I can't wait till. So I was wondering if anybody can pm gameplay vids because even though I cant play, at least I can watch the gameplay. thanks
  8. PSN-Blackhawk_1989

    It's about time.

    Guess this was not news enough... Are you guys excited now that we are a week away from the best game ever? I received this E-Mail from Rockstar Propaganda <[email protected]>
  9. Electro house remix of the song Odgen's Nut Gone Flake (1968) used in the very first trailer of GTA V. The long wait for GTA 5 is nearly over and to celebrate the release we created this modern reimagined version of this old masterpiece of psychedelic rock. The remix is accompanied by recut footage from all the trailers Rockstar released so far. We are looking very much forward to this game and we hope we made you a tiny bit more excited. "Small Faces - Odgen's Nut Gone Flake" (1968) Label: Immediate Composers: Small Faces: Marriott, Lane, McLagan, Jones Remixed, ReArranged and Remastered by Plasma3Music & BMIZ Crew All used video material belongs to Rockstar North No audio samples of the original song "Odgen's Nut Gone Flake" have been used, every single note and instrument has been carefully remade from scratch. Ps: I've been reading this forum for quite a while but i just registered because i thought this remix might be something that you guys enjoy !


    Hey guys. Do you think surfing will be in the game? It wouldn't be unlike Rockstar to keep it a secret until launch. They wouldn't want us to know everything about the game, would they? Or maybe we'll see it later down the line as DLC. Your thoughts? P.S. Sorry if this is already a topic.
  11. Clamyo


    So i may or may not have seen some "Videos" But. It appears that when you walk into an Npc they don't stumble like GTA IV, I liked that feature and now they seem like a brick that can't be moved.
  12. What ya think will it or wouldn't be.
  13. rays727gta

    Can you do mollys in the game ?

    You can smoke weed and drink. But I wanna do PCP and molly or angle dust. Who else would like to do all the drugs. And if you OD you die in the game.
  14. Fixatot

    Question about a pre-order

    Hello, I wanted to ask a question that was bothering me in recent times: Turns out I pre-ordered GTA V in a store close to home. The problem is, as they said, the game will be available on launch day (ie the 17th of this month), but I was overcome by doubt that if, for any reason, the game comes before ... Do I some probability of not having the issue I reserved (the special edition) is not available at the time of retirement, or my reservation means that a copy of the game is safe for me on launch day?
  15. cashsmuggler

    ONLINE PREORDERS are you a little worried?

    I pre ordered Gta V online however I'm a little worried that it wont arrive on release day even more so now that Rockstar have asked for the game not to be shipped until the 16th which is just a day before so i'm thinking maybe pre ordering from a local store aswell however if it did arrive from the online retailer I would lose 5 from my pre order is anyone else worried not receiving their online pre orders on time?
  16. KidAmnesiac42

    A reference for Scale & Scope

    Look how tiny that NPC (on the bridge) is versus the Zancudo Canyon below or even the bridge for that matter. This game is massive. The scale and scope is unparalleled. R* have made a feat for the record books. Can anyone honestly deny this? image search (I believed this to be Zancudo, but now I suspect it to be the Alamo River).
  17. Woofy here, I am here to talk about a brand new crew my friend and I have started! We are called the West Coast Enforcers, we are going to be a mostly soldiers and stunts crew. Doing jumps on bikes, diving out of the air together, while still pulling off heists and killing other players, enforcing ourselves on the streets. I hope you all can at least go take a look at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/west_coast_enforcers, The two of us are on X-Box but we'd be happy if you joined and started the PSN side of it! Thanks and I hope to see some of you soon! WOOFDOGONTHERUN, Leader of the West Coast Enforcers Iunctus nos sta. United we stand, Divided we fall. Our presence will be enforced on the streets of Los Santos.
  18. marianst

    Gta V In A Store

    http://i.imgur.com/dIAxbAa.jpg http://www.upcdatabase.com/item/5026555258128 - the barcode real or fake ?
  19. Hello everyone, I was surprised today when I saw my picture around the internet !!! to be honest I was pissed off and I'm trying my best to deny this rumor. the story behind this, I have some skills in photoshop and I did it before a few months ago but it wasn't good as this, and I did it once with Red Dead and Max Payne... the thing is, I just post them in my facebook wall to troll and enjoy this with my friends, but some people go and share this would wide so I'm officially say this is "FAKE" and I just made it for fun with my friends, I'm not sure it rockstar will hate me for it, but I'm sorry now its on N4G.com damn it Help me our guys, I'm deeply regretting this this
  20. Personally I am really glad. Since we are the first countries in the world to hit the 17th, that means we will probably get the game a whole day before most of the world. I'll feel sorry for those who are waiting for the time to count down while I'm playing the f*ck out of the game
  21. HypeMan23

    can someone send me the map?

    hey, im at school, and i was wondering if anyone can emial me the map at [email protected]? If you can, I will be very grateful. Thanks
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