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Found 4 results

  1. Thebootydisorientsme

    Possible problem with instanced apartments

    So I think it's pretty obvious now how the player housing will work in GTA online, with instanced apartments for each player, so if 2 players own the same property, the interior will be unique for each player even if its the same building/house/etc. One problem I see with that though is, what if there's conflict between those 2 players, they bring in their crews to battle it out or whatever and want to plan at the apartment or hang out before attacking the other crew but as soon as both crews exit the apartment they are all right there in each others face, no ambushing (probably camping but that's totally different) or surprise attacks, no convoys headed to to the other crews HQ, just a big clusterphuck outside the instanced apartment that happens to be owned by 2 members of opposite crews. Maybe I'm wrong but that would take some of the fun out of crew vs crew or gang vs gang fights in free roam if both crews happen to be based at the same apartment building and as soon as its time to fight it out all they do is exit the instanced house. opinions?
  2. Kiwiji

    SYDNEY(Au) - GTA V - PS3

    Hey guys. I have recently created my own Crew for GTAV . Named : Sydney-Money-Gang FOR PS3 ONLY I am looking for Dedicated, Loyal & GTA Die Hard Fans to join my crew. Im not trying to get 100 people to join. I want a small (10-20) crew. Only dedicated Gamers. Add me on PS3: Spyda-P
  3. sirdoggystyle

    Grove street confirmed

    http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/09/03/grand-theft-auto-v-gameplay-hands-on-impressions skip too 7:00 DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS ENTER AT OWN RISK
  4. Cueone978

    *Two Krazy MC 1%* Liberty City

    So you like motorcycles? Why not join this Club? Looking for a Vice Prez who wants to run this whole gang with me. This gang will take over not only Liberty City, But we will take over Los Santos and be known by any gang/crew/group/team out there and they WILLLL Fear the Krazy Members!! so step right up and claim this victory...... Alliance - Devils Own MC (DFFD) http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/two_krazy_mc_lc PRESIDENT'S PSN: Cueone978 you can also fill out an app Username: Age: Time Zone: Platform(s): MP Games Played: How Often Do You Visit GTAForums: Any Entries In Your Member Log: Any Previous Gangs You've Been In: How Can You Contribute To A Gang: Tell Us About Yourself: Anything Else:
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