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Found 10 results

  1. SnapChap

    Game store just called

    My local Game store just called to let me know that their GTAV shipment had arrived (pretty fantastic service I'd say) and also mentioned that they have extra copies of the Special Edition available (so I upgraded). Sounds like Game stores have got their sh*t together and they don't plan to run dry. \o/
  2. ATastyBurger

    Has anyone else's pre-order been cancelled?

    I pre-ordered the standard edition from Game (UK game retailer) back in July and received an email today telling me that my order has been cancelled. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm going to contact them via the online chat (their phone lines are a nightmare) and if it can't be resolved I'll go to Amazon. My payment method was Paypal if that's useful...
  3. BillGates

    Congratulations R*

    The moment you are reading this is the moment I'm enjoying the game and throwing my billions of cash at my TV. You poor bastard. [/troll mode] The intro, cinematics, gameplay, heck even the graphics look better than the trailers. It feels like I'm on vacation @ LS. They nailed it yet again... Somehow. Microsoft can learn from you R*. GTA:V... How to end a chapter of current generation consoles.. Damn. Yours truly, Bill Gates.
  4. TwistedMedia

    Has GAME UK Taken anybodies payment yet?

    Has anybody from the UK who pre-ordered with Game had their payment taken yet? We got that email last week, but they still haven't taken payment yet and it seems to be getting a bit close to release date now.
  5. Hey guys. I contacted GAME UK to hear more about the delivery of GTA V because I want to get the game at release, but I live in Denmark. I had an online chat with one of their customer service people, here you can see it: (Black letters are me, blue is the employed) So for international orders, you may expect to get a delivery e-mail from GAME UK, on friday. Have a nice day guys!
  6. So what's everybody's most anticipated next-gen only game (only releases on next-gen, not ps3 and/or xbox 360)? Mine is personally InFamous: Second Son (guy in my profile pic is the protagonist in that game). What are you guys really looking forward to?
  7. hey all here is a link to the crew me and another member started. The idea behind it is Fun, Fair, Online Game Play were all money from missions will be split evenly here is a link to the crew page http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_weasels The Weasels Social Club welcomes you, We are on PS3. We will all have our assigned jobs, It will be decided by who does what best we will test this out by doing some missions taking turns in different roles, (Driver, Gunners, ext) The main rule is be a team player, and to respect your fellow crew members
  8. Foggiousphill

    Game special edition

    I have recently pre ordered the game special edition of gta 5 and was wondering if anyone knew what the packaging that it will come in is like, everywhere shows yoi the contents and dlc but does'nt show wheather it comes in a special gta 5 box or just a regular cardboard box can anyone tell me please :-)
  9. Shyabang Shyabang

    Underline What Describes You!

    Here's a list of things that I want you to take a look at. Copy and paste this list on your post and delete the ones that don't describe you. (You don't have to underline). Have fun! * Use this website to find your BMI: http://www.bmicalculator.org/ I am over 170 cm (over 5’6”). I am over 183 cm (over 6 ft tall). My BMI is under 21.* My natural hair colour is black. My natural hair colour is brown. My natural hair colour is blond. My natural hair colour is red. I have no hair on my chest even without shaving. I danced nonstop for over an hour at a night club. I jumped at least 100 times when jump roping. I swam at least 50 meters (54 yards) nonstop. I ran full time in a rugby game. I ran full time in a soccer/football game. I played soccer/football in temperatures higher than 30°C (higher than 86°F). I played soccer/football in freezing temperatures. I played airsoft in freezing temperatures. I played airsoft for over 3 hours straight in temperatures higher than 30°C (higher than 86°F). I can do a jump serve in volleyball. I did a three-point shot in basketball. I can hit a golf ball over 240 yards with a driver. I can surf on a 2m (6’6”) or higher wave. I hiked up a volcano. I attended an electric dance music concert. I attended a heavy metal concert. I attended a classical music concert. I attended at least 2 FIFA World Cup matches. I drove for over 4 hours without resting. I traveled in 10 or more countries in total. I traveled in 3 or more continents. I have traveled in New Zealand. I have traveled in Russia. I have traveled in India. I have traveled in China. I have traveled in South Korea. I have traveled in South Africa. I have traveled just across the river from North Korea. I learned over 2 languages. I jumped down from the second floor. I trained in more than one martial art. I have stuck out my hand at a group of 4 or more large stray dogs. I had chicken pox. I coughed many times nonstop. A truck driver honked near me just to scare me. He was smiling at me. Someone has flirted with me. Someone of the same gender has flirted with me. I pretended to sleep while my roommate had sex with someone. I slept on bed with someone of the same gender, but without sex. I watched porn when I was underaged. I was tickled by more than 1 person at the same time. I wrestled with more than 1 person at the same time for fun. I was mugged. I fought someone physically. I touched a gun. I smoked a cigarette. I smoked weed.
  10. Ola441

    Why is there so much hate for GTA?

    http://uk.gamespot.com/greatest-game-series/index.html?tag=Topslot;Slot2 Check out the top comments of this article... 100% hate for GTA series, everybody is hating on the GTA series What am i missing? why is there so much GTa hate?
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