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Found 3 results

  1. The Wooden Mask

    Who else is extreamly excited?

    Just got my GameStop Collectors Edition completely paid off for Xbox 360 and i cannot wait for this game, who else is excited for this gem of a game?
  2. JJD

    strip club feature

    Im so glad strip clubs are back in gta it gives you the ability to have some female interaction (something I struggle with in the real world but thats another topic) and you can even touch them up a few times before getting kicked out. Anyone else excited about this feature?
  3. Gnocchi Flip Flops

    Anybody feel sad?

    I'm so excited that GTA V is just under 5 days a way but at the same time I'm sad. I've spent a year and a half on these forums going crazy about the game, enjoying all of the threads whether they were ridiculously stupid or well thought out, and now it's all about to end. After the game releases the forum will begin to die down and it might begin to feel a little dead around here. I'm glad the wait is over but at the same time no more Mapping Los Santos, no more speculation threads, I just look back on those things you know? Still excited for V though!
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