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  1. I was checking out the old Epsilon Program website and noticed that there was something new at the bottom of the page. "Follow us on The Twitter: http://twitter.com/EpsilonismToday" Looks like Rockstar is using the Epsilon Program to market GTA V. Do you think this means that the Epsilon Program will make a return in GTA V. Possibly with a bigger role in the game seeing as how some believe that it is a parody of Scientology, and the church of Scientology is located in Los Angeles. (Ended 11:59:59 PM ET on May 27, 2013) --- APPLY NOW TO VISIT ENLIGHTENMENT CENTER: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/arti...los-santos.html Rockstar Games is holding a “casting call” event giving Grand Theft Auto fans an opportunity to be cast as one of five Epsilon Program members in Grand Theft Auto V. If you are chosen, your features will be used to create one of the five characters in the game. EPSILON PROGRAM SCREENSAVER: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/arti...21/kifflom.html NEW KIFFLOM TEE: http://www.rockstarwarehouse.com/Product.a...=RS-GTA-KIFFLOM Findings: 2012 July 9th: Twitter page is created. YouTube page also created. Unconfirmed if official and created by Rockstar or not. July 12th: Rockstar releases 2 screenshots of GTA V via newswire. July 24th: A cached version of the Epsilon Program website shows that the website hadn't been updated then. July 25th: First tweet made: "We as a people have consistently got things backwards. #KIFFLOM" Website was most likely updated with link to Twitter page before the tweet was sent. It is also most likely that the Twitter page had received followers before the tweet was sent. July 30th: Second tweet made: "Seeking without paying is not living, it is living on the cheap. #KIFFLOM" July 31st: I discovered the Twitter page. At the time it only had 26 followers. I posted this thread informing others about the Twitter page. The followers began to increase. August 1st: Third tweet was made in response to the 2000+ new followers: "As of today, we are the fastest growing religion in America. #FACT #KIFFLOM" August 3rd: Fourth tweet made: "Nothing is more true than giving all that you have including that which you do not yet have. #KIFFLOM" August 6th: Made two tweets in reply to a tweet by @THmilj. THmilj's tweet: "Is cris formage still alive? #KIFFLOM" 8:34 AM - 2 Aug EpsilonismToday's replies: "@THmilj Cris is a thesis, not an antithesis, and as the literature explains, a true thesis exists equally in all paradigms." "@THmilj Hope that's cleared that up. #FACT" August 7th: Tweeted in reply to @LeoDukes. LeoDukes: "I am ready to follow blindly, for there is only one way - the epsilon program. #KIFFLOM" 10:22 AM - 1 Aug EpsilonismToday's reply: "It's not blindness. It's the next great science, after biology and topiary #FACT #KIFFLOM" Tweeted "Triple tithing makes a truth form more true. #KIFFLOM" August 8th: Tweeted in reply to @andyrome64 andyrome64: "Are you planning to expand outside America? I want to be saved and my chequebook is ready." 9:22 AM - 2 Aug EpsilonismToday: "Actually we already exist everywhere and in all paradigms all at the same time #FACT" OVER 9000 followers reached! August 9th: Tweeted in reply to @johnSelder johnSelder: "Take my money! I'm a believer! If you're not paying for religion, you're #doingItWrong" 11:10 PM - 1 Aug EpsilonismToday: "Epsilonism is an expensive religion. Only for those with the wisdom to afford it." Tweeted in reply to @HaybusTroll HaybusTroll: "What literature? The tract? Or Cris'book "It Happened To Us All" Us, for us, or for U.S.? Is the tract the monkey graffiti?" 3:58 AM - 7 Aug EpsilonismToday: "Remember the tract of the 9th paradigm has not yet been written." Tweeted in reply to @70474 70474: "To convert, must I renounce my covetousness? I am very covetous." 11:38 AM - 7 Aug EpsilonismToday: "No – covetousness is good as is upward generosity. #FACT" August 10th: Tweeted in reply to @EasyMod3 EasyMod3: "How shall I know that I am fully prepared to dedicate my life and soul to Epsilonism? #KIFFLOM" 2:15 PM - 7 Aug EpsilonismToday: "When you are not confused, you are ready. Confusion is wrong. #FACT" Tweeted "Contrary to what you know, life is not life at all. #KIFFLOM" Tweeted in reply to @HaybusTroll HaybusTroll: "Talking about Biology...If sperm does not exist, how to make babies? The "space wave", the worm cam from outa' space?" 12:12 PM - 7 Aug EpsilonismToday: "Doubting is SO very easy #unsaveables" Tweeted in reply to @nikijuss nikijuss: "Cris has claimed to have formed out of two eggs laid by twins, what does this mean?" 7:04 PM - 10 Aug EpsilonismToday: "It means you need to take a very reasonably priced course on understanding truths in this paradigm #DigDeep" August 13th: Tweeted in reply to @TheGTASaga TheGTASaga: "Does your Program supply not only a happy and fulfilled life, but also an eternal life of peace and fulfillment? #KIFFLOM" 1:58 PM - 7 Aug EpsilonismToday: "Absolutely not. We are at perpetual war with injustice and lies. #FACT" Tweeted in reply to @egg_monroe egg_monroe: "Could you let me know how much it will cost to ease my mortal fears? A dollar amount would be great." 5:11 AM - 8 Aug EpsilonismToday: "You want to put a price on eternal happiness? Wow #unsaveables" Tweeted "Cults are for fools. Epsilonists are not fools. They are investing in salvation. Nothing is less foolish. #FACT" August 14th: Tweeted in reply to @DizKingsjewel DizKingsjewel: "Sooo,if all of this is real,then where is the red truck with a dent on the right fender?" 1:00 AM - 10 Aug EpsilonismToday: "None of this is real. That’s the point. #KIFFLOM" Tweeted "If you find this confusing, you’re not ready. Either that, or you are doomed. #FACT" Tweeted in reply to @HaybusTroll HaybusTroll: "You even contradict yourself by putting together your last tweet, and the one about triple tithing." 3:59 PM - 13 Aug EpsilonismToday: "Absolutely not a contradiction. We admire your passion, but misdirected passion can be a weakness. If you want to know how much things cost, then you are a fool. And true Epsilonists are not fools. The point is not how much things cost, but what you get for your investment. This is a central tenet of Epsilonism that is made clear in all of the literature. Much like the peach tree and the eagle and the illusion of gravity. So to ask first about costs as opposed to benefits is to misunderstand everything. And therefore a great concern to any true Epsilonist." August 15th: Tweeted to @HaybusTroll EpsilonismToday: "Not quite – the literature is saying that triple tithing is a gift available to all Epsilonists. This is the best kind of gift – one that makes you feel better about yourself – and as such as the very heart beat of upward generosity. But as has been made clear the supplementary (but tax deductible) charges levied on additional courses and study programs – written, don’t forget, by some of the world’s finest intellectuals, scientists and celebrities - are dependent on the desire of the student to pay the right amount for the knowledge they are getting. So when you ask ‘how much?’ how can we answer without a full, accredited analysis of both your finances and of your thirst for truth? Any high ranking Epsilonist at your local office should have made this clear, as it is written into most of the literature, usually in small print. We will be running a truly remarkable online study program which we hope will add a lot of clarity. Remember, when you are ready, you will understand. If you don’t understand, you are not ready. The purpose of Epsilon’s much valued study programs is the acquisition of readiness and the revelation of those who are Unsaveable. And we all know what happens to them. #KIFFLOM" ^ Deffpony has deciphered this tweet to what could be the real meaning behind the tweets! Tweeted "Cat off the cane. Cris has and that is proof of his power. Just like the upward peach tree. #clarity" August 16th: Tweeted "Do not weep at unsaveables. It’s their own fault. You’re superior to them in every way. #FACT" August 19th: 10,000 followers reached! August 20th: 3 new screenshots released on Rockstar newswire: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/arti.../transport.html Looks like there will be "More to come this week..." Tweeted in reply to @LiLEngleezy LiLEngleezy: "Hello. What is Epsilonism's goal? Is it to take people's money? Or..." 5:22 AM - 16 Aug EpsilonismToday: " How dare you? We have lawyers, you know. Lots of them. We are not a cult or a pyramid scheme. We are the fastest growing religion in America. Our goal is to reveal truth through accredited and reasonably priced study programs and help those with the wisdom to invest in eternity, while laughing as those who don’t. Who will suffer. A lot. #Unsaveables suck." Tweeted "Coming soon – official Epsilon online Study Program. Coming even sooner – official Epsilon Program merchandise. Coming at end of universe – official paradigm shift! #InvestInEternity" August 21st: Tweeted in reply to @Alkaponer Alkaponer: "This is an American Religion... But can Canadians join? #KIFFLOM" 12:14 PM - 16 Aug EpsilonismToday: "Epsilonism is an American religion that is open to everyone, just like America used to be. #KIFFLOM for all" Tweeted "Upwards flows the truth form, and so upward flows manifest generosity, and this is how we become rich. #FACT" New shirts available at Rockstar warehouse mentioned in Newswire. This could be the "official Epsilon Program merchandise" that was mentioned in a previous tweet. August 22nd: Tweeted in reply to @IpswichMoonCult IpswichMoonCult: "Do I need to give up anything to become an Epsilonist? Pork, alcohol, video games?" EpsilonismToday: "Only some of your net worth and a whole host of doubts. #DoubtersAreUnsaveables #UnsaveablesSuck" August 24th: New screenshots posted on Rockstar Newswire: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/arti...1/business.html August 27th: Tweeted "Let me repeat – manifest generosity must flow upward. If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand anything. #DoubtersAreUnsaveables" August 29th: Tweeted "Doubters will cause the end of this Paradigm #FACT #DoubtersAreUnsaveables #ReadTheLiterature" August 30th: Tweet in reply to @AnimalDesatado AnimalDesatado: "WHEN THE HELLS COMING OUT THE EPSILON PROGRAM MERCHANDISE?!?!?!?" EpsilonismToday: "soon brother-brother. Very soon." September 5th: Tweeted in reply to @DelobelJulien DelobelJulien: "when is the end of the universe coming #KIFFLOM everybody" 11:01 AM - 5 Sep EpsilonismToday: "Err – never. Paradigm shifts don’t work that way. Read your literature. Invest in an improved study course. #Salvation is worth paying for" September 7th: Tweeted in reply to @palmerrulzah palmerrulzah: "What is your opinion on the 2012 end of the world theory?" 7:55 PM - 4 Sep EpsilonismToday: "Drivel put about by fantasists who want you to pay to join their religion. Epsilonism is the pursuit of science. #FACT" September 11th: Tweeted in reply to @cutterdeblanc cutterdeblanc: "When is the paradigm going to shift? The end constantly feels nigh, Uncle-Brother. #KIFFLOM #DoubtersAreUnsaveables" 7:10 PM - 4 Sep EpsilonismToday: "Not until after the tract has been written and has become the best selling book in history. Even more than the one about the woman getting whipped and peed on. #IWANTTHETRACT" September 13th: Tweeted in reply to @xtndavies xtndavies: "i have enjoyed each new cult more than the last. can i give you my money now?" 5:43 AM - 3 Sep EpsilonismToday: "No. we don’t want your money. We want you to invest in your future by paying us to teach you things. And we are not a cult. We are a fellowship of students learning about how to be happy, wise, successful and incredible all at the same time, all the time. Simple. #KIFFLOM" September 18th: Tweet in reply to @AnimalDesatado AnimalDesatado: "are you not giving us more details about the epsilon program because of the doubters?" 1:26 AM - 3 Sep EpsilonismToday: "As we have said, we will have a study program and merchandise opportunities for those with the wisdom to grasp them... just as soon as our accounting system is up and running and the awful auditors have signed off on our tax returns... We offshore money like all the best politicians. #KIFFLOM" September 19th: Tweeted in reply to @C21Chuck C21Chuck: "Come on Cris, where is your merchandise!? Does "very soon" mean a really long time to you?" 10:28 AM - 17 Sep EpsilonismToday: "Find it. It is there for you, and it is certainly not hidden." C21Chuck: "Found it, thanks! http://www.rockstarwarehouse.com/Product.a...A-KIFFLOM" 1:27 PM - 19 Sep EpsilonismToday: "shh – don’t tell everybody. These are for Theses only. Obviously" September 20th: Tweeted "Be a Thesis, not an Antithesis. It’s the beating heart at the science of Epsilonism." October 2nd: Tweeted in reply to @Nostalgic1996 Nostalgic1996: "What Exactly is the Tract? How will the tract Benefit me? I need you!" 8:56 PM - 27 Sep EpsilonismToday: "The tract is the most important book ever written. This paradigm. Only it has not been written yet... That’s why Epsilonists are such optimists because we know the best is still to come." Tweeted "3 great lies 1. Evolution. 2. Sperm. 3. The great animal vegetable divide." October 3rd: Tweeted "We are working on a great new epsilon screen saver. Why? Because we believe in protecting your screens with #FACTS." October 8th: Tweeted in reply to @DatNig DatNig: "#IWANTTHETRACT" 12:33 AM - 8 Oct EpsilonismToday: "We all want the tract, brother-brother but are we ready? really?" October 10th: Tweeted "Getting bored of those Antitheses at the IRS. We are a religion. The courts have proven that. We believe things that can’t be proven. #FACT" Tweeted in reply to @AnimalDesatado AnimalDesatado: "so... those t-shirts are all the merchandise you got for us? I thought this program was worth it. And i was wrong..." 2:09 PM - 24 Sep EpsilonismToday: "Clearly you are not ready. let’s all hope you get ready before the tract is written. #UnsaveablesAreGoingToSuffer" October 15th: Tweeted "Remember, the Epsilonist Pledge makes a great tattoo. #MeaningfulBodyArt" October 18th: Tweeted "Epsilonism – the only religion that teaches you how to be a sheriff not a cowboy." October 23rd: Tweeted "It’s never too late to invest in yourself." October 25th: "Ask yourself, what have I done to be a Thesis and not an Antithesis today? It’s an easy enough question." November 6th: Tweeted in reply to @GTAFIVEfan18 GTAFIVEfan18: "Where is the screensaver Brother-brother?" 3:11 PM - 23 Oct EpsilonismToday: "Good question – it turns out that not all Epsilonists are equal. Some are lazy little sh*ts wanting to take breaks and holidays and crap like that. Soon, brother-brother. November 20th: Tweeted "Thanksgiving is a pagan ritual. Be a thesis, not a turkey. #FACT" November 22nd: Tweeted "While you are following primitive rituals, we will be laying with multiple partners. #EpsilonistsHaveAllTheFun #Fact" November 24th: Tweeted: "Turns out the old master was a serious unsaveable. So he will be burning in the fiery pits for all of eternity." Tweeted: "Who says epsilonism isn't a forgiving religion?" November 25th: Tweeted "Anyway, the screensaver turns up next week. Its going to save lives as well as screens #FACT" November 27th: Tweeted "Online study program coming soon. #ItsWorthPayingFor #FACT" 2013 April 20th: Tweeted "Finally won the court case! We are innocent, we are back and we are not a cult!" Tweeted "It’s been proven. Not guilty. Justice has been served. We will be suing someone." Tweeted "Coming just as soon as we can finish it, a real chance to learn the truth. #truthseekers!" April 21th: Tweeted "Official Epsilon screen saver coming soon" April 22nd: Epsilonprogram.com updated with link to screensaver and new background music Posted article on Rockstar Newswire for Epsilon Screensaver: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/arti...21/kifflom.html Tweeted "Learn more about the scriptures of Epsilonism in our official screensaver because Epsilonism is about saving!" Tweeted "Download the Epsilon screensaver HERE: http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi" Tweeted "The Goals and the Pledge of Epsilon will continue to be revealed in due time. #KIFFLOM" Tweeted "The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one time or place." Tweeted "We invite you to visit one of our enlightenment centers. Directions will be provided in one week’s time." April 24th: Tweeted "More pledges revealed #spiritualupdate" Screensaver updated - revealed 2 more pledges April 26th: Tweeted "Paradigm ending may be coming soon. Invest so we can learn together." April 27th: Tweeted "Prepare for unique membership opportunity! #saveable!" April 28th: Tweeted "In 24 hours, we will begin our spring recruitment drive for all theses! #AntiThesesNotWelcome!" April 29th: Website updated to include “casting call” event giving Grand Theft Auto fans an opportunity to be cast as one of five Epsilon Program members in Grand Theft Auto V. Tweeted "JOIN US IN LOS SANTOS. Apply now to visit our Enlightenment Center. http://www.epsilonprogram.com #KIFFLOM" May 3rd: Tweeted "Learn more truth – update to screensaver #spiritualupdate http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi" May 7th: Tweeted "What’s stopping you? Do you want to be an Unsaveable? #JoinUsInLosSantos http://www.epsilonprogram.com" May 10th: Tweeted "More of your goals revealed #spiritualupdate http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi" May 13th: Tweeted "Join us in absolute knowledge right now. #JoinUsInLosSantos http://www.epsilonprogram.com" May 16th: Tweeted "All shall be known... But for now, we've updated our screensaver. #moretruths http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi" May 17th: Tweeted "The difference is we are a science and a religion, so our metaphors are true #KIFFLOM" May 20th: Tweeted "More Goals! Screensaver updated now #spiritualupdate http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi" May 21st: Tweeted "Why haven’t you joined yet? Are you unsaveable? #JoinUsInLosSantos http://www.epsilonprogram.com" May 22nd: Tweeted "Do not forget about the dove #BestMetaphorEver!" May 26th: Tweeted "What is holding you back from absolute knowledge? #JoinUsInLosSantos http://www.epsilonprogram.com" May 27th: Tweeted "Join now, or suffer. A lot. #JoinUsInLosSantos http://www.epsilonprogram.com" Tweeted "It’s nearly your last chance to learn everything about everything. #JoinUsInLosSantos http://www.epsilonprogram.com" May 28th: Tweeted "Our gratitude to all #TRUTHSEEKERS who have applied to join us in #LosSantos" Tweeted "We are currently reviewing your photos and will be in contact with those we deem worthy very soon. #KIFFLOM http://www.epsilonprogram.com" May 30th: Tweeted "Download the screensaver now and you'll learn even more http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #spiritualupdate" June 4th: Tweeted "Yes - you're learning fast - screensaver updated http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #moretruths" June 12th: Tweeted "More spiritual revelations in screensaver update http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #moretruths" June 13th: Tweeted "Nothing is truer to the dove of love than killing Unsaveables. #PrepareToSuffer" June 18th: Tweeted "Upward generosity is everything. Giving to those who do not need! #KIFFLOM" June 19th: Tweeted "Check screensaver for more answers http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #spiritualupdate" June 24th: Tweeted "Manifest generosity is the the movement towards truth form #IsThatClear?" June 27th: Tweeted "Download the Epsilon screensaver now - with updates http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #moretruths" July 1st: Tweeted "Bounteousness is a mirror #IsThatClear?" July 3rd: Tweeted "Many have called – five have been chosen. The rest of you must work harder to prove you are not unsaveable #unsaveablessuck" July 5th: Tweeted "Can I ask you a question? And will you be honest?" @Notch replied "Yes. And no." Tweeted in reply to @Notch "Ambiguity has no place here. You either want paid salvation or you want the train. #yourchoice" @Notch replied "I want salvation! I will be honest! Save me!" Tweeted in reply to @Notch "This is the best moment of your life. Prepare to triple tithe! Be saved 3 times as fast." July 6th: Tweeted "Do you want to suck for all Eternity?" July 7th: Tweeted "Because it’s not a hard question." July 8th: Tweeted "The answer is simple…" July 9th: Tweeted "You really don’t want to suck" July 10th: Tweeted "Unless you really want to be an unsaveable" July 11th: Tweeted "Which trust us is not fun!" July 12th: Tweeted "(full details of how not fun to follow soon but let’s just say the train..." July 13th: Tweeted "and you’re more of a caboose than an engine, capiche?)" July 14th: Tweeted "So what are you waiting for?" July 15th: Tweeted "Let me ask that again – what are you waiting for?" July 16th: Tweeted "It’s 10% of your income in exchange for a lot of power" July 17th: Tweeted "It’s less than you pay in tax" July 18th: Tweeted "And you get f*ck all of for taxes." July 19th: Tweeted "We‘ve fought the revenue services many times and won!" July 21st: Tweeted "Join now. It’s not a Cult. It’s the best in American religion" July 23rd: Tweeted "Answers to important questions - screensaver updated now http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #spiritualupdate" July 26th: Tweeted "Love the dove! #BestMetaphorEver" July 30th: Tweeted "Learn more by downloading the screensaver here right now. http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #tools!" July 31st: Tweeted "It's bite sized spritituality for busy modern lives! Screensaver updated: http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #moretruths" August 5th: Tweeted "Learn your truth now in the screensaver updated http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #spiritualupdate" August 14th: Tweeted "Be even better. Like our screensaver: http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #morethruths" August 20th: Tweeted "The tract SHALL BE written on Titanium. The screensaver is written on your monitor. http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #spiritualupdate" August 26th: Tweeted "More spirituality in our revolutionary screensaver now! #moretruths http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi" September 2nd: Tweeted "MORE GOALS! SCREENSAVER UPDATED NOW #spiritualupdate http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi" September 5th: Tweeted "Listen we are NOT a cult" Tweeted "Cultstoppers are harassing us. We will harass back." Tweeted "Hello, non-people at http://Cultstoppers.com – get a life – we are NOT a cult." Tweeted "We’re not a cult but you ARE unsaveables. Have fun getting the train. #ouch." Casting call winners revealed on Cult Stoppers website. September 9th: Tweeted "Be even more complete. Like our screensaver. http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi #spiritualupdate" September 13th: Tweeted "More goals revealed #moretruths http://bit.ly/ZDNAyi" September 27th: Tweeted "Wonderful to see the millions of new Epsilonists out there." September 29th: Tweeted "Yet again, we are fastest growing religion in the world #FACT" October 16th: Tweeted "Remember many are called but few are rich enough to be chosen" Screensaver Info/Findings: THE 12 GOALS OF EPSILONISM: WE ARE MAKING AN ASSAULT ON HAPPINESS WE WILL BE GENEROUS, IN WAYS THAT ARE UPWARDS AND WAYS THAT ARE MANIFEST WE WILL LIVE BY THE PROVEN SCIENTIFIC TRUTH OF THE METAPHORS We will fight superstition, limited thinking and dogma wherever we find it we will be clear thinking, independent minded and do exactly what we are told we will practice science by not doubting We will display infinite power by closing out those who disagree with our life choices We will practice kindness and mercy by a relentless assault on Unsaveables, always reminding them of what awaits We will be everywhere, all at once, but also right here, right now We will invest in a structured study program because we know that knowledge is not free We will be open minded to new experiences apart from those that are wrong, distasteful or against teachings we will promote Epsilonism in everything we do, while we await both the writing of The tract and the ending of the 9th paradigm. THE EPSILONIST PLEDGE: ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM KRAFF, THAT IS THE FACT ON WHICH EPSILONISM IS BUILT. EPSILONISM IS A SCIENCE AS WELL AS A RELIGION - IN FACT, WE ARE THE ONLY RELIGION THAT IS ALSO A SCIENCE AND WHICH IS CONCERNED WITH SEEKING OUT TRUTH. AS REAL TRUTH SEEKERS, WE ARE WILLING TO PAY TO MAKE THE SEARCH GO BETTER. IN THIS WAY WE ARE INVESTING IN OUR FUTURE. The twelve tenets are central to our life. As is the investment we have made in the future. An investment that proves we are not Unsaveables. We will be saved because we had the vision to invest in Salvation. And that is why we pledge our lives to the pursuit of truth. In a fact based religion for people who are ready. I knew I was ready when I signed the first check And my life became incredible. The tract of the 9th Paradigm has not yet been written, But we know that when it is, it will reveal everything. Including how Cris cast off his cane And about the power of the metaphors Like the peach tree And the apple tree And the Lake And the nasty prison train awaiting doubters. And that's not a metaphor. It's a fact. Lots of dudes, waiting to service you. Bang, bang, bang. One after the other. Until you walk like a cowboy. While you're a cowboy, I'm a sheriff. A sheriff of truth and honesty and kindness and the future. And this is the truth for those who seek it. Live by the tenets. Live by the facts. Await the tract. Invest in yourself. ^Character from Screensaver. Click to view larger. Other GTA V Epsilon Program Related Info: Achievement: GTA V Website: - "Stop and chat with a member of The Epsilon Program for some enlightenment..." Epsilon Program Emblem on City of Los Santos seal. Epsilon Program Info: Wiki pages: http://gta.wikia.com/Epsilon_Program http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/Epsilon_Program San Andreas Radio: #1 #2 #3 WCTR - Entertaining America: Fan Sites: http://www.myepsilon.org MyEpsilon Daily News
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