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  1. Syriuz

    Portuguese Crew (xbox 360)

    Looking for portuguese mates to create a crew.
  2. Harrisonial2992

    Blaine County Furz currently recruiting.

    The Blaine county Furz are currently recruiting. Crew with an emphasis on roleplay/fun. See http://gtaforums.com/topic/584277-blaine-county-furz-currently-recruiting-gta-vps3/ for details.
  3. Lebbaeu

    The Secret Community

    ---THE SECRET COMMUNITY ARE RECRUITING--- We are a very ambitious crew, who is dedicated to be the most rich and powerful gang in the town of Los Santos.. The Secret Community specializes in organized crime such as heists, car theft, assassinations, drug trafficking etc. Also smaller crimes such as liquor store thefts are on our agenda. This crew is all business - Los Santos is our territory, and any illegal activity not performed by the members of this crew, will be met with guns and bullets. Motto: "Do the best. Be the best. Being second is not motivating." Join us today: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_secret_community/
  4. kstowe

    Crew Recruitment

    Alright guys, in my excitement for GTAO I started a crew: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_elite_8 I am not married to any one part of this, I am not even sure what benefit(s) it will have. I am looking to fill positions all over, and i am open to any suggestions crew members may have. I want to something a little more quaint, something like starting off with 8 guys with room for expansion. inb4 OP join a crew I don't want to, I want something more intimate than some 300 man roster that most crews have. I have not designated myself a position i.e. shooter, driver ect... I don't know how this is going to go over but, I hope I can meet some people who are looking to essentially run this game, I want to be a power player(s) and make as much money as I possibly can, so we can buy whatever we want, and do whatever we want. A little more about me; 22yo Live in Chicagoland area (Central time zone) I will be able to play every night after 9pm, just about all day every Wednesday and Sunday Please let me know if you are interested. either by PM or try and join my crew. Thank you in advance!
  5. GhostHunterElite

    GTA 5 Crew

    Starting Up a GTA 5 online Crew. We are Grove St. Assassins. I am a Commissioner. Add me on PSN if you join our crew at GhostHunterElite and add gorams2011 which is our Leader. Add gorams2011 and tell him you wanna join our crew and he will give you details. Go to this link to apply. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/
  6. Deletedaccount

    The English Riviera

    About Us The English Riviera is an open, multi platform crew actively recruiting right now! We are a small, loyal group looking to recruit members in time for GTA Online. We are the kind of group where everybody has a say, no one is discriminated and most importantly we won't bullsh*t you. Anyone who joins before October the 1st will be be promoted to Lieutenant or Commissioner on joining*. All are welcome Our Members (07/09/13GB) Name |Platform(s) |PSN ID |XBOX LIVE |GTANet |Nation MrCasey PS3/PC MrCasey460 MrCasey GB BenTheMexican PS3/PC N/A N/A GB EllisJay8 PS3 EllisJay8 N/A GB *Subject to as and when I can
  7. Syriuz

    Portuguese Crew (xbox 360)

    Looking for portuguese mates to create a crew.
  8. Mcbarker14

    Need a crew to join? Enlist here

    Hi many friends anticipating gta V, if you're not yet in a crew may I suggest joining mine "the lost santos" remember you need a rockstar social account to join the crew is open to all members who are willing to play gta v online for a very long time you may join the crew without requesting we are currently hiring muscle, reps and lieutenants Crew name; the lost santos Any enquires contact me crew leader on rockstar social club: mcbarker14
  9. The Regulator Crew is seeking new members. We are currently a small crew, hoping to expand before October 1st, with the ambition of taking Los Santos by storm. Co-ordinated teamwork will play a big role as we plan and execute heists all over the city and countryside, earning the crew big cash rewards and all the firepower and vehicles that go with them. Ambitious robberies and daring escapes will be the trademark of The Regulator Crew. No store or bank will be safe. The spoils will be shared fairly evenly, though if someone has invested more cash in the heist or has proven themself invaluable on the field they'll likely get a better cut. It won't all be about crime, as downtime will be catered for. We'll have lots of fun in Los Santos, with ideas welcome from all members. As soon as GTA Online launches there will be daily crew activity. Specialists are required in all fields of expertise (pilots, drivers, shooters, etc), ideally team orientated players who want big bucks and big battles. Ranks can and will be assigned accordingly to members. If you think we offer the type of play you're looking for and that you'd be an asset to our organisation just leave a comment with your Social Club name and what you can bring to the crew to receive an invite or simply click the link below and join up straightaway. Questions and ideas are welcomed. R* SC- DiscoD72
  10. Attention Biological Androids, CrimethInc. The Anarcho-Capitalist Cause in Los Santos. Raise the rebel Black Flag to liberate our society. In search for skilled associates whom can offer his or her service(s) in the pursuit of total Freedom of Humanity. Note: This is a violent wing of the organization. We believe freedom will be attained through the wide spread action of criminal efforts and destruction. Find us here @ CrimethInc. (PS3 Only)//Please be a mature associate in the age group of 21+ years// If you rock a microphone, make sure that it sounds good or cut it off; You will be kicked if you do not maintain your audio noise pollution.
  11. ScumbagDCooper

    Midnight Syndicate - Recruitment Drive.

    The Midnight Syndicate are currently recruiting PS3 members. We aren't aiming to be a massive crew with hundreds of members, we'd prefer to be a smaller, more tight-nit gang of around 30 members. We plan on doing a bit of everything, but getting rich whilst having fun is the main priority. There will be, and are plenty chances to advance within the hierarchy and those of lieutenant rank or above will be given the privilege of voting on crew policy, but ultimately every member has a say. The great thing about being part of a smaller crew is that you instantly become a somebody rather than just another faceless goon among hundreds. Everyone within The Midnight Syndicate is considered an extremely valuable asset. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/midnight_syndicate If you have any queries please feel free to contact me at: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/scumbagdcooper Or contact The Midnight Syndicate leader, DoctorWoe at: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/doctorwoe Thanks for taking your time to read this and we at Midnight Syndicate wish to see you very, very soon.
  12. misa2011

    Crew Recruiting

    Our crew name is Demm Studds anyone is welcome, we will FSU in GTA Online. We play on ps3.
  13. captN Stabb1n

    GangBang3rs Recruiting for Xbox360/PS3

    Social Club: http://socialclub.ro...rew/gangbang3rs What we are Looking for: 1. Mature members that will help build the gang from the ground up (decisions will be made based on a democratic vote) 2. Members willing to share the work and ensure equal distribution of wealth 3. Above all else this clan is meant to elevate the experience of GTA Online. People who enjoy having fun but put forth effort to maintain an experience that is enjoyable/memorable for all members of the gang (No Betrayals) 4. Applicants do not need to jump through hoops to join this clan simply request an invite via the link above, if you meet the above criteria you'll have no trouble fitting in (I will be running the crew on the XBOX 360, we are currently looking for someone to handle things on the PS3 if interested drop a line) Activities: 1. Missions/Heists 2. Making Money/Securing Assets 3. Deathmatches/Races 4. General Fun/Events/Controlled Chaos
  14. Reservoir Dogs

    OCEANS XI [P$3] Thrill of the steal!

    OCEANS XI join the heist.....9.17.13 10.1.13 http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/oceans_xi
  15. yagizbiler

    LegendaryTurks Crew

    Hello guys we created a crew named LegendaryTurks and this is our link http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/legendaryturks. We are searching new players, you can join us !
  16. savigoclan

    Join the Savigo clan!

    Hello everyone, Do you search a nice GTA 5 clan? Go to http://www.savigoclan.com and join us! Greats, Savigo
  17. Deletedaccount

    Recruiting for: The Order of Sins

    The Order of Sins PlayStation 3 We are an actively recruiting group of GTA players ready to take on the world of Los Santos online. All are welcome and we have only a few rules: Traitors and backstabbing is not allowed We work as a team It's easy to work your way up the hierarchy, and everyone's friendly, so what's to lose http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_order_of_sins
  18. Deletedaccount

    Three GTA V Crews recruiting

    I have not one, not two, but three crews available to join! All crews are for GTA V, and are English speaking. Both Order of Sins and English Riviera are open to join but Green Varsity is locked to requests.
  19. captN Stabb1n

    Recruiting all positions for GangBang3rs

    Recruting all positions for GangBang3rs be amongst the first to claim your stake at the highest positions of the crew. This crew was created as a filter measure to ensure optimal xp/reputation gain. We are looking for members who will be loyal and excecute missions following the code of conduct dictated by the club. Everyone wants to increase the amount of money, xp, and reputation in GTA Online. Having a club that is loyal and treats its members as equals will ensure that success is shared by all. Betrayal is not an option and heist/mission profits/rewards will be evenly distributed. Rest assured that your work/efforts will not go unrewarded. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gangbang3rs
  20. We have not one, not two, not even three but four crews up for joining! Click image to visit their Social Club page! All crews are for GTA V, and are English speaking. English Riviera, Order of Sins and Criminal Allies are open to join but Green Varsity is locked to requests. If you would like to be included in my next post, please PM me Please mention MrCasey on joining.
  21. The Blaine County Furz are currently recruiting. Roleplay preferred. Specializing in mayhem the Furz are known for recklessness and their flare for the dramatic. The Furz are infatuated with criminal activity, no heist, assassination, or kidnapping is out of bounds with the Furz. First founded by Trevor in 1997 the Furz leadership was recently passed on to Harrisonial2992 when the events of GTA V required all of Trevor's attention. Ranks: Blähungen: Harrisonial2992: The Head Furz. Responsible for all Furzian decisions. Criminally Insane. Capable of irrational, erratic decisions. Stillschweigend-Furz: Zexion_Armando: The Blähungen's right hand man. Oddly silent. Rarely communicates with anyone in the group other than the Blähungen, but relied on by the group to bring the Head Furz back to Earth and rationalize his thinking. Viewed by Furzmen as the co-leader of The Furz. Windjackes: recruiting: Much more involved in communicating with the group. Viewed as group leaders with the lesser ranking members of the group. Admired for unwavering bravery in the face of death. Spearheads many missions. Käseschneiders: recruiting: The Furz's version of a "made" man. Works with the Windjackes to recruit new Hinterns to the Furz. The main leaders for Hinterns, all Hinterns must gain approval through Käseschneiders to have any counsel with higher ranking Furzmen. Hinterns: Furzian recruits. Must show unwavering, irrational loyalty to higher ranking members of the Furz. Furzian Hinterns often turn on eachother in order to rise through the ranks, a behavior that isn't explicitly prohibitied. Answers to Käseschneiders, forbidden from counsel with high rankiing Furzmen without prior approval. Any potential recruit with graphical expertise will be given expedited promotion. If interested in joining please fill out this form(PM's accepted): PSN Name: Social Club Name: GTAF Name: Headset? Y/N: Age(age range): Country: Time Zone: Preferred GTA Playstyle: Relevant Skills: Favored Weapon: Favored Transport: Favored Crime: Character Bio(again roleplay encouraged), any other information: Social Club Page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blaine_county_furz
  22. PEST are PS3/PS4 based. Hi all, i'll get right into it. We are PEST. Societies Pest. Our crew is owned by myself and a RL friend. We're just north of London and have been gaming together for as long as I can remember. We have experience in running guilds, clans, crews in a number of different games across all platforms. We are very well organised but ultimately, as our name suggests, we are all about fun. Over the past few months we've been coming up with ideas to make our crew original, something different to the rest and I believe we have what it takes to take our crew to the top in every sense. We believe in quality over quantity and to begin with we are only opening 20 slots for our crew. This will expand soon enough but we feel to give this crew a chance at being completely successful we need a solid base. Hopefully, this is where you come into it. We are looking for applicants over 15, who own a headset and believe they have what it takes to be a part of a crew who are all about teamwork, tactics, knowledge and fun with hopefully huge rewards. So, here are a few things i'd like to know about you - Age - Mic/headset - Country - Timezone - Gaming experience - What can you bring to us? - Please reply in this post but also feel free to check out our twitter - @Societies_Pests which currently has 140 followers, only made it a few hours ago. You can also reach us through the Rockstar link - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/societies_pests Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
  23. Deletedaccount

    GTA V Crew Index

    Hey everyone, just thought I would create a place for everyone to share their crews...
  24. Hey guys, I just made a crew on Rockstar Social Club about piloting and flying. It's meant for those who want to have fun exploring the skies, and maybe sometimes battle with other crews. It's primary a German crew for German speakers. Feel free to join, if you want. I'll try to be as fair as possible and if somebody is a good pilot I'll promote him, of course. Here you go: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_sky_explorers So - Maybe we'll meet in GTA online
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