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Found 6 results

  1. killdrivetheftvehicle

    GTA: World

    The Setting is a satirically re-imagined World. Disclaimer: The producers of this video game concept are not endorsing or condoning any criminal activities described in this video game concept. This video game concept is entirely fictional, so any resemblence to real life people or events is entirely coincidental. It's 2017. Jake Lee is a third generation Chinese American from Hong Kong, who is coming back from military service in Afganistan. His grandfather moved to ASU during the financial boom in the 60's as an illegal immigrant to San Fierro, but became
  2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories's Stories: Enhanced HD Black Edition A 2PacSerbia Production The year is 1991. Tommy Vercetti rules Vice City. However, that's about to soon change. Auntie Poullet, leader of the Haitian gang is out for Tommy's blood after he destroyed their drug lab. Can she take back the city from Vercetti's rule of iron fist adn lead the Haitians to an age of glory? Find out! Weapons: Pistol Magnum Machine Pistol Assault Rifle Flamethrower Rocket Launcher Some of the vehicles featured in th
  3. Figured I would make a post for something Ive been working on. while I am making this a "concept" Post, I do plan on hopefully turning these into actual stations down the line... Each station will be based around a real Florida station from the 1980s. all songs will also be older than 1989 to keep with the 1988 lore that I wanted to establish. (based on the GTA IV 1988 RAGE mod) WHQT "Hot 105" DJ: Automated Genre: Bubblegum Pop, Top 40 Hits Tracklist: Girls just wanna have fun - Cyndi Lauper (1983) Out of the Blue - Debbie Gibson (198
  4. Grand Theft Auto: Source Introduction Grand Theft Auto: Source is remake of R* (or Rockstar Game) Game Grand Theft Auto 3D Universe game (GTA III,GTA VC,GTA SA) from RenderWare Engine, But this time use Valve's Source Engine, Introducing Graphic and Improvement Feature from Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, San Andreas.
  5. Francesco Bonomo

    Grand Theft Auto: New Sylvania

    A Cebra, Money Over Bullsh*t, and Slimeball_Supreme collaboration Theme Song: In The Valley by Frankie Bonomo Welcome to the Commonwealth of New Sylvania in the 1970's-a groovy era where everyone is trying to have a good time with music, drugs, and every other vice the nightlife can offer. You may think that life in small town, USA is nothing but quiet, peace and harmony, but this story will draw you into the darker side of New Sylvania - greed, corruption, temptation, and blood. Told through the eyes of Brooke-Meyer native Virgil Assante, a young and am
  6. You may remember this concept from back when it was called GTA: Coyote Stories. Unfortunately, that thread was deemed too NSFW for this site and it was removed. But here it is now, back again and meaner than ever. After the success of the critically acclaimed GTA: Viagra, Rockstar Latino América has hired the team behind that game and the team behind the concept of GTA Coyote Stories, to work on their next title, renamed into GTA: La Frontera. The game will take place in the year 2006, in the South of the United States and the Northern part of
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