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Found 7 results

  1. killdrivetheftvehicle

    GTA: World

    The Setting is a satirically re-imagined World. Disclaimer: The producers of this video game concept are not endorsing or condoning any criminal activities described in this video game concept. This video game concept is entirely fictional, so any resemblence to real life people or events is entirely coincidental. It's 2017. Jake Lee is a third generation American expatriot of Hong Kong, who is coming back from military service in Afganistan. His grandfather moved to ASU during the financial boom in the 60's as an illegal immigrant to San Fierro, but became a citizen through marriage, and moved to Liberty City, because there was a bunch of relatives there. What he did't know was the relatives worked for the triads, so that's what Jake's father had to do too. He never spoke about his business to his own family. It was only by accident that Jake found out. That was when Jake enlisted for the military, and served in Afganistan. Lucky for Jake, he never caught a bullet, but he nearly died in a roadside bombing. Two guys from his unit perished that day and one after a week at a hospital. Jake is sent home. When he gets home, his mother tells him that his father has died. To see the map in it's whole glory, click on the picture, then move your cursor off the picture and then when you move the cursor back on the picture, you can open the picture in another window by clicking on it. Click it again and Voila! The map is in the form of a Globe, so that distances are shorter and day/night cycle is easier to make. The satellite map for those about to mod: Protection: Gaining money from your turf by making the businesses pay a tax to your gang Fronts: Lounge/Stripclub/Nightclub You start as a consultant, advance into coordinator and finally the manager. As "consultant" you get sent to places, that are late on payment, or not paying, while they're supposed to. Your job is to convince, that it's in the best interest of the owner to pay up. Your pay is at first: $500 per day, level 2: $1,000, level 3: $2,000. As "coordinator" your job is to apply people to trouble spots, and to take care of competition. You hire and fire consultants. Your pay is at first a 5% commision, level 2: 10%, level 3: 20%. As "manager" you decide where you operate, hire and fire coordinators after each week, and decide the rates. You have to pay half of your earnings as a tribute to the triad head. Prostitution: Gaining money from your employed women in exchange for pimping service Fronts: Accomodation business You start as a chauffer, advance into procurement manager and finally accomodation manager. As "chauffer" you drive your employees to the best suited spots, choose the working outfits for the employed women, make sure customers pay up and don't damage the goods. You take care of competition and your employees. You get half of every dollar your employees make, then have to pay half as a tribute to Procurement manager. As "procurement manager" you advertise the business, make decisons about the look and feel of the whorehouse and find out what the customers desire. You make sure each encounter with personnel is recorded in video and audio, and make sure that the business is disguised as a legitimate business. You get the tribute paid to you, then have to pay half as a tribute to Accomodation manager. As "accomodation manager" you decide the scale of operation, you hire and fire personnel. You get the tribute paid to you. You have to pay half of your take to the triad head. Loan Sharking: Lending to the needy, while making a profit Fronts: Corporate HQ office/ Vehicle showroom Cash investment needed to start: $100,000 You start as a collector, advance into repo-man and finally the cash manager As "collector" you convince customers that it's in their best interest to pay up. Your pay is at first: $500 per day, level 2: $1,000, level 3: $2,000. As "repo-man" you secure the available payment by repossessing valuables. At first level your pay is 5% commission, second level 10% and third level 20% As "cash manager" you hire and fire personnel and decide rates after each week. You have to pay half of your earnings to triad head. Blood Sport: Running illegal fights and betting venues Fronts: Meat packing factory/ Meat warehouse You start as a packer, advance into guard and finally into manager As "packer" you win and lose when told to do so. At first level your pay is $500 per fight, second level $1,000 and third $2,000 As "guard" you let the right people in and keep the wrong people out. At first level you get paid 5% of winnings, second level 10% and third 20%. As "manager" you invite fighters, set entrance fees for audience, hire guards, packers and accountants before each event. You pay half of your share to the triad head as a tribute. - Barefist fights (Men fighting w/o gloves) - Cock fights (Male Poultry fighting to the death) - Dog fights (Canines fighting to the death) Robbery: Acquiring cash and valuables with force Fronts: Wholesale business You start as a picker, advance into evening cashier, then account manager and finally logistics executive Small time heist As "picker" you hold out small stores and gas stations using a fast car, mask and a gun. A good stick up is a two-man job. You have to pay 20% of the take to the logistics executive for planning and intelligence. Burglary As "evening cashier" you enter into peoples homes and businesses while they are away using stealth and a van. A good burglary is a three-man job. You have to pay 20% of the take to the logistics executive for planning and intelligence. Big heist As "account manager" you enter into businesses while they are in a vulnerable state, when a lot of cash or valuables is on their hands, and all security disabled. A good big heist is a five-man job. You have to pay 20% of the take to the logistics executive for planning and intelligence. As "logistics executive" you do the intelligence, plan the heists, hire the crews before the job, then take 20% of the action and divide the spoils after each job. You pay half of your take to the triad head. Drugs: The production and distribution of intoxicating addictive substances Fronts: Production business, Hauling business You start as a sales clerk, advance into delivery driver and finally a production manager Distribution As "sales clerk" you fetch the product from your stash and go to your corner to sell it to customers. You also take care of competition, authorities and angry customers and give free samples to test the product. At first level you get 5% of each sale, second level 10%, third level 20%. Delivery As "delivery driver" you fetch the product from the supplier and take it to a stash, take care of competition and authorities. You also move the product from stash to stash. At first level you get $500 for each delivery, second level $1,000, third level $2,000. Production As "production manager" you negotiate for deals with suppliers and hire and fire women to work in your production facilities before each batch. You decide how strong a product you buy and how much you cut it. Then you make sure it gets tested and sold. You pay half of your take as tribute to the triad head. Human Trafficking: The Acquiring and import/export of useful people like: working slaves, sex slaves, future prostitutes and tissue, cell and organ harvesting Fronts: Merchant marine business, Hauling business You start as a deckhand, advance into able bodied seaman and finally a captain As "deckhand" you make sure no-one escapes before sale, and that the product is in good condition before sale. At first level you get $500 for each trip, second level $1,000, third level $2,000. As "able bodied seaman" you capture the escapees. intimidate the product and take care of the competitors. At first level you get $2,500 for each trip, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000 As "captain" you define routes, hide the contraband, determine the class of the individuals and advertise and pick costumes for each class. You also hire personnel before each trip and negotiate with suppliers and customers.You pay half of your take to the triad head - Acquisition and Loading * with a truck you drive around collecting people into the container * drive to the port * load the container onto a ship - The trip * water and treat the cargo * make sure no-one escapes * determine the value of each individual - Unloading and Sales * wash, feed and treat the cargo * load the container off the ship to a truck * drive the truck to the sales point and unload Product Counterfeiting: The production of copied products sold as the originals -Toys, electronic games -Tv's, radios -Food pruducts -Designer labels and clothing -Computers -Medicine -Movies, music and computer games -Shoes -Smartphones -Jewelry, Accessories -Watches -Handbags, purses, wallets Fronts: Production business You start as security, advance into supervisor, and finally CEO As "security" you monitor the facility from multiple screens and hurry to settle the situations with lethal force, if necessary. At first level you get payed $500 per batch, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000 As "supervisor" you monitor the product quality and the working morale of the workers and intervene with punishments, if there's anything wrong with either. At first level you get paid $2,500 per batch, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000. As "CEO" you negotiate with suppliers and customers and hire personnel before each batch. You pay half of your take to the triad head as a tribute. Guns: The illegal manufacture and distribution of firearms Fronts: Production business, Hauling business You start as a tester, advance into pilot and finally merchant As "tester" you test the product and act as a backup to pilot. At first level you get payed $500 per run, second level $1,000 and third $2,000 As "pilot" you operate any vehicle carrying the cargo. At first level you get payed $2,500 per run, second level $5,000 and third $10,000. As "merchant" you negotiate the deals with suppliers and customers, and hire personnel before each run. You pay half of your take to triad head. Illegal natural resources trade: The acquiring of lucrative natural resources -timber * Pink Ivory: Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa * African Blacwood: Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa * Sandalwood: India, Pakistan, Bushland, Indonesia, Malakaii, Fishy, Bislamavanua, Kenilorea islands, New Calais * Ebony: India, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Indonesia * Agarwood: India, The Philippines, Somare New Shilling, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China * Lignum vitae: The Lucayans, Duarte Republic, Porto Bautista, Castro, Jamston, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Colombia * Peltogyne: Brazil, Surinam, French Guyana * Dalbergia: El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, French Guyana, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Madagascar * Guibourtia: Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, French Guyana, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Madagascar * Mahogany: Mexas, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, ASU, Castro, The Lucayans, Taínos, Duarte Republic, Jamston, Porto Bautista, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago * Teak: India, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam -oil: Syria, Irak, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Indonesia, Russia, China, ASU -precious metals * Platinum: South Africa, Russia * Gold: China, Bushland, Russia, ASU, Peru, South Africa, Mali, Indonesia * Rhodium: South Africa, Russia * Ruthenium: South Africa, Russia * Iridium: South Africa, Russia * Osmium: South Africa, Russia * Palladium: South Africa, Russia * Rhenium: Chile, ASU, Peru, Poland * Silver: Bushland, Mexas, Bolivia, Peru, Poland * Indium: China, Japan, Korea -precious minerals * Tanzanite - Tanzania * Black Opal - ASU, Bushland, Ethiopia, Mexas * Red Beryl - ASU * Musgravite - Bushland * Alexandrite - Russia, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka * Emerald - Egypt, India, Bushland, Colombia, Afganistan, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cadana, China, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, ASU, Zimbabwe * Ruby - Thailand, Afganistan, Bushland, Brazil, Colombia, India, Namibia, Japan, UK, Madagascar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, North Macedonia, ASU, Burma * Pink Diamond - Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Cadana, India, Bushland * Blue Garnet - Madagascar, ASU, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey * Serendibite - Sri Lanka, Burma * Red Diamonds - Bushland, Brazil, Russia * Jadeite - ASU, Burma, Kiwiland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Cadana, Italy * Blue Diamond - India, South Africa, Bushland, Botswana -plants * Lady's Slipper Orchid: ASU, Mexas, China, Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, French Guyana, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Somare New Shilling, Malaysia, The Philippines, Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland * Dendrobium nobile: China, India, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malakaii * Cycads: ASU, Mexas, Bushland, Malakaii, Fishy, Kiwiland, New Calais, Bislamavanua, Kenilorea Islands, Somare New Shilling, Indonesia, Japan, China, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Madagascar, South Africa, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea * Saguaro Cactus: Mexas, ASU * Snowdrops: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Bosnia, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, Syria, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Belarus * Sod: everywhere there's a grassy lawn or golf course * Ginseng: China, Korea, Russia * Lilac: Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, North Macedonia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, ASU -animal parts * Ivory (Elephant tusks and Rhino horns) * Tiger parts Fronts: Hauling business You start as laborer, advance into driver and then into managing director As "laborer" you pick the crates from the countryside with a helicopter and load them into a van. At first level your pay is $500 per run, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "driver" you drive the van to airport hangar, or to the seaport. At first level your pay is $2,500 per run, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000. As "managing director" you purchase the product from the supplier and sell it to customers. You hire personnel before each run. You pay half of your take to triad head. Illegal wildlife trade: The Acquiring of lucrative live animals Front: Safari company -Catch live and traffick * Tigers, Cheetahs, Panthers * Exotic birds * Exotic fishes You start as a fetcher, andvance into guide and finally to safari host. As "fetcher" you fetch the product to the crate. At first level you get $500 for each run, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "guide" you drive the safari vehicles to places where there are target animals. You wait until the safari guests shoot the targets with tranqualizers, and then move to another place. At first level you get $2,500 for each run, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000. As "safari host" you market the safari to the public. You hire personnel before each run. You sell the products to customers and pay half of your take to the triad head. Smuggling: Import/export of illegal air, sea and land cargo - narcotics - live animals - natural resources - human organs - couterfeit products - vehicles - guns - stolen goods Fronts: Wholesale business, Hauling business, Merchant marine business You start as a dispatch supervisor , advance into transportation coordinator , and finally warehouse manager As "dispatch supervisor" you pilot a vehicle and collect the crate(s) from a drop off point and drive it(them) to another drop off point. At first level you get $500 for each job, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "transportation coordinator" you define routes for delivery and assign dispatch supervisors their jobs. At first level your pay is $2,500 per run, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000. As "warehouse manager" you hire and fire dispatch supervisors and transportation coordinators after each run and sell your services to customers and pay half of your earnings to triad head. Maritime Piracy: Old school piracy with new equipment Fronts: Merchant marine business You start as ensign, advance into lieutenant and finally commander. As "ensign" you act as a storm trooper and have a hands-on approach to the business. At first level you get $500 for each job, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "lieutenant" you steer the vessels and fire the guns of the vessel. At first level your pay is $2,500 per run, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000. As "commander" you pick the targets, assign vessels and define routes. You decide what you take from the vessel you cought, whether you keep her or not. You get the loot and pay half of your take to the triad head. Assassination: The termination of undesired individuals in exchange of financial compensation Fronts: Corporate HQ office You start as a janitor, advance into head hunter and finally event manager As "janitor" your job is to sanitize a hit that made a mess. You must get rid of any incriminating evidence, including bodies, wittnesses, weapons, fingerprints etc. At first level you get $500 for each job, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "head hunter" your job is to perform efficient and timely hits, while avoiding unnecessary attention. At first level you get payed $2,500 per hit, second level $5,000 and third level $10,000 You have the option of calling janitor, but it'll cost ya. As "event manager" you must hire and fire your squad members before each hit, lead the hit squad in squad hits and negotiate with customers. You pay half of your take to the triad head. Vehicle Ring: The acquisition and sales of motor vehicles without the owner's concent Fronts: Vehicle showroom You start as a sales assistant, advance into vehicle test driver and finally to showroom manager As "sales assistant" you scan the place for vehicles in demand, and send a photo with gps coordinates and a time stamp as an e-mail. At first level you get payed $100 per photo, second level $200 and third level $400. As "vehicle test driver" you scan your phone for messages from "sales assistant" and steal the vehicle before it vanishes and deliver it to a lockup near a chop-shop or a hangar on an abandoned airfield and e-mail to "showroom manager". At first level you get payed $500 per delivery, second level $1,000 and third level $2,000. As "Showroom manager" you send requests by e-mail to the "sales assistant". You adjust your list of orders according to customers preferences. You hire and fire personnel after each week and negotiate with customers. You pay half of your take to the triad head. Political influence: The reduction of accumulated heat by making the officials play along Fronts: Corporate HQ office You start as an investigator, advance into client advisor, and finally to negotiator As "investigator" your job is to follow the targets, go through their trash, take pictures and footage of their unexpected encounters, collect incriminating evidence and to set the target up when ordered to do so. At first level you get payed $500 per case, second level $1,000 and third $2,000. As "client advisor" your job is to intimidate the target with bullying and displaying physical power. At first level you get payed $2,500 per case, second level $5,000 and third $10,000. As "negotiator" you give offers that can't be refused by using leverage or financial compensation or services required by the official. You also hire and fire personnel after you accept each case. At first level you get payed $12,000 per case, second level $24,000 and third $50,000.
  2. Figured I would make a post for something Ive been working on. while I am making this a "concept" Post, I do plan on hopefully turning these into actual stations down the line... Each station will be based around a real Florida station from the 1980s. all songs will also be older than 1989 to keep with the 1988 lore that I wanted to establish. (based on the GTA IV 1988 RAGE mod) WHQT "Hot 105" DJ: Automated Genre: Bubblegum Pop, Top 40 Hits Tracklist: Girls just wanna have fun - Cyndi Lauper (1983) Out of the Blue - Debbie Gibson (1987) Point of No Return - Expose (1985) Cruel Summer - Bananarama (1983) You Came - Kim Wilde (1988) Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves (1983) Cross my Heart - Martika (1988) Jealous Fella's - Dimples Tee (1987) Naughty Girls Need Love Too - Samantha Fox (1988) Prove your love - Taylor Dayne (1988) WPOW "Power 96" DJ: Undecided Genre: R&B, Hip Hop, Funk Tracklist: Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean (1984) Single Life - Cameo (1985) Take Your Time (Do It Right) - SOS Band (1980) Smooth Operator - Sade (1984) Rock Steady - The Whispers (1987) Outstanding - The Gap Band (1982) Candy - Cameo (1986) A Love Bazaar - Sheila E (1985) WHYI "Y100" DJ: Undecided Genre: Bubblegum Pop, Top 40 Hits Tracklist: Puttin on the Ritz - Taco (1983) Good Thing - Fine Young Cannibals (1989) [Placeholder] Our House - Madness (1982) Lucky Star - Madonna (1983) Sara - Starship (1986) 8675-309 (Jenny) - Tommy Tutone (1981) Do You Really Want to Hurt Me - Culture Club (1982) Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul (1989) [Placeholder] WSHE "103 SHE" DJ: Undecided Genre: Album Rock, Rock and Roll Tracklist: Crazy Train - Black Sabbath (1980) Paradise by the Dashboard Lights - Meatloaf (1977) Metal Health (Bang your Head) - Quiet Riot (1983) WZTA "Zeta-4" 94.9 FM DJ: Undecided Genre: Classic Rock Tracklist: Same old Song and Dance - Aerosmith (1974) Do it Again - Steely Dan (1972) Truckin - Greatful Dead (1970) Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream (1967) Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection (1969) Joy to the World - Three Dog Night (1970) Gimmie Back my Bullets - Lynyrd Skynyrd (1976) Pigs (Three Different Ones) - Pink Floyd (1977) Holiday in the Sun - Sex Pistols (1977) WQBA-FM "Super Q" DJ: Undecided Genre: Miami Freestyle, Hi-NRG Tracklist: When I hear music - Debbie Deb (1983) Change on me - Cynthia (1988) Funky Little Beat - Connie (1985) I want u - Teaz 2 Pleaz (1988) I want to be the one - Stevie B (1988) Play at your own Risk - Planet Patrol (1982) Let the Music Play - Shannon (1983) I wonder if I take you home - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam (1985) I Didn't mean to turn you on - Cherrelle (1984) Look out Weekend - Debbie Deb (1984) I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz (1985) Square Biz - Teena Marie (1981) WADR "Asian Dream Radio" (Fictional/Finished) DJ: Mitch Richardson Genre: City Pop, Tracklist: Heat Lady - Taeko Rei (1984) Bay City - Junko Yagami (1983) Into Love - Toru Watanabe (1983) Heartbeat - Miho Fujiwara (1986) Plastic Love (Remix) - Mariya Takeuchi (1985) Ru-Ru-Ru-Russian Roulette - Meiko Nakahara (1985) Step into the Light - Toshiki Kadomatsu (1984) Navigator- 1986 Omega Tribe (1986) Telephone Number - Junko Ohashi (1984) NO! - Junko Yagami (1983) Script:
  3. Francesco Bonomo

    Grand Theft Auto: New Sylvania

    A Cebra, Money Over Bullsh*t, and Slimeball_Supreme collaboration Theme Song: In The Valley by Frankie Bonomo Welcome to the Commonwealth of New Sylvania in the 1970's-a groovy era where everyone is trying to have a good time with music, drugs, and every other vice the nightlife can offer. You may think that life in small town, USA is nothing but quiet, peace and harmony, but this story will draw you into the darker side of New Sylvania - greed, corruption, temptation, and blood. Told through the eyes of Brooke-Meyer native Virgil Assante, a young and ambitious mobster with aspirations of reaching new heights with northeastern New Sylvania's Manganelli Crime Family. Get involved in the more white-collar crimes in Romero, the dirty political wet-work in Kensington, or the easy balance of family life and extortion in Brooke-Meyer. Your goal is to reach the top of this small yet politically influential crime family during its golden age. But be careful who you cross... one wrong move and it's lights out for you. The Protagonist Virgil Assante (born Virgilio Alberto Assante) also known as Virgil Right Hook (Born November 3rd, 1944) was an American gangster and member of the Manganelli Crime Family who is believed to be one of the organizers of the 1975 Pendlebury Train Heist, at the time, the most lucrative cash theft in New Sylvania history, and also believed to have committed multiple murders under orders of the Mafia. Paul Keitel: Virgil's childhood best friend, as well as, Partner-in-Crime. He is the Ying to Virgil's Yang. The pair is inseparable and together, they are both immovable and unstoppable forces. Adopted by Virgil's parents in '59, he is considered as Virgil's Brother. During Virgil's service in Vietnam from '69 to '71, Paul has relocated to Henderson, Orion to work for The Jewish Mob as an Enforcer and Overseer of transactions. As of Spring of '71, he has moved back to his hometown of Brooke-Meyer working for the northeastern New Sylvania faction of The Jewish Mob. Mario Polisi: Another one of Virgil's best friend and a distant cousin. Mario is actually from Alderney and moved to Brooke-Meyer at age 14. Virgil was his first friend. He becomes a Personal Driver for the Manganelli Family in the late-60's. Mario still has a slight Alderney accent that comes out when he is angry, which is often. He is very temperamental and that has gotten him in trouble numerous times in his teenage years, even well into his adult life. Phil Costigan: The youngest of the group. Phil started hanging around Virgil and Paul at age 9. He was always a rebellious child, always looking for a fight, and never backing down from a confrontation. At some point during Virgil's tour in Vietnam, he joined the Arborton faction of Lenapia's Irish Mob working under his Uncle. Ruben Nebish: Real name, Ruben Nebyzska, the head of the Henderson Jewish Mob. In his 30+ years as a Mobster, he has never spent a day behind bars. He has managed to operate at a huge level below the radar of the authorities. He made the move to Brooke-Meyer in 1965 to expand the Jewish Mob into New Sylvania. He is Paul Keitel's main employer. Stefani Ferlito: A blonde Henderson Angel with eyes as blue as the Caribbean sea. She moves to Brooke-Meyer to get away from her dysfunctional family. She becomes the main love interest of Virgil Assante in 1971. She becomes his other half, his rock, and his spiritual mate. She vows to always love Virgil no matter what. But, she is also as crazy as Virgil at times. Nancy McCarthy: Stefani's best friend since their teenage years. A rather energetic nightlife vampire with only a taste for the fast life. Quite often, she is seen in an intoxicating state whether from alcohol or drugs and she seems to enjoy that way of life. She becomes Paul Keitel's love interest in 1971. New Sylvania Crime Syndicates Manganelli Crime Family (Northeast New Sylvania) The family that runs all of Northeast New Sylvania since 1954. A family with deep political connections hold power over the majority of companies in this region. Known as The Quiet Don, Donnie is loved by many but feared by his fellow Mafiosi. Notable Members Donato "Donnie" Manganelli - Don Santo "Tony The Barber" Genetti - Consigliere John Sabatino - Underboss Alberto "Al" Abardo - Capo Charles "Batsy" Malanga - Capo Federico "Derrick" Pantagliano - Capo Richard "Rich" Rastagano - Soldier Matteo "Matty" Coccia - Soldier Mario Polisi - Soldier Virgil "Right Hook" Assante - Soldier Caine Devlin - Associate Michael "Lynch" Devlin - Associate Frank Eppolito - Associate Robert "Bobby" Manganelli - Lawyer/Associate Daniel Siderio - Business Partner/Soldier Dovi Crime Family (Lenapia) More popularly known as The Lenapia Mob, run by Johnny "The Gent" Dovi. Dovi runs his family like a legit conglomerate using tactics to gain money and respect among politicians and business owners. Not known to be violent but they do have their bad eggs, such as their Capo, Santino "Sonny" Bardi Sr. Who is also Virgil Assante's Uncle. Notable Members Giovanni "Johnny The Gent" Dovi - Don Santino "Sonny" Bardi - Capo Michele "Mickey" Coniglio - Soldier Marco Giancarlo - Soldier LaTorre Crime Family (Havenburgh) Led by John LaTorre since 1956. Because of him, Havenburgh is the profitable monopoly it is today. At his current old age, he has slowed down quite a bit; However, he maintains his temper and spills as much blood as the other families. Currently recovering from the LaTorre/Grimaldi Unrest of 1968, relations between Havenburgh and Henderson are extremely fragile. Notable Members John LaTorre - Don Michael Pavano - Consigliere Joseph "Jo Jo" Brancato - Underboss Edward Capozzi - Capo Giacci "Jackie" Cavalieri - Capo The B&D Gang (Lenapia) A ruthless bunch of Irish cowboys with only one goal in mind, independence. Shea Weeks desperately tries to take the gang, best known as The Irish Mob, to new heights away from the hooks of the Sicilian Mafia and other outfits using them as muscle. He starts his journey by establishing a chapter in Arborton as a source of steady income from burglaries and drug trafficking. Notable Members Alexander "Mickey" Costigan - 2nd in Command Phil "Fast Philly" Costigan - Soldier Benjamin "Hamfist" Queenan - Soldier Colin "Scar" Berkery - Soldier Families across America The Commission Sonny Cangelosi - Don of The Gambetti Crime Family Vincent Lupisella - Don of The Lupisella Crime Family Dominic Viniccio - Don of The Pavano Crime Family Joseph Ancelotti - Don of The Ancelotti Crime Family Vitale LiNovo - Don of The Messina Crime Family Liberty City, Liberty Gambetti Crime Family Lupisella Crime Family Ancelotti Crime Family Pavano Crime Family Messina Crime Family Upstate Liberty Pappalia Crime Family (Montresor) Luppo Crime Family (Genesee) Alderney LoTruglio Crime Family New Queensland Pettinato Crime Family (Bullston and Petoria Area) The Mid-West Commission Michele "The Ear" Timpano - Don of The Couira City Outfit Joseph "Giant Joe" Grimaldi - Don of The Grimaldi Crime Family out of Henderson, Ohio Carlo Borelli - Don of The Borelli Crime Family out of Nagadawee, Marquetteson Peter Acosta - Don of The Acosta Crime Family out of Delisle, Mason Iroquois Couira City Outfit (Couira City) Mascouten Souci Partnership (Souci ) Mason Acosta Crime Family (Delisle) Petriboni Crime Family (St. Sebastian) Ohio Grimaldi Crime Family (Henderson) Marquetteson Borelli Crime Family (Nagadawee) Florida Sarrante Crime Family (Tamaqua) Lemoyne Petraglia Crime Family ( Saint Denis ) New Austin Acosti Crime Family (Blackwater) San Andreas Lancetti Crime Family (Los Santos) Ferrito Crime Family (Santo Zacaria ) Sclafani Crime Family (San Fierro) Dorado Damone Crime Family (Denton) Kennedy Carbonaro Crime Family (Elliot) The Commonwealth of New Sylvania is separated by Four major Districts. The North-East, The South East, Mid-Syl, and The Far West. Within these districts are multiple cities that make New Sylvania the unique it currently is. The game will also present other states such as Ohio, Liberty, and Alderney. The North-East District Romero - Known as The Bright City with all of its city lights shining the streets during all hours of the day. Is seen as a luxurious city to live in and a profitable location to open a business. Visit the landmarks that give this city its identity, such as the Welcome to Romero light sign built in 1922, the Baldwin Fountain in the center of town that is a beautiful work of art, and the Thibideaux Theatre located on Main Street where many artists have performed. Also, in between Romero and Brooke-Meyer is the Brooke-Meyer/Romero Intl. Airport located right on Interstate 18. Brooke-Meyer - Although it may seem it is the ugly sister of the neighboring city, Romero, it does have a vital feature that Romero cannot offer. And that's the beautiful Catskill River. The residential areas are considered mainly upper-middle to lower-middle class with a heavy Italian, Jewish, and African-American community. Facing Kensington on the waterfront is Brooke-Meyer's most luxurious hotel, The Mallorie Hotel. Brooke-Meyer is also known as a party town. Visit the various nightclubs spread across town, partake in the debauchery, and stay out all night without a care in the world. Just be careful. Kensington - Cross the Blackwater Street Bridge from Brooke-Meyer, cross the Catskill River and you will arrive at the visually beautiful town of Kensington. Home to the Kenzie Park, one of the biggest parks in New Sylvania, and home to the most prestigious restaurant in all of Northeast New Sylvania, La Isabella Ristorante. It is considered to be one of the more better towns to live in with its low crime rate and peacefulness that spreads across from corner to corner. Mercer - Best known to locals as "Little Italy", where you will find an abundance of Italians along with their rich culture from foods to clothing. Located between Romero and Brooke-Meyer, it is recommended that no one crosses through that town looking for trouble. You will be dealt with, no problem. Kennedy Plains - Located in the far west of Northeast New Sylvania. Kennedy Plains is mostly... plains, as the name says. Has the lowest populace in this region because of it's small residential areas. It mostly consists of plain fields used for farming. It's the country-side right next to the big cities Romero and Brooke-Meyer. Be careful roaming around the field at night, no one knows who or what can be hiding among the crops. Of course, it's just hearsay. Mason Creek - Our little neck of the woods used for exploration and hiking. Nobody lives in the Creek. At the center of the Creek you will find a mesmerizing waterfall where people go to just take in the sights and watch the sunset. Who knows what roams about the woods, or should I say who knows who's buried in the woods? Madison - Northeast New Sylvania's industrial park. All you will find is factories and warehouses full of workers. This is also where the labor union prospers. Arborton - Located in the far south region. Arborton is a town that is not really considered "likable" for it's San Fierro like hills, its maintenance, and its crime rate which gradually increases as time goes by. It has an airstrip for the locals that own small planes and for people that go skydiving. The South-East District Lennox - New Sylvania's own Empire City. The City of Lennox is the home of multiple Mob-run Casino's and Hotels throughout the 70's and 80's. A city of addictions, temptations, and non-stop craziness. The city is utilized by the Manganelli's, the Dovi's, and the LoTruglio's. Collinstown - A small town with a heavy Italian presence bordering the city luxurious City of Lennox, the State of Alderney and the booming City of Lenapia. Collinstown hosts the Annual Italian Festival which is well known in the East Coast. Although Collinstown is Dovi territory, it is the residence of many mobsters from different cities. Edenburg - The home of the East Edenburg University. Edenburg is considered the safest, most family-friendly city in the South-East, nevermind the countless college parties that occur every weekend. There is no mob activity in the town as far as citizens know. When in actuality, the Dovi's run a very lucrative loan-sharking business through the East Edenburg University Security detail. Sometimes college students need money, the Dovi's oblige. Lenapia - The City of Independence. Lenapia is the biggest city in New Sylvania, also home to the Dovi Crime Family. In the 1970's, Lenapia is the place to be. Both Liberty City and Alderney would go through an economic downward spiral in the late 70's which would get many people to move to Lenapia. Lenapia's heavy population and mixture of cultures would be the result of making this city the metropolis it is today. The Middle Sylvania District Sylvania State College - The most prestigious college in New Sylvania with one of the best college football teams in America. Litchfield - Welcome to Amish Country. Thankfully they haven't claimed all of Litchfield. Mostly surrounded by cornfields and open road, but once you reach the heart of Litchfield, that's where all the craziness happens in Mid-Syl. Party with no worries. There are two syndicates running Litchfield. There's the Amish Union A.K.A. The Amish Mafia and the Heathen MC. Both are open to business but it must be by their rules. Smithsburg - The Capital City of the Commonwealth of New Sylvania. With a population of 50,000+, it stands as the 5th largest city in New Sylvania. With Lenapia standing at number one with a population well over 1.8 million. The Far West District Aries - Named after Lake Aries. It is placed right in between Henderson, Orion and Monstresor, Liberty. Although it is considered LaTorre territory, that hasn't stopped the Grimaldi Crime Famly and the Pappalia Crime Family from establishing their own crews in the Lake city. Because of that and the high population of the city, crime is at an all time high with people indulging in gambling, drug trafficking, extortion, and murder. New Carlisle - The historic town of New Carlisle lands right at the end of New Sylvania. Travel anywhere west of the town and you'll hit Burkestown, Orion. New Carlisle holds one of the biggest Irish communities in New Sylvania. Mob activity isn't known to be in existence in this town but the Irish do look after their own and aren't welcoming to outsiders. Bagansville - The city time has forgotten. A remote town between New Carlisle and Havenburgh that is easy to miss and forget. Which makes it the perfect place for a mob hangout. The LaTorre Family conduct their bigger meetings in John LaTorre's mansion, known to them as The White House. Careful digging in the town soft soil, you are sure to find bodies. Havenburgh - The home of the LaTorre Crime Family. Havenburgh is considered The Big City for a better future to the people of the Far West District. Any and every business is sure to be successful if you pay the LaTorre's a percentage each month. John LaTorre runs Havenburgh with an iron fist. No one can come and cause trouble and get away with it, they will sure be dealt with. As the "Burghies" say, the in West, the outlaws are the law. State of Ohio Burkestown - The city that borders The Commonwealth of New Sylvania; more specifically, Havenburgh. Here is where The Henderson Family also control the majority of Burkestown's businesses. Here is also where The Grimaldi/LaTorre unrest occurred, when Don LaTorre of Havenburgh began claiming turf on already established Grimaldi turf in the late '60's. Henderson - One of Ohio's major cities, but it is Ohio's capital of the Mafia. The home of The Henderson Mafia Family, The Grimaldi Family, formed in the early 1900's as The Licata Crime Family until Summer of 1945 when Giant Joe Grimaldi became boss. State of Liberty Montresor - Home of The Pappalia Crime Family. The City of Montresor is known as The City of Light for its early embrance of electric power. Also considered a political powerhouse in the state of Liberty; with the exception of Liberty City. Genesee - Home of The Luppo Crime Family, most known as The Wild Bunch within La Cosa Nostra. Genesee is seen as a calm residential town with some mom-and-pop businesses and warehouses. However, The Luppo's manage to accumulate millions a year from extortion and protection. State of Alderney Northern Alderney (Westdyke , Leftwood , Alderney City, and Berchem) - Home of The LoTruglio Crime Family, or simply, The Alderney Mob. Not known for its glitz and glamour like the neighboring, Liberty City, but it is a business hub for those that know how to manage it. The Alderney Family generates over sixty-million-dollars a year from their Alderney business alone. 1971 Prologue - Automatic - June 3rd - You are introduced to the main character, Virgil Assante, during his tour in Vietnam just moments before returning to his hometown of Brooke-Meyer, New Sylvania Welcome Home Virgil - Paul Keitel - June 4th - Virgil, alongside his long-time friends, go out about town to celebrate his glorious return from the war. Job Hunt - Paul Keitel - June 5th - Thanks to Paul's help, Virgil finds his first job since his return. Routine - Paul Keitel - June 9th - Virgil takes over Paul's routine work while he is away on business. First Date - Stefani Ferlito - June 11th - Virgil takes Stefani out on a first date. In and Out - Phil Costigan - June 17th - Virgil accepts a Breaking and Entering job alongside Phil Costigan and the local Irish Mob in Arborton. Blood Brothers - Phil Costigan - June 22nd- Virgil pays Phil Costigan a visit and accompanies him to see his brother, who has returned from Ireland. ***The Cost for a Cause - November 3rd, 1968 - Learn the reasoning of the bad blood between Phil and his older brother, Liam. Vengeance over Independence - Phil Costigan - July 4th - Coming Soon What Happens in Silence... - Ruben Nebish - September 7th - Coming Soon Can Always Be Heard... - Ruben Nebish September 16th - Coming Soon Blood Drive - Ruben Nebish - September 21st - Coming Soon December Wishes - Mario Polisi - December 1st - Coming Soon Frozen - Mario Polisi - December 10th - Coming Soon. ***What Comes Up, Must Come Down - August 23rd, 1967 - Coming Soon For Phil... - Mario Polisi - December 14th - Coming Soon Blood Stained Snow - Ruben Nebish - December 23rd - Coming Soon A Torn Christmas - Stefani Ferlito - December 24th - Coming Soon Courier - The first set of side-missions you unlock after you complete "Routine". Paul Keitel will be your provider. Each task will involve calling Paul from a local payphone and reaching the destination of the Courier Car. The Brooke Usual: All of your pick-ups and drop-offs will be based in Brooke-Meyer. A total of 3 pick-ups from Liberty City and 4 drop-offs around Brooke-Meyer. Complete all runs and you will receive $150 per Pick-up and $200 per Drop-Off. The Zimmerman Special: You must reach a junked car over at the Arborton junkyard. Once you make it, you have to sneak your way in, as the junkyard is riddled with local Arborton Police and State Troopers searching for the same item you're after. Once you reach the vehicle, you must search the trunk for a dufflebag filled with guns and heroin. You must then take the package to Pete Zimmerman's location outside of Arborton. He'll give you a big, yellow envelope filled with money ($1,000) that you can keep. Detour: After meeting up with Pete Zimmerman in Kennedy Plains for a pick-up, he will inform you that his package has been stolen by a group of Polish Gangsters from Arborton and you must help him retrieve it back. You see their car on the highway going to Arborton and commence in a chase; you drive, Pete will shoot. Once they crash, you dive into a fight sequence and you must win the scuffle in order to retrieve the package. Once you do, you discover a duffle-bag of money (5,000 in singles and fives) in the trunk. You and Pete split it and you take it as payment. Report it to Paul and you will win $1,300 plus a new duffle-bag to store your walking around money. (Carries Max. 5,000. Be sure to upgrade it over time to fit more.) Water Under The Bridge: Your next job is meeting up with an unknown fixer from the Mid-West who, due to his paranoia, chooses to meet under the Blackwater Street Bridge. When you arrive, you notice only one man sitting on a bench facing the river with a briefcase, placed under the bench. You approach him and sit next to him. He'll initiate a conversation to make sure you're the one he's waiting for. You suspect something strange because he is really nervous and keeps looking over his left shoulder towards a series of trees. Eventually, he'll snap and scream that he is Kensington Police and an entire squad of Police officers comes out from the trees. You punch the officer, knocking him down, and grab the briefcase. But you realize there's no way out. Your only escape is swimming across the Davenport River to Brooke-Meyer and escaping the police heat. Once you escape, you check the briefcase and see it contains two large packs of heroin. You call Paul via pay phone and he tells you it's hot and you can either dump it or sell it and make a nice profit. If you choose to dump it, go to the river where you can dump it. If you choose to sell it, you must store it in your safehouse.
  4. Grand Theft Auto: Source Introduction Grand Theft Auto: Source is remake of R* (or Rockstar Game) Game Grand Theft Auto 3D Universe game (GTA III,GTA VC,GTA SA) from RenderWare Engine, But this time use Valve's Source Engine, Introducing Graphic and Improvement Feature from Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, San Andreas.
  5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories's Stories: Enhanced HD Black Edition A 2PacSerbia Production The year is 1991. Tommy Vercetti rules Vice City. However, that's about to soon change. Auntie Poullet, leader of the Haitian gang is out for Tommy's blood after he destroyed their drug lab. Can she take back the city from Vercetti's rule of iron fist adn lead the Haitians to an age of glory? Find out! Weapons: Pistol Magnum Machine Pistol Assault Rifle Flamethrower Rocket Launcher Some of the vehicles featured in the game: More info coming soon, stay tuned!
  6. Main Theme Story It's 1987. The city of New Rennes, Wigaguerre (based on New Orleans, Louisiana) was built by thousands of french settlers and is truly a state-of-the-art phenomenon. Its beauty of the historic heart of the town is the French Triangle which have helped shape the city to what it is today. The resources these communities brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings have been built in the shape of the metropolitan area. The skyline is crowded with soaring skyscrapers and many show their age and a rich history. The quality of life is high in New Rennes and it has attracted a lot of attention. Many new cultures have left their mark not just on the city's development, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of large diversity has grown into a fusion of everything and it's this that unites the 6 million people to this day. It's this multicultural identity that has truly left its mark. Hundreds of Jazz clubs, restaurants and luxury lounges and those who feel hungry for something else can enjoy nightlife, fun and sports activities, robberies, firing ranges or one of the many other recreational venues. Settings Rivertown This neighborhood is located by the westside of lake and has a mid-budget atmosphere. Chevalier This moderate-sized town is located close to a freshness river and looks very modern. It is best-known for a historic Native-American city and its high-income population. Haylock It's a small town has great elegant French style residential houses and shopping plazas. Spitzfaden This beautiful rural city is located in the North Shore of Lake Okwata and it has stunt boat challenges. Lotbiniere A small town has oil refinery industry and motels closes to the bayou. Crawfish Heights The largest town is home to Pinkerton Naval Air Station (P.N.A.S.) Karlstein City The moderate-sized town is located in westward where serves Andouille. Oakesville A large town is located west of the straight canal on the Gulfpelo River. French Triangle This moderate-sized town is located near Downtown and has a French-inspired atmosphere. It is best-known as the birthplace of Jazz and its Mardi Gras festival. Maravich A small suburb is located along west of Spitzfaden. Holman Gardens The large city is a period of economic and industrial growth. It is the best-known as Krewes parade. Characters Protagonists: Bruno D'Avanzo Born in 1954. A certified hitman. It's a feeling of shame or perhaps it's simply his tenderness. Liberty City mafias tend to treat him like family, while wanting to fight along his side in battle. Ellen Marshall Born in 1955. A female protagonist ends up being an expert in the advanced skill needed for the mob rule situation. Major Characters: Heidi Rosenfeld A 20-year-old German immigrant who enjoys hanging out with Crystal. She is very loyal. Kevin James Cockle A 47-year-old health center receptionist who enjoys money laundering, gambling and chess. He is smart and bright, but can also be very violent and a bit friendly. Roy Osborn A 28-year-old professional biker who enjoys joyriding, working on bikes and attending heavy metal concerts. He is smart and cool, but can also be very smirk. Carmen Hammond A sexist FBI agent who enjoys corporal punishment. She is serious and mean, but can also be very corrupt. Luigi Brusco A 35-year-old kingpin who enjoys pool, collecting drugs and empire business. He is rich and dangerous. Billy "B.J." Jenkins A 45-year-old jazz club owner who enjoys partying, smoking tobacco pipes. He is energetic and inspiring, but can also be very crazy and a bit hyperactive. Drew Lawson A NRPD detective who enjoys investigating dead mobsters, combat fighting. He is exciting and brave, but can also be very busy. Giacomo "Jack" Sperandio A 53-year-old loan shark agent who enjoys collecting extra money, watching football and adult movies. He is generous and friendly, but can also be very busy and a bit trustworthy. Dennis Floyd A 37-year-old personal accountant who enjoys drinking grape wine, sailing and painting. He is stable and friendly. Mark Whitney A notorious drug dealer who enjoys hangover, selling drugs and watching horse racing on television. He is stable and friendly, but can also be very busy and a bit violent. Giorgio Pavano A 51-year-old villain with an unfortunate habit of bumping off the people around him. He is cynical and evil, but can also be very violent and a bit standoffish. Weapons Handguns: Combat Pistol Colt Python Silenced 9mm Shotguns: Pump Action SPAS-12 Mossberg 590A1 Rifles: Winchester 1894 Bolt Action MB03 M40A3 Submachine Guns: Uzi Tec-9 MP5 Assault Rifles: AK-47 M4 Carbine Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) Heavy Weapons: RPG-7 Grenade Launcher Melees and Throwns: Baseball Bat Knife Random Pickable Objects Molotov Cocktail Grenade Fist Tear Gas Flashbang Jerry Can Non-Lethal: Tranquilizer Gun Riot Gun Flare Gun Vehicles Sports: Bravado Buffalo Grotti Cheetah Vapid Mamba Ubermacht Zion Karin Sunrise Pegassi Torero Lampadati Viseris Vapid Dominator Pfister Lagaay Dewbauchee Flatty Obey Omnis Imponte Ruiner Annis 190ZX Grotti Turismo '85 Pfister Comet Lampadati Felon GT Invetero Coquette Z29 Maibatsu Thunder Vapid Bullet '67 Ocelot Swinger Vintage and Muscles: Schyster Namorra Declasse Vamos Albany Hermes Bravado Gauntlet Vapid Hellenbach GT Albany Broadway Classique Stallion Vapid Peyote Imponte Dukes Imponte Phoenix Declasse Sabre Turbo Cheval Picador Dundreary Panther Declasse Vigero Coupes: Vapid Fortune Dinka Previon Albany Virgo Ubermacht Sentinel Bürgerfahrzeug Club Vapid Retinue Bravado Manana Imponte DePalma Annis Savestra SR Classique Broadsword Willard Idaho Declasse Sabre Schyster Bravura Dundreary Remington Dinka Blista Compact Karin Futo Benefactor Feltzer Albany Alpha Dinka Fable Sedans: Declasse Chumash Schyster Greenwood Albany Washington Dundreary Admiral Bravado Oceanic Imponte Angelus Willard Convoy Dundreary Regina Bravado Feroci Vapid Stanier Karin Asterope Dinka Hakumai Obey Tailgater Argyle Veranda Lampadati Furtiva Declasse Brigham Albany Emperor Willard Solair Willard Willard Ubermacht Oracle Bravado Elwood Classique Hillary Zirconium Stratum Albany Primo Dundreary Garnet Vapid VIP Annis Pinnacle Benefactor Schafter Karin Intruder Classique Epsilon Trucks, Vans and SUVs: Canis Shawnee Declasse Walton Vapid Riata Bravado Bison Declasse Burrito Vapid Rumpo Canis Mesa Declasse Yosemite Gallivanter Baller Vapid Sadler Canis Seminole Karin Rebel '87 Bravado Youga Vapid Minivan Vapid Liberator XL Declasse Granger Vapid Bobcat Annis Trailblazer Commercial and Industrial: JoBuilt Linerunner JoBuilt Phantom JoBuilt Hauler Vapid Benson Brute Boxville MTL Packer MTL Flatbed MTL Pounder HVY Biff Vapid Yankee Public and Emergency Services: Wigaguerre State Police Ambulance Police Cruiser Fire Truck Bus Taxi Cabby FIB Attache Police Bike Trashmaster Streetcar Stockade Police Stockade Predator Police Maverick Dundreary Stretch Romero Hearse Motorcycles: WMC Freeway WMC Daemon WMC Angel Pegassi Esskey Ubermacht FCR 1000 Principe Faggio Sh*tzu PCJ-600 Principe Romagna Sh*tzu NRG 900 Dinka Enduro Maibatsu Sanchez WMC Wolfsbane WMC Hexer Nagasaki Chimera Boats: Dinghy Jetmax Marquis Reefer Speedo Squalo Tropic Tug Boat Steamboat Aircraft: Dodo Maverick Annihilator Radio Stations Radio New Rennes 92.9 FM Genre: Pop 1. Robert Palmer - It's Not Difficult 2. Erasure - Oh L'amour 3. INXS - Need You Tonight 4. Michael Jackson - Bad 5. The Romantics - One in a Million 6. Icehouse - Cross the Border 7. Level 42 - My Hero 8. The Alan Parsons Project - Limelight 9. U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 10. Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number 11. Madonna - Borderline 12. The Breakfast Club - Right on Track 13. Go West - S.O.S. 14. 'Til Tuesday - Winning the War 15. Bruce Springsteen - Brilliant Disguise 16. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer 17. Wang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight 18. Hall & Oates - Did It in a Minute Wavemax 97.5 FM Genre: New Wave 1. Duran Duran - The Reflex 2. Nu Shooz - Make Your Mind Up 3. King - Love & Pride 4. The Psychedelic Furs - Midnight to Midnight 5. Dead or Alive - Brand New Lover 6. Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life 7. Kajagoogoo - Shouldn't Do That 8. After the Fire - Der Kommissar 9. Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands on Me 10. New Order - The Perfect Kiss 11. Blancmange - Game Above My Head 12. A Flock of Seagulls - The More You Live, the More You Love 13. The Police - King of Pain 14. Orange Juice - Rip It Up 15. Big Country - In a Big Country 16. Eurythmics - Put the Blame on Me 17. Madness - Our House 18. Depeche Mode - The Things You Said Penthouse Radio Genre: Adult Contemporary 1. Icehouse - No Promises 2. Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near) 3. The Human League - Human 4. Spandau Ballet - Round and Round 5. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time 6. Huey Lewis and the News - Whatever Happened to True Love 7. Rick Astley - Together Forever 8. Mike Reno and Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise 9. Sergio Mendes - Never Gonna Let You Go 10. Laban - Love in Siberia 11. The Police - Every Breath You Take 12. Anita Baker - Caught Up in the Rapture 13. The Style Council - You're the Best Thing 14. Whitesnake - Is This Love 15. Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies 16. Patti Austin and James Ingram - Baby, Come To Me 17. Tears for Fears - Head over Heels 18. Billy Ocean - Suddenly The Mint 104.6 FM Genre: Jazz 1. Michael Brecker - Nothing Personal 2. The Horace Silver Quintet - Silver Treads Among My Soul 3. Bill Evans - Gary's Theme 4. Henry Threadgill - Hall 5. Kenny G - Songbird 6. Jean-Luc Ponty - The Trans-Love Express 7. Paul Motian - 5 Miles to Wrentham 8. Herb Alpert - Rise 9. John Coltrane - Ogunde 10. Earthworks - Emotional Shirt 11. Charlie Haden - The Good Life 12. Weather Report - Umbrellas 13. Miles Davis - Backyard Ritual 14. Louis Armstrong - Mack the Knife 15. McCoy Tyner - Desert Cry 16. Ronald Shannon Jackson - Trials of an Honest John 17. Jimmy Giuffre 4 - Frog Legs 18. The Crusaders - Carnival of the Night W-CSR Genre: R&B/Soul 1. Rick James - Fool on the Street 2. Heatwave - Lettin' It Loose 3. Timex Social Club - Rumors 4. Cameo - Word Up! 5. Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove 6. Prince - Sign o' the Times 7. Dayton - The Sound Of Music 8. Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night) 9. The Jets - You Got It All 10. Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel 11. Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots 12. The Whispers - Rock Steady 13. Dazz Band - Heartbeat 14. Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover 15. The Brothers Johnson - Light Up the Night 16. Kool & the Gang - Open Sesame (Groove with the Genie) 17. The Manhattans - You Send Me 18. Evelyn "Champagne" King - I Don't Know If It's Right The Breakz 101.9 FM Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 1. Whodini - Five Minutes of Funk 2. Jimmy Spicer - The Bubble Bunch 3. Afrika Bambaataa - Tension 4. Fat Boys - Jail House Rap 5. N.W.A. - Panic Zone 6. Ice-T - 6 in the Mornin' 7. G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid - Play That Beat Mr. D.J. 8. Run D.M.C. - Jam-Master Jammin 9. Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled the World 10. Ultramagnetic MCs - Traveling At The Speed of Thought 11. Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey 12. Salt-n-Pepa - Push It 13. Eric B. & Rakim - Extended Beat 14. Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel - White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) 15. Treacherous Three - The Body Rock Vulture Sounds Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal 1. Ozzy Osbourne - Now You See It (Now You Don't) 2. Autograph - Six String Fever 3. Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It 4. Def Leppard - Hysteria 5. Alice Cooper - Roses on White Lace 6. U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday 7. Mötley Crüe - Raise Your Hands to Rock 8. Judas Priest - Turbo Lover 9. T.N.T. - Desperate Night 10. Scorpions - No One Like You 11. Iron Maiden - Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) 12. AC/DC - Shake Your Foundations 13. Guns N' Roses - It's So Easy 14. The Cult - Love Removal Machine 15. Whitesnake - Gambler 16. Ted Nugent - Bound and Gagged 17. Europe - Rock the Night 18. Dokken - The Hunter NRUR Genre: House, Techno 1. Evelyn Thomas - High Energy 2. Phuture - Acid Tracks 3. Juan Atkins - Off to Battle 4. Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House 5. Colonel Abrams - Trapped 6. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk - Love Can't Turn Around 7. Royal House - Party People 8. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - I Wonder If I Take You Home 9. Steve Hurley - Jack Your Body 10. Vince Lawrence - Thorns 11. Pleasure Pump - Fantasize Me 12. Klein + M.B.O. - Dirty Talk Rennes Parish Public Radio 107.3 FM Genre: Talk Shows, News, Local Programming Television Stations Climatic Candid Channel (CCC) Just the Five of Us The Innocent Years Priceless Value Lesbo Detective Duo American Broadcast Network (ABN) The Barfs ABN Evening News Yuppie and the Alien Public Broadcasting Corporation Auntie Poulet's Kitchen National Showcases Callbox Time Machine
  7. MysteryDriverX

    GTA: La Frontera

    You may remember this concept from back when it was called GTA: Coyote Stories. Unfortunately, that thread was deemed too NSFW for this site and it was removed. But here it is now, back again and meaner than ever. After the success of the critically acclaimed GTA: Viagra, Rockstar Latino América has hired the team behind that game and the team behind the concept of GTA Coyote Stories, to work on their next title, renamed into GTA: La Frontera. The game will take place in the year 2006, in the South of the United States and the Northern part of Mexico. For the first time since GTA: London, a GTA game will take place outside the United States. The map will feature 2 American states: Navajo, based on New Mexico and Tahoma, based on Texas. The story begins in the city of Abercrombie, based on the real life Albuquerque, New Mexico. It will also feature a large part of Mexico, with cities like Iguanas, based on Tijuana, and Techichi, based on Chihuahua. As it can be expected, there will be fierce border crossing control and depending on who you are playing as, crossing from Mexico to the US can be extremely dangerous and risky. Both countries will have their cultures portrayed in realistic, albeit exagerated ways. For example, Americans will be called "gringo" and "pinche wei culero puñetero" etc. by Mexicans and will be at a higher risk of being mugged or assaulted. On the other hand, Mexicans in the US may be attacked by conservative Southern Americans and may even get deported back to Mexico if they are caught committing crimes. One mission will have some characters travelling to Tokyo, China, which features a small playable map, similar to how North Yankton is portrayed in GTA V. After the success of GTA V, this new title will once again include several main characters that are playable. This time there will be 5, each with their own unique abilities and personality. Tara Roberts Born near Liberty City in 1972, she moved to Abercrombie with her mother at a very young age, who soon settled down with another man after Tara's father was arrested. After her mother divorced her stepfather and spent all their money carelessly, Tara has been the one taking care of the family, often in dangerous situations. She has anger management issues which can prove to be useful in situations where violence is the only way out. She's always moved by her morals and the need to do "the right thing". Special feature: A "rage mode" in which you can inflict more damage to enemies and anything in your way. Andrew "Andy" Hall Tara's 32 year old stepbrother. He has always managed to get in trouble for the dumbest reasons. Close to becoming a mechanical engineer, but currently unemployed and facing money problems, as well as an unexpected surprise, he will once again rely on Tara to get his life back on track. He often makes ironic or sarcastic remarks which others will find annoying. Special feature: The ability to use almost any machinery in the game world. Georgina "Gina" Sindacco A bold and reckless 15 year old, and a daughter Andy never knew he had. She shows up suddenly and unexpectedly after allegedly running away from her abusive family at home in Los Santos. Special feature: Enemies will often hesitate to attack her as she's clearly very young. She can also do some acrobatic moves and reach places that are harder to get to for other characters. Francisco "Frank" Jesús García A young man from Iguanas, México. He has always taken care of his younger brother Tony, often getting beat up in the process. He's gentle and nice and always tries to avoid confrontation, but he also loses his temper when he's pushed to the edge. Currently in trouble with a local drug lord, he will try whatever it takes to escape to the US with his girlfriend Guadalupe, the niece of the drug lord. Special feature: The ability to run fast without getting tired. When controlled by the AI, he will often find the smartest way to deal with a situation. Antonio "Tony" García Francisco's younger brother. They are both very close and have been through a lot together. He will often crack jokes in the most unusual situations and keep an optimistic attitude, which has helped Francisco keep going when everything seemed lost. He will try to escape to the US with his brother. Special feature: He can take more damage and break into a car faster than the other characters. Other non-playable characters: Juan "La Nutria" Ortega One of the deadliest drug lords in Mexico. Currently stationed in Iguanas, but in control of a large territory. The García brothers used to work for him (not knowing he was a drug lord) but they have caused him a great deal of losses by accident. After finding out his niece is dating Francisco, he will stop at nothing until he has their head on a plate. He's famous for his excentric lifestyle. He's charismatic but he often displays insane and psychopathic tendences, much like Ricardo Diaz in GTA: Vice City. Guadalupe Ortega Francisco's girlfriend. She's used to the high life of the drug dealer's family. She chooses to run away with Francisco to the US and start a new life there although she's not completely convinced about it. Richard "Dick" Burns A sleazy lawyer from Justin, Tahoma. He will help out the protagonists when they get in trouble with the law, no matter what felony they have commited. His character is clearly inspired by Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. President Alex Shrub The far right and conservative president of the United States. Based mostly on George W. Bush but with some inspiration from Donald Trump. He has received a backlash for his border control policy and will often appear on TV, usually making outrageous mistakes in his speeches. He intends to build a laser wall along the Mexico-US border, guarded by artificially intelligent sentry guns, something that is still being debated in Congress during the time the game takes place in. GTA Wikia article Harry Hall Andy's father and Tara's stepfather. He's a con man and he will show up a few times during the course of the story to try to blackmail Tara. GTA Wikia article Jason Miller A hyperactive border inspection officer and secretly a drug smuggler, who's also a friend of Tara and he will help the gang during the second half of the game. Portrayed by actor Jason Sudeikis. Tara's father He was once a notorious crime lord, but now he lives a low profile life in Mexico. However he has not lost his ways and he plans to regain his power once more. He will meet Tara during the second half of the game's story, where he will help her out and both will form a strong bond in spite of the choices and mistakes he's made in the past. More will be added later... The story begins in Abercrombie. You start playing as Tara Roberts and your first mission involves saving her neighbour and best friend, Denise Robinson from her abusive boyfriend. After that, Tara meets her stepbrother Andy in Justin, Tahoma, who explains his current money issues to her. She soon finds out that money can be made fast by driving Mexicans across the border. It will be dangerous but she still thinks she can manage to do it. Tara travels to Mexico in her 1976 Dundreary Regina, looking for Mexicans offering money in exchange for crossing the border hiding in her car. Late at night she meets Francisco García, his girlfriend Guadalupe Ortega, and his brother Tony. Along with a few friends, they negotiate their deal with Tara to try to cross the border to the US and escape from the local drug lords. Tara accepts to only take Francisco and Tony for now since they don't have much cash and she realized Guadalupe is the niece of the famous drug lord "La Nutria" Ortega. She offers to come for Guadalupe and the rest later if everything turns out okay. Francisco refuses at first, claiming it's safer to just go in a group by themselves. In the end he accepts Tara's deal and goes with her and his brother while Guadalupe waits. They run into a few problems with the border police and some rednecks but still manage to get to the US alive. There, Francisco finds out Guadalupe has been kidnapped and is being held hostage by her uncle, who has had a personal history with the Garcías. He tells Tara that they must try to go back and rescue her. Meanwhile, Tara's stepbrother gets visited by a daughter he didn't even know he had, a teenager named Gina, who will settle with him in his house. Andy can't make sense of this although he admits his memory of what he did 15 years ago is quite blurry. Andy is in debt with a notorious criminal known as El Burro, who now threatens to kidnap Gina and force her to be a stripper and pr0n actress in his business. They will both go after El Burro, who barely manages to escape. After that, Tara learns about Andy's drinking problem, gambling addiction and debts with several mobsters, and they will both try to get his life back on track. More will be added later... Many vehicles from previous GTA titles will return, but also for the first time in the series, there will be a large number of European cars, fitting the Mexico setting of the game. Also, the player will be able to ride horses and skateboards. Some of the featured cars will be: Several gangs will be featured in the game and respect will play a part in the gameplay, in a somewhat similar way to that of GTA 2. Who you hang out with and your actions in the game will change the way some gangs react to your presence. You can also take side missions from some gang members that will increase their respect for you and maybe decrease your respect in the eyes of rival gangs. Each character has their own respect statistics related to each gang. Some of the featured gangs will be: Rednecks: They are native to the southern area of Tahoma. They are conservative nationalists and gun enthusiasts. You can easily spot them as they feature Confederate flags on their clothing. They have a natural distaste for Mexicans and will shoot at any on sight. -Vehicles they drive: Journey RV, Bison, Bobcat. -Weapons: Pump shotgun, Vom Feuer AP Pistol, H&L Heavy Revolver. Musaraña Salvaje: Based on the real life Mara Salvatrucha, this notorious criminal organization can be found mostly in the American parts of the map. They are easily recognizable for their body and face tattoos. Many of them are hired as assassins by crime lords and may randomly show up and attempt to kidnap the player's current character (if they succeed, you fail a primary objective and lose the game). This oraganization is comprised of several smaller criminal gangs. -Vehicles: Most members drive stolen vehicles but the leaders own luxury cars such as the Infernus and the Patriot. -Weapons: H&L SMG, H&L pistol .50, VF assault rifle. Los Equis: A major Mexican drug syndicate and the sworn enemy of La Nutria's "Cartel de Suarez". In the beginning, both organizations have areas of influence almost equal in size but the Equis will lose power as the game progresses. Many of its members are former members of the Mexican military. They are famous for their extreme brutality (such as the frequent beheading of their enemies). They can be found mostly in the northeastern part of Mexico. -Vehicles: Mostly pickup trucks and SUVs. -Weapons: SMGs and assault rifles including the AK-47. Escaped Convicts: After certain story events unfold, there's a riot in Navajo's maximum security prison. This results in the escape of 23 extremely dangerous convicts. Finding them all and getting them killed is required for a 100% game completion and will give the player certain bonuses. The news on TV will occasionally show info about their whereabouts. Their actions are random and they may move from one place to another. Some of them will form small groups while others will remain alone. -Vehicles: Various. -Weapons: Various. The game will feature many unusual weapons like a lawn mower, a water gun, a nail gun, a skateboard, among others. Many improvised weapons can be picked up and used. As usual, the game will contain several radio stations. They will feature different radio programs hosted by several DJs, and some will be almost entirely in Spanish. The radio stations featured in this game are: Airwaves FM (80's music) Tracks: -Belinda Carlisle - I Get Weak -Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way -Scandal - Hands Tied -The Human League - Don't You Want Me? -Michael Sembello - Maniac -Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes -Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cities In Dust -Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing -The Jam - Town Called Malice -Secession - The Magician -Roxette - Dangerous -Divine - I'm So Beautiful -Wham! - Careless Whisper -Zucchero and Paul Young - Senza Una Donna -The Flirts - Danger -Depeche Mode - Strangelove -Cock Robin - El Norte The Zone FM (pop music at daytime, dance music at night) Tracks: Day: -'N Sync - Bye Bye Bye -Londonbeat - Thinking About You -Britney Spears - Toxic -Blackbox - Everybody Everybody -Backstreet Boys - Everybody -Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face -Starsailor - This Time -Massive Attack - Live With Me -Usher - Yeah -Alanis Morissette - Ironic -Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars -Günther - Ding Dong Song -Timbaland - The Way I Are Night: -Deep Dish - Flashdance -Bob Sinclar - World Hold On -Everything but the girl - Missing (Tod Terry original remix) -Supermode - Tell Me Why -Benny Benassi - Satisfaction -Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 -Daft Punk - Human After All (Emperor Machine remix) -666 - Amokk -September - Cry For You North Star 96.9 (various genres) Available only during online play. This radio station will stream in real time and play songs voted by players, as well as hosting and providing commentary about contests and tournaments in the game, discussing current events, etc. It will also feature guest celebrities. It's the only radio station in the game that may play music recorded after 2006 (the year the game's story takes place in). Players will be able to call the radio at certain times of day. Rockea! (rock in Spanish) Tracks: -Austin TV - Valiente -Molotov - Polkas Palabras -Panda - Miedo A Las Alturas -The Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez -Café Tacvba - Puntos Cardinales -Niña - Azul Cada Dia -División Minúscula - Sismo -Kinky - Marcha Atras -Dildo - Turbo -Moderatto - Si Te Vas -Cuca - El Son Del Dolor -Plastilina Mosh - Pervert Pop Song -Telefunka - Prototipo Radio Chachalaca (talk radio with some traditional Mexican music) This radio is spoken mostly in Spanish but also has some English commentary as well as phone calls from American listeners. It provides commentary on Mexican and American culture. Tracks: -Los Tigres del Norte - Jefe De Jefes -Los Cadetes de Linares - Soldado Raso -Los Originales de San Juan - Por Ser Como Eres -Los Kinos - Me Voy -Los Tigres del Norte - Puerta Negra -Banda MS - El Patrón -Los Alegres de Terán - Los Ojos De Pancha -Antonio Aguilar - Puño De Tierra Sabor Latino (latin pop) Tracks: -Plastilina Mosh - Millionaire -Belinda - Luz Sin Gravedad -Belanova - Por Tí -Shakira ft. Alejandro Sanz - La Tortura -Thalia - Seducción -Ricky Martin - Qué Más Da -La Ley - Tejedores De Ilusión -Motel - Dime Ven -Paulina Rubio - Ni Una Sola Palabra -Café Tacvba - Eres -Los Mono - Promesas -Babasónicos - Microdancing YGNW Young 'N' Wild (emo pop and punk during most of the week, Christian rock on Sunday mornings) The radio is hosted at the Santuario University in Tahoma. Chatter often involves the Christian and non-Christian DJs criticising each other, and often also dissing the pop radio station, as well as discussing what they do at the University. Tracks: Most of the week: -Blink 182 - Feeling This -Good Charlotte - The Anthem -Senses Fail - Shark Attack -Taking Back Sunday - Error: Operator -Rise Against - Prayer Of The Refugee -The Fall of Troy - F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. -Cobra Starship - The Church Of Hot Addiction -Green Day - Poprocks and Coke -Linkin Park - Faint -Bloc Party - Banquet -Fall Out Boy - Dead On Arrival -The Bravery - Unconditional -Marilyn Manson - Rock Is Dead Sunday mornings: -Nickelback - Hero -Creed - My Sacrifice -P.O.D. - Alive -Icon for Hire - Theatre -Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon Planet Rock (classic and modern rock) Hosted by actor Billy Bob Thornton. Tracks: -Santana - Hope You're Feeling Better -AD/DC - Rock And Roll Damnation -The Gun Club - Mother Of Earth -Ram Jam - Turnpike -Tom Petty - Mary Jane's Last Dance -Neil Young - Let's Impeach The President -Neil Young - Cortez The Killer -The Black Keys - Just Got To Be -Rolling Stones - She's So Cold -Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy -Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Shuffle Your Feet -The Reverend Horton Heat - Cinco De Mayo -Social Distortion - Ball And Chain -Bob Dylan - You're No Good -The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night -Aerosmith - Train Kept A Rollin' -Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows -Buckethead - Jordan -Wolfmother - White Unicorn Cassette player/MP3 Player (depending on the car model or the portable player the character is carrying) Allows the player to listen to their own songs, which have been placed in the game's MP3 folder. If the current character owns a portable music player, it can also be used to listen to the radio stations on foot, with the character wearing headphones. If it's a cassette player, you have to wait a few seconds between changing songs and you hear the sound of the tape rewinding or fast-forwarding. This section will cover general gameplay features and aspects of the game: You can rewind or fast forward the game at any time. When you fast forward, sometimes your character will behave by himself, for example when you are driving to a specific location, or waiting in line, or just doing nothing. After passing a mission in which Tara, Andy and Tony are kidnapped by a drug lord but manage to escape naked, you are able to get naked at will, which will raise your wanted level. The characters can try to flirt their way out of a 1 star wanted level, with varying levels of success depending on who they are and who's the cop they are talking to. The graphics in the game look like those from the movie A Scanner Darkly. You can customize guns with parts and graphics like flames. You can buy cars which will then spawn at your safehouses. The game can be modded to make all cars buyable. The game automatically takes screenshots of your best moments. The seasons in the game are the same as the present real life ones. You see snow in winter. Holidays are also represented when you play the game on certain dates. You have a different wanted level in each country and the police won't cross the border to chase you except for certain missions. No distinction between being on a mission or not, and instead, you have objectives that you can complete at any time and that change after you complete some. If you fail an objective that's critical, you see your character perform some animation such as holding his head in dispair, and the words "Objective Failed", forcing you to rewind. Failing other objectives which are optional simply tells you that you have failed them, allowing you to rewind. If you are wanted by the police you may see yourself on TV, on the news, if you enter a shop or if you are in your safehouse. People may see you on TV and point at you. You can take people hostage and kidnap people and keep them tied up inside your safehouse, and even ask for ransom money. If you don't release them for too long they can die. Some characters can be forced to also give away the locations of certain hidden items or areas (that can only be accessed if your character knows the place in the current game). The relationship between the playable characters when controlled by AI depend on their actions during the game. For example two characters who don't get along may attack each other instead of the enemy. Each character has their own animations and speaks their own lines when carjacking (for example they may ask nicely or claim to be an FBI agent). Most NPCs will react more violently when carjacked than they did in previous GTA games. When you use an item that restores your health, your character appears with bandages on his/her body that later disappear. After the first mission you can attempt to move people from Mexico to the US ilegally for money at any time. For the first time in the series, the game will include pregnant women, teens and kids, which can be killed. They are only included for the sake of causing controversy and serve no other purpose in the game. You can steal bikes and skateboards from kids and teens too. You can also steal waterguns from kids. The watergun is called Jizzinator and it can shoot either water or a white sticky goo that looks like semen. You can aim at the eyes or the feet of enemies to make them blind temporarily or make them slip and fall respectively. Characters react depending on what bodypart you injure them with any weapon.
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