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Found 6 results

  1. ChengizVlad09

    Chenga's GTA Collection

    Another devoted collector here, but not devoted enough to take everything out and make it look more official. Anyway, I'd like to use this opportunity to encourage numerous others to take a few snaps and share some eye candy with the rest of us ( cough, cough, mosavon). Cheers!
  2. Vanzant

    Vanzant's Horde Of GTA Games

    I have not had time to picture everything so this was a quick group up of what I could easily find. I'll edit the post later to detail what I have and what I'm in need of.... GTA III / Vice city / San Andreas original Sealed copies. Picture of Security Strips... GTA III and Vice City Original purchases with receipts...I "Have" San Andreas kinda sort of with my receipt...I gave that copy to my cousin when the Special Edition came out. GTA III / Vice City / San Andreas Japanese Version Assortment of PC copies....there's more. I have multiple copies of San Andreas in different language packs.... Assortment of excess playstation 2 copies. I have more of these as well... GTA Vice City and Liberty City stories.... My Playstation copies... Assortment of Xbox and PS3 copies....again...I have more of these as well... A few more... And a couple more lol
  3. JumpingKentFlash

    Jumpingkentflash' Rockstar collection.

    I'm just throwing my tracker file up here, so there's no pics unless someone wants them. Rockstar Games PlayStation 1: Grand Theft Auto (Platinum Edition). Grand Theft Auto London 1969 (Standalone). Grand Theft Auto 2. PlayStation 2: Max Payne. Max Payne 2. Smugglers Run. Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition (2regular versions). State Of Emergency (Have it 3 times. Two regular versions and Platinum). Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2 regular versions). Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The Warriors. Grand Theft Auto III (Platinum). Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Platinum). Canis Canem Edit (Bully in the European version). Red Dead Revolver. PlayStation 3: Grand Theft Auto IV. Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City. Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition. L.A. Noire. Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Max Payne 3. Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Red Dead Redemption: Game Of The Year Edition. Grand Theft Auto V: Special Edition. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Manhunt. PlayStation 4: Grand Theft Auto V. L.A. Noire. PC: Grand Theft Auto IV. Grand Theft Auto 2. Oni. Max Payne. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Midnight Club 2. PSP: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. In addition to this I own the consoles PS1, 2, 3 Slim, PSP and PS4 Slim. I also have the RDR Outlaws To The End t-shirt, the GTA 3 10 year anniversary mug and a Max Payne figure.
  4. Latest update video (Jul 3, 2017):
  5. KevDurden

    GTA & The Music Of Collection

    I finally get a showcase for my GTA Stuff
  6. Not as extensive as some other folks on here, but it's something. Rockstar Games collection Music: GTA III Game Radio Promo Vinyl (photo #2) GTA Vice City Official Soundtrack Box Set Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack Vinyl The Music of Grand Theft Auto V (photo #2) Merchandise Grand Theft Auto, GTA London & GTA2 maps (photo #2) GTA San Andreas Dice GTA Liberty City Stories Wrist band (photo #2) GTA Vice City Stories Napkins GTA Vice City Stories Beach Balls GTA Vice City Stories Keychain GTA IV & R* Stickers GTA IV Paper Bag GTA IV Key to the City GTA V Limited Edition Strategy Guide LA Noire Badge Pursuit Challenge Negatives Imgur album
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