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Found 4 results

  1. chainsoar

    Another emblem topic

    Hello, yes I am another one of those guys asking for help making an awesome emblem and yes I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass. The emblem editor is very frustrating, any tips? I'm trying to create an emblem in the style of a motorcycle club patch and I'm having a lot of difficulty with the top and bottom rockers, not to mention lettering.
  2. captN Stabb1n

    GangBang3rs Recruiting for Xbox360/PS3

    Social Club: http://socialclub.ro...rew/gangbang3rs What we are Looking for: 1. Mature members that will help build the gang from the ground up (decisions will be made based on a democratic vote) 2. Members willing to share the work and ensure equal distribution of wealth 3. Above all else this clan is meant to elevate the experience of GTA Online. People who enjoy having fun but put forth effort to maintain an experience that is enjoyable/memorable for all members of the gang (No Betrayals) 4. Applicants do not need to jump through hoops to join this clan simply request an invite via the link above, if you meet the above criteria you'll have no trouble fitting in (I will be running the crew on the XBOX 360, we are currently looking for someone to handle things on the PS3 if interested drop a line) Activities: 1. Missions/Heists 2. Making Money/Securing Assets 3. Deathmatches/Races 4. General Fun/Events/Controlled Chaos
  3. Shyabang Shyabang

    Underline What Describes You!

    Here's a list of things that I want you to take a look at. Copy and paste this list on your post and delete the ones that don't describe you. (You don't have to underline). Have fun! * Use this website to find your BMI: http://www.bmicalculator.org/ I am over 170 cm (over 5’6”). I am over 183 cm (over 6 ft tall). My BMI is under 21.* My natural hair colour is black. My natural hair colour is brown. My natural hair colour is blond. My natural hair colour is red. I have no hair on my chest even without shaving. I danced nonstop for over an hour at a night club. I jumped at least 100 times when jump roping. I swam at least 50 meters (54 yards) nonstop. I ran full time in a rugby game. I ran full time in a soccer/football game. I played soccer/football in temperatures higher than 30°C (higher than 86°F). I played soccer/football in freezing temperatures. I played airsoft in freezing temperatures. I played airsoft for over 3 hours straight in temperatures higher than 30°C (higher than 86°F). I can do a jump serve in volleyball. I did a three-point shot in basketball. I can hit a golf ball over 240 yards with a driver. I can surf on a 2m (6’6”) or higher wave. I hiked up a volcano. I attended an electric dance music concert. I attended a heavy metal concert. I attended a classical music concert. I attended at least 2 FIFA World Cup matches. I drove for over 4 hours without resting. I traveled in 10 or more countries in total. I traveled in 3 or more continents. I have traveled in New Zealand. I have traveled in Russia. I have traveled in India. I have traveled in China. I have traveled in South Korea. I have traveled in South Africa. I have traveled just across the river from North Korea. I learned over 2 languages. I jumped down from the second floor. I trained in more than one martial art. I have stuck out my hand at a group of 4 or more large stray dogs. I had chicken pox. I coughed many times nonstop. A truck driver honked near me just to scare me. He was smiling at me. Someone has flirted with me. Someone of the same gender has flirted with me. I pretended to sleep while my roommate had sex with someone. I slept on bed with someone of the same gender, but without sex. I watched porn when I was underaged. I was tickled by more than 1 person at the same time. I wrestled with more than 1 person at the same time for fun. I was mugged. I fought someone physically. I touched a gun. I smoked a cigarette. I smoked weed.
  4. captN Stabb1n

    Recruiting all positions for GangBang3rs

    Recruting all positions for GangBang3rs be amongst the first to claim your stake at the highest positions of the crew. This crew was created as a filter measure to ensure optimal xp/reputation gain. We are looking for members who will be loyal and excecute missions following the code of conduct dictated by the club. Everyone wants to increase the amount of money, xp, and reputation in GTA Online. Having a club that is loyal and treats its members as equals will ensure that success is shared by all. Betrayal is not an option and heist/mission profits/rewards will be evenly distributed. Rest assured that your work/efforts will not go unrewarded. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gangbang3rs
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