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Found 5 results

  1. Uncle Sikee Atric

    GTAForums Weekly Caption Competition

    \\ Hello everyone.... This is a thread to have a little on board fun and is open to all. Every week I will post a little picture on Tuesdays and it's up to every member on the Forum to supply the caption, every Tuesday a new picture will appear and the submissions from the previous week will be judged, with the winner being announced on Saturdays. The Commissioners from PBMO will be the judges, and we will vote on the best five from the week, so we will be ineligible to submit a suggestion. No matter how freaky, weird or downright nasty your suggestion is, it will be considered and remember this is all in fun, if someone has a sly dig, please don't start fighting back, just laugh and move on. If you want to 'adapt' the image and add speech bubbles, titles, anything, please feel free to take the image and do as you wish.... Be creative, but please only alter the original image. Don't edit pictures already edited. Finally, if you want to submit any pics for inclusion in the game, PM me and I will add then to a database I am building. They may well get used at a later date and I will credit all submissions used. COMPETITION WEEK 199 : Submitted by JC_HUMBLE ARCHIVE : Weeks 160 - 199 Last Weeks' Results : Winner Was : Nugsy Runners Up : JuniorChubb
  2. Elite_Gripen

    USAF - Air Force

    USAF - Air Force looks forward to expanding as military organization as well as Air support for allies, requirements to be approved: Good Combat Ability, Good Behavior, Good Team Player and last but not least you must have USAF as you active crew. Allies: Navy Seals Warfare Ghost Special Force G-SOG Tactical Crew Link: USAF - Air Force
  3. MrSlickShady

    Roleplay Xbox One

    Hi, I do GTA V videos and I post them on my YouTube channel. The video below is an example of what I'm talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0epf3DPlam4&t=8s But this is something I never done before. This is going to be huge. I will be making a car meet film but there are specific roles! Click the link below to get a chance to audition for a role. Click Here To Open Audition Form Thank You
  4. We are a role play server on discord. We hold daily lobby’s and are very active. If your interested in joining please reply to this with your discord name. Thanks
  5. Dinky1515

    Phantom MC (Looking For VP and members)

    Phantom MC is Currently Recruiting We are looking for a VP and members Contact : Crispy19 on social club if interested Crew : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xxphantomxx_mc Website : https://phantommotorcycleclub.weebly.com/ News ! Custom In game biker cuts are in! Website is live : https://phantommotorcycleclub.weebly.com/ Looking for an active VP !! Please contact : Crispy19 on social club for more info
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