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  1. Swagking7847


    Are you looking to join a Professional Role Play with over 3,000 members? Well then you then you've come to the right place with our longest rp being 230+ hours we are always roleplaying. Interested, join the discord here https://discord.gg/CAw2K5q Departments -SAHP -BCSO -Fire/EMS -Civilian -SAHP Communications Division Sub Divisions -Blaine County Wildlife Divisions -BCSO Maritime Division -SAHP Air One Division Other Info -Longest rp (230hr+) -How many members (3,100+)
  2. I'm almost done with my entry for the rockstar editor contest, I just need a female character to shoot some scenes with me. Won't take long at all. I worked very hard on it, was completely done and then found out about the criteria that it has to be about a double agent. I had to redo most of it. 23rd November 11:59 pm is the deadline so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hurry. I promise it won't take long and I'll make you look really really cool. (: I am on Xbox One. gamertag- raj007rocks (please don't judge me based on my choice of gamertag, I was a kid when I created the account.)
  3. RESTLESS MC: Xbox One, free aim. RESTLESS MC MOVED FROM XBOX 360 TO XBOX ONE ON 01/01/16 ABOUT US We run on the basis of a real 1% MC. We are a club who play very regularly together. Comradeship and brotherhood is encouraged, and loyalty is held above all else. We do not let just anyone wear our patch. RLMC was formed by the six founding members out of the ashes of another MC. If you are willing to put in the time, you will be part of a crew where everybody will back you up in battle and know your name. We aren't in any rush to
  4. Kirsty

    Xbox Car Meets

    Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: Gamertag:
  5. FastFuriousCruisers was created to celebrate and bring together "The Fast And Furious" Franchise Fans, and genuine Car Enthusiasts from around the World together via GTA Car Meets. The organization began purely based on the "Fast And Furious" Franchise, however we now Host a variety of Themed Meets. My goal for "FastFuriousCruisers" is to create an organization where people of all ages from around the World can chill, appreciate the scene, respect one another and most importantly have a good time within a friendly environment. If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of look no
  6. If you want all Casino heist Outfits you can arrange it here with other Players.
  7. Here at DOJRP we strive to be the best role playing community around, we want to give our members the best possible experience we can! The people we meet are what motivates us as a community to always strive to be better and make better changes for everyone. DOJRP is proud of its ability to teach new members and strive for more realistic roleplay. We seek members who are willing to be over the top realistic and want to see this community grow and develop. We take roleplay very seriously here and want to see everyone contributing to making the community better. We look forward to meeting you!
  8. GTA 5 Xbox RP server DOJRPNorth American Server Law Enforcement Wanted We are currently looking for players to join our realistic roleplay. We have jobs available for Civs and Law enforcement! We are expanding and looking for new members to join the experience. Live out things you thought you could never do. We have a CAD system in place so we can run plates, names, issue tickets, and much more. We update our systems and keep everything mordern. Come join DOJRp Today!! Law Enforcement has more possibilities of getting recruted over civilians. Must have a micMust be 12+We do active training to
  9. khloe.lynch

    SARP Recruitment Xbox!

    SARP is a professional Roleplay community looking for new members! We are looking for Civilians with a variety of jobs & Emergency Service Departments such as LSPD, LSFD & BCSO and More! Ages 15+! Need discord, need to be professional, active and realistic! For more information message me on Instagram @vulneratisx or Xbox GT: Vulneratis Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/UjXAvVkQXM
  10. Chevyguy_14

    Xbox Roleplay Community

    GTA 5 Xbox RP server DOJRPNorth American Server Law Enforcement Wanted We are currently looking for players to join our realistic roleplay. We have jobs available for Civs and Law enforcement! We are expanding and looking for new members to join the experience. Live out things you thought you could never do. We have a CAD system in place so we can run plates, names, issue tickets, and much more. We update our systems and keep everything mordern. Come join DOJRp Today!! Law Enforcement has more possibilities of getting recruted over civilians. Must have a micMust be 12+We do active training to
  11. Good evening to those who may be reading this, I am Louie, President is of the Rogue Warchiefs MC Nomad Charter. Our Nomad Charter is taking the opportunity to begin a recruitment drive while our mother charter undergoes changes, and we want you riding with us! A little info on our club, We are a Strictly 1% Motorcycle club that prides itself on Community, Loyalty, growth, and responsibility. We use Discord as our main source of communication and have an age requirement of 18. Our Nomad charter has Table positions available but strictly only available to those who are strictly qualified. If yo
  12. The Vercetti Outfit

    The Barksdale Crew (RDO) - The Vercetti Outfit (GTA)

    image coming soon image coming soon insert story ending coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon The year is 2015. With things starting to cool off in Liberty City, and Vice City under lock by a former Forelli, Los Santos was untouched. And I mean just that. Crews ran wild, everyone was for self. We all know the Liberty City Commiss
  13. I need a crew to do the Doomsday Scenario finally with me on Xbox One (GT: Razgriz 067). Have had no successful luck with randoms the last 3-4 days. Closest I got was just now but them some ******************************** decides to left during the jet pack part. Currently level 167 on this character. my main is 500+ and have done it myself with my friends a good 6 times
  14. Aether

    Fleetcom Naval Force

    Fleetcom Naval_Force Fleetcom Website Requirements -Must be 14+ years of Age -Must have an Xbox One -Must have a functioning Microphone -Must be willing to operate in Free-Aim almost exclusively -Must have Discord Discord contact(s) for recruitment: FCNF Rebel#6100 (Marines) FCNF Hawk#2532 (Marines and Air Force) Blitzkrieg#1088 (Marines and Air Force) Aether#8835 (Air Force Fixed Wing) FCNF Paladin#6415 (Air Force Rotor Wing) Additionally, you may contact us for recruitment on our website!^ You can also post your information here with the following.. Format Gam
  15. What is Experience Gaming? XPG is an international community of hardcore gamers who have come together to maximize the gaming experience and always have a group of like minded individuals always available to do it with. XPG is the essence of the true gaming experience, and is looking for creative minds to share it with. What does “XPG” do? Anything in games that can be done… We host role-play sessions in Grand Theft Auto Online; we are assembling a Battlefield 4 Platoon for Military and Tactic Simulations; we are doing a little bit of both activities within Tom Clancy’s The Division; an
  16. sgt.caboose

    usmc crew in gta

    hello everybody im new to the forums but i for my first post ever i just wanted to state that i have created a new crew on the social club if you wish to join comment or message me i will let you know if you are in or out and if there are any requirements have a good time and hopefully ill see you sometime soon! Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/usmc_bravo
  17. R3DHAWK

    Fallen Hawk MC [XB 1]

    We are currently looking for people to fill are first 9. Needing: Vp Stg at arms Secretary Treasurer Prospect manager


    Hoover Criminals is recruiting new members in Grand Theft Auto V, we are looking for; -Free Aim Shooters -TDM Players -Free Mode War Players -Mic (Recommended) -Mature -Loyalty -Active Players -Role Play Players -Xbox One Only -Record & Edit Crew (If you have a skill to improve HOOVER CRIMINALS, message HOV CRXXK on XBOX LIVE) (8HOV) 83 RANCHO BLOCC HOOVERS Leader: HOV KILO https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rancho_blocc_hoovers (7HOV) 74 SEOULTOWN HOOVERS Leader: HOV CRXXK https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/seoultown_hoovers (5HOV) 52 ES VINEWOOD HOOVERS Lead
  19. PrezDon

    [Deutsch] Gremium MC Germany XB1

    Hallo Leute, Wir vom Gremium MC suchen noch Member, bei interesse schreibt uns doch bei Social Club. NUR LEUTE Ü16 UND AKTIV ONLY XB1 https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gremium_germany_xb1
  20. ImKingGucci


    Hey My Names Gucci, I Have A Crew Called Modded Billionaires If Anyones Looking For A Crew HMU On Xbox @Im KingGucci. Looking to make some money msg me too.
  21. Wrighty6000


    Dark Souls are still recruiting. We have been going for little over a month now and we have currently 269 members. Our members range from RNG players, FM players, Heisters, AW TDM players. Primarily we are an All Weapon TDM Crew and so far have a deadly enough bunch of players to rival some of the strongest TDM Crews in the game. If your interested in helping us push through the ranks then follow the below link and join through that. We are also looking for an Xbox player who would be promoted to comm to help build on the Xbox side. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ii_dark_souls_i

    Trollston Ltd Security Mercs and Intel Crew

    socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/Trollstonltd​ TROLLSTON LTD MERCS SECURITY AND INTEL CORPORATION Trollston Ltd is a close community which we are now recruiting for. We are a military themed crew who do paid jobs for: ​ ​Security (eg car meets) ​Mercenary work Gathering ​Intel ​Crew Wars ​Trolling ​We are looking for people who are: 15+ ​On Xbox 1 ​Have a mic Active ​Willing to complete selection training ​We have been born from the ashes of crews like USMC San Andreas, 11th MEU MILSIM and many others. Security training is provided by ex members of Umbrella Corp
  23. Looking for people who want to join my Fast and Furious styled Drift and Racing crew. We do more than just driving. Must meet the following standards: -Age 16+ -MIC -Know how to control their car -An active player We also do Car Shows, Drag Racing, Drift Comps., Small Roleplay. We also do combat scenarios with our cars, gang fights, escape driving, etc. Message me if interested! Xbox Live: xxROBBIE RIOTxx
  24. Hey guys, I'm going to try to make this short unlike my usual posts. XPG is recruiting people still in GTAO to our role play division. We have a lot of content that is lore friendly and really creative. We have a lot going on and the best way to see it all is to look at our website yourself. (unless you want to spend the next hour reading what I can say about it) The host website is www.experiencegaming.org Here are some links to the specific GTAXP info: http://www.experiencegaming.org/gtaxpcopcrookforums http://www.experiencegaming.org/gtaxpcivlife That's just to get you started..
  25. StandingGhost

    YT Crew Willing To Help You Grow

    Hello my name is standingghost i started this clan to help people grow the people i already have in the clan my mods of this crew so they will kick if needed this clan is proffesinal so if u want to be in msg objectedmean,Loftedend24,XxRacingGunxX or the assasan to get an interview thank you and see you on the field XB1 Only https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/kuya_gaming
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