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  1. Are you looking to join a Professional Role Play server? Well then you then you've come to the right place with CVCRP our longest RP being 230+ hours we are always roleplaying. With almost INSTANT INTERVIEWS you won't have to wait to RP. Interested? Join the discord here https://discord.gg/XVJVsucEkx Departments: SAHP BCSO Fire/EMS Civilian SAHP Communications Division Sub Divisions Sub Divisions: Blaine County Wildlife Divisions BCSO Maritime Division SAHP Air One Division Fire/EMS Air Evac Division Other Info: Longest RP (230hr+) Friendly Staff Realistic CAD/MDT One of the Oldest if not the OLDEST Xbox RP Server Over 65,000 members passed through If you have any questions regarding the community feel free to message any of the staff in the server or message myself @Slush10#4975 on Discord!! Want to also join a fun and new community server with over 3,000 members where we have weekly server events and multiple staff positions? If you are interested feel free to join our Discord Server using our link! https://discord.gg/MXJkXAuDd4
  2. New and Upcoming Community Deadly Shores Roleplay We are a FiveM, PS4 And Xbox community looking to expand. We have around 100+ members and new members joining daily. We are looking for more staff for PS to get it up and going. This is what we have for you when you join: • Full working CAD • The ability to learn new things. • The chance for new experiences. • Fun, Legit, Realistic RP's. • Plenty of Departments and Sub-divisions. *The departments we offer: Law Enforcement: • San Andreas Highway Patrol • Blaine County Sheriff Office • Los Santos Police Department Fire and EMS: • Los Santos Fire Department • Blaine County Fire Department Additional Options To Choose From: • Communications Department • Civilian Operations Every department is currently open, and have plenty of subdivisions available. We are also looking for new department suggestions. Only requirements: • You are active at least during the weekends • Working Mic For Discord Voice Channels. • Legal Copy Of GTA V. [Except From Coms] • PS4 or Xbox One[Except From Coms] • Realistic & Legit. We would love to have you as a new member and cant wait to rp with new people. — Age requirement is 16+ the only thing we ask for you to respect the community and not be toxic https://discord.gg/apGjUqqKw3
  3. We play almost every night in a solo public lobby, usual just grinding or doing fun stuff and also do heists together. We are all 25+ years old and a headset is required (so we can all talk smack). Message me with your gamertag and I'll send an invite.
  4. Kirsty

    Xbox Car Meets

    Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: Gamertag:
  5. FastFuriousCruisers was created to celebrate and bring together "The Fast And Furious" Franchise Fans, and genuine Car Enthusiasts from around the World together via GTA Car Meets. The organization began purely based on the "Fast And Furious" Franchise, however we now Host a variety of Themed Meets. My goal for "FastFuriousCruisers" is to create an organization where people of all ages from around the World can chill, appreciate the scene, respect one another and most importantly have a good time within a friendly environment. If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of look no further! Join the Crew, and enjoy the ride! FFCS LOBBY RULES BASIC RULES - TO BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES REALISTIC DRIVING & MOVEMENTS AT ALL TIMES FOLLOW & LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS BY HOST & MODERATORS AT ALL TIMES NO WEAPONS TO BE DRAWN! (KILLING WILL RESULT IN AN INSTANT BAN) "STANCING" IS THE ONLY TIME A GUN MAYBE USED! "STANCE" AWAY FROM ALL PLAYERS LEAVE GOOD SPACE BETWEEN YOU & THE CAR YOUR FOLLOWING AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS HIT THE GAS TO NUDGE FORWARD EVERY NOW & THEN TO AVOID SPOOKING "A.I's IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MIC MAKE SURE YOUR CHAT IS SET TO "GAME CHAT" TO HEAR US ​ HOW TO JOIN A: Join FastFuriousCruisers Crew (Make sure your GT is visible in R* settings) B: Online - Crews - My Crews - FastFuriousCruisers - View Members - ChrissyBoi87 - Join Game C: If the above don't work for you go to my Xbox Profile: ChrissyBoi87 and Join Game FastFuriousCruisers Xbox Club - Now Available To Join! Just Search - FastFuriousCruisers Car Meet Organization (ABSOLUTELY NO ONE EXCEPT THE CREW LEADER & MODERATOR IS TO HOST A FFCS MEET) FastFuriousCruisers Team Founder / Host & Crew Leader - ChrissyBoi87 Moderator - SkittleTwist Moderator - VGNLesbianGoose Moderator - CrispyTheBiker Moderator - Ayrforce 245
  6. Hello, I am looking to join a law enforcement/first responder roleplay clan on Xbox One.
  7. Hi I'm eric xbox1 gamertag is EBomb614 add me if you are interested. In joining my crew we are called los Santos Mob Figgas we are orange an we got easy e as the logo. No friendly fire we race to the spot we are suppose to have the mission. We are a around crew for missions races an flying also hiest. I work from 430pm to 2am ohio time so if intrested add me gamertag is EBomb614 thanks also my rockstarsocialclub name is EBomb614 add me on there as well I like level 58 now
  8. I'm putting out feelers for anyone that's interested in a big competition to see who is the best Street Racer in GTA. I'd call it the Midnight Club Challenge. The event would be an elimination event, and include all competitions, such as Head to Head, Sprints, Pursuits and Street Racers. The goal would be to get it all done in one night and that's totally doable. The available vehicles would be Tuner vehicles ONLY and some vehicle restrictions would apply and further restrictions could be enacted. This would be a serious event and no killing would be allowed. This includes blowing up cars and driving backwards on a track or purposefully sabotaging the event. These would results in immediately being banned and blocked. The events would most likely take place on a Wednesday nights at 7 or 8 Eastern Time (US) and would probably be filmed for YouTube. If you're interested post below.
  9. TEAM LAZER Xb1: LazerCJ703 Watch us on Youtube: Team Lazer Gaming Get posters of the meet you attended on Instagram: @teamlazer_lazercj703 GET READY FOR THE NEW TUNERS DLC UPDATE WITH US! What to expect Heavy street racing vibes 😎 Lots of drifting, power sliding, donuts, & burning rubber ! Jump in the “SlideShow” ( Burnout competition) It’s a block party with your car, the best show wins ! Also expect Intense, Personal 1v1 Races, spectated by your audience in the sky (Players watching in Helicopters) Curvy point to points & Classic Highway Racing. Edited Pictures of the Meets will be posted on Instagram @teamlazer_lazercj703, along with video clips on YouTube. To stay up to date, be sure to follow & subscribe ! Add me on Xbox LazerCJ703
  10. Welcome To The American Way Rp!! The American Way Rp has been revamped. The server is now open for professional and realistic staff . You can join today without an application. Staff requirement's are as follow's below. DM a staff member to get you setup The department's available to you are the following: SAHP: (San Andreas Highway Patrol) CIV: (Civilian Operation's) DISP: (Communication's) LSMS: (Los Santos Medic Service's) USMS: (U.S. Marshall Service) We're currently looking to fill staff role's! You must be 18+ with staff experience. These are the role's: Head Admin-closed Asst. Head Admin-open Civ Director-closed Civ Deputy Director-open Director Of Communication's-open Deputy Director Of Communication's-open Leo Admin-open Asst. Leo Admin-open Federal Admin-open Asst. Federal Admin-open Interview Director-open Interview Deputy Director-open We are currently active and have something new we've added! You can now bring your MC or grinding crew. However once in the server you will be required to post and be active daily. You must be reachable if you can't talk let us know but please get back to us a reasonable time What are the requirements? → You must be 14 years old or older! If you have prior experience you will not be trained → You must have an XBOX One → You must have Discord → You must have GTAV Our server has a functioning CAD If you love to RP we want you in the server https://discord.gg/7Y4Ys99WXJ
  11. United States RP Society USRPS is a California based roleplay server on Xbox One. The community have been founded since January of 2017. The leaders of USRPS have many years of RP experience. The community is a very active close-knit group with roleplays held 4-5 times a week. We currently have over 120+ members with 20-30 joining each RP. Features - A discord server that is always active and maintained. - A working, professional CAD/MDT. - Provided Training if needed - A community website [ https://centcompres.wixsite.com/usrps ] - An online banking system. - Court System Departments - Civilian Operations - San Andreas Highway Patrol - Los Santos Police Department - Blaine County Sheriff's Office - San Andreas Fire Department - etc. https://discord.gg/XPKTFvk Once you join our discord, please submit an application; you will be contacted within 24-72 hours or less. Note: Interviews are not required.
  12. Search in Xbox clubs - 'Red Dead II Real Play' Please message me to join: Requests to join with no accompanying message will be ignored. (Xbox GT - iMr iException ) 👍 Realistic Players for RDR2. 'Real Play' - We love living life within the game at a slower pace, taking it easy, doing everything & anything that's realistic & enjoyable, in a relaxed 'Real Play' style, whilst always incorporating roleplay elements. Sessions vary from: Scheduled events, games, activities. planned day trips, gambling, hunting, fishing, exploring, viewing the scenery, spend a night relaxing in camp, catch a train into the city, get a tram to the saloon for a drink, and more all with unique, unscripted, funny moments while playing at a realistic slower pace, seeing & appreciating every detail. For the most part, we immerse ourselves into the world and the lifestyle, walking instead of running, spending time In camp during most nights, and playing with realism in mind. As a group we bring even more life, immersion, and realism into the games world via the way we play & things we do. We consist of long term members, therefore looking at specific play style & the group dynamics of new members. Members freely join & leave our session's whenever we're playing, nothing is expected of members, just to follow the basic rules on the club info section (Xbox club)👌 ⚠We consist of a particular player type/ style, please watch the group dynamic & respectfully play how everyone else is⚠ (18+ Only) (please note we are not a roleplay FOCUSED group, it's more relaxed, slower paced & easy going, and focused more on realism and immersion) All new members are on a trial period to ensure a good fit for Real Play.
  13. Swagking7847


    Are you looking to join a Professional Role Play with over 3,000 members? Well then you then you've come to the right place with our longest rp being 230+ hours we are always roleplaying. Interested, join the discord here https://discord.gg/CAw2K5q Departments -SAHP -BCSO -Fire/EMS -Civilian -SAHP Communications Division Sub Divisions -Blaine County Wildlife Divisions -BCSO Maritime Division -SAHP Air One Division Other Info -Longest rp (230hr+) -How many members (3,100+)
  14. We’re looking to have some fun and let the colors of Los Santos run the city. Message my gamer tag if interested xHATETHEPLAYAx lobby starts April 5th, 2020 at 9:30 EST. Anything goes. Rep your colors and your blocks. Goodluck 💫
  15. If you want all Casino heist Outfits you can arrange it here with other Players.
  16. I need a crew to do the Doomsday Scenario finally with me on Xbox One (GT: Razgriz 067). Have had no successful luck with randoms the last 3-4 days. Closest I got was just now but them some ******************************** decides to left during the jet pack part. Currently level 167 on this character. my main is 500+ and have done it myself with my friends a good 6 times
  17. JSquirrely


    Trying to start a lil car meet nothing crazy bring whatever you want. Maybe go for a cruise too? J Squirrely
  18. I'm looking for a crew to join up and grind out heists with. 36 years old, Male, Eastern US time zone LGBTQ+ Ally, Female-friendly, 420-friendly (aka, dirty liberal) Played GTA:O on and off since day 1 2 characters, both above rank 300 Criminal Mastermind Challenge completed (and could easily do it again) Heist captain of my old crew Mainly looking for Casino heists, but I enjoy Apartment heists as well. Doomsday? Not so much, but I'd be willing with the right crew. I will not, under any circumstance, tolerate homophobia, racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination. (This includes people who refer to every little inconvenience in their life as "gay") If I sound like a good fit for your crew, hit me up with an Xbox message at "Just DPack"
  19. Looking for chill people to grind out contact missions with Add me if you're interested: TheyAteMyFamily Just let me know you're from GTAForums
  20. Looking for 2-3 people that are reliable people to run through all the heists with. Even splits. I’m not new to the game just transferred from the ps4 to the xb1. Message me on here I don’t remember what I had to change my gt to.
  21. You don't have to pay me anything. We will not talk. If it heats up, fall behind me & get in line. Original, Doomsday, Casino... 4 man, 3 man, 2 man.. I'm not doing your setups, not even the original heist setups, unless you have a solid 3 man team for me to back up. I will not help you with your CMM. If you want to do some type of pre-heist practice runs, I'm down for that as well in an invite session. But if you try and cross me, I will destroy you. GT - JackCarterDOA Inbox me first. I don't reciprocate random follows.
  22. United States RP Society USRPS is a California based roleplay server on Xbox One. The community have been founded since January of 2017. The leaders of USRPS have many years of RP experience. The community is a very active close-knit group with roleplays held 4-5 times a week. We currently have 80+ members with 20-30 joining each RP. Features - A discord server that is always active and maintained. - A working, professional CAD/MDT. - Provided Training if needed - A community website [ https://www.usrpsociety.com/ ] - An online banking system. - Court System Departments - Civilian Operations - San Andreas Highway Patrol - Los Santos Police Department - Blaine County Sheriff's Office - San Andreas Fire Department - etc. https://discord.gg/XPKTFvk Once you join our discord, please submit an application; you will be contacted within 24-72 hours or less. Note:Interviews are not required.
  23. Gamertag: PyroHacks Console: Xbox One Time: 11:35PM EST Looking to complete some of my sell missions and need additional people! Willing to help complete your sell missions as well, thanks!
  24. River God


    Crew Name: TheDamnedSpiritsMC Crew Leader: spiritaway18 Console: PS3, XB1 Status: Active WELCOME! Damned Spirits MC is a motorcycle club crew formed outside Los Santos in San Andreas. We are a tight nit group of friends who have come together with the goal of creating great memories, while upholding our honor and protecting our brothers and sisters. We have established the reputation of a welcoming crew for players from all walks of life, and will stop at nothing to defend our family. This crew has a lot of time in GTA and today we have reached the most successful stage of our history. We combine an excellent community where the priority is to help and defend each other. Join and observe for yourself that we do not have to lie to capture your attention. Here at DSMC, you will find that we are a family first. Players can be found riding together, reaking havoc on the police and others who dare step in our path, to holding events such as Fight Club, TDMs, and more different events. We enjoy all aspects of GTA Online, and with each new support, prospect, and patched member comes new ideas and ways to play. With these players comes manpower and new ways to make money through the MC businesses, gunrunning, heists, free roam jobs, and other activities. DSMC is 16+, so we can offer a mature environment for other players. Whether you are a veteran in the GTA universe or a brand new player, seeking a club that offers fun, look no further and apply today! Basic Rules • NO MODDING • No killing other members of Damned Spirits MC • Members are permitted to ride only bikes and/or ATVs. • Members must aid any brother who requests it. • All members must have the Damned Spirits or Prospect patch visible. • No members will disobey orders from officers. • Members must treat other members with the utmost respect. • No member will start a war with another MC or crew without permission from either the President, Vice-President or Head Enforcer • Members will only fire upon other players if provoked. • Members will not go against anything the club has passed in a vote. • Members will show loyalty and dedication to the club. • Members must remain active in-game and on our Discord
  25. Gamertag: PyroHacks Console: Xbox One People needed: 3 Time: Now (4:25PM EST) Looking to find a group to help sell my inventories from my businesses, willing to help sell yours as well!
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