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  1. LIFELINE ROLEPLAY Welcome to the official thread of LLRP (Lifeline Roleplay). We are based on Xbox One and we currently have 3 departments in which you can join, I will go into more detail of those departments below. DEPARTMENTS Civilian Operations Civilian Operations is a great department to be apart of, it gives members of it the ability to be creative and to think of scenarios to push the limits of the SAFD and Law Enforcement. However, not all scenarios are crazy and action-packed - sometimes a calm scenario for the emergency services is needed. You can become an entrepreneur, a low-level drug dealer or just the local 24/7 cashier: in civilian operations, everybody has a role. Law Enforcement Officers Within the Law Enforcement, you have the ability to join either Blaine County Sheriffs Office or San Andreas Highway Patrol. Each has its own vehicles and different structure but both of them work together. Also as stated before everybody is important during a roleplay session however, a Law Enforcement Officer arguably has the most impactful role as anything they do reflects on the civilians and the other departments involved. San Andreas Communications Department (Dispatch) The dispatchers of LLRP have a great job or organising the chaos that is Law Enforcement, our CAD enables dispatchers to call people out to places, add units to calls and set their statuses for them. This may seem menial but that along with organising the San Andreas Fire Department to calls means that the job is an important one for a roleplay session to run smoothly. San Andreas Fire Department Within the fire department, there is medical (EMS) and fire/rescue both of them have their important jobs and both of them need to work together. This role demands a certain importance within a roleplay session as there is always something happening for the SAFD like car crashes, taser removal and fires! If you think this will interest you; be sure to apply for it. APPLY HERE If this interests you be sure to head over to the discord and get started on joining LLRP. We all hope to see you enjoying our roleplays soon! SOCIAL MEDIA Discord: https://discord.gg/K7WEjvF Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/llpr_official/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LLRP_Official Website: Coming Soon
  2. HunterGatherer

    PublicParkingEnt. CarShows

    Welcome and look no further. You have just found The Public Parking Entertainment. A community built from the ground up of a diverse group of players who enjoy kicking back, socializing, and meeting up to show off their cars at small events hosted by the founders and members of the PPE community. If you are the casual player that enjoys parking up, cruising, or gaming realistically, maybe you like to be the passenger and photograph the happening or record the events while showing off your ride. Regardless of which you have found a growing community that has smaller groups within so continue to scroll down and get a glimpse of what PPE ls about. We have a YouTube Channel and will often have videos made by members of PPE. If you have a video made from one of our car shows dont hesitate to post it on the thread. We also have a playlist for our members that we would be happy to fill with PPE carshow content so let us know. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMPATP4khPljz_xiglH0OIg How to get in? Join Public Parking Entertainment Add/Fav Vincent CvC or other active hosting members (Fav to see when he appears online for a car-show) Set your socialclub privacy to crew&friends (so you dont get kicked by accident) Turn on crew update phone notifications (In Game under settings/notifications) Check this thread or look out for an in-game crew message with car-show details! if you have a friend who may be interested Let the PPE know so they can join in on the entertainment Always be prepared and know what you're getting yourself involved with ​take 5minutes and READ the RULES!!! ​Click the link below >>>The System<<< ​We will know if you don't because you will stand out The Founders Vincent CvC TimeBombXCVI BiggieDeaf Tano EL Chubito Now continue scrolling to get a better perspective about Public Parking Ent.
  3. Phatgordo13

    The GTAForums Official Crew

    Leader: Phatgordo13 Commissioners: Sweetsaprik TCFanatic Lieutenants: Ciaran, DJS2k8, GFen, Kyle17, Lokalboy808, Sandman2020, Yung Live We are currently accepting applications from GTAForum members exclusively. In order to apply please request an invite at our Social Club Page (provided in the link below). Then, to verify your identity, make a post within our recruitment thread (provided in the link below) including your Social Club name. Recruitment Topic Link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/592131-gtaforums-official-social-club-crew/ Social Club Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gtaforums Policy and procedure is to be interpreted by all members under the GTAF Crew banner. Policy, as outlined by bold font, are to be considered and treated as the basic rules which dictate crew members' expected behavior. Procedure, as outlined by indented bullet points is the precedent in which rules are interpreted at administrations discretion. Do not kill crew members. All incidents of crew killings are to be reported to commissioners or leader within a reasonable time frame from the incident at members discretion if deemed necessary by involved party. It is the sole responsibility of initiating party to inform those involved of accidental killing. Accidental killing without reconciliation may be deemed as intentional in report at administration's discretion. GTAF Crew members are able to actively participant in as many other crews as they wish, as long as one action does not create conflict of interest with GTAF Crew. GTAF Policy & Procedure applies to members within GTAF Crew with or without GTAF tag actively applied. Discipline, removal, evaluation of reports, revisions to policy, interpretation of policy are to be carried out by the administration with or without warning at their explicit discretion. Any incident which a member deems necessary will be reported to leader and/or commissioners via private message within a reasonable time frame from the incident at members discretion. Promotions will be handed out based on performance and activity by a majority vote among commissioners. GTAF members are to be considered/assumed friendly to all other GTAF members unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon verbally or in written form. In all free-roam competitive modes, any GTAF member who kills another GTAF member, no matter the circumstances, is to be considered in direct violation of GTAF Crew Policy and Procedure and subject to disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the administration.
  4. Kirsty

    Xbox Car Meets

    Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: Gamertag:
  5. FastFuriousCruisers was created to celebrate and bring together "The Fast And Furious" Franchise Fans, and genuine Car Enthusiasts from around the World together via GTA Car Meets. The organization began purely based on the "Fast And Furious" Franchise, however we now Host a variety of Themed Meets. My goal for "FastFuriousCruisers" is to create an organization where people of all ages from around the World can chill, appreciate the scene, respect one another and most importantly have a good time within a friendly environment. If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of look no further! Join the Crew, and enjoy the ride! FFCS LOBBY RULES BASIC RULES - TO BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES REALISTIC DRIVING & MOVEMENTS AT ALL TIMES FOLLOW & LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS BY HOST & MODERATORS AT ALL TIMES NO WEAPONS TO BE DRAWN! (KILLING WILL RESULT IN AN INSTANT BAN) "STANCING" IS THE ONLY TIME A GUN MAYBE USED! "STANCE" AWAY FROM ALL PLAYERS LEAVE GOOD SPACE BETWEEN YOU & THE CAR YOUR FOLLOWING AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS HIT THE GAS TO NUDGE FORWARD EVERY NOW & THEN TO AVOID SPOOKING "A.I's IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MIC MAKE SURE YOUR CHAT IS SET TO "GAME CHAT" TO HEAR US ​ HOW TO JOIN A: Join FastFuriousCruisers Crew (Make sure your GT is visible in R* settings) B: Online - Crews - My Crews - FastFuriousCruisers - View Members - ChrissyBoi87 - Join Game C: If the above don't work for you go to my Xbox Profile: ChrissyBoi87 and Join Game FastFuriousCruisers Xbox Club - Now Available To Join! Just Search - FastFuriousCruisers Car Meet Organization (ABSOLUTELY NO ONE EXCEPT THE CREW LEADER & MODERATOR IS TO HOST A FFCS MEET) FastFuriousCruisers Team Founder / Host & Crew Leader - ChrissyBoi87 Moderator - SkittleTwist Moderator - VGNLesbianGoose Moderator - CrispyTheBiker Moderator - Ayrforce 245
  6. We will be hosting a Car Show, Fight Club, and Demo Derby for anyone that wants to come! There will be NO Guns, NO Weapons at all! Just have fun and enjoy. The Event will start at 8:30PM Est!! Please MSG WolfVeteran007 to RSVP or for an Invite!!
  7. FlufferzTheCat

    TheMobJob is Enlisting Buttonmen

    WELCOME TO THEMOBJOB WE HAVE FUN IN ROCKSTAR GAMES We are a crew that was originally created for Grand Theft Auto 5. The crew was founded in 2015 in order to have a good time and make a little money while we were at it. Most of the time we play we are recording, shooting videos and movies and just having a great time and hanging out with each other. We have a very close and tight-knit community that is always their to support one another. We are always willing to help others with their goals in GTA5, whether it be sell missions, deathmatches, missions, or just having a good time. WHAT GAMES DO WE PLAY? We play a large amount of games! Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Online, San Andreas and more Rockstar Games, we also play Rainbow Six Siege and a few other competitive shooters, we have a great community of players who are always looking to play with others so feel free to make suggestions to play with other people, and make some good friends while you do it! SO, HOW DO I JOIN? Well, our Rockstar Games Social Club page would be a great place to start, you will get an RP bonus by playing with fellow crew members, as well as earning our crew color for your car and other accessories inside of GTA5! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_mob_job_crew/wall WHERE ELSE CAN I FIND YOU? We have a Discord server just for our crew! Our community is getting the closest there, and we are gaining new members there everyday! Feel free to jump over there to discuss new DLC's videos, and to find brand new friends and wonderful people to play videogames with! https://discord.gg/ywgHwPD We also spend a fair amount of our time recording and making YouTube videos on the games we play as well, mostly on San Andreas and GTA5! We often hangout their as well, so feel free to stop by and message us sometime if you have any other questions! https://www.youtube.com/c/themobjob If you have any questions, please let me know below and i'll try to help you as much as I can, thanks for reading everyone!
  8. Come help us build this new crew of car collectors. Be a part of exclusive car meets and shows as soon as we have enough members. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_hills_auto_club
  9. Western Chiefs MC

    Western Chiefs MC

    Western Chiefs MC Who we are We are an Xbox One only Motorcycle Club who ride with each other regularly and all get along like true brothers. Too us it's not just a game, it's a brotherhood who respect each other and the MC community. You don't have to just play gta but you do have to be online on gta with us for at least 3 days a week if you hope to obtain your full patch. We do have a long history with other clubs and have been through a lot together. We are currently allied with Multipule MC's including Red menace MC, Mother finest MC and a few more, see bellow our group ride we all had together. We have built up twice before now and fell because of backstabbings under previous MC names. This time will be different, we arent letting people into our inner circle just because they were active, you have to earn your patch fully and impress us. Charters Mother Charter (Grapeseed)- The Grapeseed charter is our Mother charter which is where the club was founded by the founders (the first patch members). Should any other charter have a problem they will contact this charter. The Clubhouseis located in Grapeseed (obviously) . The President of this charter is Chief Henchman. Nomad Charter- The nomads which are for people who are unable to get online regularly. They are still our brothers, it just means they cant be as active as required for the Mother charter and are able to play with us and sit in on churches whenever they are online. Church Every week we have a meeting where the patched members sit around a table to discuss that weeks topics. This is where the patched members will vote for any changes within the MC such as a prospect getting patched in. Church meetings are every Sunday at 9 pm German time, 8 pm UK, 3 pm Eastern , 2 pm pacific and 1 pm Central at the Clubhouse located in our hometown, Grapeseed. Events We often enjoy hosting events open and closed to other MC's. these can involve MMA fights too bike races, friendly TDM's (team deathmatch) etc. We have in the past invited clubs to our events aand had a great time as well as hosted internal events just for our brothers and the prospects/hangarounds. See bellow a picture of an event we hosted between our allies in which we all participated in an MMA tournament with 30 people from multipule clubs. Prospects and hangarounds We are always looking out for new prospects and would love to meet potential prospects. However you must be 16 or over too prospect. I will explain the rules in person during an interview but they must be obeyed when in a public lobby always. These will involve always wearing your patch in a public lobby, Riding motorcycle chopper bikes only unless required for a mission etc. To become a full patched member you must complete a set of achievements which either I or the president will go through with you when you join. You will also be assigned random tests and tasks not on the list by patches to keep you alert and on your toes. Before you can prospect you must be a hang around for a week and wear a particular hangarounds patch whist we determine if you are ready to prospect for us. You will have a test before you are able to prospect for us which will determine whether you can take off your hangarounds patch and wear the prospects proudly. Should you fail this test you will keep your hangarounds patch until the test can be taken again. Once you become a prospect it is down to you and your fellow prospects to mentor and look after any new or old hangarounds. Before you join the Prospect manager or any other member of the hierarchy will do an interview with you over Xbox at a time you and him have arranged to determine if you have a place as a hangaround and you still want to be a part of our brotherhood. Here you are able to ask any questions you might have. Who to contact I am the VP of the MC so will be watching your progress as a prospect/hanaround and help you to complete your achievements. My Discord name is Chief Cola#6997 and my gamertag also the same, Chief Cola. From there I will add you too an interview/rundown chat where either me or the Prospect manager will arrange a time and date for your rundown. Our presidents Discord is Chief Henchman also known as WCMC President and his Gamertag is also the same, Chief Henchman#9316 but we would rather you contacted me (Cola) as I do most the interviews. Youtube We have a youtube channel with a few videos on it. the channel is owned by one of our hangarounds who made the video for us and was part of our MC when we were under different names, hence the 3 recruitment videos. We are very proud of each of them aand hope you like them as much as we do. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSu5mu6c8GTvx38fqxMLi6w Website https://westernchiefs.wixsite.com/wcmc Social Club- Mother charter- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/western_chiefs_mc Prospect crew- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wcmc_gs_prospects Hangaround crew- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wcmc_gs_hangarounds I hope to hear from you all soon and always remember, we are a close brotherhood, you can be apart of it. Chief Cola, Western Chiefs MC Vice President
  10. Blaine County Roleplay Community started way back in December 2014. We have a full staff of dedicated members of our community who put the members first. We pride ourselves on giving our members the best experience every single roleplay that we can. We roleplay 4 times a week, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7pm EDT to 10pm EDT. We use the entire GTA 5 map and have the following departments: San Andreas Highway Patrol Los Santos Police Department Blaine County Sheriffs Office San Andreas Fire Department Civilians Of San Andreas San Andreas Communications If you're interested in joining our community, join this discord link https://discord.gg/Y2A9eay or feel free to message xK1NG B00Mx #2262 on discord. Hope to see you soon! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blaine_county_sa_rp/wall
  11. As the title suggests, I'm looking for a decent Roleplay community. I'm experienced in Roleplay, and love to do it often, unfortunately I'm on xbox which a lot of Roleplay communities aren't on. I generally play a CIV, as I've become quite good at creating scenerio's that make it fun for everyone. I'd like it if the Roleplay usually commences anywhere between 6pm (AEST) & 2am (AEST) but I'm easy to play other times! Let me know if you are a part of, or know a Roleplay community I can join. I take Roleplay seriously, so griefing defiantly won't be an issues GT: JonG 1508
  12. Predawnbear


    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/predawn_hitmen Recruiting for active, loyal members, who will respect fellow members and attend missions. We're a relaxed crew, and we only ask that your active to the crew and remain in contact, via the social club, xbox live, or in game sessions.
  13. Shlumpkins

    Aztecas of LS (XB1)

    The Aztecas of LS is a street gang based of of the "Varrios Los Aztecas" that appeared in Grand theft Auto San Andreas. We are the only active and competitive Azteca crew on XB1, We have been around since 2014 and have a long history of violence with opposing gangs. Who are the Aztecas? The Varrios Los Aztecas are a extremely dangerous hispanic street gang. Violent, proud, psychotic, they are heavily involved in gun running and street violence. They have traditionally been anti-narcotics. The Varrios Los Aztecas have a long term gang feud with Los Santos Vagos, as well as rivalries with all other street gangs in Los Santos. The Aztecas have been known to be affiliated with the Families street gang and even formed alliances. Their gang color is turquoise which they include in their outfits. History of the Aztecas The Varrios Los Aztecas have been around since the early 80's and are one of the newer formed gangs in Los Santos. Much of their origin and past is unknown. Likewise, the origins and past of their rivalry with the other Los Santos gangs paticularly the Los Santos Vagos is also unknown, though it obviously began sometime from their origins in the early 80's, late 80's, or the early 90's. It is highly likely that they evolved from the El Corona neighborhood. If you are interested in joining, leave your gamertage and social club name down below. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGcGiW93nGhQjJvOtMoGh4Q Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/aztecas_of_ls
  14. Hello, I am recruiting for a completely legit GTA V Cop Vs Civ roleplay group on xbox one -almost 200 members -up to 7 RPs A Week (4 On Weekends) -Different roleplay events -Party chats with music playing -Realistic cops who also take cop training -Realistic fire and EMS -Easy to use Chat system -And Lots More Discord Download: https://discordapp.com/ Sign Up On Our Website!: http://xboxcopsvscivroleplay.weebly.com/ Hope To See You There!!!!
  15. Classified Intelligence Team is now recruiting loyal and active members. Classified Intelligence Team is a new Milsim crew that is now recruiting. We are looking for members that are 14 years to 19 years old. You must be rank 80+ and be a serious player (if you are under rank 80 & wish to be recruited a member of the crew will help you rank up.) You must also have Kik Messenger. Classified Intelligence Team is a serious Milsim crew and will only accept serious players. Members don't need to be serious while off Duty but while on duty you will need to be serious. Off Duty our members play playlists together and help each other to earn Cash and RP but you don't have to take part in these activities. Members need to be active a lot to take part in meetings, wars, training and other crew events. Recruitment. To be recruited you will have to answer some questions we ask you then do our basic training after basic training you will then need to get your outfits that a member of the team will get you and after that you will be stabbed so the leader of the crew can keep it on file in case any serious matters happen. To know more about the crew and to be Recruited message JTF x VIRUS on Xbox one or message gta_khloe on Instagram or message classified.intelligence.team on Instagram. We hope you hear from you very soon. - The Classified Intelligence Team on Xbox One.
  16. harryjoseph

    SADPS | Roleplay | XB1

    WELCOME TO SAN ANDREAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY RECRUITMENTABOUT US: Let me first thank you for taking the time and interest in checking out our thread. We here at San Andreas Department of Public Safety, or SADPS for short, are a new and growing RP community. Started by seasoned GTA V role-players, SADPS strives to provide an excellent and immersive role-playing experience to its members. We are strictly on Xbox One and hope to attract and provide a large community with quality RP sessions. We are looking to grow our community, and to do that we need great players such as yourself. What we completely offer is listed below: GTA V "Life" Role-Play Sessions Law Enforcement v/ Criminal Scenarios Money Making GTA Sessions Other Xbox Multiplayer Games THE COMMUNITY SADPS has its very own economy. Meaning, there are jobs available that a player can work in RP to earn a wage and increase their net worth, buy property, or items from our in-RP store that your character can use in the session. Whatever you choose to do, being from an honest working citizen, a criminal or a Police Officer, your decisions affect your character as they would in real life. CIVILIANS: Can choose to work a job, buy re estate, start a business or even embark on a career in crime. LAW ENFORCEMENT: You choose to stand for justice, to protect and serve, to uphold the law. You will receive training for one of our many departments, patrol, conduct traffic stops, arrests, serve warrants and keep the State of San Andreas Safe. We also offer the role of DISPATCH. FIRE/EMS: You choose to serve the community and protect its citizens from the harms of natural disasters and provide medical aid to those in need. You work closely with Law Enforcement and the citizens of San Andreas. HOW DO I APPLY/REQUIREMENTS Although we wish to see as many people as possible join our community, we do have a few, minor requirements: Be at minimum 15 years of age. Be respectful. Have GTA V on Xbox One. Have Discord, and be able to use its talk feature. Speak good English. If you meet these few requirements then please drop by our discord and give us a shout, and once again, thank you for your time and interest in SAPS. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/JmVNS4N Should the link not work please leave a message here or message me on Xbox @ double 0h lemon (the 0 is a zero)
  17. As the title suggests... I'm looking for something a little different. NO I'm not looking for a crew to grind with (I have that). NO I'm not looking for friends to kill other people. NO I'm not looking for heist players or anything like that. I want some mates who are interested in doing random crap with, fun stuff that not many people on GTA do. You could call it RP if you like... but most RP servers have too many rules, a lot which involve sticking to 1 character & you aren't allowed to have multiple cars, or you're kicked... which is stupid. But that's neither here nor there... If you're wondering what random stuff I mean.. I'm talking about things like: Hill Climbing with Sandkings, BMX riding, Base Jumping, Drifting... things like that. They will most likely take place in invite only sessions, unless we can get into an RP server where they will allow it. But public servers are just asking to get killed.. something I don't want to deal with! The more people who are interested the better... so not limited to just a few people, so if you are interested... please message me!! GT: JonG 1508 I currently like in Australia, Timezone - AEDT (UTC +11) I play any time of the day as my work is always changing, so message me where-ever you are in the world and we can get started... happy to start a group or discord if people want but for now it's just me! GT: JonG 1508
  18. epicrelativity2014

    Looking for active crew

    Looking for a semi serious crew to spend a couple of hours most evenings, running contact missions and heists. I'm a slick driver, smart in combat and have helicopter controls down tight. Always have a mic, just want some other guys or gals to enjoy the game with. A certain level of maturity and respect within the crew would be nice, but still absolutely up for the laugh. Based in Ireland (GMT -6), In my early 20s. Xbox One. Thanks guys
  19. D.P. Enterprises "Legitimate Investment" D.P. Enterprises is a CEO/VIP crew for GTAOnline on XBOX ONE. FREE Aim only Strictly Aged 18+ NOW HIRING!!! Are you driven by money? Have a track record of finding opportunity in all avenues, no matter how illegitimate? We might have a place for you! Message our CEO (Gamertag: H4TTA)now for more information on the following opportunities: Security Responsibility for the protection of the crew, ready for combat at all times. Associate Looking for every opportunity for the crew to make money, leading cargo missions at every opporunity Secretary A vital role in the crew, the Secretary will be responsible for the organisation of the crew. They will actively contact other crews to discuss opportunities & meets, record notes for the weekly crew meeting, monitor intern progress and inform the CEO directly. Driver A highly skilled driver will have access to all of the DP Enterprises fleet, transporting the crew where they need to be, or need to get away from fast. All applicants will be monitored for a one month intern period until fully employment is gained. Under this period, following the DP Enterprises core rules is mandatory, including: Do not engage other crews unless provoked Attend the weekly crew meeting No explosives Business Attire (Fitted suit with business shirt or turtleneck) All vehicles must be cleared by CEO for quality control Dedication to realism (car specs, attire, roleplay aspect) Interested? Message GT: H4TTA now!!
  20. D.P. Enterprises "Legitimate Investment" D.P. Enterprises is a CEO/VIP crew for GTAOnline on XBOX ONE. FREE Aim only Strictly Aged 18+ NOW HIRING!!! Are you driven by money? Have a track record of finding opportunity in all avenues, no matter how illegitimate? We might have a place for you! Message our CEO (Gamertag: H4TTA)now for more information on the following opportunities: Security Responsibility for the protection of the crew, ready for combat at all times. Associate Looking for every opportunity for the crew to make money, leading cargo missions at every opporunity Secretary A vital role in the crew, the Secretary will be responsible for the organisation of the crew. They will actively contact other crews to discuss opportunities & meets, record notes for the weekly crew meeting, monitor intern progress and inform the CEO directly. Driver A highly skilled driver will have access to all of the DP Enterprises fleet, transporting the crew where they need to be, or need to get away from fast. All applicants will be monitored for a one month intern period until fully employment is gained. Under this period, following the DP Enterprises core rules is mandatory, including: Do not engage other crews unless provoked Attend the weekly crew meeting No explosives Business Attire (Fitted suit with business shirt or turtleneck) All vehicles must be cleared by CEO for quality control Dedication to realism (car specs, attire, roleplay aspect) Interested? Message GT: H4TTA now!! Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dp_enterprises_ls Instagram: dpenterprises
  21. DisparateMc55

    Rescuegaming1 Official Recruitment

    We are Rscuegaming1. We are an Xbox One Roleplay clan for Grand Theft Auto 5. In our clan, you can be a civilian with a job, or you can join our emergency services. We roleplay in free roam since were a life RP group and we communicate on Discord. We hope you consider to join! Recruitment Form-https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfz5RVSwYJ2cDI8hg9VsKAVUBFcr7NXZuZh_fPVKyN_0UnM2g/viewform\ Our Website- https://sites.google.com/view/rescuegaming1official My Email- [email protected]
  22. WELCOME TO ARROW CORPORATION https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/arrow_corporation To join, you'll need to meet a few requirements in order for your application to be accepted or even considered. REQUIREMENTS At least 14 Level 35+ Working copy of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One Working Microphone to talk to us Discord (for information about upcoming events). 125k to spend on the outfit. OUR RULES OF ENGAGEMENT ASEC Units are expected to responsibly act with and against other forces online. Our ROE is very simple and works in most scenarios: Do not fire unless fired upon. However, to go more in depth: When dealing with an ALLY- Do not fire or threaten allies in any way, and if fired upon, do not return fire. You are required to record any incidents via Xbox DVR, preferably including the past (5 minutes). When dealing with an UNKNOWN FORCE- Do not fire at unknown forces at any time, if fired upon, return fire, and shoot to kill if necessary. When dealing with a KNOWN ENEMY- Request permission to fire, and if granted, engage enemy with extreme prejudice. ASEC Fireteam Leaders determine whether a force falls in one of the 3 categories, and may update whether that changes. Enlisted units are required to ask officers if unsure about the state of a force. Who Are We? - ASEC is a Military Crew in the online world of Grand Theft Auto that strives to be the best in its field. We are a freeaim crew and use skill and courage as a way to beat our enemy to their knees! We, as a crew can give you: Protection Money Joyful Experiences A dedicated team ready to what must be done! ​ASEC has a dedicated leader called ASEC Zero, he is our VIP and protect him whatever the cost is. Zero is a daring and fearless leader, he will head straight into the action with strategies and tactics to execute the mission correctly. OUR CREW RANKING SYSTEM! VICTORIA BATTALION Private Private First Class Specialist Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant First Class First Sergeant Command Sergeant Major Victoria Battalion Officers: Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Commander General CAELUS SQUADRON Airman Basic Airman Airman 1st Class Senior Airman Staff Sergeant Technical Sergeant Master Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant Command Chief Master Sergeant Caelus Squadron Officers: Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Commodore General APPLY HERE: https://www.arrowsec.org/ Interested in joining our fight? Join our discord server and follow the instructions set in #landing-zone! http://discord.gg/SXErnAA Thank you for reading, Command Chief Master Sergeant of Caelus Squadron! ~ASEC Bacon
  23. Looking for one more player to join a crew to try and complete the criminal masterminds challenge, as well as all in order and loyalty on the original heists. 2 players are experienced in GTA (level 217 and 50(only got Xbox this year. But previously had PS4 and was level 210)) and one is a friend who is new to the game, but we are guiding him so he knows what to do (we're mainly trying to do this to get him money, as well as ourselves.) Must have a mic, be on GMT timezone and know what you're doing. Our friend who is new is a fairly low level at the moment, but were grinding out missions to right now to get him cash and RP to be ready (if you want, feel free to help with that too and get some extra money in the process) Message one of us on Xbox if you're interested: xDeathCreationx, Shellhecd, mrmegatrickster
  24. Brothers Of Mayhem MC, recognized by Rockstar Games as one of the top MC's in the Grand Theft Auto Community is looking for Hangarounds! If you think you have what it takes to earn your three skulls head over to our website and apply today! Recruiting primarily for Xbox one. https://brothersofmayhemgta.wixsite.com/bmmc/join-us Patch crew - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/brothersofmayhemwmc Prospects: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/brothersofmayhempros Hangarounds: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bmmc_hangaround
  25. Don_L_Bianchi

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting!

    Tired of playing alone? Looking for an active, strict, organised and well maintained crew? Well The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting now!!! We are a strict GTA roleplay mafia that is established on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4!!!! We have been around since March 24th 2016 so you can count on us to stick around. Our crew is very strict and requires commitment but do you think you'll make it through? If interested message either Don_L_Bianchi_ on PlayStation or Mr L Bianchi on Xbox.
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