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Found 560 results

  1. Phatgordo13

    The GTAForums Official Crew

    Leader: Phatgordo13 Commissioners: Queen, Supernutz40, Sweetsaprik Lieutenants: Ciaran, DJS2k8, GFen, Kyle17, Lokalboy808, Ronzilla, Sandman2020, TCFanatic, Yung Live We are currently accepting applications from GTAForum members exclusively. In order to apply please request an invite at our Social Club Page (provided in the link below). Then, to verify your identity, make a post within our recruitment thread (provided in the link below) including your Social Club name. Recruitment Topic Link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/592131-gtaforums-official-social-club-crew/ Social Club Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gtaforums Policy and procedure is to be interpreted by all members under the GTAF Crew banner. Policy, as outlined by bold font, are to be considered and treated as the basic rules which dictate crew members' expected behavior. Procedure, as outlined by indented bullet points is the precedent in which rules are interpreted at administrations discretion. Do not kill crew members.All incidents of crew killings are to be reported to commissioners or leader within a reasonable time frame from the incident at members discretion if deemed necessary by involved party. It is the sole responsibility of initiating party to inform those involved of accidental killing. Accidental killing without reconciliation may be deemed as intentional in report at administration's discretion. GTAF Crew members are able to actively participant in as many other crews as they wish, as long as one action does not create conflict of interest with GTAF Crew. GTAF Policy & Procedure applies to members within GTAF Crew with or without GTAF tag actively applied. Discipline, removal, evaluation of reports, revisions to policy, interpretation of policy are to be carried out by the administration with or without warning at their explicit discretion. Any incident which a member deems necessary will be reported to leader and/or commissioners via private message within a reasonable time frame from the incident at members discretion. Promotions will be handed out based on performance and activity by a majority vote among commissioners. GTAF members are to be considered/assumed friendly to all other GTAF members unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon verbally or in written form.In all free-roam competitive modes, any GTAF member who kills another GTAF member, no matter the circumstances, is to be considered in direct violation of GTAF Crew Policy and Procedure and subject to disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the administration.
  2. Kirsty

    Xbox Car Meets

    Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: Gamertag:
  3. ChaseWR48

    Xbox One DOJ RP

    We are a role-play community that is similar to Polecat324's DOJ, but on Xbox One. We role-play mostly on the week ends, but sometimes on weekday evenings. We have 6 different departments, the Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, San Andreas Highway Patrol, Paleto Bay Police Department, Los Santos Fire Department, Communications, and Civilian. To join you must be 15 years old or older, then join our Discord channel and then put an application in for the department you want to join. We prefer you to have a computer, but you need to have access to Discord, Zello, and our CAD/MDT. Also, you must have a working microphone. If you are wanting to be in the communications department you don't need an Xbox, but you must have a computer. We don't have Mods. Add me on Discord: ChaseWR48#8835 Visit our website: https://xb1doj.bubbleapps.io/ Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/MzZc75p
  4. FastFuriousCruisers was created to celebrate and bring together "The Fast And Furious" Franchise Fans, and genuine Car Enthusiasts from around the World together via GTA Car Meets. The organization began purely based on the "Fast And Furious" Franchise, however we now Host a variety of Themed Meets. My goal for "FastFuriousCruisers" is to create an organization where people of all ages from around the World can chill, appreciate the scene, respect one another and most importantly have a good time within a friendly environment. If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of look no further! Join the Crew, and enjoy the ride! FFCS LOBBY RULES BASIC RULES - TO BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES REALISTIC DRIVING & MOVEMENTS AT ALL TIMES FOLLOW & LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS BY HOST & MODERATORS AT ALL TIMES NO WEAPONS TO BE DRAWN! (KILLING WILL RESULT IN AN INSTANT BAN) "STANCING" IS THE ONLY TIME A GUN MAYBE USED! "STANCE" AWAY FROM ALL PLAYERS LEAVE GOOD SPACE BETWEEN YOU & THE CAR YOUR FOLLOWING AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS HIT THE GAS TO NUDGE FORWARD EVERY NOW & THEN TO AVOID SPOOKING "A.I's IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MIC MAKE SURE YOUR CHAT IS SET TO "GAME CHAT" TO HEAR US ​ HOW TO JOIN A: Join FastFuriousCruisers Crew (Make sure your GT is visible in R* settings) B: Online - Crews - My Crews - FastFuriousCruisers - View Members - ChrissyBoi87 - Join Game C: If the above don't work for you go to my Xbox Profile: ChrissyBoi87 and Join Game FastFuriousCruisers Xbox Club - Now Available To Join! Just Search - FastFuriousCruisers Car Meet Organization (ABSOLUTELY NO ONE EXCEPT THE CREW LEADER & MODERATOR IS TO HOST A FFCS MEET) FastFuriousCruisers Team Founder / Host & Crew Leader - ChrissyBoi87 Moderator - SkittleTwist Moderator - VGNLesbianGoose Moderator - CrispyTheBiker Moderator - Ayrforce 245
  5. GrudgefromSanAndreas

    The Wicked

    The Wicked Ciao a tutti GTAFrutti! This is not your typical member group. In fact, it is very unique or at least i hope so πŸ˜€ It is about my game concepts/projects that i might realise at some point in the future, especially after i finish college. This is a place where all possible future developers and all other those who are interested in my projects/concepts gather and discuss them here and/or just apply to become a co-developer or contributor by posting e.g. "I'd like to work with you" or "I wanna join" and if i like your post, you'll become a member of my group, i'll send you a Discord link to PM and add you to the Members List You'll need artistic, programming and other skills if you want to co-develop and contribute, any level, from beginner to expert. BTW ideas and suggestions also count as contribution ofc so ideas are totally welcome and ofc no skills for ideas needed 😝 I created a Discord server which is officially open and maybe i'll make a wiki. These are the concepts/projects i might realize: Wicked Terror Facilities – will have its dedicated website at some point so stay tuned and please be patient and civilised πŸ˜ƒ GSM Device City – shares many elements with GTA2, it's a top-down, open world game where you drive and steal mobile phones. This game project will be the main focus for now Legit Piracy (uncertain) – a possible action-adventure and/or RPG and/or real-time strategy game where you have various diverse pirate crews. Most crews would be based on various subcultures and art movements and eras, like Anarcho-Punk, Metalhead and Symbolist Pirates, but also those nationalist ones, like Somali and Classic Egyptian Pirates Speed of Luxury (uncertain) – basically a NFS Underground clone in which only cars are customizable luxury cars, especially those who didn't appear in any car tuning/pimping game so far, whether as part of the game or mod, e.g. i can't think of any game that features a tunable Continental Mark II, maybe it would be an awful idea to pimp that beauty but why not add turbo/nitro? Also, even if Rolls-Royce and Maybach were featured in some games they'll be included aswell Current Team: Leader GrudgefromSanAndreas Members Jeansowaty MrFinger Yinepi Sanmodder/Sanmoding * yes we start small * To join the group you need to be interested in and/or have played and/or be fans of: following games: TV series, movies, literature, comics etc: Others: Also you should/can stick/hang around to this thread and post comments, suggestions, questions and anything related to this, but only chosen members will get a Discord invite link in their PM πŸ˜€ This is still to be updated so stay tuned... You don't really need to be interested in all those things, one or several is enough to support my p/c The latter two uncertain p/c can also be discussed, and i'd even make them copylefted. In other words some devs may draw inspiration from my uncertain p/c as long as they don't ruin it I could also use another moderator who could help me with monitoring when i'm not able to and cleaning up the mess if it happens too much and often and i hope things don't get out of control IMPORTANT (UPDATE): WTF and GSMDC wont be discussed on this topic but instead in the Discord channel
  6. If you are interested to join and live your life in complete luxury while having an entire mob by your side then this crew is for you, we want everyone from all platforms, we are between 2000 - 3000 ranked in the world and there's only like 6 of us so imagine 50 or 100. The only rule i have is, Please have a 1 kd or above and when you request a invite have your stats set to be seen by everyone Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thevlaskocrew
  7. As the title suggests, I'm looking for a decent Roleplay community. I'm experienced in Roleplay, and love to do it often, unfortunately I'm on xbox which a lot of Roleplay communities aren't on. I generally play a CIV, as I've become quite good at creating scenerio's that make it fun for everyone. I'd like it if the Roleplay usually commences anywhere between 6pm (AEST) & 2am (AEST) but I'm easy to play other times! Let me know if you are a part of, or know a Roleplay community I can join. I take Roleplay seriously, so griefing defiantly won't be an issues GT: JonG 1508

    Community gaming!

    New Gamer Community to join! https://discord.gg/WQen2ZS Join up!
  9. KingAirMax

    18+ Mature MC

    Welcome Welcome to Demented Demons MC. A true Brotherhood, an original MC. We make our own rules, we have respect and loyalty to all members in this club. If you cannot follow our by-laws, then this club is not for you. We have weekly church that runs on every Saturday usually around 6:00 UK Time Zone. We also all play in "free aim" on Xbox One. If you respect us, we respect you. We never back down or leave a member behind. We are like a family, we have fun together and always have trust in each other. Prospecting PROSPECTS are prospective members of the club who are yet to earn their patch. Prospects are expected to do what they are told, follow club bylaws and wear prospect attire. They have to prove their loyalty to the club. Prospects have no voting rights. Prospects are allowed to wear any leather or denim cuts and jackets except worn out ones and the ones with patches on front. Prospects always have to wear their prospect patch on the back and ride on cruiser/chopper motorcycle at all times. Exceptions are vehicles that are forced by game during jobs and heists. Prospect period is minimum of 1 week and maximum of 2 weeks. If in that time candidate doesn't prove that he is worth of a patch you will be removed. Club By Laws (PROSPECTS) ⦁ Follow the lead and example of Patched Members. ⦁ Wear your Prospect Attire at all times. ⦁ Everyone must ride on motorcycles in public sessions. Exceptions are free roam activities or missions. ⦁ Prospects ALWAYS ride behind patched members. ⦁ This is your active crew, and your only MC. No tolerance for crew hopping and repping other crews. ⦁ Never enter passive mode. ⦁ Your Social Club profile have to be set as public. ⦁ No crew killing (except in those circumstances when it's clearly agreed). ⦁ Always check session for presence of other MCs and avoid attacking other MC members. We are generally friendly with other MCs, so do not shoot at anyone on a cruiser or wearing a patch. If someone from our friendly list shoots at you, explain to them that our clubs are friendly toward each other, and let a higher up know. ⦁ No trash-talking or patch-pics (no photos of dead MC members, especially patches of real-life MCs). ⦁ Don’t talk to patched members of other MCs without being requested first ⦁ Never use helicopters, planes and fighter jets for a quick transport ⦁ Don’t shoot flares, fireworks and other explosives without permission from your officer. ⦁ Don’t be late on crew rides ⦁ Violation of these rules results in delaying prospect’s patch-in for 1 more week and more serious violations may result in immediate kick from the crew Motorcycles Western Daemon is chopper style motorcycle, quite fast and handles well. Western Sovereign is a cruiser motorcycle available only on 4th of July as a part of Independence Day Special update. LCC Innovation is a chopper produced by Liberty City Cycles added as part of The Last Team Standing update. Western Gargoyle is a rally-converted hillclimber motorcycle added as part of the Cunning Stunts update. Western Bobber is a bobber version of Western Zombie motorcycle added as a part of the Bikers update. Western Chopper is a chopper version of Western Zombie motorcycle added as a part of the Bikers update. Western Wolfsbane is a chopper style motorcycle added as a part of the Bikers update. Western Rat Bike is a rusty version of wolfsbane motorcycle, added as a part of the Bikers update. Western Nightblade is a muscle bike added as a part of the Bikers update. LCC Avarus is a chopper motorcycle produced by Liberty City Cycles added as a part of the Bikers update. Club Structure PRESIDENT Leader of the Chapter. Club figurehead and spokesman when dealing with other gangs, media or police. Prez is chairman at club meetings and represent club. Always in conjunction with other officers. VICE-PRESIDENT Second in command. Acting President when the Prez is not around. Head of diplomacy. PROSPECT/OPERATIONS OFFICER Prospect Manager is responsible for recruiting prospects, and introducing them to the club life also editing and updating the recruiting websites and getting the MC word out there. He also evaluate's which prospects are ready to become full patches. SERGEANT AT ARMS Responsible for the security of the club and other combat duties. The Sgt. At Arms nominates Patched Members to the Enforcer positions at Church and is responsible for assembling a "Wrecking Crew" to ensure the safety of the President and Vice President at meets and functions. SECRETARY The secretary is responsible for the clubs paperwork. Keeps records of significant events and keeps members informed of upcoming events. TREASURER Treasurer is club money-man and he’s in charge of collecting club fees, run funds and paying the bills. The treasurer is responsible for helping members to earn money by organizing heists, jobs and various businesses ENFORCERS- Head Enforcer Club security, Protects The President and other members. Takes care of business. Makes sure the Bylaws and Dress Code are being followed. ROAD CAPTAINS In charge of logistics during a club run. Plans the route and organizes refuelling stops. The Road Captain rides at the front and leads the pack with the president. Hosts rides, playlists and other activities. PATCHED MEMBERS Members of the club who have earned the right to wear full patch of the club. They take part in the running of the club and attend the clubs weekly church meetings. PROSPECTS Prospective members of the club who are yet to earn their patch. Prospects are expected to do what they are told, follow club bylaws and wear prospect attire. They have to prove their loyalty to the club. Prospects have no voting rights. Club By Laws Follow the lead and example of higher ups. Always wear your leather jacket and patch when in Public Lobbies or on official Club business. Members are obligated to ride only on Motorcycles in public sessions. Exceptions are free roam activities and missions. No crew killing (except in those circumstances when it's clearly agreed). Always check session for presence of other MCs and avoid attacking other MC members. We are generally friendly with all other MCs, so do not shoot at anyone on a motorcycle or wearing a kutte. If someone from our friendly list shoots at you, explain to them that our clubs are friendly toward each other, and let a higher up know. Your Social Club profile have to be set as public. No trash-talking or patch-pics (photos of dead MC members, especially patches of real-life MCs). This is your active crew, and your only MC. No tolerance for crew hopping and repping other crews. Never enter passive mode. Weapon Clause Members of motorcycle club are only allowed to use specific set of weapons during the combat. These weapons include: All assault rifles Shotguns except assault shotgun, bullpup shotgun and heavy shotgun All SMGs All handguns All melee weapons Sniper rifles except marksman rifle are only allowed to use against random non-MC attackers MGs only against random attackers During the fight against other MC members strictly stick to using assault rifles or lesser weapons. Heavy weapons and explosives are generally not allowed to use during the combat. These include RPG, homing missile, grenade launcher, minigun, C4, proximity mine and grenades. Members are not allowed to use these weapons even against motorcycles or personal vehicles. The only exceptions are armored and military vehicles which can be destroyed using explosives. However, minigun is not allowed to use under any circumstances and those who own an office are obliged to remove it from a weapon wheel. Pulling out minigun or using it during fight will result in disciplinary action. The only vehicles allowed to use for combat are motorcycles. Members are not allowed to kill enemies by running them over with a car or drive-by kills in cars. Using mounted weapon on car of non-MC or MC friends is also forbidden. Church We regularly meet in the MC Clubhouse to discuss important club related things. During the church we also hold votes, we decide which prospect is ready to be patched in, and we report the progress with club tasks. Only patched members can attend the church while prospects are guarding the entrance of the clubhouse. (6:00 UK Time Zone) Links Full Patch https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/demented_demons_mc Prospect Patch https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/0404_prospects Hangaround Patch https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/syl_44 Gamertags Itz Baggzy - King AirMax OG
  10. Do you have any cool GTA vids lying around? Whether's it's game clips on your hard drive or on your xbox live account. Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508 Calling ALL gamers (Xbox 360, Xbox1, PS3, PS4, PC) Any video's could include: An awesome car trick, an really hard sniper shot, motorcycle backflip.. or just some weird ass glitch that happened in GTA and something cool happened. Or if you just happened to find something really funny in game and clipped it. I WANT ALL THESE.... I am making a compilation video of only the coolest videos & putting them on Youtube (and no.. you just coming out of passive mode to blow someone up does NOT equal cool) You can either send me your clips. Or send a link to the clip (dropbox, drive or onedrive is fine. If sending me a link, make sure I'm able to download it so I can put it in the compilation (Along with your gamertag, PSN or any other username) Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508 Aiming to get a 10 - 15 minute video out weekly or fortnightly, so get sending. Again I'm after ANYTHING that seems cool or funny... I'll throw it in the compilation and it'll get put on Youtube!! Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508
  11. ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ We are Emergency Roleplay Community, otherwise known as β€œSADPS”. We have many departments for people to join (listed below). We are looking for many members that are able to dedicate their time and effort to our server! We are a server that loves to roleplay and loves to strive and get as many new role-players’ as possible! We are Age-friendly so anyone is welcome. We have a very friendly staff! Please Come Check us Out! ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Discord: https://discord.gg/GdRvbB Civilians should register under the CAD system for better RP! Our Departments: Los Santos Police Department SAHP (STATE TROPPER) PALETO BAY POLICE DEPARTMENT Sandy Shores Police DEPARTMENT Blaine County Sheriff's Office Communications EMS/Fire (SAFD) Civilian Server Features: A Fun community to be in! Very Nice Fire Dept. Rigs! Legit and fun roleplay is our number one priority. We love to hear feedback from our users. We take pride in our staff team as they professionalism and will deal with any problem that comes. Real life LEO’s/FIREMEN/EMT’s in the community, who are always willing to help and teach you how you can RP better, or just help with any general questions! Age-Friendly Mature Directors Experienced Staff Hiring For all Dept. (High Ranks Open!) Many Sub-Division’s to choose from! ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Coming Soon: Some we already have Whitelist once enough members cad system! Why join our departments? SASP = Very Experienced Commissioner / High Ranks open! BSCO = Experienced Sheriff LSPD = High Ranks and More! SAFD = IRL Deputy Fire Chief as Commissioner / Very Nice Fire Dept. Rigs (Pic Below) Civilian = Looking for great RP as civilians (Remember to do /dsciv) ═════════════════════════════════know════════════════════════════════ Requirements: Must Know how to RP! Must-Have Discord Must be in Discord when RP as LEO! To join LEO you must have some experience! ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Social Club link :https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/san_andreas_departme
  12. HunterGatherer

    PublicParkingEnt. CarShows

    Welcome and look no further. You have just found The Public Parking Entertainment. A community built from the ground up of a diverse group of players who enjoy kicking back, socializing, and meeting up to show off their cars at small events hosted by the founders and members of the PPE community. If you are the casual player that enjoys parking up, cruising, or gaming realistically, maybe you like to be the passenger and photograph the happening or record the events while showing off your ride. Regardless of which you have found a growing community that has smaller groups within so continue to scroll down and get a glimpse of what PPE ls about. We have a YouTube Channel and will often have videos made by members of PPE. If you have a video made from one of our car shows dont hesitate to post it on the thread. We also have a playlist for our members that we would be happy to fill with PPE carshow content so let us know. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMPATP4khPljz_xiglH0OIg How to get in? Join Public Parking Entertainment Add/Fav Vincent CvC or other active hosting members (Fav to see when he appears online for a car-show) Set your socialclub privacy to crew&friends (so you dont get kicked by accident) Turn on crew update phone notifications (In Game under settings/notifications) Check this thread or look out for an in-game crew message with car-show details! if you have a friend who may be interested Let the PPE know so they can join in on the entertainment Always be prepared and know what you're getting yourself involved with ​take 5minutes and READ the RULES!!! ​Click the link below >>>The System<<< ​We will know if you don't because you will stand out The Founders Vincent CvC TimeBombXCVI BiggieDeaf Tano EL Chubito Now continue scrolling to get a better perspective about Public Parking Ent.
  13. GT: JonG 1508 As the title reads…. I want to create a community event, similar to The Purge movies Some Basic Rules Do Not Kill People At The Dealership This is a safe zone, you can AFK here. Do NOT Kill People In The Hospitals Another safe zone, allow people to get at least a block away before trying to kill them. This also means no camping outside the hospitals. No Unrealistic Weapons This means no rocket launchers, no miniguns, ONLY pistols, AK47’s, etc. No Unrealistic Cars No Tanks, No Airplanes, etc. Turn Your Map OFF This is so you don’t know where other players are, you could essentially pretend to be AI and it’s a way to be hidden. If you have your map on, it will be obvious and you will be voted to be kicked. Also, having your map off is super fun, and very exciting not knowing what lurkes around the corner We will start The Purge off in the city, but if enough people join we will eventually make it statewide. Having a mic on is not essential, but preferred. I will set up a Discord channel that will help everyone with the minimal rules, as well as an in-game chat. The rules are only set in place to make everyone have fun, and not make it just another GTAV server. The rules are pretty simple, summed up.. don’t kill people in safe zones, and don’t be unrealistic. If you wish to use planes, rocket launchers, etc… simply join another GTAV server and ruin everyones fun there. This is basically a roleplay server, but with Purge rules. This means, if a purge happened in real life, you would rob stores, kill people, but you wouldn’t somehow acquire a tank. Lastly, be creative,… sure it’s fun to kill people, but it’s even better to pretend to be on someone’s side, rob some stores together, and then take them to an abandon warehouse and murder them… as an example. Freaky costumes, and scary masks are encouraged!! Moderators Will Be In-Game to ensure People Don't Just Grief.. This is meant to be a fun event! Have fun…. message me if you want to join in!! GT: JonG 1508
  14. Daemian

    Merryweather Security

    We are a Private Military Company (PMC) located in Los Santos state area . We're recognized for working as a team and helping our operatives in one of the best PMC's available on all platforms [XB1/PS4/PS3/X360/PC] This thread is created for communication purposes with our operatives, interested players and related crews. Looking to be part of Merryweather Security ? Head over to our recruitment thread and fill up an application or contact us via Social Club. These are some of the services and activities we offer for our operatives: Armed security services Military training and tactics Bodyguard services Mission and Heist support Reinforcements in the battlefield Crew events and more Due to some problems with the implementation of this idea we decided to avoid divisions in Merryweather, they were setting apart our operatives. If you like, you can specialize in a any division such as Infantry, Air Force, Support or your favorite role within MWSC. We encourage our operatives to wear proper uniform at any time a fellow Merryweather member is present and on official crew events. Due of our large community, we can't assign a specific uniform or vehicle for our operatives but our operatives can use any of the official Merryweather vehicles and uniforms. Vehicles: Merryweather Official Vehicles HVY Insurgent HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Merryweather Canis Mesa Uniforms: We don't assign a specific uniform for all our operatives but here are some examples, show us your creativity. Working on more video content at the moment If you want more information about our crew, uniforms, vehicles or play style please send a PM, reply to this thread or contact any of our commissioners or LT's on Social Club. Merryweather, the private military company you can trust !
  15. Hey GTA FORUMs Owner of the CrewRicHGanGThe new GTA 5 Crew here just posting to let you guys know about the current takeover happening on Xbox One but available to all platforms should you want a division. Our Crew is devoted to making sure sales and resupplies of anyone within our crew are safe, fast and efficient. Its all about the rich gang lifestyle. Stunnaman said it best in the song Givenchy "That Rich Gang lifestyle Marble floors, gold toilets and chandeliersBig money nigga take the jet L.A. hit the bity boolin’ in the bondo With a few bitches and they go to trippin' Drankin’ that GTV, that tequila Smokin’ them stunna blunts (them big dawgs) Nigga we neva hungover Poppin’ bigger numbers with my niggas, straight B's only Shout out to my love, my blood, my team My gang, my family, and nigga ya know what we bleed (You know what we bleed) 404, 305, 504 What’s poppin’, nigga? B-house of dank, put it in the air This that YSL, Rich Gang, RHQ, YMCMB sh*t Big B’s with a few C’s, PeeWee, what’s poppin’, nigga? Bankroll mafia; Hot Beezle, what’s brackin’, nigga? The pussy outta line, the pussy get they head bust, ya dig? B-Loc and Bentley, y’all know the business It’s B Slime or G5, rest in peace Tamara and Miss Gladys, boy (Rich Gang, Rich Gang)" and if you don't understand any of that know this. We help you if you help us. If they have the red circle in game, they bleed the same. Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and nothing less. We are just looking for anyone that can relate to it. One final quote from our celebrity representatives, "WE TAKING OVER, ONE CITY AT A TIME" so join the movement before its too late, Only 40 members currently but it already gets crazy so open enrollment may not last... Sincerely, RichGang Owner/Founder CEOJEFEClick here to join (Social Club) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/r1ch_g3ng
  16. HDDeveloper


    Hey, Looking for a crew? I am sure MRCA/MRCX will be the best for you! With MRCA being the chill messaround with its tryhard counterpart, MRCX. MRCX is full of tryhards who fight for the win with anything legal. Wether it be passive popping, or rapid EWO(Easy way out), Whatever floats your boat. Xbox One crew Looking to join? Message lI zCarbon Il on XBOX or xypint_gaming on Instagram. We do 100$ prize events monthly and every week we do LTMs as a group. We have 13+ active members excluding friends and allies. In total we have 56 members in our chat and we would love to grow that number! So pull up and join MRCA! We are the dirtiest of the dirtiest. MRCX is the most elite! Only the best of the best can join. MRCA has no tryouts or requirements, just preform good against me, the leader, and you got yourself a spot. Dont be afraid to join!
  17. steve dogg 51

    The " Off-Road All-Stars " [STAR]

    RockStars Social club link https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/off-road_all-stars Founded in November 2014, the Off-Road All-Stars are a vibrant society of XBOX, PC now PS4 off-road enthusiasts who love nothing more than scaling the treacherous terrain of Los Santos & Blaine County with their fellow rock-crawlers at their side. Renowned for their skillful expertise on the dirt & an online community unlike any other, the All-Stars continue to rise to staggering heights and won't stop 'til every inch of terrain has been explored and conquered: 'impossible' just isn't a part of our vocabulary The Off-Road All-Stars welcome anyone of any skill level. Whether you're looking to hone your skills, challenge them or simply see if it's something you might enjoy, the All-Stars will take you along with them and show you a way of travelling Los Santos and Blaine County that you'll never forget. Alongside planned meets are our ever-popular impromptu meets, bringing together an array of whichever members are online to dive, crawl, leap and bound over the plains of the map - and have a laugh, of course. We're never short on humour and good-natured banter, so if it's fun you're looking for? You're 100% in the right place. The Off-Road All-Stars are the best of the best when it comes to not only off-roading but atmosphere and team spirit too. You'll never find another crew quite like us, and that's an All-Star guarantee! All-Stars Feature Having been featured by Rockstar twice in past months [http://www.rockstarg...ars-cycle-cycos & http://www.rockstarg...-road-all-stars] we've had an influx of brilliant new members and have constantly been working to cut numbers down to those who are truly willing to be active in our amazing community; cutting ourselves from 1,000 members to 600+ was a big step to take, but now we've cleared the board for a new round of members and we're looking straight at YOU! We were originally forged as a group on the GTA FORUMS, active weekly in the lobby and meet up section. The founders lvl phoenix (the sanchez experience meets) and steve dogg 51 (Around Los Santos Meets) , along with other notable hosts, expanded the group and stepped forward introducing a full on website below including forum, Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch. While still active the ability to attract new members while hanging out on our own personal sites has been difficult. And hence i'm looking at starting things off fresh on the gta forums and keeping an ever present, presence here ! In April this year, Phoenix the All-Stars Leading Lady, stepped down from here position as leader, as Real Life responsibility called. And her time available to devote to the ALL-Stars became less. I look forward to handing the reigns back to Phoenix on her return. The Off-Road All-Stars CREW EZINE Click the image Above to FIND OUT SO MUCH MORE ! The New Chapter So as we embark on a new chapter of the All-Stars, with myself Steve Dogg 51 as the leader, i'm looking to take things back to were it started, here at Home on the Gta Forums. As i Search for New All-Stars to come join the current group who remains. Im looking for members to become active in the Meets and activity's and particularly new Hosts (and old), writers, photographers, twitchers, youtubers and creators. what ever you outlet or talent there's a home here for you. We actively encourage and support new hosts, so if you have an idea for a meet, we will help support it and advertise it. If you enjoy writing, we are always looking for honest feedback on the meets along with video and pictures of the action. A message to Other Crew's At the All-Stars were about playing the game and having fun, were a passive crew but we like competition in friendly enviroment. I will also be looking at forming new links with existing crew's, sharing meets setting up friendly competitions and just hanging out. if your part of a crew or its leader give me a shout We already have strong and close links with Malicious Intent, Junk and Cloud 9 and there members. Many of us are members of these crews and others, as the GTA gets older peoples tastes and even change and we don't expect exclusivity from our members. Thanks for your time guys & girls feel free to post away and remember There ain't no mountain High Enough !
  18. WELCOME TO ARROW CORPORATION https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/arrow_corporation To join, you'll need to meet a few requirements in order for your application to be accepted or even considered. REQUIREMENTS At least 14 Level 35+ Working copy of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One Working Microphone to talk to us Discord (for information about upcoming events). 125k to spend on the outfit. OUR RULES OF ENGAGEMENT ASEC Units are expected to responsibly act with and against other forces online. Our ROE is very simple and works in most scenarios: Do not fire unless fired upon. However, to go more in depth: When dealing with an ALLY- Do not fire or threaten allies in any way, and if fired upon, do not return fire. You are required to record any incidents via Xbox DVR, preferably including the past (5 minutes). When dealing with an UNKNOWN FORCE- Do not fire at unknown forces at any time, if fired upon, return fire, and shoot to kill if necessary. When dealing with a KNOWN ENEMY- Request permission to fire, and if granted, engage enemy with extreme prejudice. ASEC Fireteam Leaders determine whether a force falls in one of the 3 categories, and may update whether that changes. Enlisted units are required to ask officers if unsure about the state of a force. Who Are We? - ASEC is a Military Crew in the online world of Grand Theft Auto that strives to be the best in its field. We are a freeaim crew and use skill and courage as a way to beat our enemy to their knees! We, as a crew can give you: Protection Money Joyful Experiences A dedicated team ready to what must be done! ​ASEC has a dedicated leader called ASEC Zero, he is our VIP and protect him whatever the cost is. Zero is a daring and fearless leader, he will head straight into the action with strategies and tactics to execute the mission correctly. OUR CREW RANKING SYSTEM! VICTORIA BATTALION Private Private First Class Specialist Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant First Class First Sergeant Command Sergeant Major Victoria Battalion Officers: Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Commander General CAELUS SQUADRON Airman Basic Airman Airman 1st Class Senior Airman Staff Sergeant Technical Sergeant Master Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant Command Chief Master Sergeant Caelus Squadron Officers: Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Commodore General APPLY HERE: https://www.arrowsec.org/ Interested in joining our fight? Join our discord server and follow the instructions set in #landing-zone! http://discord.gg/SXErnAA Thank you for reading, Command Chief Master Sergeant of Caelus Squadron! ~ASEC Bacon
  19. Join the iRoleplay community today! Here's why... - 1,000+ registered members and still counting. - 24/7 Discord Server available for anyone use. - Fastest growing roleplay club on Xbox and PC. - Professional staff team working on the clock. - All types of roleplay servers being hosted daily. - Friendly and fun environment for anyone to join. - Website and forums coming soon. Message "Ueaz" on Xbox to receive your club invitation! Join Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ChUF2ev Owner: Ueaz Co-Owner: - Administrators: Taking Applications!
  20. BlestCobra81156

    Los Santos County Roleplay

    Los Santos County Life Roleplay Immersive Life Based Roleplay Los Santos County Life Roleplay (LSCLRP) is an original Grand Theft Auto Online Roleplaying Community for the Xbox One. We use Custom Discord Bots, Realistic Financial Systems, Realistic Policing Systems and much more. Our community is managed by a range of experience players who know just about everything there is to Roleplaying in the game. Our aim is to create a fun yet realistic experience for our members providing them with a bunch of quirky little things they can use such as our own custom discord bot! This bot allows us to manage our community like no other bot can. Why Us? We are Adaptive, Realistic and Highly Professional. We offer things like real word dispatching, an artificial economy, the ability for players to build on their characters persona’s and the ability for members to β€œfloat” between divisions to learn a lot more before settling down. What do we offer? We offer both Civilian and Policing divisions, these can be found listed below. - Auxiliary/Air: Take to the skies in your patrolling, become one of the most resourceful aspects in our force, without an Air Unit we would be hopeless in managing the city. - SAHP (Highway Patrol): By far the least restrictive department we have! Patrol the busy highways of Los Santos and Blaine County but be on the lookout for wildlife! - State Police: State Police dominate the city! By far the biggest department as it holds our infamous FIB and IA departments under its wing. If you’re looking for a highly paid job with a lot of benefits then this may be your best fit, however it’s not an easy job. - LSPD: The Cities very own local Police Department. They offer other sub-divisions such Foot Patrols, Bike Patrols and much more. This is definitely something if you’re wanting continuous Want to know more about us? Visit our website to apply today! CLICK HERE We currently have leader positions available. Mention this in your interview for more information! Rockstar Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_country_life_rp
  21. Me and a group of friends are going to be making a GTA V series. We are looking for anybody who likes to act or role play. This is a little rushed but we don't need that many people recording starts on march 30th 5 pm EST. The series is about a small swat team, character background and a brief personality disc. is available but most of the series will be improvised by the actors except the main story line. msg MG Typic or ThisGameSucks96 for information, or with any questions. Anybody is welcome to join at anytime even after the recording started so don't worry if you want to join after
  22. Joint Task Force is a Military and Goverment crew that is now looking for professional and loyal recruits whom are willing to follow order and respect the chain of command. We are looking for players rank 100+ who can fight or whom are willing to learn to fight. We will be doing basic training and training weekly so you can learn combat. We are a smallish crew at the moment and are looking to expand so message me if your intrested in joining JTF. My gamertag is JTF x VIRUS on Xbox One so message me for more information. Instagram is gta_khloe you can message me on there for more details as well. Joint_task_force001 is our crew instagram so check it out so see what we are all about.
  23. We will be hosting a Car Show, Fight Club, and Demo Derby for anyone that wants to come! There will be NO Guns, NO Weapons at all! Just have fun and enjoy. The Event will start at 8:30PM Est!! Please MSG WolfVeteran007 to RSVP or for an Invite!!
  24. Hello Interested Role Player! Read the post to see if you want to join the most immersive gta roleplay community! I am running, and adding onto my Role Play group. I am 23 years old, I have a family and a full time job so PLEASE UNDERSTAND Life comes first! That goes for all our members, If you cant make it to a session its not a big deal! We are a friendly and Mature group of players who are helpful and understanding! I am looking to find people who are : Mature, Friendly, Respectful of others, Good sense of humor, Know when to be serious and when to have fun. (rules and laws does not mean its not fun, it just makes the sessions more immersive) People who feel useless in their current RP crew, people who hate having to dedicate their lives to their rp crew WE ARE DIFFERENT I am recruiting 24/7 players all the way to players who can only play one day per week. There is ranking in my group. From Leader (Myself) to Recruit and they are in order from Lowest to Highest (Higher Ranked Players have authority to make changes, add rules, ban players, add players) This Role play group is pretty immersive as far as the game play goes. Each player has: A Career A Hobby House Registered Vehicles and License Plates Registered Weapons Criminal Records The Player Information Document Includes: Player Name Gamertag Home address Business Address Registered Vehicles & Corresponding Plates Registered Weapons Criminal History Warrants Impounded Vehicles If you are interested in joining my group of players then please go to our website and apply. http://gtacaraholics.weebly.com/applications.html
  25. DisparateMc55

    Rescuegaming1 Official Recruitment

    We are Rscuegaming1. We are an Xbox One Roleplay clan for Grand Theft Auto 5. In our clan, you can be a civilian with a job, or you can join our emergency services. We roleplay in free roam since were a life RP group and we communicate on Discord. We hope you consider to join! Recruitment Form-https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfz5RVSwYJ2cDI8hg9VsKAVUBFcr7NXZuZh_fPVKyN_0UnM2g/viewform\ Our Website- https://sites.google.com/view/rescuegaming1official My Email- [email protected]

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