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  1. 12-3 Del Perro

    Laughing Coffins MC Del Perro

    Laughing Coffins MC Del Perro is looking for active, loyal, and MATURE members who want to contribute to our brotherhood and help the GTA MC Community grow and become a better place.We ask nothing but loyalty out of our members.We really appreciate members with knowledge of MC workings, but it isn't required, and we'll show you the ropes.About Us:We are a XB1 fictional Motorcycle Club on GTA V, we play in Free Aim Only and only use weapons that are permitted by GTA MC Bylaws. Our club is 100% original. As a member of this fine establishment you are expected to ride American made bikes such as
  2. I'm almost done with my entry for the rockstar editor contest, I just need a female character to shoot some scenes with me. Won't take long at all. I worked very hard on it, was completely done and then found out about the criteria that it has to be about a double agent. I had to redo most of it. 23rd November 11:59 pm is the deadline so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hurry. I promise it won't take long and I'll make you look really really cool. (: I am on Xbox One. gamertag- raj007rocks (please don't judge me based on my choice of gamertag, I was a kid when I created the account.)
  3. Who Are We? We are Los Demonios MC (The Demons MC) established 2014 and we are back! After the club's collapse in 2016, it has been inactive ever since. I recently returned to GTA (April 2020) and decided during the Covid-19 lockdown to try and get this club up and running again as I missed the GTA MC community. So far I have recruited 7 members through Rockstar Social Club and I have decided to revamp this old recruitment post to see if I can find any more people here. What Do We Do? We play for fun, most of us have real life responsibilities
  4. Kirsty

    Xbox Car Meets

    Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic. Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part! Date: Time: Timezone: Car Type(s): Platform: Gamertag:
  5. FastFuriousCruisers was created to celebrate and bring together "The Fast And Furious" Franchise Fans, and genuine Car Enthusiasts from around the World together via GTA Car Meets. The organization began purely based on the "Fast And Furious" Franchise, however we now Host a variety of Themed Meets. My goal for "FastFuriousCruisers" is to create an organization where people of all ages from around the World can chill, appreciate the scene, respect one another and most importantly have a good time within a friendly environment. If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of look no
  6. Here at DOJRP we strive to be the best role playing community around, we want to give our members the best possible experience we can! The people we meet are what motivates us as a community to always strive to be better and make better changes for everyone. DOJRP is proud of its ability to teach new members and strive for more realistic roleplay. We seek members who are willing to be over the top realistic and want to see this community grow and develop. We take roleplay very seriously here and want to see everyone contributing to making the community better. We look forward to meeting you!
  7. What is Fighter Command? Fighter Command is a meritocracy with the cosmetic appearance, organization, and operations of an Air Force mil-sim. Fighter Command is centered around two main pillars: education and air supremacy, the latter of which is its backbone. Our air force highly values the participation of its personnel, understanding the difficulty of replacing skilled airmen, placing emphasis on member retention. The training regime for new pilots is divided into various small classes, and teaches them practical skills to use in warfare to turn them into fearsome fighters.
  8. GTA 5 Xbox RP server DOJRPNorth American Server Law Enforcement Wanted We are currently looking for players to join our realistic roleplay. We have jobs available for Civs and Law enforcement! We are expanding and looking for new members to join the experience. Live out things you thought you could never do. We have a CAD system in place so we can run plates, names, issue tickets, and much more. We update our systems and keep everything mordern. Come join DOJRp Today!! Law Enforcement has more possibilities of getting recruted over civilians. Must have a micMust be 12+We do active training to
  9. khloe.lynch

    SARP Recruitment Xbox!

    SARP is a professional Roleplay community looking for new members! We are looking for Civilians with a variety of jobs & Emergency Service Departments such as LSPD, LSFD & BCSO and More! Ages 15+! Need discord, need to be professional, active and realistic! For more information message me on Instagram @vulneratisx or Xbox GT: Vulneratis Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/UjXAvVkQXM
  10. Chevyguy_14

    Xbox Roleplay Community

    GTA 5 Xbox RP server DOJRPNorth American Server Law Enforcement Wanted We are currently looking for players to join our realistic roleplay. We have jobs available for Civs and Law enforcement! We are expanding and looking for new members to join the experience. Live out things you thought you could never do. We have a CAD system in place so we can run plates, names, issue tickets, and much more. We update our systems and keep everything mordern. Come join DOJRp Today!! Law Enforcement has more possibilities of getting recruted over civilians. Must have a micMust be 12+We do active training to
  11. G4MExK1LLA


    Growing Community 18+ STAFF MEMBERS -LONG TERM MEMBERS AND MEMBERS PERSONAL CREWS AS ALLIES RESPECTED & HATED - CEO/MC sales - 24/7 HR Communication -Long term Loyal Skilled Members Staff Members - Lobby protection -Expert tryhard Members - Training & Support -Mk 2 guns -1.50+ kd - RNK60-100+ - Act 2 "TIRED OF FAILED CREWS INACTIVE OR DEAD CREWS" F**K YOUR CREW LEAVE IT"!! TIRED OF FAVORTISM TIFED OF FEELING SM
  12. Hyperion CMDR

    North Los Santos Mob now recruiting

    Greetings, I am Hyperon CMDR the founder and leader of the North Los Santos Mob. The North Los Santos Mob is an Irish based mobster style crew in Grand Theft Auto Online. We offer protection, mission running and achievement hunting in game as well as all around fun. If your interested in joining the N LS Mob please send me a message on here or Hyperion CMDR in game. check out the crew page here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/n_los_santos_mob Current openings: Chief (underboss) Secretary (Advisor)
  13. Hi I'm looking for an active Aussie crew on xbox one. I'm low level cos I've started fresh on xbox. My xbox gamer tag is Red nuts223
  14. R3DHAWK

    Fallen Hawk MC [XB 1]

    We are currently looking for people to fill are first 9. Needing: Vp Stg at arms Secretary Treasurer Prospect manager
  15. Thousands Sons are extending an open invite for bike lovers wanting to ride, heist, race, death match, LTS, missions ect. and cause a little mayhem where ever they roam in a casual crew environment. Our main goal is to have fun,and make some coin while doing it! If you want to ride with brothers and sisters, have each other's backs and get all you can out of the gta experience on the back of an iron horse then head over and help birth gta's latest MC and raise some hell! Have a look at our few simple rules and if your interested Click the social club link below: 16+ Must own at least one
  16. Hello, I am recruiting for a completely legit GTA V Cop Vs Civ roleplay group on xbox one -almost 200 members -up to 7 RPs A Week (4 On Weekends) -Different roleplay events -Party chats with music playing -Realistic cops who also take cop training -Realistic fire and EMS -Easy to use Chat system -And Lots More Discord Download: https://discordapp.com/ Sign Up On Our Website!: http://xboxcopsvscivroleplay.weebly.com/ Hope To See You There!!!!
  17. cufufy

    Protect the innocent...

    Our crew is named TheBagelArmy. We protect the innocent. We kill the killers. We need people like you. If you would like to join go here: http://cufufy.enjin.com/apply If you would like to stay updated follow here: http://thebagelarmy.tumblr.com If you would like to check us out on social club go here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thebagelarmy We hope to see you there. We also need YouTubers. To all the psychos out there who love killing us for no reason, this is your last and final warning. We are growing. We have eyes and ears in almost every session. We do whatever
  18. littlexcrow

    Lone Outlaws MC is now recruiting!

    The Lone Outlaws Motorcycle Club is now recruiting.We are in need of our first notorious nine members. We are looking for mature gamers (16+) who like to regularly hit the open road and hang out with the club. We are an Xbox One MC only. We will also be doing a lot of roleplays and YouTube movies in the near future. This club is a free aim club only. If you are interested in joining, please leave a message down below. I will post the link to the website so you may learn more about the club as well. Thanks Crew -linkhttps://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lone_outlaws_mc
  19. XxGimpyCowxX

    (Xbox One) 11:34 MC is looking for members

    We are Eleven Thirty For (11:34) "Welcome to Hell" Est. Oct 2010 Orginated from Liberty City and Based out of Blaine County First Eight Roster(Open/Needed) President: Taken Vice President: Taken Sergeant At Arms: Taken Enforcer: Open (Must become a prospect first) Road Captain: Taken Club Members: Open (Must become a prospect first) Prospects: Open (1 week minimum then Club votes) XB1 Exclusive only for now. Cross plat forming is optional but is club discussion/decision only Recruitment Required: Open for all levels. Both casual/active Players Cruising around and ra
  20. Kgz_boss


    Looking for mature active players over the age of 17 to join my motorcycle club on Xbox one. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/garg0yles_mc_xb1?headSearch=true Sport and or chopper bikes are welcome. We ride, kill and make money, the only things I ask upon joining is setting our MC as your active crew and rocking the patch (emblem) on the back of a leather jacket. If you have anymore questions or you are interested in joining then message me directly on Xbox one. My gamertag is KgZ BoSs. You can also reach me on rockstar social club here. https://socialclub.rockstargame
  21. Before I start I would like to say that everyone, no matter where you are in the world, is welcome to join. The only reason that this post is dedicated to the British is because we are trying to extend the squad. What do I mean? Well, the majority of the crew are American, and due to the time zone differences between us this means that there are only a couple of players that you can play with. If you would like to help out with this, or if you have any questions, please message me on Xbox or reply to this post with your GT and I will add you. Then we could get in to a party and discuss fur
  22. The.Unholy.Goat

    Laffing Jokers Motorcycle Club

    Laffing Jokers Motorcycle Club was made Est. 2014 was shut down I was an original 9, we are now under new management (here's the site http://ljmcbusiness.wix.com/laffing-jokers)getting back up in running with a decent set of guys & gals. Our hangarounds is open to everyone &I here's a link to it! ( http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ljmc_hangaround )
  23. R3DHAWK

    Hardcore Hearts MC

    Hardcore Hearts MC is recruiting! Requirements! Working Mic Xbox One and Live Age of 13 Must be Mature In Need Of SSA Sectary Road Captain Prospect Manger And MORE! My Kik Is _Crayc_ Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  24. R3DHAWK

    Fallen Heard MC Recruiting

    FHMC Is Recruiting Add the President on kik at _Crayc_ Add the VP on kik at TylerDaGreat3513 MSG President first!
  25. ItzOptical

    GTA Online Crews

    Hello, I am trying to start up a crew with some friends of mine, we need some members to join us so please do our crew is called Khalifa Crew ANZ Here is our link: https://socialclub.r...halifa_crew_anz Also leave some crew's in the comments below to help others out with trying to find a crew! Thanks, ItzOptical
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