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Found 121 results

  1. VenomDYOM

    The Battle Never Ends

    ADVICE Topic recreated because of the forums new update. [img STORY Kyle, a man full of crime. His soul represents the serial killers. But his best friend Frank has a knowledge too, Kyle in the later years has learned a lot of things from him. Now it's time to Kyle to move and push towards back to Los Santos, sent by the unknown corrupt cop to Angel Pine, now Kyle has to take himself back to Los Santos and pass two major cities, San Fierro and Las Venturas. When in San Fierro, the local elections will be hold in there. Kyle and his crew are going to kidnap the mayor of San Fierro, Tyler Franks. More the missions go, more the story is updated. CHARACTERS Kyle The most-known guy as a serial-killer, but hasn't been called that since Thomas gave him the name. A 26 year old kid. Peter A man who's selling guns and owns a gun shop in Angel Pine, he's shy and sometimes aggressive. His best friend is currently Kyle. Thomas Known as Uncle Thomas in-game. He always wears his pink shirt. Neil He dies right in the beginning of the mission-pack. But he faked his death. He is a leader of his "unknown mafia". Tyler Tyler won the local elections in San Fierro as the official mayor. Peter, Thomas and Kyle wants him dead. More the missions go, more characters appear. MISSIONS: The Battle Never Ends - Intro http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53240 The Battle Never Ends - A boxing match http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53314 The Battle Never Ends - One explosion to another http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53330 The Battle Never Ends - Political issues http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53402 The Battle Never Ends - Political issues (2) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53469 The Battle Never Ends - Kidnapping http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/54196 The more missions will appear soon. CREDITS: purevil101: For creating the amazing logos DiGiTa_: For creating the amazing logos PatrickW: Designing DYOM modification Dutchy3010: Designing DYOM modification VenomDYOM: For designing this mission-pack

    [MP]Crime Cities

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Story of a man from a short family, very Short.The story of his life his city which is full of crimes. GKHEAT presents -Crime Cities. Los Santos city,1999 Time 9:30 am Hasley was late to go station for catching train. She said to her husband "Alex, I am going to late for the train, please take me to the station" to go her friend's house. Alex drop her to station, with his car and after some time he goes back to house. Hasley, kinda sits in the market for a while time and is waiting for train. After some time some people come to Hasley, and say give us all of your money. But, Hasley says to them like a brave girl,"Go away from me or else I'll call police. Then a thief gets angry from her and shoots Hasley. This is the story of Alex's rage. Crime cities. 1.Alex [Player] 2.Hasley [Alex's Wife] 3.Sean Johnson [Alex old school friend] 4.Bennet [Sean's Friend] 5.Melvin BIG [Sean's Friend] 6.Lance"Ryder" Wilson [Sean's Friend] 7.Ron [Red county Truck Terminal Manager] 8.Adam [Worker in Red County Truck Terminal] 9.Jonny [Adam's Friend] More soon... Chapter 1 1.Intro 2.What happend 3.The Johnson boy 4.The Johnson boy 2 5.UN-INVITED 6.Training Lessons 7.A New Start 8.The Meeting Download Chapter-1 Chapter 2 1.First Work 2.Battle Of Bikes 3.N/A 4.N/A 5.N/A 6.N/A 7.N/A 8.N/A Credits GKHEAT (mission designer) Dutchy3010 and PatrikW(for DYOM) Thank you for visiting..:) Have a nice day.
  3. DennysCute99


    DennysCute99 Presents a Design Your Own Mission MP STORY: CATEGORIES: CHARACTERS MEDIA AND TRAILERS Trailer during work.. MOD FOR THE MISSION PACK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g3uqfvnse6b2wg7/Mod.rar THE FALL OF MICHAEL [DLC]: BETA: NEWS: THE FALL OF MICHAEL: THE MULTI-LANGUAGE PROJECT http://gtaforums.com/topic/909297-la-caduta-di-michael-multi-language/ COVER: DC99, work in progress
  4. THE FALL OF MICHAEL: THE MULTI-LANGUAGE PROJECT La Caduta di Michael, finally the multi-language project of the mission pack has been released, but until now it will be a hard work for an italian designer but will be helped by a player who should be a designer. If someome offers to join the project tell me with a comment in this topic. Check out the list of translators to different languages: Giorgia Vinegar: English (Correction) I was looking for a helper: Portugues/Spanish I was looking for a helper: French I was looking for a helper: Romanian I was looking for a helper: Russian DennysCute99: Italian Face to face for the mafia and politics, love is stronger for me. Only love can do it, love destroys everything because it is very strong and inviolate and impossibile to beat. When the italian version will be released after quite a few months the English version and all the other languages will be released. More information as soon as possible. DC99, work in progress
  5. Nuddle King

    [MP] Days of Rank

    Sean Ambrose(GuerreroX) Present...... a War and Adventures mission pack..... in the start of 2008, whole of criminals start to workout with the most wanted criminal, Redlne, or simple called..Rank, as the Force 04 start to search for him they didn't find them, Science of Area Biopharm, aka Dr.Geonard, discovered cells that can create things exist, they start to create Project GHOST to stop Rank and his friend Hayson, after Hayson died, Rank no longer want to become a criminal, so he decided to stop crimes and join The Delta Squad(Area Biopharm Agents) but the doctors find a problem to stop Project GHOST, then it's goes wrong and bad things start to happen, when some of Area Biopharm Security said there someone one of the "The Rivals Agency" came and edited the project, something is unleashed and it's begin..... COMING SOON.... Sean Ambrose(Nuddle King) - The Creator of the MP HardcoreRG - The Official Logo of the MP GHOZT - Credit for him for WIP logo. DeeGuhTah - Some nice logos and help. by The Magican Algerian
  6. Welcome every DYOM member... to the greatest MP's of DYOM, DYOM Chronicles:The Dark Brotherhood Plot: A DYOM City, being destroyed and taken by some evil members, now it's time to take it back, but only Kovas and CO will do it?some DYOM Survivors survived, is it enough to take out The DYOM Trashers and others?But is some mysterious secret enemy will appear, Who is he? Missions: ------Chapter 1:The Operation--------- Intro:A Good Day to Start Episode 1:The Abilty of DYOM Episode 2:The Reveal Have great time and enjoy playing, more updates about this topic soon! Characters and Screens will be added!
  7. Giorgia Vinegar

    [MP] Z for Zulu

    - Giorgia Vinegar presents a Design Your Own Mission MP - Z for Zulu is a new Mission Pack inspired Codename Zulu and dedicated to the new people of DYOM and old people who are still planning their MP on DYOM but this is a real MP that I present to you after months working there. The real and professional of this Mission Pack will be new on DYOM, new experiences and many unforgettable Horror Scenes but we will see how the end of this Mission Pack will be. Z for Zulu by Giorgia Vinegar. STORY: CHARACTERS: SCREEN: NOTE: - Play at night. 1) - SD is reccomended. 2) - Don't panic about this MP. 3) - You are free to go wherever you want. 4) - Don't leave the world fall from this war. 5) FEATURES: - New dynamic adventure, moments of despair, blood everywhere and white in progress. - Different things taken V for Vinegar by THBP. - Different things taken A Ghost Night by DennysCute99. - Don't exceed the limit of the Horror and War Genre. COLLABORATING: - Beta tester: Unknown, Unknown2, Unknown3. - Text correction: DennysCute99 - Other languages: Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. - Russian: Unknown - Italian: DennysCute99 - Spanish: Unknown - Portuguese: Unknown - English: Giorgia Vinegar WELCOME TO Z FOR ZULU. W.I.P.
  8. The Half-Blood Prince

    [MP] The Game

    The Game is a Mission-Pack formatted like a TV serie that tells the story of 20 different characters who fight for a job opportunity in the City Hall of Los Santos. In the year of 2025, this group of 20 trainees is divided into six groups, each one representing the animal symbolism. It happens that every group is involved with a different criminal faction that wants to win the job to have power in the Government, which makes what was supposed to be a clean competition turns into a cruel game involving murdering, sabotage and the emergence of maniac personalities, where the main goal, besides get the job opportunity, is to survive. The Soundtrack of The Game, composed in great part by Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones), and having tracks from other games (Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Grand Theft Auto V) and movies (Logan): http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50255 http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50607 http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/51467 http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53066 Episode 1 - Prologue Episode 2 - Michael Episode 3 - James Episode 4 - Juliet Episode 5 - Arya Episode 6 - Leonard Episode 7 - Mark Episode 8 - Juliet (2) Episode 9 - Coming Soon Season Finale - Coming Soon #TheGame
  9. DennysCute99

    [MP] A Ghost Night

    A GHOST NIGHT WELCOME ON THE NIGHT OF THE DEVIL! STORY: San Fierro 1990... During the war of San Fierro, there was these two people 'Luis and Ashley', nothing happened in the first moments but the only thing Ashley had to go to eat from one of her friends but after two hours was no one else in the streets of the city, there was no living soul around and so Luis went to get Ashley who had just finished eating at her friends house, but it was all destroyed, the streets all blocked, the dark sky, and white had happened in that city? It was no longer understood anything in time, once past those two hours, San Fierro became a ghost. FEATURES: - Careful as you play because there are too many cutscene with (Skip Fading); - Listen well to the complete situation; - Try to understand the sound effects; - Different things taken (V for Vinegar created by THBP); - Do not exceed the limit of the (Horror genre). NOTE: - Play at night at 09.00 or 00.00 AM. - It is recommended to install the Soundtrack (SD). - Listen to the sound effects well. CHARACTERS: TRAILERS/MEDIA: DOWNLOAD LINKS: Prologue: Episode 1 Prologue: Episode 2 Prologue: Episode 3 Prologue Complete Season 1: Chapter 1 (The Roads of the Devil): Episode 1: The Road (1) Episode 2: The Motel (1) - - - - - - Chapter 2 (End of the first Season) - - - - - - Season 2: N/A ??? #A GHOST NIGHT #AGN #VfV
  10. Medo_GamerX

    Poor To Rich

    Hi guys in this forum i'll talk about my next thing in DYOM so answer the poll to know what i'll do it ok. I hope you vote by the real answer to help me make the story good.
  11. Jack Muller

    [MP] No Fake

    During the year 2012, Los Santos - San Fierro - Las Venturas these three cities had a bad destiny of assassination cause of the huge crime variety that's happening in there, people called them "The Deathsides". When you start a conflict with someone, then you began a bloody enmity and one of you two is going to leave alive. You don't have any choice but to eliminate him, so when you collect some informations about your target, you send a murderer to take him out. This circulation continued for years, until a red day came. A mafia band of LV rose out of no where and started collecting the most professional gunmen of San Andreas cities. The boss made an organization by the name "Red Death" and that organization had the most brutal murderers of America, their dirty job was finishing off pure lives by a request. The band became popular in the streets of San Andreas, all people acquainted the Red Deaths. And whoever had a conflict with someone he directly make a call with the boss of the Red Deaths and tell him to send a murderer to take his target out with a given amount of dough. This method called "Bribe". After years of killing people a request was sent to our boss, someone requested to eliminate 8 brothers of a kingpin family with a big amount of money. The RDs had 6 skilled killers and every two killers were sent to Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas to take out the 8 brothers before the closure of the given period, and no fails were acceptable to Rob Jamaica the boss of the RD org. That means if the 6 operators fail they'll dig their own graves in front of their house's garden. But who's going to succeed and who's going to fail in this dirty game? Play as Bryan Jorges the professional shooter of the Red Death band and follow this bloody story to reach the end. Advice from me, you can't survive without a peek of fake. Just few of these 6 men are going to make it out alive, who's going to be? If you're not ready don't enter the risk! Soundtracks Chapter 1 Primary Lies An Introduction Requested Gather Behind The Walls P1/P2 One Step To Another Along The Decoy N/A N/A N/A Chapter 2 The Joker N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Chapter 3 Eyesore N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Chapter 4 Sealed Fate N/A N/A N/A
  12. Martin_Strada

    [MP] Modern Frontlines (COD4 Remake)

    THE MOST AWARDED DC99's CONTEST MISSION PACK. Hello DYOM community, today I'm designing a 4th mission pack, people think that I working so hard, but no, I have a full time to design it. By the way, I'm designing the first remake of my favorite game of all time which is made in 2007, by Infinity Ward called: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Please be a good guy in this topic, and no disrespecting and bad languages, I'm putting a hard work for them. I'd like to hear some feedback and reviews, thanks to you. The year is 2011, Vlad Rodriguez begins a coup in the Afganistan, while Russia is in the Civil War, between the Ultranationalists and Government Loyalists. To complete the revolution, Vlad executes the mayor of Los Santos and takes all San Andreas territories. Meanwhile, a new Europe Force 141 recruit 'Sponge' Wilkins has passed the Selection and is now joining Cpt.Cost's squad and Cost will soon reveal that Vlad is just a small fish in these operations. It's up to you to discover the truth. Protagonists: Sgt.'Sponge' Wilkins - A recruit to the British 22nd Europe Force 141 Regiment led by Cpt.Cost. He's the main playable protagonist of this series. Cpt.Jack Cost - British special forces soldier and a leader of Razor team. He's the main protagonist along with 'Sponge' (Playable in the memory missions taking place in 1996, he was lieutenant under command of Cpt.MacDollian). Sgt. Andrew Daniels - Marine from the 1st Force Recon, that invaded the Desert to search for Vlad Rodriguez. He's the secondary protagonist. Non-Playable Allies: Larry - A member of British Europe Force 141 team led by Cost. He's a veteran special forces operator. Lt.Michael Bennet - He's in charge of 1st Force Recon during the northern desert operations. SSgt.Bones - A member of United States Marine Corps 1st Force Recon under command of Lt. Micheal. He plays a large role in all operations. Cpt. Chernov - Chernov is a Russian Loyalist, who helps Cost's team and other units operating in Russia. Cpt.MacDollian - Scottish Europe Force 141 Officer back in 1996. He was the commander of a two-man sniper team with Cost. He's seen in 2 memory missions. Dominic - 'Dominic' is the codename of a Russian informant in Ultranationalists and an ally of the Europe Force 141. Antagonists: Vlad Rodriguez - A military commander of OpFor in the Desert and a secondary antagonist. He's the main villain of the first act. Vladimir Hedgenkov - He was a russian arms dealer, Ultranationalist and a terrorist. He is the father of Sierjgei. He was killed by Cost in 1996, or was he? Sierjgei Hedgenkov - Sierjgei is the son of Vladimir Hedgenkov and a commander of Ultranationalists. He wants to bring the Soviet-style government. Act 1 Progress is 62% Walkthrough's A very nice Walkthrough series recorded by Mikolajek, North Rock, Ryder Studios and MartZ2. If you're thinking about downloading or you're stuck and need some help, you can watch his videos to see the complete walkthrough. Mikolajek: North Rock: Ryder Studios: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwxkThKhrhI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEBbVQWEgQ8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5BIe95PdRM Martin's Path (Martin Strada): Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - For DYOM, without them, there wouldn't be any mission pack. Rockstar North - For making a game called: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Infinity Ward - For making a game called: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and some ideas. TQR - First testing of the missions before release. Danz. - First testing of the missions before release. NeonGamer. - First testing of the missions before release. Eddy4312. - First testing of the missions before release. LODoesGames - First testing of the missions before release. Yasir_RFL - First testing of the missions before release. Chaos17 - First testing of the missions before release. AfricaDesigner - First testing of the missions before release. Mikolajek - First testing of the missions before release and for the walkthrough GTA SA gamers - First testing of the missions before release. North Rock - First testing of the missions before release and for the walkthrough Ryder Studios: For a walkthrough's MartZ2 - For the logo and for a walkthrough.
  13. Nuddle King

    [MP] The Hunt

    GuerreroX presented.....a Design Your Own Mission MP... (I want to success my dream......I will never be a failure....never......) PLOT: Sam has sees that he didn't buy Milk, he goes to San Fierro to buy, because is black friday moment, but when he sees strange things happens, nobody was around, he was alone, thought he was the only survivor, but not, Sam sees people dead bodies by some blessed human, why?because there one reason, they need to get rebirth again, its The Hunt Days. CHARACTERS: Sam:an intellgence guy who is a police officer, he cases has never been non-finished, always finish his cases and stop the criminals from moving, but its the time to show his real humanity to the hunters? Jake:a gang leader who survives from The Hunters, but his friends and gang died, he camed from Los Santos, Los Santos is over and hunted by The Hunters, he a proffesional killer, He find a survivor from those, Sam Eclipse, and the friendship begin with him, do stop the Hunters and have a good life and recreate his gang. MISSIONS: ------- Chapter 1:The Hunters Reveal----- Mission 1:The Day for the Hunt Mission 2:The Hunters Mission 3:N/A Mission 4:N/A Mission 5:N/A THE COMPETITON CONTENT: All you need is find the easter eggs, but you need to proof that you found the easter eggs by photos or video, and you will Gain Points. Myth Hunter:N/A(10 Points) Survival Agent:N/A(8 Points) Ghost Player:N/A(5 Points) Pro Easter:N/A(2 Points) Trying Player:N/A(1 Points)
  14. Martin's Original/Remaked Mission Series 2016/2017 Original: Warfighter Warfighter II - Operation Throwbreaker Warfighter III The Assasin Codename 67 The Assasin Codename 67 2 The Assasin Codename 67 3 Mark's New Life Remake: Warfighter Redux Warfighter II - Redux Warfighter III - Redux The Contract Invador The Contract Invador 2 The Contract Invador 3 Rise of San Andreas Remaked MP's are coming soon, thank you for watching my thread!
  15. Sentinell

    [MP] Brutal Warfare

    From the designer: The work is in progress, We'll add news, updates and announcements about this project in this topic or in the Discord Server. We've made this topic before - hand in order to keep the rights reserved and not allow anyone to copy the name and ideas. Work in Progress. All Rights Reserved by Sentinell. Discord Server
  16. GoldenFreddy

    [MP] A Problem with Problems

    Characters Mike McGolden - The protagonist of MP, he lives with gis parents, sister and brother. He was rich, but a taxi driver. Mark McGolden - Mike's brother, he haves no money. He is a Police Officer. He lives with his family. Amy McGolden - Mike's sister, she is Los Vatos Locos XXV leader. Her boyfriend is dead. James Rodriguez - Unknown Yet Michelle Vicenzo - Unknown Yet Story A normal family in Los Santos, lives good. But when the parents died, the days becomes worst and worst for whole "kids". After a month, they maked a new enemy, Mexi-Italian one. They moved in San Fierro, thinking there will be more peace, buut they was wrong. Download First Mission:A Problem with Problem GoldenFreddy, Work in Progress. The dowload links and characters updates with story.
  17. Martin_Strada

    [SL] The King of Los Santos (EDITED)

    Martin_Strada proudly presents. WORK IN PROGRESS 1992, Los Santos became the most dangerous, fearing town in San Andreas. This place is more like sh*thole, no peace, not like a rich place where you can find a job by yourself. A 24 years old young man, Lance Reed is more like a car mechanic worker. He's not working alone, but with his best friend Ajax Sean. When he lose a job by a strange reason, Lance is giving a revenge for that gang who burned his job and all reputation is Silent19th. He and his friends agreed to join a friendly gang who can help them is: Rinos Resistance. This entire story will have a dark nightmare which include shootouts and lose about thousands people. Characters Groups Missions Download Chapter 1 http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50738 Download Chapter 2: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50996 Have fun!
  18. DennysCute99

    Original/Remake: DennysCute99

    Hello everyone! I'm here to create the remake of missions I've done. Most of the missions I have created are italian, but now I will also do them in English and we will have a lot of friends!! ITA: Ballas Attacco per i Vagos Vagos in Azione Ballas: Rollin Heights Progetto Virus T Area 51 Project La Merce Kane Death La Nave Fantasma Jeff the Killer [JTF] Il Funerale di Bryan Rapina al Casino Caligula La Grande Festa Irruzione nella Fabbrica La Fine di San Andreas Kill CJ Grove 4 Life Ballas al Ten Green Bottles ENG: Ballas Attack for the Vagos Vagos in Action Ballas: Rollin Heights Virus Progect T Area 51 Project The Goods Kane Death The Ghost Ship Jeff the Killer [JTF] Bryan's Funeral Robbery at the Casino Caligula The Big Party Irruction in the Factory End of San Andreas Kill CJ Ballas at the Ten Green Bottles Grove 4 Life REMAKE: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - W.I.P. #DC99 #DennysCute99 #Remake DC99, work in progress
  19. Nuddle King

    [MP]Unlimited Guns

    Los Santos 1998,Johnson Boys,A Good guys working in car machinemaker,They dreams to be a Gang leader,Theylikes killing bad guys,After The Boy Daniel Make A Gang Called "The OG Killers"Edward leavs his job and Join his brother gang, but after that they had proplems and some gangs mistakes, but they got new friends and special members to thier own gang...and then the gang just begin his history. EJ(Edward Johnson):Alive DJ(Daniel Johnson):Alive Willy(James Wilson):Alive Kevin(Kevin Escobar):Alive Mike(Mike Escobar):Alive Officer Samuel(Samuel Anderson):Alive Kig(Kigan Lorins):Alive Kofi(Kofinston Leonardo):Dead Mr.Fred(Fredando):Alive MORE COMING SOON... Chapter 1 Link:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/51149 Mission 1)-Prologue Mission 2)-The First Pain Mission 3)-Guns On Vagos Mission 4)-The OG Killers Mission 5)-Attack On Ballas Mission 6)-Helping Hand Mission 7)-Kofi Must Die Mission 8)-Bad Realtionship Chapter 2 Missions: Mission 1)-Gang War Mission 2)-Money in the Bank MORE COMING SOON... Thanks to GuerreroX(AfricaDesignerDz) and IsIx123 for working on this series.
  20. Martin_Strada

    [Storyline] The Money Chronicles

    Hello DYOM'ers, today is the day to start 2nd Storyline, since I'm canceled Fort Carson Stories, I'm thinking to design a new storyline. The storyline will be made by the company again: YasirRFL and Eddy4312. The activity of this storyline will be same as The King of Los Santos storyline, by the way, no skins to be downloaded, just play this storyline and you're good. San Andreas, somewhere around the 80's. The Crime Families rises with the help of corrupt cops and Politicians. James Daniels is just a 21 years old kid who doesn't care about his family, but how to fight with thugs and earn easy money. The 5 Group of Gangs wants to take over the city with extortions or blood. James Lance and his friend Sam Roger came back to San Andreas, they saw many changes in SA. The Sethdev's Mafia helped Daniels and Sam to stand again on feet. Daniels will saw many dead people and how much killed everyone in LV. MAIN CHARACTERS: James Daniels His past is shady, and his business is even shadier. What people know about him is that he own an apartment by Vincent in LV. Apparently, he is an investor, a very wealthy one. It is believed he had some deals with governments of other countries, even FBI. But rumors are rumors. He is interested in financing highly illegal activities. Organised him own private Heist team and put ex-street racer Samwise Adder as a leader. He says the team is all about getting more money. But he already has a fortune, he doesn't need the cash. There might be something more to all this than he is telling. Sam Roger He was born into a typical American family. His parents ensured he had a nice education and a nice life in future. He also has a younger sister with who he was very close when they were kids. When Sam was a child it was obvious that he was a wild spirit. Living recklessly and never thinking about future. He was never interested in family life and boring daily grinds. He always strived for more. He flunked school on purpose and ran away from the home. In his quest to find himself Sam met and lived with some dangerous people. He has seen lots of blood, death, drugs and all other things that plague the ''ghetto''. His passion for cars pushed him in direction of street racing. He soon proved to be very talented and started making a name for himself. After couple of years he was a grown man and most notorious street racer in the country. Recently he met James Daniels who gave him an interesting offer which will change him forever. Vincent Sethdev He's the main leader of Sethdev's mafia. A man who wants to rule the entire LV, with money and power and even respect. He didn't see his old friend Sam Roger even 5 years, and he wants him to join his mafia and work, but that work is killing people, extortion, and blood. He's was a weapon enthusiast who owned a gun shop in Liberty City with his friend who grew up together Drake Richards. Drake Richards He's Vincent's bodyguard in Sethdev's mafia. He hates people, when they didn't finish the job correctly, and after that, he wants someone's head, he's being serious, but sometimes he gots emotional problems, he knows everything about Balkan's Mafia. Tang Sung Jao He's the leader of Eastern's Dragons mafia and he owned an Eastern Dragons Casino, (looks example like Four Dragons Casino) he's doing good profits and business with Sethdev's mafia and helps them to defeat people, who hate Vincent. OTHER CHARACTERS: Tang Sung Ciao He's the Tang Sung Jao's son, his life is just same as Eastern Dragon members. Carl He's a Lance's another old friend. When Lance was still in LC, he worked with Balkans', but now he's a traitor. Sethdev's Mafia The mafia who owned was Vincent Sethdev. The mafia territory is in Visage Casino, the mafia who has a biggest casino and hotel. The car who mafia owned is Blue Pregant and Admiral. Balkan's Mafia The mafia who came from Yugoslavia in Balkan's countries, and came to Las Venturas, they are most dangerous mafia, who has a lot of reputation and money in the vault, they earned three casinos: Caligula's Casino, Royal Casino, and other one is Clown Pocket's casino. The mafia who owned was Luigi Rasgulastovich. The car who mafia owned is Black Huntley. Eastern Dragons Mafia The mafia who came from Chinese, and came to Las Venturas. They are most friendly men who help The Sethdev's Mafia. The leader of this gang is Tang Sung Jao. They have a casino which is called Eastern Dragons Casino (Four Dragons Casino). They don't care about money, all they care about is reputation and courage. The Redsands Bikers They are the bikers who don't have a leader, they have a West and East Redsands territory, the vehicle they using is Freeway and Burrito, they are also strong and good at tactics. The Hoodlum They are mostly poor gangsters in this gambling city, they have a small territory who has a poor life in it, they always smoking and being serious men. They are dogs who are messing with all mafias, the car they using is Sanchez, Savanna, Voodoo. CHAPTER 1: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/51989 [MP MODE] http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52263 Chapter 1: The Gambling's Beginning 1. Before you would start. 2. City of lights. 3. The Tour in Golden City. 4. Cause lotta leather. 5. Fist to Fist. 6. Redsand's RPG. 7. The Flaming Bikers 8. The Balkan's Vans 9. After midnight 10. The Eagles in Desert 11. The New Conception 12. Outro Chapter 2: The Homefront CHAPTER 1: - 18-01-15: The project is started making in progress. - 18-01-17: 1st and 2nd mission is out! - 18-01-19: 3rd mission is out! - 18-01-20: 4th mission is out! - 18-01-22: 5th mission is out! - 18-02-19: The DEMO is already out! - 18-02-16: The project was paused for a while. - 18-02-19: The project is unpaused, now designers will design missions. - 18-02-19: 6th and 7th mission are out! - 18-02-20: 8th mission is out! - 18-02-21: 9th mission is out! - 18-02-24: 10th mission is out! - 18-02-25: 11th and 12th mission is out! - 18-02-25: The entire Chapter 1 is out!!! Martin: For creating this MP Eddy4312: For helping me with designing the series YasirRFL: For helping me with designing the series Dutchy3010 and PatrickW: For creating a mod: DYOM Seemann: For creating Cleo, without Cleo, dyom won't work properly. Please give a feedback and review it! THANK YOU!
  21. VenomDYOM

    The Battle Never Ends

    The Battle Never Ends https://imgur.com/SkcqbI4[/IMG]
  22. Martin_Strada

    The Gangster's Underground

    Progress Status: Still under heavy production Big thanks to MartZ2 for the logo! Welcome DYOM'ers, this is your old buddy Martin_Strada, also known as StradaBoy designing a new mission pack, this is gonna be the first MP on Martin_Strada's profile. I've been bored to design those 2 storylines who everyone knows it, so yeah. Go down for more information. In this mission pack, you will play as ballas member Lucas Green, he was served in Ballas for 3 years and then, Lucas flight to Liberty City for 5 years. After those 5 years, when he came to his hometown hood, he saw some strange activities in Ballas territory, dealers are everywhere, now Lucas has to fight the gangs to bring back the strong gang: ''Front Yard Ballas''. In this mission pack, you will fight with your enemies, like Grove Street, Crack Dealers, Aztecas, and Vagos. Lucas's friend and Balla members will help you to kill the enemies. You will get a task from your taskmates, or with your friends. Play it and enjoy! Lucas Green: Status: Alive He's the main protagonist in this mission pack. He's will attack with gangs, cops and with people. Interests: Respect, Money, Strength. His Vehicle: Esperanto Jack O-Dawg: Status: Alive He's the Lucas' best old friend, he likes to be in this city and he has some emotional problems. Interests: Driving, Smoking, Killing. His Vehicle: Voodoo T-Philip: Status: Alive He also was known as Philip Jay. He was in San Fierro and left Ballas for 2 years, and then he came back to Los Santos and meet his friends in Ballas turf. Interests: Playing, Drinking, Cars. His Vehicle: Savanna Aiden Green: He's Lucas' brother, he's stronger than him. He always gets mad, when his brother is stronger than him, but he's not. Status: Alive Interests: Money, Agility, Driving. His Vehicle: Blade Dawson: He's the leader of the gang ''Front Yard Ballas''. He doesn't like when his members stab him in the back, he's serious. He grew into the gang culture and got his PhD from it with a little overstatement. He is a typical suburban thug, who doesn't knows, and doesn't wants to know anything else out of his neighbourhood. He got pretty made from gangbanging, got his own big house, a store in East Los Santos, and a good reputation in the Ballas, which he represents 24/7/365. Status: Alive Interests: Speeches, Killing, Extortion. His Vehicle: Tahoma 1. DEMO Please play my missions, and feedback them! THANK YOU! People, this topic is in progress, be patient, until I update more of topic features.
  23. The year is 1993, a very big group called "BnatGroup" (original name, do not steal) is trying hard to take over Los Santos, BnatMan, the BnatGroup leader is hiding in the Jefferson Motel. The BnatMan and his men are kidnapping random people, brainwashing them and turning them into BnatPeople, so they can work for the BnatMan. Meanwhile, you are just another nameless SWAT member who was sent with a random team to the Jefferson Motel, to find and kill the BnatMan. However, things do not go as planned.... BnatMan - BnatGroup leader, you need to hunt him down. BnatPicture: You - some random nameless SWAT member, sent to kill BnatMan. Picture: BnatGroup (BG) members - you need to kill 'em all. SWAT members - some random swat guys, they like to kill BG members. Picture: Mission 1-3 download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53023 Mission 4 download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53164 Mission 5 download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53196 Mission 6 download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53238 Mission 7 will release on 25th May Mission 8 will release soon... Yes, only 6 missions are done, more coming soon! Enjoy the mission pack!
  24. NorthRock

    Carl on Duty

    Few Words From Me: Hello, DYOM Community! I'm designing my First Mission Pack. I'll have a lot of time from 13th March on wards.This is not a remake nor a copy of any other MP or Game. Please be careful in using your tongue. No Bad Words or Arguing here. Story: Carl "CJ" Johnson, at one night, walks out of his house and finds nobody on the street nor any cars. He wonders if that is a riot. Many bombs explode in Grove Street, He manages to rush out. He freely walks looking for some people but, another bombs blast and CJ gets injured n the Bomb Blast. He is then taken to S.A.W.T. ( San Andreas Warfare Team) Camp. He talks to two of the guys who were standing beside Carl. He wakes up and finds himself there. He communicate with those guys who tells them that Enemy Countries are attacking San Andreas. Later they both are identified as Captain Cost and Larry Townley. The Captain comes and asks CJ about his health. CJ claims to join S.A.W.T. and the action begins... Characters: Carl "CJ" Johnson: The main protagonist and a member of S.A.W.T. (Playable) Captain John Prince: Leader of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Captain Cost: Assistant Leader of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Larry Townley: A Member of S.A.W.T Team (Non-Playable) Unnamed Pilot: Pilot for S.A.W.T. (Non-Playable) Rabbit: A Member of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Captain Friendlies: Co - Assistant Leader of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Admiral: A Member of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Captain Dragovich: Enemy - Leader of Russian Force 141. Captain Reznov: Enemy - Assistant Leader of R.F.141. Daniels: Enemy - Co - Assistant leader of R.F.141. Missions: Mission No. 1 - Welcome to The War! STATUS- 100%/100% DIFFICULTY - Easy USAGE OF GUNS - No! Mission No. 2 - S.A.W.T. Training STATUS - 100%/100% DIFFICULTY - Easy USAGE OF GUNS - Yes! Review: None. Because no Mission was uploaded. Credits: SPECIAL THANKS TO - Martin Strada for giving an Idea (By making Modern Frontlines). Amethyst for name suggestion. Nuddle Kid Gregorio150 Gregorio1
  25. GoldenFreddy

    [MP] The killer of Friend

    This is a Romanian MP, I'll do it in English after I finish it. Characters Main Mark Bigman - Is the protagonist of the MP, a random civillian with a criminal brother. Lara Cooperck - Is Mark's best friend and actually she has a crush on Mark, she is a Spy for Police Department. Mike Noble - Is a old friend of Lara and her Enemy in the same time. He payd Tylor to kill Lara and Mark. Tylor Mendez - He is a criminal that haves piles at Army. He is killing Everyone for money, money is his life. Episodes (appears in one episode) David Bigman - His brother is Mark and he is a Serial Killer. He wants to protect his family and friends. Jesse Mendez - She is Tylor's sister, she help Tylor, but she's a traitor too. Story Mark was doing his rutine, helping people at Pizza Stacked, when Tylor almost killed him, but Lara saved him. Mark and Lara were catched by Taylor, when he was about to shoot, David ran into Mark's face to save him. For no reason in one day, Mike was trying to kill Tylor and to be Army Commander, but when "trying to kill him" a sniper shot him in heart. WIP This is my first MP btw, so don't think is the best. Chapter 1 Ascunzatoarea?:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52941 Sacrificiul : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52942

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