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  1. zeko

    [MP] Elysium

    (Credits go to M316 for the logo) Welcome to ELYSIUM. STORY: The journey begins as a group of seemingly skilled people are invited to a meeting, orchestrated by a cunning man who's ready to do business anywhere - anytime. MISSIONS: INTRODUCTION CHAPTER ONE - PART ONE NOTE: To be able to play this mission-pack, you must install DYOM IX. Link here: https://gtaforums.com/topic/981899-dyom-ix-modification-for-dyom/ THEME SONG: CREDITS: M316, After San Andreas & Raxo; for creating the skins and textures available for this Mission-Pack. Dutchy3010 & PatrickW; for making the mod Design Your Own Mission. Halter; for making the mod Design Your Own Mission IX.
  2. ghettospaghetti


    STORY: San Fierro, 1991... After spending 10 years in prison on distribution charges, 32 year old Trent Andrews is released. A lot's changed since he's been gone, most of the people he knew are dead. A once feared and respected cocaine dealer, he realizes the game's changed and crack is the "new, hot" drug on the streets, he finds out after meeting up with an old friend. His friend, Jack Callahan, also informs him that the Triads and the Valdez cartel are at war against the Bianchi family and the O'Connor Crew. Jack explains his plan to infiltrate the gangs and cause them to turn against their fellow men and their allies and destroy themselves, all while Trent, Jack and their friends build their crack/drugs business. CHAPTER 1 DOWNLOAD: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/72156 CHAPTER 2 DOWNLOAD: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/72842 CHAPTER 3 COMING SOON Characters/gangs details will be added to this topic after this mp is complete.
  3. Don't forget to give good feedbacks for this MP.
  4. RedBaronFromTheUG

    [MP] GTA SA - Episodes From San Andreas

    RedBaron PRESENTS: DESCRIPTION Have you ever wondered what it would've been like if the scrapped DYOM system never got scrapped? Well, this is the result and if they also had started to make Episode DLCs for their GTA games as early as 2005. I made 2 episodes itself with 6 chapters each, telling 2 stories of 2 different men. FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL tells the story of Robert Cobane, a Irish-American man who has to solve his father's mess due to his addiction to gambling and the natural trouble magnet the old man has. You take work for anyone just so you can achieve your ultimate goal... Leave the USA to reunite with the rest of your family in Ireland, as there it is more friendly and less violent than good 'ol america, and you can rest easy in that country's cities, and lay low for a good while, whilst coping with what happened. PROTECT AND SERVE is the age old classic tale of a Good Cop in a Crapsack World. Follow the story of Edward Nashton, as he tries to handle Police Work whilst trying to forget what went down in the Gulf War. Which doesn't work out very well considering very shortly before he entered, he saw his Uncle, Ralph Pendlebury, dead in his own home, shot down to death, his resolve is concentrated on trying to solve who murdered him whilst also handling other cases in the precinct and confronting the corruption of the system head on. Which only means one thing... Trouble, and Eddie just can't seem to get enough of it. Just like in the original Episodes series from IV, this one connects to the main game and sort of acts as a semi-canon story experience as several factors play at hand in both of these men's stories which connect them to the man himself, Carl Johnson. CHARACTERS Most of the characters from original story return, as mission givers and allies in of itself, just as usual, you already know all of them so i'm gonna introduce the new characters. Aleksandr -> Co-Leader of the Russian Mafia, he helps Andre in his criminal ventures, and also forces Robert Cobane to work for his boss, Andre. John Cobane -> Robert Cobane's Father, taught his own son how to shoot at 17, and is a massive gun enthusiast. However the old man is addicted to unhealthy habits such as Gambling. Robert Cobane -> Son of John Cobane, this young man has aspirations of a musician, is hotheaded when confronting issues, extremely violent, and dangerous, but he does all of it for his family, even if he doesn't like his own father that much he'd take a bullet for him. He dreams of going back to his father's homeland and live there, whilst trying to achieve his own dreams of becoming a famous international musician there, and reuniting with the rest of his family. Is childhood friends with Edward Nashton, as both of them liked certain things equally such as Music and Cars, and also covered their own backs, not letting anyone stop them from reaching their dreams and aspirations, as both had a strong resolve. Edward Nashton -> Nephew of Ralph Pendelbury, this young man dreamed of becoming a police officer ever since his childhood, in which he watched old 70's and 80's movies and TV shows about cops, all that good stuff. When the Gulf War blew, he felt it was the perfect opportunity for him to prove himself to his own country that he could fight for the right thing, and he did so extremely profficiently and accurately, but that experience haunts him to this very day and he doesn't like talking about it. However that has a good side, seeing how he was able to get into the Police Station with quite the reputation on his ass. Not long after he passed the police exam, his uncle got killed and he felt an even stronger resolve to solve the mystery of his murder. Is childhood friends with Robert Cobane, as both of them liked certain things equally such as Music and Cars, and also covered their own backs, not letting anyone stop them from reaching their dreams and aspirations, as both had a strong resolve. COLLECTIBLES San Andreas is filled with all types of items to collect, and these 2 don't get any exceptions as each have their own little collectibles. MUSIC SAMPLES Scattered around the State, these music samples will be useful for Bob's future. Why not grab as many of them as you can? (1 per mission) HIDDEN PACKAGES Scattered around the State, the Hidden Packages give exorbitant amounts of Drug Money to criminals, Eddie's goal is to collect them for inspection at the station at the hands of a reliable officer. Why not grab as many of them as you can? (1 per mission) CHAPTERS (Not available Yet) FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL Chapter 1 - Los Santos - TRAILER Chapter 2 - LS Countryside - TRAILER Chapter 3 - San Fierro - TRAILER Chapter 4 - Blaine County - TRAILER Chapter 5 - Las Venturas - TRAILER Chapter 6 - Return to Los Santos - TRAILER PROTECT AND SERVE Chapter 1 - Los Santos - TRAILER Chapter 2 - LS Countryside - TRAILER Chapter 3 - San Fierro - TRAILER Chapter 4 - Blaine County - TRAILER Chapter 5 - Las Venturas - TRAILER Chapter 6 - Return to Los Santos - TRAILER NOTES I began work on this MP at this year in specfic (2023). You can play the first missions of each Guy here, Bob has 3 whilst Eddie has 1: Edward Nashton's first day at the Station. Bob's red BMX got stolen! Bob's first job for the Russian Mafia. Bob's second job for the Russian Mafia. Just note that the quality of these missions ain't final and some of them may have small or drastic changes to suit gameplay. I intend on releasing Fight For Survival Chapter 1 first then Protect and Serve Chapter 1 second. But my final (3rd) middle school year might stop me from doing so. Until then, thanks for reading this thread.
  5. Three underlings unknown to each other attack the Los Santos Police Department in the middle of the night. They don't know their names, but each is certain of their mission and motivation. When two are killed and the third leaves the scene with several bullet wounds, the picture of an ordinary raid takes on a completely different look. The latter meets Dick Schultz, supposedly the one who was supposed to be on the mission instead of them. Mission 1 - Debut
  6. Train And CJ

    [MP] Kalamuta

    Description Kalamuta is a Slavic metropolis where crime and oligarchy flourish, where important meetings of millionaires and politicians take place, where you can build your empire or fight against crime in any of its forms. In the project, we will play for a gangster named Blud, who wants to arm the whole world, because without it he does not see him, also for a gangster named Vatslav, who wants to build his own #1 criminal empire in the world. Genre: Action, thriller, first person The project will be divided into episodes (each episode has 3-4 missions). Each episode will be released after its full completion. I'll ask you a simple question: Are you not tired of playing in third person and watching long and boring cutscenes? That's what I thought, so I decided to add the ability to play in first person using the mod of the same name and also decided not to use cutscenes. The question is why? It's simple, first-person gameplay will help you feel a new game experience and immerse you more in the atmosphere of the project, and removing all the cutscenes, I... I just don't want to use them. Therefore, the game will be in some way similar to the «Half-life» series of games. To play you will need to have: DYOM# v1.5, AudioFX, DYOM IX, First Person Mode. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know and I will fix them. Lore: Kalamuta Kalamuta, a city that has recently been in a not-so-good state because of political differences. Gangs rise and fall, many weapons come into the city illegally, because of what Kalamata is considered one of the dangerous cities, but the city is not allowed to drown in crime by the brave policemen who protect it. Kalamuta resembles an American metropolis located in the east of Europe, where a lot of Slavic peoples live. This is because of the fact that under the city there is one of the largest mines in the world, which helped to bring the city to the form it has today. The population of Kalamuta is multi-ethnic, because of its geographical location. The city is on the border of many Slavic states, therefore, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Czechs, Poles, Serbs, Croats, Montenegrins and many other nationalities live here. The city itself and its surroundings are quite diverse, areas of the city itself can even resemble individual cities, because of significant difference in infrastructure. The east of Kalamuta is mostly small houses, shabby roads and gangs on every corner, who, although they break the law, but graciously abide by the «Gang Code». Already in the city center, starting from the very north of the city and right up to the south, looks like a business area, politicians, people of "business" and young millionaires like to sit there very much. They discuss important matters, relating not only to the region itself, but even countries, and in some cases the world's problems, therefore, it will not be surprising to meet some politician or very famous people. In the west of Kalamuta there are many bars, restaurants and the largest beach in the region; people come here to take a break from routine affairs or just to live a “luxurious life”. Despite the different levels of the city, all the inhabitants here are kind and hardworking, which also greatly helped the city to become a kind of Slavic metropolis. The Kalamuta region is also not deprived of attention and money (in some cases). When the Evil Empire had just collapsed, in the Kalamutska oblast (that's what it's called in the sovereign language) a lot of money and investments were made, but over time, because of the arrival of the oligarchy, the financing of the region ceased, therefore the roads here are in very poor condition. In the region of Kalamuta there are a lot of villages located next to each other, the favorite pastime of the inhabitants of the region is to go to extract ore in mines that stretch right up to other countries. Lore: Gangs Gangs in Kalamuta are a separate kind of life. Mostly they are located in the east of the city, but also often they can be found in the west. They deal with different crimes (gang wars, racketeering, capture of territories, arms sales, bribery, minor violations of the law and much more). Even though they always break the law, the gangsters all follow the «Gang Code». The «Gang Code» is the rules that all gangsters in and out of Kalamuta must follow, those who do not comply with them are not considered a gangsters and will always be hunted by gangs. The «Gang Code» describes the following rules: The «Gang Code» must be fulfilled by everyone who is somehow connected with gangsters or is a gangster. It is forbidden to racket for no reason, assault other gangs and houses / buildings, etc., sell weapons outside the territory controlled by the gang itself, arrange so-called «raids» without warning another gang («raids» are also completely prohibited on police, politicians, or non-gang-related buildings). It is forbidden to conduct a gang war in the territory not controlled by gangs. It is forbidden to involve ordinary citizens, foreign people or politicians in gang wars. This list is not exhaustive, here are the basic rules of the «Gang Code». Gang wars are every gangster favorite thing in Kalamuta. For the whole history of Kalamuta, after the fall of the Evil Empire, several big gang wars happened, called the First Big Gang War and the Second Big Gang War. The gang war has its own rules, described in the «Gang Code». There can be several gang wars in a year, they are mostly small and run out pretty quickly (often by the arrest of someone's gang leader). ™Train And CJ (2023)
  7. Dmitry Lisov's universe was created in 2019 after the release of Old World Music and has since included six mission sets and two spin-offs. DLU is inspired by the Fallout games. The action takes place mainly in San Andreas, all the events of GTA San Andreas never happened. Grand Theft Auto characters do not exist in the DLU. This thread serves as the primary hub for all DLU-related content and information and will be updated with each new entry released. In all mission packs, English dubbing has been added, unlike the Russian version. Old World Music W.I.P
  8. STORY Leon Scott Saunders, a psychotherapist living with his girlfriend Meryl in the dangerous city of Los Santos, faces a nightmare when he finds her murdered one evening. When Detective Thomas refuses to investigate and closes the case as just another murder by a serial killer, Leon takes matters into his own hands. He seeks revenge against the corrupt rats within the police force and vows to uncover the truth behind Meryl's death. But as he delves deeper into the dark underworld, he realizes that the repercussions may be deadly. DOWNLOADS Act 0: Download Start | Release Date: March 17 2023 - April 20 2023 MAIN THEME SCREENSHOTS CREDITS Game Bag - Creator Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - Design Your Own Mission v8.1 You - Downloads | Gameplays | Reviewers
  9. M316


    More chapters coming soon....... This MP was originally under development back in the summer of 2019 and went as far as making an announcement and first 4 missions that didnt get published but eventually the author, me, came to the plans of not continuing DYOM at the time........ until this year.
  10. SAN ANDREAS ADVENTURES: Los Santos Short summary: The year is 2002, and Los Santos is a well populated city that if full of opportunity. Unfortunately not everyone in Los Santos is enjoying themselves as 28 year old Fredric Jamerson as been forced to undertake deadly tasks for the higher ups in the city. His own mistakes have led to this, and now he must work himself to near death in order to undo his past actions. Message from creator: I wanted to make a story that was just like a traditional GTA game. This is only a demo, the full release will be in the future. Feel free to comment your thoughts and what you liked and didn't like so I know what to improve on. I plan to make a least 40 missions, trailers, screen shots, and cover art, but for now it's just a short demo. Enjoy. https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/73143
  11. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Additional Side Missions Hi! I'd like to make my own side missions for this game, so I will make some using DYOM! You can also help me by giving me some ideas of what side missions should I make! Projects See the Sight Before your Flight! The SA Tour
  12. GKHEAT

    [MP] New Kings

    About me Hi, It's GKHEAT an Indian DYOM designer. I Love making missions in GTA SA. Thanks a lot for making this amazing mod Dutchy3010, PatrickW and other members for helping them. After finishing my previous MP "The Trip". I have started a new MP called "New Kings" based on a book of Charity Oliver. hope you like it. Feel free to live your feedback. I am waiting for your Feedback. "Gang first family second" was all he heard his brother Jaydan say as a kid. Ever since Jaydan brought Zaylin in the gang life, he promise his self that he would over throw his brother empire. With his new friend Trey to help, but one wrong move can sacrifice there life. Will you live by the code or choose family over all? Credits GKHEAT for making the MP Dutchy3010 & PatrickW; for DYOM (Designing Your Own Mission) Rockstar Games; for GTA San Andreas Game Development You; for viewing, downloading, and playing the MP.
  13. Pandemia is a little connection with Codename Q4: Biohazard by Boy Of The Cones. First of all, let's start to explain the collaboration. Why I am collaborating with @Usuario1? He is a good designer and I'm gonna say, survival theme is my favorite one and I really like to survive in this kind of MP. Pandemia contains a virus who just infected all people of San Andreas and Max, a 30-years-old guy have a mission, which is to find his daughter in the whole state of San Andreas. Pandemia is a portuguese project made by Usuario1 and overall, this looks a very nice MP and we decided to give you the english version translated by Boy Of The Cones. We're proud to distribute this Mission Pack to DYOM Community and we're still working hard. https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50420 https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64292 Greetings everyone. This time I'm going to review the first chapter of Pandemia made by Usuario1. I'll review the whole prologue of this MP. Let's get going to review; Mission name: Prologue (1) Writing (Good) No spelling mistakes found. Just a little grammar mistakes but I'm not sure about it, the dialogues were explained almost good. Not perfect. Presentation (Good) Almost all the cutscenes were made almost good, I found some errors in hiding actors. This type of mistake can make the mission almost bad. The rest is fine. Mission name: Prologue (2) Writing (Well) Same as the previous mission. A guy named Lucas was planning to go to the Cluckin Bell to meet Max and his daughter. Length (Too short) This mission it can be done around 10 minutes or more, it depends on people. Lucas was finding a car to go to Cluckin Bell to meet Max with his daughter. Gameplay (Very simple) There are some cutscenes which they explain the tutorial, this tutorial says: ''There will be times when you will have 2 options to leave without damage. 1° Option is you explore the place to get weapons. 2° Option is to try to face the enemies, but beware of your choices. This type of tutorial isn't needed because you always do two choices. I can easily take the weapon and kill the enemies without problems. Dfficulty (Easy) I like the factory's scenery, but I would see some objects which that represents the theme of an outbreak. Mission name: Prologue (3) Writing (Decent) Same as the first mission. Max's car doesn't have enough fuel to escape. Also, no spelling mistakes found. Just a little grammar but fine. Length (Good) This type of mission about finding or explore the area it can be done around few minutes, it depends on people about it. The second part was good but you should make some objects as I said in the previous mission. I like it the atmosphere and was made very well. Rating Cutscenes: 6.5/10 Actions: 7.0/10 Overall: 8.0/10 Review made by @boy of the cones. Don't forgot to give a feedback for this MP. #multi-language project
  14. IN THE NAME OF GOD Story People in Montgomery rioted for an unknown reason S.W.A.T and Sheriff are trying to defuse the insurgency but peoples' are stronger than Police's the question is, who provides them with weapons? and what is the cause of the riot? In all Police can't find reason. Characters Pictures Mission 1:Can we defeat them? DOWNLOAD Mission 2:Casualties DOWNLOAD Mission 3:Casualties [2] DOWNLOAD Mission 4:More Power DOWNLOAD PICTURES Mission 5:S.W.A.Ts Plan DOWNLOAD Strongly Recommended use this skin Strongly Recommended Use Mod loader PICTURES
  15. Martin_Strada


    MARTIN STRADA PRESENTS A DYOM MOVIE AND REBOOT OF THE ENTIRE MISSION PACK OF WARFIGHTER SERIES. War.. War that you've never seen in San Andreas. With hard situation conflicts, and two big countries fighting together with their hands. 1991, after dissolution of Soviet Union. Russia become weak for a decades. Unfortunately for everyone, peace was inevitable, and Russia decided to invade some land like: Georgia, Abkhazia, Chechnya and Crimea. After their success of the invasion they started to invade Donetsk in 2014. 2019, Russians won the Donetsk war, Ukrainian people weren't happy about this and became poor while Russia is invading half of Ukraine. Russians are destroying the state with a brutal iron fist, and the Ukraine and other European countries is making a stand to prevent the state from falling to the hands of the CSTO special forces. On March, NATO commenced a large scale attack on the Russia, while at the same time, the Russians have successfully captured and defended half of Europe with a huge, strong army. Meanwhile, some insurgent leaders from the middle east started a coup in the middle east to fight and became stronger against the deadly contacts. U.S.A. had no choice but to stop this madness, they are doing what they can to sort this conflict out while Russia is getting bigger by capturing European countries, some of them were occupied and captured by Russians just to brainwash people in Europe and believe that Russia can do it. There are some Ultranationalist Rebels seperated in U.S.A. to make the country weak and U.S. Special Force managed to found the intel of them that they are doing suspicious activity that they don't know yet. Main Characters: Pvt. Riley McGreen - A character which was in the original Warfighter series (2016). A recruit to the 22nd U.S. Black Squad led by Cpt. Aaron. Cpl. Pagan - A skilled shooter and sniper in 4th U.S. Recon Sharpshooter Squad. He was an USMC soldier until he got captured by Unknown terrorists and Russian Armed Force in 3 days and yet noone came to save him so he had to escape by himself, was a Resistance force fighter until U.S. came and he joined the U.S. force. Cpt. Aaron - An American special forces soldier and a leader of American special force Black Squad. Pfc. Bishop - A member of American Special Force team led by Cpt. Aaron. He's an experienced special forces operator. Sgt. Jack Collin - The head of the U.S. Army in San Andreas. He's loyal to U.S.A. and never leaves anyone behind. Sgt. Lion Sanderson - An another head of the U.S. Army in San Andreas. He's always right and being with Jack Collin. Dominic - 'Dominic' is a heavy pilot fighter and also codename of a Russian informant in Ultranationalists and an ally of the U.S. Army and Special Forces. Antagonists: Gen. Maxim Grozny - He's a deadly Lieutenant general and commander of Russian forces. His goals are to make are to create a global war between Europe and the Middle East in order to protect Russia. Killing those who stand in his way, Destroying everything in his path. Killing those who stand in his way. Commander Kiril Misha Anatoly - A dangerous commander and 2nd charge of Russian forces. He is the right hand man to Mirko Viktor known as the Russian General. He's getting whatever he wants, philosophizing on his goals: pollution, extremism, mongering, corruption, destruction, manipulation. Jawhar el-Yusuf - A prominent member of the terrorist organization: ''Alramat Mubasharatan''. Plodding, assiduous, and exceptionally merciless in his tactics. He starts a coup in middle east to become stronger to fight against inmortal countries who gets on their way. Sevastian Anatoly - A russian hitman and a soldier who wants a downfall of U.S. His goal is hunt down the Black Squad, Marines, Deserters. He's doing the attempted genocides, attempted destruction, murder, extremism, abuse of position. If some Russian soldier disagrees or disobey with him, he will kill anyone in his eyes. Coming Soon. Factions: U.S. Black Squad - The special force, handpicked group of warriors in America. Cpt. Aaron and Control is charge of the faction. Their main goal is to stop the Ultranationalist Rebels and Russians to stop them with their Chemical weapons until they'll nuke several cities to blame U.S. for it. USMC (United States Marine Corps) - An american faction who has the mission to hunt down their main target: Jawhar el-Yusuf. They need to eliminate him, until they will nuke the cities, and do genocides to the innocent people. British SAS - A special air service from United Kingdom. The SAS was founded in 1941 as a regiment, and later reconstituted as a corps in 1950. The unit undertakes a number of roles including covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action and hostage rescue. Russian CSTO Forces & Occupants - Comrades who want to invade the entire Europe to bring back their land back, show everyone how powerful they are and not forgotten. Their country began to lose oil fields and supplies so they have to bring them back. The orders were from CSTO. American Rebels & Ultranationalist Rebels - The dangerous bandits who believes Russia and want to bring back the communism together. American Rebels also known as Communist Freedom Fighters are the soldiers who creates their own freedom, justice. Alramat Mubasharatan - A terrorist insurgent organization: ''The Straight Shooters'' who invades the middle east with their soreignty, they fight without any sorrow, they are making some agreements with the other Islamic terrorist organizations. Jawhar el-Yusuf is the charge of the terrorist organization. They stoled some chemical gas from other countries to be strong or terrorize people in Europe. W.I.P./Coming soon. Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - For DYOM, without them, there wouldn't be any mission pack. Rockstar North - For making a game called: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Martin_Strada - For making a DYOM movie. You - For watching. Make sure to give your opinions about the movie. THANK YOU FOR WATCHNG!
  17. THBP

    V for Vinegar 2

    Following 20 years after the events that led San Andreas into chaos, the island of Lilspot, a little county near the city of Los Santos, is still abandoned and suffering with the horrors of war. Livia, an old prisoner of the Army and now a member of a group called “The nomadics”, passed through a lot in her life and raised her two twins alone, while crossing the whole county trying to find a safe place to stay. Now that both have grown up, the doubt of their true paternity and a lost brother will make them travel to the city of Santa Maria, the center point of the island, where a conflict between two factions occur since the beginning of the riots. In the middle of so many suspense, they will experience in their skin the brutality of war, as well as find out many revelations about their own family. V FOR VINEGAR 2: A WHOLE NEW MAP AND A WHOLE NEW STORY
  18. CODENAME E.U.C.K- A NEW TATICAL ESPIONAGE MISSION PACK CODENAME E.U.C.K is a tatical espionage (a.k.a stealth by the community) is a DYOM Mission Pack, created by Seygull Studios. The goal of this mission pack is to create stealth , Metal Gears feel and gameplay. Currently, MPACK is in development by one person, so if you want to join, or have some ideas for the operations, feel free to message me! MOD LOADER: http://www.mediafire.com/file/il9soehgo7t2amx/Codename+-+E.U.C.K.rar/file Story takes place in 2003, when the so called United Federation is formed. The goal of this organisation is creating a seperate republic from US, with fascist dictature. They are supported by Fininish Paramilitary Forces, which also want fascist dictature in Finland. A year later, in 2004, U. Fed. is declared a terrorist organisation, and soon, many other organisations are declared so, such as Saviours, Red County Liberation Army, and others... Same year, the SATO is officialy formed, previously being the branch of US Marines. The main goal of S.A.T.O is suppresion of these terrorist organisations. OPERATION I - THE U BOAT DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4zphcggy7zsoq6v/The+U+Boat.zip/file BRIEFING: OPERATION II - NUCLEAR SAVIOURS DL: DYOM - "Codename E.U.C.K: Nuclear Saviours" by Seygull_Studios (gtagames.nl) MORE OPERATIONS COMMING SOON TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdoe64fvjUw&t=8s
  19. MihajloS

    [MP] The Varrios

    MISSION PACK STATUS: COMPLETE DOWNLOAD LINK - http://www.mediafire.com/file/rfcjv0pwx89mx4z/%5BMP%5D_The_Varrios.rar/file The Varrios Hello everyone! This is my first mission pack ever! I made seven missions based on GTA San Andreas gang called Varrios Los Aztecas. I really hope you guys will like the missions and give me some feedback. Story: Story takes place after well known mission "Cesar Vialpando". You play with multiple characters from the game. In only seven missions you manage to make deal with Grove Street Family and completely destroy Los Santos Vagos. Screenshots: Character list: Character name: Cesar Vialpando Character photo: Character name: Jose Character photo: Character name: Gal Character photo: Character name: Sunny Character photo: Character name: Hazer Character photo: Character name: Kendl Johnson Character photo: Character name: Carl Johnson "CJ" Character photo: Character name: Sean Johnson "Sweet" Character photo: Character name: Melvin Harris "Big Smoke" Character photo: Character name: Lance Wilson "Ryder" Character photo: Character name: Big Poppa Character photo: Character name: Kane Character photo: Credits: MihajloS - Creating the Mission-pack Rockstar Games - GTA: San Andreas Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - DYOM Mod artginPL - Enterable Hidden Interiors With pleasure... MihajloS
  20. Bekapro87

    [MP] The Bruno Crime Family

    This is my new mission pack,called "The Bruno Crime Family" I returned to DYOM and ill be more active in MOTWs. This whole mission pack is inspirised my Mafia 1 BACKSTORY A man named Sergio Bruno created "The Bruno Crime Family" in 1938.Through the years,Bruno Crime Family became one of the most richest mafia families in San Andreas. They also gained a lot of reputation. Meanwhile,a man named Tom Angelo worked as a taxi driver in San Andreas.He is well respected by members of Bruno Crime family.In 1954,While he was working,2 gangsters from the Folliero Crime Family attacked him.Tom escaped to the warehouse where Bruno Crime Family was,and they killed the gangsters which were chasing him.After that,Tom joined the Bruno Crime Family. They did a lot of things,and they taught Tom to fight and shoot very well. Chapter 1 is set in 1954,when Tom is new to all in the family. Chapter 2 is set in 1956,2 years after Tom joined Bruno Crime Family Chapter 3 is set in 1960,Final year of the Bruno Crime Family. CHARACTERS Main Characters Tom Angelo-The protagonist of the MP,former taxi driver. Paul Tommasino-Friend of Tom,member of the Bruno Crime Family. John Russel-Another member of The Bruno Crime Family,also a friend of Tom. Sergio Bruno-Don of the Bruno Crime Family Frank Bruno-Brother of Sergio,a high rank member of The Bruno Crime Family. Antagonists Don Folliero-Main antagonist of the game,he is the don of Folliero Crime Family. Leo Pirozzi-A high rank member of the Folliero Crime Family ??? - thats for you to find out when chapter 3 comes out MISC: Weapon pack (optional,but reccommended.) https://www.upload.ee/files/11427293/BCF_Weapon_Pack.zip.html Missions Chapter 1: Mission 1-Smackdown - - - - - Chapter 2: - - - - Chapter 3: - - - - -
  21. MihajloS

    The Delta Force

    MihajloS presents... His first project... [ Story: Theme song: Beta mission:
  22. YGE

    Cowboys Vs Mafia

    Cowboys Vs Mafia is officially canceled Story: Warning: Spoiler Questions that people asked for See you in other MP
  23. Yasir_RFL

    [MP] Anxious Power

    Story: Kendric MacBeth and Zadok MacBeth are two brothers suffering from hardships to earn money and keep their mother healthy. Whereas their father is a cruel, alcoholic and drug addict. Father relies on his sons for the money and causes domestic violence oftenly. But one day, everything goes upside down for Kendric and Zadok, it is time that they will choose their one ultimate path out of many ways. Characters: Episodes: Episode1- "Beyond the Surface" Episode2- "Decision of Fate" Episode3- "Illegal Forest" Episode4- "Drunk Philosophy" Episode5- "Conspiracy" Download: All Episodes, SD and Mods included World Info: The story takes place inside RFL Universe. Los Santos: Average crime rate, mostly drugs and street fight cases. San Fierro: Unstoppable crime rate, city is filled with evil people, robbers and underworld dons. The Goverment is corrupted and gain profits from taxes and helping underworld dons. The Minister of city has destroyed law system and the cops are all sold out. There is no fairness at this place, people fight for daily bread, everyday. Las Venturas: Hardworking Police Department has established peace here, low or almost no crime rates. LVPD helps all over the country including LS, SF and other parts of map. Theme: Anxious Power/Kendric Theme Credits: Yasir RFL- For making this mission pack, skins and universe. M316- For making skins. RedBaron- For testing. Dutchy and Patrick- For making DYOM. SIZZZ- For making DYOM#
  24. Polski Oski

    Alive Death - Beyond [MP]

    Hello and Welcome to my first big Project on DYOM Scene! Project which doesn't focus on the action, but which focuses on the storytelling in the world of an Outbreak. I plan multiple seasons with at least 10 Episodes per season. It is the year 2000. World was hit by a deadly disease, which caused global panic. In the matter of weeks, San Andreas state was infected, with two major cities falling and millions of infected roaming around the state. Carl Tenner, robber from Dillimore who was shot during one of his robberies, woke up 5 months after the Outbreak started. He needs to learn how to survive in this new world now. Carl Tenner Carl was a robber in small town of Dillimore. After getting shot, he was transfered to Las Venturas Hospital where he was in stasis for 5 months. When he woke up, he realised that the world he knew doesn't exist anymore and will have to learn how to handle himself in this new reality. Jimmy Davisson Ex-policeman from Las Venturas. When the Outbreak started, he was one of the first evacuated people in the city. Evacuation failed and Jimmy was the only survivor. He tried his best to get to San Fierro, but military personel doesn't let anyone in. As he stated, his only duty is to protect as many people as possible from the danger of this new world. Henry Ex-policeman from Dillimore. He witnessed his own wife turning into one of the infected at the start of the Outbreak. Nobody knows which side he choose but he is determined to survive, even if he has to leave someone behind. Now he works with Vincent, who took control over Area 69 and will not stop at nothing to get what he wants. Sway - Project idea and storytelling help. M316 - creating skins for this MP. Toront27 - Trying out Demo version, feedback. The project is still WIP. There will be more information over time.
  25. Oi mates. This is ilikebanana and here I present my recent mission pack with three completed chapters. There are more chapters coming, hopefully =))) A New Tale For now, 3 chapters, each one consists of 7 missions. A New Tale is an entirely new storyline separated from the original game's lore but at some points, there are some minor connections to the original game's story too. (You will see them while playing the missions.) The story revolves around a small group of friends: Peter, Barry, Gordon & David who have been close buddies since childhood. They are originally from Luton's poor area, and when they were teen, they moved to US with a smuggling ship since their motherland didn't offer them anything. When the group entered Liberty City, they started making money through illegal ways including robbing people, drug dealings, etc. The more they did, the better their skills became. Peter was the most talented one among them, so his words mattered a lot in the squad. After years of crime life in Liberty City, they were offered by the Triads of LC to move to Los Santos for a gun deal. Even though they had history with the Triads, they still accepted it. The first mission is literally the squad entering Los Santos for the deal in the airport. At first, you will be playing as Peter but as the story continues, you're gonna play as more characters. ---The starting characters of the story--- ---The rest of the characters will be slowly introduced as you progress the story--- Chapter one to three All of the missions will have their own SD. For now, only the first chapter's SD is prepared. First chapter's SD Second chapter's SD NOTES: * No mods are required, except of course, DYOM :)) ** Third chapter is made with DYOM IX. So you will need IX version of the mod for that chapter. *** It's personally recommended to play without frame limiter, so you won't face any issues. **** All of the missions were tested by me, so if you have any crashes, it's just the game randomly crashing. You can try again. Feel free to give any advice or criticisms about the mission pack
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