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  1. Winner of The Best Conversion in GTAForums Annual Awards 2017, 2018, and 2019 Grand Theft Auto Re: Liberty City Stories (or Re:LCS) is a "Remake" of Liberty City Stories on PC with GTA Vice City engine as its base for better feeling of the game compared to other 3D era GTA engine AND its what original Liberty City Stories game engine based off, Made by @Ryadica926 with contributions from the community for you. Remember, this mod (Re: LCS) is completely different mod from "LCS PC Edition" based on San Andreas. So, please don't call this mod just "LCS PC" or "LCS PCE" be
  2. Hi! Since I like to modify wanted level system in III era because it's a significant part of the game I decided to make another mod. As you can see this mod is a 6th WL star related (the second military mod made by me) and it makes the tanks attack you with cannons. With this mod GTA will slightly remind you to some war game: 04.06.17 Tank Fire 1.4 - fixed game crash from the previous version, - removed tank aiming when the soldier exits the tank. 20.02.17 Tank Fire 1.3 - fixed player's tank "frozen aiming", - removed aiming ability for destroyed N
  3. Son Of Big Boss

    SOBB's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop. Here you'll find lore friendly vehicle mods and accurate beta vehicle recreations for the classic GTA Trilogy. Some content is still under development, so the workshop will receive updates from time to time. If you want to support me you can donate a bit of money, I will appreciate any help granted. Become my Patron https://www.patreon.com/sonofbigboss Shoutout to Mr. Jago and R4gN0r0K for their support as Patrons Otherwise, if you want to donate using Paypal instead: Note: It is highly recommended, for
  4. BEGINit

    Shine o' Vice

    It's 1987. Vice City. A whole year has passed since Tommy Vercetti removed Diaz and Sonny Foreli thus becoming a new drug lord. But this story is not about him. Flint Casie - a new mobster from Liberty City - comes to this city in pursue of a mystery. His brother was killed here in Vice yet his rest in peace was ruined by an unknown party who completely destroyed his funeral. By coming here Flint expects find out who's behind it. Unfortunately, he will soon enough realise that things here are not done so easy. Coming soon...
  5. MrFinger

    [SA] Uncompressed SFX Pack

    The amount of attempts at finding the original sources of the GTA sounds were in vain, almost to nothing could've been found about them until now. Now, we have found literally what has been searched for years. This modification gives you an experience on what the sounds are like without much compression. For now only version for SA is available. III and VC versions coming soon! List of new HQ uncompressed sounds [SA] : Bonus folder contains HQ versions of: Don't forget to watch comparison videos below!: Down
  6. Vice City: BETA Edition is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with the goal of returning most, or if not all cut features in development (at least, what is known and/or is possible). This will include/restore things such as removed buildings, cut dialogue, pedestrian looks, general atmosphere & much more to deliver the most authentic experience. All information comes from several sources, such as BradyGames' Official Strategy Guide, Manual / Pre-Release Screenshots & Leftover Files. I don't plan to make anything which has little to no proof of its exis
  7. Forever L

    [III|VC|SA] Spanish GXT

    This is kind of complicated isn't it? In case you don't know, I'm from Argentina. The Spanish language is my main language. The GXT versions of all the GTAs (I think) have always been translated into Spanish, but the one spoken in Spain. I have nothing against the work they did, but it is done with many peculiarities of that form of Spanish, such as the way of speaking, or certain very specific words. That, and an incredible and horrible censorship. There was never an official version of a more 'neutral' Spanish for the other countries,
  8. ABOUT A simple modification which aims to remaster the Menu Interface and Radar elements, giving them the same quality and visual aesthetic from the 10th Anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas. Every single icon has been upscaled into a higher resolution, replaced with different icons from other titles, and/or recreated from scratch which improves over the vanilla ones, such as the radar icons giving them the same quality as War Drum Studios' remaster. Compatible with ThirteenAG's IV Hud. REMASTERED ICONS Missi
  9. Forever L

    [VC] Updated InGame Characters

    Start over. As everyone knows, the cutscenes characters have much more quality than those that appear in-ingame. Taking up one of my first jobs, it's time to give you an update, finally. - For now, it will be adapting the cutscenes models for in-game. - New models for those who do not have their counterpart in cutscenes. It is not a quick conversion, each model will be reviewed and arranged to work as well as possible. There are certain things that are removed from the cutscenes models (like buttons, mouth and teeth, as they don
  10. Forever L

    [VC] (Some) SA Vehicles

    Well, I had to try, at least once. This idea came from something very simple: the repetition of vehicles. There are several vehicles that are used for different things in VC. I don't think it's wrong, but a little variety is good. So it occurred to me to adapt some vehicles from San Andreas, which go well with the VC atmosphere. It's the first time I edit vehicles, so I ask for patience (like everything else). It is not in my plans, adapt ALL vehicles from SA. I don't want to go crazier than I am. @Son Of Big Boss for Help/Suppo
  11. Under new management This mod is a Total Conversion for III/VC and possibly SA that aims to bring the original Grand Theft Auto to the 3D era. While working on this, I will be trying to learn more about modding GTA III and Vice city. That said, help is always appreciated GTA Renderware Edition - III Progress: GTA Renderware Edition - VC Team Original Map - Ss4gogeta0 & Redreaper666 Collisions and editing - Sharpie_Eastern Porting & Ped Paths - Sharpie_Eastern Vehicles & Peds
  12. VRTP (Vice City Retexture Project) is a mod that aims to retexturize the game completely. The first version was released in March of 2017, and was completely recreated because i thought the quality of the mod was not very good. Special Thanks and Credits To: Dimzet13 RoSA Project Team (and all the people that helped the development of the mod) ThePedro004 FireBurns Treyarch OjTrue DingleMan Rim (I've picked some Textures From LCS Mobile) Arab (CYP) (I've picked some Textures From LCS Mobile) Killer_XD Pequeno
  13. Jimmy

    Jimmy's III Era Workshop

    Welcome to my III Era Modding Workshop. Listed here are the Mods I've made for III Era Games. While I do most of the work, provide appropriate credits to people whose work has been used. Most of my Mods are GTA III based and are Cars, Small Texture Mods or Script Mods. I hope you guys will like them. Also, the mods are linked to their GTAGarage Pages. Feel free to leave feedback on the same. + Cartel Crusher (WIP) Thanks for the feedback everyone. Was working on the Cartel Cruiser earlier and started messing with a few data. Now, I present the Cartel Crusher. It's a sort of Monster Tr
  14. spaceeinstein

    [VC] MiniConsole v2

    I am very hesitant about releasing this but many people have an interest in it, so here it is. This was born out of my need to debug the game more quickly and efficiently so there isn't very many functionalities. Introduction MiniConsole is a plugin for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It allows you to type commands into the game and modify the game's behavior with ease. It is the spiritual successor of my previous CLEO-based MiniConsole and my first stand-alone ASI plugin release. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. Copy SEConsole.asi into Vice City's folder. ConsoleThe conso
  15. Forever L

    [VC] Updated Peds

    Well, it was time to update sometime, right? Well, there isn't much to tell, it's just that: some fixed pedestrians, with some improvisations. [The issue of models with XBOX hands, will remain for later.] Meanwhile, I will leave some images, separating some things. 'Fixed' Tommy Well, I think we all know that Tommy Vercetti's face inside the game differs a lot from the cutscene version. Here I improvise an 'fix' for that, using its cutscene head as the base. 'Fixed' Tommy Here
  16. JDaster


    Smartped "Peds are dumb" If you visit GTAForums, you like GTA, Correct? But let's admin it, peds in RW Gta's are dumb and quite annoying. The police officers are weak, the medics are scared of everything and the worst of all... Tommy is stronger than anybody else, it looks like you are playing a Superhero game! Smartped is a simple, very simple project, that promises some changes, to turn the game more balanced, realistic and fun. All only with some original files replacement, without any additional scripts. PROGRESS
  17. Update, 10/21/2016: universaltwister told me that it was best to put TILC in "Total Conversions", since it's standing out like one. For that, I've owed you one by completing a radio station with a few songs dedicated to you, and of course, putting your cars to perfect use. Update, 10/28/2016: If I don't update this mod and topic like I do at this time of year, blame the 2016 World Series. Update, 11/2/2016: YES, Cubs win the World Series! I now have the motivation to multitask again. (I have something in GMod named "11-16" going on alongside TILC) Update, 12/27/2016: Life has gott
  18. DXWnd is modification for Grand Theft Auto Game this make the windowed mode in Grand Theft Auto III,Vice City,San Andreas and Vice City Stories PC Edition Support Game GTA 3 GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas GTA Vice City Stories PC Edition Check my mod DOWNLOAD https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/
  19. JDaster

    GTA: The Secret Son

    -LOGO COMING SOON- Hi Guys! So today I´m showing you a ambitious project that has been in my mind since last summer. I always dreamed what happens years after GTA Vice City story. STORY Vice City's most powerful man, Tommy Vercetti, becomes seriously ill, and in danger of life. The 19 years of power draw lots of people to take over his place, but one would stand out, and if Tommy had a child? Matteo Vercetti was born in 1986, after the events of Vice City, but has always been kept secret due to the nationality of his mother, Alejandra Rodriguez, a Cuban women. When he was 8 years
  20. OUTDATED! NEW TOPIC: http://gtaforums.com/topic/897705-vrtp-10-the-vice-city-retexture-project/ First of all here I would like to thank DimZet13 for its texture pack, which helped me a lot in the search of the textures ... What is it? VRT is a total retexture of GTA Vice City, it's retextures every part of it. What it features? - Totally mip-mapped textures - Some textures use hq4x filter - the resolution of textures are between 256x256 to 1024x1024 You plan replace all textures? Yes, if possible. You need help with that? Yes, doing everything on your own
  21. .M.S

    Map Textures Fix 0.1

    Hello guys! Today I come to bring a mod inspired by the mod of the same name for SA, in this first version I bring a fix to the hotel laurence, where the "dirt" was without texture, I decided opened the dff in zmodeler, and fixed the texture: Download Locked at user request - Crokey
  22. I'm making a mod for vice city and i wonder if you guys could help me on this I will give you guys credit if you could help me with the features to this. I'm making a mod for Vice city that removes all missions and all the player can do now and run around and have fun. - The Back doors of the Diaz mansion are still there and that garage on the roof. (I'm trying to remove those objects and please help me on that) - The ability to recruit 3 bodyguards for $2000 each from the mansion at the beginning of the game. - When doing the mission 'G-spotlight' There are 3 objects i want t
  23. Shagg_E

    Main Menu Scene

    Aaaaalright. To be honest, I don't like to publish something that wasn't finished, but I did nothing in modding for about a year, except this tool(I'm still working on it), and I'm afraid the next year will be the same for me. Sooooo... Main Menu Scene v.0.9 "Main Menu Scene" gives you the ability to make your own "Main Menu" scenes with custom maps and scripts, if you have enough modding experience. Mod contains simple example in "Ocean View" hotel("Hotel") and an empty menu("Empty"). Mod contains a special ASI loader by DK(winmm.dll), i
  24. YochiThMaster333

    [WIP] GTASA cars to GTAVC and GTA3

    I'm currently making Uranus for GTA 3 and GTA Vice City. nabo45's SA to VC pack: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=2161 You know, I'm using Zmodeler 2.2.5 for converting SA cars to VC and III. Like nabo45's style, SA wheels not included. Pics: GTA SA Cars Progresses in Percent: Uranus - 100% Remington - 100% Stratum - 1% Bravura - 0% Premier - 0% Club - 0% Admiral - 0% Bloodring Banger - 0% Blista Compact - 0% Bullet GT (by Jur1zz) - 0% Downloads: Uranus Remington GTAGarage Link Some Notes: RED - GTA VC Only BLUE - GTA 3 Only
  25. Konmat1998

    [WIP] Vice City Extended Soundtrack

    Welcome everybody First I want say us ,I Can't speak and write english good and If it's possible please improve me. Ok ,Lest's Go ! I like Vice City ,but I like the most music from his ,because I want to expand Radio Stations. I will work only with Flash FM ,Emotion and V-Rock. I listen only this stations. main assumptions: Song from 80's No songs after 1986 No songs grom another GTA series game Song of one author can not be repeated in one Radio station Radio no longer that 2 hour New commersial between songs If possible as many (something like ,,Flash" on Flash FM on songs)
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