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  1. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of my beloved Vice City, it felt only fitting that I would return to modding after a decade to completely destroy the game's difficulty curve and troll speedrunners.... Every main mission and every optional mission (barring submissions and things like stadium events, for now) has been modified. Sometimes the mission plays out mostly the same with additional difficulty, sometimes the mission will have large chunks changed. The mod is also still in beta, I'll be making tweaks and fixes as time goes on and feedback is given, so do let me know of any issues! Current Version 2.3 Full Mod (enjoy, or not): https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/0sp11sp2ijebcxnfijkyz/GTA-Tightened-Vice-V2.3-Full.rar?rlkey=k02az7piax4p64zeipn4g7sm7&dl=0 Streamer Friendly Radio Replacement (Updated 28/12/2022): https://www.dropbox.com/s/gt7gbnezg89cggk/GTA Tightened Vice - Streamer Friendly Radio.rar?dl=0 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This should work with all international versions of the original VC (not DE or Mobile, and it never will). The game will now autosave into slot 7 after every mission passed, however reloading this too often may cause pickup memory issues that require package hunting to fix! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What's Different? Every single main mission and every single optional mission has been changed, tweaked or in some cases overhauled (including all assets). Overhauled weather, traffic and ped systems that make VCs streets an even less friendly place to be. Every hidden package has been relocated. 36 brand new Unique Stunt Jumps. 5+ new vehicles to find, 15+ new outfits to unlock and several new wardrobe pickups to choose them with. Several new car spawns and tweaked weapon spawns. A new savehouse by the docks. Overhauled Vigilante, Paramedic, Distribution & Taxi Driver missions (plus the ability to do Pizza Boy in an alternate vehicle). 3 new stadium events. Overhauled 'PCJ Playground'. 1 new checkpoint mission 'Skimmer Skills' accessible from the plane behind Lance's house. 1 changed RC mission 'You Are A TOY!!" located at the sand track on Washington Beach. Many map additions/tweaks for both in and out of missions. The ability to sprint with heavy weapons, skip phone calls and listen to radio inside of emergency vehicles. Tweaked cutscenes changing some words to better match the new difficulty and in some cases alternate character models. New 100% reward outfit. 30+ new era appropriate songs added to VCs existing radio, including cut beta songs. + More I've probably already forgotten! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tightened Vice is being made with Speedrunners in mind, as such it's a complete package that just needs to overwrite a vanilla VC 1.0 install. This being the case, it also contains several plugins by other authors within it's files. (Hopefully this is still cool here these days...): Widescreen Fixes/Custom Anims plugins/Autosave/Cleo - ThirteenAG SilentPatch - Silent VC Traffic/VC Weather plugins - AK-73 Two Handed Weapon Sprinting - H-G Phone Call Skipping - Jack The radio station "DISTANTCRY" is all sourced from this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/distantcry The radio station "Party Cruise FM" is all sourced from the soundtrack to 'Muppets Party Cruise', composed by Chris Tilton. Special thanks to EnglishBen, good faith bones, Momo_Ouali2001, H0rHe, Mhmd_FVC & Powdinet for feedback, suggestions and inspiration! Special thanks to Lighnat0r & Eidgod for partially inspiring "Tightened Vice" with their "GTA3: Toughened" mod. Old/Outdated Versions: V1.1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r6wylbxvo9rgwrx/GTA Tightened Vice - Test 1.1.rar?dl=0 V1.2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qonckl803sfpjs8/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.2.rar?dl=0 & Shootist Hotfix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/08san6t7mfxf37v/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.2 Shootist Hotfix.rar?dl=0 V1.3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/47ezaexmfgp0urv/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.3.rar?dl=0 V1.35: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lrarirp6ks66ubs/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.35.rar?dl=0 V1.4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmslnbm3znctxxf/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.4.rar?dl=0 V1.45: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2zoa4y3u8hgekgf/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.45.rar?dl=0 V1.5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ijoqmwk60nllgj/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.5.rar?dl=0 V1.6: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3o5myhhu2gfibh1/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.6.rar?dl=0 V1.65: https://www.dropbox.com/s/23e30o9xcpkhwft/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.65 Full.rar?dl=0 V1.7: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vlpg0r49joasg60/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.7 Full.rar?dl=0 V1.75: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rhetl7l3oo766lk/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.75 Full.rar?dl=0 V1.8: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgmivms3dleu8aw/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.8 Full.rar?dl=0 V1.85: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcchwyiaea4jr1w/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.85 Full.rar?dl=0 V1.9: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z4x2cf8n6qj235b/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.9 Full.rar?dl=0 V1.95: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5iasfhquyihmr5/GTA Tightened Vice - V1.95 Full.rar?dl=0 V2.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrai3wovg59pxwk/GTA Tightened Vice - V2.0 Full.rar?dl=0 V2.1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rp003swe6huwnc4/GTA Tightened Vice - V2.1 Full.rar?dl=0 V2.2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7hej6km8py9igo/GTA Tightened Vice - V2.2 Full.rar?dl=0 V2.25: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vlhg5z3sdy8kvu/GTA Tightened Vice - V2.25 Full.rar?dl=0
  2. THE UNDERGROUND BUNKER Welcome to My Underground Bunker, Here you can find some mods I made for GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City! Mods For GTA: San Andreas Mods For GTA: Vice City Mods For GTA: III Work In progress Like my works? want to see more trash mods by me? want to support me or just want to say thanks to me? https://www.paypal.me/CalvinLinardi Rules! Helpful Person / Contributors / Friends / Supporter list: @mpPako | mpPako's Workshop @tigerlim | Tigerlim's Used Car Emporium @TheMadeMan | TMM Auto Imports @XG417 | Extravagant Auto Garage @dirprof | dirprof's Workshop @savidge | $hody Used Autos @Thunderhead | Thunderhead speed shop @Son Of Big Boss | Sobb's Workshop @StarGTS | STAR☆GTS Workshop @TheGhostWheels12 | TheGhostWheel12's The Vehicle Model
  3. Jack

    Wanted Level Editor

    PROJECT WANTED LEVEL EDITOR Go down for download links. About the mod: - Wanted Level Editor is a mod which allows the player to edit a lot of stuff related with the Wanted Level while in game, - Originally it was build up in scm language, now in c++ environment by using plugin-sdk developed by DK22Pac All of the options of this mod are stored inside the xml file and they can be edited either through the in game menu: or directly within the xml file. Projects used to build up this mod: - https://github.com/DK22Pac/plugin-sdk - https://github.com/leethomason/tinyxml2 Install instructions: - extract WantedLevelEditor folder to modloader folder of your gta san andreas directory. Note: Please remember that this mod puts already added vehicles in the police pursuit (it can not be used to add the new vehicles to the game itself), Once the vehicle is added - first you need to check if it works by using some car spawner and then use the Wanted Level Editor. To make the already added vehicle present in the police pursuit and have vigilante mission - use Wanted Level Editor. An example of how to add new vehicle ID to the police pursuit (ID = 5683): DOWNLOAD LINKS: Wanted Level Editor version for SA Wanted Level Editor version for SA Wanted Level Editor version for SA // Wanted Level Editor v1.10 for SAxVCxLC Wanted Level Editor v1.01 for GTA UG // removed Wanted Level Editor for Vice City v2.8.7b Wanted Level Editor for Vice City v2.8.6 Wanted Level Editor for Vice City v2.8.5 Wanted Level Editor for Vice City v2.8.4.E WantedLevelEditor for gta3 v2.5 WantedLevelEditor for gta3 v2.4 WantedLevelEditor for gta3 v2.3
  4. ForeverL

    [VC] (Some) SA Vehicles

    There are several vehicles that are used for different things in VC. I don't think it's wrong, but a little variety is good. So it occurred to me to adapt some vehicles from San Andreas, which go well with the VC atmosphere. It is not in my plans, adapt ALL vehicles from SA. I don't want to go crazier than I am. @Son Of Big Boss Help/Support (Click on the image of the vehicle you want)
  5. NEW TRAILER One of the biggest extension mods for Vice City. I don't know where to start but for summarize, there are lots of additional things but all features are matching with game experience and not breaking anything from vanilla Vice City. INSTALLATION Extended Features is not a standalone project. Installation is very simple. NOW WE HAVE AUTOINSTALLER! Just run Extended_Features_Setup.exe as an Administrator and select your vanilla Grand Theft Auto Vice City game directory. Press Extract and after installation has been finished HAVE FUN! Vice City Extended Features V0.9.5 AUTOINSTALLER DOWNLOAD * Flamingos at the Golf yard * Ducks near by the lighthouse * Chickens in Lttle Havana * Painter, Telephone service personnel, Saxophone player, Violin player, Keyboardist can be found around the city * Tommy uses a parachute when jumping from skyscrapers * Lots of crash and script fixes, +30 scripts are reorganized * Stability improvements IMPORTANT!!!!! Mod requires fresh vice city installation. Please make your vice city game installation under main folder like C:\VC otherwise Cortez Yacht can be under the water problem occured. After you have fresh vice city installation just install extended feature v0.9.5 on it via its installer. IMPORTANT!!!!! OLDER SAVES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION PLEASE START NEW GAME OR USE ONE OF THE SHARED SAVES FILES. NOTE Please don't use old saves from previous versions. Use one of the shared save file or start new game. For the most stable gameplay, run GTALAUNCHER.exe as administrator and click Run GTA Vice City button from the opened window. IMPORTANT!!!! Safehouses and interiors are not directly shown on big map from pause menu. They are getting visible from mini radar map when you get them closer. please use any of this savegames or start new game. SAVE GAMES DISCORD CREDITS - (developers and mods used) @bibidibabidibu @BlackStallionDX @raven54 Rawdog Leonazix EgasVegas MIXAIL Irving Luna @erorcun @Silent @_𝓐𝓖 @MR GARFIELD @Insomnium @=SpitFire= hankbig(evpat) DinosaurBytes @w1nterofficial (artwork) therollingtwig (artwork) very special thanks to our friend and Vice City VHS Mod developer yhwh V0.9.1 Features * Active TV channels in Ocean View Hotel * All vehicles reworked and their styles now match with Vice City. San andreas style vehicles have been removed. * Lots of crash and script fixes 40 of the scripts have been reworked * Stability improvements V0.9 Features v0.9 is the new major beta release for extended features. These things are available, * More stable game and so many bug fixes. * Building Empire system is available. This feature will be active after player finishes the mission "RUB OUT"(killing Diaz). There are 15 new building types that can be occupied, built a business, and the building shape can be chosen by the player. The interiors of these buildings also vary depending on the building type. A total of 5 new missions can be taken from these buildings. Loan Shark, Drug Trafficking(each mission will be random. sometimes everything can go fine, sometimes police can attack ot sometimes dealer can try to sell fake drugs all possibilities are random), Robbery, Smuggling, Protection Racket, Pimping. These missions can be canceled with the Capslock key. When the mission is restarted, it continues from where it last stopped. * All newly added vehicles (around 200) to the game have been rearranged according to the Vice City style. The San Andreas feeling in some of the vehicles has been eliminated. * The problem of female pedestrians making male voices, which has been newly added to the game, has been resolved. * The way the game's zone texts are displayed has been rearranged. * Better night light effects v0.8.1 Features v0.8.1 is the stabilized version of v0.8. * There is no save file destroying crashes. * No zone based crashes * Weapon pickups for newly added are removed. There is hidden gun dealer near the Umberto's Cafe. You can buy them from him * aspect ratio problem is fixed for 16:10 * missing textures are fixed for some props around the city(like bottles, boxes and rubbish) * crash fix when player presses backspace in car * there are 15 more weapons all of them can be bought from secret weapon dealer in front ot Umberto's Cafe. Installation fpr v0.8.1 small fixes and weapon pack is very simple, Just extract contents in 0.8.1_extraweapons_and_fixes.zip file to the already v0.8.1 installed vice city directory. Supports saves from v0.8.1 also. * White rectangle problem for radio station icons is fixed * Random encounters and new things are now visible on radar and there will be arrow above the actors when get closer to them V0.8 Features These things are available with v0.8, Stability and crash fixes are below, * Latest widescreen mod is supported. All cleo scripts like zone text are updated and adapted, * Latest MVL is supported(No collision problems with Rhino and supports the latest Classic Axis on foot), * Skygfx effects are fully supported for vehicles * Auto load for the latest save game when game is started * Save files are now in main game directory under userfiles folder * The Job mission stuck problem is fixed * Money icon disappearing problem for film studio is fixed * Vercetti Mansion interior bugs have been fixed * Crashes that occur after progressing in the game are fixed. New things are below, * There are random events happening in some parts of the map. You can come across with them randomly, -- Cops searching the trunk of the vehicle -- Hookers and their clients in the car at the backstreets. -- Cops at murder scene. -- Cops at robbed shops for investigation. -- Some punks fighting at the backstreets. -- Some punks robbing and threatening civilian at the backstreets. * Tommy will able to shoot from any angle in car. This feature is very close to san andreas drive-by. There was a drive-by feature by Tommi4kaVar4etti but that was not compatible with Classic Axis mod. This one supports Classic Axis also. * There will be active headlights. player won't need to wait till evening time to use headlights. its default button will be L or CAPS LOCK to on and off headlights. For police vehicles there are blue and white switching lights. * Dynamic shadows for player and pedestrians. Bullet holes can be seen on walls. * Better weapon on the ground system. Now there will be light effect under weapons pickups. * Tommy can drop weapons by Back Space key. * Concert hall is active. There will be Love Fist concert, you can visit whenever you want. * There is street animals(cats and dogs). They will be appeared randomly in the map. * There is jumping point nearby Painting shop to the Leaf Links Golf Club. * There is 5 hidden music pickups. When player takes one of them, Tommy will wear headspeaker and will able to listen hidden musics for 15 seconds. * Tarbrush cafe is a buyable and renovatable property. * There is a city center office for Sunshine Autos. This place will be a buyable property and there will be new side missions for each vehicles in the store. After passing each missions, vehicles will be available one by one. * Mendez Mansion can be renovated * After Pole Position Club acquired, there will be Broadway car spawned nearby the club. To activate pimping side mission just enter that car. There will be 10 missions in a row. Missions are very similar like San Andreas Pimping side mission. After pimping side mission has been finished one unique outfit will be available inside pole position club. * Icon based radio stations will be also available with speedometer. *There is drug traficking mission like scarface. This mission is like taxi or ambulance side mission, player can play it whenever wants. This mission will be available after Boatyard has been acquired. There will be special boat available to start the mission. Player can get coke from main dealer and then distribution side mission will be available. I able to store active coke storage amount and your distribution profit will be based on your coke storage. during these side missions turret weapons and dynamic drive by feature help a lot the player. * Tommy can take health pickup and can store in inventory, player can use it whenever wants. just press and hold TAB button for a second * There is some details for trucks like Linerunner, Barracks and Trashmaster. For transmission changes they will produce dark smoke * There is Trucking side mission like San Andreas. There are different types of trailer and lots of destinations. 18 wheels of steel : vice city Just enter the special truck at the docks and side mission will be started. * There is Phoenix KITT (knight rider) car will be the bonus car for the last sunshine autos city center office mission. this car will have three unique abilities 1 - nitro with capslock key 2 - rocket launcher with backspace key 3 - heavy machinegun with alt key * There is be Trash Dash side mission, to activate this mission just enter the Trashmaster car at the docks. * Packer has car docking feature, Tab key to dock and Back Space to release * There is Go Kart side mission in shopping center. * There is Vice City News side mission. In this side mission, Tommy will try to take photos of some incidents in Vice City for tomorrow's news within the given time. * There is functional fire extinguisher. You can find it at the fire department garden. * There are 11 new interiors. these interiors will be, 1 - Police Department in Downtown 2 - Aloha Bar in Little Havana 3 - Villa Mercedes Cortez 4 - Fidel's Record Store 5 - Hooker Inn Express Hotel Lobby 6 - New bar in Ocean Beach (same place with first victim of Jury Fury mission) 7 - New Safehouse in Ocean Beach 8 - Cigar Shop 9 - Teatro De Bell 10 - Leaf links golf club 11 - Butcher Carnicero Romero V0.7 Features *Some Tommy models were converted from cutscene but some of them were still from default in game Tommy model. All models have been reworked and now all of them converted from cutscene Tommy. There wont be differences between Tommy skins like Soiree suit. * 7 new police side missions have been added in the second island, all missions will have voice actings and references of 80s * 1 random encounter for drift side mission has been added in airport * 1 playground mission has been added for Hovercraft * Tommy will able to buy drugs and cigars * Vercetti gang and Diaz gang will have gang car like Haitians and Cubans * After the mission Rub Out, Tomm will able to call his gang to get backup * Vercetti Estate will be able to renovated * New vehicles have been added. There will be 171 new vehicles in total. Some vehicle styles were not matching with original game and some of them were looking dark. Nearly I reworked all of them and now their harmony is better. * vc_traffic.asi has been edited and problems have been fixed. Streets will not be empty anymore. there will be lots of on foot peds. * GPS radar problems have been fixed * Reasons for random crashes have been found and fixed. I realized that most of them happening due to helmet for bike rider peds, umbrella mod for peds. I solved them. Nearly I never faced with any crashes for free playing or scenario missions gameplays * skygfx will be available. color palette will be more realistic and lively * All features will be directly available. there wont be any need to finish first mission and make save and load game * There will be some details like, *** Homeless people around firepit in evening times, *** guitar artists around the city, *** people listens music at the beach in evening, *** some ladies are doing yoga at the seaside, *** there will small funny easter egg details like using toilet in ocean view hotel etc and at last "General error for std.asi:translator.Asi" problem will be fixed with v0.7 V0.6 Features * 9 Random encounters missions. all of them have cutscenes with voice acting and during the mission there will be multiple selections. there is no sign in radar or map. you need to find them by yourself. you can check added screenshots to find them * Initial implementation of Golf side mission. just go to the golf club and enter the Caddy then follow the mission steps. * 30 new cars in traffic (till v0.5 there were 120 new cars now increased to 150) * 15 new female peds in map * initial implementation of gaining and losing weight. Tommy can do sports to lose weight. 1 minute of sport will decrease one level weight. for gainin weight tommy needs to eat burger. 5 burgers will increase one level of weight. * the elevator will always be available in second island. * drifting mini game has been added. when you are not during the mission you can do drift with any car. your point will be show near the radar and you can make money easily. * Tommy will be able to get on the bus * stability fixes and collision fixes. * climbing feature has been updated. tommy now can climb with TAB + Space rather than only Space 360 Degree Camera Support and Fixes for V0.6 * Contains lots of random crash fixes. REALLY REALLY RECOMMENDED !!! * Now vehicles have 360 degree camera support like San Andreas * Traffic spawn problem fixed for golf mini game * Lift crash fixed for using this patch V0.6 needs to be installed at first! just paste all contents in rar file into your game directory. * Aiming and axis feature have been reimplemented * 360 degree vehicle camera is now working with asi, there is no cleo script anymore and all lag problems fixed for 360 degree camera. New Hovercraft vehicle + Swimming feature fixes An addition patch for V0.5. With that addition, - Hovercraft vehicle will be available at Ocean Beach Lighthouse. It is not like existing hovercraft mod. It supports cleo and you can enter and exit hovercraft when you are driving on sea. - Some important crash and stability fixes have been done for swimming feature. If you are using gamepad, now you can use left stick to control Tommy during swimming. For using this patch please install Extended Features mod at first. Screenshots V0.5 Features * skimmer with rainbow smoke press side misson button default CAPS LOCK * Jet-ski side mission "Jet-Ski Playground" added and bonus Monster truck added for "BF-Playground" side mission * Tommy can call police, ambulance, taxi and firefighter (press and hold phone answer and sprint buttons for three seconds default TAB and Shift) * there will be 4 new police archive sidemissions * 3 new clothes (army uniform, tied suit, leather jacket) they are hidden in safehouses * open and closed roof for stallion car * open and closed mask for bank rob mission skin * tommy will wear helmet when riding bike * two new bcycles(bmx and montain) and one skate (all will have special animations and will be spawned randomly near ocean view hotel) * mission based active newspapers like gta 4. player can check them after each missions Player can buy them from newspaper boxes. there will be 20 different pages and pages will be changed with missions. all pages will represent actual state of the game. * dyamic ferris wheel will be at nearby airport * 15 new vehicles in traffic V0.4 Features Ferry, Ferris wheel, Crash and stability fixes, 6 Extra Tommy clothes,(tommy as haitian, tommy as biker and 4 new clothes in Rafaels) 1 new side mission BF Playground from beach 2 new side missions from Barber Gay Gordo Skateboard feature cops will make drive by after 3 stars some collision fixes are included. Pasteur Richards missions 1) Unfortunate Accident 2) Neighborhood Cleaning 3) Hit and Run Woman of Congress 4) Sinful Graham Rafael missions 1) Get Rid of the Punks 2) Gordo's Car V0.3 Features 15 extra cars in traffic and 3 usable new planes. house of umberto is enterable office at the film studio is available Mary-Jo's Apartment is now a safehouse Abandoned Mendez villa is now a safehouse The Compound safehouse interior is used now as an another safehouse Ship interior added JockSports shop interior added. Sabre Sport Cabrio model added to the traffic. one more safehouse added from little havana white stallionz bar added safehouse from little havana added V0.2 Features -with this update, construction site will be a buyable property and can be bought after the mission "Rub Out" for 100.000 dollars. after payment has been done building will be constructed step by step. -before making this update please take your map.zon file backup. if there is any problem just revert that file from your backup. - lots of new weapon pickups added. here is weapon list, vcs python silenced ingram desert eagle AK-47 new shotgun sawn-off shotgun heavy machinegun like Rambo Hatchet crowbar m16 stubby retro shotgun M16a1 with greanade launcher feature AKA Little friend of Tony Montana Be careful to minimap all safehouses will be appeared and disappeared and most of safehouses contains one pickup -one more Hotel safehouse -Ambulance or Fire trucks can be found in traffic -taxi lights are on when there is no passenger. -nitro can be bought from tuning shop -bridge from VCS - if Mercedes calls you when you were in one of the new safehouses, player couldn't able to get out but now this has been fixed. - new safehouse from construction site - player can throw bomb(if you have some and will be decreased each throw) from the car just press and hold fire button(default is left mouse button) when you are not looking left or right in the car. if player is in any police car then stinger will be thrown. - player can use map during the gameplay. when on foot press and hold right mouse button and TAB, when in car press and hold R (radio change button) - drift feature added, just do drift with your car during the gameplay then you will receive drift points and money. -bcycle feature. it has special animations during riding. on next version I will add sprint feature also. animations can be seen on screenshots. bcycle can be found at, *Malibu Club, *Ocean View Hotel, *Skumole Shack *Hyman Condo -Little havana police station interior with cops and peds -Front Page cafe interior with eating feature -Colonel's Yacht interior added. It will be a safehouse and interiors will be active till all hands on deck mission. -taxi feature added -skygfx dependency has been removed -2 new gangs can be found in map. stallionz and trailer mafia -gps radar during the missions -Lowrider Challenge minigame. Mission can be found back side of the Paint shop from docks. Just enter the Blade car and follow instructions. -Diaz's study room from VCS added its backface culling reworked -last cholos update. 2 cholo gangs and their car can be found in the map -Hotel Colon as safehouse -washington hotel placement fix -Blade car interior textures don't load. Blade car fixed ****All peds reworked and now there are 180 extra ped models. game had 82 ped models now there are 262 different ped models can be found in map. -If we send a missile or a molotov to the train, the game crashes. train fix -the interior of the Savanna car doesn't load texture too, fix for savanna - There is a floating Tarboosh cafe texture appearing on the grass near the biker bar, biker bar fix - love fist limousine texture problem fix - crusher exprosion crash fix V0.1 Features boxing side mission after you passed you can learn new fight moves active traffic on Links Bridge some missing dialogs reused gang war side missions like san andreas inside track mini game black jack mini game gang members can be hired with action and sprint buttons, then can do driveby active balcony active interiors and extra clothes busses contains real passengers real bus driver mission peds can use mobile phone some peds can take a photo peds can buy newspaper and send post via postboxes peds and polices are wearing helmet during bike ride peds are using umbrella during the rain peds can eat hotdog, burger and pizza screenshots,
  6. ForeverL

    [VC] VCS Peds

    Vice City Stories recreated most of the pedestrians. Here I have converted them for Vice City. That's all. a) All IG models converted. Packs Status Females Offline Gangs Offline Law & Emergency Offline Males Offline Player Offline Specials Offline Gangs Offline Updating...
  7. Son Of Big Boss

    SOBB's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop. Here you'll find lore friendly vehicle mods and accurate beta vehicle recreations for the classic GTA Trilogy. Some content is still under development, so the workshop will receive updates from time to time. If you want to support me you can donate a bit of money, I will appreciate any help granted. Become my Patron and help me continue modding https://www.patreon.com/sonofbigboss Shoutout to Jago, Gamerjman19 and Brooklynszmac for their current support as Patrons I'm thankful with R4gn0r0k for being my former patron, thank you bro, for your support. Otherwise, if you want to donate using Paypal instead: Note: It is highly recommended, for better enjoyment, to install Silent Patch, and SkyGFX, as some of the mods need them, links can be found here ALPHA VEHICLE MODS MISC MODS BETA MODS MISC MODS BETA MODS MISC MODS
  8. BEGINit

    Shine o' Vice

    It's 1987. Vice City. A whole year has passed since Tommy Vercetti removed Diaz and Sonny Foreli thus becoming a new drug lord. But this story is not about him. Flint Casie - a new mobster from Liberty City - comes to this city in pursue of a mystery. His brother was killed here in Vice yet his rest in peace was ruined by an unknown party who completely destroyed his funeral. By coming here Flint expects find out who's behind it. Unfortunately, he will soon enough realise that things here are not done so easy. Coming soon... Coming soon... Leaders: BEGINit Speccy Story/writers: BEGINit Speccy Braindawg Coding: BEGINit Speccy Silent Vrockwave Map & Character Design: Braindawg Speccy Sal_Leone Kalvin Podbyrin Frank.S Mega Turbocharger Blue Vehicle modelling: Speccy Leonazix Stierlitz Daitojo97 -Anti- Blue Tchuck FacFerc Deadman2 Togemax TheMadeMan Spartan_112 Soundtrack & SFX Keith Ward BEGINit Blue Braindawg Speccy Miscellaneous: BEGINit Frank.S Speccy Kalvin Help & Contributions ClaudX Cpt. Rookie DeltaCJ Ivan1997GTA DK22Pac WillzyyyGTA Ermaccer Surya926 PLAYABLE DEMO DOWNLOAD!!! WARNING! This is a Playable Demo of a WIP mod. This is not a final release! This Demo contains: 22 story missions, 4 side missions, 1 collectable, car purchase, bike purchase, clothes purchase, other script tweaks (approximately 25-30% of script) Various map changes like new areas, roads, interiors, etc. (approx 50-60% of map changes) New cars, peds, pickups (approx. 99% of changes) New loading screens, menu, intro, radar, hud, etc. INSTALLATION: Get a fresh copy of GTA Vice City Install Shine o' Vice to the game directory Overwrite everything if asks. Play the game! Feedback and bug reports much appreciated! FAQs Q: Is it compatible with a Steam version of GTA Vice City? A: No, it is not. The game is most likely to crash during the loading screen or may not launch at all. To fix that you need to find Non- steam gta-vc.exe v1.0 Q: Is this mod compatible with other mods? A: It is highly recommended that you do not use any other mods with Shine o' Vice. Some other modifications may cause game breaking bugs so please, make sure that the bug is not related to other modifications (remove those first) before reporting it. Q: When I play the game I have no audio. When I go to audio options, it says "No Audio Hardvare Found". How come? A: This installation does not contain audio files. Make sure that your game has audio files inside the audio folder. If you do have all the proper audio files, it may be your gta.exe problem. Q: When I start the game, I can hear the intro sounds and music, but the video is not displayed? How come? A: Right-clik on gta-vc.exe->Compatibility-> Check Disable Desktop Composition Q: When I play the game my mouse seem to not work. How come? A: Right-clik on gta-vc.exe->Compatibility->Check Disable Visual Themes (or alternatively run the game in Win95 or XP compatibility mode). Q: When I try to launch the game I get an error message that says "The program failed to initialise properly". What the hell? A: Try installing the latest DirectX version to your computer. If it doesn't help, try updating the C++Redistributable on your computer. Q: Everything works fine, but when I try loading savegames or restart the game, it crashes. How come? A: Try Right-clik on gta-vc.exe->Compatibility-> Check Disable display scaling on high DPI settings. It's a long shot, but might work. Q: Everything works fine, bet the longer my playing session the more unstable it looks. To be more precise, car geometry goes nuts! What's that? A: A bug that we are aware of and trying to fix. For now just reload the game (preferably turning it off and on again) and everything should be just fine. Q: I tend to run into some random bugs: a texture error here, a random crash there etc.? How come? A: GTA Shine o' Vice is still in WIP state. We are working on finishing the mod and fixing all the bugs so there would be none in final release. Untill then, bug reports are appreciated.
  9. ihcorochris

    [VC] Remastered HUD Interface

    ABOUT A simple modification which aims to remaster the Menu Interface and Radar elements, giving them the same quality and visual aesthetic from the 10th Anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas. Every single icon has been upscaled into a higher resolution, replaced with different icons from other titles, and/or recreated from scratch which improves over the vanilla ones, such as the radar icons giving them the same quality as War Drum Studios' remaster. Compatible with ThirteenAG's IV Hud. REMASTERED ICONS Mission Contacts Property/Assets Shops Gang Contacts IN-GAME SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD https://sharemods.com/olbsn039fws6/VC.RemasteredHUD.zip.html TO-DO Add in the Cuban mission icon, apparently I don't know what the symbol is based on and its hard for me to recreate in scratch. Would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me find it. CREDITS @Ash_735 - SA Mobile HUD Icons @Emillister - VC Anniversary Menu Map War Drum Studios - Original textures
  10. ForeverL

    [VC] (Some) In-Game Characthers

    One can always try one more time. - Some chars converted/adapted to in-game atmosphere. - Some fixes on vanilla in-game models. Avery
  11. ForeverL

    [III|VC|SA] Spanish Updated

    This is an extreme revision to the official Spanish translation of GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas. These games were originally translated into Spanish from Spain. Apart from certain errors, he is far from being a neutral Spanish. Especially for Latin American players. This mod tries to fix that. - New Spanish translation from scratch. - New text strings for some vehicles. GXT Version Status Download Link GTA 3 DONE Download GTA Vice City DONE Download GTA San Andreas WIP -
  12. Vice City: BETA Edition is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with the goal of returning most, or if not all cut features in development (at least, what is known and/or is possible). This will include/restore things such as removed buildings, cut dialogue, pedestrian looks, general atmosphere & much more to deliver the most authentic experience. All information comes from several sources, such as BradyGames' Official Strategy Guide, Manual / Pre-Release Screenshots & Leftover Files. I don't plan to make anything which has little to no proof of its existence in the alpha/beta stages of the game's development, however some improvising may be done. RockstarVision ModDB GTAInside The latest version currently out is V3.5.6. The progress list above will be updated until and once a new version is released. *All names featured next to changes are their respective "author", all changes without a name specified are done by myself. gamebyte.com | gamingdeputy.com | dsogaming.com | play4.uk games.mail.ru | vgtimes.ru | gamerawy.com | muycomputer.com | merlininkazani.com *Anything above could be very outdated and not represent the mod as it currently is! Script Documentation found here. This is currently a small list that is being expanded on, as I'm still looking at screenshots and such for new information. Any help is appreciated. @Kalvin - Project Creator (map, script, peds, etc) @Dominik_ - SCM edits @Son Of Big Boss - Vehicles @Ash_735 - HQ PS2 Audios @Crspy & @Nick007J - NoReposition & Script help @ermaccer & @Matt1010 - Weapon & Audio help @fastman92, @HackMan128, @maxorator & @ThirteenAG - IMG Console, SFX Manager, MVL, Widescreen Fix @Fire_Head - HUD [V3.5.5], slashed tires, all cars are helis cheat, etc. @Gamerjman19, @Mr. Jago & @Sergiu - Help with research, feedback & bug-testing @George Costanza - PS2 files & changes list, bug-testing @Matias_Montanna & @Vadim M. - References & research @RM76 - Carcols [V3] @Sergeanur - Ped Speech Patch @Solidcal - Weapons [V3] @Surya926 - HUD & marker colours [V3] @The Hero - Vehicles [V3], SkyGFX, misc. @TripleAs - Pedestrians [V2] @Vlad Viper - Texture help @Xinerki - HUD & Marker colours [V2] Like BETA mods? Be sure to check out San Andreas: BETA Edition! Alpha mods as well? How about Grand Theft Auto: 3D? Feel free to join any discussion of the modification, other beta mods & stages of development in Rockstar games here: https://discord.gg/STpNF57BKX Appreciate the work? Feel free to help 'buy me a coffee': paypal.me/kalvingfx
  13. XwarslayerX

    GTA:DE [VC]- Twisted Metal vehicle pack

    Planning on adding more vehicles soon https://www.nexusmods.com/grandtheftautothetrilogy/mods/296
  14. inadequate

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras This modification is too simple and just aims to add extras to some vehicles from GTA3 and GTA Vice City. _______ Extras present on GTA Vice City has been backported and adapted to some vehicles from GTA3, since just a few has extras in that game. I did some custom extras, and some others comes from GTA Liberty City Stories. Screenshots: *Some extras are missing in the screenshots because I didn't spawn all of them, so discover them while playing the game. Download Well since the extras for GTA3 that I did above are from GTA Vice City, I'm planning to make slighty edits or create new ones taking base on current ones, also port some San Andreas extras that would fit strictly the atmosphere of the game. For now just the Deluxo and Walton is available for download. More coming... well, probably. Deluxo: Download Walton: Download _______ Credits: Mugetsuga - Extras has been based and attached using his fixed vehicles pack for GTA3. Son Of Big Boss - Support and help. B_Smiles - Texture permission.
  15. Shagg_E

    Main Menu Scene

    Aaaaalright. To be honest, I don't like to publish something that wasn't finished, but I did nothing in modding for about a year, except this tool(I'm still working on it), and I'm afraid the next year will be the same for me. Sooooo... Main Menu Scene v.0.9 "Main Menu Scene" gives you the ability to make your own "Main Menu" scenes with custom maps and scripts, if you have enough modding experience. Mod contains simple example in "Ocean View" hotel("Hotel") and an empty menu("Empty"). Mod contains a special ASI loader by DK(winmm.dll), it's important to use it for this version of MMS. You can also configure MMS in Menu/MainMenuScene.ini 0.9 features: Now you can load the savegames. You can add an almost infinite number of menus and configure the settings file to load random or one exact menu. You can create your menu like with ModLoader - just place all needed files(list of supported files you can find in the ini file) and they will be loaded automatically at the menu startup. And they will be unloaded automatically at the game startup. Just more customization. Cool story: Actually, it's a quite stable version, the only thing that will be changed in the final 1.0 release - is a few new little features and maybe more menu examples. Any menus that will be created for this version of MMS will also work in the final 1.0 release. Installation: Just drop "Menu" and "plugins" folders and winmm.dll library into your game folder. "Hotel" menu scene needs the last version of CLEO library(http://cleo.li). Known problems: "Heavy" collision models for "Main Menu Scene" cause a game crash when loading a new game. So please don't use them. "Player Skin Setup" menu causes a game crash. That's because the menu uses a different img archive. And that's why this menu was disabled in the menu scene. BIG thanks to Sektor, xanser, and ThirteenAG for parts of code and necessary memory addresses, and DK for his wonderful ASI loader! Enjoy! DOWNLOAD I don't know, what's wrong with GTAGarage(can't submit or edit any file), so it's temporary hosted on my site This work is not copyrighted, please feel free to modify or distribute. Some info:
  16. JankyModder

    Vice City Xbox Cars Mod

    Vice City Xbox Cars - version 1.0.0-alpha This mod brings the higher-quality vehicle textures and models from the Xbox version of Vice City into the PC version. Before I continue, I need to make something absolutely clear: most of this is not my original work! Essentially, all I have done is taken two mods (Xbox Cars to PC by ALMOST610 and Xbox Vehicles by Dimzet13), merged them together, and made it usable with Link2012's ModLoader. I've put together the best elements from the two mods, resulting in a mod that has more high-quality textures and models from the Xbox port than those two did separately. It was tedious work comparing .dffs and .txd, but it was easy work, and that's thanks to both of the modders I've previously mentioned, along with several others. This is my first mod, by the way, so don't be surprised if there are issues with it. I will be uploading the first version of this mod, along with some screenshots, later today. This mod is still a work in progress. As far as I can tell, all of the vehicle models are higher quality than the vanilla PC ones; I'm assuming this because I don't think either of the original modders would have included model files if they weren't. In the next few days, I'll be crosschecking with the vanilla models to make sure this is true. The majority of missing content in the mod is in vehicle textures. Of the 86 model files, at my last count, 35 of them are missing some or all of their higher-quality textures. However, I do not yet know if any/all of these higher-quality textures actually exist - I'm assuming they do. I have yet to look at the files of the Xbox or mobile versions to check. I plan on doing so over the next few days. A list of these vehicles can be found later in this post - if the vehicle is only missing a few of its unique textures, the names of the missing texture is listed. If anyone knows where I can find the textures for either version, let me know. Installation instructions: Simply unzip the contents into your modloader folder. If you have a modloader.ini file that you've already manually configured, make sure not to overwrite it with the one in the zip! Instead, set the override for Vice City Xbox Cars higher than any other mod that has models or textures for vehicles. (If you don't know what to put, use Vice City Xbox Cars = 100.) Download: GTAGarageDOWNLOAD COMING SOON - WAITING ON APPROVAL Requirements: Link2012's ModLoader. Known Bugs: When running this mod alongside the Vice City: The Leftovers Fix mod by George Costanza, the interior of the Cuban Hermes, along with the front and rear lights, trunk interior, and the engine compartment, will be untextured (along with the Cuban Hermes magically running without an engine).This is the result of these two mods both replacing cuban.dff. The Leftovers Fix can also replace flatbed.dff, hermes.dff, landstal.txd, pizzaboy.dff, reefer.dff, and sanchez.dff. To fix it, you can eitherUse the preconfigured modloader.ini included in the zip file - just place it in your modloader folder. (Use this if you haven't already messed with your modloader.ini.) delete all of these files from \modloader\Vice City The Leftovers Fixes\models\to gta3.img or in your modloader folder, open modloader.ini using Notepad or whatever and add Vice City Xbox Cars = 100 under the category marked [Profiles.Default.Priority]. (Note: if you have other mods which also change any of the files Vice City Xbox Cars uses, you'll need to make sure that you set the value high enough so that this mod takes priority over them as well!) Missing HQ Textures: Screenshots: ALSO COMING SOON Credits: ALMOST610 - Author of "Xbox Cars to PC" yojo2, SLAYERMAGGOT, rmws, Squirlkiller, DimZet13 - for assisting ALMOST610 DimZet13 - Author of "Xbox Vehicles" George Costanza - for his excellent advice and tips, and for being president of Vandelay Industries. Ash735 - for providing extremely useful information and sharing his techniques.
  17. Hier werde ich meine arbeit und die projekte zeigen, die ich in zukunft planen werde.) Aktuelle projekte, an denen ich gerade arbeite. {1} 1992 Feltzer Sport. {WIP} {2} Monoblock alu styling II felgen. {WIP} Zukünftige projekte-
  18. spaceeinstein

    [VC] MiniConsole v2

    I am very hesitant about releasing this but many people have an interest in it, so here it is. This was born out of my need to debug the game more quickly and efficiently so there isn't very many functionalities. Introduction MiniConsole is a plugin for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It allows you to type commands into the game and modify the game's behavior with ease. It is the spiritual successor of my previous CLEO-based MiniConsole and my first stand-alone ASI plugin release. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. Copy SEConsole.asi into Vice City's folder. ConsoleThe console is rudimentary but it is enough to perform basic tasks. Press the ~ (tilde) key to toggle the console. Alphanumeric and some other characters can be typed into the input of the console. Press the backspace key to delete a character from your input. Press the ↑ (up arrow) or ↓ (down arrow) key to cycle through the lines visible in the console. Commands There are few restrictions on what values you can input so that you can explore the full potential of the game. Be careful as the game may not be able to handle the result. A text box appears if the input is successful. AREA GETGets the current interior number. AREA SET Sets the current interior number. CAR COORDINATES GETGets your current vehicle's coordinates. CAR COORDINATES SET Sets your current vehicle's coordinates. You can use -100 for your z to place your vehicle on the highest solid ground at the location. CAR COORDS GETSee CAR COORDINATES GET. CAR COORDS SET See CAR COORDINATES SET. CAR HEALTH GETGets your current vehicle's health. CAR HEALTH SET Sets your current vehicle's health. CAR LOCK GETGets your current vehicle's lock state. CAR LOCK SET Sets your current vehicle's lock state. CAR MASS GETGets your current vehicle's mass. CAR MASS RESETResets your current vehicle's mass. CAR MASS SET Sets your current vehicle's mass. CLEARClears the console. CREATE Spawns in any vehicle. You can use the vehicle's model index, model name, texture dictionary name, or game name. HELP []Prints a list of available commands. The input for the page is optional and defaults to 1. MISSION Launches the mission. PLAYER ARMOR GETGets your player's armor. PLAYER ARMOR SET Sets your player's armor. PLAYER ARMOUR GETSee PLAYER ARMOR GET. PLAYER ARMOUR SET See PLAYER ARMOR SET. PLAYER COORDINATES GETGets your player's coordinates. PLAYER COORDINATES SET Sets your player's coordinates. You can use -100 for your z to place your player on the highest solid ground at the location. PLAYER COORDS GETSee PLAYER COORDINATES GET. PLAYER COORDS SET See PLAYER COORDINATES SET. PLAYER HEALTH GETGets your player's health. PLAYER HEALTH SET Sets your player's health. PLAYER MASS GETGets your player's mass. PLAYER MASS RESETSets your player's mass to 70, essentially resetting your mass. PLAYER MASS SET Sets your player's mass. TIME GETGets the current game hour and minute. TIME SET []Sets the game hour and minute. The input for the minute is optional and defaults to 0. TIMESCALE GETGets the time scale. TIMESCALE SET Sets the time scale. TP See PLAYER COORDINATES SET. WANTED MAXIMUM GETGets the maximum wanted level. WANTED MAXIMUM SET Sets the maximum wanted level. WANTED SET Sets the current wanted level. WEAPON AMMO GRANT Adds ammo to your player's weapon. You can use the weapon's model index, model name, or texture dictionary name. WEAPON AMMO SET Sets ammo to your player's weapon. You can use the weapon's model index, model name, or texture dictionary name. WEAPON GIVE Gives any weapon to your player. You can use the weapon's model index, model name, or texture dictionary name. WEATHER GETGets the forced weather type. WEATHER RESETSets the forced weather type to -1, essentially resetting it. WEATHER SET Sets the forced weather type. Other acceptable values are SUNNY, CLOUDY, RAINY, FOGGY, EXTRA SUNNY, EXTRASUNNY, and HURRICANE. This mod has been tested only on VC v1.00 US but should theoretically work on v1.01 and Steam. Videos I have many videos that showed me utilizing older iterations of this plugin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko8GUSb7DSo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9x17qv3-A8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW_12UfS-80 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6AWjI5_0PY Thanks especially to ModelingMan for providing a basis that made this plugin possible and Silent for console commands suggestions.
  19. JDaster


    Smartped "Peds are dumb" If you visit GTAForums, you like GTA, Correct? But let's admin it, peds in RW Gta's are dumb and quite annoying. The police officers are weak, the medics are scared of everything and the worst of all... Tommy is stronger than anybody else, it looks like you are playing a Superhero game! Smartped is a simple, very simple project, that promises some changes, to turn the game more balanced, realistic and fun. All only with some original files replacement, without any additional scripts. PROGRESS
  20. DXWnd is modification for Grand Theft Auto Game this make the windowed mode in Grand Theft Auto III,Vice City,San Andreas and Vice City Stories PC Edition Support Game GTA 3 GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas GTA Vice City Stories PC Edition Check my mod DOWNLOAD https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/
  21. Old_Tree

    GTA Vasya Gorod 0.3

    This is a mod about the character: Danil Shovel. Who lost his bun This 0.3 Date Added many retexture, the sound arrangement.Fixes were flickering textures at the Hotel and in Vice Point,more missions. (as always). Replaced by:Replaced all the radio stations.Breech toilet - FM replaced by Kuphard-FM (toilet left)Lenamobil replaced by Shovelmobil. Listed:New Sounds SFX New people to voice conversations. Many retexture in Vice Point.Feramir.New missions.Removed CLEO (departures should not be) Video before the gameIn fashion there was a group vk.com/vasya_gorod Author: vk.com/id_pingas. Wait for updates...
  22. Liberty City Stories has been released for mobile. So, why not bring its map to PC? This modification transforms Vice City to Classic Liberty City from 1998, along with many map and model fixes for a true Liberty City experience! What's New!: Portland Island is now 100% complete COMMER is now 100% ported More Staunton and Portland LOD fixes More Missing Texture Fixes Dynamic objects, interiors, pickups, mission stuff and more! More model fixes More Transparency bug fixes
  23. This is my 2016 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Packages for GTA Vice City. DOWNLOAD - GTAinside
  24. YochiThMaster333

    [SA|REL|VC|III|WIP]GTA LCS Skoiloine

    I've recreating an LCS Cut Car - Skoiloine (aka Elegy). Status: For SA - 100% For VC - Hold On For III - Hold On Screenshots: Download GGM GTAGarage Link
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