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Found 102 results

  1. Winner of The Best Conversion in Annual Awards 2017 Grand Theft Auto - Re: Liberty City Stories (Formely LCS2VP/LCS:PC) is a modification that 'port' the unavailable GTA LCS to PC using Vice City engine as its base with various tweaks and enhancements to make the best of LCS. We intend to make this mod have at least 99% feels of the original LCS. Started as a one-man project by Surya926 at 28 Oct 2016, but as I reveal this mod on January 2017, many starts helping me on this project. [table] @Surya926 @KNN. @RD4 @George Costanza @spaceeinstein _Æ_ _AG [/table] MAP [x] commer [x] fortdestroyed [x] fortstaunton [x] indust [x] suburb PEDS [x] plr [x] plr2 [x] plr3 [x] plr4 [x] plr5 [x] plr6 [x] plr7 [x] plr8 [x] plr9 [x] plr10 [x] plr11 [x] plr12 [x] plr13 [x] plr14 [x] plr15 [x] plr16 [x] cop [x] swat [x] fbi [x] army [x] medic [x] fireman [x] male01 [x] taxi_d [x] pimp [x] criminal01 [x] criminal02 [x] male02 [x] male03 [x] fatmale01 [x] fatmale02 [x] female01 [x] female02 [x] female03 [x] fatfemale01 [x] fatfemale02 [x] prostitute [x] prostitute2 [x] p_man1 [x] p_man2 [x] p_wom1 [x] p_wom2 [x] ct_man1 [x] ct_man2 [x] ct_wom1 [x] ct_wom2 [x] li_man1 [x] li_man2 [x] li_wom1 [x] li_wom2 [x] docker1 [x] docker2 [x] scum_man [x] scum_wom [x] worker1 [x] worker2 [x] b_man1 [x] b_man2 [x] b_man3 [x] b_wom1 [x] b_wom2 [x] b_wom3 [x] mod_man [x] mod_wom [x] st_man [x] st_wom [x] fan_man1 [x] fan_man2 [x] fan_wom [x] hos_man [x] hos_wom [x] const1 [x] const2 [x] shopper1 [x] shopper2 [x] shopper3 [x] stud_man [x] stud_wom [x] cas_man [x] cas_wom [x] camp_man [x] camp_wom [x] HITMAN [x] gang01 [x] gang02 [x] gang03 [x] gang04 [x] gang05 [x] gang06 [x] gang07 [x] gang08 [x] gang09 [x] gang10 [x] gang11 [x] gang12 [x] gang13 [x] gang14 [x] gang15 [x] gang16 [x] gang17 [x] gang18 [x] vice1 [x] vice2 [x] vice3 [x] vice4 [x] vice5 [x] vice6 [x] vice7 [x] vice8 All of the peds have their original voices from LCS. VEHICLES [table] #IDVCLCS/ModNotes 130LandstalkerDeimos SPWorks properly 131IdahoLandstalkerWorks properly 132StingerIdahoWorks properly 133LinerunnerStingerWorks properly 134PerennialLinerunnerWorks properly 135SentinelPerennialWorks properly 136RioSentinelWorks properly 137FiretruckPatriotWorks properly 138TrashmasterFiretruckThe water cannon doesn't move yet 139StretchTrashmasterWorks properly 140MananaStretchWorks properly 141InfernusMananaWorks properly 142VoodooInfernusWorks properly 143PonyBlistaWorks properly 144MulePonyWorks properly 145CheetahMuleWorks properly 146AmbulanceCheetahWorks properly 147FBI WashingtonAmbulanceWorks properly 148MoonbeamFBI CruiserWorks properly 149EsperantoMoonbeamWorks properly 150TaxiEsperantoWorks properly 151WashingtonTaxiWorks properly 152BobcatKurumaWorks properly 153Mr WhoopeeBobcatWorks properly 154BF InjectionMr WhoopeeWorks properly 155HunterBF InjectionWorks properly 156PoliceHearseWorks properly 157EnforcerPoliceWorks properly 158SecuricarEnforcerWorks properly 159BansheeSecuricarWorks properly 160PredatorBansheeWorks properly 161BusBusWorks properly 162RhinoRhinoWorks properly 163Barracks OLBarracks OLWorks properly 164Cuban HermesDodoWorks properly 165Helicopter (Chopper)CoachWorks properly 166AngelCabbieWorks properly 167CoachStallionWorks properly 168CabbieRumpoWorks properly 169StallionRC BanditWorks properly 170RumpoTriad Fish VanWorks properly 171RC BanditMr WongsWorks properly 172Romero's HearseLeone SentinelWorks properly 173PackerYardie LoboWorks properly 174Sentinel XSYakuza StingerWorks properly 175AdmiralDiablo StallionWorks properly 176SqualloCartel CruiserWorks properly 177Sea SparrowHoods Rumpo XLWorks properly 178PizzaboyPanlanticWorks properly 179Gang BurritoFlatbedWorks properly 180AirtrainYankeeWorks properly 181Dodo (Deaddodo)Bickle'76Works properly 182SpeederTOYZWorks properly 183ReeferCampaign RumpoWorks properly 184TropicBallot VanWorks properly 185FlatbedHellenbach GTWorks properly 186YankeePhobos VtWorks properly 187CaddyV8 GhostWorks properly 188Zebra CabBarracks OL (Ammotruk)Works properly 189Top FunThunder-RoddWorks properly 190SkimmerSindacco ArgentoWorks properly 191PCJ 600Forelli ExSessWorks properly 192FaggioFerryNot yet 193FreewayGhostWorks properly 194RC BaronSpeederWorks properly 195RC RaiderReeferWorks properly 196GlendalePredatorWorks properly 197OceanicTrainWorks properly (new version) 198SanchezHelicopter (Escape)Nope 199SparrowHelicopter (Chopper)Works properly 200PatriotAeroplane (Airtrain)Works properly 201LovefistDodo (Deaddodo)Works properly 202CoastguardAngelWorks properly 203DinghyPizzaboyWorks properly 204HermesNoodleboyWorks properly 205SabrePCJ-600Works properly 206Sabre TurboFaggioWorks properly 207PhoenixFreewayWorks properly 208WaltonAvengerWorks properly 209ReginaManchezWorks properly 210CometSanchezWorks properly 211DeluxoRC GoblinWorks properly 212BurritoRC RaiderWorks properly 213Spand ExpressHunterWorks properly 214MarquisMaverickWorks properly 215Baggage HandlerPolice MaverickWorks properly 216Kaufman CabsVCN MaverickWorks properly [/table] Yes, all the bikes are working and have correct sounds WEAPONS [x] brassknuckle [x] chisel [x] hockeystick [x] nitestick [x] knifecur [x] bat [x] handaxe [x] cleaver [x] machete [x] katana [x] chnsaw [x] grenade [x] gren_rem [x] teargas [x] molotov [x] missile [x] glock17 [x] python [x] chromegun [x] shotgspa [x] buddyshot [x] tec9 [x] uzi [x] ingramsl [x] mp5k [x] m4 [x] ak47 [x] sniper [x] laser [x] rocketla [x] flame [x] m60 [x] minigun [x] bomb (Detonator) [x] camera [x] cellphone MISSIONS Vincenzo [x] Home Sweet Home. [x] Slacker (new version). [x] Dealing Revenge (new version). [x] Snuff (new version). [x] Smash and Grab (new version). [x] Hot Wheels (new version). [] The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade. Ma Cipriani [x] Snappy Dresser (new version). [x] Big Rumble in Little China (new version, buggy). [] Grease Sucho (only half-converted). [] Dead Meat. [] No Son of Mine. Leon McAffrey [] Sayonara Sindaccos. [] The Whole 9 Yardies. [] Crazy '69'. [] Night of The Livid Dreads. [x] Munitions Dump (new version). Donald Love [x] The Morgue Party Candidate (new version). [] Steering The Vote. [] Cam-Pain. [] Friggin' The Riggin'. [] Love and Bullets. [] Counterfeit Count. [] Love on the Rocks. [] Panlantic Land Grab. [] Stop the Press. [] Morgue Party Resurrection. [] Bringing the House Down. [] Love on the Run. Side Missions [x] Taxi Driver (new version). [x] Paramedics (new version). [] Vigilante. [] Karmageddon. [] Firefighter. [] Trash Dash. [x] RC Triad Take-Down (new version). [] Trashin' RC. [] Ragin' RC. [] Chasin RC. [] Go Go Faggio. [] Noodleboy. [] Pizzaboy. [] Wong Side of the Tracks. [] Bumps and Grinds. [] Car Salesman. [] Bike Salesman. [] Low Rider Rumble. [] Deimos Dash. [] Wi-Cheetah Run. [] Red Light Racing. [] Torrington TT. [] Gangsta GP. [x] Scooter Shooter (new version). [] AWOL Angel. [x] 9mm Mayhem (new version). [] Scrapyard Challenge. [] See the sight before your Flight. [] Slash TV. [x] Unique Stunt Jumps. [x] Car-azy Car Giveaway. [x] Hidden Packages. [x] Rampages. [] Avenging Angels. Also many of the screenshots and videos of this mod is in this topic. BETA 1.5 If you have crash at address "006f6330", you should set your DEP (Data Execution Prevention) settings to default. (enable only for essentials windows services or something). Addons: Classic AXIS by _AG VC MiniConsole V2 by @spaceeinstein Unlocked all outfit by @Surya926 (Includes modified version of VC CLEO plugin specially for LCS:PC) - R* - Lucid Games - sharpie_eastern - Ash_735 - GTA LC Team - Silent - ThirteenAG - LINK/2012 - Seeman - Alien - The Hero aka aap - DexX - Guard3 - Sergeanur - Gts. aka Gtz - Fire_Head - The_GTA - MAJEST1C_R3 - FeroCT5 - DK22Pac aka _DK - Spooky - Steve-M - Raptor - MuzzleFlash - Kam - X-Seti - Mex - Nick007J - The guys at Documenting GTA3/VC Memory Addresses - And you guys who supported me! If you have an assets here in this mod and haven't mentioned, just tell me. I tends to forgot sometimes.
  2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto Vice City Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto 3 Widescreen Fix This and many other fixes now available at thirteenag.github.io/widescreen_fixes_pack
  3. Forever L

    [VC] VCS Peds & More

    As you know, Vice City pedestrians were re-imagined in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Although, there have been great projects to bring that game to a PC version. But we were never offered to all converted pedestrians (or at least, not the vast majority of them) to play with them in the game. I bring here all the pedestrians converted to Vice City. Although, not all Vice City pedestrians were re-imagined. That is why I will improvise them to have more agreement with the rest of the pedestrians. This is something that catches my attention, so I'll soon finish it (It's what I want) Features a) All models from VCS, converted with original bones. b)Pedestrians colored with original system color. c) New pedestrians, with the VCS style. Progress MAINS FEMALES MALES LAW&EMERGENCY GANGS GANGS_ALT SPECIALS PLAYER Download
  4. LINK/2012

    Mod Loader

    What is it? Mod Loader is a plugin that adds an user-friendly and easy way to install and uninstall modifications into the game without changing anything in the game installation. The user only needs to put the mods in the modloader directory and that's all. Still not sure? Check out this nice from Ivey. Features:Do not replace any original file, all the mods are installed by injection on the fly. Instant mod refreshing, you can refresh mods on the go without closing the game. Game menu for configurations, providing a even easier management of mods. Bug-free audio modding. When installing sound mods with Mod Loader, you'll no longer encounter bug. Mod Loader will automatically read data lines from readme (.txt) files. If you have several of the same .dat files, Mod Loader will merge them together for you. Allows you to link mods to profiles, which is very useful for installing TC's with Mod Loader, isolating them completly from the rest of your mods. Mod Loader allows you to use command line arguments, you can find information on them here. Download Mod Loader will always get updated thought GTAGarage, with stable enough releases: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25377 Although you can also find the latest,maybe unstable, release on GitHub (recommended) https://github.com/thelink2012/modloader/releases Screenies Source Code The source code is available under the MIT license, take a look at the project on GitHub
  5. ThirteenAG

    Windowed Mode

    Windowed Mode plugin (for GTA3, VC, SA) Originally created by maxorator as part of Maxo's Vehicle Loader for Vice City, this plugin starts the game in windowed mode. Download Installation 1. ASI Loader is required. If you don't have it, just install Widescreen Fix, ASI Loader comes with it. 2. Unpack III.VC.SA.WindowedMode.asi and (optionally) III.VC.SA.CoordsManager.exe to scripts folder, or modloader folder. 3. Start the game. Supported executables gta3.exe v1.0, gta-vc.exe v1.0, gta-sa.exe v1.0 Hotkeys * Alt-Enter: Toggle between borderless-fullscreen and windowed mode * Ctrl-Enter/Shift-Enter: Toggle border/menu * Ctrl-Alt: Toggle mouse cursor * If border is activated, you can resize the window with the mouse Known issues * If SilentPatch is installed, you won't be able to move mouse cursor while in-game. Enter main menu before activating mouse cursor. * In San Andreas, mouse cursor is not visible. Credits * maxorator Screenshots Download
  6. ---------------------------- Stories Wanted Level Display by The Eddo ---------------------------- Summary: I always liked how LCS and VCS did it with the wanted level stars that appear on the HUD; no wanted level means no stars on the HUD. Since the amount of wanted level stars that appear on the HUD in VC can be changed, I decided to materialize a neat system that recreates 99% of that HUD feature. Why 99% you may ask? Because VC still shows one wanted level star on the screen even if the memory address is set to zero. Anyways, this mod will simply check the player's wanted level and then change the amount of stars appearing on the HUD accordingly. And once the value is set, it won't change until the wanted level changes. Not to mention this should also be compatible with mods that add a seventh wanted level or more. Source code can be found within the script file, you can open it with the latest Sanny Builder and view it by selecting "use original source code" when opening the file. Installation: The US v1.00 EXE (with 3,088,896 bytes) is required for the mod to work as it uses a memory address from v1.00, so make sure you are using that EXE to avoid crashes. 1. Download and install Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install CLEO Library for VC from cleo.li. 3. Put the provided "CLEO" folder next to "gta-vc.exe". Or better yet, you can use Mod Loader to install it: 1. Download and install Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install Mod Loader from gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25377. 3. Create a new folder inside the "modloader" folder, name it "Stories Wanted Level Display" and put the provided "CLEO" folder inside it. Credits: The whole mod - The Eddo Memory address - spaceeinstein Download here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05100417602802578735
  7. Forever L

    [VC] XBOX Hands

    General As many know, the editions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for both XBOX and for the 10th Anniversary, have certain differences that are easy to perceive, and this has led some of us to try to get these versions. One of the most notable differences are the characters of the Cutscenes, which not change in graphic quality, but the hands of these models are much more "realistic" than those in the PS2 and PC versions. Update v5b: One Step Back The hands of all the characters, have been replaced by the corresponding in each of them. The angle of the hands, position, size, and the color of the texture of each of them, have been recreated. All these new parameters have been taken from the file "cutscenehands.xml", which can be found in the files of the XBOX version, as well as the Mobile version. Unfortunately, the hands do not have their own animation, since only the 3D model is only rescued. The hands are again joined to the body. While the pack is uploaded with the previous one, be attentive. So shut up, sit down, and relax. Progress List Updated - In Progress - Not Started Tommy Vercetti Main Characters Cutscene Characters Gangs Pedestrians Download
  8. Silent

    PS2 loadscreens

    PS2 loadscreens Yeah, another mod from me. However, it's the first ASI plugin by me, and I think it works well Some time ago I watched a YouTube video from GTA III, which was recorded from PS2. I saw different splashes while loading (SA style) and I was like "WTF? Why it's absent from PC version?". I decided to recover it, and it was pretty easy. The best part is that most of randomizing functions still exist and it's used (!), I had only to finish them. Check modification's source code on GitHub! https://github.com/CookiePLMonster/PS2Loadscreens Screenshots: GTA III GTA VC Showcase video Download http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=16957 Supported games GTA III 1.0 (all versions) GTA III 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version) GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) GTA VC 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version) I should thank Deji here for introducing me into C++ - mod couldn't be made without it* * That was written in 2011.
  9. _𝓐𝓖

    Classic AXIS

    Description: Classic AXIS is a modification that try to improve the gameplay experience by adding a "better" camera movement to GTA: Vice City. Compatible with: GTA III 1.0 (all versions) GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) Features: Possibility to move the camera. Possibility to let the player walk in 4 directions. Possibility to move camera while driving a vehicle. Possibility to change camera mode. Added simple aiming instead 1st person view while aiming with some weapons. Attention: This plugin require GInput in order to works correctly. Video: Download: Version 1.6 - 03.11.2017 (Archive contain both III and VC releases) Here Old versions:
  10. MysteryDriverX

    [MVL] Brigham Taxi for VC

    This is my first car mod ever for a 3D GTA 😛 I converted the LVPD car from San Andreas into Vice City as a taxi, since I wanted something a bit more fun to drive and get the 100 fares for the bonus, and because I think the game needed a taxi based on the Caprice too. The car has interior textures from GTA IV and some textures and model parts from the XBOX cars mod (huge thanks to yoječ for letting me use them!!!). I tried to keep it in the style of the XBOX cars since they are my favorite for playing the game while keeping it "lore friendly". Some parts like the front grill were edited by me. The wheels are not included in the mod, they are from the XBOX wheels mod. It uses Maxo's Vehicle Loader. It's carcols-compatible and it has a few different colors by default. The huge numbers on the side are inspired by taxis that appeared in Miami Vice (I guess that's what real taxis looked like in 80's Miami). I might make a police version too. Screenshots: I'm using SkyGFX in my game so that's why it looks extra shiny and why some transparent textures look alright. Without SkyGFX the fan inside the car may look a bit weird. Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aqsy3pny115tale/vice_city_brigham_taxi.zip/file I'll try to upload it to gtagarage too. If you find any bugs please let me know. By the way is it possible to have separate brakelights and reverselights or do they always use the same dummy?
  11. George Costanza

    Vice City - The Leftovers Fix

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Leftovers Fix (An original idea by SpooferJahk) For some reason Rockstar Games ported Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from PlayStation 2 to the PC platform with a potato and because that, the game has lost features and has missing things which has been seen first time in PS2. This mod will restore them with little modifications and some improvements by our part. If you don't know what I'm speaking about, I recommend watching these Videos first. *_CP_ *BeckermannDewitt *BEGINit *Blackbird88 *EiF0hn *ermaccer *fastman92 *Forever L *inadequate *Jitterdoomer *JohnnyK *Kalvin *Mr.Jago *Mugetsuga *Neo Anderson *niltwill *R4gN0r0K *Silent *SpooferJahk *The Hero *TJGM *Tomasak *Zera CorePack - Last Update: 23/07/2016 Improvements - Last Update: 24/12/2015 Mega Mirror Improved ped.ifp PS2 Feels Vice City Edition Flash FM with "Running with the Night" V-Rock with fixed "Cumin' Atcha Live" Mega Mirror KCHAT & VCPR in better quality PS2 Police Radio and Grenade sound SFX (police.vb from PS2 is recommended alongside VBdec) Texture source CorePack Improvements Improved ped.ifp *Cleo *Modloader *Open Limit Adjuster (it's red because it's needed to run this mod) (requires Ultimate ASI Loader, which is already included in WS fix and Skygfx) If you run into crash near Gash shop in North Point mall center open limit_adjuster_gta3vcsa.ini and in [VCLIMITS] change EntryInfoNode = 3200 to EntryInfoNode = 30000 *Ped Speech Patch *SilentPatch *Skygfx *Potent Tear Gas (remove vcpd_ps2_teargas.cs from VCLF/cleo) *Updated SCM *Vice City Widescreen Fix *Mouse Wheel Radio Changer *VBdec DISCLAIMER: All modifications have been tested and are working correctly, but anyway I don't take any responsibility for damage that may appear after or while installing of one of the various modifications. Install at your own risk.
  12. The Hero

    Simple screenshot plugin

    While working on gta3d I was annoyed by the lack of a screenshot functionality in III and I couldn't be assed to use fraps or some other tool. Press print screen in game and you'll get a screenshot in the snapshots directory. Works with III, VC and SA, 1.0; http://gta.rockstarvision.com/files/screenshot.asi Source code here: https://github.com/GTAmodding/miscmods/blob/master/screenshot.cpp
  13. The Eddo

    SMG Requirement

    --------------- SMG Requirement by The Eddo --------------- Summary: Sometime ago, I found an unused text string in III's text files related to a feature that was cut from it. It was a help text that said "Have an Uzi selected when entering a vehicle", which clearly proved that the player needed to have it selected beforehand. I once made a script to recreate the feature in VC, but it wasn't working well. Now I've recreated the script with sharpened modding skills and here lies this mod. So this mod will require you to have an SMG (or anything that uses slot "5" in weapon.dat) selected before entering a vehicle or drive-bys will be disabled. IMPORTANT NOTE: Always have an SMG (or anything that uses slot "5" in weapon.dat) selected before saving the game, as the disabled drive-bys might get saved in your save file. Source code can be found within the script file, you can open it with the latest Sanny Builder and view it by selecting "use original source code" when opening the file. Installation: The US v1.00 EXE (with 3,088,896 bytes) is required for the mod to work as it uses a memory address from v1.00, so make sure you are using that EXE to avoid crashes. 1. Download and install Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install CLEO Library for VC from cleo.li. 3. Put the provided "CLEO" folder next to "gta-vc.exe". Or better yet, you can use Mod Loader to install it: 1. Download and install Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install Mod Loader from gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25377. 3. Create a new folder inside the "modloader" folder, name it "SMG Requirement" and put the provided "CLEO" folder inside it. Credits: The whole mod - The Eddo Memory address - spaceeinstein Download from here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05521267758193627509
  14. Maxo's Vehicle Loader 0.98e for Vice City by maxorator Adds new vehicles to the game without replacing old ones. Loads vehicles from a 7z archive containing .col, .dff, .txd and .xml. XML files define handling, carcols, name, default.ide data, audio settings and more. Tuning parts can be added to vehicles (works in a similar way as in SA). Also loads SA .dff and .txd files directly (and collision from .dff's). Machine guns and rocket launchers (also with custom models) can be attached to vehicles. Vehicles can use hydraulics/tank cannon/etc and can use police/ambulance/firetruck/taxi AI. Custom weapons can be added. Weapons and vehicles can have custom animations, both in VC and SA format. For more details, read the changelog and release notes. (Scroll down for the changelog.) This mod heavily patches the game code on the fly, so it might interfere with other executable or .asi/.flt mods. Therefore if it crashes for you, you should try removing some other .asi/.flt mods or Cleo scripts you have installed to see if that helps. This mod only works with 1.0 version of the game executable. This is a modification that makes it possible to easily add new cars to the game without replacing old ones. It consists of one .flt (vehmod.flt) file that should be put into the "mss" directory. The game automatically loads it from there. To start using it, you have to first create a directory named "vehicles" into your Vice City directory. There you will be placing your new cars as 7zip archives. The 7zip archive of a vehicle must contain: 1. An XML file (.xml), which describes handling data and other miscellaneous data related to the vehicle. The modification comes with the XML files for all default vehicles in the game, so you can see what exactly they have to contain from there. The name of this file does not matter. 2. A collision file (.col), which is the collision file to be used with the vehicle. Note that it does not matter what the file name nor the name used inside the .col file is, it will be loaded for this vehicle anyway. 3. A model file (.dff), which will be the model that is loaded for this vehicle. As usual, the file name does not matter. 4. A texture file (.txd), which will be used with this vehicle. File name does not matter. This modification also allows you to change some data that is usually hardcoded. You can change the audio data for a vehicle (look at some sample .xml file for specifics), extra helicopter data (type, weapons, rotor radius, rotor collision damage multiplier), enable siren (extra flag 1), enable voodoo hydraulics (extra flag 2) and enable baron flying style (extra flag 4). The available helicopter types are normal, hunter, remote and water. Type "remote" acts like RC Goblin and RC Raider, and "water" floats like sea sparrow on the water. Available weapon types are "hunter" and "sparrow". Some car models that are available for download for Vice City have their own wheels. To hide the default wheels, previously an invisible wheel model was used. However, with this mod it is not necessary, because the mod automatically detects if a vehicle has custom wheels inside the model and then hides the default ones. To spawn these cars, you can press ALT+2 to switch between them (shows the name of the current selection as help message) and then ALT+3 to spawn the current selection. In the game these cars have IDs starting from 6000. The exact IDs are printed out to a file named "vehmod_log.txt" in your Vice City directory. Also if there are any errors while loading a vehicle, errors will be logged to that file (mostly XML formatting errors). This modification also loads new vehicles when the game is already running. That is, when you copy a new archive into the "vehicles" directory, the modification will load that into the game instantly. Note that the cars that are added can also appear on the streets if their "class" value is not set to "ignore". The mod includes a few small patches to the game engine. First of all it increases the amount of different vehicle models that can be loaded into the game from 50 to 127. Note that the vehicles that are added with this modification do not count towards that limit, so it is provided simply as a bonus. The second patch is that you can enter RC vehicles without crashing, in case you would want to import new RC vehicles and test them. Also this works for existing RC models. CHANGELOG OF 0.98e Vehicle (Num*) and weapon (Num5) selecting screens, Num-+ to scroll, Num/ to spawn, <testmenus> in globalm.xml must be enabled. Added streaming memory limit setting to globalm.xml (check help/sample_globalm.xml for usage). Added "createVehicle" and "createExplosion" functions to Python scripts (check help/samplescripts/vehiclegrid.py). Added "eventBulletFired" event to Python scripts (check help/samplescripts/explosivem4.py). Fixed a crash on decapitation after starting a new game for the second time. Extra save XML file is only loaded if it is not older than the main save file. MVL weapons carried by player are not saved to main save file, but to extra save XML. Added shotgun specific settings to weapon XML (check shotgun xmls in help/samplewepxmls). Fixed a VC bug that caused crashes on "heavy" collisions (many spheres of a collision model colliding at once). Fixed a VC bug that caused a crash when too many sound effects were played at the same time. Fixed a crash when there were too many files in IMG that didn't have an IDE entry. Some errors about IPL/IDE/IMG issues logged to messagelog.txt if <debugidedata> "true" in globalm.xml. Increased maximum number of explosions. Fixed some automatic interior switching bugs (wrong interior on first cutscene, interior color switching issues). Opcode 0801 for checking if MVL has Python loaded, opcode 0802 for getting MVL version number (currently 9850). CHANGELOG OF 0.98d Automatic interior switching option (doesn't fade in or teleport), which is also teleport-safe (global.xml setting "autointeriors"). Fixed an issue with compatibility with some other modifications (CLEO and others). Fixed weapons being darkened when using real-time shadow for player. NEW IN 0.98c Custom weapon sounds can be used by including .wav files in the archive. You can include custom sound for shot, reload and echo (filenames should then be gunshot.wav, reload.wav, shotecho.wav). You can also set custom frequency, loop start and end positions by modifying the file name, for example: reload-f22050s100e1000.wav will sound like you set the frequency to 22050, loop start to 0 and loop end to 1000 (these values work the same way as in sfx.SDT). Vehicle engine sound can currently only be changed when you set the vehicle to use RC audio (RCAUDIO extra flag), in which case the filenames would be rcengine1.wav and rcengine2.wav (check sounds included with MW_29's Hydra). New SCM opcodes can be added with Python scripts. Check the extraopcodes.py sample script to see some added opcodes for manipulating tuning parts. You must specify the list of arguments that your opcode takes when registering it: 'i' is integer, 'f' is float, 'V' is vehicle handle, 'P' is actor handle, 'O' is object handle. You can easily return multiple values by separating them with a comma. If you return only one value that is a ped/vehicle/object handle, then you must add a comma to the end (for example: "return ped,")! If you return a boolean (True/False), then that opcode works as any other is_xxxxx opcode. There are also 2 built-in opcodes: 0800 - used to make next text draw call with label MVLNAME draw the name of the specified vehicle. If you want to tell it to draw the name of a vehicle by model index, then the first argument must be 1 and second argument must be the model index. If you want to pass a vehicle handle instead, the first argument must be 2 and the second the handle of the vehicle. 0810 - used to create weapon pickups by weapon ID instead of model ID. This can be used to spawn MVL weapon pickups. Arguments are: weaponId x y z ammo When saving the game now, all MVL vehicles will instead be saved into the main save file as default vehicles (all cars are golf carts, all bikes are faggios, all boats are dinghys). The actual information about which MVL vehicle they are supposed to be is saved to a separate .xml file in the same folder as the save files. If all the vehicles still exist in your vehicles folder and MVL is present, then saving and loading will work fine - when you saved an MVL vehicle, on loading the MVL vehicle will also appear (tuning parts are also saved). However, if MVL is removed, all saved MVL vehicles will be loaded as some default vehicles (golf carts, faggios or dinghys). The same applies for vehicles which do not exist in your vehicles folder anymore. Saved MVL vehicles are not tied to the model ID, instead they are tied to archive checksum and archive name. If you change only one of them (archive contents or archive name), the game will still find the correct vehicle associated with a save. However, if you change both the contents and the name, then the vehicle will no longer be recognized. CHANGELOG OF 0.98c Works with Steam version. Support for custom weapon sounds. Support for custom engine sound for vehicles with RC-vehicle audio. Bullet holes (enabled when a bullethole.png is in mvl folder). Custom SCM opcode handlers via Python scripts. MVL vehicles are saved to a separate file when saving, makes saves with MVL vehicles compatible with non-MVL VC and allows more flexibility with vehicle IDs. Trashbin toy (set "trashbin" to "true" in globalm.xml and use Alt+0 in-game). Fixed an issue with resolutions in windowed mode which caused the game not to launch for some people at some resolutions. Fixed an issue with SCM threads which caused problems when missions ended. Fixed a crash when saving, which occured when using quicksave when model limit was set to over 32k. Support for full-screen sniper scope images, the image file's name must be stretch_scope.png . Slight loading screen speed-up. CHANGELOG OF 0.98b Model ID limit, TXD file and COL file limit can be changed via globalm.xml (see help/sample_globalm.xml). Various object instance limits can be changed via globalm.xml (ptrnode, entryinfonode, peds, vehicles, buildings, treadables, objects, dummys, audioscriptobj, colmodel). Model store limits can be changed (simple models (for map objects, dynamic objects), time models, weapon models, clump models (cutscene objects aka "hier"), vehicle, ped, 2dfx). Vehicle weapon positioning is fixed (was broken in 0.98a). Filenames in weapon and vehicle archives are no longer checked in a case-sensitive way. Fixed a CLEO bug that caused loading a save to freeze after saving a game. When a garage is opened and the vehicle that was stored in it is no longer a valid vehicle (for example an MVL vehicle which is no longer installed), it's removed. Player's weapons are now also visible on the real-time shadow. Selected start ID for MVL vehicles is analyzed and automatically changed if necessary. Fixed MVL weapon reload clip size. NEW IN 0.98a This version has windowed mode settings. In mvl/globalm.xml you can set "windowed" value to true. That will cause the game to start in windowed mode. If your game resolution matches your screen resolution, the game window has no borders nor menus. To switch between full size and smaller size window you can use Alt+Enter. When the game menu is visible, moving the cursor outside of the game area makes the mouse visible. To make the mouse cursor usable while not in the menu, you can press Alt+Control. That makes the cursor visible and the game no longer reacts to mouse movement/clicks. To give mouse control back to the game, you can either press Alt+Control again, click on the game area or switch to menu and back. "usemenus" in globalm.xml makes the "Spawn vehicle", "Weapons" and "Windows" menus appear below the title bar. "Weapons" menu can be used to give the player custom weapons. "Windows" menu currently has only "Extra view", which is an experimental feature to show multiple camera views. Currently it is hardcoded to show a top-down view. Custom weapons are now supported. They can be added by putting a 7z archive to mvl/weapons folder. They must include an .xml file and an icon.png file (weapon icon). If your weapon has a custom model, set the model ID in the .xml file to -1 and include the .dff and .txd files in the archive. Custom animations can also be used. For that you should include an .ifp file in the archive. The name of the .ifp file does not matter and the animation names in the archive should be the same as in the animation file specified by the animation group in the XML (so you should not change the animation group in XML when adding custom animations). The way custom weapons behave is specified by the "logicalid" field in the weapon XML file. That value should be set to the weapon index from which the new weapon copies its behaviour from. Therefore it should either be one of the built-in weapon IDs (0-36) or a custom weapon logic ID. Currently there are 2 custom weapon logic IDs - 80 for spikes and 81 for hats. Weapon spawning can be specified in the weapon's XML file and also in mvl/weapons/pickups.xml file. For the exact syntax, see the included pickups.xml file. If "roadthingy" field in globalm.xml is set to true, ALT+5 spawns the weird dynamic road thing, which you can also control manually by pressing NUM4/NUM5 to make it turn up/down, and NUM7/NUM8 to make it turn left/right. If you don't control its movement manually, it turns automatically in random directions. CHANGELOG OF 0.98a Fixed various problems when scripts folder was present, but Python 3.3 wasn't. Fixed emlightsingle not working properly. File mvl/globalm.xml is used for some settings not related to vehicles. Windowed mode can be enabled ("windowed" setting in globalm.xml). Enabling "usemenus" in globalm.xml enables various under the window's title bar. Added "Spawn vehicle" menu for spawning MVL vehicles. Enabling "fixframewait" in globalm.xml should decrease CPU usage on better machines when frame limiter is on. Experimental additional camera windows, currently accessible via "Windows -> Extra view", which shows a hardcoded top-down view. Globalm.xml has setting "rtshadowonplanes" for enabling real-time shadow for planes, "rtshadowonplayer" for enabling it for player. Fixed a problem with loading while the game is running. "antialias" setting in global.xml, which can either be "on", "off", or "max". "menuonrestore" setting (default is true) defines whether the game switches to menu when the window is restored. "autoloadsave" setting in globalm.xml can be used to make a save load automatically when the game is launched (0 means the first save). Crash log is created to mvl/errorlog.txt when the game crashes. Added a strange dynamic road feature - enabled via "roadthingy" setting in globalm.xml, spawned with Alt+5. SA animation files can be used with scripts/vehicles/weapons. MVL can now load custom weapons - mvl/weapons folder, 7z archives containing xml, dff, txd, icon.png and/or ifp. Custom scope image can be used for custom snipers/lasers/camera, by including scope.png (one quad) or full_scope.png (as one image). Added a custom weapon type - spiketrap (logical ID 80). Added a custom weapon type - hat (logical ID 81). Added "Weapons" menu for giving MVL weapons to the player. Weapon spawn points can be defined in mvl/weapons/pickups.xml and in weapon XML files. Added opcode 0810 for spawning weapons, parameters: weapon_id x y z ammo. Added opcode 0800 for forcing the next text draw opcode to use vehicle's name (params: 1 model_index OR 2 vehicle). Enabling "decapitations" in globalm.xml causes headshots to actually cause detached head appear. Fixed custom Sea Sparrow being unable to stay afloat on water. NEW IN 0.98 In this version, folder structure has been changed. Everything that was in "vehicles" folder should now be in "mvl/vehicles" folder and global.xml inside it should be renamed to globalv.xml. This version implements Python scripting. To use it, Python 3.3 must be installed. Scripts go to the "mvl/scripts" folder. The are very few scripting functions at the moment. Currently the only thoroughly covered scripting feature is animations. You can find a short description of functions and callbacks in the "script_functions.txt" file and some sample scripts in the "samplescripts" folder. When working with files, remember that the active directory is VC folder, not scripts folder. CHANGELOG OF 0.98 Implemented Python (3.3) scripting, scripts go to "mvl/scripts". Includes some basic functions and also a set of functions for animations. Adding 10 or more vehicles for one AI type does not cause Landstalker to be used for those AI types anymore. Fixed taxi lights on non-MVL taxis. Vehicle wheel offset from dummy will be set to zero if the vehicle only has one predefined wheel. Vehicles that failed to load do not show up on ALT+2 vehicle list anymore. Third and fourth car colours are now supported by using "carcol4" and "rgbcol4" elements. Fixed some issues that caused slowdowns or crashes on modified executables. Maximum altitude for helicopters and planes can be set via "maxaltitude" property in globalv.xml file. There is a NOMAXALTITUDE extra flag, which can be used to make a vehicle ignore the maximum altitude completely. By setting "dumprgbcolors" to "true" in globalv.xml file, car colours are dumped in RGB format. Fixed a small bug with SA vehicle collisions. Vehicles folder is now in "mvl" folder and global.xml is now globalv.xml. Vehicles with empty name string can now be loaded, but their name is changed to "Unknown". "addspeedmul" in the "missileinfo" section specifies how much of the vehicle's speed is added to rocket's speed. Setting "gang" field in "aidata" section to a gang index makes that gang use that vehicle. CHANGELOG OF 0.97c Now it's possible to set vehicle machine gun accuracy, range, time between shots and audio sample index (see file "samplexmls/commented/comet_with_weapons.xml"). Bullet trace limit raised to make shooting vehicle machine guns look consistent. It is now possible to change extra flags for non-MVL vehicles (see file "samplexmls/commented/sample_global.xml"). Emergency light positions can be changed for non-MVL vehicles per AI type basis (see file "samplexmls/commented/sample_global.xml"). CHANGELOG OF 0.97b Added extra flags that are used by some trucks: REVBEEP for beeping while reversing and GEARTHUD for the sound they make when switching between forward and reverse. Generated XML files now also contain the correct "specials" section. "vicechee" and "cheetah" are now created as two different XML files. Fixed issues with vehicle machine guns. CHANGELOG OF 0.97a Fixed secondary car colour not being used on vehicles. Fixed a crash that occured when using vehicles with tuning parts or weapons in a replay. NEW IN 0.97 In this version you can use custom animations for your vehicles. The animations should be included in the archive as in .ifp file and should contain the replacement animations, each of which should have exactly the same name as the original animation. The file does not have to contain all the animations used by that vehicle's animation group, only the ones you want to replace. Another new feature is setting default immunity flags for vehicles in the XML. The immunity value is an integer in the range 0-255 and you can use the flags.html to find the value for the specific combination of immunities you wish your vehicle to have. The value should be in "immunity" element inside "basic" section. Car colours can now be specified as RGB valuues. To do that, use "rgbcol" instead of "carcol" in the "colors" section. "rgbcol" should contain 6 comma-separated values - r,g,b,r,g,b. First three values make up the primary colour and the last three values make up the secondary colour. You can mix "rgbcol" and "carcol" elements, but there can still be only a total of 8 of them combined. CHANGELOG OF 0.97 Custom animations for vehicles can now be included as an .ifp file in the archive. Default immunity flags can be set with the "immunity" property in the "basic" section. Check flags.html for exact values to use. Setting "disableflipdamage" to "true" in the global.xml file will stop cars from taking damage because of being flipped in the game. In the "colors" section you can now specify car colours also in RGB format. CHANGELOG OF 0.96e Boats now have a "boatengine" section inside the "audio" section, so boat engine audio can now be customized. RC vehicle audio now works, RC helicopters have it automatically, to get RC bandit/baron audio, the extra flag RCAUDIO has to be set. Offset between wheel dummy and the wheel is not forced to zero anymore. Added some .xml files with comments. CHANGELOG OF 0.96d In addition to COL3 collision, COLL and COL2 collision types are now also supported inside SA .dff collision section. Giving more than 8 car colours does not give an error anymore, instead it now gives a warning, so the vehicle is still loaded. Vehicle weapons cannot be used if the player is dead in the vehicle. If game was started with the launcher, key combination ALT+4 can be used to generate .xml files of current game data (folder "vlist" must be created in VC folder before you do that). "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package" is no longer required to run this mod. CHANGELOG OF 0.96c A specific model index can be specified for the vehicles by adding a "xMODELINDEX_" prefix to the 7z file name, such as "x6189_". Starting a new game or loading a save shouldn't cause any problems anymore. Setting "disablelightboxes" to "true" in global XML file will cause them to disappear from all cars. Setting "hasboxes" to "false" in vehicle's lights section will cause the light boxes to disappear from that car. CHANGELOG OF 0.96b Changed some things that should make this mod compatible with some other mods, most likely with graphic/map mods.CHANGELOG OF 0.96a Fixed a rare bug when cars started turning right until ESC menu was activated. Machine guns mounted to vehicles now have a sound. Now all four custom weapon model slots work, previously only one worked. Shooting petrol caps of vehicles that have them should now make those vehicles explode. Fixed a bug with alpha when the game didn't detect some alpha materials correctly on SA cars (some broken windows). The beginning of the ID range for new vehicles can be defined in the global XML file with the "idstart" element. Taxi lights on default taxi cars are not always enabled anymore. Setting "usespawner" and "usetuner" values in global XML file to false will turn off spawner and tuner hotkeys respectively. NEW IN 0.96 Now it is possible to attach weapons to your vehicles. Up to 4 weapons can be attached to one vehicle. Weapons can be added to all vehicle types. Weapon type can either be set to "machinegun" or "missile", first one shoots bullets, the second one shoots missiles. The weapon model can be set to "m4", "rocketlauncher", "none" or if there are files weapons.dff and weapons.txd, which contain weapon models with the names "custom1", "custom2", "custom3", "custom4", these names can be used for weapon model also to make it use those custom models for the weapon. Custom weapon models can also use vehicle colours. Section "fireoffset" defines the offset from the weapon model where the shot is made from. When the weapon type is "missile" a section "missileinfo" can be specified in the weapon data. In there can be two elements: "gravity" (values "on"/"off") shows whether the missiles are affected by gravity and "timeout" is the minimum time between shooting two missiles. When a "dockedinfo" section is specified in the weapon data, then the weapon will by default be in the position specified in that block. If there is no "dockedinfo" section, then the weapon will be in the default position specified in the "armedinfo" section. A weapon cannot shoot when docked. When the weapon is undocked, then the weapon will go to the position specified by "middlepos" between the minimum and maximum positions, which are defined in the "armedinfo" section. So, if "middlepos" is 0, the default position when armed is at the minimum position; if 1, then at maximum position; if 0.5, then exactly between them. Minimum and maximum rotations are used along with the positions. "dockspeed" element specifies, in milliseconds, how quickly the weapon moves from the docked position to armed position. "movespeed" element in "armedinfo" sector shows how many milliseconds it takes to move the weapon from minimum to maximum position. If moving the weapon is not required, min and max positions and rotations can either be the same or max position/rotation can simply be skipped. A "hotkeys" section defines which keys have to pressed for a certain action for this weapon. The contents of the hotkey elements are three comman-separated numbers, which are the virtual keycodes of the keys that have to pressed in order to activate a certain action. To find which code goes for which key, you can just google for "virtual keycodes". If the key combination consists of less than 3 keys, some of the keycodes have to be duplicated, because there has to be three numbers in that element. "dockkey" specifies the key combination for docking/undocking the weapon. "moveupkey" and "movedownkey" are the key combinations for moving the position of the weapon (when armed) closer to the maximum and minimum positions respectively. "restorekey" is the key combination for moving the weapon to the default position ("middlepos" ratio between min and max). "shootkey" obviously is the combination for shooting from a weapon. A link to a sample vehicle using weapons can be found from GTAForums from the topic associated with this mod or from GTAGarage mod description. CHANGELOG OF 0.96 Fixed collisions loaded from SA .dff-s (they only had spheres, but no triangles). SA vehicles should not have problems with alpha parts anymore. Emergency/taxi lights can be set to use vehicle colours by using the words "primary" or "secondary" in the colour element. Vehicles that have too many duplicate wheel dummies should not crash anymore. Weapons can be attached to vehicles - read above. CHANGELOG OF 0.95 Collisions for SA vehicles are loaded from SA .dff-s if no .col is included in the archive. Middle wheels are handled properly now. Different types of EM lights can be defined now, does not rely on AI flags anymore. Heli weapons can be relocated. Option "alwayson" to make EM/taxi lights always be enabled. Fixed a bug with bike wheels that was caused by some changes in the previous version. Optional field "wheelcorrection" in "basic" sector in .xml that is a multiplier of the visual size of wheels. NEW IN 0.94a This version can somewhat properly load San Andreas .dff and .txd files. Since SA vehicles have one common texture file, this mod tries to find and load that file too. If there exists a "vehicles/sa_vehicle.txd", the mod loads that one. If that file does not exist, the mod tries to find the file from SA installation directory. If this also fails, those common textures will not display on vehicles. Wheels for SA vehicles are also fixed now. If there is only one wheel in the .dff file, the mod copies it automatically to all wheel dummies. It also increases the visual size of the wheel, otherwise the wheels of SA vehicles would look too small. Another new feature is the ability to change the position and colours of emergency vehicle lights. To see how that has to be defined in the XML file, look into the sample .xml files of Police, Ambulance, Firetruck or SWAT car. CHANGELOG OF 0.94a Wheels for SA vehicle models are fixed. Increased primary and secondary colour material limit - required for some SA vehicles. Common textures for SA vehicles are loaded and used if necessary. It is possible to define the colours and positions of emergency vehicle lights. CHANGELOG OF 0.94 Game does not exit on resolution change anymore. Horn works now. Vehicles created using hardcoded hotkeys are not saved anymore and can disappear. Partial support for SA .dff files (common textures and wheels are broken). NEW IN 0.93 Tuning parts can be added to vehicles. The tuning files have to be .dff files named "tuning1.dff", "tuning2.dff", ..., "tuning9.dff". Each .dff can contain many different parts, but not more than one of each. All the parts can be tuned in the game by pressing ALT+7 to select the part to tune and ALT+8 to change that part to another version of that part. Also, all vehicles spawned in the game will use a random version of each part, making it possible to see the tuned parts right in the normal traffic. The hierarchy of the parts that replace something in the original DFF isn't important (wheels are an exception), however, if a completely new part is added that doesn't exist in the default model, it will be put under the chassis dummy, using the XYZ offset it has from its parent in the tuning DFF. If the parent's name in tuning DFF matches the name of some part in the vehicle's original DFF, it will be added as a child of that part. Custom wheels can only be used in tuning if the original model already has custom wheels. Custom wheels have to be in the correct dummies in the tuning file, just like they are in vehicle DFF models. The name of the wheel part itself does not matter, they are detected by the parent dummy. If there is a "tuningfix" entry set to "true" in the global.xml (<tuningfix>true</tuningfix>), then whenever a part is changed, it will also be fixed. CHANGELOG OF 0.93 Police bikes should now work properly when generated by script (opcode 4F8h) and in roadblocks. Emergency vehicles can now also be bikes, although the AI is heavily crippled then. Bike reversing speed is fixed. Increased new vehicle limit from 50 to 200. Tuning parts can be added as an extra .dff file and they can be switched with hotkeys Alt+7 and Alt+8. CHANGELOG OF 0.92 Some issues with tanks were fixed. Included an HTML file for easily calculating the flags. NEW IN 0.91 Now there are new extra flags that make it possible to make the game AI use the vehicle for different purposes, such as a police or an ambulance vehicle. This also means that whenever for example a police car is generated, it randomly chooses one available vehicle for that purpose. Therefore if you have 2 custom police cars, there is 1/3 chance for each of the police cars to appear, since there is the default police vehicle and those two custom ones. There is also a file named "global.xml" in the vehicles folder. This file is currently meant only for specifying a list of vehicles that should not be used by the AI in the game. In the sample "global.xml" included, there is only a line "<v>200</v>", which would make the Patriot not be driven by random people on the street (but that doesn't happen anyway, so it's just a sample line). You can add as many as those lines as you want, but only for default vehicles (range 130-236). Also if you specify the default police vehicle in that list and you have at least 1 custom police vehicle, the default police vehicle is never used (same for all other special vehicles). This is the list of all flags: 00001h - Siren 00002h - Voodoo hydraulics 00004h - Baron flying mode 00008h - BF Injection's rotating part 00010h - Cuban Hermes's exhaust 00020h - Phoenix's engine flap 00040h - Tank controls 00080h - Firetruck controls 00100h - Used by AI as a police car 00200h - Used by AI as a SWAT truck 00400h - Used by AI as a Predator 00800h - Used by AI as a Rhino 01000h - Used by AI as a Barracks 02000h - Used by AI as an FBI car 04000h - Used by AI as a Vice Cheetah 08000h - Used by AI as a firetruck 10000h - Used by AI as an ambulance 20000h - Used by AI as a taxi CHANGELOG OF 0.91 Vehicles have the right audio sections now, some of them were incorrect before. The internal limit for vehicles in one class is now 97, not 25. Police, SWAT, Predator, Rhino, Barracks, FBI, Vice, firetruck, ambulance, taxi AI flag. Tank and firetruck control flags, also flags for Hermes's exhaust, Phoenix's engine flap, BF Injection's rotation. A global XML for specifying cars that the AI shouldn't use. The game shouldn't crash on exit anymore. Baron flying mode didn't really work before. Some issues with Skimmer-type vehicles were fixed. Tutorials Xegethra's video tutorial: ALMOST610's tools and resources XML generator: http://almost610.ucoz.com/blog/xml_builder/2012-12-23-1 Vehicles and weapons: http://almost610.ucoz.com/blog/welcome/2012-12-23-4 Vehicles for this mod Author: Suction Testicle Man Mazda MX-5 (GTAGarage) Nissan S13 Silvia (GTAGarage) Audi A8 (GTAGarage) Austin Mini Metro (GTAGarage) BMW M3 (GTAGarage) Lamborghini Countach (GTAGarage) Mercedes Benz S600 (GTAGarage) Voodoo Police with police AI (GTAGarage) Author: ALMOST610 Cut VC Stretch (GTAGarage) Oceanic Stretch (GTAGarage) Romero Ute (GTAGarage) Stinger with tuning parts(GTAGarage) Oceanic Police with police AI (GTAGarage) VC Regal (GTAGarage) Vice Premier (GTAGarage) Impaler (GTAGarage) Regal Taxi (GTAGarage) SA Police Vehicles (GTAGarage) Author: MW_29. Aircrafts: Hydra (GTAGarage) Rustler (GTAGarage) Shamal (GTAGarage) Dodo (GTAGarage) Author: spectralized Cobra (GTAGarage) Cockroach (GTAGarage) Luinx (GTAGarage) Xegg (GTAGarage) Turbocharge (mvlvehicles.dmon.com) Author: Jur1zz Original thread: Vehicles For VC, with tuning parts Slamvan with tuning parts(GTAGarage) Blista Compact GT with tuning parts(GTAGarage) Author: Krzer Thunderrodd (GTAGarage) Super Comet (GTAGarage) Super PCJ-600 (GTAGarage) Author: MG3 Taxi Pack (GTAGarage) Deathrunner (GTAGarage) Greenwood Custom (GTAGarage) Author: H3NR1QU3 HPV1000 with police AI (Direct link) Author: SomeGuy86 Kuruma Pack (GTAGarage) VC vehicle pack III vehicle pack Authors: toyGT_one and nabnabnabn GTA IV Vehicles (GTAGarage) Samples: Armed Comet, WEAPONS DEMO, custom weapon model by kikiboy95 (Direct link) ---------------- Hotkeys for this vehicle: Shift+5 - dock rocket launchers, Shift+Z / Shift+X - move rocket launchers, ---------------- Shift+C - restore rocket launchers' position, Ctrl+Shift - fire rocket launchers, Ctrl+Z - fire machine guns. GTAGarage page Download link for 0.98d
  15. Improved Hyman Memorial Stadium 2DFX What is it? The Stadium in Vice City has lights all over, yet none of them actually light up. This fixes that. Download: OneDrive Installation: Download Mod Loader and simply copy the "Improved Hyman Memorial Stadium 2DFX" folder from the .zip into your "modloader" folder. If you use Project 2DFX, make sure you replace "VCLodLights.dat" with the one I provided in the .zip. Bugs: The light shadows that appear under lights can be iffy and not show a lot of the time due to the light shadow limit, until someone cracks that limit it's going to remain this way Screenshots:
  16. GTA Vice City use Uzi sound for all SMG when you use them for "drive-by". this plugin "fix" it by changing the sound id depending on what SMG Tommy is having. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oletmvweps0d422/VC.DriveBySoundFix.zip
  17. UpdatedSCM is an SCM mod for GTA: Vice City to enhance the gameplay a bit, while also fixing little bugs. It has things like MC Tommy, some beta cell phone conversations, more ped variety in certain missions, mission corrections, improved 'Supply & Demand' mission, skippable intro help messages, skippable phone calls... Download the latest version here. (Yes, this includes everything now.) ...And check out its changelog to get more idea about what it does. Besides the main variation's SCM, there are also two other SCMs, depending on your need: Save-Friendly SCM: this has most of the changes from the main variation up until a certain point that does not necessitate a new game. (The changes you do not see here compared with the main edition are all those which require a new game and thus would crash the game while trying to load it.) So you can use this with your old saved files. (Still: be cautious and beware that your save files might become corrupted if you overwrite them, so at least save in a different slot or backup your save files if you use a new SCM.) Without MC Tommy SCM: the only difference between the main variation and this one is that this does not contain the MC Tommy model addition. Only the latest version's changelog is included here (which applies to both the "main variation SCM" and "without the MC Tommy SCM" file - the save friendly SCM's changelog is in the download):
  18. https://mega.nz/#!adhDjCbI!HoSV1Y9oBXxZ-QHlUZBRtgVFFX6YHYZb2gEtf6i8S-E
  19. -------------------- Change Clothes Cheat by The Eddo -------------------- Summary: As you may already know, running around in that big map of Vice City just to change one freaking outfit is annoying, right? So let's put some EddoVision™ into it aaaaaaaaand at the very least, probably fix it someday. Features: * Just type the name of the outfit (without spaces) you wish to wear to instantly wear it. * The "Frankie" outfit (the one you get for achieving 100% completion) will only be available after you get 100% (because it's a bonus, you know). * To wear the red Tracksuit type "REDTRACKSUIT", and to wear the black Tracksuit type "BLACKTRACKSUIT". * Changing clothes clears your wanted level if it's not more than two stars, just like in the original game. * All outfits can be worn regardless of whether you've unlocked them or not. * Full compatibility with custom SCMs, including the ones where the player handles aren't defined as $PLAYER_CHAR and $PLAYER_ACTOR (thanks Silent!). * A very fast, simplified and lightweight script. * Included two bonuses: The money cheat and the stormy weather cheat, type "IAMARICHMAN" to get $250,000 or type "IJUSTLOVESCOTLAND" to change the weather to stormy. * Support for the cut MC Tommy (biker) outfit, "play13.dff" and "play13.txd" are required to be in gta3.img (this feature is for mods that restore it). (Note: DO NOT type "MCTOMMY" if "play13.dff" and "play13.txd" are not present.) * An additional version made especially for LCS: PC (a PC port of LCS developed by @Surya926), you can now change outfits using the right cheats in that mod too! Installation: 1. Download and install Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install CLEO Library for VC from cleo.li. 3. Put the provided "CLEO" folder next to "gta-vc.exe". If you wish to install it to LCS: PC, open the "For LCS PC" folder and put the provided "CLEO" folder found there next to "gta-lcs.exe". Credits: The whole mod - The Eddo Coding assistance - Silent LCS: PC - Surya926 EddoVision™ Download from here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=84131324874871342843
  20. The Eddo

    Fixed Seafloor Colors

    --------------------- Fixed Seafloor Colors by The Eddo --------------------- Summary: Have you ever noticed the seafloor in VC appears so dark? Well, R* added 32 bits to all seafloor models' flags which made the game consider them all as "interior objects". This mod simply removes those "excessive" 32 bits and makes the seafloor light up as R* originally intended. Installation: 1. Put the provided "data" folder next to "gta-vc.exe". Or better yet, you can use Mod Loader to install it: 1. Download and install Ultimate ASI Loader from github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install Mod Loader from gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25377. 3. Create a new folder inside the "modloader" folder, name it "Fixed Seafloor Colors" and put the provided "data" folder inside it. Credits: The whole mod - The Eddo Download link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=96356295697024293784 And here's a screenshot for those who demand photographic evidence:
  21. This mod replaces the game crosshair to the one similar if not the same as LCS/VCS or SA, depending on ColorStyle set in VC.StoriesTargeting.ini (0 for LCS/VCS, 1 for SA). this mod also includes Auto-aim with assault rifles. you can disable it by change the values in .ini DOWNLOAD Credits to spaceeinstein for colored targets. this plugin is powered by plugin-sdk
  22. Stealth755

    XML Maker 1.0 Beta

    Description: This tool is similar to ALMOST610's "XML Builder" and helps making XML files for "Maxo's Vehicle Loader" easier. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T1a_yn8RxRAq1G05yx5CzL_eyR4oGk4b/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VGgw9YGfm6I-cgG-R1I7A2-EHTc8hhCt/view?usp=sharing Features: Works for all vehicle types: bikes, boats, cars, helicopters and planes (Skimmer, RC Baron). You can select vehicle audio (engine, horn, siren, door). You can choose/type extra flags and immunity. You can select/paste original carcols.DAT, default.IDE, and handling.CFG values. Converts custom carcols.DAT, default.IDE, and handling.CFG lines to XML. If vehicle mod contains new carcols.DAT colors, you can select carcols/readme file and new colors will be applied automatically. Shows errors for incorrect values. Important notes: This tool doesn't check if extra flags and handling.CFG flags are valid. Credits: "samplexmls" folder and "flags.html" file by @maxorator. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17U8dbCODkyiD_dPg7ZpnTvB-jsj-rYKY/view?usp=sharing
  23. MrFinger

    Beta Leftovers Fix - VC

    This mod is fixing beta leftovers, which they were left in the game. Changelog: - Changed sunshine autos beta map, to the final one, - Changed Flatbed and Landstalker plates to the Vice City ones, - Changed beta cutscene Sabre Turbo textures, to the final ones, - Changed cutscene mr.vercetti outfit texture, to the in-game one, - Fixed the radar texture here, now it's a alley instead of road, - Changed Deagle in cutscenes to Colt. - Changed wind machine gta 3 wheel texture, to the VC one. - Replaced mp5k with normal mp5 in introduction cutscene (thanks to brooklynzsmac), - Changed school bus wreck license plates to vc ones. To-do: - Add final wheels to cutscene Admiral and Walton, - Much more. Downloads: Download link for version 0.1. Thanks to: Brooklynzsmac - for help, CoolMods, Over_Pro123 - for suggestions. Like a mods like that? Check out the SA version.
  24. Sprinting with Two-Handed Weapons by EddoWilliams2016 DESCRIPTION: Some time ago i watched a YouTube video from GTA LCS, which was recorded from PS2. I saw Toni sprint with a two-handed weapon, and i was like "What was that?!?". After finding out that LCS uses VC engine, i decided to enable sprinting with two-handed weapons in VC. And it was easy as 1-2-3, the best part is that VC natively has support for sprinting with every weapon. All i had to do is just simply change the animation names the game calls for and add the sprinting animations! And that's how, this mod was created. Now you can sprint with two-handed weapons! Enjoy! INSTALLATION: Easy as 1-2-3, put the 'VC.CustomAnimsData.asi' and 'VC.CustomAnimsData.dat' files next to gta-vc.exe. Put the 'ped.ifp' file into the 'anim' folder of the game. click Yes if it asks to overwrite. Put the 'weapon.dat' file into the 'data' folder of the game. click Yes if it asks to overwrite. USAGE: I'm really sorry for not listing the controls here, but i think that you probably know them. SUPPORTED GAME VERSIONS: * GTA VC 1.0 (all versions) * GTA VC 1.1 (all versions, including Steam version) CREDITS: EddoWilliams2016 - the author of this mod. ThirteenAG - the author of the 'VC.CustomAnimsData.asi' and 'VC.CustomAnimsData.dat' files. R* Leeds - the author of the two-handed sprinting animations. GTAGarage link: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27916 F.A.Q: Q: I'm using a custom ped.ifp, what animation file did you change so that I wouldn't lose the improved animations when replacing it. A: Here's a guide on how to add the sprinting anims to a custom IFP: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Download the sprint.ifp file from here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=73023744046176447613 2. Download Majest1c_R3's IFP Editor from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0zk537qgo3jv565/IFP_Editor_v0.95b.rar 3. Open your custom ped.ifp with the downloaded IFP Editor. 4. Click on Edit. 5. Highlight Add/Replace. 6. Click on Replace matched/Add not matched. 7. Browse to the sprint.ifp file you downloaded earlier and double-click it. 8. Click OK when the Editor tells you "3 animations added, 0 animations replaced.". 9. Click on File. 10. Click on Save. 11. Click on File again. 12. Click on Close. Done! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. Police Helicopter v 1.6 Download Link [sA] Police Heli [VC] In case you prefer detail explaination instead of just video: - helicopter has a pilot and a few SWAT officers inside, - doors are open and 4 extra attached SWAT officers armed with AK47s will attack if a wanted stars are 4,5,6 (or 7), - Helicopter speed is extreme - it's synchronized with its distance from the player, - pilot warns the player with a megaphone each time he spots him (voices from helicopter are taken from Liberty helicopter cops), - different colors of a helicopter will appear in game, - SWAT rope... If you think that mod is too dificult for playing here're the lines that controls the shooters: // weapon accuracy:02E2: set_actor [email protected] weapon_accuracy_to 27 // values from 0 to 10002E2: set_actor [email protected] weapon_accuracy_to 27 // values from 0 to 10002E2: set_actor [email protected] weapon_accuracy_to 27 // values from 0 to 10002E2: set_actor [email protected] weapon_accuracy_to 27 // values from 0 to 100 // fireing rate:07DD: set_actor [email protected] temper_to 70 // values from 0 to 10007DD: set_actor [email protected] temper_to 70 // values from 0 to 10007DD: set_actor [email protected] temper_to 70 // values from 0 to 10007DD: set_actor [email protected] temper_to 70 // values from 0 to 100 Those lines are located inside #POLMAVERICK code. After you modify it inside Sanny Builder - press f6.

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