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Found 9 results

  1. Things I did: Added the ViceCity.exe file to Steam as a non-Steam game Connected the PS4 controller Started Big-Picture-Mode Started the game The Rockstar Launcher starts and the game starts The PS4 controller works fine ... next time I start it doesn't work and my PS4 controller ONLY controls Steam-Big-Picture in the background whilst Vice City is booting up but I cannot use the controller in-game becaue it sticks to the Big-Picture-Mode interface instead of the game??? What can I do to solve this, it's really annoying.
  2. mrwoo3230

    Fastest Boat Mission

    I seem to have a problem with this mission after I have killed all men at the boatyard and lowered the boat. When I go to the boat and jump in it, it won't trigger to drive it. I just end up wandering around inside it. Has anybody else come across this. and were you able to finish the mission?
  3. I keep getting the same UE4 crash only Vice City and only went I load a saved game, just like the title suggest. To my observation no youtube tutorials or forum pages seem to work, nor did the 1.4 patch. Does anyone else have this problem, does anyone have a solution?
  4. Hey guys. So firstly i don't know if i posted this topic on the right forum. Anyways. So i went ahead on the Rockstar Games' website to purchase GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition. I purchased GTA Vice City: The Definitive Edition. It ran perfectly well. I noticed that there's an option for your frame rate. So i selected 60Fps. However. After i switched to 60Fps. The game keeps freezing every 5 seconds. It doesn't matter what i did to the game. I'm just doing a mission while the game keeps freezing. The freezing issue stopped after i switched to 30Fps. Guys anyway to stop this? If there is just let me know. Thanks
  5. I was at the mission bombs away for Auntie Poulie and the game crashed. I tried reloading the auto save and it crashes the game. I tried loading the manual save I made from a few missions earlier and that crashes too. I started a new game and it worked fine. I downloaded a save from the ps plus cloud and noticed that it uploaded at almost exactly the same time as the game crashed, that file crashes the game too. I’m wondering why the crash would corrupt my older save and if this is something that’s fixable. I’d done everything besides the missions so I won’t be starting again. Cheers for any help/explanations.
  6. Phil Collin

    Stuck at 99% Glitched game.

    Seriously it says i have done everything
  7. Quinn_flower

    what does this error message mean?

    my card is a 2080ti ti with windows 11 i9 11th gen. it cant be my specs
  8. Hello, when I want to get the achievement "Baked Distractions" It just doesn't pop up... I do it exactly like showed in this video
  9. Kirsty

    PC/Tech Help

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City - The Definitive Edition PC/Tech Help Use this topic to request help or advice with PC-specific problems. Be sure to include your PC specs and graphics card information for easier diagnosis!
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