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  1. Screenshots More Coming soon... For now you can support the development of the Rags and Riches mod by purchasing it on our Tebex store. However, once this mod is fully complete, it will release to the public for free for Singleplayer and FiveM! Join our Discord or follow us on Instagram for Updates and more!
  2. oi3

    oi3 Workshop

    Hello, my Collection of ViP Vehicles and Buildings for GTA 5
  3. libragephoto-wasm Open Source JS+WebAssembly (C++) based Photo/Snapmatic viewer for GTA V and RDR 2 Live Website: https://libragephoto.syping.de/wasm/ Basic instructions for viewing files - GTA V: Open any Snapmatic (PGTA5x) from the Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\your_profile_id folder - RDR 2: Open any Photo (PRDR3x) from the Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Profiles\your_profile_id folder Features - GTA V Snapmatic and RDR 2 Photo support - Import images to GTA V Snapmatic format - JSON and Title Editor Limitations - Pictures need to be manually resized to a working resolution -> 960x536 (GTA V default, recommended), 1920x1072 (FiveM equivalent), 1920x1080 (Full HD), 2560x1440 (WQHD) - RDR 2 Photos can break after changing their content (validation header stuff) About the library - 2-Clause BSD licensed - It's a native C++ port from my Qt gta5view RagePhoto class, which i ported then to WebAssembly C++ (WASM) Source Code - GitHub - GitLab JS Source Code + Web Bundle (Binary Release) - libragephoto-wasm.7z Screenshot Last Notes I will be happy about feedback and contributions, for now it's a very basic version of what is possible to-do with this project.
  4. WWEshnik

    They Live protagonists

    If anybody want to collab and make a script/map/make-a-mission/ anything related to they live, let me know
  5. DOWNLOAD ***NEW!!!*** Addon Ped Player Packie is in the works, scroll down to view progress and SUGGEST/REQUEST OUTFITS and other things for him via THIS form!!! After a few grueling months of development, and having no idea what I was doing, my Packie McReary mod is finally at a state where I deemed him acceptable for upload. Not to get sentimental on a mod post or anything--- but I just want you to know this upload comes from the heart. If you've seen me post on this forum at all you know 90% of the time it's something about me waxing poetic on this guy being like, the best character in the franchise, lmao. This was a long time coming. [ EDIT 6 March 2021: VERSION 0.2 IS OUT!!! Normal map is NOW working!!! ] WHAT IT DOES: - Replaces Packie's Head, giving him his old GTA IV one, with a new texture that strikes the balance between his old charm and yet doesn't look out of place next to the others in GTA V (hopefully!) - Replaces his standard jacket, as well as the formal suit jacket - Makes it a Liberty Rock Radio tee instead of the generic gun tee underneath INSTALLATION - Simply open the.OIV in OpenIV and let it intall in your Mods folder CURRENT ISSUES: - The inside of Packie's mouth is lit really strange. This is, however, the case for the rest of the heist crew streamed peds, at least on my machine, my graphics settings, but I'll still try to figure out how to fix this. - Packie's default jacket is a bit squirrelly, and while the suit jacket is fine, there's clipping for the other members of the Heistcrew Gunmen. - Specular is almost perfect but he's ever so slightly too sweaty in some locations, ie the Tequi-la-la, Jimmy's room... You know, sweaty places. But still slightly too shiny. - Been noticing some weight painting issues on his neck. Will get to that soon. - Chef's hands are still misaligned, low priority tho THINGS TO DO: - Working relentlessly on an add-on ped with his original GTA IV ensemble as well as numerous other outfits, accessories, etc...
  6. This is a Major conversion of GTAV Map with a new desert and western folk. Missions are developing still and are still made with LUA for Open Source and to show the abilities of LUA. The Map has been the biggest hold up. We have a great location now and are currently getting it ready. I will upload a pic of the Map area of Drift Wood once it's all converted. *All videos are of actual game play tests. Our new Stagecoach is beautiful! Kjb33 is making some sweet rides for us! Here's a video of the Cannon test. Testing anims and hand swap for Flintlock weapon. Testing RDR2 radar for Drift Wood Mod. A bit glitchy but a good start. Here's testing the saddle. Testing new Bow and Arrow. Here's a test, THIS IS THE FIRST TEST, of pulling the Stagecoach made by babaOrum. It's not possible in game to pull/push trailers or vehicles. But I found a way to do it. You need more horsepower! Meet the Hawk. These tests include meeting hunter. I spawn to location then spawn to location of testing peds. Here are tests of a double waist holster and three ways of shooting from them. Here are cowboy character choices, plus cowboy hat choices. Here is a test showing cowboys and Indians shooting it out. This shows the Horse and Rider animations like walk, trot, gallop and the slowing from gallop to trot and trot to walk. Here's the Cast of characters and some weapons testing. If you like the mod videos give a thumbs up or comment, others may be more inclined to pop in. Main Dev Team: N8Gamez - Mod conceiver, main scripter, main mapper, minor model editing, model rigging, dlc packs creator. MN8R01 - Mapper, minor scripter. DynsPr - Main weapons modeler. Duuble AA (DaFryinMaya) - Main Ped/Character's modeller and weapons modeller. MTN4456 - Modeler: Red Dead 2 Ped acter models: male and female. flying_bulletzzz - Southpaw and double holster models maker. MsNadine - Convert of our Mountain Map to GTA V! Saddles and buildings too. Kjb33 - custom stagecoaches, wagons, carts and more! Alweul - Technical advisor and custom camera designer for horse riding. 😁. ___________________ Contributor Mods: Jupiter Kasparov - Clean GTAV map ( GTAV map remover.) Contributors I am asking permission to use their mods but have hard time getting in touch with: StillDre original Red Desert Map for GTAIV and Aurthor Loupes - Red Dead Desert convert for GTA V( Who I connected with but informed me Credit goes to StillDre) Queches13 - The horse model. Vans123 - Smith &Wesson model 3 revolver. ___________________ Non active Team Members: Here are Team Mates that helped for single projects: Barak101 - Made Michael an Indian. AWP3RAPTOR - provider of RDR2 audio files. babaOrum - provided a Stagecoach and gave a shot at rescaling the horse. Here are people that helped us but life gets busy. Big thanks to each for their support with Mod development! Canadian mods - Put in effort to make vehicle Stagecoach. Good try, it's a big challenge. You each deserve credit for your efforts, you inspired me and supported this Mod in many ways. We will miss each of you.✌ Hard lessons: Britishdevelopment requested I pay for Zmodeller3 license in order to make - animated vehicles: stagecoach, farm wagon. I spent $40 for a year license but he has changed his name on Gta5mods and won't answer anything I ask him on Discord. He is/was the only "Team Member" who got paid in anyway to produce for the Mod.
  7. AccountHacks

    GTA V Tommy Vercetti HD Remastered

    I'm gifting this mod away to whoever has the time to complete it... I stopped cause I lost interest in both GTA IV & GTA V but didn't want it to go to waste. Please post your progress! or V screenshots. Files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3u7xg4ob9jfk8bo/Tommy+Vercetti+HD+Remastered.7z
  8. shapematters

    Honda Accord Tourer '05

    Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago I started this project. It is my car actually. Because I will probably sell it in the near future, I thought it could be nice to make it in 3D as a tribute. It is my first scratch made car model and one of the first 3d models ever, so please take this into account. It is not priority to release it as a GTA car but because I love the GTA universe and I am a modder since the days of GTA3, I really want to ride my Accord in the world of GTA5. It just still have to take some time. Feedback welcomed...
  9. AidenPatrickPGH

    Premium Deluxe Motorsport Remodel

    Over the past few weeks, I've been working on remodeling '"not so-Premium" Deluxe' Motorsport. It's on version 0.3.1 alpha as of now, and it can be downloaded here.
  10. Currently mod/script version: 4.4 Important! This was tested on the latest GTA V Steam version and it works 100% fine, please read carefully how this mod works before complaining about that doesn't work. If you find something wrong or you have any suggestions, please leave in the comment section The script creator AltSierra117 ------------------------------------------------------------------ This LUA Script enables all Ballistic / Juggernaut animations, player clothing used in the mission "The Paleto Score". It also gives armour to the player. How does the mod work? It's simple. The mod is scripted for Michael, Franklin, Trevor and Gunman, but Franklin's juggernaut clothes weren't finished so you will need to install those. If you select other character, the script will not work, this is because the script now has model checks. To install the Franklin's clothes follow the next steps : β†’ copy x64v.rpf to your Mods folder, or if you do not have mods folder, you can edit the original RPF file but remember to make a backup! β†’ execute OpenIV; β†’ Add/replace 'p_head_018.ydd' and 'p_head_diff_018_a.ytd' to mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.rpf\player_one_p β†’ Add/replace 'lowr_012_u.ydd' 'lowr_diff_012_a_uni.ytd' 'uppr_020_u.ydd' and 'uppr_diff_020_a_uni.ytd' to mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one Keyboard and Controller buttons conflict together because the game "actions" are used for these inputs, so I had to make separated scripts for Keyboard usage only, Controller usage only or both Keyboard and Controller. If you play with Keyboard only, use the script that's inside the folder "Keyboard", if you play with Controller use the one inside the folder "Controller" or if you prefer to use Keyboard and Controller use the script inside "Keyboard + Controller". While playing with Michael, Franklin, Trevor and Gunman: β†’ press Numpad 1 or X360 RB + A + Left D-pad to enable his juggernaut; β†’ press Numpad 3 or X360 RB + A +Right D-pad disable his juggernaut; There are three ballistic weapon animations that can be used for any character: β†’ press Page Up to enable main ballistic weapon animation; β†’ press Page Down to enable secondary ballistic weapon animation; β†’ press Numpad / to enable ballistic weapon animation for non-juggernaut suits; β†’ press Numpad * to use default weapon animation. You can also choose between two masks which the default selected is the unused main mask, the other one was used in the Beta stages: β†’ press End to change to Beta mask; β†’ press Numpad 1 to use the default mask. You will need β†’ LUA Plugin ← β†’ Download Link ← Hope you enjoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Known bugs: β†’ While of foot, if player uses Keyboard key X with A or D it enables and disables the script. This is unavoidable because the values don't necessarily equal a controller button. Instead they equal certain "actions" like jumping or sprinting. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Version 1.0: β†’ First release; Version 1.2 Changes: β†’ Added animations request to work properly; Version 1.4 Changes: β†’ Added a secondary weapon animation; Version 1.6 Changes: β†’ Individual set of given clothing + weapons for Michael and Trevor; β†’ Individual reset player clothing and animations; β†’ Added armour to player when Ballistic / Juggernaut suit is enable; Version 1.7 Changes: β†’ Fixed some small coding errors; Version 1.8 Changes: β†’ Changed shortkeys due to other mods using the same Numpad digits; Version 2.0 Changes: β†’ Added a Ballistic / Juggernaut mask used in the GTA V Beta version; β€’ Link can be found here β†’ Cleans player hit damage and blood from his model; Version 2.2 Changes: β†’ Changed shortkeys; β†’ Disabled infinite ammo for given weapons; β†’ Player can choose between Ballistic / Juggernaut masks; β†’ Scripting codes re-builded to check if Michael, Franklin or Trevor exists, if true it applies the right clothing to the player's model; Version 2.4 Changes: β†’ Added compatibility for Franklin; β†’ Replaced Franklin's upper, lower and hat clothing with Juggernaut; Version 2.6 Changes: β†’ Added compatibility for X360 controller; β†’ Gives a Assault Shotgun to player; Version 2.8 Changes: β†’ Player cannot activate the mod while driving; Version 2.8.2 Changes: β†’ Coding script revised. Version 3.0 Changes: β†’ Removed given weapons to player due to GTA5-mods user request; Version 3.2 Changes: β†’ Changed X360 keys to enable/disable Ballistic / Juggernaut mod; Version 3.4 Changes: β†’ Player gets less weapon damage hit from from A.I. when script is enabled; Version 3.6 Changes: β†’ Changed X360 keys to enable/disable Ballistic / Juggernaut mod; Version 3.8 Changes: β†’ Fixed input keyboard / controller index, game's engine uses the same buttons but with different index; β†’ Added compatibility for Heist Gunman named as Gus, Norm, Packie, Daryl, Chef, Hugh and Karl, they're model used is "hc_gunman"; Version 4.0 Changes: β†’ Small fixes for new model compatibility; β†’ All coding revised; Version 4.1 Changes: β†’ Hotfix for wrong Keyboard index used in order to disable the script; Version 4.2 Changes: β†’ Fixed wrong Keyboard index used in order to disable the script; β†’ Individual scripts for Keyboard only, Controller only or both; Version 4.4 Changes: β†’ Enables animation dictionary functions first as soon as the player becomes available;
  11. EnforcerZhukov

    [.NET] SelectiveFire

    With SelectiveFire, you can shoot GTA V automatic weapons (like assault rifles and SMGs) on three shooting modes: full-auto, semi-auto and burst mode. How does it work each fire mode? -When the gun is on Semi-Auto fire mode, you can't shoot more than one bullet per trigger push. This means you have to release and press again the shoot button on your mouse to shoot the next bullet. If you keep pressed the shoot button, the gun won't shoot more than one time. -When you're using Burst fire mode, each time you press the shoot button, the gun will shoot three bullets, and then nothing else, until you release the button. If you press and release quickly the button, before the gun shot the three shots, it will automatically shoot the remaining shots. If you keep pressed the fire button, the gun won't shoot more than three times, so you have to release and press again the fire button to shoot another 3-shots burst. -Obviously, you can still use the Full-Auto fire mode, default gun shooting mode, where the gun will keep shooting as long as your finger is keeping pressed the fire button. Stealth Module I included a "Stealth Module"; when you aim your gun, SelectiveFire can automatically activate Stealth mode, so you always will aim with that "tactical aiming" i like - you also can configure SF to auto-disable stealth mode when you stop aiming. I wanted to include an alternative key to turn on/off stealth mode, so if you're using Crouch mode instead of stealth mode, being able to use both modes... but didn't realise it's not possible so on the next mod version i'll remove that hotkey. ReallisticMags Module Another extra feature on SelectiveFire is the ReallisticMags. Here, i wanted to make reloads more reallistic. Why when you manually reload a mag-fed weapon (like most of the pistols and all the assault rifles and SMGs) which still's got ammo on the magazine, your character just throws the mag with bullets inside to the floor, and on the total weapon ammo count those bullets are still in your inventory? What the "WasteAmmo" module does is waste that ammo, so for example: you have the AK assault rifle (30 bullets per mag with the default mag), on the game you can see 270/30, and you fire the gun... now the ammo is 270/15, you reload. By default, the game will show when you end the reload 255/30, but with WasteAmmo, this will be 240/30, because the 15 bullets they still were on the mag will be lost, since they're now on the mag your character just throw on the floor! I want to add another module here, to keep the current mag ammo when you holster your weapon, climb a ladder... Installation, dependencies, configuration... -You'll need ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV .NET to run this script, as well as all the dependencies. -Put all the files provided on Grand Theft Auto V/scripts folder. -The mod is customizable on the INI file provided, but you can use this web config tool to generate a INI file graphically. -You can customize the images showing the actual fire mode, they're located on Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/SelectiveFire folder. -IMPORTANT! Once you have your game running SF, you have to change the Mouse Input Mode to "Windows" (check this) - Actually SF hasn't got Controller support! (for the SelectiveFire part, but you still can use the "auto-stealth" and "wasteammo" modules with controller). You can find SelectiveFire on GTA5-Mods.com Videos
  12. [#About] ToolsV is a launcher, mod manager and a utility pack for GTA V. It contains many built-in tools as shown below. ToolsV can auto-update without any manual instalation. [#Main features] * GTA V launch options: Normal launch, Singleplayer with mods, Singleplayer without mods, Multiplayer (without mods). * GTA Mod manager - enable/disable particular mods. * Basic commandline read-write (free input coming soon, four options right now): Reads and prints current commandline parameters, checkboxes for: file verification, safe mode, singleplayer offline and multiplayer freemode. * Game info display: Patch version, installation path, game type and language. * GTA V file migration (works only with non-steam version). * Shortcut creation tool with argument support. * ScriptHookV version checker. [#How to use] There is no instalation needed for this tool. Simply launch it from wherever you want (GTA installation directory is found automatically). [#Screenshots] [Link] [#Download] GTA5-Mods download [#Upcoming/planned features] [=]Game intro bypass [#Changelog] [*] -> An important update for ToolsV v2.2.1 [+]Updated update tool [+]Fixed self-update [+]Fixed updater not downloading [+]Fixed label text when GTA not found [+]Fixed links (sorry, using GDrive instead of FTP server right now) v2.2.0 - [*] [+]Added mod manager [+]Added self-updating [+]Added unexpected crash handling [+]Updated settings window [+]Improved program speed [+]Bug fixes v2.1.0 [+]ScriptHookV checker on startup can now be toggled [+]Added exit after game launch option (AKA stealth mode) [+]Added update button in settings menu [+]Updated shortcut icon [+]Updated "about" message [+]Fixed "normal" game launch shortcut [+]Fixed patch version retrieve for steam edition of GTA [+]Fixed shortcuts not running the game v2.0.2 - [*] [+]Added full support for steam edition of GTA! [+]Game version is now shown [+]Added shortcut creation tool [+]Updated migration tool [+]Fixed ScriptHookV checker [+]Fixed GTA Online launch [+]Fixed crash when commandline.txt didn't exist v1.0.0.1 [+]Initial release
  13. firefighters Mod V1.8R (Mode Sapeurs-Pompiers) Hi everyone ! i'm [stAfF]MaN a french modder ! I present to you my script/mod, firefighter ! In this mod you must respond to go in intervention. Inform the dispath when you are on route, on site, unavailable, be back, at the fire station and available !! You can have team mates, equipements and helmet, posed cone, and more coming soon WARNING : Graphics setting to the maximum required to fully use the mode !! (Some items do not appear if the graphics setting are not high enough) DOWNLOAD HERE vidΓ©os : (Fr) vidΓ©os : (En) vidΓ©os : (Other) | I) Requirements | | Allowing the use mode, you must have ScriptHookV, ScriptHookV .NET and NativeUI. | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | II) Installation | | Place the "FirefighterMod.dll" and "configuration.ini"files in the / scripts / main directory of GTA V. | | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | III) Start / Stop mode | | 1) Press F7 during play to start the mode status: "NOT ACTIVE". | | 2) To activate the missions press numpad 1. | | 3) To deactivate, Press F7. | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | IV) fashion Related Info | | Current version: V.1.8R | | Explanation of the different keys of shares: | | F7: -Activation mode: This will have the effect of changing your character firefighter and start version mode "NON ACTIVE". | -DΓ©sactivation Mode. | Numpad 1: You will be in status "Available", the mode is active and interventions are triggered. | Numpad 2: Change the status to "On Route." | Numpad 3: Change the status "On site". | Numpad 4: Change the status to "Unavailable". | Numpad 5: Change the status "Return." | Numpad 6: Change once the status "At the fireStation" and again in "Available". | I: Hide / Show informations about the intervention. | M: put cones on the road. | O: Delete the last cone placed. | L: Remove all cones. | *: Equip Accessories and helmet; | J: Have teammates; | | When the mod is activated in status "Available" for more fun you are invincible, the cops never seek you and the gang will not hit you. | Now that you have teammates, they will defend you if you made attack! It's pretty fun;) | | | When a basis for intervention, an information appears on the display indicating you: | | the starting pattern, eg "FIRE ..."; | comments on the intervention, for example "** type of dwelling single storey **"; | localization zone name, for example "Rancho". | localization street; | Distance between you and intervention; | | | A marker on the minimap is flashing red, indicating you the location of the intervention. | Once there and the white marker intervention and more blinking, you can switch status "on the scene". | | | Updating your status is also visible directly on the screen when the mode is started. | So you always know the latest status you spent. | | Also note that you can not pass certain statuses if you do not find you near some places. | (If you are too far from the intervention the marker will be flashing red, it must be fixed white to pass the statute, as well as the return to the barrack.); | | | The current version propose to you 37 different interventions and 5 different Fire Stations : | | - Intervention in a construction site; | - Intervention for a home; | - Intervention for an accident on public roads; | - Intervention in a refinery; | - Intervention in a city (x4); | - Intervention to transport hazardous material; | - Intervention in a power plant; | - Intervention in the parking lot of a store abandoned; | - Intervention in a gas station; | - Intervention in a piece of land; | - Intervention in a warehouse storage; |- ... | | To help you in fulfilling your missions, you are equipped with a crowbar, a hatchet and a fire extinguisher. | Not to mention the launch of the truck is used in case of fire spread. | | | Once the off mode you will find the main person of game you were. (Franklin, Michael and Trevor); | However you will be in the same place during the deactivation mode. | | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | V) Rights and Permissions | | All rights reserved to the creator of fashion. -> [staff] MaN | | Permission to use the method for personal purposes as well as videos. | If the mode is used in videos it must be mentioned in the credits. | The mode name of the creator does not need to be mentioned. | | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | VI) Contact and suggestions | | You have ideas to improve the way? | You are encoder and want to participate in the development of fashion? | Have a suggestion or want to go for information? | | Contact me by email with the subject line "ModeSapeursPompiers". | | [email protected] | | | | VII) ChangeLog| V1.8R Mise a jour : 21:59 10/05/2016 | | - News interventions; | - News Fire Stations; | - Added an audio system for callouts; | - Optimization of the source code; | | | V1.6R Update : 26/04/2016 11:01 pm | | - News interventions (x5); | - Added an .ini file to configure the buttons as you want; | - New fire system; | - Optimization of the source code; | | | V1.5R Update: 14/04/2016 6:44 p.m. | | - New interface, smaller, integrates better following the resolution of the game; | - Added teammates for interventions! To have them press the J key during the game when you are in the barracks; | ----------- (If you're not in the barracks you can not make them appear) ------------- | - Added many teammates alive as status display; | - Optimization of the source code; | | Good game ! | | [staff] MaN
  14. almico

    WIP HD Claude Speed for GTA V

    The mute. Hair planes are temp. He will be sporting a bomber jacket, not leather. Update coming soon
  15. droidrzrlover

    New Minimap

    I am working on getting the GTA V Next Gen Minimap to look like its predecessor. Previous Generation (Xbox 360, PS3): http://www.bragitoff.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/GTAV-HD-MAP-roadmap.jpg Next Gen (Xbox One, PS4, PC): http://imgur.com/j80qY29 I am looking for a team to help me out with the minimap mod. If anyone wants to assist, contact me on skype at DroidRZRLover (same as on here).
  16. Hi everyone, most of you know me, and those who dont, will most likely know my past works from gta 4.. I been taking a break for a while as i thought i was done with modding. but turns out, i just got bored of porting other peoples work between games.. So decided, now V is with us, we have a good enough revision of the RAGE engine to play with. the dynamic ability of the new game engine has got me hooked once again. but im sorry to say, even Forza models are not quenching my thirst. This got me looking back at older works and realizing, for all the custom edits i have made to my previous converts, i could of made lots of cars from scratch. Cars not found in computer games or 3d assets websites. So yesterday ((after serious drama with my actual PC)) i switched on a crappy Pentium 4 dual core, and install my modelling suite AC3D by Inivis, the goal is simple. i want a car I LIKE, in MY game.. IT must BE EQUAL TO FORZA QUALITY since i will be using forza textures as donor for lighting, this way i can guarantee what i build, gives the result i aim for... ((im GEEKY - deal with it)) heres some screens of the car i intend to build (yes i know its in Forza Apex and Forza 6) but i dont have access to the actual files, so im building it myself.. the model, as you can see, is in 3 forms, stock, XR2 (factory tuner edition), and then a wide body (my favourite) as i said at the beginning of this long-ass post... my aim is to build to forza lod0 level.. hopefully, this is happening here is my sill, and door seal work >> i hope you like what i done so far, and hopefully in the next few days, il have another update.. this is my first actual post on the forum, lets try keep it to just this one for now otherwise, i get sidetracked and nothing gets finished coz iiiiiiiiiiiiim wicked and immm laaaaaaazzzzzyyyyyy
  17. Cloud_Power

    [V][.NET][WIP]Death Animations

    Hello guys, I'm working on a script that will change one of the thing I think it's not very realistic in GTA 5 : death. When the player dies he will actually fall to the ground, the screens fades out and well, that's all. I've come up with that as of now, I hope you will enjoy that! Just some touches here and there and I will release it! I'm going to release this script any moment now! Stay tuned! ;D ###VIDEO### Official release video : Preview video : ###SCREENSHOOTS###
  18. AidenPatrickPGH

    [WIP] Tesla Motors of Los Santos

    Tesla of Los Santos Informational Post DEVELOPERS: Mechartix (gta5-mods.com/users/Mechartix) - Major Modeling Aiden Patrick (gta5-mods.com/users/aidenpatrickPGH) - Minor Modeling and Texture Mapping What is it? Tesla of Los Santos is a car dealership mod that obviously is a Tesla exclusive store. As of right now, it only carries the Model S, and Roadster (although screenshots will show Model X ). A Tesla Model 3 is also expected to be coming soon. Where will it be located? (by default) Tesla of Los Santos will be located along Great Ocean Freeway, next to the townhomes in Del Perro. When will it be released? You can expect Tesla of Los Santos to be released mid-September, on gta5-mods.com How will it be installed? Tesla of Los Santos will be installed as if it were a prop, (or in later releases as multiple props) so it is optionally placed in the map by the player using a mod such as Map Editor. Release Schedule and Plans Mid September - 0.1a - Initial ALPHA Release - Single Prop - Completed Building Late September - 0.2a - Multiple Props allowing for more user customization Mid October - 0.1r - Initial Stable Release - Add-on pack featuring additional props - Floor swaps - Exterior wall and ground material swaps Early November - 0.1x [FINAL] - Final Release - *100% Building Customization* - Full texture template - Most props movable and swap-able Screenshots [uPDATED JULY 18]
  19. Sorry for my bad english (google translate) Is there anyone able to help me in removing these "circles" marked on the screenshot? I would like the same red was the brake. I tried to remove those pesky angular texture "circles" but ultimately got the result: I tried to edit the texture and the effects are such that the "wheels" changed to red but still can see them and their convexity. I think that in addition to vehicle_generic_tyrewallblack need to also edit: vehicle_generic_tyrewall_spec and vehicle_generic_tyrewall_normal and there is a problem because I have no idea how to edit for example. vehicle_generic_tyrewall_normal because it looks like a texture map for the protrusions and wlΔ™sΕ‚oΕ›ci. Someone to help? Regards
  20. stilldre

    Tianmen Shan Mountains

    Hello everyone, here is some new project i'll be working on.. "Tianmen Shan" mountains from NorthChina. Ofcourse not a real copy of it, as it was allready hard to re-create a heightmap in World Machine. Cause Google blur'd the sh*t of this on Google Maps, i had to look for some photos and videos to get close to where it needs to be. For some who doesn't know this place, take a visual tour here! It's being used as insipiration in the movie Avatar and Battlefield 4 DLC.. These mountains haves also a 99 corners / 10 km road, wich i would try to keep it as real as possible. All the rest might have few resemblance and some fun stuff you could expect from me like: -Xtra Dirt paths for cars and bikes, -Few Small Towns -Inside/Outside Mountain Military Base -Beautifull lake scenery with Motel and Restaurant -Lush vegetation with bonsai like trees -Also few Caves This mod is WIP and it might take few months to complete, depends on my speed and time ^^ I'm currently finishing road network in Cityscape 1.8, to have fun with older program! After i've done with this i'll be retouchin' terrain and cliffs with Zbrush to have more natural look. Also placing, completing sets in 3ds max that i've done early so they aren't waiste of time.
  21. Crazy Frog from CF racer 2,with my retexture+turbosmooth. Unfortunately, when i trying to any way rig his arms, its looks like this everything else are rigged pretty well.but arms always are stomachache. because they lower then the bones (i rigged on a monkey). everybody who can help with zmodeller can join me,i can provide all my models textures works etc
  22. Mafia Rage (Mafia 1 port to GTA IV and V) Mafia I to GTA IV and V (Or Lost Heaven in GTA IV and V) is an total conversion mod that ports the content from Mafia I to Grand Theft Auto IV (and V). It will contain the entire map (Lost Heaven, Countryside and the racetrack), vehicle, props*, interiors, objects*, peds and weapons. Also will feature (maybe as add-on) the game stlyle from Mafia 1 like the car handling* and GUI (HUD, Menu and Map style). In addition the mod will split in 2 playable options (will be featured into seperated option). The mod idea orginally came from the last LH to IV conversion by Alber2gt which was discontinued early by its slow progress. Many have wished and requested for an comback so I decided to take Lost Heaven as my first fully map mod conversion. *not planned mainly (note: The V port doesnt have a static plan, which means that we arent sure if the entire content is going to be ported on GTA V) More informations are coming soon. The mod is still in early development and searching for converters and scripters! Topic on Mafiascene Forum Join our Discord server for announcements, direct news and more details about the mod! Lead jaqub Headshots_Ops Map converting jaqub Headshots_Ops Car converting - Ped converting - Helper/Supporters (*testers) spartaque12 ZaKlaus Cukier Firefox3860 thg We appriciate it to help this conversion by joining our team, if you can convert cars and peds or write codes or scripts like on importing for 3ds max and .sco scripts on IV. Mods and Utilities used to make this mod Signature Banner

    Crazy Al's Used Autos & Pawn Shop

    Hi, i'm Crazy Al Are you looking for an affordable Used Vehicle? Are you looking to trade your ol' Hunting Rifle for Cold Hard Cash? Are you in the Paleto Bay Area? In that case Welcome to... We have the Best selection Your money can buy! Want to buy a Second-hand Pickup Truck? It's yours! Need to sell off some antiques? We've got Cash! Need Second-hand Firearms? We've got 'em! No Credit? No problem! Need repairs Or inspection checkups on your current vehicle? Not a problem with us, because we've got "Amish Jake's Garage" 'round back! At Crazy Al's Used Autos & Pawn Shop, We've got almost Every service needed Guaranteed! Call us Today at (273) 555-7673 Located between Paleto Boulevard & Great Ocean Highway In Paleto Bay, Blaine County, San Andreas Upcoming Stock: The Old Stock from the Old Shop Archived/Old stuff: If Y'all want info on what's going on, Call Crazy Al at (273)-555-7673
  24. GTA V: Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC Since the lack of Single Player DLC made by Rockstar Games themselves, and the limited DLC map mods available from 3D era GTA games, I decided to make this a thing. First version released on 10 February 2019 https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/las-venturas-san-fierro-dlc Dear fellow gamers and/or modders I am proud to present you my latest project, started around 4 january 2019. This map DLC places the 3D-era cities of Las Venturas and San Fierro, alongside to the original map of GTA 5. So far I only saw converted GTA San Andreas map mods replacing the GTA 5 map (FiveM, FiveReborn, MultiFive), except from a San Fierro DLC map mod by ArthurLopes, which is great, you can check it out here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/san-fierro-dlc. As stated, ArthurLopes' version of San Fierro is awesome to me. It was the first GTA: San Andreas DLC map mod for GTA V if I am correct. Though, I thought I really missed the countrysides and of course Las Venturas. So, with all respect to ArthurLopes his mod, I did decide to make my own GTA San Andreas map mod as a DLC for GTA 5. Everything is converted from GTA IV: San Andreas BETA 3. Visit their website: http://www.gtaivsa.com/ I want to thank the GTAIVSA team for the converion from GTA San Andreas To GTA IV, and I hope they don't see my GTA V version as a problem. Those are the main members of the GTAIVSA team which I want to thank: Blaster_nl GTARandom Flitskikker Alber2gt Gamerzworld Tomix23 Everlost123 ManDog The largest problems on this mod are for now: - Some houses/buildings/props are still missing, which creates holes in the map - Sometimes, streetlights start flashing on and off - There is on some places collision, without a visible object. I think this will be fixed once all props are in place - The bridges between San Fierro and Las Venturas have a kind of 'gap', due to a small incorrection in the coordinates. The San Fierro part and the Las Venturas part are not perfectly connected yet. - Some objects have strange lines on them, I am looking for a fix, probably i need to apply an 'edit normals' modifier in 3dsMax but I am not sure yet. Other than that there are no shading problems it seems, and shadows work correctly. For people asking about traffic paths, please know this is a huge map to do all traffic paths for, on my own. It would take me months of work. I will probably release some basic paths in future updates but any help on it is welcome. You don't even have to work together with me, everyone is free to make some paths. Interiors are coming in a future update, including casino interiors. And again, don't forget to check out ArthurLopes' San Fierro DLC mod. My only purpose with this mod is to bring back the 2 other cities of San Andreas, next to Los Santos, as an expansion. Of course, in no way I want to copy ArthurLopes his mods, neither did I touch any of his files. I thought, better be clear with this Anyway, stay tuned for future updates! Thank you for all the support and keep the modding community alive! GTA Belgium https://www.gta-belgium.com/
  25. Monkeypolice188

    Monky's Workshop

    MONKY'S WORKSHOP Hey guys, welcome to my workshop! I'm Monkeypolice188, better known as Monky, a lore-friendly modder of GTA V for just over a year now. My interests focus around emergency vehicles (particularly fire departments), classic utilitarian vehicles and trucks. My specialties include sound and meta data, basic vehicle re-modelling, adaptions & edits, materials and liveries. Feel free to contact me if you ever need assistance and I'll try to get back to you. LATEST RELEASES LIBERTY CITY VEHICLES & PEDS PACK 1.2 VERSION 1.2 AVAILABLE FEATURED PROJECTS JOBUILT MAMMATUS SKIMMER AVAILABLE NOW JOBUILT HAULER 270 AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE REFUSER AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE MIXER CLASSIC AVAILABLE NOW BRAVADO MASTODON AVAILABLE NOW MTL CERBERUS 200 & 300 AVAILABLE NOW THANK YOU Thank you to all my supporters and lore buddies; without your ideas, resources and help, much of my work would simply not be possible!
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