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  1. almico

    WIP HD Claude Speed for GTA V

    The mute. Hair planes are temp. He will be sporting a bomber jacket, not leather. Update coming soon
  2. This is my extended version of Alexander's Native Trainer, which I will slowly continue to develop until I get bored. It's open source, with a GitHub project. UPDATE #28 Changes: Reminder: you need the latest Script Hook, v1.0.393.4 Prop Spawner, with 3815 (mostly) named and categorised props to choose from, all of which should work. Many options and features here – have a play around Contributions that are wholly or mostly thanks to Robert Kwapisz:Bodyguards "Chauffeur to Marker" in Locations menu Vehicle neon lights Vehicle 'extra power' feature replaced by detailed option Contributions from sub205:Option to fully upgrade cars, and spawn vehicles fully upgraded Some more teleport locations Weapon menu's 'No Reload' feature is improved and now works better with rockets etc. Thanks to Shane Allgeier. Blackout option added to World menu Scenarios named and added to Animations menu Ability to set custom skins by manually entering the name Vehicles now spawn a distance from the player proportional to their size, thereby avoiding spawning large planes etc on top of the player Prevention against trainer working online; should hopefully still allow FiveM use Support for nkjellman's "Heist Map Updates in Single Player" mod. Turn on the teleportation options in Misc > Trainer Options. Thanks to sjaak for the coordinates. Improvements to 'reset skin on death' to remove version dependency and prevent game crashes. Scrollable menu items now work by pressing Confirm first and then selecting an option. "Never Wanted" is rolled into Freeze Wanted Level Marksman Pistol was missing tint options Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements PREVIOUS UPDATES: Pre-Built Release Download Compiled ASI and XML config, Release #28 on 03/08/15: here Read the bundled notes!
  3. This is a Major conversion of GTAV Map with a new desert and western folk. Missions are developing still and are still made with LUA for Open Source and to show the abilities of LUA. The Map has been the biggest hold up. We have a great location now and are currently getting it ready. I will upload a pic of the Map area of Drift Wood once it's all converted. *All videos are of actual game play tests. Our new Stagecoach is beautiful! Kjb33 is making some sweet rides for us! Here's a video of the Cannon test. Testing anims and hand swap for Flintlock weapon. Testing RDR2 radar for Drift Wood Mod. A bit glitchy but a good start. Here's testing the saddle. Testing new Bow and Arrow. Here's a test, THIS IS THE FIRST TEST, of pulling the Stagecoach made by babaOrum. It's not possible in game to pull/push trailers or vehicles. But I found a way to do it. You need more horsepower! Meet the Hawk. These tests include meeting hunter. I spawn to location then spawn to location of testing peds. Here are tests of a double waist holster and three ways of shooting from them. Here are cowboy character choices, plus cowboy hat choices. Here is a test showing cowboys and Indians shooting it out. This shows the Horse and Rider animations like walk, trot, gallop and the slowing from gallop to trot and trot to walk. Here's the Cast of characters and some weapons testing. If you like the mod videos give a thumbs up or comment, others may be more inclined to pop in. Main Dev Team: N8Gamez - Mod conceiver, main scripter, main mapper, minor model editing, model rigging, dlc packs creator. MN8R01 - Mapper, minor scripter. DynsPr - Main weapons modeler. Duuble AA (DaFryinMaya) - Main Ped/Character's modeller and weapons modeller. MTN4456 - Modeler: Red Dead 2 Ped acter models: male and female. flying_bulletzzz - Southpaw and double holster models maker. MsNadine - Convert of our Mountain Map to GTA V! Saddles and buildings too. Kjb33 - custom stagecoaches, wagons, carts and more! Alweul - Technical advisor and custom camera designer for horse riding. . ___________________ Contributor Mods: Jupiter Kasparov - Clean GTAV map ( GTAV map remover.) Contributors I am asking permission to use their mods but have hard time getting in touch with: StillDre original Red Desert Map for GTAIV and Aurthor Loupes - Red Dead Desert convert for GTA V( Who I connected with but informed me Credit goes to StillDre) Queches13 - The horse model. Vans123 - Smith &Wesson model 3 revolver. ___________________ Non active Team Members: Here are Team Mates that helped for single projects: Barak101 - Made Michael an Indian. AWP3RAPTOR - provider of RDR2 audio files. babaOrum - provided a Stagecoach and gave a shot at rescaling the horse. Here are people that helped us but life gets busy. Big thanks to each for their support with Mod development! Canadian mods - Put in effort to make vehicle Stagecoach. Good try, it's a big challenge. You each deserve credit for your efforts, you inspired me and supported this Mod in many ways. We will miss each of you.✌ Hard lessons: Britishdevelopment requested I pay for Zmodeller3 license in order to make - animated vehicles: stagecoach, farm wagon. I spent $40 for a year license but he has changed his name on Gta5mods and won't answer anything I ask him on Discord. He is/was the only "Team Member" who got paid in anyway to produce for the Mod.
  4. Eddlm

    Drag Meets

    Download Drag Meets aims to bring to the game the famous races from & and these wonderful Meets from . Features:· Actual, working Meets, where AI drivers will race each other taking turns (100% done) · Cheering crowds, Vans with loud music and other parked cars to give the feel of a real street car meet (90% done) · Over 40 pre-designed drivers and their vehicles, more being added in later updates! (100% done) · Over 5 different locations, more being added in later updates! (90% done) · AI drivers don't always drive the same way, their reaction times and their ability to change gear at the best moment can change between races, allowing for more unpredictable outcomes (100% done) · You can bet on your favorite driver! (100% done) · You'll be able to participate yourself! (100% done) Here's a little album, to show you how the Meets look as of now. And here's the latest video. You can contribute Drivers/Vehicles: You can contribute vehicle designs! Just send me some pictures of the car and I'll add it. You'll be credited. If you want me to be precise about the vehicle design, save the car with Simple Trainer and send me the vehicle configuration you will find in the trainer.ini inside your main GTAV folder. I can provide all the designs for the script myself, but I would prefer to mix in some designs from other people. You know, for variety's sake. Here are some of my designs. Locations: Tell me cool places to organice Drag Meets and I'll add them! Suggestions: I'm open to them, too.
  5. lunchxbles

    Vice Cry: Remastered

    Vice Cry: Remastered is a full port of Vice Cry to Grand Theft Auto V, Running as a DLC, with many new details added for a true VC experience. Features: Full port of Vice Cry 1.8 for V MLO interiors Bump mapped roads and various buildings Spec mapped windows for proper reflections Brand new models and textures created for this project 3D Neon Models Material Accuracy Full Path and Navmesh Support Working Traffic Lights Instanced Grass SLOD's with proper Water Reflection Custom Scenarios Car Generators Custom Population Groups and Zones and much more.. More Screenshots Available at https://imgur.com/a/s0BNa7R https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/vicecity-in-v Below is the link to the discord for this mod.. Feel free to post any bug reports or requests there! https://discord.gg/994t6SR
  6. DOWNLOAD ***NEW!!!*** Addon Ped Player Packie is in the works, scroll down to view progress and SUGGEST/REQUEST OUTFITS and other things for him via THIS form!!! After a few grueling months of development, and having no idea what I was doing, my Packie McReary mod is finally at a state where I deemed him acceptable for upload. Not to get sentimental on a mod post or anything--- but I just want you to know this upload comes from the heart. If you've seen me post on this forum at all you know 90% of the time it's something about me waxing poetic on this guy being like, the best character in the franchise, lmao. This was a long time coming. [ EDIT 6 March 2021: VERSION 0.2 IS OUT!!! Normal map is NOW working!!! ] WHAT IT DOES: - Replaces Packie's Head, giving him his old GTA IV one, with a new texture that strikes the balance between his old charm and yet doesn't look out of place next to the others in GTA V (hopefully!) - Replaces his standard jacket, as well as the formal suit jacket - Makes it a Liberty Rock Radio tee instead of the generic gun tee underneath INSTALLATION - Simply open the.OIV in OpenIV and let it intall in your Mods folder CURRENT ISSUES: - The inside of Packie's mouth is lit really strange. This is, however, the case for the rest of the heist crew streamed peds, at least on my machine, my graphics settings, but I'll still try to figure out how to fix this. - Packie's default jacket is a bit squirrelly, and while the suit jacket is fine, there's clipping for the other members of the Heistcrew Gunmen. - Specular is almost perfect but he's ever so slightly too sweaty in some locations, ie the Tequi-la-la, Jimmy's room... You know, sweaty places. But still slightly too shiny. - Been noticing some weight painting issues on his neck. Will get to that soon. - Chef's hands are still misaligned, low priority tho THINGS TO DO: - Working relentlessly on an add-on ped with his original GTA IV ensemble as well as numerous other outfits, accessories, etc...
  7. nkjellman

    GTA V Cut Interiors Add On

    I'm working on adding two interiors to GTA V that you may not have seen before. Since the placements are in the ytyp for interiors, all I need to do now is place the whole interiors into the world. Here is my progress. The High Life Update garage (originally found by me): The timecycmodifer being used here, I am not very crazy about. It is too foggy. I may play around with different ones that are used elsewhere in the game. Possibly the ones from the 3 story 20 car garage will do. Additionally, it seems that the radio emitters are working in here too. I turned on all of the radio emitters in the Simple Trainer, so it seems that one of those emitters is for this garage. So long story short, you can hear Self Radio playing if you set up the trainer's emitters properly in the ini. The beta FIB office. (Originally found by TaazR): The placement of this interior is subject to change. I only put it under the map because this was a test. In fact, someones swimming pool is making it so part of the server room is underwater. lol Regarding the placement of the FIB interior. It is too long to be placed in the upper floors of the FIB building. I want to place it here. The interior does not fit in the FIB building very well. The hallway to the left of the conference rooms even sticks out of the building so I had to push it back from the exterior windows. The whole interior fits in the bottom part, so I will place it on the 7th floor. Note that the whine bottle represents the interiors pivot point. Also, since it doesn't match, a script will be needed to access the interior from the lobby. I am thinking that the FIB building would be hidden, sorta like how the High End apartments work. There is just one problem. The collision mesh on the FIB building was done so it goes right through the interior. The narrower part at the top goes down through the fattest part at the bottom. Here are some pics of the collision for the FIB building exterior. Here are some images from code walker showing where the meshes and collisions sit. It is easy to see in the first two images, but the second two are a little tougher due to that side being taller. However, the issue is the same on both sides. I am no professional modeler. I am wondering, could someone make a modified collision mesh for the FIB building? Have it where it isn't effected on the outside, but the collision doesn't block off the inside at the first few floors of the tower (at the widest part of the building). The interior will be placed on the 7th floor. It needs to be done on both sides so it doesn't block off the conference rooms and the server room. Who ever does it will receive credit. Anyways, once this collision issue is resolved, I will move the FIB interior and release the DLC Pack.
  8. Monkeypolice188

    Monky's Workshop

    MONKY'S WORKSHOP Hey guys, welcome to my workshop! I'm Monkeypolice188, better known as Monky, a lore-friendly modder of GTA V for just over a year now. My interests focus around emergency vehicles (particularly fire departments), classic utilitarian vehicles and trucks. My specialties include sound and meta data, basic vehicle re-modelling, adaptions & edits, materials and liveries. Feel free to contact me if you ever need assistance and I'll try to get back to you. LATEST RELEASES LIBERTY CITY VEHICLES & PEDS PACK 1.2 VERSION 1.2 AVAILABLE FEATURED PROJECTS JOBUILT MAMMATUS SKIMMER AVAILABLE NOW JOBUILT HAULER 270 AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE REFUSER AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE MIXER CLASSIC AVAILABLE NOW BRAVADO MASTODON AVAILABLE NOW MTL CERBERUS 200 & 300 AVAILABLE NOW THANK YOU Thank you to all my supporters and lore buddies; without your ideas, resources and help, much of my work would simply not be possible!
  9. Hi everyone, I've been working on a 3D map for PC version of GTAV. It's at: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/codewalker-gtav-interactive-3d-map It now allows entities to be placed and moved, also new and modified ymap files can be be saved. This feature is still in experimental stages, but I would love to hear any feedback on it! Enjoy! [Edit: Updated screenshots and description]
  10. maxnonogaming

    [ PC & ANDROID ] GTA Unity Remake

    Hi everyone ! I'm making an UNITY 3D Remake of GTA , with some different mechanics . No playable build for the moment, but can I ask you some feedbacks please? I working on population, I ll try to show you how it's look like soon . Thanks
  11. Beta Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V I felt something was missing... well, it wasn't really missing. Instead they were copied and rotated 90 degrees. A thread I will keep updating. I will post my vehicle mods in here as I would just make one garbage can when creating a thread for every single vehicle I may be releasing here. A single mod will be posted in a spoiler! All the info about this vehicle can also be found within the spoiler including the download links. All the car mods are made by me, if not they are posted here with permissions of it's original author. Credits will be given to those who made screenshots for the forums or helped working on the vehicle. Yes, some help from time to time would be great . Suggestions are MORE than welcome! *Read this!* These model are unlocked though not allowed to be reuploaded... as I can't stop anyone from doing it, I now ask you kindly to not reupload this content ANYWHERE else without my permission. Released or WIP: Beta Police Cruiser (2nd gen) - Done Suggestions: ~Empty~ Beta Police Cruiser (2nd gen) - Done
  12. lazlow555

    Lazlow car workshop

    this is my latest model 2017 audi q5. unlike lincoln its commercial project. Hi! its been a while since I made any public mods, so I decided make one. This is my model of lincoln mark VIII for gta5 I've been working on about a year and about to release it, if I see any interest to it. Also you can order model of any vehicle from me, just email me [email protected]
  13. Cloud_Power

    [V][.NET][WIP]Death Animations

    Hello guys, I'm working on a script that will change one of the thing I think it's not very realistic in GTA 5 : death. When the player dies he will actually fall to the ground, the screens fades out and well, that's all. I've come up with that as of now, I hope you will enjoy that! Just some touches here and there and I will release it! I'm going to release this script any moment now! Stay tuned! ;D ###VIDEO### Official release video : Preview video : ###SCREENSHOOTS###
  14. AndreiH

    RAGE Trainer

    RAGE Trainer Just another trainer aiming to do things differently Hello everyone! I would like to present to you my first and latest mod for GTA V, the RAGE Trainer. Now, you might say, "Another trainer?!", to which I say, "Yes!". This trainer is unique in that it uses RAGEPluginHook by MulleDK19, rather than an ASI loader. An ASI loader is nice and all, but if you want to play both modded SP and vanilla MP with ease, this trainer is for you. The trainer is currently in it's infancy days, this being the first public release. It misses many, many features a good trainer would have, but worry not! I am working on adding new features and improving existing ones. Now, why did I release it with this few features? The reason is that I want my trainer to be built for you, which means I want to hear from you from the very first builds. This way I can make sure to focus on features that players want most. NOTE: Again, I can not stress this enough, this is in it's INFANCY DAYS. Everything you see is subject to change! Also, keep in mind that the only public release is currently on the Alpha branch, meaning there may be bugs! Please report any bugs by posting bellow. Installation: Extract the Installation folder to the GTA V root directory Start game Load the plugin by typing into the RAGE console LoadPlugin "RAGE Trainer.dll" Press F5 for the main menu (default, can be changed in RAGE Trainer.ini) Press F6 for the quick access menu (default, can be changed in RAGE Trainer.in) Enjoy! NOTE: To add items to the quick access menu, press the K key while the desired option is selected. To remove an item from the quick access menu, press the K key over an item that has a star next to it's name. NOTE: The plugin automatically creates a folder in the Plugins directory called RAGE Trainer Modules. This folder will later be used for third-party modules. Latest version: Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/rage-trainer Currently under development: An API for people to be able to create third-party modules for the trainer, enabling bridges between mods (ex. LSPDFR and RAGE Trainer) More features Features: Console Commands: Dependencies: RAGE Plugin Hook (Download) RAGENativeUI (Included) Special thanks to: MulleDK19, LMS, alexguirre
  15. "Everything is connected. I have to thank ctOS one day, one simple breach of their network, and I have access to half the state." - AP "After the major ctOS network failure that plunged Chicago into darkness last month, CEO Robert Nitman announced that ctOS has been upgraded to ctOS 2.0 to ensure the security of the system. Today, Nitman has announced that ctOS 2.0 is coming to the state of San Andreas. Mayor Leonardo met with Nitman today to discuss reducing crime rates in LS after the Union Depository robbery, where robbers made off with $201,600,000 million dollars. Mayor Leonardo said that with the installation of ctOS, this will cut the crime rate in half. Construction has started on ctOS towers and installation, but a ETA has not been posted yet. We will stay with this story." - Weazel News. This brings some hacking features (hopefully all soon) from Watch Dogs (not completely accurate) onto your in-game phone. Pull up your phone and scroll to the bottom and you should see a new contact's as well as new hacks. Call one and make your possibilities come true, together we can take down ctOS in Los Santos! Originally, this mod was released as "HackMod" due to the rest of the script being unusable. In v.02a, the name has changed to ctOS V, as all the script's are now working again. More features will be added, so stay tuned. Any bugs or issues you are facing please tell me in the comments. This is my very first scripting mod I have done Hopefully in v.05a, this will give all players the ability to unlock ctOS towers throughout San Andreas, along with 12 missions and a big finale. Also, by the time v.05a is done, players should have access to nearly 50% of the hacks on their phone, the rest of the hacks you need to unlock the ctOS Towers as well as skill points. Put everything inside your scripts folder. Credits: LetsPlayOrDy for Major Help. Mora Hannover for eating all my snacks and fixing up the script. The original creator of the iFruit Addon Pack. Credit to ZyDevs for fixing up one of the main scripts, and helping me out with a very huge script. *NOTE: Only a FEW ctOS features are available as LS is undergoing ctOS installation through out San Andreas. *When you choose the blackout option, you will be unavailable to use any of the other hacks until the blackout is over (40 seconds) *Remember, YOU MUST CALL either ADIEN PEARCE, BadBoy117, or LESTER TO GET THE MOD ACTIVATED! Changelog: 0.1a: Added Blackout function + a few other features which weren't visible to players as of yet. 0.2a: Added 3 new contacts + 2 new hack features (Hack Civilian, Traffic Lights) + modified the blackout hack to act just like in Watch Dogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upcoming Versions: (Subject to change) 0.3a: Will add 3 new hack features + new Aiden Pearce clothes for Michael, Trevor and Franklin + modify Hack Civilian to randomize. 0.4a: Will add in train hacks + a new hack to explode certain things. 0.5a: Debut of the ctOS network, with Lester's mission (Better Then Pearce) being unlocked. This will allow you to access the profiler as well as new hacks being unlocked. This also includes 2 missions after it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod will bring over the entire ctOS network from Watch Dogs to GTA 5, with new missions (and a special appearance by a certain character), new ctOS Towers to hack, and lots more goodies. Yes, I know that JulioNIB is making Watch Dogs V, this mod is different then his. His will include the hacks, while mine will include the ctOS System and stuff like that. Both mods will be compatible with each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Put everything in your scripts folder and launch the game. Call either Lester (Yes I know there are two Lesters, choose the one at the bottom) BadBoy117, or Aiden Pearce to unlock the hacks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This thread will mainly include updates as well as opinions, feedback and suggestions. Download the mod here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/hack-mod-v-01a -FlushingLocal
  16. julionib

    Ironman Mark III armor

    Work in progress, armor similar to Mark III version *Edit: Released: http://gtaxscripting.blogspot.com/2015/08/gta-v-ironman-mark-iii-armor.html
  17. stilldre

    Tianmen Shan Mountains

    Hello everyone, here is some new project i'll be working on.. "Tianmen Shan" mountains from NorthChina. Ofcourse not a real copy of it, as it was allready hard to re-create a heightmap in World Machine. Cause Google blur'd the sh*t of this on Google Maps, i had to look for some photos and videos to get close to where it needs to be. For some who doesn't know this place, take a visual tour here! It's being used as insipiration in the movie Avatar and Battlefield 4 DLC.. These mountains haves also a 99 corners / 10 km road, wich i would try to keep it as real as possible. All the rest might have few resemblance and some fun stuff you could expect from me like: -Xtra Dirt paths for cars and bikes, -Few Small Towns -Inside/Outside Mountain Military Base -Beautifull lake scenery with Motel and Restaurant -Lush vegetation with bonsai like trees -Also few Caves This mod is WIP and it might take few months to complete, depends on my speed and time ^^ I'm currently finishing road network in Cityscape 1.8, to have fun with older program! After i've done with this i'll be retouchin' terrain and cliffs with Zbrush to have more natural look. Also placing, completing sets in 3ds max that i've done early so they aren't waiste of time.
  18. AidenPatrickPGH

    [WIP] Tesla Motors of Los Santos

    Tesla of Los Santos Informational Post DEVELOPERS: Mechartix (gta5-mods.com/users/Mechartix) - Major Modeling Aiden Patrick (gta5-mods.com/users/aidenpatrickPGH) - Minor Modeling and Texture Mapping What is it? Tesla of Los Santos is a car dealership mod that obviously is a Tesla exclusive store. As of right now, it only carries the Model S, and Roadster (although screenshots will show Model X ). A Tesla Model 3 is also expected to be coming soon. Where will it be located? (by default) Tesla of Los Santos will be located along Great Ocean Freeway, next to the townhomes in Del Perro. When will it be released? You can expect Tesla of Los Santos to be released mid-September, on gta5-mods.com How will it be installed? Tesla of Los Santos will be installed as if it were a prop, (or in later releases as multiple props) so it is optionally placed in the map by the player using a mod such as Map Editor. Release Schedule and Plans Mid September - 0.1a - Initial ALPHA Release - Single Prop - Completed Building Late September - 0.2a - Multiple Props allowing for more user customization Mid October - 0.1r - Initial Stable Release - Add-on pack featuring additional props - Floor swaps - Exterior wall and ground material swaps Early November - 0.1x [FINAL] - Final Release - *100% Building Customization* - Full texture template - Most props movable and swap-able Screenshots [uPDATED JULY 18]
  19. WWEshnik

    They Live protagonists

    If anybody want to collab and make a script/map/make-a-mission/ anything related to they live, let me know
  20. This mod is a work in progress! I will continue adding and fixing features as time goes on. Please leave all the feedback you can, and feel free to ask me any questions! This mod allows you to press "Enter" in topless vehicles such as motorcycles, quadbikes, topless cars, convertibles, and even some planes to eject from them. You will be launched very high into the air, where you can press "E" to blow up your car beneath you. With this mod, you can get out of any sticky situation in style! TODO Controller Support Customizable Keys Toggable Options (such as realism, countdown, fire trail) Sound Effects Requirements Script Hook V Script Hook V .NET Installation 1. Create a scripts folder in your GTAV game location if you have not done so already, and placeEjectionSeat.cs in it. 2. Make sure you downloaded the above, and placeScriptHookV.dll, dinput8.dll, andScriptHookVDotNet.asi in the main directory. How to use 1. Get into one of these vehicles: Convertible (You will have to be still while the roof opens, if it hasn't already) Topless Car, like a topless Coil Motorbike Quadbike Bicycle Planes with an open top, like the Stunt Plane Planes with a windshield over the cockpit, like a Lazer 2. Press "Enter" 3. While flying up, press "E" to blow up the vehicle you ejected out of. 4. Enjoy! Thanks libertylocked for some code, check code for more info. Ameybanaye for some help with code Changelog v0.1: It begins... Download and more Screenshots https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/ejection-seat-net
  21. MauriceGS

    Roman Bellic Skin [Abandoned}

    ---------Information--------- Roman's Head were created/importet with Uraniom ---------Download--------- https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/roman-bellic-in-gta-v-skin ---------Installation--------- 1. Get "OpenIV" https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv 2. After you open GTA V with OpenIV (mods folder recommended) 3. Head to "mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_zero" 3. Than drag & drop my files in the "player_zero" folder in the "streamedpeds_players.rpf" file 4. Than go to "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mppatchesng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mppatches.rpf" 5. Than drag & drop my files in the "player_zero" folder in "mppatches.rpf" 6. Have fun :3 ---------Textures for Roman [recommended] (Use a Trainer)--------- Btw you can still use all clothes from Michael Uppr_01: 19 32 1 1 Uppr_02: 21 32 1 16 Uppr_03: 21 32 2 16 Lowr: 8 30 6 8 Shoes: 19 22 1 16 ---------Changelog--------- pre-Alpha V0.1 • Added Roman face texture • Added hand texture • Added a T-Shirt Alpha V1.0 • Removed T-Shirt • Removed hand texture • Fixed some textures • Added Roman clothes from GTA IV • You can still play Micheal just change face than Beta V1.0 • Removed Michael's head • Removed hair texture • Added Roman's GTA IV Head Model (Created with Uraniom) • You can use all clothes that Michael use • No facial Animations (It's still kinda impossible) ---------Videos--------- Roman Bellic in GTA V Skin pre-Alpha Trailer: Roman Bellic Trailer (BETA MOD TRAILER) Remade in Grand Theft Auto V:
  22. Drewgamer

    GTA V Vehicle Speed Project

    Introduction After playing GTA V for couple hundred hours I became really disappointed by the speeds of vehicles in game. Ok I was really disappointed with speeds after just a few hours in game. It's so very immersion breaking to be zooming down the the Los Santos city streets to top out at max speed. It's especially immersion breaking to top out at ~120 MPH in an Adder. I've used several top-speed increasing or handling mods, and while they all seem to do what they advertise, none of them are kept updated and some miss certain vehicles for various unknown reasons. The idea behind this mod is to increase all the top speeds of in-game vehicles to their real-world counterparts (or as close as possible). I'll also be trying to keep acceleration values as close to real-world as possible as well. This will all be done using unmodified cars, so if you throw max performance upgrades on your Adder, expect it to go stupid fast (and by that I mean, probably absurdly unrealistically fast). This will be primarily for top speeds and acceleration tweaks, but when/if I get that done for all cars I might consider tweaking handling values if it's highly requested. Affected Vehicles (more to come!) SUPER: Adder, Osiris, T20, Turismo R, Zentorno, Entity XF Installation To install this, you will need OpenIV, which you can get HERE. 1a) First, I REALLY recommend using OpenIV to create a mods folder and get update.rpf in there. 1b) Use OpenIV to open up update.rpf 2) Navigate to update.rpf/common/data/ 3) Drop the handling.meta from my ZIP file to overwrite the handling.meta from update.rpf 4) Enjoy! Download You can always find the latest version of this mod here at gta5-mods.com You can NOT find this mod anywhere else, if it is uploaded anywhere else it's not my official version. Permissions I started this mod from scratch and did not base it on anyone else's numbers, however if you want to use this as a base for your own tweaks, I just ask that you give me a heads up. Please do NOT upload this anywhere else without my express permission as I prefer not to have it mirrored on any other sites Changelog v0.6 - Added Overflod Entity XF v0.5 - Added the Pegassi Zentorno - Adjusted Adder drive bias (less power to the front wheels and more to the rear wheels) v0.4 - Added the Grotti Turismo R - Slightly reduced Adder launch wheelspin - Slightly lowered T20 top speed - Reduced T20 launch wheelspin and increased power (for quicker, more reliable launches) v0.3 - Added the Progen T20 - Tweaked Adder to accelerate a bit faster - Reduced Osiris wheelspin from a standstill (for slightly more reliable launches) v0.2 - Added Pegassi Osiris v0.1 - Initial Release - So far the only car tweaked is the Adder
  23. Sliderv2

    Phil Cassidy Ped

    This mod adds Phil Cassidy from GTA Vice City. Download https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/phil-cassidy http://www.ulozto.net/x1yU1aZv/gta-v-phil-cassidy-skin-by-sliderv2-zip?_ga=1.116331269.2056364466.1436537790(mirror) Preview Instalation Run OpenIV, then replace all "mp_m_fibsec_01" files in "Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_mp.rpf". Run the game and then run "Simple Trainer", go to "Model Spawning", "Spawn MP Peds" and choose "mp_m_fibsec_01". Open IV: http://openiv.com/ Simple Trainer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav Screenshots
  24. Madgaz182

    Back to the Future Mod

    Ok Guys for the past few months ive been working on a BTTF Mod similar to the GTA 4 version, this will include the following: Lights emmiting from the car when reaching 88mph Fire trails when travelling through time A System in place just like gta 4 so you can jump through time in an instant, only with this mod i aim to be able to add teleporting aswell so (place a marker on mark select time and boom instant travel) A Full Delorean sound back and Bttf Sound files to go with the movement and operations of the car So far this is in EARLY Beta mode take a look at my Teaser Trailer Down Below to see that this, is not just one of those Bumper car model replacements that was released a few weeks ago, this is a fully working gull winged door Delorean A quick showcase of the Delorean Vehicle Model **EDIT**This mod is now officially in BETA MODE 0.1 download links can be found here New showcase video https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/back-to-the-future-delorean-time-machine
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