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  1. Hereby, I am releasing my first contribution to the Grand Theft Auto/RAGE modding ecosystem, based on the works of @Neodymium (known for, among other things, MetaTool) that have been left lying idle on his GitHub profile for over a year, a tool that does what the current modding hegemony does not even want you to believe is possible. Affix/ArchiveFix fixes your RPF archives. No more dealing with fake no-encryption using OpenIV.asi, no more anything, just clean RPF package files that can be loaded by any game copy. This is a research project Neodymium has worked on a while ago, and apparently actually works, if one finds the actual key data from the game executable code - a few minutes of generating (on a 4th generation Intel Core i5 processor) ~60MB of data, and one can repack headers of RPF archives to be like... nothing ever happened. It seems this same encryption scheme is used for a few other things too, I am currently investigating how to best leverage that. Also, in the near future, I will post an easy tutorial in the style of those recently posted by @The_GTA to help you liberate yourself from the anti-Western modding hegemony by using open source plugins to replicate the behavior of the mods/ folder that OpenIV offers, and maybe even allow re-encrypting sound files! Right now, the tool itself should guide itself, if you run it from a console or from the GUI, it'll tell you what to pass as parameters and how to set up the whole program, in a modern and wacky writing style poking fun at the entirety of the world. Basically, fetch keys from a running copy of GTA5 (or common modifications of GTA5), avoid the 'do not use really' command and just repack archives however you want by passing them as argument to 'fix' or dragging them to the executable! Download (temporary link, I do not know when these will expire...) Go get 'em! Some words of thanks... Thanks go out to the following people, who influenced my view on the community and led to the creation of this program and others to follow. If you are not on the list, do not feel left out - you're all great! - @GooD-NTS, for causing the modding ecosystem to be so darn ruined - Arxan Technologies, for creating TransformIT - @Neodymium, for breaking TransformIT - @_CP_, for the efforts in perfection in artistry - @The Hero, @The_GTA, @Silent et al., for showing that code perfection can be achieved in a modding community - , for no relevant reason at all, except his dedication to his own cause, even when there might not be any - @ThirteenAG, for showing not all Russians are mean. Please do not be offended by my jokes. - @Yoshifirebird, for telling me to get involved with this community, and having a rational view on everything - Microsoft and the Roslyn community, for creating the wondrous .NET ecosystem. I've not seen such joy in coding in a long time, the modern C# language is a masterpiece. - those left unnamed that are aware of me when reading this, and have helped shape my views and strive toward perfection - even those who can no longer mod alongside us for whatever reason. You're all great.
  2. Dani02

    Dani02's Workshop

    Hello! I'm Dani02. I modified and convert vanilla vehicles to GTA V . My mods: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/Dani02 Sorry for my bad english!
  3. linkinforever

    [ GTA V ] GIMS for 3dsmax 2017 - 2020

    Hi , I had lot of requests about GIMS for 3ds max 2016+ , Well here we go I fixed it. Tested on 3dsmax 2018 and 2020 and it works fine. Fixes : - "Shared Core" Error on startup - "Utilities Missed" Error on startup - "Can't find resources" Error on Importing - NinjaRipper and Max Payne 3 Fixed too. - .Net GUI Issues on start up - "Run-Time" error on Exporting - "Run-Time" error on material converting Shots : Startup http://img.mostafa3d.net/di/1PDS/A.jpg Importing http://img.mostafa3d.net/di/VIYO/B.jpg Material Editing http://img.mostafa3d.net/di/J9J5/C.jpg Creating GTA Objects http://img.mostafa3d.net/di/CLBS/D.jpg Exporting http://img.mostafa3d.net/di/4BD7/E.jpg Download Link : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00086192853612613946 Or Click Here. Freezing Fixed Version : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=02588146067631439730 Mirror: http://rockstarvision.com/GIMS_2016+_ManualInstall_v2.zip How to Install : 1. Copy _3dsmaxroot data to 3ds max root like 'C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018' 2. Copy _local to 'C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local' 3. After launching max for materials you can pick folder is in _local\GIMS\MaterialData I put last version of them there. WARNING : I did not change any code of main core and other parts , I only fixed error parts caused by new version of 3ds max... But GIMS randomly freeze on tab switching for 2- 5 minutes , it has no error and will be fine after a while. I tried to find why it goes frozen but original developer made a real mess with his coding [ sorry 3Doomer ] Whatever it is , I believe it's becuz of GUI changes made in 3dsmax 2018 and .Net UI when 3Doomer used Old methods to create GIMS UI. Btw , It works fine and I tested on other systems and just two of them had this issue and one of them was fine. UPDATE 2 : Freezing Issue fixed by tuxick . Attention : The version is uploaded is the last version uploaded in OpenIV and found on this froum , I WILL NOT UPDATE newer versions but I left the GIMS SOURCE OPEN so anybody can dig into it and find out what changes I've made and if you can fix freezing issue be my guest. UPDATE 3 : Several Fixes by Tosyk. GIMS Evo fixed 2009-2020 by Tosyk Have Fun
  4. Stryfaar


    Experience the vivid skies of the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside, and beaches in VisualVanilla: An alternate take to the great VisualV that aims to stay faithful to Rockstar Games' vision of "that thing, that magic" for the world of Grand Theft Auto V. DISCLAIMER: The screenshots provided were taken during the mod's development phase, so things may or may not look different in-game (in a good way, of course!). AUTHOR'S NOTE: I always dreamed for a graphics mod that subtly improves graphics without altering Rockstar Games' idea of how the game's setting will feel like for the players. VisualV and Old Gen Visual were my go-to mods, but almost always, I alternate between them and Vanilla GTA V every time I play or mod the game because something always felt lacking. After a few years of waiting for the perfect graphics mod to suite my eyes, I finally took matters into my own hands. If you're like me, who believes in subtlety in order to make this already-beautiful game bearable to look at and play for its age, then I hope VisualVanilla doesn't disappoint! SUMMARY OF FEATURES: All weathers have been reworked to match the vibe and colors to be as close as possible to Rockstar Games' design with vast improvements to make V feel less of a dated game The beautiful VisualV's edited modifiers for areas & interiors, improved color correction, fixed rendering code, etc. Overhauled debug weathers (NEUTRAL, BLIZZARD, SNOW, and LIGHT SNOW) so they can be playable and fit well alongside the rest of the weathers Underwater has been overhauled, so expect a new, yet familiar playing experience under the sea Neutral Weather is now part of the weather system, serving as the transition weather between SMOG/FOGGY/CLOUDY and EXTRASUNNY/CLEAR Godrays have been enabled for every weather, from both the Sun and the Moon, as well as in Lightning Strikes! Fog Volumes have been re-enabled, experience more realistic Light Pollution as in the vanilla game Completely Custom Sun & Moon Positions, special thanks to CP and robi29 for the initial values (Heavily Edited by me using Trailer 1 scenes as reference) Increased draw distance of lights & puddles so they are more visible. Moon movement is corrected (no more moonrise in the west!). Improved volumetric fog, now it's stunning as it should be. Shadows under vehicles are of higher quality, so they aren't blocky anymore. No Chromatic Aberration & Vignette for normal gameplay. Dithering effect from the grass was removed for good, rainy weathers will make it great! Vanilla/Old Gen Visual's Skies: Colors, Clouds, Sun & Moon sizes Restored Light Pollution from the old gen version of the game to give vibes Restored Bloom levels, Godray effects, and weather transitions from the vanilla game Reorganized code & Documented in English Slightly longer lightning duration as seen from Alex106's Old Gen Visual mod New HD moon texture carefully tailored to be a replica of the vanilla moon texture New puddle layout texture from Alex106 that's a hybrid of both old gen and current gen Clean and automatic installation methods made possible through the OIV Package Installer, coded from scratch to make sure it works as efficiently and stable as can be for all users. No redundancies! HIGHLY Configurable: Have the liberty to choose how you want your game to look! Mix & Match Old Gen, Current Gen, and other misc. stuff to your liking. Choose your Emissives Intensity: Brighter Vehicle Emissives, Default Vehicle Emissives, Intense Vehicle Emissives Choose your Sky Colors: Current Gen Sky Colors, Old Gen Sky Colors—Both with default or darker nights option! Choose your Starfield: Max Payne 3 Starfield, Red Dead Redemption 2 Starfield, Vanilla Starfield Choose your Lens Flare: Current Gen Lens Flare, E3 2014 Lens Flare, Michael's Lens Flare, Franklin's Lens Flare, Trevor's Lens Flare, Old Gen Lens Flare, Alternative Old Gen Lens Flare, No Lens Flare Choose Your Sun Position: Pre-Release Sun Position, Trailer 1 Sun Position, TV Commercials Sun Position Choose Your Moon Size: 3D-Era Moon Scaling, Cinematic Moon Scaling, Max Payne 3 Moon Scaling, RDR2 Moon Scaling, Realistic Moon Scaling, Vanilla Moon Scaling Misc. Optionals: Additional Rockstar Editor Filters, HUD Blur, Light Pollution, Old Gen Damage Overlay, Old Gen Snapmatic Filters, Pause Menu Blur, Pre-release Top Gradient, Procedural Shadows, Shorter Cloud Generation, Simple and Effective Dithering Effects Reduction: No Ambient Lights, No Anamorphic Flares, No Coronas, No Fog Volumes, No Godrays for Fog-reliant Weathers, No Godrays for Lightning Strikes, No Lens Artifacts, No NG Coronas Shader Tweaks and ENB Settings: VisualV's ENB Series config for the latest version of ENBSeries which enables the enhanced screen-space reflections (performance loss), ReShade preset (performance loss), Vanilla Vehicle Glass Shaders, VisualV Chrome Shader External Scripts: Advanced Motion Blur, Dynamic Shadows From Vehicles Map Enhancements: Enabled Tree Reflections, No Grass Dithering, Pre-release Mirror Park Lake And many, many more minor, yet effective fixes. Available for Download as a Featured mod! COMPATIBILITY: VisualVanilla should be compatible with any other mod that does not replace the same files as this one does. Graphic mods, in particular, must automatically be assumed to be incompatible for this is a STANDALONE graphics mod in itself which may or may not work well alongside others (for it may completely overwrite the files) such as VisualV, Old Gen Visual, NaturalVision Evolved/Remastered, RadianceV, MVGA, etc. REQUIREMENTS: This mod is standalone. Nothing but a clean install of Grand Theft Auto V is required to make it work. For obvious reasons, this mod won't be compatible with other graphic mods such as VisualV, Old Gen Visual, NaturalVision Evolved, etc. A copy of Grand Theft Auto V, recommended to be running the LATEST patch, "v1.59 or v1.0.2612.0 (Gen9 Update)" as of time of this writing. Regardless, it should work on older versions without problems OpenIV OpenIV.ASI (for the mods folder) ASI Loader (Can be installed from OpenIV -> Tools -> ASI Manager) INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: For Singeplayer: VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Folders with numbered names/labels need to be installed in that very order. Make sure you have 1) OpenIV installed with ASI Loader, and 2) Enabled the "mods" folder with OpenIV.asi Right click the .OIV Package, select properties, "Open with..." then select OpenIV Open the folder named "1. Core Mod," then Double-click on the .OIV package. Click "Install" then select "mods folder" as the installation location. At this point, you may run and enjoy the game! HOWEVER, if you wish to discover other stuff to your liking, you may proceed to the "2. Configure it!" folder and configure the mod to your liking. More information below. For RAGE Multiplayer: Put the CONTENTS of "RAGEMP Folder" where "ragemp_v.exe" is, confirm replacement if asked. (If it doesn't work, it means that client-sided mods aren't enabled by the server you play on. Ask the developers to enable them.) For FiveM: Drag and drop .RPF files into FiveM\mods (In order to uninstall, simply delete the .RPF files from FiveM.app\mods) CONFIGURATIONS INFO: The following are descriptions on what to expect if you're configuring the mod yourself. VisualVanilla Comparisons & Previews Choose Your Emissives Intensity Brighter Vehicle Emissives - Brightens up emissives on all vehicles (Headlights, Siren Lights, Taillights, etc.). Useful if you find vanilla lights too dim. If you're a fan of emergency stuff, this is highly recommended! NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended to install Vanilla Vehicles Emissives Fix alongside this optional. Default Vehicle Emissives - This will restore the default intensity for vehicle emissives and restore the "visualsettings.dat" file from the core mod. Only use if you want to revert from "Brighter Vehicle Emissives" or "Intense Vehicle Emissives" Intense Vehicle Emissives - Intensifies emissives on all vehicles (Headlights, Siren Lights, Taillights, etc.) and adjusts corona size to be larger in size. Useful if you find vanilla lights too dim and feel discontent with "Brighter Vehicle Emissives." If you're a fan of emergency stuff, this is highly recommended! NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended to install Vanilla Vehicles Emissives Fix alongside this optional. Choose Your Sky Colors Current Gen Sky Colors (Default) - Changes the sky colors as seen in the PC, PS4, and XBOX One versions of the game. This is installed by default in the Core Mod. Only use if you want to swap from Old Gen Sky Colors. Old Gen Sky Colors - Changes the sky colors as seen in the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions of the game. Choose Your Starfield Max Payne 3 Starfield - Replaces the Starfield texture with one directly extracted from the PC version of Max Payne 3. Red Dead Redemption 2 Starfield - Replaces the Starfield texture with one directly extracted from the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2. Current Gen Clouds (Default) - Restores the vanilla Starfield texture from the core mod. Choose Your Lens Flares Current Gen Lens Flare (Default) - Changes the lens flare to the vanilla version. A unique look for each of the protagonists. This is installed by default in the Core Mod. Only use if you want to swap from the other lens flares. E3 2014 Lens Flare - Changes the lens flare with the version seen in the E3 2014 trailer and a few pre-release next gen screens. Michael's Lens Flare - Changes each characters' lens flare to Michael's from the base game. Franklin's Lens Flare - Changes each characters' lens flare to Franklin's from the base game. Also serves as VisualV's default lens flare. Trevor's Lens Flare - Changes each characters' lens flare to Trevor's from the base game. Old Gen Lens Flare - Changes the lens flare to the one seen in the PS3/XBOX 360 version of the game. Old Gen Lens Flare (Alternative) - Changes the lens flare to the one seen in the PS3/XBOX 360 version of the game. This alternate version changes the color of two flare animorphics from yellow to blue. No Lens Flare - Removes the lens flare rendered when facing the Sun. Choose your Sun Position Pre-Release Sun Position - Completely revamped sun positions, alongside sunsets similar to how it was in the Pre-release Promotional postcards of the game. Trailer 1 Sun Position (Default) - Completely revamped sun positions, alongside sunsets similar to how it was in the Trailer 1 and Vanilla versions of the game. TV Commercials Sun Position - Completely revamped sun positions, alongside sunsets similar to how it was in the Pre-Release Advertisment of the game. Choose your Moon Size 3D-Era Moon Scaling - Scales the moon based on the great 3D Era games (III, Vice City, and San Andreas). Cinematic Moon Scaling - Scales the moon based on Halloween weather. Recommended for a Cinematic Experience. Max Payne 3 Moon Scaling - Scales the moon as seen in Max Payne 3. RDR2 Moon Scaling - Moon Scaling inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2. Good for a balance of realism and virtual. Recommended for immersion. Realistic Moon Scaling - Changes the moon scaling in all weathers as seen in VisualV. Closest to the real world. Vanilla Moon Scaling (Default) - Changes moon sizes on various kinds of weather back to default, as seen in the base game. Misc. Optionals Additional Rockstar Editor Filters - Adds all of the Snapmatic filters to the Rockstar Editor. HUD Blur - Restores the blur on the character, radio, and weapon wheels from the base game. Light Pollution - Adds light pollution in the city at night time. Old Gen Damage Overlay - Changes the various RGB and positioning values of the damage overlay to the ones from the PS3/XBOX 360 versions of the game. Make sure to install the texture too for the full experience! Old Gen Snapmatic Filters - Changes all of the Snapmatic filters with the ones from the PS3/XBOX 360 version of the game. Pause Menu Blur - Restores the blur on the pause menu from the base game. Pre-release Top Gradient - Recreated top gradient effect based on a couple of pre-release screenshots. Procedural Shadows - Enables shadows casted by small objects like cans, rubbish on the tarmac, etc. (may cause reduced game performance). Shorter Cloud Generation - Reduces the time it takes for clouds to render when transitioning to new weather. Useful if you're changing weathers via trainer all the time... or if you're just the instant-gratifcation type. Effects Reduction No Ambient Lights - Removes all ambient lights surrounding buildings around the map. NOTE: This one is useless if you have the shader quality set to 'Normal.' No Animorphic Flares - Disables the rendering of vertical anamorphic flares that sometimes take up the whole screen. This removes the anamorphic flares found on the headlights of a vehicle. NOTE: You will still get horizontal anamorphic, but I have provided a texture replacement method that "hides" every anamorphic flare rendered in every light source in the game. No Coronas - Completely disables the rendering of coronas on every light source found in-game such as lamp posts, vehicles, etc. NOTE: Comes with an alternate texture replacement method that "hides" the effect instead of disabling it fully for those of you that want it done that way, but generally, the default method is cleaner and proper. No Godrays for Fog-reliant Weathers - Prevents Godrays from being rendered on fog-reliant weathers: Blizzard, Foggy, Overcast, Rain, Snow, Thunder, Xmas. NOTE: This will provide you with FPS gain if your FPS went down during these said weathers. No Godrays for Lightning Strikes - This will disable the Godrays for Lightning Strikes, much like how it was in the PC/PS4/XBOX One versions of the game. No Lens Artefacts - Removes the Blue Lens Artifacts (the ones present in the 'Very High' and 'Ultra' Post FX settings). NOTE: This one is useless if you have the Post FX quality set to 'Normal' or 'High'. No NG Coronas - This optional removes the additional corona texture emitted from light sources (vehicles headlights, street lights, etc). Shader Tweaks and ENB Settings ENB settings (performance loss) - VisualV's ENB Series config for the latest version of ENBSeries which enables enhanced screen-space reflections. ReShade preset (performance loss) - VisualV's custom preset for ReShade with MXAO shading technique, ambient light and heat haze effect. Vanilla Chrome Shader - Restores the base game vehicle mesh shaders for chrome. Dependent on personal taste. What you lose: VisualV's edits for how chrome displays on vehicles (lighter, more reflective). What you gain: Restored chrome look as how it was from the vanilla game (darker, less reflective). Vanilla Vehicle Glass Shaders - Restores the base game shaders for vehicle glass. What you lose: Fixed amount of glass reflections for all vehicles. What you gain: Proper saturation & colors of the siren glass from emergency vehicles. External Scripts Advanced Motion Blur - Enables motion blur for both peds and vehicles, effect gets stronger relative to the entity. Comes with a configurable .ini file. Dynamic Shadows from Vehicles - Renders shadows from vehicles' headlights like in GTA IV. Comes with a configurable .ini file. Map Enhancements Enabled Tree Reflections - Thanks to edited models, trees are now visible in reflections, adding more immersion to the game. NOTE: This may cause a decrease in game performance. No Grass Dithering - Removes stippling from fur grass rendered on the map, especially visible in rainy weathers. Pre-release Mirror Park Lake - Restores the color of Mirror Park Lake based on an early pre-release screenshot of the game. Comes with a custom timecycle modifier to match its underwater, fine-tuned for VisualVanilla. VIDEOS SCREENSHOTS SUPPORT ME! Modding, relative to its room full of possibilities—unfortunately, consumes a lot of time in the real world. Nonetheless, all my mods shall always be released free of charge as thanks to the games’ developers and the community that makes it alive! A simple click of the download button and rating my mods would already mean a lot to me. If you have the financial means to do so, please consider donating via Paypal in order to make up for all the time spent so I may remain motivated to keep creating content for everyone. Alternatively, you may join The Modcave, my personal Discord Server, and keep in touch with my up-and-coming mods, or simply engage in productive conversation with fellow enthusiasts. CREDITS: Take some time to appreciate the community and all the hard work they've put out for this game! Rockstar Games - for "that thing, that magic" in this masterpiece of a game! OpenIV Team - for making this, and a lot of awesome mods possible through OpenIV dexyfex - for making this, and a lot of awesome mods possible through CodeWalker alloc8or - for his tool, Visual Settings + Timecycle Reloader making it easier for me to see changes I do without have to reset the game, saved me precious time! Stryfaar - for creating VisualVanilla, .OIV Installers, & Screenshots _CP_ & robi29 - for their mod, the stunning and timeless VisualV, this mod and many others wouldn't have been made without their efforts! Alex106 - for his efforts in Old Gen Visual which set the foundation for VisualVanilla to deliver the beauty of vintage V Razed - for guiding me through graphics modding and lending the beautiful puddles found in NaturalVision on earlier versions of the mod 11john11 - Testing, "Brighter Vehicle Emissives" config, Screenshots Vx5 Voltage - Testing, "Brighter Vehicle Emissives with Enhanced Coronas" config, information on the Chrome and Siren Glass shaders from VisualV InfamousSabre - For major help in creating the Darker Nights optionals nkjellman - For providing valuable feedback on the advnatages and disadvantages of Vanilla and VisualV that served as a foundation for this mod's development Mauvzel - For the tips in visualsettings.dat that helped make this mod "cleaner" in its process of implementation and installation of features INYN - for his hard work and effort in crafting the beautiful trailer, my warmest thanks go to him! Also helped in Testing & Screenshots Pyri - Gameplay Video, Testing & Screenshots BadassBaboon - for preparing a RAGE Multiplayer-compatible version of the mod leoncoder - for preparing a FiveM-compatible version of the mod Sealyx - Testing & Screenshots Chef - Testing & Screenshots K1LLFANTASY - Testing & Screenshots skrungus - Testing & Screenshots Barış - Testing & Screenshots Monky - Testing & Feedback GreenAid - Testing & Feedback VERSION HISTORY: v2.0 (12-23-2022): v1.5 (05-13-2022): v1.4 (04-24-2022): v1.4 (04-17-2022): v1.3 (12-17-2020): v1.2 (08-18-2020): v1.1 (08-07-2020): v1.0 (07-10-2020): PERMISSIONS: This mod is exclusive for download at GTA5-Mods.com only. Downloads from other sites is stolen. Copying or redistributing this mod, or its assets without permission or approval by its respective authors is not allowed. Using this mod for commercial, financial, or personal gain is strongly prohibited. VisualVanilla is, and always will be, free for everyone to download and enjoy.
  5. GTA 5 has definitely improved their choice of songs in the radio over the last few years, but for me the mexican East Los FM was always missing something.. so I decided to make it a whole lot better by replacing all songs to some badass Mexican Regional music. This includes some of the known Narco music played by cartels in Mexico. Now you can finally enjoy the taxi rides and chill to some corridos music while free-roaming San Andreas. A Narcocorrido (Spanish pronunciation: [naɾkokoˈriðo], "narco-corrido" or drug ballad) is a subgenre of the Regional Mexican corrido (narrative ballad) genre, from which several other genres have evolved. This type of music is heard and produced on both sides of the Mexico–US border. ---FEATURES--- -A fully-working radio station -Custom HUD icon - Real commercials from Mexico in between the songs alongside the usual GTA commercials ---ISSUES--- - I haven't found a way how to replace the track names, so if anyone understands OpenIV modding a bit and can help i'll be more than happy to accept your help * This is the first released version of this mod so expect updates in the future, also mention in the comments if any issue occurs during gameplay whatsoever DOWNLOAD HERE
  6. This is a modding tool for developers to find out and play particles effects. Press F9 to open the effects menu. It uses a ini file with all the particles available originally available here How to add new particle effects: Open the particles.ini file from the scripts folder in the GTA V directory. The schema of the file is similar to a ini configuration file but there are no values given. Between the square brackets you'll find the asset name and under it the effect names. Don't add new assets if they arleady there, just add the effects under it. Follow the example below. # This is a comment [asset_name] effect_name_1 effect_name_2 If you found a new asset or effect and you want to share it with the rest of the world go to the GitHub link below and make a pull request so everyone can update their local ini files with the new changes. How to update assets and ini files: After the github file has changed, next time you load the game you'll get a notification that there's a new database update. Open the effects menu (F9) and press the enter keys 2 times. Source Code: https://github.com/nitanmarcel/GTA-V-Particle-Effects Particles.ini file: https://github.com/nitanmarcel/GTA-V-Particle-Effects/blob/master/PTFX/PTFX/particles.ini Requirements: ScriptHookVDotNet - https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases NativeUI - https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI/releases Installation: Copy particles.ini and PTFX.dll to the scripts folder in the game's directory. Download Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gta-v-ptfx Screnshots: https://imgur.com/a/I0LCfdD
  7. Alexander Blade

    Classic Handling

    GTA V CLASSIC HANDLING Description Classic Handling makes car controls and physics the way it was in GTA IV. Features - based on the original GTA IV handling - affects only cars - includes dlc cars - features normal deformation Download here Video
  8. _CP_

    IVPack for Grand Theft AutoV

    IVPack is a modification for GTAV, bringing to you a new fleet of vehicles from dark Liberty City to always-sunny Los Santos and surrounding area. The main goal is to convert all missing cars, bikes, boats etc. including Episodes from Liberty City. All of them are using current-gen interiors with working gauges, displaying current playing radiostation, mirrors in high quality and more. Car colors are based on IV values, vehicle names are in all languages. Thanks to RM76 & TheAdmiester, vehicles are spawning in traffic and some of them have tuning parts in Los Santos Customs. Creators: _CP_, Thundersmacker, RM76, TheAdmiester, Killatomate, Da7K, GTA5Korn, Yard1, Lundy, CDemapp, PhilBellic, I'm Not MentaL, sparky66, Insincere. 1.0.170: - Compatibility with The Doomsday Heist update (1.0.1290.1). - Restored all deleted modkits due to extended modkits ID limit to 1024. Available vehicles from GTA IV: - Albany Buccaneer - Albany Cavalcade FXT - Albany Esperanto - Albany Esperanto (Roman's Cab) - Albany Presidente - Albany Presidente Police (aka Police Stinger) - Annis Pinnacle - Benefactor Feltzer - Benefactor Schafter - Benefactor Stretch E - Blade - Bravado Feroci - Bravado Feroci (FlyUS livery) - Brute Boxville (IV variant) - Brute Bus - Brute Mr. Tasty - Brute Stockade LSPD - Brute Stockade NOOSE - Declasse Merit - Declasse Merit LSPD - Declasse Merit Taxi - Declasse Rancher - Declasse Sabre - Declasse Sabre (beater version) - Declasse Vigero (beater version) - Dewbauchee Super GT - Dinka Chavos - Dinka Double-T Custom - Dinka Hakumai - Dinka Perennial - Dinka Perennial (FlyUS livery) - Dundreary Admiral - Dundreary Regina (TLAD variant) - Dundreary Stretch - Emperor Lokus - Enus Super Drop Diamond - Floater - Grotti Turismo - HVY APC - HVY Brickade - Imponte DF8-90 - Ineverto Coquette - Liberty Chop Shop Lycan - Liberty Chop Shop Lycan Custom - Liberty Chop Shop Nightblade - Liberty City Cycles Zombie - Maibatsu Vincent - MTL Flatbed - MTL Packer - Pfister Comet - Principe Faggio - Reefer - Schyster Minivan Cabby - Schyster PMP600 - sh*tzu Hakuchou Custom - sh*tzu NRG900 - Smuggler - Tour Maverick - Übermacht Rebla - Übermacht Sentinel - Vapid Bobcat - Vapid Contender - Vapid Fortune - Vapid Huntley - Vapid Stanier Police - Vapid Stanier Taxi - Vapid Steed - Vapid Uranus - Vapid Yankee - Vapid Yankee (TLAD variant) - Western Motorcycle Company Angel - Western Motorcycle Company Diabolus - Western Motorcycle Company Freeway - Western Motorcycle Company Hellfury - Western Motorcycle Company Revenant - Western Motorcycle Company Wayfarer - Western Motorcycle Company Wolfsbane - Willard Marbelle - Willard Solair - Willard Willard Lore-Friendly vehicles: - Albany Presidente (TBOGT variation) - Benefator Schafter GTR - Buckingham Ghawar - Canis Bodhi (clean, civil variant) - Declasse Premier (Max Payne 3 variant) - Declasse Voodoo (clean variant) - Dewbauchee JB700 (unarmed) - Dinka Chavos (Max Payne 3 variant) - Dundreary Regina Sedan - Grotti Cheetah (classic variant) - Imponte Phoenix (short variant) - Karin Futo Hatchback - Karin Sultan (unmodded two doors variant) - Modena Typhoon (custom made vehicle) - sh*tzu Violator (Max Payne 3 boat) - Vapid Interceptor (civil police variant) - Vapid Stanier - Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign - Zirconium Stratum Sedan ===============INSTALLATION================ For OpenIV modPackage: 1. Install ASILoader with Scripthook - http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ 2. Install OpenIV - http://openiv.com/WebIV/guest.php?get=1 3. In OpenIV go to Tools -> ASI Manager and install ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi 4. In OpenIV, click Tools -> Package Installer and choose ivpack_1_0_155.oiv. 5. Choose Install to mods folder. Installation video 1.0.240 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ivpack-gtaiv-vehicles-in-gtav All rights for GTA IV & Max Payne 3 vehicles to Rockstar Games. Mod distributed for free.
  9. "GTA Chars And Anim Helper" v0.91 Open Beta For those who not very interested in all of this but wonder what is that sh*t from the title picture above ^^^ - it's just one experimental mod. I don't know when it comes out, sorry. But now you can do the same things with "GTA Chars And Anim Helper"! Or any other dope stuff. Combine it with CarRec and you'll get something like Quantum Break plus Uncharted plus Resident Evil plus [insert your Favorite Game]. Now, if you're interested... This is the MaxScript for Autodesk 3ds Max. Description: "GTA Chars And Anim Helper" gives you the ability to skip some boring moments of skinning and animation of the characters for GTA: Vice City and San Andreas. SOME options potentially can be used for GTA 3/4/5 modding, or other games. Installation: Just place "GTACharsAndAnimHelperBeta.ms" into your "3dsmax/scripts" folder. How to use: Point to any button with the mouse cursor to see some extra info. That's all, dudes. Ok, here's the extended description for these buttons: "Char Helper":
  10. BurkiOlmi

    [V] Gear Shifting Animation

    About Gear shifting animation with shifting sounds for vehicles and bikes. Features (configurable through the ini file -Gear Shifting Animation for vehicles and bikes -Compatibility with Manual Transmission by ikt (You can enable/disable ManualTransmission Mode in the ini file) If you use it with ManualTransmission, you must have the latest version(5.5.1) -Left and Right hand wheel Compatibility/Shifting Animations -Shifting Sounds for each vehicle gear -Shifting Sounds for the motorcycle gears -Sound will be louder in first person than in other view modes -Current gear text and Manual Transmission information text Changelogs 1.0 • Initial Release Installation Drop all files from "scripts" to your scripts folder Requierements: SkripthookV latest Community ScripthookV Credits Thank you a lot ikt for explaining me how to make the script compatible with Manual Transmission! Donwload from 5Mods
  11. GTA5 XHOOK v1.02 (20220817) by kebabstorm Requires ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade Simple GTAV hook with a focus on performance. No requirements besides ScriptHookV, no config, no menus, no FPS hit. Installation: 1. Install ScriptHookV 2. Move GTA5XHOOK.asi to GTA5 folder Features: - All Weapons - Infinite Cash - Infinite Ammo - Infinite Stamina - Infinite Special Ability - Fast Run - Fast Swim - Seatbelt - Max Stats - Enable Returning Players Content - More Health (300 HP) - Health Regen (1 HP / sec) - Full Armor on Respawn - Always Have Parachute Download: https://github.com/anzz1/gta5-xhook/archive/refs/heads/master.zip Source code is included and you are free to modify and distribute it however you wish without any permission
  12. BurkiOlmi

    [V] Nitro/NOS Purge

    NOTE Join my new Discord Server There are other versions of this mod on my Patreon Video of Patreon version Important Overclocked Monitor(overclocked hz) can cause problems and make the mod not work properly. Features - Adds Nitro to cars - Nitrous Purge (Thanks to @v1r for the idea) If you press shift for a long time the smokes gets bigger, if you press shift a short time the smokes will be little - Sound effect - Turbo race screen effect(You can enable it in the ini file) - Torque-based speed modifier - Exhaust particles - Controller Support Usage - Click x to use nitro (You can choose the key in the .ini file) - Click shift to use nitrous purge(You can choose the key in the .ini file) - For Controller : Press LeftPad for Nitro and RightPad for Purge (configurable in the ini file) Changelogs 1.0 • Initial Release 1.0.1 • Fixed Bug : cars still had nitro even if the engine was destroyed or the car was underwater 2.0 • added Nitrous Purge feature and now you can enable or disable the screeneffect in 2.0.1 • fixed bugs 3.0 • added controller support 4.0 • completely rewritten code • fixed bugs • now the smoke only appears while you press on the key • reduced smoke • added option to disable or enable controller support added new effects to screen effect option • added combi key for controller Installation drag the content from "scripts" to your scripts folder (if you don't have a scripts folder, create one) Requierements SkripthookV and SkripthookV Dot Net DOWNLOAD
  13. Rainbomizer: V Randomizers for Grand Theft Auto: V Rainbomizer is a set of mods for Grand Theft Auto games that randomize major aspects of the game. Lists of things randomized include the missions, the traffic, voice lines, cutscenes among other things! It randomizes major aspects of the game, allowing for a fun and challenging playthrough of the game. List of Randomizers: Traffic Randomizer Randomizes cars that spawn in traffic. Mission Vehicle Randomizer Randomizes vehicles you are given in missions, making sure that the vehicle you're given is usable for that mission. Colour Randomizer Randomizes colours of various in-game elements, including cars, the HUD, and more. Mission Randomizer Randomizes order of missions in-game. Upon completion of a mission, the game progresses as if you completed the original mission. Weapon Randomizer Randomizes weapons given to the enemies. Sounds Randomizer Randomizes dialogue and sound effects played in-game. Cutscene Randomizer Randomizes models used in motion-captured cutscenes. Ped Randomizer Randomizes all ambient, mission, and cutscene peds. Player Randomizer Randomizes the player model into a different ped model. Player Special Ability Randomizer With Player Randomizer enabled, this feature randomizes the player's special ability. Timecycle and Weather Randomizer Randomizes the look of the game by randomizing weather elements and sky colour. Handling Randomizer Randomizes the handling of all vehicles. Weapon Stats Randomizer Randomizes weapon stats such as fire rate, range, etc. of all weapons. Dispatch Randomizer Randomizes all dispatched police cars, ambulances, helicopters, and boats. Screenshots Playthrough by Hugo_One Installation Prerequisites Grand Theft Auto: V (Any version) ScriptHookV Installation Download the Rainbomizer archive (see Downloads section) Extract the contents of the archive to the root folder of your GTA V installation directory After the installation, the directory should look something like: The config file will be auto-generated after launching the game with Rainbomizer the first time Configuration rainbomizer/config.toml contains the configuration options for Rainbomizer. The config file uses the TOML format and can be opened in any text editor (like Notepad) To enable/disable a certain randomizer, locate its section in the config file, and change the "Enabled" key to true or false Further configuration options are documented in the config file. Credits Lead Developers Parik Creation and implementation of the ASI. Major Contributors Fryterp23 Assisting with creation of external files and extensive testing. 123robot Creation of external files, testing, and support with debugging. Thanks to Gibstack, Hugo_One, mo_xi and SpeedyFolf for beta-testing! Links Below are useful links related to the project GitHub links GitHub Repository GitHub Releases GitHub Issues Support this project Discord Patreon Release 3.3
  14. BurkiOlmi

    Car Flipping

    About This script gives you the ability to flip your car. It also disables Mid-Air AutoCorecction if you set it to true in the ini file(the ability to roll a car back on its wheels when it's stuck on the roof.) Features • Lets you flip your car • Mid-Air AutoCorrection Disabler(You can disable this feature in the ini file) Keys F9 - to flip your vehicle How to change Keys/Disable Mid-Air AutoCorrection Disabler: There is a link in the ini file where you can choose the keys. If you set "Mid-Air AutoCorrection disabled" to true, you have no ability to roll your car back. If you set it to false, you have the ability to roll it back. Changelogs 1.0 • Initial Release Requierements: SkripthookV Installation: Drag the files into the gta5 root folder Source Code DOWNLOAD Preview::
  15. BurkiOlmi

    [V] RealisticScriptsPack

    RSP is a script Pack which is made to be make the game more realistic NOTE Join my new Discord Server Features (all of them are configurable through the ini file) : - Realistic dispatch for police, emergency, fire department, ...... - Vehicle Persistence - Player Persistence - Pickup Objects Persistence(Weapons, Aid kits and all the other pickable stuff) - Realistic Aim (Shoot accuracy) - no ability to control vehicle in air - Realistic falling down the stairs (Character will hold the stairs to stop the falling down) - Realistic Body Relaxation - Fix Npc's don't drop equiped Weapon after death, also fixed Michael, Trevor and Franklin - Npc's no more killable only by player - Realistic Shootrate - no wanted level at stealth kills if not many people see it (because at stealth kills you're quit and not many people would know who knocked the person out) - no more glowing Pickups (like weapons or aid kits,....) - no special abilities (in the ini file they are on, if you want to play without special abilities turn it off in the ini file) - realistic time to breathe underwater - Engine Blowout - realistic Train Speed - Realistic Euphoria Reactions (has compatibility with all Euphoria Mods) - Peds will now raise their hands up and let thery're wallet fall (Feature Credit : Mod by Eddlm https://de.gta5-mods.com/scripts/rob-people) - Car will reported as stolen, when you steal a car - Carjacking like in GTA IV (People will get out of they're car, raise they're hands and let they're wallet fall on the ground if you aim a gun on them. Most of the Peds will do that in the game, but not everyone, some still try to run over you) - Seatbelt Mod (G to toggle Seatbelt, K to take it off, changeable in the ini file. If Seatbelt is enabled, Player won't fly through the windscreen) Changelogs : 1.0.1 - fixed some bugs 1.0.2 - fixed bugs 1.1 - added Vehicle persistence feature 1.2 - added Npc's and the characters will drop ewuiped Weapon after death and Pickup Objects are Persistence feature. Fix the super heavy armor bug. And added realistic Shootrate. 1.3 - added .ini file 1.4 - added oiv file and new pickups.meta (no more glowing weapons, aid kits,........ ) 1.5 - added realistic vehicle damage 1.6 - added realistic Dispatch and no wanted levels at stealth kills 1.7 - added no ability to control vehicle in air 1.8 - Player Body will relax a lil bit later after getting shot 1.9 - added realistic breathe time underwater, Engine Blowout feature and two options with buggy feature and without buggy feature - added Body relax later after getting shot 2.0 - added realistic Train Speed - Realistic Euphoria Reactions (has compatibility with all Euphoria Mods) - peds will now raise their hands up and let thery're wallet fall (Feature Credit : Mod by Eddlm https://de.gta5-mods.com/scripts/rob-people) - You will get a wanted level, when you steal a car 2.1 - removed Script Info and Wanted Level Check Key, added Carjacking like in GTA IV, added Setabelt Mod 2.1.1 - fixed bugs 2.2 - completely rewritten, because I lost the source code. Fixed bugs, added changeable keys for seatbelt feature Requierements : OpenIV Skripthook V latest Community Skritphook V Installation [Manual] 1. install Skripthook V and Community SkritphookV 2. create a folder in your gta directory and name it "scripts" 3. Place the RealisticScriptPack.dll and RealisticScriptPack.ini into your scripts folder 4. Place pickups.meta and dispatch.meta to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data Installation [OIV] 1. Install OpenIV 2. Click to Tool, then Asi Manager.And Install OpenIV.ASI and ASI Loader. 3. Click to Tool, then Package Installer. And then choose my file and install it. Hope you like it and thanks for downloading. DOWNLOAD
  16. About - This Script adds Nitro and Nitrous Purge to your vehicle Features - Adds Nitro to cars - Nitrous Purge (Thanks to @v1r for the idea) If you press shift for a long time the smokes gets bigger, if you press shift a short time the smokes will be little - Sound effect - Turbo race screen effect(You can enable it in the ini file) - Torque-based speed modifier - Exhaust particles - Controller Support Usage - Click x to use nitro (You can choose the key in the .ini file) - Click shift to use nitrous purge(You can choose the key in the .ini file) - For Controller : Press LeftPad for Nitro and RightPad for Purge (configurable in the ini file) Changelogs 1.0 - Release 1.0.1 - Fixed Bugs, that cars still had nitro when the engine was destroyed or the car was underwater 2.0 - added Nitrous Purge feature and now you can enable or disable the screeneffect in the ini file 2.0.1 - bugs fixed 3.0 - added Controller Support Installation drag the content from "scripts" to your scripts folder (if you don't have a scripts folder, create it in your GTA V Game folder) Requierements SkripthookV and SkripthookV Dot Net Credits v1r - for the idea https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-advanced-nitro-system/1367822 - for the orginal mod DOWNLOAD Images
  17. B Dawg

    Angels Of Death MC

    Fixes a portion of GTA V's storyline by replacing The Lost with The Angels Of Death. It replaces the Lost MC patches on all the characters & vehicles. It comes with 2 versions: - Multiracial (keeps blacks & latinos within the gang) - Whites only (with the exception of Clay, might possibly cause issues with missions/side encounters because of removed meshes? no idea, let me know if it doesn't) Images: Credits & resources used: Toni Cipriani - Providing files, screenshots, testing, readme file (I couldn't be bothered installing the game lol) Modified Fixed V Johnny Klebitz Modified Biker Vest Template AOD Patches from GFX Requests & Tutorials Download
  18. BurkiOlmi

    [V] Quick Switch

    About This Mod lets you switch much quicker than normal Keys : (You can configure it trough the ini file) Numpad0, to switch to Franklin Numpad1, to switch to Michael Numpad3, to switch to Trevor Features : - Switch with just one click into the character you want Changelogs : 1.0 Release Requierements : Skripthook V Community Skritphook V Installation 1.Copy the files to GTAV/scripts 2.Start the Game Hope you like it and thanks for downloading. Thx to @EnchancedCap for the Mod Idea DOWNLOAD
  19. BurkiOlmi

    [V] No more glowing weapons

    This mod is to remove the glowing of weapons and all the other pickup objects NOTE Join my new Discord Server if you need help at every kind of GTA 5 Modding and have ideas for new mods : https://discord.gg/SaZZeFaGaa Requierements : OpenIV Installation (Manual) : 1.Install OpenIV 2.Place pickups.meta to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data Installation (OIV) : 1.Install Open IV 2.Click to ASI MANAGER , then instal OpenIV.ASI and ASI Loader 3.Then choose the file and install Thanks for installing DOWNLOAD
  20. BurkiOlmi

    [V] GTA IV CarJacking

    About Now Peds will react like in GTA IV when you aim a gun on them to steal their car NOTE Join my new Discord Server Features - Carjacking like in GTA IV (People will get out of their car and raise their hands if you aim a gun on them. Most of the Peds will do that in the game, but not everyone, some still try to run over you) - People raise their hands up if you aim on them (Feature Credit Eddlm : https://de.gta5-mods.com/scripts/rob-people) Changelog: v2.0 - Peds doesn't drop their wallet anymore Installation [Manual] 1. install Scripthook V and Community ScritphookV 2. create a folder in your gta directory and name it "scripts" 3. Place GTA IV Carjacking.dll in the scripts folder Credit : Eddlm for the Rob People feature DOWNLOAD
  21. BrynnaDaRosa

    Expanded Peds: Tony Prince [V]

    DOWNLOAD Part One of my Expanded Peds project, Gay Tony Prince! INCLUDES: - TBOGT Suit - Dress Shirt - Velvet Boxers - Track Suit - Altered version of his standard GTA Online lowr 000. Made him ever so slightly less bow-legged. AS WELL AS: - IMPROVED TEXTURES! Sure, in your nightclub, he looks perfectly fine, but have you ever spawned Tony and seen him next to literally any other ped and noticed... How green he looked? 😬 Not cool. Anyways, fixed that! His facial hair is also a bit darker. - His minimalist gold chain as seen on his dress shirt uppr in TBOGT is a separate task drawable, and it's standard since it just looks so darn nice with his GTAO suit. - His TBOGT shades!!! - And of course, his earring, as a proper ears prop! KNOWN ISSUES: - I believe this is because he's been given a new drawable type, the necklace task, and the fact that he's a component ped and not streamed; while you can absolutely use him as a player model, and spawn him as a player model normally, he will crash TrainerV (Simple Trainer) if attempted to spawn as a bodyguard, or saved as a bodyguard, the only way around this is initially using him as a player model, and then cloning the player in the clone menu. TrainerV is the only trainer I've ever used, so i would very much like notes from people with other trainers to report on any of these weird behaviors, as it would help me a lot, and the future of my Expanded Peds project depends on it. TO BE ADDED: - Blood maps! Can't quite figure them out just yet. - Tony's beta outfits from TBOGT! (Purple Suit Jacket as seen in promo art, and his plain white T-Shirt) - The very same additions to his CSB Model! (I could not for the life of me get his CSB model working. I actually ran into a lot of unusual issues with Tony this entire time, from his finicky and cursed YMT, and any attempts at adding a single thing to CSB Tony completely crashing the game, which could also have to do with it being a component ped, which is highly unusual when 90% of the CS peds are all streamed. If anybody would like to help me figure this out, my discord is Midsummer Liberty City#3345.) DOWNLOAD
  22. This mod replaces original GTA5 upscaler with FidelityFx Super Resolution, which improves visual quality when using "Frame scale mode" (Advanced Graphics Settings) lower than original display resolution. Video comparison: ScreenshotComparison Download latest release Installation: Copy d3d11.dll and gta5_fsr.ini to Grand Theft Auto V root folder (e.g. \Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V) Check gta5_fsr.ini file if you need more control over mod settings Check GitHub page for more info and updates.
  23. I Surrender is a GTA V (ScripthookV.Net) script allowing you to surrender to police when wanted. You can either give up to the police without them shooting you or just clear your wanted level altogether (you cheater). Features: Surrender by putting hands up until "Busted" Wanted level kept at 1 star to prevent aggressive cops while surrendering Cancel and try to keep running (still busted if they catch you) (If enabled) Cheat and clear your wanted level Option to drop weapon in hand on surrendering Download the mod here: https://github.com/waynieoaks/I-surrender Credits: @LeeC22 Helping understand scripthookv.net coding mrtank2333: Source code for Player Death No Reset helped solve game hanging on wasted/busted for non protagonist. Meth0d: Providing source code for PedSelector.dll to allow the modification huckleberrypie: Great add-on peds for testing and demo video
  24. DOWNLOAD ***NEW!!!*** Addon Ped Player Packie is in the works, scroll down to view progress and SUGGEST/REQUEST OUTFITS and other things for him via THIS form!!! After a few grueling months of development, and having no idea what I was doing, my Packie McReary mod is finally at a state where I deemed him acceptable for upload. Not to get sentimental on a mod post or anything--- but I just want you to know this upload comes from the heart. If you've seen me post on this forum at all you know 90% of the time it's something about me waxing poetic on this guy being like, the best character in the franchise, lmao. This was a long time coming. [ EDIT 6 March 2021: VERSION 0.2 IS OUT!!! Normal map is NOW working!!! ] WHAT IT DOES: - Replaces Packie's Head, giving him his old GTA IV one, with a new texture that strikes the balance between his old charm and yet doesn't look out of place next to the others in GTA V (hopefully!) - Replaces his standard jacket, as well as the formal suit jacket - Makes it a Liberty Rock Radio tee instead of the generic gun tee underneath INSTALLATION - Simply open the.OIV in OpenIV and let it intall in your Mods folder CURRENT ISSUES: - The inside of Packie's mouth is lit really strange. This is, however, the case for the rest of the heist crew streamed peds, at least on my machine, my graphics settings, but I'll still try to figure out how to fix this. - Packie's default jacket is a bit squirrelly, and while the suit jacket is fine, there's clipping for the other members of the Heistcrew Gunmen. - Specular is almost perfect but he's ever so slightly too sweaty in some locations, ie the Tequi-la-la, Jimmy's room... You know, sweaty places. But still slightly too shiny. - Been noticing some weight painting issues on his neck. Will get to that soon. - Chef's hands are still misaligned, low priority tho THINGS TO DO: - Working relentlessly on an add-on ped with his original GTA IV ensemble as well as numerous other outfits, accessories, etc...
  25. Replaces fame or shame ad for artworks representing GTA III, VC and SA. All lods included Install: This mod is shipped as a custom dlc, but source files are included if another install method is preferred Extract the artwork folder to Grand Theft Auto V/update/x64/dlcpacks, then activate the dlc by adding this line <Item>dlcpacks:/artwork/</Item> on dlclist.xml, located inside update.rpf/common/data More details on readme Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/iii-vc-sa-artwork-for-figueroa-hotel#description_tab
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