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Found 205 results

  1. arewenotmen

    Enhanced Native Trainer

    This is my extended version of Alexander's Native Trainer, which I will slowly continue to develop until I get bored. It's open source, with a GitHub project. UPDATE #28 Changes: Reminder: you need the latest Script Hook, v1.0.393.4 Prop Spawner, with 3815 (mostly) named and categorised props to choose from, all of which should work. Many options and features here – have a play around Contributions that are wholly or mostly thanks to Robert Kwapisz:Bodyguards "Chauffeur to Marker" in Locations menu Vehicle neon lights Vehicle 'extra power' feature replaced by detailed option Contributions from sub205:Option to fully upgrade cars, and spawn vehicles fully upgraded Some more teleport locations Weapon menu's 'No Reload' feature is improved and now works better with rockets etc. Thanks to Shane Allgeier. Blackout option added to World menu Scenarios named and added to Animations menu Ability to set custom skins by manually entering the name Vehicles now spawn a distance from the player proportional to their size, thereby avoiding spawning large planes etc on top of the player Prevention against trainer working online; should hopefully still allow FiveM use Support for nkjellman's "Heist Map Updates in Single Player" mod. Turn on the teleportation options in Misc > Trainer Options. Thanks to sjaak for the coordinates. Improvements to 'reset skin on death' to remove version dependency and prevent game crashes. Scrollable menu items now work by pressing Confirm first and then selecting an option. "Never Wanted" is rolled into Freeze Wanted Level Marksman Pistol was missing tint options Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements PREVIOUS UPDATES: Pre-Built Release Download Compiled ASI and XML config, Release #28 on 03/08/15: here Read the bundled notes!
  2. "GTA Chars And Anim Helper" v0.9 Open Beta For those who not very interested in all of this but wonder what is that sh*t from the title picture above ^^^ - it's just one experimental mod. I don't know when it comes out, sorry. But now you can do the same things with "GTA Chars And Anim Helper"! Or any other dope stuff. Combine it with CarRec and you'll get something like Quantum Break plus Uncharted plus Resident Evil plus [insert your Favorite Game]. Now, if you're interested... This is the MaxScript for Autodesk 3ds Max. Description: "GTA Chars And Anim Helper" gives you the ability to skip some boring moments of skinning and animation of the characters for GTA: Vice City and San Andreas. SOME options potentially can be used for GTA 3/4/5 modding, or other games. Installation: Just place "GTACharsAndAnimHelperBeta.ms" into your "3dsmax/scripts" folder. How to use: Point to any button with the mouse cursor to see some extra info. That's all, dudes. Ok, here's the extended description for these buttons: "Char Helper": "Anim Helper": "Bone Hierarchy Conversion": "Info": And now - that's all, dudes. Oh, wait... DOWNLOAD I don't know, what's wrong with GTAGarage(can't submit any file), so it's temporary hosted on my site. In addition 1 - GTA 3 animations: In addition 2 - Cutscenes:
  3. Hi everyone, I've been working on a 3D map for PC version of GTAV. It's at: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/codewalker-gtav-interactive-3d-map It now allows entities to be placed and moved, also new and modified ymap files can be be saved. This feature is still in experimental stages, but I would love to hear any feedback on it! Enjoy! [Edit: Updated screenshots and description]
  4. linkinforever

    [ GTA V ] GIMS for 3dsmax 2017 - 2020

    Hi , I had lot of requests about GIMS for 3ds max 2016+ , Well here we go I fixed it. Tested on 3dsmax 2018 and 2020 and it works fine. Fixes : - "Shared Core" Error on startup - "Utilities Missed" Error on startup - "Can't find resources" Error on Importing - NinjaRipper and Max Payne 3 Fixed too. - .Net GUI Issues on start up - "Run-Time" error on Exporting - "Run-Time" error on material converting Shots : Startup Importing Material Editing Creating GTA Objects Exporting Download Link : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00086192853612613946 Or Click Here. Freezing Fixed Version : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=02588146067631439730 How to Install : 1. Copy _3dsmaxroot data to 3ds max root like 'C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018' 2. Copy _local to 'C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local' 3. After launching max for materials you can pick folder is in _local\GIMS\MaterialData I put last version of them there. WARNING : I did not change any code of main core and other parts , I only fixed error parts caused by new version of 3ds max... But GIMS randomly freeze on tab switching for 2- 5 minutes , it has no error and will be fine after a while. I tried to find why it goes frozen but original developer made a real mess with his coding [ sorry 3Doomer ] Whatever it is , I believe it's becuz of GUI changes made in 3dsmax 2018 and .Net UI when 3Doomer used Old methods to create GIMS UI. Btw , It works fine and I tested on other systems and just two of them had this issue and one of them was fine. UPDATE 2 : Freezing Issue fixed by tuxick . Attention : The version is uploaded is the last version uploaded in OpenIV and found on this froum , I WILL NOT UPDATE newer versions but I left the GIMS SOURCE OPEN so anybody can dig into it and find out what changes I've made and if you can fix freezing issue be my guest. Have Fun
  5. InfamousSabre


    Pickups takes a different approach to GTA V's weapon wheel and weapon pickups. Weapon Wheel - Before: You have 8 slots where each slot can hold multiple weapons, essentially enabling you to carry an entire armory in your pocket. After: You have any number of slots you want (Default 4), and each slot only holds 1 weapon at a time. Weapon Pickups - Before: All weapon pickups are automatically picked up and each pickup always has full ammo, even if the NPC who dropped it already used some. All weapon pickups have no attachments, even if the previous owner had them equipped. After: You have the choice of automatically picking up weapons or not. If the slot the weapon belongs to is already full, you will have the choice to swap weapons. If any weapon you are currently holding uses the same ammunition, you have the choice between automatically or manually taking ammo. Weapon pickups only contain whatever ammunition was left in them by their previous owner. Weapon pickups will be equipped with any attachments the previous owner was using. A popup will show over nearby weapon pickups to let you know of their ammo count and type. Visible Loadout - When enabled, Visible Loadout will display weapons you're carrying, but not currently using, on various attachment points on your player. There is one attachment point for each slot. If you require more than 4 slots, simply duplicate some of the existing slots in slots.xml. You may also edit their physical attachment points. As all weapons are not made equal, some weapons have their own attachment offsets in order to better fit on the player. These per-weapon offsets are now found in pickups.xml. Some ammunition amounts are adjusted to be more realistic. All weapons acquired by entering certain vehicles are disabled. This mod changes many game files. Due to this it is incompatible with a large amount of weapon/realism mods including RDE. If you want to use this mod with any incompatible mod, all you must do is merge the conflicting files. If you merge files to make Pickups compatible with other mods, please be generous enough to release them on GTA5-mods.com so others can benefit from your hard work. All the data in pickups.xml is editable, so you can change the display names of the weapons if you desire. Be aware that these name changes only affect the Pickups script. It won't affect the stock weapon wheel or Ammunation. Changelog: v1.0 -Original Release v2.0: -Added Visible Loadout option -Fixed issue that caused certain pickups to forget their attachments -Fixed loadout detection issues when changing characters -Fixed issues with Ammunation gun ranges. Download: v2.0
  6. Monkeypolice188

    Monky's Workshop

    MONKY'S WORKSHOP Hey guys, welcome to my workshop! I'm Monkeypolice188, better known as Monky, a lore-friendly modder of GTA V for just over a year now. My interests focus around emergency vehicles (particularly fire departments), classic utilitarian vehicles and trucks. I release all my mods on my GTA5-Mods.com account. Feel free to take a look! CURRENT PROJECTS LIBERTY CITY VEHICLES & PEDS PACK 1.2 VERSION 1.1 AVAILABLE My current focus is the third release of my most ambitious project; Liberty City Vehicles & Peds Pack. This pack aims to bring the services of LC back to GTA V, including LCPD, FDLC and Liberty City Cabs. You can see (and hear!) a small preview of some of the latest changes and improvements to the pack here. LATEST RELEASES VULCAR NEBULA AVAILABLE NOW NAGASAKI PIGEON PATROL AVAILABLE NOW BRAVADO BISON S AMBULANCE AVAILABLE NOW FAVORITE PROJECTS JOBUILT MAMMATUS SKIMMER AVAILABLE NOW JOBUILT HAULER 270 AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE REFUSER AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE MIXER CLASSIC AVAILABLE NOW BRAVADO MASTODON AVAILABLE NOW MTL CERBERUS 200 & 300 AVAILABLE NOW THANK YOU Thank you to all my supporters and lore buddies; without your ideas, resources and help, much of my work would simply not be possible!
  7. Hereby, I am releasing my first contribution to the Grand Theft Auto/RAGE modding ecosystem, based on the works of @Neodymium (known for, among other things, MetaTool) that have been left lying idle on his GitHub profile for over a year, a tool that does what the current modding hegemony does not even want you to believe is possible. Affix/ArchiveFix fixes your RPF archives. No more dealing with fake no-encryption using OpenIV.asi, no more anything, just clean RPF package files that can be loaded by any game copy. This is a research project Neodymium has worked on a while ago, and apparently actually works, if one finds the actual key data from the game executable code - a few minutes of generating (on a 4th generation Intel Core i5 processor) ~60MB of data, and one can repack headers of RPF archives to be like... nothing ever happened. It seems this same encryption scheme is used for a few other things too, I am currently investigating how to best leverage that. Also, in the near future, I will post an easy tutorial in the style of those recently posted by @The_GTA to help you liberate yourself from the anti-Western modding hegemony by using open source plugins to replicate the behavior of the mods/ folder that OpenIV offers, and maybe even allow re-encrypting sound files! Right now, the tool itself should guide itself, if you run it from a console or from the GUI, it'll tell you what to pass as parameters and how to set up the whole program, in a modern and wacky writing style poking fun at the entirety of the world. Basically, fetch keys from a running copy of GTA5 (or common modifications of GTA5), avoid the 'do not use really' command and just repack archives however you want by passing them as argument to 'fix' or dragging them to the executable! Download (temporary link, I do not know when these will expire...) Go get 'em! Some words of thanks... Thanks go out to the following people, who influenced my view on the community and led to the creation of this program and others to follow. If you are not on the list, do not feel left out - you're all great! - @GooD-NTS, for causing the modding ecosystem to be so darn ruined - Arxan Technologies, for creating TransformIT - @Neodymium, for breaking TransformIT - @_CP_, for the efforts in perfection in artistry - @The Hero, @The_GTA, @Silent et al., for showing that code perfection can be achieved in a modding community - , for no relevant reason at all, except his dedication to his own cause, even when there might not be any - @ThirteenAG, for showing not all Russians are mean. Please do not be offended by my jokes. - @Yoshifirebird, for telling me to get involved with this community, and having a rational view on everything - Microsoft and the Roslyn community, for creating the wondrous .NET ecosystem. I've not seen such joy in coding in a long time, the modern C# language is a masterpiece. - those left unnamed that are aware of me when reading this, and have helped shape my views and strive toward perfection - even those who can no longer mod alongside us for whatever reason. You're all great.
  8. BlackScout

    [REL|V] V PropRestore

    In October 12, 2018, someone by the nickname of "Ttokenblackguy" made a post on Reddit @ /r/GrandTheftAutoV, about a particular issue regarding prop spawns in GTA V. In his IMGUR/Reddit post he details that in Grand Theft Auto V, props that set to Low Priority in Map Definition files don't spawn. https://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV/comments/9nq5e5/project_san_andreas_enhanced/ This sparked in me a great curiosity to understand what could be possibly be happening so that these props did not spawn... (If you do not care about the explanation, feel free to skip to the comparisons and download part.) Thanks to the Python scripting language I was able to identify exactly which props were of Low Priority. (PRI_OPTIONAL_LOW) Thanks to that script it was also possible to process the YMAPs to change the priority of those props so they could spawn. Here is an example of a prop called prop_fountain1 that usually does not spawn at a fancy house in Rockford Hills: It's entry can be seen in bh1_30_strm_1.ymap However, even if you max all the Draw Distance and Density settings, it will not ever spawn. Along with many other props in the game... Thanks to CodeWalker by Dexyfex and my scripts, I was able to analyze and take dozens of screenshots all around Los Santos and Bone County. Amidst the journey, I discovered that certain props that are set to Low Priority do actually spawn. Which made me even more intrigued... One of them was prop_tree_stump_01: Which would spawn at bh1_45_critical_0.ymap. Here, have another comparison gif. Thinkering upon thinkering, I stumbled upon the Model Definition files (YTYPs)... I realized that there was a curious difference between those two props. v_trees.ytyp and v_garden.ytyp The fountain1 prop has a ParticleEffect extension and the stump_01 doesn't have any extensions at all. This also applied to other cases... Extensions, you may ask. What the hell are those? Model extensions define Particle, Audio and other sorts of effects that pertain to props/models that spawn in the game world. It was at this moment that I figured what was going on. Apparently, the RAGE engine has a feature (or a bug). That bug makes it so that props with extensions do not spawn IF they happen to be set to Low Priority in a Map Definition file. With this in mind, I wrote an extra Python script to pull from props YTYPs all models with extensions and make a list. This list made me pinpoint the exact props that wouldn't spawn. This pretty much confirmed what I had in mind... Props set to Low Priority that have extensions are in a certain way ignored by the game code. It could very well have been a feature to save resources on Last-Gen (Xbox 360 and PS3). However, it's more of a bug for Next-Gen (PC and Consoles) since these platforms have plenty of power and headroom for such tiny props. I must also mention that with those props restored, many scenarios were brought to life. Since some of them were dependent on the spawning of those props. I figured the best solution or workaround to this problem was to set all those props in the Map Definition (YMAPs) files from Low Priority to Required Priority. This would guarantee that all of those props would spawn even if the graphical settings were low. I also thought that because most of those props are pretty much details. The performance impact would be minimal. With a tremendous increase in quality and liveliness on the game. To better illustrate what's going on, I made a video with dozens of screenshot comparisons all over LS and Blaine County. (Rockstar Style :D) sigh IPB, I wanted this video to be centered... For now, I will be hosting the mod myself on Google Drive, but as soon as possible I will submit it to GTA5-Mods and the Drive link will become a mere mirror. Download Here - Google Drive - UPDATED v1.1 GTA5-Mods Installation Instructions can be found inside the ZIP. This is the part where I need to thank all of those that contributed in any way to this discovery. Ttokenblackguy - For discovering the priority bug GooD-NTS - For OpenIV and OpenFormats which helped me create this mod Dexyfex - For creating CodeWalker, an absolutely amazing tool that sped up the process of making this video. Spider-Vice - For helping me out with tips, discussing the problem, digging files and sharing screenshots with me. There may be issues. I don't think I have encountered any weird props showing up in weird locations. However, I'd be please to know if there is anything that can be changed. I am aware that Ttokenblackguy is doing pretty much a similar mod than me, however, his mod adds extra props that were not originally placed by Rockstar's Environmental Artists. The props on my end are restored, they are not additions (well, one could say they are). I only processed the original files with a Python script. The folder structure inside the RPF is simple as to make modifications easier for me. Loading MP Maps gets rid of the props. I don't think I will support this. I've spent hours trying to get it to work and got streaming issues all around the map. Blame Rockstar for not making a decent patch system and duped files everywhere. CHANGELOG: v1.1 - Fixed an issue in which loading MP Maps would cause half of the world not to render.
  9. This is my attempt at making the game's vehicle handling as realistic as possible while still fit-in with the open-world game environment of GTA5. All road vehicles are modified to have realistic physics. I've beat the game at 100% with this mod installed so it does not break missions. This mod has been 2 years in the making. Main features: -Realistic COG. -Stop-watch timed 0-60mph. -Realistic top speed. -Realistic brake distance. -Realistic suspension upper and lower limit, spring rate and damping. -Realistic tire grip, for both acceleration / breaking and cornering. -Increased crash deformation. -Terrain's effect on grip is much more reasonable. Supercars can no longer climb hills like cable-cars. -Got rid of the stupid fLowSpeedTractionLossMult value, cars won't do burn-outs by just slightly touch the pedal. Burn-outs now happen when should. -Tires now act as a part of the suspension system(as they should!) and will absorb some bumps. Choosing wheels with low profile tire(sports, hi-end) or high profile tire(muscle, lowrider, turner, offroad) at Los Santos Customs will have different effect on ride quality. -Anti-lock brakes are now only available on cars with appropriate model year. Slam on the brakes when driving vintage and classic vehicles can cause the wheels to lock-up. How to install handling.meta - update.rpf\common\data Update History: v1.01 - Added support for Tulip and Vamos. Copyleft. You are free to use values from this mod to make your own handling. Download:https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/natual-vehicle-dynamics-realistic-handling-mod
  10. Replaces fame or shame ad for artworks representing GTA III, VC and SA. All lods included Install: This mod is shipped as a custom dlc, but source files are included if another install method is preferred Extract the artwork folder to Grand Theft Auto V/update/x64/dlcpacks, then activate the dlc by adding this line <Item>dlcpacks:/artwork/</Item> on dlclist.xml, located inside update.rpf/common/data More details on readme Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/iii-vc-sa-artwork-for-figueroa-hotel#description_tab
  11. Dani02

    Dani02's Workshop

    Hello! I'm Dani02. I modified and convert vanilla vehicles to GTA V . My mods: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/Dani02 Sorry for my bad english!
  12. _CP_

    IVPack for Grand Theft AutoV

    IVPack is a modification for GTAV, bringing to you a new fleet of vehicles from dark Liberty City to always-sunny Los Santos and surrounding area. The main goal is to convert all missing cars, bikes, boats etc. including Episodes from Liberty City. All of them are using current-gen interiors with working gauges, displaying current playing radiostation, mirrors in high quality and more. Car colors are based on IV values, vehicle names are in all languages. Thanks to RM76 & TheAdmiester, vehicles are spawning in traffic and some of them have tuning parts in Los Santos Customs. Creators: _CP_, Thundersmacker, RM76, TheAdmiester, Killatomate, Da7K, GTA5Korn, Yard1, Lundy, CDemapp, PhilBellic, I'm Not MentaL, sparky66, Insincere. 1.0.170: - Compatibility with The Doomsday Heist update (1.0.1290.1). - Restored all deleted modkits due to extended modkits ID limit to 1024. Available vehicles from GTA IV: - Albany Buccaneer - Albany Cavalcade FXT - Albany Esperanto - Albany Esperanto (Roman's Cab) - Albany Presidente - Albany Presidente Police (aka Police Stinger) - Annis Pinnacle - Benefactor Feltzer - Benefactor Schafter - Benefactor Stretch E - Blade - Bravado Feroci - Bravado Feroci (FlyUS livery) - Brute Boxville (IV variant) - Brute Bus - Brute Mr. Tasty - Brute Stockade LSPD - Brute Stockade NOOSE - Declasse Merit - Declasse Merit LSPD - Declasse Merit Taxi - Declasse Rancher - Declasse Sabre - Declasse Sabre (beater version) - Declasse Vigero (beater version) - Dewbauchee Super GT - Dinka Chavos - Dinka Double-T Custom - Dinka Hakumai - Dinka Perennial - Dinka Perennial (FlyUS livery) - Dundreary Admiral - Dundreary Regina (TLAD variant) - Dundreary Stretch - Emperor Lokus - Enus Super Drop Diamond - Floater - Grotti Turismo - HVY APC - HVY Brickade - Imponte DF8-90 - Ineverto Coquette - Liberty Chop Shop Lycan - Liberty Chop Shop Lycan Custom - Liberty Chop Shop Nightblade - Liberty City Cycles Zombie - Maibatsu Vincent - MTL Flatbed - MTL Packer - Pfister Comet - Principe Faggio - Reefer - Schyster Minivan Cabby - Schyster PMP600 - sh*tzu Hakuchou Custom - sh*tzu NRG900 - Smuggler - Tour Maverick - Übermacht Rebla - Übermacht Sentinel - Vapid Bobcat - Vapid Contender - Vapid Fortune - Vapid Huntley - Vapid Stanier Police - Vapid Stanier Taxi - Vapid Steed - Vapid Uranus - Vapid Yankee - Vapid Yankee (TLAD variant) - Western Motorcycle Company Angel - Western Motorcycle Company Diabolus - Western Motorcycle Company Freeway - Western Motorcycle Company Hellfury - Western Motorcycle Company Revenant - Western Motorcycle Company Wayfarer - Western Motorcycle Company Wolfsbane - Willard Marbelle - Willard Solair - Willard Willard Lore-Friendly vehicles: - Albany Presidente (TBOGT variation) - Benefator Schafter GTR - Buckingham Ghawar - Canis Bodhi (clean, civil variant) - Declasse Premier (Max Payne 3 variant) - Declasse Voodoo (clean variant) - Dewbauchee JB700 (unarmed) - Dinka Chavos (Max Payne 3 variant) - Dundreary Regina Sedan - Grotti Cheetah (classic variant) - Imponte Phoenix (short variant) - Karin Futo Hatchback - Karin Sultan (unmodded two doors variant) - Modena Typhoon (custom made vehicle) - sh*tzu Violator (Max Payne 3 boat) - Vapid Interceptor (civil police variant) - Vapid Stanier - Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign - Zirconium Stratum Sedan ===============INSTALLATION================ For OpenIV modPackage: 1. Install ASILoader with Scripthook - http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ 2. Install OpenIV - http://openiv.com/WebIV/guest.php?get=1 3. In OpenIV go to Tools -> ASI Manager and install ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi 4. In OpenIV, click Tools -> Package Installer and choose ivpack_1_0_155.oiv. 5. Choose Install to mods folder. Installation video 1.0.170 All rights for GTA IV & Max Payne 3 vehicles to Rockstar Games. Mod distributed for free.

    GTA V: Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC

    GTA V: Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC Since the lack of Single Player DLC made by Rockstar Games themselves, and the limited DLC map mods available from 3D era GTA games, I decided to make this a thing. First version released on 10 February 2019 https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/las-venturas-san-fierro-dlc Dear fellow gamers and/or modders I am proud to present you my latest project, started around 4 january 2019. This map DLC places the 3D-era cities of Las Venturas and San Fierro, alongside to the original map of GTA 5. So far I only saw converted GTA San Andreas map mods replacing the GTA 5 map (FiveM, FiveReborn, MultiFive), except from a San Fierro DLC map mod by ArthurLopes, which is great, you can check it out here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/san-fierro-dlc. As stated, ArthurLopes' version of San Fierro is awesome to me. It was the first GTA: San Andreas DLC map mod for GTA V if I am correct. Though, I thought I really missed the countrysides and of course Las Venturas. So, with all respect to ArthurLopes his mod, I did decide to make my own GTA San Andreas map mod as a DLC for GTA 5. Everything is converted from GTA IV: San Andreas BETA 3. Visit their website: http://www.gtaivsa.com/ I want to thank the GTAIVSA team for the converion from GTA San Andreas To GTA IV, and I hope they don't see my GTA V version as a problem. Those are the main members of the GTAIVSA team which I want to thank: Blaster_nl GTARandom Flitskikker Alber2gt Gamerzworld Tomix23 Everlost123 ManDog The largest problems on this mod are for now: - Some houses/buildings/props are still missing, which creates holes in the map - Sometimes, streetlights start flashing on and off - There is on some places collision, without a visible object. I think this will be fixed once all props are in place - The bridges between San Fierro and Las Venturas have a kind of 'gap', due to a small incorrection in the coordinates. The San Fierro part and the Las Venturas part are not perfectly connected yet. - Some objects have strange lines on them, I am looking for a fix, probably i need to apply an 'edit normals' modifier in 3dsMax but I am not sure yet. Other than that there are no shading problems it seems, and shadows work correctly. For people asking about traffic paths, please know this is a huge map to do all traffic paths for, on my own. It would take me months of work. I will probably release some basic paths in future updates but any help on it is welcome. You don't even have to work together with me, everyone is free to make some paths. Interiors are coming in a future update, including casino interiors. And again, don't forget to check out ArthurLopes' San Fierro DLC mod. My only purpose with this mod is to bring back the 2 other cities of San Andreas, next to Los Santos, as an expansion. Of course, in no way I want to copy ArthurLopes his mods, neither did I touch any of his files. I thought, better be clear with this Anyway, stay tuned for future updates! Thank you for all the support and keep the modding community alive! GTA Belgium https://www.gta-belgium.com/
  14. REQUIRED MODS: Story: Leave your feedback in the comments and tell me what do you think of my missions! Download Hope you enjoy.
  15. Today May 2, 2015 I will be releasing my Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor for PC. This editor is for: Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (Deccrypted Saves Only), and Xbox One (READ/CONVERT ONLY) ! Help & Full Changelog: Here ...Credits... By: XB36Hazard STFS Class: Supermodder IO Class (Reader & Writer): XB36Hazard GTA V Save Encryption: XB36Hazard GTA V Save Hash: XB36Hazard GTA V Save Class: XB36Hazard Editor Coding: XB36Hazard Editor Design: XB36Hazard ...Special Thanks... Ray Logan Things you can do... See Full Changelog ..Edit.. All Stats Characters Health : Even God Mode (Over 40 minutes of standing in front of a gun and never die!) Characters Armor Characters Special Ability Characters Cash Characters Vehicles Characters Weapons (Ammo, Attachments, Tints) Extract and Replace Data Blocks for advanced users Edit Wanted Level Missions Editor Unlocks (See Picture Below) Download: Here Virus Scan: Here Pictures: Video:
  16. Not Enough Palm is a map which change the whole visual of Los Santos by adding more than 1500 palms and trees around the city, in a well arranged way. Did you never feel like GTA V's streets are a bit empty? In my opinon so much vegetation are missing to give more life in this game. Installation and requirements here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/not-enough-palm-vegetation-increase-project (please read the whole instruction and follow all steps correctly before installing, otherwise your game may lag much, depend of your config) This archive contains 6 differents version of the map, so if you don't have a really good config, you can play my map by area. I splitted in 6 differents files for thoses who would be forced to play with ~max 500 or 1000 props
  17. I have added 10 new missions for Non-Playable Character (NPC) James "Jimmy" De Santa. If we're talking about nerdy chicks and anime, count him in. If we're talking about rolling blunts and hanging with disloyal douche bags, count him in. If we're talking about skipping class to kill some disrespectful students, count Jimmy in. Just his first day in college already takes us on an amazing adventure. This unique series explores deeper into the De Santa family and friends. Keep in mind, it's not all fun and games. You may lose just as many friends as you make. And while your juggling that, make sure that homework is done and on the professor's desk in time. *This series includes about 3-4 hours of gameplay. This is my favorite mission series by far. The ending is great. If anyone has suggestions or ideas on where I should take his next series, please comment below. I may upload a short series to Patreon taking place after the ending. Comment what other characters you want to see in my next series. Any collab ideas would be great too. Thinking about doing a series with 2 characters at once. YouTube video walkthroughs coming soon to help with missions. REQUIRED Mission Maker https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/mission-maker Open Interiors https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors (Most of my missions use open interiors..you will need it to complete missions successfully) RECOMMENDED https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav (You may need to give yourself weapons for some missions) Download Links: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/jimmy-goes-to-college-mission-maker Install: Drag and drop, copy, or extract folders in archive to: /Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/MissionMaker/missions Enjoy!
  18. Alexander Blade

    Classic Handling

    GTA V CLASSIC HANDLING Description Classic Handling makes car controls and physics the way it was in GTA IV. Features - based on the original GTA IV handling - affects only cars - includes dlc cars - features normal deformation Download here Video
  19. GTA 5 Cutscenes Menu Created by TragicMods & TotalCurryMan. F8 = Open Menu 5 = Select Option 2 = Scroll Down 8 = Scroll Up Credits: Alexander Blade Mafins TotalCurryMan TragicMods Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/10tqandzmm1zchh/Cutscenes.rar
  20. This mod adds a little bit realism in GTA 5. When you push your car too hard and too fast the car engine gets overheated. When it's happened your engine starts smoking and will disabled. You should wait a some time until the engine has cooled. Requirements Microsoft .NET Framework ≥ 4.5.2; Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (x64); Script Hook V; Community Script Hook V .NET ≥ v 2.5.1. How to install Place the .dll and .ini files into your "scripts" folder, located in the main GTA V directory. If it doesn't exist, create it. How to change an overheat modifier for car Open EngineOverheatVehicle.ini file, find desired car and change modifiers. How to add a new overheat modifier for car Open EngineOverheatVehicle.ini file and add a new section with modifiers. For example, to change default modifiers for Kuruma add the following text in the bottom of the EngineOverheatVehicle.ini file: [Kuruma]IncTempModifier=0,09DecTempModifier=0,30 The list of vehicle hash can be found here. Default overheat modifiers IncTempModifier=0,07DecTempModifier=0,35 Download: gta5-mods. Source code (GitHub) Short demonstration: Changelog v1.1.1 Added support for "LeFix Speedometer" (the engine icon (on fuel UI) is light up when engine starts to suffer). v1.1.0 Added "Call Mechanic" feature (Press L); Added basic air cooling. v1.0.3 Fixed a bug related to disable gauges feature. v1.0.2 Fixed bug with Franklin's Buffalo. v1.0.1 New overheat formula; Different modifiers for different cars; Display engine health gauge on screen.
  21. Community Script Hook V .NET You may remember the .NET ScriptHook back from GTAIV, it allowed using the easy to learn, but extremly powerful .NET languages to write scripts that can be executed ingame. About This ASI plugin for the just released Script Hook V attempts to recreate this experience for GTAV. It's full source code is hosted on Github, development is community-driven and open to everybody, so contributions are warmly welcomed. Right now it's able to load, compile and run .NET scripts and reload them while the game is running (press the "Insert" key). It also comes with a vast scripting API abstracting away the native function calls (you can still do those manually through "GTA.Native.Function.Call" though). Scripts are executed in a separate AppDomain, any exceptions thrown thus shouldn't affect the game or ScriptHook. Thanks a lot to Alexander Blade for Script Hook V and HazardX for the inspiration with his GTAIV .NET ScriptHook. Download Latest Binary Release Installation Install both the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 and the Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64) (or loading will fail). Download and install the latest Script Hook V (including the ASI loader). Download Community Script Hook V .NET and copy the ASI file into your game folder. Create (or download) a C#/VisualBasic code file (.cs, .vb) or compiled .NET assembly (.dll) inside the "scripts" folder in your game directory and start scripting! Contributing Important files: source/core/Main.cpp: The main script entry point source/core/ScriptDomain.cpp: .NET script manager. Loads, compiles and executes the scripts. source/core/Script.hpp: Class from which all scripts have to inherit, handles the script main loop. source/core/Native.cpp: Managed to native function call conversion. source/core/NativeHashes.hpp: Native function hash enumeration. The remaining files in source/scripting implement the scripting API. Any help on improving that API is much appreciated. Documentation Either use notepad to edit source code scripts directly or use Visual Studio to compile them to assemblies. Going down the Visual Studio way has the advantage of syntax highlighting, code completion and Intellisense (since there is no API documentation yet). Just create a C# or VisualBasic class library project, add a reference to Script Hook V .NET (rename the ASI to DLL) in the project properties and you are ready to go. If something doesn't work, check the log file. It catches exceptions and gives you all the information to get to the bottom of the problem. Visit the wiki for more help on how to get started and write scripts.
  22. I wrote a tool that can convert IDE from old era GTA Games (SA, VC and 3) to V .ytyp files. It supports: - OBJ (static objects). - TOBS (timed objects). Usage: - IDE files in ide folder. - YDR files in ydr folder. - The resulting .ytyp files are located in output folder. Known bugs: - Some characters breaks the parser during the process. - Invalid paths will cause a crash. - Default ydr outputs zeros instead of his own bounding values. Changelog 0.2: - If there's a ydr file that doesn't exists, the program will set default values to bounding values instead of crashing. - It shows the quantity of missing models per each IDE files. - You can see the entities that are being converted by type and per IDE files. - It shows the seconds elapsed per IDE convertion. (pretty useless) Changelog 0.3: - Instead of a xml, the program now exports a .ytyp directly Changelog 0.4: - UI added. - Nearly any kind of name can be parsed. - Now the programs shows the quanity of IDE files found - Instead of default values, it takes it from a default ydr files (it should be faster) - It doesn't shows the entities that are being converted nor seconds elapsed anymore. Changelog 0.4.1: - Added essentials buttons. - Help button with basic instructions. The number of characters of LOD Distance and HD Textures Distance has been limited to avoid crashes. - Fixed a crash caused when the output folder is empty and the program tries to save ytyp files in C:\ - Tiny enhancements in UI. Download 0.4.1
  23. Today we are proud to release openCamera ASI Plugin for Grand Theft Auto V. Like the one for GTA IV this small plugin is doing one little thing removes "Free Camera" boundaries in Rockstar Editor. With openCamera installed, you will be able to move the camera far away from the player position and make a video you want without limitation. Addition notes you need to know: openCamera requires ASI Loader. You can install it through "ASI Manager" in OpenIV or download here. openCamera does not increase recorded area in game, so, at really far distances from the player you may not see any action or it will be random action every time. openCamera must be installed during both editing and rendering otherwise camera position will be reset. If your game crashes while rendering process, make sure, you have a lot of free space on your hard drive and free memory. You can see an example of using openCamera in the video below: Download now
  24. Hello EveryBody ... Happy Equinox Day The OmegaCam mod has been updated, by the end of the current season. Now S0 is Completed, as like the Old One (S1) so them are equal and there is no more mysteries to solve until a new season is released, we will do this in a year from now. At first there was only the OmegaCam, its easter eggs, and powers But for the second season, this mysteries where linked to our Mta San Andreas servers, requiring you to progress in both games to earn all the rewards out there. It was a big puzzle, requiring a full community effort to discover all the avaible powers, and functions so many of them were so popular that many people was complaining about too much noobs taking advantage of them ... Others were so difficult just to find out about their existence, or to understand them that today still no body know how to unlock them ... some of them were just the tools needed to fight the plague of the gods that they complain about This was a big game, that never was mean to be Popular, is about creating value a recognition for the players able to solve it. But in multiplayer, the powers that we were Spreading ... are too much dangerous Just to let any Player to Know Yes, we put them in the game but ... at last, we were wishing that nobody except ourselves will take advantage of them and ... what is worst ... spread it without control But the thing was that, if the admin was dealing with it the price will be the same for every player, so we can't just select the players by finger, there must be a trial, and the rules were the same for everybody. Since then we were able just to control the information that we have, and as much give some clues. We lost the control of some of these powers before ... and the community has learned a lot ... about the Power of Information and the laws of supply and demand This has last for 2 Years, and we are proud there are still half of the powers being yet undiscovered, so there is still mystery left for a new season But, as I said, the Competiveness is so important to us because it was proven along this last year that those powers were weaking the gamers community and hindering the ascent of new players. So we think they deserve a rest, from are those ambitions and we used to reset all the counters every season, because our argument is very Time Dependant you have to be there, in the appropiate moment, with the apropiate people to presume of beign part of something like this Is so easy in this game beign lost or stay behind, if you don't colaborate with the players that make some progress, is improbable that ... they will help you, and those opportunities never return As the old games, where we used to start again and again, until we perfected the first levels, this is not meant to be solved by simply keep trying ... you have to do a good Race from the begining But, as I said, is not a single player game but a Cooperative one, and you as new or old player, doesn't have to carry with the community errors os misconceptions Every year they have a new opportunity as community, to explore, and conquer and deal with those powers, and making such contracts so everytime is different ... because of the Active Players But this year, we are not starting a new season everything goes back to ther original position from now to March 2020, the server will return to its original FreeRoam config So the community restores from those wars, and new players gain their own expectations, so ... next time, it will be still new to them Surely you are reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about, so you are also one of the new generations that will find out those Mysteries and will retain the feeling of knowing something that still nobody knows about I'm pretty sure the mystery will keep occult because of those players just playing the game as it should be Is just a Mystic Market Now Buried, that will someday Resurrect So as like the San Andreas servers are being reset to their Original state and FreeRoam GameMode: the OmegaCam is also being cleaned of Easter Eggs and Now the FreeCam is Just Free ... Cam All you have to do is download the S1 Mod and you will enjoy all its functions Flying around San Andreas and watching people ... of course We have a year to plan and program the new seasons that this time will be expanded to a new world called RageMP, where we have now our own FreeRoam servers, awaiting to be synchronized with the future seasons of Omega and MTA IT was a Big Experience ... and i have to say that the best of all, was not the game at all but the relations we had formed ... along these months Since the First Clans of the Gods to our Discord Parties, I am very proud of how this Unified those Players Thanks To: Margarino Melli Black Sanic Single yesale ... and Greetings to Everyone else These are the Links from where you can Download the Current OmegaCam (S1 is FreeCam, and S0 is the Finished OmegaCam) http://js.metaly.net/gta/OmegaCam05.S1.zip http://js.metaly.net/gta/OmegaCam05.S0.zip Without knowledge of the story, all you can do in S0 is Find the Eggs, but you can learn about them before a new season ... require of you Having them There will be Twice as many Easter Eggs and we are designing new powers for the Gta V Servers ... and the Three Games will be Necessary to unlock Fully any of them -------- The Gods are Watching Demons are Coming Enjoy FreeDom While you can -------- Conquer, Enslave Rave ... Repeat \oXoXo/
  25. HD Putin skin, originaly by quasarus,but with my retexture. released at my patreon bcause no political mods on gtamods patreon.com/gtpunk
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