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Found 208 results

  1. linkinforever

    [ GTA V ] GIMS for 3dsmax 2017 - 2020

    Hi , I had lot of requests about GIMS for 3ds max 2016+ , Well here we go I fixed it. Tested on 3dsmax 2018 and 2020 and it works fine. Fixes : - "Shared Core" Error on startup - "Utilities Missed" Error on startup - "Can't find resources" Error on Importing - NinjaRipper and Max Payne 3 Fixed too. - .Net GUI Issues on start up - "Run-Time" error on Exporting - "Run-Time" error on material converting Shots : Startup Importing Material Editing Creating GTA Objects Exporting Download Link : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00086192853612613946 Or Click Here. Freezing Fixed Version : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=02588146067631439730 How to Install : 1. Copy _3dsmaxroot data to 3ds max root like 'C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018' 2. Copy _local to 'C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local' 3. After launching max for materials you can pick folder is in _local\GIMS\MaterialData I put last version of them there. WARNING : I did not change any code of main core and other parts , I only fixed error parts caused by new version of 3ds max... But GIMS randomly freeze on tab switching for 2- 5 minutes , it has no error and will be fine after a while. I tried to find why it goes frozen but original developer made a real mess with his coding [ sorry 3Doomer ] Whatever it is , I believe it's becuz of GUI changes made in 3dsmax 2018 and .Net UI when 3Doomer used Old methods to create GIMS UI. Btw , It works fine and I tested on other systems and just two of them had this issue and one of them was fine. UPDATE 2 : Freezing Issue fixed by tuxick . Attention : The version is uploaded is the last version uploaded in OpenIV and found on this froum , I WILL NOT UPDATE newer versions but I left the GIMS SOURCE OPEN so anybody can dig into it and find out what changes I've made and if you can fix freezing issue be my guest. Have Fun
  2. This is my attempt at making the game's vehicle handling as realistic as possible while still fit-in with the open-world game environment of GTA5. All road vehicles are modified to have realistic physics. I've beat the game at 100% with this mod installed so it does not break missions. This mod has been 2 years in the making. Main features: -Realistic COG. -Stop-watch timed 0-60mph. -Realistic top speed. -Realistic brake distance. -Realistic suspension upper and lower limit, spring rate and damping. -Realistic tire grip, for both acceleration / breaking and cornering. -Increased crash deformation. -Terrain's effect on grip is much more reasonable. Supercars can no longer climb hills like cable-cars. -Got rid of the stupid fLowSpeedTractionLossMult value, cars won't do burn-outs by just slightly touch the pedal. Burn-outs now happen when should. -Tires now act as a part of the suspension system(as they should!) and will absorb some bumps. Choosing wheels with low profile tire(sports, hi-end) or high profile tire(muscle, lowrider, turner, offroad) at Los Santos Customs will have different effect on ride quality. -Anti-lock brakes are now only available on cars with appropriate model year. Slam on the brakes when driving vintage and classic vehicles can cause the wheels to lock-up. How to install handling.meta - update.rpf\common\data Update History: v1.01 - Added support for Tulip and Vamos. Copyleft. You are free to use values from this mod to make your own handling. Download:https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/natual-vehicle-dynamics-realistic-handling-mod
  3. Clown Outfits from beta "The Sharmoota Job" Heist for Michael and Trevor. Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/clown-outfit-for-trevor-sliderv2 Instalation: In the archive... Video: Trevor has yellow-orange outfit, because yellow-orange is his theme color and Michael has blue, because it's his theme color aswell. So if Franklin appeared in this mission, he should have green outfit. Screenshots: Open IV: http://openiv.com/
  4. lunchxbles

    Vice Cry: Remastered

    Vice Cry: Remastered is a full port of Vice Cry to Grand Theft Auto V, Running as a DLC, with many new details added for a true VC experience. Features: Full port of Vice Cry 1.8 for V MLO interiors Bump mapped roads and various buildings Spec mapped windows for proper reflections Brand new models and textures created for this project 3D Neon Models Material Accuracy Full Path and Navmesh Support Working Traffic Lights Instanced Grass SLOD's with proper Water Reflection Custom Scenarios Car Generators Custom Population Groups and Zones and much more.. More Screenshots Available at https://imgur.com/a/s0BNa7R https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/vicecity-in-v Below is the link to the discord for this mod.. Feel free to post any bug reports or requests there! https://discord.gg/994t6SR
  5. arewenotmen

    Enhanced Native Trainer

    This is my extended version of Alexander's Native Trainer, which I will slowly continue to develop until I get bored. It's open source, with a GitHub project. UPDATE #28 Changes: Reminder: you need the latest Script Hook, v1.0.393.4 Prop Spawner, with 3815 (mostly) named and categorised props to choose from, all of which should work. Many options and features here – have a play around Contributions that are wholly or mostly thanks to Robert Kwapisz:Bodyguards "Chauffeur to Marker" in Locations menu Vehicle neon lights Vehicle 'extra power' feature replaced by detailed option Contributions from sub205:Option to fully upgrade cars, and spawn vehicles fully upgraded Some more teleport locations Weapon menu's 'No Reload' feature is improved and now works better with rockets etc. Thanks to Shane Allgeier. Blackout option added to World menu Scenarios named and added to Animations menu Ability to set custom skins by manually entering the name Vehicles now spawn a distance from the player proportional to their size, thereby avoiding spawning large planes etc on top of the player Prevention against trainer working online; should hopefully still allow FiveM use Support for nkjellman's "Heist Map Updates in Single Player" mod. Turn on the teleportation options in Misc > Trainer Options. Thanks to sjaak for the coordinates. Improvements to 'reset skin on death' to remove version dependency and prevent game crashes. Scrollable menu items now work by pressing Confirm first and then selecting an option. "Never Wanted" is rolled into Freeze Wanted Level Marksman Pistol was missing tint options Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements PREVIOUS UPDATES: Pre-Built Release Download Compiled ASI and XML config, Release #28 on 03/08/15: here Read the bundled notes!
  6. [V|REL] Family Friendly Free Roaming This page contains the full and updated version of the description for the mod. This will be true until the description system is fully working again on gta5-mods. Download the mod for free at: gta5-mods.com/scripts/family-friendly-free-roaming Support and feedback: https://discord.gg/g532sDT Latest update 2.6.2 This small update addresses some recent issues I've been giving information about. New feature which goes under random_disturbing_events=0 makes TV and movie screens black. I will continue working on the mod. Short description This project aims for making roaming/exploring in GTA V a smoother experience, with less interrupting elements and no violence. Focus is on making the game have as little violence and disturbing content as possible but this can be customized in the configuration file if you like to do violent missions for example. The mod is activated by default but if you enable a deactivation key in the configuration file the mod can be toggled between activated and inactivated while playing. I highly recommend using a 100% completed game save in order to remove violence and have everything unlocked. More info under installation. Roam freely and explore the huge map with vehicles like cars, motorcycles, planes, helicopters, bicycles and submarines. Do activities like golf, darts, arm wrestling, bowling, tennis, yoga, skydiving, scuba diving, triathlon, taxi missions, try to obey the traffic rules, ride the fairground rides, buy more clothes, get a haircut, do races on land and water. With mods you get even more activities. Make sure to install the mod correctly (more under installation). The configuration file and a good game save are important. If you have completed the game 100%, basically just put FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming 2.x.asi and FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming.ini into the folder where GTA5.exe is located. Otherwise read all of the instructions under the installation section below. Also check out "How to make changes in the configuration file". If you want even less violence, scroll down to "How to make the game even less violent". If you have ideas for new features and improvements I appreciate if you share them in the comments. Video Showcase Articles -- pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/03/the-7-most-creative-low-violence-mods-in-videogame.html -- goplay.com/article/gta-5-has-become-kid-friendly-now-the-awesome-family-friendly-free-roaming-mod-is-here-for-you-1000.html -- gta5cheats.com/mod-makes-gta-v-family-friendly -- nowgamer.com/another-new-gta-5-mod-but-this-one-makes-it-kid-friendly/ Terminology -- The "player" always refers to your character. -- In this description and in the configuration file the word "ped" (short for pedestrian) is used frequently. The game uses this word and includes all humans/people but also animals in the ped category. The player got an own category, player, although the player can also be included in ped category. An example of this is [Both_Options] in the configuration file. Otherwise when stated "ped" or in plural "peds" it doesn't include the player, but all other humans/people (and animals where it makes sense). -- Ragdoll refers to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ragdoll_physics ragdoll physics: wikipedia.org/wiki/Ragdoll_physics -- The configuration file which comes with the mod with the name FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming.ini is sometimes referred to as "the .ini file" or "the config file". Default keys All keys can be changed. The actions below can also be disabled by not assigning keys to them. -- N - if you're a driver of a vehicle, you will teleport yourself to the closest vehicle and become the driver The old driver, if any exist will teleport to your old vehicle, if any exists. Otherwise a new vehicle will be spawned with the old driver put inside it. If you are a passenger in a vehicle and press N, you will become the driver. -- B - if you're not inside a vehicle you will walk up to the vehicle closest to you, open a door to a free seat and join as a passenger, but only if it has got a driver. If you're already inside a vehicle you will switch to a new seat each time you press, switching between all seats in the vehicle. If a seat is already taken, you will switch places with the passenger sitting on the seat you're switching to. -- E (using the horn) - peds (pedestrians) around you, who wants to join you in your vehicle will come running. When you're completely still with your vehicle and using the horn (E), all peds inside your vehicle will leave. -- Numpad + for increase in vehicle engine power. Numpad - for decrease. -- End - teleports your vehicle to the closest path/road. If you're already on a path/road you will be teleported to an asphalt road. If you're already on asphalt you will be teleported to an asphalt road close by. Huge planes teleports to the desert airport. If no player vehicle exists at all, you, the player, will be teleported instead in the same way that a your vehicle would have been teleported. -- Delete - deactivate/activate the mod (only works if you got the .ini installed). This feature needs to be enabled in the configuration file. Main features. These are activated/on by default if not stated otherwise in the description. You can turn the features on/off in the configuration file -- Everyone is friendly towards each other and there are no weapons. -- Nobody can get hurt or ragdoll and vehicles can't explode. Since there is no violence, there is no blood either. You and peds always land safely when falling and a parachute is automatically used if needed. -- Speech including bad language and sounds of pain are muted. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/muted-speech-and-pain Only interested in this feature? Check this mod out: gta5-mods.com/scripts/muted-speech-and-pain -- You can remove/skip radio stations you don't like. By default a selected few that are less disturbing are set to on by default. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/auto-skip-radio-stations Only interested in this part of FFFR? Check this mod out: gta5-mods.com/scripts/auto-skip-radio-stations -- Violent and sexually disturbing peds are removed like hookers, strippers, cultists, but also Wade, Lamar and Denise. (Lamar to prevent the story mode mission to be started when using the 10% completed game save). If the removed ped was driving a vehicle alone, that vehicle is removed. -- There are no cops although it can be fun to activate them but keep them as friendly, resulting in some funny combinations. -- Peds and the player wont be able to taunt/ show the middle finger. The player can't kick or beat in any way or shoot with any weapon, not even vehicle weapons like in a tank and fighter aircraft. Peds never do any hostile actions. Nobody is scared of the player and they wont flee. -- Join a drivers vehicle as a passenger with the default key B. While inside a vehicle and pressing B, you switch seat. If there already is a passenger on the new seat, you switch places. Press N as passenger to switch place with the driver. -- Switch vehicles instantly with default key N to the closest one to your position. Works with cars, motorbikes, quadbikes, bicyles, helicopters, planes and boats. If there's no vehicle close by (distances can be changed in the .ini file), you will be set inside a new random spawned motorbike or car. If close to a sea or lake, the player gets a boat and is teleported to the water. If driven up on the shores with a boat, a car or motorbike is spawned and the player is moved inside it. A random spawned vehicle can also be changed in the .ini file to always be used. -- Buss peds. Use the horn to signal to peds to join you in your vehicle. When completely still and using the horn, all peds inside will leave. Planes, helicopters and boats works too. Can be set to only work with buses and taxis. -- Unstuck-key. Teleports your vehicle to the closest path node nearby, which can be in water, a small path on land or an asphalt road. If already on a path/road, teleports to an asphalt road. If already on asphalt, teleports to asphalt close by. Huge planes teleports to the desert airport. If no player vehicle exists at all, you will be teleported instead. -- Teleports your vehicle a small distance up on land when it gets into water. This option works like the above feature called "Unstuck key". -- Options for no collision between your vehicle and peds and/or peds vehicles. (Not activated/on by default). This allows you to pass through peds and their vehicles with your own vehicle without collisions. -- Spawn random vehicles option (not fully activated/on by default). -- Increase and decrease of the engines power with two keys. A negative value makes the vehicle go slower than normal (0). -- Consequences When Crashing option (not activated/on by default). -- Option to switch vehicles instantly by driving into one (not activated/on by default). -- Inactivate/activate the mod with a key. -- All Ammu-Nations by default locked and interiors disabled when player weapons are set to not be allowed. -- All tattoo shops closed and locked by default and the interior lowered in quality (part of the game's exterior). -- House radios in for example the homes of Michel and Franklin are set to one of the by you allowed radio station in the config file. For example self radio, your own music. The station can change when you change station in a vehicle if you want to. -- Visual effects and sounds options for random horn sounds, particle FX effects, firework and flares when interacting with the vehicle horn (not activated/on by default). -- Music options on/off for flight music (and radio automatically on when entering plane or helicopter, however this is off by default and flight music is on), police wanted music and police scanner radio (police wanted music and police scanner set to off by default). -- Support for Xinput controller (e.g. Xbox 360 pad). Needs to be activated in the configuration file that comes with the mod in order to use. Option for 2 button activation on all. -- The level of violence can be customized to your preferences. For example you can change these values (if invincible is set to off) for the player, ped and/or vehicles: bulletProof, fireProof, explosionProof, collisionProof, meleeProof. Only for vehicles: strong, wheels can break, tyres can burst, can be visibly damaged, engine can degrade. -- Other features/ options that can be set to on or off: Invincible options, police ignore player, everyone ignore player, clear player wanted level, clear area of cops, player can't be hassled by gangs, player noise multiplier, can't be dragged out, player stick to vehicle, pedestrians vehicles disappear underground to avoid collisions, block melee with animation, wont create random cops, can't be targeted, clear ped blood damage, fix windows while inside vehicle, can't fly through windscreen, set maximum vehicle speed for player and police, disable player combat with firearms and melee, vehicle light multiplier and more. All peds are invincible by default, on foot and in vehicles. You can't run them over and they can't ragdoll. They will just move out of the way. They are bulletProof, fireProof, explosionProof, collisionProof and meleeProof. More features and info in the in the configuration file that comes with the mod. Installation Note that mods like this one and all mods on this site are made for and only works on the PC (Windows) version of the game. No other platforms are or can be supported. You need the latest version of the tool gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v Script Hook V by gta5-mods.com/users/Alexander%20Blade Alexander Blade in order for this mod to work. Only works on PC. Open the the .zip file with file explorer. Copy FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming 2.x.asi and FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming.ini into your GTA5 folder where your GTA5.exe is located. Play the game in story mode. Remove the mod by removing the asi file. Don't know how to do the above? Here the first part of the installation (don't forget to do the rest of the installation below, the game save and more): The instructions above, (the first part of the installation) explained with a video (don't forget to do the whole installation): Again, don't forget to do the rest of the installation below. In order for the mod to work with the default settings you need to use a game save and gta5-mods.com/misc/ultimate-100-perfect-game-save-flava0ne I highly recommend using this 100% completed game save in order to remove violence and have everything unlocked. Copy the save game files (two) into this folder (or similar): C:\Users\YourWindowsUsername\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\5417B236 You can rename the files if you want, to something between SGTA50000 and SGTA50015 i.e. up to 16 game saves can be recognized by the game and if you already have a game save with the name SGTA50000 for example you can rename it to SGTA50001 or whatever you want up to SGTA50015. For steam users: C:\ProgramData\Socialclub\YOUR_SOCIAL_ID https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/214394/how-to-transfer-gta-v-save-files If you're not getting the save file above to work you can try this gta5-mods.com/misc/perfect-start-game-save starter game save instead and see if that works better. The mod will not run unless the configuration file is installed correctly. If you're having problems, please use the comment section and give me a notification by starting your comment with @R3QQ and test previous versions in the meanwhile. Note that you can be banned if you try to use mods in multiplayer (GTA Online). "Script hook closes GTA V when player goes in multiplayer" so this doesn't happen by mistake when it comes to scrips like this. How to make the game even less violent and disturbing -- I strongly advise you to before playing, first go through the configuration file (instructions below) and decide what should be activated and what should be turned off. -- Michael is slightly better than Franklin. Change to him with a trainers skin changer (the native trainer works). You can also switch by holding down the Alt key (from 2.5 this mod needs to be deactivated in order to show the character wheel). Do not play as Trevor if you want to avoid disturbing content. -- You might want to consider turning these features on: consequences_when_crashing_into= (1 or 2) max_vehicle_speed= (anything above -1 will be used, -1 means off) -- gta5-mods.com/tools/gtav-no-intro-video-xeramon Remove the intro video of the game. -- gta5-mods.com/misc/car-photography-loading-screens Alternative loading screens. -- With a trainer like https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/enhanced-native-trainer Enhanced Native Trainer you can auto remove scratches on the vehicle etc. With the help of a menu you can customize your experience even further and for example also spawn all vehicle models, change the time and lock it and teleport. Note that some features exists in both my mod and these trainers. -- Again, don't play as Trevor. -- Turn off notifications under settings in the game menu. -- You might want to consider disable more radio channels. Some are still on as default that are not so violent but to be completely sure you can instead use the self radio with your own music or Spotify. You can turn music off in the game settings, if you don't want to do it in the .ini file. Play your own music instead of the radio: In the configuration file, under [Radio], set all channels to -1 except RADIO_19_USER which should be set to 1. http://www.pcgamer.com/how-to-create-a-custom-radio-station-in-gta-5 Here's how you set up your user music channel. If you don't want any radio or music at all you can go ahead and change OFF=0 to OFF=1 in the config file. -- The "Ultimate 100% Perfect Game Save" linked to above is now recommended to use. If you experience any problems, please report them in the comment section and then try this gta5-mods.com/misc/perfect-start-game-save starter game save instead and see if that works better. Note that this save only got about 10% story completed which means that not everything in the game is unlocked in shops etc. But you can get those items with a trainer if you like, for example max out your vehicle. You can also only play as Franklin although that doesn't really matter and you can still change skin with a trainer if you like. The whole map is unlocked so it doesn't affect your exploring. On the map there is a marker leading to a violent mission. Make sure to have set stop_cutscenes=1 (set as default), that way the mission will fail directly, before any violence occurs and the free roaming can continue. -- If you want to lock the mod files from being altered, try this: "The Best Ways to Hide or Password Protect a Folder in Windows": https://www.howtogeek.com/105633/how-to-create-a-password-protected-folder-without-any-extra-software https://www.howtogeek.com/105633/how-to-create-a-password-protected-folder-without-any-extra-software -- Search gta5-mods.com for billboard, posters etc and find something you like. Example: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-posters-graffiti-and-tags-for-la -- I haven't tried this mod but it removes the exterior of the strip club: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/no-more-strip-club How to make changes in the configuration file With the mod comes the file called FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming.ini. As stated in the installation instruction, this file goes into your GTA5 folder where your GTA5.exe is located. Just like the mod itself. The file can be opened and edited just like a text file but you might have to right click on it and click open as. You can use any text editor, like notepad. The .ini file is read from continuously by this mod and so when you make changes in it and save it, these changes will take effect when you tab back into the game. There is no need to restart anything. Just go Alt + Tab while playing and switch to the .ini file, make some changes, save and Alt + Tab back into the game. Further instructions are found inside the configuration file. Basically you just change between 0 (off) and 1 (on). For example you can change vehicle_can_be_damaged=0 to vehicle_can_be_damaged=1 to make vehicles be able to take damage. Tips on non violent activities Showcase of some non violent jobs you can do while the mod is active: https://youtu.be/2YsVBiDkMT4=17 https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-non-violent-things-to-do-in-GTA-V Best non-violent things to do (quora.com) http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2013/10/innocent-grand-theft-auto-v-activities-between-killing-sprees/ Least Violent Activities (complex.com) Playing missions with a heavily modified configuration file which activates violence but not sexual content Maybe you want to play missions with violence but not face any sexually disturbing content or nudity? User HarleyQuinnSquad provided useful links: "For anyone wondering what sexual content is in all the main story missions and side missions, someone on Steam made a helpful guide: https://steamcommunity.com/app/271590/discussions/0/1473096694442931782/?ctp=3#c1473096694448541937 https://steamcommunity.com/app/271590/discussions/0/1473096694442931782/?ctp=3#c1473096694448541937 Also a guide on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV/comments/26752e/how_do_i_avoid_tits_n_dicks_in_the_story_missions A few interesting mods Only interested in the part of FFFR which mutes speech and pain sounds? Check this mod out: gta5-mods.com/scripts/muted-speech-and-pain Only interested in the part of FFFR which mutes/skips radio stations? Check this mod out: gta5-mods.com/scripts/auto-skip-radio-stations These two mods works well together. I have not tested all of the mods below yet so I can't say for sure that they are all completely violent free. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/jobsv JobsV [.NET] https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/trucking-missions Trucking Missions https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/animal-ark-shelter Animal Ark Shelter https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/vehicle-remote-central-locking Vehicle Remote Central Locking (no violence, made by me) https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2014-koenigsegg-agera-r-hq-digitaldials-one-1-tuning-set Koenigsegg Agera R. A totally amazing car mod with many cars included in a dlc/addon https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors Open All Interiors. A must have. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/single-player-apartment-spg-net Single Player Apartment https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/super-yacht Super Yacht https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/working-restaurants Working Restaurants https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/travel-to-north-yankton Travel to North Yankton https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/nice-fly Nice Fly https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/los-santos-airlines Los Santos Airlines https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/premium-deluxe-motorsports-car-shop Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership http://www.gtainside.com/gta5/mods/72191-simple-speedometer Very simple but discrete speedometer https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/spawn-where-you-died Respawn Alternatives (Customize the ini first. Use the feature "respawn on demand". It's sort of a fun teleportation feature) If your computer can handle it, consider installing a graphics enhancer mod from this site. It really makes it so much more fun! I didn't get any FPS drop while using this setup: 1. ENB 2. gta5-mods.com/misc/visualv VisualV, use the mod package in OpenIV 3. http://reshade.me "The package called "ReShade + SweetFX 2.0". Only worked for me when installing manually, that is moving Sweet.fx, ReShade.fx, ReShade64.dll and the SweetFX folder into the GTA V folder." 4. Presets I like game brightness at about 40-50% with this. How to update to a new version of the mod Replace the old FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming x.asi file with the new one. Always use the latest configuration file that comes with the mod (FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming.ini) or make sure it's updated by checking the changelog, here below in the description. Add changes to the FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming.ini file. You can use this site to compare config files, if you're in need: diffchecker.com/diff You can also just replace your configuration file with the new one. Not yet implemented/ todo list -- Remove ped cigarette smoking animations. -- With 1.1 all speech sounds are suppressed. With the help of OpenIV you can replace sound files. They got nice guides for this. It require some time invested though. The ambient sound files are in "GTA V/x64/audio/sfx S_". Normal male peds are in S_FULL_AMB_M and females in S_FULL_AMB_F Players are inside S_MISC. -- Your feedback. Changelog - 1.1 -- Option for muting speech and pain sounds. Fixed issue with the unstuck key. - 1.2 -- Speech and pain can be turned on/off for peds and player in the config file. -- Peds can be set to not ragdoll. -- Increased performance. - 1.2.1 -- Performance hotfix. - 1.3 -- Remove/skip radio stations option in the .ini file. Some are on and some off as default now. You can customize yourselves and make changes to the .ini file while playing. Just TAB down and edit the file. Changes goes live when you save it and go back playing. - 1.4 -- Radio can be turned off normally. Added a few more ped models for removal. Increased performance, more balanced pressure on hardware. - 1.5 -- When using the feature "pedestrians cars disappear underground" the trailers to the vehicles will now also go down and not get stuck. -- New option in the config file to enable deformation of your and peds vehicles. Lights can break and the engine can break down, making the car stop for example. - 1.6 - 1.7 -- Pressing "B" (key can be changed in .ini) makes your player go ahead and join as a passenger in a vehicle. -- Using the horn makes peds who wants, come to join you in your vehicle (can be changed back in .ini). Use the horn again while being still makes them go out again but only if the vehicle is still. -- Press "N" (key can be changed in .ini) to change vehicle to the closest one to you. When close, passengers will switch vehicle with you. Bikes sometimes seem to be hard to get on when there's cars nearby and one of those might be chosen instead. -- Option in .ini that makes you switch vehicle with the peds inside the vehicles you hit. -- Peds are no longer dragged out (can be changed back in .ini), but will instead get out automatically when you open the door. -- Peds wont flee anymore and they like you (can be changed back in .ini). -- Improved radio silence when set in vehicle. -- Changed to a newer key handling system. -- The engine power set now transfers to your next car. -- Deformation should work now. Small bug fixes. - 1.7.1 -- Added more options in the .ini for customization of the violence level. -- Passengers will be better transferred between vehicles when you are a passenger and press N (switching directly) to get inside a new vehicle, with you as the new driver. -- Because of the AI of the game, buses can't handle more than a few peds so I changed it so that most of them are teleported instead of walking inside normally. Please report if you find any other vehicles which can't handle all peds trying to get inside. - 1.8 -- If inside a vehicle and pressing B, you now switches seat with other passengers. -- Press N as passenger to switch place with the driver. -- You can now go from driver to passenger by pressing B. Go from passenger to driver by pressing N. -- Added controller support for busing/ picking up peds and join as a passenger. -- Engine power set now persists between game sessions and you change the value in the .ini too. -- Firetruck fixed (getting peds to join all of the seats). -- Improved the busing peds feature which handles peds that's going to join your vehicle -- Vehicle light for the player got a multiplier in the .ini now. Set to not be used by default (-1). -- Fixed bug with no_stippers_hookers_or_cults and added some more models to the list. Report more inappropriate models. Here's a list of all: http://ragepluginhook.net/pedmodels.aspx -- Default key for inactivate/activate mod changed to Delete. -- Peds should no longer sometimes say short sounds when they are set to be quiet. -- Parked vehicles accessed by pressing N or normal enter wont have to be hotwired and unlocked. Also the alarm wont go off. -- stick_to_vehicle should now work again. -- Option for extra horn response from ped drivers, set to off by default. -- Various bug fixes and small improvements. - 1.8.1 -- Standard values will be used when the user forgets to install the .ini file. But you should still use it. The .ini file is needed to deactivate the mod. -- Option to disable player combat with firearms and melee. -- Option to set maximum vehicle speed for the player in the .ini file. -- Better removal of unwanted peds. -- Bug with stick_to_vehicle fixed. Ini changes (more info about them in the new .ini): Under [Player_Options] added: disable_all_firing_and_melee=0 ;(0 means this feature is not activated) max_vehicle_speed=-1 ;(-1 means this feature is not used) - 1.9 -- 2 new modes for switching vehicle (N): 1. Normal. 2. if no found car, spawn random one. 3. Always spawn random. 1. Nothing happens if no nearby car or motorbike can be found. 2. When there are no vehicles close by to teleport to, the player teleports inside a new spawned "random" car or motorbike. All vehicles are checked to be suitable. Fast cars are more common than others. 3. The player always gets teleported to a new spawned car or motorbike when pressing the key. -- New feature called Consequences When Crashing. With crashing means crashing into vehicles and peds. In the .ini consequences_when_crashing_into set to 0 means no consequences (default). 1 means engine stops and needs to be "fixed" (hotwired). 2 means more of the same as 1. -- Added option to remove cutscenes (on by default). -- Added police max vehicle speed. -- Removed bartender and arms-dealers (optional). -- RADIO_19_USER=1 is set by default. -- Player can't give the middle finger in a vehicle (can_do_drivebys). Optional. -- Fixes with peds_like_you_and_wont_flee. -- Added startup text notification. -- New values in the .ini and is more readable. Giving the middle finger and shooting from vehicles is set to off by default, set it back with can_do_drivebys=1 instead of 0. - 1.9.1 -- Weapons are now removed from the player by default. Get them back and usable by setting (works while playing): remove_all_player_weapons=0 and disable_all_firing_and_melee=0 in the .ini file and save it (scroll up to "How to make changes in the configuration file" for more info). The player also gets back all weapons when deactivating the mod with the key. -- All functions which removes violence are now activated by default. -- Improved reset of values at inactivation. - 1.9.2 -- New in the .ini file: no_player_collisions. 0 means no collision changes (normal collision). 1 means no player vehicle collision with other vehicles. 2 means no player vehicle collision with peds. 3 means both 1 and 2. -- The players golf club is no longer removed if remove_all_player_weapons is set to 2 and disable_all_firing_and_melee is set to 1. This is to allow golf to be played (golf needs to be unlocked in the game, use the 100% complete game save in order to play). -- Peds golf clubs are no longer removed when remove_all_ped_weapons is set to 1 if both everyone_ignore_player and peds_like_you_and_wont_flee are set to 1 as well. -- Improved change_to_closest_vehicle. When pressing default key N and there already is a ped driver inside and the player havn't got a vehicle, the ped will be moved to a passenger seat if there is one available. If not and the vehicle is full, a new random vehicle will be spawned. Unless it's your vehicle, then you will get it back. -- Renamed extra_horn to funny_visual_effects_and_sounds and added more options for random horn sounds, particle FX effects, firework and flares when interacting with the vehicle horn. -- Empty vehicles should no longer be seen from removed peds. -- Fixed issues with switch_vehicle_on_collision and max_police_vehicle_speed. -- Various improvements and minor fixes. - 1.9.3 -- can_do_drivebys set to 0 (default) now also stops peds inside vehicles from taunting/ giving the middle finger. This took many days of research before a solution was found. This is the last disturbing/ violent thing that I have found (in the 10% completed game save) and so it's great that it's gone now! -- Peds should no longer not give up trying to get inside the players vehicle when the horn is used and not everyone can fit inside. This could happen when a game save was loaded while inside the game already. -- Changes in the .ini file: added under [Player_Options]: no_flight_music=0 ; 1 means no special music when flying. When flying, special music is normally played instead of the radio or silence. no_certain_police_sounds=3 ; 1 means Wanted Music Disabled. 2 means Police Scanner Disabled. 3 means 1 and 2. Fixed spelling error for: no_strippers_hookers_or_cults -- Changed effect 2 for funny_visual_effects_and_sounds into making random horn sounds for all vehicles so that they can be used the first time the vehicle uses the horn. - 2.0 -- Mod deactivation/activation key now needs to be enabled in the .ini file before use. This doesn't matter if you're not interested in deactivating the mod. -- The unstuck feature is redone for all vehicles. Now teleports you to the closest path/road. If already on a path/road, teleports to an asphalt. If already on asphalt, teleports to asphalt close by. Huge planes teleports to the desert airport. If no player vehicle exists at all, teleports the player. -- Improved teleport_when_into_water. All vehicle types are now affected and now checks more often. Now teleports you to the closest path/road except for huge planes, they always go to the desert airport. -- Improved the peds joining players vehicle feature and added support for all planes and helicopters. -- Added feature to no_flight_music. Set to 2, the radio starts automatically when getting inside a helicopter or plane. -- Added controller support for the unstuck feature. -- Added sounds to consequences_when_crashing_into. -- Added sounds to switch vehicle (change_to_new_vehicle_as_driver_mode) and switch seats in vehicle. -- Improved stick_to_vehicle by checking more often. -- Various minor improvements. - 2.1 -- Improved change_to_new_vehicle_as_driver_mode. -- Improved ped_can_ragdoll. Falling peds will be teleported to closest pavement or just down to the ground. -- Improved speech_sounds for peds. 0 means as before no ambient speech. -10 means same as 0 and stop peds speech. -20 means 0 and stops most scripted conversations. -30 means same as 0, -10 and -20. -- Improved no_strippers_hookers_or_cults. 1 still removes all disturbing peds. 2 removes only sexually disturbing peds. 3 removes only violent including Wade, Lamar and Denise. (Lamar to prevent story mode). -- Improved no_strippers_hookers_or_cults. When set to 1 or 2, the two doors of the strip club are locked and all interior removed. -- Improved bussing_peds_with_horn for boats. Peds will now be teleported to the boat if they can't enter normally. -- Improved unstuck_key. Improved boats, they will now be moved to a path in the water. -- Improved change_to_closest_vehicle. New spawned boat if in water. If in a boat on the shore/beach - new car/motorcycle. If in a something else than boat on the shore/beach - new boat spawned with the player and moved out into the water. -- Improved player_can_ragdoll=0 and ped_can_ragdoll=0. When jumping out of a vehicle measures are taken to avoid splatter and impact animations. The player is also given parachutes. When falling and close to the ground, the player is moved to the ground. -- Remade function which switches passengers between vehicles. -- Changed maximum speed for peds leaving players helicopter to 1 m/s from 0 in order to make it more smooth. Also improved bussing peds with the cargobobs. -- Added vehicle reset upon inactivation. -- Improved the way peds exits some vehicles. -- Peds should no longer leave the vehicle when the player replace them as driver and instead becomming passenger. -- player_can_be_dragged_out updated with: When set to -10: Now peds can't enter the players vehicle driver door when the vehicle is empty. This is to prevent peds from driving away with the vehicle, leaving the player behind. -- Added option for bussing_peds_with_horn. Set to 2 limits it to only when using a bus or taxi. -- Added stop_audio_scenes=0 to [Both_Options] in the configuration file. Audio scenes are mostly used in missions: pastebin.com/MtM9N9CC -- Added no_smoking_or_drug_dealing_animations=3 to [Pedestrian_Options] in the .ini file. 1 means less smoking. 2 means no drug dealing. 3 means both 1 and 2. -- All keys can now be disabled from activating features by setting them to -1 in the .ini file. -- Updated with the latest SDK. -- Various minor improvements. - 2.2 -- The player now parachutes to avoid falling from great hights and land hard on the ground. -- Placing the player safely on ground when falling into the ground now depends on the z-axis speed towards the ground. The check is also more frequent now because before the impact could be missed. -- Spawning a vehicle while in a boat at sea/ in lake should now always spawn a new boat, even when the old boat is in the air. -- Added reset of interior of the strip club when deactivating the mod. Doing so will also unlock the doors. -- Engine power is now only set continuously when not 0, allowing for other mods to use this feature. -- Various minor improvements. - 2.2.1 A value related to falling didn't work in all situations so I had to change it. I noticed this when trying the mod on another computer. It should work now. - 2.3 -- Performance optimization. -- Changed default value of speech_sounds to the new value -40. -40 means same as -30 (no scripted conversations) except scripted conversations are allowed when inside a taxi. This is to avoid for example preaching soapboxers but still hear the communication with the central. Old default value was -10. - 2.4 https://youtu.be/in-kyH84qBw Video of some features -- Peds can now skydive and fly parachute from players helicopter or plane. Minimum hight is 50 meters above ground. -- Improved change vehicle features like change_to_closest_vehicle. Added support for quadbikes, bicyles, helicopters, planes and boats . Cars and motorbikes already worked. The finding of the closest vehicle is also more accurate now. -- Removed ways the player could use melee when disable_all_firing_and_melee is set to 1. -- Improved disable_all_firing_and_melee. The player can no longer shoot with vehicle weapons. -- Improved remove_all_ped_weapons. Ped pilots (not including the player) are no longer able to fly the military fighter jet called Lazer in the area of Fort Zancudo. This is because they shoot at the player. There seems to still be a script from the game which causes random explosions without any source if you fly inside the airspace of the fort. -- Improved bussing_peds_with_horn. Peds should no longer keep running after players vehicle without entering it. -- Fixed reset issues. -- Various minor improvements. http://pastebin.com/r2NV5Cd5 Information for those who wants to update their old configuration file from 2.3 to 2.4 instead of using the latest .ini file directly coming with the mod - 2.5 -- Improved remove_all_ped_weapons - The army base Fort Zancudo no longer creates random explosions when flying over it. Thanks to Unknown_Modder. -- Improved clear_player_wanted_level - Full access to Fort Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport. This means no wanted stars. Thanks to Unknown_Modder. -- Fixed issue with fleeing peds which happend in some situations. -- Peds can now be bussed even when the option to make everyone friendly and not flee is off. -- Now ignores undrivable cars etc. when finding the closest vehicle. new_vehicle_max_height_over_ground in the .ini file should be 100000 instead of 100 as default. Also, this value is not dependent of max_distance_to_new_vehicle as it's said in the file. This will be changed in the next update but it's easy to change the values to what you want yourself now already. -- Updated the weapon list used for reset and removal with the new weapons from the latest game update. -- Disabled player switch to avoid trevor. Save your game with/as Michael if you want to play as him and then install or activate the mod. -- Can disable the mobile phone completly. -- Added Trevors friend Ron Jakowski to the list of disturbing peds. -- Removed the interior of trevors trailor. -- Examples of additional activites in the 100% completed game saved: Play golf and tennis! Parachute jumps from piloted helicopter, yoga, triathlon, races, darts, watch a movie, get a haircut, ride the fairground rides, buy more clothes. -- Random and property events should now be disabled. -- The 100% completed game save is now preferred and recommended to use. http://pastebin.com/02FLVGe3 Information for those who wants to update their old configuration file from 2.4 to 2.5 instead of using the latest .ini file directly coming with the mod - 2.5.1 -- Two changes in the .ini file: 1. Recent game updates seems to have disabled the feature called fix_windows under [Both_Options]. It is now set to 0 instead of 1. There could be more errors related to Rockstars changes to the game. Please report if you find any. 2. new_vehicle_max_height_over_ground in the .ini file should be 100000 instead of 100 as default. Also, this value is not dependent of max_distance_to_new_vehicle as it's said before in the file. -- Nothing changed in the mod itself e.i. same as 2.5, just changes in the configuration file. Make sure that you got fix_windows=0. If you change this value or already have it set to 0 in your configuration file there is no need to update if you already got version 2.5. - 2.6 -- All Ammu-Nations are now locked and interiors disabled when player weapons are set to not be allowed. -- All tattoo shops are now closed and locked by default and the interior lowered in quality (part of the game's exterior). -- House radios in for example the homes of Michel and Franklin are now set to one of the by you allowed radio station in the config file. For example self radio, your own music. The station will change when you change station in a vehicle. Initial station will be fixed in next version. -- Allowed radio stations in the configuration file now also applies to peds vehicles by default. For example, if self radio is allowed, you can hear your own music from peds vehicles. -- Added support for getting peds cars when both ped_can_be_dragged_out and peds_like_you_and_wont_flee are set to 1. -- Added reset to default skin settings used if the player model is changed to a disturbing ped. 3 different levels to choose from, max by default. -- Added support for new weapons to reset and removal features (weapons were removed before as well but icons of the new ones could sometimes be seen in the weapon wheel). -- The settings player_invincible, player_can_be_damaged and the player proof settings, when set to off, now allows other mods/trainers to change related natives. Same is done for all vehicles and peds. Vehicles and peds are not currently reset correctly when switching to off (able to take damage), meaning you have to load in new ones or affect them with another mod/ game feature. -- Boats should no longer appear on land when getting a new random vehicle. -- The setting vehicle_collisionProof fixed. Was set to the value of ped_collisionProof by mistake. That ment that the setting ped_collisionProof affected both ped and vehicle. -- Added support for two button and two key activation/deactivation. Might add support for 2 keys/buttons press for more features later. -- Removed the setting called "fix_windows" under "Both_Options". It might come back later if a fix is found. Or just use the vehicle invincibility features in a trainer like ENT. -- Fixed problem with not able to change to some keys. -- Refactoring. -- Various minor fixes. -- Fixes in the ini file. http://pastebin.com/qWM7Zw0j Information for those who wants to update their old configuration file from 2.5.1 to 2.6 instead of using the latest .ini file directly coming with the mod - 2.6.1 -- Better reset of current loaded peds and vehicles when changing settings while playing. -- Home radio radio station can now be chosen and set in the configuration file. -- Home radio initiating fix. -- Reworked all keys and buttons and also changed to activation upon release. -- Added option for 2 press activation for all keys and buttons. http://pastebin.com/bk00dBHu Information for those who wants to update their old configuration file from 2.6 to 2.6.1 instead of using the latest .ini file directly coming with the mod - 2.6.2 -- This small update addresses some recent issues I've been giving information about. -- New feature which goes under random_disturbing_events=0 makes TV and movie screens black. I will continue working on the mod. Donors Grale Leigh Smith PSO Enterprises Malleborn S.H.P.
  7. Monkeypolice188

    Monky's Workshop

    MONKY'S WORKSHOP Hey guys, welcome to my workshop! I'm Monkeypolice188, better known as Monky, a lore-friendly modder of GTA V for just over a year now. My interests focus around emergency vehicles (particularly fire departments), classic utilitarian vehicles and trucks. My specialties include sound and meta data, basic vehicle re-modelling, adaptions & edits, materials and liveries. Feel free to contact me if you ever need assistance and I'll try to get back to you. I release all my mods at GTA5-Mods.com. Feel free to take a look! Get a closer look at my current projects and WIPs, advice, tips and more from my Discord server. Monky's Hideout. For more information regarding my modifications, I also have database containing default spawning colors my vehicles use, an active log of changes I'm making to current and existing projects, a list of my releases, and much more, you can find that here. Finally, check out my Flickr, where I post photographs of my own work, my favorite mods and much more! CURRENT PROJECTS LIBERTY CITY VEHICLES & PEDS PACK 1.2 VERSION 1.1 AVAILABLE My current focus is the third release of my most ambitious project; Liberty City Vehicles & Peds Pack. This pack aims to bring the services of LC back to GTA V, including LCPD, FDLC and Liberty City Cabs. You can see (and hear!) a small preview of some of the latest changes and improvements to the pack here. LATEST RELEASES BENEFACTOR STRETCH E AVAILABLE NOW ALBANY EMPEROR & EMPEROR BEATER AVAILABLE NOW ALBANY MANANA AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE BOXVILLE RETRO AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE STOCKADE AVAILABLE NOW HVY FORKLIFT AVAILABLE NOW VULCAR NEBULA AVAILABLE NOW NAGASAKI PIGEON PATROL AVAILABLE NOW BRAVADO BISON S AMBULANCE AVAILABLE NOW FAVORITE PROJECTS JOBUILT MAMMATUS SKIMMER AVAILABLE NOW JOBUILT HAULER 270 AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE REFUSER AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE MIXER CLASSIC AVAILABLE NOW BRAVADO MASTODON AVAILABLE NOW MTL CERBERUS 200 & 300 AVAILABLE NOW THANK YOU Thank you to all my supporters and lore buddies; without your ideas, resources and help, much of my work would simply not be possible!
  8. Hi everyone, I've been working on a 3D map for PC version of GTAV. It's at: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/codewalker-gtav-interactive-3d-map It now allows entities to be placed and moved, also new and modified ymap files can be be saved. This feature is still in experimental stages, but I would love to hear any feedback on it! Enjoy! [Edit: Updated screenshots and description]
  9. Thanks for downloading Premium Deluxe Motorsports Car Shop Mod v2.0 by I'm Not MentaL. Features: You can buy All cars and bikes except trucks, trailers, trains, planes, buses, helicopters and bicycle. Requirements: - Latest ScriptHookV - Latest Community Script Hook V .NET Install: Make sure you have all 2 Requirements Installed, Extract, drag and drop in 'GTAV Root Folder\scripts\PDMCarShop' Folder. How to use: Download & install mod, start the game, Press Toggle F9 then Enable Mod, Simeon should spawn at his car dealership. Controls: Up - Menu Up Down - Menu Down Enter/Return - Accept Esc/Backspace - Cancel 1 - Vehicle Rotate Left 2 - Vehicle Rotate Right 3 - Open Vehicle Doors 4 - Close Vehicle Doors E - Activate Menu To Edit the Controls, open 'config.ini' located in 'GTAV Root\Scripts\' Changelog: v2.0 - Re-code with vB.NET from Scratch - New NativeUI Menu Style (Thanks to Guad) - New Camera while Menu Activate - Open Interior Mod no longer require v1.7 - Update Compatible with latest ScripthookV. - Added Few Vehicles. (Boxville, Camper, Journey, Pony & Rumpo) - Add Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC update vehicles. - Fixed Reload Scripts (Ctrl+R) It will remove existing Objects. v1.6 - Blip only show while you near Simeon's shop. - Remove secondary menu and merged with main menu. - Remove unwanted codes. - Replace Color Menu with Number plate menu. (You can press Numpad 9 to change colors) v1.5 - Update Compatible with Script Hook v1.0.372.2 - Control Keys Changed. (Refer Controls) - Now you can rotate vehicle by pressing NumPad 4 & NumPad 6. - Number Plate Changing is Fully Working. - Car Upgrade bug fix. - Car Price fix. - Car will Spawn outside once you purchased. - New Vehicle Category. - Add Sound Effects. - You can now change vehicle default Color & Livery by pressing Number 9. - You can get your vehicle maximum upgrade by pressing NumPad 7 before you make order. - New Heist Mission. (See Features) v1.3 - I Fixed the Window - Simeon now waiting you at PDM. - Simeon will shoot you if you're armed. - Menu Now show Car Names instead of Model Names. - Menu updated with New Fonts. - You can now change number plate and Upgrade your car. - Change the Blip icon to Simeon and Added a Repair icon too v1.2 - Re-organize Car Class for easy to find. - Add Red Circle on the Menu Location. - Joystick Controller Support, open pdmcarmod.lua to change your keys. - Keys are now changeable, open pdmcarmod.lua to change your keys. v1.1 - Add Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 DLC update vehicles. - Change the Blip Icon to Red (Match the Color of the Store). - Add Repair Service behind the workshop (since it has a repair lift). v1.0 - Initial Release Known Bugs: 1. If you enable/disable Mod Twice, Mod will crash. 2. If you press and hold Close All Doors key, The Vehicle will fly. 3. If you kill Simeon, he will dissappear. 4. Mod Crash Randomly, Please report to GTA5-Mods.com. 5. Number Plate, cannot be change Yet, wait for v2.1. Credits: Rockstar Games, Alexander Blade, Crosire, Guad, EnergyStyle, LetsPlayOrDy, NewTheft, Calm, LCBuffalo, Gang1111, Matt_STS, frodzet, leftas & marhex Download https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/premium-deluxe-motorsports-car-shop
  10. Community Script Hook V .NET You may remember the .NET ScriptHook back from GTAIV, it allowed using the easy to learn, but extremly powerful .NET languages to write scripts that can be executed ingame. About This ASI plugin for the just released Script Hook V attempts to recreate this experience for GTAV. It's full source code is hosted on Github, development is community-driven and open to everybody, so contributions are warmly welcomed. Right now it's able to load, compile and run .NET scripts and reload them while the game is running (press the "Insert" key). It also comes with a vast scripting API abstracting away the native function calls (you can still do those manually through "GTA.Native.Function.Call" though). Scripts are executed in a separate AppDomain, any exceptions thrown thus shouldn't affect the game or ScriptHook. Thanks a lot to Alexander Blade for Script Hook V and HazardX for the inspiration with his GTAIV .NET ScriptHook. Download Latest Binary Release Installation Install both the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 and the Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64) (or loading will fail). Download and install the latest Script Hook V (including the ASI loader). Download Community Script Hook V .NET and copy the ASI file into your game folder. Create (or download) a C#/VisualBasic code file (.cs, .vb) or compiled .NET assembly (.dll) inside the "scripts" folder in your game directory and start scripting! Contributing Important files: source/core/Main.cpp: The main script entry point source/core/ScriptDomain.cpp: .NET script manager. Loads, compiles and executes the scripts. source/core/Script.hpp: Class from which all scripts have to inherit, handles the script main loop. source/core/Native.cpp: Managed to native function call conversion. source/core/NativeHashes.hpp: Native function hash enumeration. The remaining files in source/scripting implement the scripting API. Any help on improving that API is much appreciated. Documentation Either use notepad to edit source code scripts directly or use Visual Studio to compile them to assemblies. Going down the Visual Studio way has the advantage of syntax highlighting, code completion and Intellisense (since there is no API documentation yet). Just create a C# or VisualBasic class library project, add a reference to Script Hook V .NET (rename the ASI to DLL) in the project properties and you are ready to go. If something doesn't work, check the log file. It catches exceptions and gives you all the information to get to the bottom of the problem. Visit the wiki for more help on how to get started and write scripts.

    GTA V: Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC

    GTA V: Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC Since the lack of Single Player DLC made by Rockstar Games themselves, and the limited DLC map mods available from 3D era GTA games, I decided to make this a thing. First version released on 10 February 2019 https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/las-venturas-san-fierro-dlc Dear fellow gamers and/or modders I am proud to present you my latest project, started around 4 january 2019. This map DLC places the 3D-era cities of Las Venturas and San Fierro, alongside to the original map of GTA 5. So far I only saw converted GTA San Andreas map mods replacing the GTA 5 map (FiveM, FiveReborn, MultiFive), except from a San Fierro DLC map mod by ArthurLopes, which is great, you can check it out here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/san-fierro-dlc. As stated, ArthurLopes' version of San Fierro is awesome to me. It was the first GTA: San Andreas DLC map mod for GTA V if I am correct. Though, I thought I really missed the countrysides and of course Las Venturas. So, with all respect to ArthurLopes his mod, I did decide to make my own GTA San Andreas map mod as a DLC for GTA 5. Everything is converted from GTA IV: San Andreas BETA 3. Visit their website: http://www.gtaivsa.com/ I want to thank the GTAIVSA team for the converion from GTA San Andreas To GTA IV, and I hope they don't see my GTA V version as a problem. Those are the main members of the GTAIVSA team which I want to thank: Blaster_nl GTARandom Flitskikker Alber2gt Gamerzworld Tomix23 Everlost123 ManDog The largest problems on this mod are for now: - Some houses/buildings/props are still missing, which creates holes in the map - Sometimes, streetlights start flashing on and off - There is on some places collision, without a visible object. I think this will be fixed once all props are in place - The bridges between San Fierro and Las Venturas have a kind of 'gap', due to a small incorrection in the coordinates. The San Fierro part and the Las Venturas part are not perfectly connected yet. - Some objects have strange lines on them, I am looking for a fix, probably i need to apply an 'edit normals' modifier in 3dsMax but I am not sure yet. Other than that there are no shading problems it seems, and shadows work correctly. For people asking about traffic paths, please know this is a huge map to do all traffic paths for, on my own. It would take me months of work. I will probably release some basic paths in future updates but any help on it is welcome. You don't even have to work together with me, everyone is free to make some paths. Interiors are coming in a future update, including casino interiors. And again, don't forget to check out ArthurLopes' San Fierro DLC mod. My only purpose with this mod is to bring back the 2 other cities of San Andreas, next to Los Santos, as an expansion. Of course, in no way I want to copy ArthurLopes his mods, neither did I touch any of his files. I thought, better be clear with this Anyway, stay tuned for future updates! Thank you for all the support and keep the modding community alive! GTA Belgium https://www.gta-belgium.com/
  12. Dani02

    Dani02's Workshop

    Hello! I'm Dani02. I modified and convert vanilla vehicles to GTA V . My mods: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/Dani02 Sorry for my bad english!
  13. InfamousSabre


    Pickups takes a different approach to GTA V's weapon wheel and weapon pickups. Weapon Wheel - Before: You have 8 slots where each slot can hold multiple weapons, essentially enabling you to carry an entire armory in your pocket. After: You have any number of slots you want (Default 4), and each slot only holds 1 weapon at a time. Weapon Pickups - Before: All weapon pickups are automatically picked up and each pickup always has full ammo, even if the NPC who dropped it already used some. All weapon pickups have no attachments, even if the previous owner had them equipped. After: You have the choice of automatically picking up weapons or not. If the slot the weapon belongs to is already full, you will have the choice to swap weapons. If any weapon you are currently holding uses the same ammunition, you have the choice between automatically or manually taking ammo. Weapon pickups only contain whatever ammunition was left in them by their previous owner. Weapon pickups will be equipped with any attachments the previous owner was using. A popup will show over nearby weapon pickups to let you know of their ammo count and type. Visible Loadout - When enabled, Visible Loadout will display weapons you're carrying, but not currently using, on various attachment points on your player. There is one attachment point for each slot. If you require more than 4 slots, simply duplicate some of the existing slots in slots.xml. You may also edit their physical attachment points. As all weapons are not made equal, some weapons have their own attachment offsets in order to better fit on the player. These per-weapon offsets are now found in pickups.xml. Some ammunition amounts are adjusted to be more realistic. All weapons acquired by entering certain vehicles are disabled. This mod changes many game files. Due to this it is incompatible with a large amount of weapon/realism mods including RDE. If you want to use this mod with any incompatible mod, all you must do is merge the conflicting files. If you merge files to make Pickups compatible with other mods, please be generous enough to release them on GTA5-mods.com so others can benefit from your hard work. All the data in pickups.xml is editable, so you can change the display names of the weapons if you desire. Be aware that these name changes only affect the Pickups script. It won't affect the stock weapon wheel or Ammunation. Changelog: v1.0 -Original Release v2.0: -Added Visible Loadout option -Fixed issue that caused certain pickups to forget their attachments -Fixed loadout detection issues when changing characters -Fixed issues with Ammunation gun ranges. Download: v2.0
  14. This is a modding tool for developers to find out and play particles effects. Press F9 to open the effects menu. It uses a ini file with all the particles available originally available here How to add new particle effects: Open the particles.ini file from the scripts folder in the GTA V directory. The schema of the file is similar to a ini configuration file but there are no values given. Between the square brackets you'll find the asset name and under it the effect names. Don't add new assets if they arleady there, just add the effects under it. Follow the example below. # This is a comment [asset_name] effect_name_1 effect_name_2 If you found a new asset or effect and you want to share it with the rest of the world go to the GitHub link below and make a pull request so everyone can update their local ini files with the new changes. How to update assets and ini files: After the github file has changed, next time you load the game you'll get a notification that there's a new database update. Open the effects menu (F9) and press the enter keys 2 times. Source Code: https://github.com/nitanmarcel/GTA-V-Particle-Effects Particles.ini file: https://github.com/nitanmarcel/GTA-V-Particle-Effects/blob/master/PTFX/PTFX/particles.ini Requirements: ScriptHookVDotNet - https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases NativeUI - https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI/releases Installation: Copy particles.ini and PTFX.dll to the scripts folder in the game's directory. Download Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gta-v-ptfx Screnshots: https://imgur.com/a/I0LCfdD
  15. Hereby, I am releasing my first contribution to the Grand Theft Auto/RAGE modding ecosystem, based on the works of @Neodymium (known for, among other things, MetaTool) that have been left lying idle on his GitHub profile for over a year, a tool that does what the current modding hegemony does not even want you to believe is possible. Affix/ArchiveFix fixes your RPF archives. No more dealing with fake no-encryption using OpenIV.asi, no more anything, just clean RPF package files that can be loaded by any game copy. This is a research project Neodymium has worked on a while ago, and apparently actually works, if one finds the actual key data from the game executable code - a few minutes of generating (on a 4th generation Intel Core i5 processor) ~60MB of data, and one can repack headers of RPF archives to be like... nothing ever happened. It seems this same encryption scheme is used for a few other things too, I am currently investigating how to best leverage that. Also, in the near future, I will post an easy tutorial in the style of those recently posted by @The_GTA to help you liberate yourself from the anti-Western modding hegemony by using open source plugins to replicate the behavior of the mods/ folder that OpenIV offers, and maybe even allow re-encrypting sound files! Right now, the tool itself should guide itself, if you run it from a console or from the GUI, it'll tell you what to pass as parameters and how to set up the whole program, in a modern and wacky writing style poking fun at the entirety of the world. Basically, fetch keys from a running copy of GTA5 (or common modifications of GTA5), avoid the 'do not use really' command and just repack archives however you want by passing them as argument to 'fix' or dragging them to the executable! Download (temporary link, I do not know when these will expire...) Go get 'em! Some words of thanks... Thanks go out to the following people, who influenced my view on the community and led to the creation of this program and others to follow. If you are not on the list, do not feel left out - you're all great! - @GooD-NTS, for causing the modding ecosystem to be so darn ruined - Arxan Technologies, for creating TransformIT - @Neodymium, for breaking TransformIT - @_CP_, for the efforts in perfection in artistry - @The Hero, @The_GTA, @Silent et al., for showing that code perfection can be achieved in a modding community - , for no relevant reason at all, except his dedication to his own cause, even when there might not be any - @ThirteenAG, for showing not all Russians are mean. Please do not be offended by my jokes. - @Yoshifirebird, for telling me to get involved with this community, and having a rational view on everything - Microsoft and the Roslyn community, for creating the wondrous .NET ecosystem. I've not seen such joy in coding in a long time, the modern C# language is a masterpiece. - those left unnamed that are aware of me when reading this, and have helped shape my views and strive toward perfection - even those who can no longer mod alongside us for whatever reason. You're all great.
  16. _CP_

    IVPack for Grand Theft AutoV

    IVPack is a modification for GTAV, bringing to you a new fleet of vehicles from dark Liberty City to always-sunny Los Santos and surrounding area. The main goal is to convert all missing cars, bikes, boats etc. including Episodes from Liberty City. All of them are using current-gen interiors with working gauges, displaying current playing radiostation, mirrors in high quality and more. Car colors are based on IV values, vehicle names are in all languages. Thanks to RM76 & TheAdmiester, vehicles are spawning in traffic and some of them have tuning parts in Los Santos Customs. Creators: _CP_, Thundersmacker, RM76, TheAdmiester, Killatomate, Da7K, GTA5Korn, Yard1, Lundy, CDemapp, PhilBellic, I'm Not MentaL, sparky66, Insincere. 1.0.170: - Compatibility with The Doomsday Heist update (1.0.1290.1). - Restored all deleted modkits due to extended modkits ID limit to 1024. Available vehicles from GTA IV: - Albany Buccaneer - Albany Cavalcade FXT - Albany Esperanto - Albany Esperanto (Roman's Cab) - Albany Presidente - Albany Presidente Police (aka Police Stinger) - Annis Pinnacle - Benefactor Feltzer - Benefactor Schafter - Benefactor Stretch E - Blade - Bravado Feroci - Bravado Feroci (FlyUS livery) - Brute Boxville (IV variant) - Brute Bus - Brute Mr. Tasty - Brute Stockade LSPD - Brute Stockade NOOSE - Declasse Merit - Declasse Merit LSPD - Declasse Merit Taxi - Declasse Rancher - Declasse Sabre - Declasse Sabre (beater version) - Declasse Vigero (beater version) - Dewbauchee Super GT - Dinka Chavos - Dinka Double-T Custom - Dinka Hakumai - Dinka Perennial - Dinka Perennial (FlyUS livery) - Dundreary Admiral - Dundreary Regina (TLAD variant) - Dundreary Stretch - Emperor Lokus - Enus Super Drop Diamond - Floater - Grotti Turismo - HVY APC - HVY Brickade - Imponte DF8-90 - Ineverto Coquette - Liberty Chop Shop Lycan - Liberty Chop Shop Lycan Custom - Liberty Chop Shop Nightblade - Liberty City Cycles Zombie - Maibatsu Vincent - MTL Flatbed - MTL Packer - Pfister Comet - Principe Faggio - Reefer - Schyster Minivan Cabby - Schyster PMP600 - sh*tzu Hakuchou Custom - sh*tzu NRG900 - Smuggler - Tour Maverick - Übermacht Rebla - Übermacht Sentinel - Vapid Bobcat - Vapid Contender - Vapid Fortune - Vapid Huntley - Vapid Stanier Police - Vapid Stanier Taxi - Vapid Steed - Vapid Uranus - Vapid Yankee - Vapid Yankee (TLAD variant) - Western Motorcycle Company Angel - Western Motorcycle Company Diabolus - Western Motorcycle Company Freeway - Western Motorcycle Company Hellfury - Western Motorcycle Company Revenant - Western Motorcycle Company Wayfarer - Western Motorcycle Company Wolfsbane - Willard Marbelle - Willard Solair - Willard Willard Lore-Friendly vehicles: - Albany Presidente (TBOGT variation) - Benefator Schafter GTR - Buckingham Ghawar - Canis Bodhi (clean, civil variant) - Declasse Premier (Max Payne 3 variant) - Declasse Voodoo (clean variant) - Dewbauchee JB700 (unarmed) - Dinka Chavos (Max Payne 3 variant) - Dundreary Regina Sedan - Grotti Cheetah (classic variant) - Imponte Phoenix (short variant) - Karin Futo Hatchback - Karin Sultan (unmodded two doors variant) - Modena Typhoon (custom made vehicle) - sh*tzu Violator (Max Payne 3 boat) - Vapid Interceptor (civil police variant) - Vapid Stanier - Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign - Zirconium Stratum Sedan ===============INSTALLATION================ For OpenIV modPackage: 1. Install ASILoader with Scripthook - http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ 2. Install OpenIV - http://openiv.com/WebIV/guest.php?get=1 3. In OpenIV go to Tools -> ASI Manager and install ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi 4. In OpenIV, click Tools -> Package Installer and choose ivpack_1_0_155.oiv. 5. Choose Install to mods folder. Installation video 1.0.170 All rights for GTA IV & Max Payne 3 vehicles to Rockstar Games. Mod distributed for free.
  17. Troublesome96_

    GTA V Gang Retextures

    Before I get started, I just want to say i'm not a gang member and modifying any of these textures doesn't make me some type of wannabe or someone who glorifies it. I just wanted to put some realistic gangs in this game and by realistic I mean I wanted to put Bloods, Crips, Hoovers, Surs, or whatevers in GTA V which is a game based on LA (obviously). But anyway, here is everything I have modified so far: Each color of the title represents what I retextured them as. Surenos, Bloods/Pirus, Crips. Aztecas Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/varrio-los-aztecas-retexture-southside-ballas-eastside-ballas-to-bloods-pirus Vagos Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/rancho-13-vagos-retexture Pirus Original Covenant Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/original-covenant-piru-original-covenant-ballas-retexture Eastside Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/varrio-los-aztecas-retexture-southside-ballas-eastside-ballas-to-bloods-pirus Southside B's Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/varrio-los-aztecas-retexture-southside-ballas-eastside-ballas-to-bloods-pirus Crips Chamberlain Gangsters & Carson Ave Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/chamberlain-gangster-crips-carson-avenue-crips Davis Neighborhood Crips Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/davis-neighborhood-crips I couldn't fit the rest of the pics .
  18. "GTA Chars And Anim Helper" v0.91 Open Beta For those who not very interested in all of this but wonder what is that sh*t from the title picture above ^^^ - it's just one experimental mod. I don't know when it comes out, sorry. But now you can do the same things with "GTA Chars And Anim Helper"! Or any other dope stuff. Combine it with CarRec and you'll get something like Quantum Break plus Uncharted plus Resident Evil plus [insert your Favorite Game]. Now, if you're interested... This is the MaxScript for Autodesk 3ds Max. Description: "GTA Chars And Anim Helper" gives you the ability to skip some boring moments of skinning and animation of the characters for GTA: Vice City and San Andreas. SOME options potentially can be used for GTA 3/4/5 modding, or other games. Installation: Just place "GTACharsAndAnimHelperBeta.ms" into your "3dsmax/scripts" folder. How to use: Point to any button with the mouse cursor to see some extra info. That's all, dudes. Ok, here's the extended description for these buttons: "Char Helper":
  19. 11john11

    John's Workshop

    What you are going to see here are mostly RDE Style lore friendly emergency and service vehicles inspired by real ones from the 80s until late 2000s carefully edited to closely resemble their real counterparts (with the occasional edited civilian car dropped in for variety) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Currently I'm working on some late 90s until mid 2000s themed vehicles. My WIP Mods 2005 Stanier - LSPD: 1998 Stanier - LSPD (normal + traffic/gang unit) Landstalker - LSPD: Rancher XL Service truck: My Released Mods
  20. Six mods compiled and reworked into one archive. Ultimate stealth, challenging but fair cops, GTA IV/RDR euphoria ragdoll with fine-tuned responsiveness, addictive fist fighting and brawling, refined weapons and gunplay, diversified and realistic traffic, peds, and environment. DOWNLOAD === SCREENSHOTS === === DESCRIPTION === This is a revised and refined archive of mods focused on stealth and realistic AI behavior. The original mods share conflicting files and using them separately can be a hassle. All the files have been fine tuned to make sure they use all their elements properly, without conflicts or bugs, and with extended and revised features. Here's a full list of the mods originally used: Crime & Police Rebalance and Enhancement by BobJaneTMart Euphoria Ragdoll Overallby MiGGoust Realism Dispatch Enhanced by Dilapitated and mkeezay30 Refined Weapons and Gunplay by State_of_Mind Streets of Rage Brawling by RS Beats World of Variety by Cass I also added the Wallet mod by Drkz, it changes cash piles into wallets. (This mod was originally meant for personal use, but I can't be the only one who uses all those mods.) === FEATURES === Stealth is a fully functional and fair feature - silenced and melee weapons act as such, no surprises no bullsh*t, - only witnessed and reported crimes will grant you a wanted level - when out of sight you have a chance to hide in vehicles (and not be spotted from far away, à la Watch Dogs) GTA IV Euphoria physics are here - more human and realistic body and ragdoll behavior - peds react to the points of impact, sometimes putting their hands where they are shot - peds can hold on to car doors just like in GTA IV - peds lose their balance more realistically Cop and enemy AI refined for a smarter and more challenging approach - better flanking, climbing and overall investigating from cops - specific behavior for the different branch of the police/military forces - same for gangs, they will be more reckless and offensive than a trained FIB agent for example - AI view cones are extended to emulate real life sighting - wanted timer and out of sight timer have been fine tuned for each different classes of cops, aiming for a more fair and balanced experience Realistic fighting and brawling - fights last longer, you will encounter skilled peds, aswell as people who can't fight - health and damages have been revised for all peds, a drunk bum will have less capability than a jacked biker for example - use your talk button to provoke people and generate fights The whole world feels more realistic - people aren't focused on your every move, you feel like a citizen among citizens - cops won't necessarily be called for a fist fight in the hood for example - people carry on with their lives for tiny events that don't matter to them The traffic and spawned vehicles are much more diverse - DLC vehicles spawn in the world (up to v678, I didn't bother to update past that) - traffic spawns all the available vehicles in a realistic fashion - vehicles spawned through the mod don't feel out of place, things are area related === INSTALLATION === All you need is to open your .rpf game archives with OpenIV and drag and drop my content in the desired locations. See full file locations in the txt files I provided. You can drag and drop the whole update.rpf content at once. Though check the txt file I provided to properly enter the other .rpf archives before drag and dropping the files. OIV INSTALLATION AVAILABLE THANKS TO MANAV121 (Tested on 678. Should work fine with any version. Please report any bugs you may find with extensive describing of the conditions in which you encounter them.) Download link. === CHANGELOG === Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v1.1a - Longer ambulance dispatch time - Pursuing cops (1 star) will wait longer before starting to shoot (2 star) - Longer evasion time (out-of-sight to 0 star) for 1 and 2 star - Added unmarked police car to traffic and police spawns
  21. With this mod we are now able to play singleplayer using the online models. Use a trainer to change to one of the online player models(male or female), customize the model using the trainer, now using my mod press B to bring up the menu and select which character you currently are(freemode male or freemode female) and then select who you would like the game to think you are from the choices below, close the menu by pressing B and bring up the interaction menu and it should display the character's name. For more help, see the videos on the mod page or ask in the comments. I have included the source to this mod if you would like to change the hotkey or expand upon what I have created. Tested using latest Steam and Rockstar Warehouse versions. Requires ScripthookV, Scripthookdotnet,NativeUI Controls: B to open/close menu, arrow keys to navigate menu, Enter to select I have also included a cheat table to be used with CheatEngine (http://www.cheatengine.org/). It should work for both Steam and Social Club versions of the game. To use the cheat table first install CheatEngine, open the GTA5.ct file I've included, run GTA5, Alt+Tab back to CheatEngine and on the left side of the application under File is a button to select a process, select GTA5.exe, and then you should be able to use the hotkeys (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to make the game think you are one of the five set characters(Michael,Franklin,Trevor,Freemode Male,Freemode Female). To edit the hotkeys just right click on CharacterSwap(Steam) or CharacterSwap(Social Club) depending on which version you have and click Set/Change hotkeys *Changelog* 8/10/2016 - Fixed a typo in the cheat table causing a crash when pressing 2 to switch to Franklin on the Steam version. 8/9/2016 - added cheat table Version 2.02 - Widened the search a little just to be sure the mod finds the correct address. Version 2.01 - Was able to test the mod using the Social Club/Rockstar Warehouse version and discovered an error in the code. It should now work for players with this version of the game. Version 2 - Instead of using pointers the mod now searches for the values in memory and calculates the address that way. This should be compatible with all versions of the game. Also, there should no longer be any crashes due to an invalid address because if they mod cannot find the values in memory it will not attempt to edit the values. Special Thanks to: kr1ck on GTAForums for the discovery GhostMode1 at mpgh.net for the tutorial on how to find pointers Matej Tomcík on Youtube for showing how to edit memory in C# drp4lyf on gta5-mods.com for helping me to make this mod better. dom1n1k and Patrick at GameDeception.net for the memory scanning script atom0s for converting the memory scanning script to C# https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/characterswap [media=600x328]https://youtu.be/LQqSWOBDVTs[/media][media=600x328]https://youtu.be/UdYH-jAIDyg[/media]
  22. DoctorMike

    GTAForums T-Shirt

    Hi Guys, I made a Simple T-Shirt retextures for Franklin, Michael And Trevor. this texture mod, adds the GTAForums Logo on the Back of some T-Shirts, i just did this in my free time but i made this 3 mods ago, if admins or moderators like it, i will add this texture to more outfits and make it look better. Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/gta-forums-t-shirt
  23. JustWhy

    Niko Bellic Mod (Auto Installer)

    This mod is a Auto Installer for the Niko Bellic Mod by theNGclan. Click Here To Download The Original Topic
  24. qiangqiang101

    Entity Extra

    I wrote a simple plugin to help developers make better mods, feel free to let me know what to add next ********** PedExtra ********** - Usage Dim XPlayer = New PedExtra(Game.Player.Character) - Get Ped's Hat Dim PedProps As Integer = XPlayer.GetPedProp(PedPropsVars.PROP_HATS) - Get Ped's Hat Texture Dim PedPropTexture As Integer = XPlayer.GetPedPropTexture(PedPropsVars.PROP_HATS) - Change Player's Component Variation PedExtra.SetComponentVariation(Game.Player.Character, PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO, 1, 2, 3) - Change Player's Props PedExtra.SetPropIndex(Game.Player.Character, PedPropsVars.PROP_HATS, 1, 2, True) - Get Number of Hat Prop Drawable Variations Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetNumberOfPropDrawableVariations(PedPropsVars.PROP_HATS) - Get Number of Prop Texture Variations Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetNumberOfPropTextureVariations(2) - Get Number of Palette Variation Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetPaletteVariation(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO) - Get Number of Texture Variations Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetNumberOfTextureVariations(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO, 1) - Get Texture Variation Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetTextureVariation(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO) - Get Number of Drawable Variations Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetNumberOfDrawableVariations(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO) - Get Drawable Variation Dim Num As Integer = XPlayer.GetDrawableVariation(PedComponentsVars.COMPONET_TORSO) - Clear All Ped's Props PedExtra.ClearAllPedProps(Game.Player.Character) - Set Player Default Component Variation PedExtra.SetDefaultComponentVariation(Game.Player.Character) - Get the Weapon Ped was using in Hash Dim WeaponHash As Integer = XPlayer.GetCurrentWeaponPedUsing() - Is Player exiting a vehicle? (Sub Task) Dim Bool As Boolean = XPlayer.IsSubtaskActive(Subtask.EXITING_VEHICLE_CLOSING_DOOR) - Is Player Driving? Dim Bool As Boolean = XPlayer.IsDriving() - Make Player Ragdoll 5000ms PedExtra.Ragdoll(Game.Player.Character, 5000) - Change Ped Model XPlayer.SetPedModel = PedHash.AmandaTownley - Is Ped Can Use? (Exist) Dim Bool As Boolean = XPlayer.CanUse() - Get Ped's Model Dim Text As String = XPlayer.GetPedModel() - Play Drinking Wine Animation PedExtra.TaskPlayAnim(Game.Player.Character, "[email protected]", "drinking_wine", -1) - Play Drinking Wine Animation Loop PedExtra.TaskPlayAnimLoop(Game.Player.Character, "[email protected]", "drinking_wine", -1) ********* UIExtra ********* - Spawn a working Television Dim TVProp As Prop Dim TVID As Integer = UIExtra.GetTVRenderTargetID() Public TVBool As Boolean = False If TVProp = Nothing Then Dim tvmdl As Model = New Model(1036195894) tvmdl.Request(250) If tvmdl.IsInCdImage AndAlso tvmdl.IsValid Then While Not tvmdl.IsLoaded Wait(50) End While TVProp = World.CreateProp(tvmdl, World.GetNextPositionOnSidewalk(Player.Position), True, True) End If tvmdl.MarkAsNoLongerNeeded() End If UIExtra.TurnOnTV(TVProp, TVID, UIExtra.TVChannel.Channel1, False) TVBool = True - Update TV Screen every tick (Should call on every tick) Dim TVID As Integer = UIExtra.GetTVRenderTargetID() If TVBool Then 'Update TV Screen UIExtra.DrawTVScreenEveryFrame(TVID) End If - Turn off the TV UIExtra.TurnOffTV() - Display Help Text on Screen UIExtra.DisplayHelpTextThisFrame("Press " & ControlButton.VehicleCinematicDownOnly & " to do something.") - Display Notification on Screen with Contact icon UIExtra.DisplayNotificationThisFrame("I'm Not MentaL", "You pressed the N key.", ContactIcon.Barry, True, UIExtra.IconType.RightJumpingArrow) - Read/Write CFG (As Seen on Single Player Apartment, Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership, Gymnasium, etc) Dim Text As String = UIExtra.ReadCfgValue("Key", "Value", "C:\FileName.cfg") UIExtra.WriteCfgValue("Key", Text, "C:\FileName.cfg") - Draw Text on Screen UIExtra.DrawText("Hello World!", New PointF(100, 100), 1.5, System.Drawing.Color.Red, GTAFont.Pricedown, GTAFontAlign.Left, GTAFontStyleOptions.DropShadow) - Get Player's Radio Station Name Dim RadioStationName As String = UIExtra.GetPlayerCurrentRadioStation() - Play External Sound/Music File with Volume Control UIExtra.PlayExternalSoundFile("C:\sound.wav", 50) ************** VehicleExtra ************** - Usage Dim XVehicle = New VehicleExtra(Game.Player.Character.LastVehicle) - Get/Set Door Angle (0.0 to 1.0) XVehicle.DoorAngle(VehicleDoor.FrontRightDoor) = XVehicle.DoorAngle(VehicleDoor.FrontLeftDoor) - Open/Close Bomb bay Doors VehicleExtra.OpenBombBayDoors(Game.Player.Character.LastVehicle) VehicleExtra.CloseBombBayDoors(Game.Player.Character.LastVehicle) - Set Player Last Vehicle VehicleExtra.SetPlayerLastVehicle(Vehicle) - Make Vehicle drops money when exploded XVehicle.SetVehicleDropsMoneyWhenExploded = True - Get Ped's Vehicle Weapon in Hash Dim VehicleWeapon As Integer = XVehicle.GetVehicleWeapon(Game.Player.Character) - Can Use Vehicle? (Exist) If XVehicle.CanUse Then UI.Notify("This Vehicle Can Use") End If - Get Vehicle's Model Dim Text As String = XVehicle.GetVehicleModel() ************ WorldExtra ************ - Load GTA Online Maps WorldExtra.LoadOnlineMaps() - Unload GTA Online Maps WorldExtra.UnLoadOnlineMaps() - Get Interior ID (Example: Premium Deluxe Motorsport) Dim InteriorID As Integer = WorldExtra.GetInteriorID(New Vector3(-59.793598175048828, -1098.7840576171875, 27.2612)) - Enable Interior Prop (Example: Premium Deluxe Motorsport) WorldExtra.EnableInteriorProp(New Vector3(-59.793598175048828, -1098.7840576171875, 27.2612), "csr_beforeMission") - Disable Interior Prop (Example: Premium Deluxe Motorsport) WorldExtra.DisableInteriorProp(New Vector3(-59.793598175048828, -1098.7840576171875, 27.2612), "csr_beforeMission") - Make Hidden Interior Visible (Example: 10 Car Garage) WorldExtra.SetInteriorActive(New Vector3(222.592, -968.1, -99)) - Make Hidden Map or Interior Visible (Example: Custom Apartment) WorldExtra.ToggleIPL("apa_v_mp_h_01_a") - Remove Hidden Map or Interior (Example: Custom Apartment) WorldExtra.RemoveIPL("apa_v_mp_h_01_a") - Change Interior like Custom Apartment in GTA Online WorldExtra.ChangeIPL("apa_v_mp_h_01_a", "apa_v_mp_h_01_b") Download link: http://www2.imnotmental.xyz/tool/entity-extra/
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