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Found 2 results

  1. KamikaziOtter

    Join the DSS Tactical Crew

    Interested in engaging in "SWAT Style" tactical game's?? Come join us at the Diplomatic Security Service (A division of the FIB) ...You can kill your highschool tormentor's while putting yourself thru College!!! Spy on your ex girlfirend while she's having sex, then post it on the interweb...All in the name of freedom!! We equip our agents with the best weapons, safehouses and equipment your tax dollars can buy... Sick of flipping burgers? Then join us today and learn how to flip the script on the gang bangers and squeeky children of San Andreas! For more information, click on the link below!
  2. As the topic suggests this is a crew specifically for past or present Armed Forces and Law Enforcement personnel. With that being said if you believe you have legitimate knowledge of real life tactics and handle yourself like a professional you are welcome to submit a request. The goal: To provide a crew with a functional hierarchy that can employ some real life knowledge to maintain an edge above the rest. Looking to create a tactically themed crew that would operate as a paramilitary organization with a mercenary type of mindset. I imagine a group rolling up in multiple up-armored (if possible) SUVs and rolling out with 9.11 type tactical gear and MP5/M4s with a little bird over head providing over-watch while your marksman/observer team covers the team from a nearby rooftop. Perhaps this would involve getting together with another crew and creating these conflicts but nonetheless it should be feasible with the scenario editor that GTA V will have. Possible positions: - Pilot - Marksman/Observer - Vehicle Specialist - Operator - Combat Engineer - Etc. This organization is in its infancy and will be ran as a democracy in its early stages. The first members will be essential to how we develop and will help me shape many aspects of the crew. I am operating under Xbox, and can find the crew in the social club under "For Those Who Serve", FTWS. Any input regardless would be appreciated
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