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  1. SACRED SONS IS A BRAND NEW MOTORCYCLE CLUB LOOKING FOR FOUNDING MEMBERS! I HAVE JUST STARTED THE MC ON GTA 5 FOR PC VERSION. I AM WORKING ON EXPANDING THE RESOURCES OF THE CLUB, GETTING BUSINESS TOGETHER AND NOW I JUST NEED THE BROTHERS TO RIDE AND DIE WITH. THIS IS JUST FOR A GOOD TIME AND TO HAVE FUN. I WOULD LIKE TO REPLICATE ACCURATE MC LIFE AS PORTRAYED TO MY AFFILIATION WITH A REAL LIFE MC (NOT GOING TO NAME WHICH ONE FOR OBVIOUS REASONS), HOWEVER WITHOUT ALL THE RP SERIOUSNESS. LETS HAVE A GOOD TIME MAKING THE BIGGEST AND BEST MC WE CAN! THE LINK TO THE ROCKSTAR SOCIAL CLUB PAGE FOR THE MC IS ATTACHED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST. FEEL FREE TO ADD ME AND COME RIDE AND HAVE A GOOD TIME. CODE OF CONDUCT IS ALSO IN THIS PAGE. I AM NOT STRICT ON MUCH, BUT SOME THINGS I BELIEVE SHOULD BE ADDRESSED. THANK YOU AND HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE ROAD SOON! Standard MC code of conduct: 1. Be respectful! Not only to brothers but to other clubs as well! Give no respect where it isn't due, we never strike first but we will strike last. 2. Always help the brothers! Don't leave a brother stranded, or sacrifice him to get away. Unless it's a heist and there is no other choice 3. ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSIVE RACIAL SEXIST, HATE SPEECH, OR ANY OTHER SLURRING COMMENTS. YOU WILL BE REMOVED! 4. For All Full Patched Members!!! I understand Prospects are "The Little Guys", However, we do not haze, troll or abuse Prospects! They are new and must put in their time, but they aren't slaves, pigs or sacrificial Lambs! They are new, but still our brothers. 5. Chain of Command is still a factor in the club. We are not the military, but if a brother that is higher in the "food chain" asks you of something, please do it. (As long as the order doesn't conflict with the 4'th code!) If you feel the 4'th code has been broken, please feel free to let a SGT. of Arms know so that it can be dealt with appropriately per the club. 6. All roles in the club from Hangaround to President all have a responsibility and purpose. Do your part! Don't sit back and let others take the load when you could be helping the brotherhood. An MC is a family and should be respected as such. So, if the Road Captain told me (the founding member) to fall back in the pack because I was riding like an asshat, guess what, I have to follow his instructions because he is doing his job correctly! Other than these few simple things, let's have fun, complete new challenges, ride together and find that brotherhood together that we have looking for. I'm easy going and won't say much about anything unless it was completely uncalled for. I just want to ride and make money ingame with a great group of brothers! I do not have any kind of voice chat set up yet, so it is up to you to use it ingame or not. It is not required but preferred just to make things easier. I would like to have church (club meetings) on Friday evenings at around 8:30 to 9pm, but this isn't set in stone. Once we have more members, we can vote on this. Anything else you see that may help make the club better, feel free to let me know ingame or on Social Club. ​​​ My ingame account name is G_Salvatore93. Come check out the club, ride for awhile and see if the MC brotherhood is for you! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sacred_sons_mc_natl
  2. TheDutchDaemon

    MC Patchmaker here!

    Hello, If you are looking for a patch maker for your gta v motorclub you've come to the right place. prices vary from 3 to 6 euro's. check my instagram and DM me if you are interested! DDMCPATCHES <-- my instagram
  3. Baseyoyoyo


    Are you looking for a true 1% MC that's loyal to its members with room for promotions? Apply now for 3K Army MC. We're accepting any new members regardless of experience or past beef. Message me directly and well hook you up almost immediately. We have EVERY position open even charter presidents PSN: Baseyoyoyo Steam: Baseyoyoyo Email: [email protected] or just post your PSN in the reply section https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/3karmy_mc
  4. Sons Of Anarchy MC Northern Charter RECRUITMENT Sons Of Anarchy MC Northern Charter (SAMCN) is a charter based on brotherhood and is one of the 10 Charters that are binded in an SAMCRO alliance. We are a diverse MC and love to ride. Our pride is our patches. We have been focused on adding shooters into the MC but all are welcomed. We are a democracy... meaning everything that runs in our club runs off of YOU the members. Every ride, every event, and every move made is made by the members at the table. We are all equals here and are all brothers in S.O.A. If you wish to join send a message to Hellrider311 or Cordellj88. -must have mic -Must be active -Wear your patch when on club business -Must have bike -Never shoot another Son unless training -15 is the minimum age but act like an adult please
  5. We are a group of biker enthusiasts looking to recruit members to our virtual multinational Motorcycle club family. We speak French , English , Norwegian and Arabic. You get to wear the patch from day one with no hangaround , support bulls**t that most other MC force you to do. You'll be considered a respected member with no humiliation nonsense crap. Although we have a few 1%in game rules that we like to follow to make the game more challenging and fun. Have you been rejected by other MC's or you just couldn't take their bs anymore , then MIGHTY BULLS MC is the crew for you ! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mighty_bulls_mc Add me on PSN : omarlahiani94
  6. ems324

    We're Hiring

    VALIANT PHOENIX ROLEPLAY IS LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED MEMBERS FOR HIGHWAY PATROL, COMMUNICATIONS AND THE FIRE DEPT. We’re a GTA V community, we’re a close knit community, professional and we’re looking for the best! CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO GO TO OUR ENJIN WEBSITE AND APPLY TODAY: https://www.enjin.com/dashboard/recruitment/ad?gid=72828-0&site_id=1561819 https://valiantphoenixrp.enjin.com/
  7. RamirezDOSSoPC

    [PC] DOSS Now Recruiting!

    Hello I am D. Ramirez the Owner and Founder of The Department of Safety Services on FiveM. We are a new community still in minor development in some areas but the FiveM server is fully setup to meet our current requirments. We are a community that strives to be the best and specializes in our roleplay and professionalism. All interested please apply on our website where you will also find the link to our discord server https://gtavdossrp.enjin.com DEPARTMENTS WE OFFER: San Andreas State Police [OPEN] Blaine County Sheriffs [CLOSED] Civillian [OPEN] Fire and EMS [CLOSED] Communications [OPEN] Please join our interview server https://discord.gg/F8Kq9mb https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dossfiver
  8. Noremac122399

    Militaristic Crew XB1

    Trew Clan is a group of players who takes pride in leading a militaristic role in Grand Theft Auto V Online. Focusing on Xbox One, they have four divisions: infantry, armor, air force, and enforcers. Need security for car meets or other crews? These powerful players will do just that. This crew beats up the high ranking bullies going after newer players (under level 20). This crew does not shoot first, but will defend themselves greatly if needed. if you're interested in joining you can msg me on xbox or kik at noremac122399
  9. Viper21

    Reyes Rebels MC XBOX ONE

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/reyes_prospects 12 years ago in a hotel in Sandy Shores, a group of bikers who'd been in prison together got serious about starting a club. Several months before, they'd decided to call the club the 'Devils Order MC' at a meeting but there was a fight at the bar and the meeting was never finished. At this second historic meeting the drawings of our original colours were chosen from several designs, and the name of the club was decided to be the Reyes Rebels MC. Named after the president, Bobby 'Butcher' Reye. Some time later the first chapter of the club started slowly gaining a reputation and new membership, the name of the Reyes Rebels MC has begun to sink in around the outskirts of Los Santos. We strictly follow 1%er rules. - AR's only. -Never shoot a fellow brother. -Don't shoot unless fired upon. -Always ride a chopper bike. -Wear the patch at all times. -Always respect full patch members and officers. Prospecting is a period of 13 days, and in those 13 days you will follow out 5 tasks that go towards you achieving your patch. PM ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED President: The president is the leader of the chapter. He is the clubs figurehead and is usually the spokesman when dealing with other gangs and members. The president is the chairman at club meetings and represents the chapter at national meetings.He rules the club with an iron fist. Vice President: The vice president is the President's right hand, second in charge and fills in when the president is away. The vice president is often the heir apparent to the clubs leadership although this isn’t the case. It’s his job to make sure that matters passed at club meetings are carried out satisfactorily. Secretary: The secretary is responsible for the clubs Instagram, and video making. He keeps minutes of meetings and records dates of significant events, such as anniversary dates (when prospects gain their patch). He corresponds with other gangs and it’s his job to keep members informed of upcoming events. Treasurer: The treasurer is the chapters’ money-man and he’s in charge of organizing missions, heists, TDM's and any other ways to make money. The treasurer is usually the person who handles the proceeds of a Clubs illegal activity. Sergeant at Arms: The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the club are not violated. He is responsible to insure that the orders of the Executive Committee are carried out in an expeditious manner. He is responsible for policing and keeping order at all club events, except as noted under the Duties of the President. He may conscript members to aid in keeping order on their own authority. He has the responsibility to the club to report any unseemly behavior of incident to the Executive Committee. He is responsible for securing any patches or colors from any member who retires, resigns, or is expelled. The SAA is responsible for the safety and security of the club, as well as the protection and defense of its members and prospects. He shall keep and maintain a record of all data pertinent to the safety and security of the club and it’s members and prospects. Upon becoming aware of any real or perceived threat to the club, its Members, Prospects, or events, he shall immediately notify the Executive Committee of that information. Enforcer: The Enforcer is a glorified member in which any situation can be solved by him. He's to be wise, clued up on all the tricks of the trades around and very tactical to his violent remarks to life and any given event. Road Captain: He is in charge of logistics during a club run. He plans the route and organises refuelling stops etc. The Road Captain rides at the front and leads the pack with the president. The position of Road Captain is usually a “non executive” position. Prospect: A prospect is a “prospective” member of the club who is yet to earn his patch. Prospects are expected to do what they are told and follow the orders of patchmembers. They must be prepared to engage in illegal activities to prove their loyalty to the club. Prospects have no voting rights and do not attend meetings unless invited in.
  10. Hello and happy 4th of July, i bought a gaming computer recently and i have GTA V on it. i am looking for an active police role playing community/group/crew that i can do patrols with, hang out with, talk to, etc. I am 19 I have a mic I am online mostly every day. I have a valid copy of GTA V. if you would like to contact me, post a comment with your Community's Teamspeak if you have one. if you have discord post that. and your Communities website. Thank You
  11. WillEames39

    Need a crew?

    If you are looking for a new crew, join "La Famiglia di LC". It's for all those who loved the Liberty City games, I am setting up a Family to run the GTA V Online universe as a mafia run map. We'll be running large business firms and smaller jobs, like drug trafficking and other fraudulent affairs. As of now, a newer member of the game, I already own a house and MC Clubhouse. While there is still plenty of work to be done, I am on the rise. Join if you would like to be a part of my family.
  12. ItzOptical

    GTA Online Crews

    Hello, I am trying to start up a crew with some friends of mine, we need some members to join us so please do our crew is called Khalifa Crew ANZ Here is our link: https://socialclub.r...halifa_crew_anz Also leave some crew's in the comments below to help others out with trying to find a crew! Thanks, ItzOptical
  13. Pornvirus

    The Devils Unleashed (PS4) Recruiting

    Hello all, We are recruiting active and friendly members to our crew "The Devils Unleashed" -FEAR-. GTA 5 PS4 Crew We were formerly known as "The Devils Within" and ranked among the elite in the top 500 crews of GTA. Unfortunately we were hacked and the crew went from 1000 members to 500 (mostly) inactive players. With this we have decided to start new and have almost hit 100 very active members. We are actively recruiting friendly and active members of all caliber. Whether you have mastered the game or just starting out. There is a welcome spot to all. In our crew there is plenty for all. We have our content creators (ranging from making short films to tracks). We run crew playlists which happen at least a few times a week. A crew meet each week with varying themes. We are always happy to help with any CEO, MC, Heists, or any other situations. We are also currently involved in the Clash of Crews. If you'd like to be involved, you will be guaranteed a spot if you can prove yourself by placing in the top of our practices. Promotions within the crew will also be given based on how active and visible you are and how helpful you are. If you participate in the Social Club, our PSN chat, crew activities such as playlists and crew meets, and offer a helping hand once in a while. You will definitely be recognized and rewarded for it. This is our promo video, please take a moment to check it out: Our rules are simple: Have your PSN account linked to your SC account. (preferably) wall visible at least to crew and friends. NO CREW KILLING and, respect your fellow crew members and you will be respected in return. We also do ask that once accepted you make the "FEAR" tag active. If you're looking for an active crew to help you grow, or just to have fun with other fellow gamers, look no further. Hope to see you all soon! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_devils_unleashed Thank you, Pornvirus (ILetTheDawgsOut)
  14. Alright guys Ive recently started YouTube and twitch channels and I want to play with you guys so Im making a crew for races missions deathmatches and other things just want to have fun really Ill be making the crew tomorrow and posting it on here so anybody that wants to join can join I play on xbox one and am from Ireland so Ill be playing any time from 6pm onwards
  15. James_Weaver

    [PC] The King's Own

    The King's Own WHO ARE WE? First and foremost, we are a community. We've come together from playing a variety of games. Out of those games GTA is definitely one of the more prevalent ones, and while we've retained our historical community name, we've decided to open our doors to the wider GTA player base. WHAT WE DO Basically, have fun. We don't dictate uniforms or vehicles - with our membership, it just wouldn't work! Otherwise, we'll run heists, races, supply runs and deliveries Even drug sales by air drop! HOW TO JOIN https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_kings_own Contact us on steam, or add us on rockstar social EU Weaver, https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/james_weaver US, Asia Ziz, https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/zizowns
  16. Hello guys , my problem is that im probably one of the best racers in gta I ve never met a racer that can even compare to me and im always first with big diffrence from the second whenever I play seriously. Also I watch videos on youtube with impossible moments in gta racing etc. And t he most thug life moments with millions of views is my daily routine. Anyway the problem I that I cant find easily good races with good settings for example catch up off and clean contact races and also I always win with not much of a competition but I dont have a lot of friends who race. I would like to join one of the best racing crews so I can help them increase the reputation and im sure I will quickly become one of the best racers inside the crew if not the best.I ve send requests ti nodo race crew and some others and also personal messages but I didnt get any reply what should I do to join because I realy deserve it . I also wat to say that maybe my stas is not the best because I didnt have a very proffesional account and I let others play races and I have a hard time find good races without annoying people in. But I sure have some wins to prove myself and also if I could join on race from those crews just for trial it would be the best proof. Please help me wih your knowledge only serious answers please
  17. CharonIndustry

    Charon Industry [MILSIM] [Mercenary] [XB1]

    Greetings, We are Charon Industry. We are a mercenary crew that operates inside of GTA V for Xbox one. We are a strong and independent crew that requires strict discipline and maturity. We are interested in recruiting more members. We have been able to establish ourselves as one of the top crews on GTA. We hope to make each and every one of our members richer, bigger, and stronger. We want to create a better environment on GTA, to do this we have created this crew that is designed to help players who are in need of our service. Our crew was made so that our members can receive payment from our clients. If you are interested in joining or if you want to become a client. Please read below. If you are interested in joining or requesting a contract please contact the Gamertag below. GT: CutterLocus Socialclub: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/charon_industry Our crew also has a website which is available for applications and for contract missions. http://CharonIndustry.weebly.com Social Media Instagram: CharonIndustry Twitter: @CharonIndustry Social club: Charon Industry Youtube: Charon Industry
  18. PC VERISON Hello my name is Jayde and I have recently gotten into GTA5 Online again and am looking to start an All Girl Crew In Game I have the following: CEO Office Bunker and Hanger So there will be lots of Jobs and ways to make money You must be a female to join this crew - mic preferred - but not required ****Either Apply on https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/kittiekatz Or Comment Below with your Name, Age, and Rank Level for an Invite**** GTA Online needs more women players so It would be nice to build an "all girl crew" Follow the Rules, have fun, make money. - If you do not Follow the rules you will be Kicked and Banned from the group. Rule #1 - If you are caught "posing" as a female you will be reported, kicked, and blocked from ever speaking with a KittieKatz member ever again Rule #2 - No fierce unacceptable verbal/text language Rule #3 - No damaging crews or business property "for fun" Rule #4 - No begging, nagging, complaining, etc. or you will be kicked Rule #5 - No killing players "for fun" without reason (Unless rivals or a legit purpose)
  19. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!! Are you tired of the constant random attacks on humanity for no apparent reason in public lobbies? The trolls that join your Heist Finale and just mess it all up on purpose? Tired of trolls in general? Well, you can now join a new movement!! That's right, if you're intereated in teamwork and tactical gameplay to rid the lobbies of all the trolls and unfortunate players that cancer the world of online gaming in Grand Theft Auto. Join up with the Varangian Guardians and team up to fight the disease. Earn money with other members to help grow your bank account, Be hired to protect other orginizations and build a name for yourself, and even get to enjoy the luxeries you've earned with other respectful players and just have a great time. I am currently looking for 3-5 players that are experienced GTA Online players to train into a mafia styled crew that uses military type tactical formations to protect both our orginizations, as well as, affiliate orginizations make money within public lobbies against trolls and random unfortunate players. Regular tactical practices and group meetings will be held to keep the crew in top performance shape. The first few members to join will be ranked as a Superior Supervisor with full benefits. I know this crew/group won't sprout over night, but with much help and practice we together will rid the cancer of trolls in the public lobbies and get our names out there. I know what you're thinking. What about us and our own bank accounts? Answer, we will make our crew the primary objective to do heists, missions, and sell cargo to fill up our bank accounts to satisfy our hunger for all the luxeries our hearts desire. If you're interested in helping me with the building blocks of this group to help me get this off the ground please feel free to contact me on XBOX ONE my GamerTag is "The Thumbinator" and be sure to message me including this post. Age limit is not required, but maturity is expected. Also, mics are required because communication is key. If you would like to learn more about my plan I have provided the group/crew rules below. ---------------------------- Rules to Live By: Rule #1: Obey the Family. Respect is earned, as you get what you put in. Never doubt or put down a fellow member, affilliate, or community member. Encourage and always have a Family's back in game or party. Save your anger for the trolls!! Rule #2: Never ever kill another Family Member or Affiliate in a public/private lobby. Only excemption is when we are in practices or try outs, in which you will be told to do so. We understand that accidents do happen, but with the right training these 'accidents' can be avoided. Rule #3: Stay loyal to the Family. Once you're in the crew you stay in the crew. You are not allowed to join another crew temporarily. If you are caught by a fellow member their will be a trial during church to defend yourself, but the rule stands obselite. Rule #4: Always be ready to squad up. If you are online and are sent an invite you will be expected to accept and join. Unless you are busy with a Campaign, Story Mode, or other "Real Life" involved events. In which, you will be expected to contact us via message. Rule #5: Never be involved in any trolling, killing spree, etc. at any time. Our mission is to make these sort of activities deplenish. If caught, you will be permanently terminated from the group. Rule #6: Always dress accordingly. A dress code is enforced during Crew Gatherings, Protection Missions, and Church. For more information on the dress code, see the "Dress Code" section below. Rule #7: Always be respectful to others. Our group/crew acts as a law enforcement for trolling. Therefore, we must always respect the people around us and support the community. Rule #8: Heists, Missions, and Races are a must to keep money in our pockets. That being said, only during these circumstances will we be able to "break the law" persay. Although, you will be expected to continue to use your tactical skill training, teamwork, and communication. However, you can continue to enjoy these "ways of making money" without the crew, but if the crew is online you will be expected to join in with the crew. Rule #9: Never team up with another crew, orginization, etc. without permission. Mainly, a supervisor (high-ranked member) will accompany you on any Protection Mission. Without a supervisor you will be considered as 'breaking the rules' and must be faced to a trial during court. --------------------------- Dress Codes will be discussed upon recruitment. Church: You must dress formal in a suit. Dress to impress as this will be the weekly Crew Meeting which it is manditory for every crew member to attend. Unless, you have a "real life event" in which you will be excused. --------------------------- Church Meeting Time: Every Sunday Night @6pm/7c Crew Tactical Practice: Every Friday Night @6pm/7c To JOIN THE MOVEMENT... Contact me on XBOX LIVE my GamerTag is "The Thumbinator" please send me a message and say "I want to JOIN THE MOVEMENT" or something like that and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.
  20. Santa Scout

    GTA Online Car Meets group

    Hello my name is Santa Scout and I would like to invite you to my group, we host weekly car meets with different themes each week. If you check the announcements there's a chance there will be one for an upcoming meet. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/yBNtB2
  21. I'm the crew leader of Rich Gvng and I'm recruiting, we got over 40 members with 2 nice Emblems rich gvng is all allstar crew that have members who are tryhards, dirty players, car lovers, and bout getting money if we like to see more follow me on IG @xMISFITx Requirements: -loyal members -active -tag must stay active -dont miss out on too many crew events Links to both Emblems are below https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crews https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rich_gvng_ymcmb_2
  22. Vill3m

    Creative Hustlers (PC)

    I'll just leave the link of my newly created crew here - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/creative_hustlers .All the info is there and if you think this crew might be for you then do not hesitate to join and contribute into expanding the member base.
  23. Cam_24


    Hello all, My name is Cam, I am the Deputy Director of San Andreas State Roleplay. We are accepting applications for Police Department, Sheriff Department, Fire / EMS & Civillians. What does our community feature: Custom Vehicles (For both Emergency Services & Civillians) Hands-Up Script Time-Sync Luxart Vehicle Control Custom Uniforms Custom Weapons Whitelisted Server Fuel Mod Lots more that you will see upon joining. Our Aim: Within San Andreas State Roleplay, We aim to provide a realistic, enjoyable roleplay experience for everyone. Requirements that you must meet before applying: Must have a working Microphone Legal Copy of Grand Theft Auto V Fluency in English Over the Age of 15 The process of becoming a part of this community: Fill out the application here Wait up to 48 Hours for a reply to the email stated on your application. Join our Discord Server with the link provided in the email from one of our members. Complete an Interview with one of the Human Resources members. Partake in the SASRP Training Program assigned to the department. 1 week Community Induction. Questions: Any questions that you have regarding this community, you can post in the comments or click here to submit a contact form and one of us will reply. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you join our community soon! -Cam San Andreas State Roleplay.
  24. Spades Auto Club

    Spades Auto Club, looking for new members

    ♤Spades Auto Club♤ My name is Simonsaysdie979 Im the president of Spades Auto Club on grand theft auto online on the xbox one. I started this club three years ago on the xbox 360 and it has never gone very far unfortunately. This is one of the most prestigous car clubs in gta online in my opinion. I have spent my life around hot rods, lowriders, and the rockabilly kustom kulture. We only look for those who can build CLEAN hot rods, lowriders and classics, this means keeping them simple but nice and not putting every part on the car and making it look dumb because you have a lot of money. This is a 1950's themed car club so we do things very old school. It is structered in ways like an MC. We do not discriminate. Eventually i would like this club to be very large, once it is finally decent size we will start hosting car shows i'm hoping. Those who cannot or do not know how to build a classic traditional or old school lowrider, hot rod, or classic american car i will personally teach you. We do have a rockabilly/ pin-up or style look for members. Message me at simonsaysdie979 on the rockstar social club or xbox one if you are interested. Be warned this club is very authentically based this means changing your clothes style and daily driver to an old school look. The main reason for this, this crew was meant to be one of a kind and/or the first of its kind all clothes and hair options below i leave to you to choose your own combination and look. We are a peaceful club but fight if need be. 17+ or older. No drama or crew killing or you will be kicked, no squeakers. Thank you CLOTHES WOMEN Jackets -black cropped biker -dark brown cropped biker -crimson or red cropped biker -distressed denim jacket -red denim jacket -two tone denim jacket -crew varsity jacket Shirts & t shirts -white rolled T -black rolled T -gray rolled T -khaki T -beige T -any tied checked shirt -any other shirt, not including loose shirts or sleevless plaid shirts OFF SHOULDER TOPS -black and white top -salmon striped top -blue striped top -any camisole, bustier DRESSES -any babydoll dress HATS -any pork pie hat -any fedora that is not cashmere SHOES -Black canvas -white canvas -red canvas -any high heels except straps -worn black laceup boots -black laceup boots -black scruffy boots JEANS/PANTS/SHORTS ECT -navy blue skinny -any roadworn -distressed navy cropped -black cropped -navy cropped -vintage cropped -faded blue cropped -any denim shorts with stockings -black faded denim shorts -blue denim -blue distressed denim -navy distresse denim -black leggings -dark brown leggings HAIR -ponytail -loose tied -pin up -rolled quiff -neat bun -short -short bob MEN JACKETS -full black leather jacket -crew varsity jacket -blue LS open varsity -blue double P open varsity -brown WSBL open varsity -black trickster open varsity HATS -Black flat cap -brown flat cap -any mod pork pie -black pork pie -chocolate suit fedora -black suit fedora -brown suit fedora -black fedora -ash fedora JEANS -navy regular fit -worn black regular fit -dark blue regular fit -black regular fit -black pants (suit pants) SHIRTS -Charcoal or black T shirt -white t shirt -denim tucked shirt -denim shirt & braces -any tucked shirt SHOES/BOOTS -worn black slack boots -black slack boots -worn black laceup boots -black laceup boots -black scruffy boots -all black canvas shoes -black leather loafers -brown leather loafers HAIR -Short brushed -high slicked sides -side parting -loose swept back -NO FACE PAINTS! CARS -albany roosevelt valor -albany roosevelt -vapid chino custom -slamvan -slamvan custom -declasse tornado -declasse tornado custom -bravado rat truck -vapid hotknife -vapid peyote -delcasse voodoo custom -declasse mamba -invetero coquette blackfin -invetero coquette classic -imponte nightshade -Truffade Z type -declasse tampa -albany franken stange -declasse stallion -imponte dukes -vapid blade -declasse vigero -cheval picador https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/spades_auto_club
  25. Brian R Sepro

    Who wants to join a Mafia family

    Who wants to join a mafia family plz kik me at BrianRSepro
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