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Found 184 results

  1. PC VERISON Hello my name is Jayde and I have recently gotten into GTA5 Online again and am looking to start an All Girl Crew In Game I have the following: CEO Office Bunker and Hanger So there will be lots of Jobs and ways to make money You must be a female to join this crew - mic preferred - but not required ****Either Apply on https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/kittiekatz Or Comment Below with your Name, Age, and Rank Level for an Invite**** GTA Online needs more women players so It would be nice to build an "all girl crew" Follow the Rules, have fun, make money. - If you do not Follow the rules you will be Kicked and Banned from the group. Rule #1 - If you are caught "posing" as a female you will be reported, kicked, and blocked from ever speaking with a KittieKatz member ever again Rule #2 - No fierce unacceptable verbal/text language Rule #3 - No damaging crews or business property "for fun" Rule #4 - No begging, nagging, complaining, etc. or you will be kicked Rule #5 - No killing players "for fun" without reason (Unless rivals or a legit purpose)
  2. Santa Scout

    GTA Online Car Meets group

    Hello my name is Santa Scout and I would like to invite you to my group, we host weekly car meets with different themes each week. If you check the announcements there's a chance there will be one for an upcoming meet. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/yBNtB2
  3. Admins: Please move to correct forum if I'm i. The wrong area! Hello my name is Al Kacino. I am looking for gangs, motorcycle clubs, paramilitary organizations, mafias, criminal organizations, and police crews for my new series "Gangland: San Andreas". In the show, I will ride along with key members and learn about their crew. This is your chance to showcase what your about, and give outsiders a look at a day in the life of you. I will be interviewing members, sharing stories and backgrounds. If this is something you are interested in contact me on [email protected] YamatheKreature or on [email protected] Al Kacino. Your organization must have a good amount of members and background (not looking for a crew formed last week with ten members). Thanks!
  4. RomeoAlpha

    Knight$ of the Ankh PS4

    Knight$ of the Ankh #MOOR Respect,Honor,&Glory https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/knights_of_the_ankh Join our quickly growing crew Only the loyal need apply Under construction much more content to follow feel free to post to the page if you like gtaforums members!
  5. SofiannP

    Join the Great Six Criminal Masterminds!

    Greats Six was founded from 6 Great players who prepared since 2014 for the heists and then completed the CRIMINAL MASTERMIND - $10,000,000, LOYALTY - $1,000,000 and ALL IN ORDER - $1,000,000 Challenges. We now own the Maze Bank Office and several others. We a fleet of vehicles such as Rhino, Turreted Limo, Savage, Buzzard, Hydra, Valkyrie, Insurgents, Basically everything. Why did we create this crew? To help everyone with their Heist Setups, Finales, Ceo Crates, Ceo Work and basic leveling and PvP Training. Who do we recruit? Any level from 1-100, if you're above 100 we expect you to have reached a certain K/D Ratio that is legit and proven in Deathmatch or Freemode against our enemies. We help anyone from Level 1-100 to train their skills, gain money, reputation points. We do not recruit modders, we already kicked some people out after finding out they had 120 Millions of hacked money or after reports of them using wall glitches to grief people. If you use a glitch to change your clothing that doesn't bother me, if you use glitches to an advantage that is what we don't desire. If you're interested and active you may apply on https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/greats_six Anyone can apply to join the crew, we'll stop recruiting at 100 members and will keep the number of members on 100 because we do not want "strangers" in our crew, we want people we get to know and not people who kill crew teammates which we have a strong policy against. If you want to see some footage of CEO Work we do and deathmatches check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ8OJQf3oSEgbIuESm8bimw PSN ID: SofiannP
  6. easthill milita

    East hill milita recruiting!

    easthill milita is a military role playing crew on (ps4 only) if you would like to join add psn: lukeyr1 Or Psn: MC-DEVVO420 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/east_hill_mailita
  7. SomeTechGenius

    The Lair.

    Hello everyone, I am here to tell you all about a newly made gaming community that is focused on GTA V And CS:GO. We have weekly events for GTA V And help eachother with missions and heists every day. There are no requirements for joining, other than having a copy of GTA V and not being banned. We have a social club crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_official_lair But before you join the social club, join our Discord so we can organise events and talk in chats! Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/SbWy9WY
  8. GOLDENGunner 89

    FIB Agency Division

    FIB Agency Division If you are looking for a crew to earn money and meet new people this is the crew for you. We are a crew that started 2 years ago with just 2 people myself and my friend. We have been recruiting people through out the 2 years and now have 175 members so far. We have many weapons and cars at are call which include yachts, tanks, jets and many others. We are also a crew that will help anyone of are members to come out with full money on heists with are methods on how to complete them fast and safe. We also do the replay glitch so we don't have to do setups at all on the Pacific Heist Are achievements Criminal mastermind challenge Done Loyalty Challenge Done All in order Challenge Done Are leader is JacobPounder/GOLDENGunner 89/ Second leader nathan38711/natham03 Third leader Bigbadbrad1/ronin1997 Third leader darksasuke908/gigi gorgeous71 Crew Logo Life of the director Screesnhots of the crew And many more To join click the link below to join or message us on Xbox at GOLDENGunner 89 or message natham03 for more information about the crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fib_agency_division
  9. I'm an amateur YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster. I want to do some videos, but I need players. I need players with mics, and over 18. I'm attempting to turn semi-pro. In a few weeks I'll have the equipment to make ultra high quality videos. I've got an elgato capture device, and a brand new laptop. I ordered a transmitter to record the game chat, and just need a few more items including a snowball mic. I wanna do last team standing jobs and races. I will do a shark card giveaway in a few weeks to advertise myself. I've spend over £200 for my YouTube and Twitch channels. When I next get paid I'll buy the rest of the stuff I need for it. By the time I have all the stuff I need I'll have spent £500+. Not including my £500 laptop. I'm serious about this, this is my dream. Let's make it a reality. All big YouTubers start at the bottom... If you are also a Twitch broadcaster or YouTuber, we can share ideas, advice, and feedback. My YouTube and Twitch channel is MrKINGPINTER. Ignore my profile pic, I'll get a professional one in a week after I get paid.
  10. Lone King Kobra

    Zombie Assault Crew

    Zombie Assault Crew currently has around 15 active adult members that play on a daily basis together on GTA V for Xbox One. We are a crew that are all friends and just enjoy the company to play with the same people day after day. We all do many different things together on GTA but mainly CEO & MC Rider work. We are also huge into snipers vs stunters, rockets vs insurgents, runners vs stunters, and stunt races, we usually do atleast a playlist or two of these every night. We are looking to expand our crew base with more active players. Our crew is not limited to GTA play basically every game together, whatever everyone is in the mood for. If you are interested in joining send me a message on Xbox, gamertag: Lone King Kobra We would love to have you come play with us, try us out.
  11. Herzog

    The Royals Car Club

    About Us The Royals Car Club is dedicated to bringing a realistic 50's & 60's feel to our car meetups and races. We aren't associated with crime, only with fast cars and throbbing engines. All of our members dress appropriately to give off the feeling of taking a step back in time to a time where rockers and greasers ruled the roads. We host car meetups with a classic theme and also in our spare time we just like to socialise within the club and also with other like minded groups. We generally hang out at our clubhouse or at the Uni campus. Members & Ranks Meanskullmankill Herzog DankestGarage PajeroJonas crash112416 Meetups & Races All of our meetups are based around classic cars and muscle cars. We try to keep within our 50's and 60's approach of the club so sports cars and super cars will not be present at our meets. After our meets, we all drive to the northern airfield and host a drag race where everyone will get a turn to put pedal to the metal and battle it out for #1. Scores are kept and every race will have a semi final and a final. Website We have our own website where more info is posted and a constant flow of pictures of our meetups are uploaded for all the enjoy. Royals Car Club Website Joining Us If you have a passion for classic cars and meeting others with the same passion then please contact the Grand Duke, who is in charge of recruitment, and they will see that your information is passed on to the King. At some point in the future we may release an application form if this club proves to have a constant interest. Thank you for reading up on The Royals and we hope to see you at our future meets. Grand Duke - Herzog (Please note that this post and our forum is a WIP and is subject to change)
  12. Hello! This is a shout out for a GTA 5 crew that was formed back in February 2016. However the car meet facebook page has been running since May 2014. We've been doing car meets for a very long time now. Originally an Xbox 360 crew but now starting to branch off and expand into the Xbox One, PC and PS3/PS4 platforms. We are looking for both members and folk that would like to host. Crew Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_axle_rattlers Crew Leader: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/xtenbombx We still do meets on the old Xbox 360 and will be supporting that for as long as we can. Will be streaming on as many platforms as we can. Regards, xtenbombx
  13. PrezDon

    [Deutsch] Gremium MC Germany XB1

    Hallo Leute, Wir vom Gremium MC suchen noch Member, bei interesse schreibt uns doch bei Social Club. NUR LEUTE Ü16 UND AKTIV ONLY XB1 https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gremium_germany_xb1
  14. DonnieTheProphet

    Tribe Motorcycles MC

    Hi guyz, I am looking for active players for an MC. We're a diverse MC, spanning across all consoles, but I would like to make a team for PC users. I am alone yet, but I hope , I can find enthusiastic players like me. We haven't got rules yet, only few things, love old stuffs and MC style. Don't be salty kid. After that if we have a core team, we are going to write the rules and history together. SC: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tribe_motorcycles_ My plans: Do events, public rides, meetings , like serious MC's. I'm from Hungary, CET +1 timezone. If you like it and want to join, send me a message. My SC: DonnieTheProphet Have a nice day. And sorry for my english, i am still learning it
  15. Want to be a part of a brotherhood/family that has your back no matter what? You're on the right post. The Lost Souls CA MC is recruiting and are looking for players who are active and are loyal. Requirements: Must be 17+ years old. Must have a mic. Must be active. If you're new to the Motorcycle club world; then you must contact the secretary on kik (slutbruh) for her to explain all the MC world/ rules for you. Some Basic Rules: Respect your ranks. Undergo as a hang around for one week and then prospect for another; you get patched when all the members and rank officers agree on voting you in. Must be loyal; crew hoping is despised Must follow all 1% MC rules (ex: ARs only, no heavy weapons,Riding Harleys) The colours of the club are black and red; however you can't wear all red; you can wear all black. Patch must be on at all times. There are many more, but those are the basics. If you want to join contact the secretary slutbruh on kik.
  16. Carl514

    NightMare OutlawS (Crew Recruiting)

    Time as Come For you Soldier Of Darkness, The Nightmare Outlaws Crew is Recruiting now On Xbox 1 and Ps4, one Commisioner spot for Ps4 gestion is open, If you like Riding Motorcycle , And making Chaos, this crew is for you, here is The promotion Video of The club http://youtu.be/sKTKZS68zWk And web page is under Construction !!! Join Now https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/nightmare_outlaws_
  17. f1234erik

    [Biker themed crew] Outlaws SA MC PS4

    We are a biker themed free-aim GTA 5 crew on PS4, Our club is based of 4 things Honor, Loyalty, Respect and Brotherhood. Here is a sentence that describes us, "You can turn a good brother into a good shooter, but you can't turn a good shooter into a good brother." We value the unity in our club above all else and our teamwork is what makes the Outlaws MC PS4 and it's been that since day one. Everyday we work to make our community better, and make our brotherhood stronger. We have a tough story, but we still stand strong and that proves what we are all about. Outlaws Motto We are Outlaws, we stand for everything you hate, we stand beside our brothers no matter what fate stands in our way. If my brother falls, than I fall too, You disrepsect the patch we will come looking for you. We are nomads we are the true f*cking way, dont f*ck with us or the ground is where you lay. - Cerebral-Torture How to join? To Join you will have to apply at Outlaws Hangarounds on social club, and make sure you have left all others mc's, have your profile set to visible and linked your PSN account before joining, than add members of Outlaws MC PS4 to get noticed. Once in a game with us you will have to introuce yourself, so make sure you have a mic. We normally also expect our members to be 18+ because we want our crew to stay on a mature level, so if you are younger you will have to prove that you are mature enough for our brotherhood. All newcomers must go through a two week Hangaround periode before joining, this is so we can decide if you got what we are looking for in members. After the two weeks of being a Hangaround, we will than decide if you are wrothy of becoming a Probate. Read more about our club here. God Forgives, Outlaws Don't
  18. I've set up a crew specifically for people able to communicate in English, quick start games and those fed up with playing with randoms that don't talk. GTA Online PC. Not looking to make it big, just want to get a small quality team together for heists etc. Typical gameplay times I'm available are weekdays 12-3pm UTC and weekends 3am-3pm UTC. Outside these times I pretty much wont be online. I'm also happy to join other groups, friends, crews who want a decent player with them. You can invite me, friend me or join my crew at the following links: My profile: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/derriktikmann My crew I setup (Whablow ASP): https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/whablow_asp/gtav/pc
  19. mostwanted2848

    Car Meet(xboxone)

    Gta5 Fun drifting and drag racing, cruising around too NO SUPER CARS ONLY sedans and cars that can be found on the street No bikes AND be respectful My gamer tag: mostwanted2848 Text for a invited to game and party and add as friend
  20. Yardie Noh

    [PC] [Gang] Carson Mafia Families set

    I'm starting up a crew thats a Families set. I'm lookin for people down wit the set, wearin the colors and reppin the hood. Main hangout is near the Davis Mega Mall and Herr Kutz on Carson Ave. Drop a reply if you interested in joining. Looking for active players on PC CMF4Life https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/carson_mafia_fams
  21. Lmf1997

    The Bic Mafia

    I just created a brand new crew called The Bic Mafia on ps4. Im looking for 4 different Commissioners and each comissisioners will have a specific area of expertise. Such as heist, Racing, MC President, CEO. My job will be recruitment and setting up Meets, Chill Spots and other social events to keep our crew a friendly environments to better your GTA online experience. I also need 8 lieutenants who are ready to grind out with either me or the commissioners to build our crews rep. And 10 representatives to help find muscle to increase our numbers. So all in all Im looking for a total of 21 people: 3 Comissisioners, 8 lieutenants and 10 representatives. If anyone is interested may contact me on here or over PSN (LMF1997)
  22. Sam 359

    Protection crew for XBOX one CEOs

    Hi guys, I have created an online crew for CEOs on XBOX ONE to look out for each other whilst in multiplayer lobbies. There is no obligation to joining another player’s company in a game. All that is asked of you in this crew is to help your crew-mates out if trouble arises. This crew is for players that want to just get on with their CEO work without any interference from nuisance players ruining cargo and/or vehicle shipments. My hopes are that this crew can take off and become global to the point that there are multiple crew members per online session to support each-other in their ventures. For anybody interested in joining the crew, the crew name is CP Protection crew, which you can search for on the Rockstar social club. Search: - CP Protection crew
  23. Hi all, I'm starting a new crew, and the focus of this crew is stealing cars from other rival ceos as they deliver, as well as making freemode war of original variety. I'm 40, so ideally I'd like those interested to be mature personality wise, if not age wise. I have a youtube channel where I post what kind of activities I'm into, and ideally I'd like to hang out with people who are like minded...I envision a lot of members with a lot of interlinking YouTube channels, which will ultimately be a good recruiting tool. Here is a link to a couple of my videos, it typifies how I'm developing this line of action/film: Jacking other ceos car 🚗 : Here is an extreme bounty hunt with a frogger, with a stunt like James Bond type ending: Combining a stunt and a bounty hunt, discovering a glitch: Also, I'd like to create an air-force for this new crew, I'm a flying buff myself and a decent flyer. If interested let me know via a PlayStation message, my gamer tag is: mUagicmusic037, maybe let me know to add you with the words "new crew" and we'll figure out a time to meet in the game and plan some stuff. The new crew is called the "Mercinaries of Destiny" and will be a loose crew of creative people who share ideas and do interesting things. Have a good one people.
  24. Doublebub

    You Can't Squad With Us

    What's going on everyone, My friend and I just made a new crew and we are looking for a few players to join us in our misadventures, working our way up the corporate ladder towards CEO, I know we are a little late to the party but this game is still going strong IMO. Making a discord server tonight so feel free to hit me up on steam at Orgalorg or Doublebub in game
  25. http://m.imgur.com/IAyEknZ There was almost at least a year before I transfered from xbox 360 GTA to xbox one GTA. So my friend Taylor tells me that he was in a heist with this one guy who asked about our crew, Free Aim Gang, and childishly the initials are you know what. So the guy he was talking to said that he was going to make his own crew and name it Auto Aim Gang. At first I didn't believe but I saw the guy's gamertag and his crew. Then I went to the website and searched it, 3 members. I ain't sweating it, cause there's other guys named Free Aim Crip Gang and etc. When Taylor mentioned the guy's crew and how it rivaled our name, the guy denied that he did anything, even swapping the word. Arguably, this could be a direct rip off or just a change in words, but the question remains, has anyone completely ripped off your crew?
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