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  1. So I am coming to the end of this Questline and the game is trying to make me feel bad, like it has all the way through and all I can think is "No, f*ck them and their sob stories, if you don't want debt collectors breathing down your neck then don't pick up debts you cant repay" They knew what they were getting into when they took the money and like Strauss says at the beginning of the quest line "debtors belong in prison", if they had borrowed the money from a reputable source the debtors would still have come and they would be legally put in prison. I know its sad for some of them but I feel no pity. Thoughts?
  2. Spoilers, obviously. This is just my theory on where John was coming from in the Red Dead Redemption intro, where he steps off the boat into Blackwater My theory is this; We know that John had to have spent at least a year away from his family prior to the events of RDR, I say this because in the mission "The Outlaws Return", Abigail says to John "I thought you was dead! I thought you was dead John! Where you been, huh?" and when John asks about Jack to Abigail she says "It's like he's growing up without a father." and when John and Jack finally do meet in RDR, it looks like they haven't seen each other for years. I think that Ross & Fordham abduct John and his family in 1909. Abigail and Jack are moved to a government facility somewhere on land (John asks where they took Abigail and Jack, and she says she doesn't know but it was quite a ride), while John gets put in Sisika Penitentiary. Now before any of this happens, John must have told Uncle that if anything should happen to John that he's in charge of the ranch, (since in "The Outlaws Return", John berates Uncle for not looking after the ranch) which is why Beecher's Hope is in such a state of disrepair before John is reunited with his family) John spends 2 years in Sisika (which makes the year 1911). During those 2 years, Ross and Fordham have been tracking down the remaining members of the gang, which we now know is more than just Williamson, Escuella, and Dutch. John is first sent to kill or capture KAREN JONES. I say Karen because she is the last remaining gunman that isn't killed in RDR (she participates in a bank robbery in Valentine, and her artwork shows her with a gun). Ross obviously isn't going after the non-violent members of the gang since Abigail, Jack, and Uncle all are allowed to live (Uncle only dies because he participates in the last gunfight, the army was only there for John). So people like Pearson, Mary-Beth, and Tilly aren't on the list. Karen is located somewhere close or in Saint Denis, and is killed/captured by John. After, John is put on the riverboat to Blackwater from Saint Denis. I say Saint Denis and not any other town because one, if you look at the people on the boat, they're obviously high class people (with a few peasants on board), and two, theres a car being transported on the boat too, which means that it must have came from a city like Blackwater that has a crane to put it on the boat. So to recap; John is first sent to take down Karen Jones in Saint Denis. Then he is put on the riverboat that sails into Blackwater where John meets up with Ross & Fordham, and Red Dead Redemption starts. I think this makes the most sense because why else would John be on a boat to West Elizabeth when he lives in West Elizabeth?
  3. Does anyone know what happened to Karen or how to find her? She completely vanished at the end of the game and it was like she was completely forgotten about.
  4. In the other gta games usually it's other people who betray you like Lance Vance and Ryder. In this game it kind of makes claude the betrayer. I just thought it was messed up cause you were doing missions for Asuka and Kenji then you kill him. Then you start doing more missions for Asuka knowing you killed her brother and Claude never talks so it doesn't feel right.
  5. So I am in my third playthrough. In my previous playthroughs Javier comes to me in chapter 2 and wants me to help him rob the place. This leads to finding a stash of cash hidden under a large box in the barn. On this playthrough I was given a tip on the road from a prisoner I freed, to go rob the place. It was early in the game and I still hadn't went and resuscued Sean yet so Javier is still in blackwater waiting on me. I went up there by myself, killed everyone and looted everything. However in the barn I cannot move the box to get the stash. Did I screw this up? Will Javier still ask me to go rob the place with him later?
  6. I finally finished playing the game for the first time. I knew beforehand that Roman died in one of the endings because I read a bit about it many years ago, but I incorrectly remembered vaguely that "killing the villain" resulted in that ending, Idk why. But I wasn't sure after this time so I tried not to get it spoiled. I decided to go with the deal ending, by listening to Roman. I also for some reason imagined Niko saying "I should have listened to Roman" if making the other choice resulted in his death. I also assumed that it would be more dangerous to leave Pegorino angry after that mission, rather than going through with it. To be fair money didn't matter much in the game since you can't really buy any cool stuff besides weapons, but I thought maybe you get another apartment or something in the end. I was surprised when Roman died after the "deal" choice but it was a very interesting ending after that, especially with the next mission where you go after Dimitri finally. I was never so emotionally involved with a videogame until I played GTA IV, but ironically now that I got the "bad" ending I don't feel like playing the game anymore to get 100% completion lol. Well I guess I will eventually. I also never got to play bowling with Roman. I don't have any save close to the end before the "the price is right" mission but either way I feel like this was the choice *I* would have made anyway, without knowing how the game ends. Everyone seems to have gone with the Revenge choice, judging from the Internet and people I've talked to in real life. Did any of you pick the "Deal" ending? And did you know before making the choice which ending would get Roman killed, or not? Also I'm curious about what other choices you made. Here are mine: -not kill Ivan (because Vlad didn't deserve to have it his way) -kill Dwayne (hey he was depressed and wanted to die anyway) -Kill Francis McReary (since the other brothers seem to care more about Derrick) -Kill Darco (after so much trouble I guess it would have been "disrespectful" to the other characters if I didn't kill him)
  7. A couple of months ago I submitted a ticket to Rockstar support about this and they said they understood the issue and will forward it to the developers but nothing has been done yet so I thought I'd share this with you as well. I think we've all noticed that John's length 2 natural facial hair is almost completely identical to his length 1. It's pretty much invisible except for a few dots of hair here and there, as you can see here... And here is what it looks like during gameplay, basically identical except for a few dots of hair scattered here and there. When you compare that to Arthur's Length 1 and 2, you'll see that there is a vast difference between the two lengths. At first I thought this might have been a design choice but then I was playing as Arthur recently with his length 2 facial hair, I died and when I respawned Arthur's beard glitched to look just like John's length 2 beard, invisible except for a few dots of hair scattered around, pretty much identical to his length 1. I figured if it was a glitch for Arthur it's probably a glitch for John as well. I was able to make it go back to normal by just sitting Arthur down in a barbers chair but the same fix doesn't work for John. This only applies to the natural style facial hair as John's pencil mustache length 2, double forked length 2 and dundreary sideburns length 2 all look very visible. To clear up any confusion, I'm talking about length 2 in the trim menu at the barbers and at shaving mirrors. When you select the individual styles from the style menu at the barbers it's length 1. It's a shame because Arthur's length 2 looks the most like John's facial hair from the first game. John's level 3 looks much too thick. As I said I already told Rockstar support about this a couple of months ago but I wanted to share it with you here in case any of you were bothered by this and wanted submit your own tickets.
  8. Hello there fellow gta forums users and DYOM mission designers! I need to tell you all something important, everyone who's reading this topic and who is from Poland, Join "Polska scena dyom" that's a server which has been prospering for a pretty long period of time! https://discord.gg/Zc9EFKN We have plenty of tutorials for you designers made in Polish language, a place where you can use different kinds of bots for fun, lists of every object, vehicle, animation and interiors etc available in DYOM. Also there's a nice atmosphere! We're doing some events too mainly the same as the ones that are already made but in Polish and also every now and then we'll be streming your missions on youtube and reviewing them! Join us now!
  9. So I was up in the area of the impact crater, having a better look at it. Mostly trying to get a better idea of it's trajectory. When I was there, I noticed there is what looks like a path, cleared of pebbles and rocks, starting at the center, spiraling outward. Took a few snaps of it... Looked up impact craters and this is not a natural pattern they create. Yet after looking at a few videos, it looks as if they got all the other features of an impact crater correct. Considering that the rest of it is modeled properly, I can't help but wonder... Who made the spiral pattern? Also, considering that the crater can be seen right at the start of the game, and that pattern would have taken time to make... Wouldn't this suggest that this meteor impact had nothing to do with the meteor shower? ..::EDIT::.. Updated info below. See post from March 1st... ...EDIT::..
  10. One of the things I like to do post-launch of a R* game is see if there was any leaks that came true. Aside from the facts about what actually came true, some of these provide info about the general state of the game at the time, what was already in the game, and the development as well. This was one of the more interesting leaks That was posted around 2016 and 90% of what was said was true. Hell, they've already implemented the mare breeding mini-game back then, I wonder how much of the story was already written and programmed in back in 2016, and what they've been working on since. Does R* program the story line mission chronologically or is it in random order? I'd be cool to see how much was already in back then. Another interesting thing is when he said that the directive in which the environment has to be interactive, which is true seeing how many items that can be collected in places which reminds me of how Skyrim does it. RDR2 is a massive step up in environment interaction compared to GTA V. The last thing, and probably the most interesting one are the behind the scenes enviroment at R*, "morale at R* SD had been bad. Long timers are quiting. Lots of turnover. Lots of frustration" and how the game was stuck in development hell if and the team was confused about the gameplay. RDR2 has been in development since the first game was completed, and probably only entered full development after the release of GTA V. Ever since GTA EFLC, most Rockstar games are worked in a collaborative manner under the brand R* studios. I wonder if the low morale and chaotic development isn't only on R* San Diego, but other studios as well, since I've heard some rumors here and there about a massive number of employees leaving or being laid off after the firing of The Benz, which in turn slowed down development on many projects, some of which include the SP DLC for GTA V.
  11. Surprised this topic hasn't come up yet......so figured I'd start it! For me: 1) Red Dead Redemption. The grandaddy of all emotional roller coasters. The final Van Horn shootout with Sadie; Milton's reveal and death; goodbye to Abigail; Arthur's last ride; the Mexican standoff at Beaver Hollow; your horse's death (); goodbye to John; scrapping with Micah; the final appeal to Dutch and then Arthur's last sunrise. The game play may have been so-so, but the story was next level epic and anyone who wasn't moved by it, doesn't have a soul! 2) A New South. A fun little chase and scrap scene through (for me at least) the new territory of Rhodes and then some fishing and bonding with Dutch & Hosea. The happiest point in the story and a great ode to friendship.....before it all went to hell 3) Pouring Forth Oil. My favourite of the many train robberies. Good preamble and preparation; great (if borrowed) cinematics, and then a fun shootout through the train. 4) Sodom? Back to Gomorrah. Great, self-contained heist mission. Fun interactions with Karen & Bill, a genuine sense of tension whilst cracking the safes and then a fun shootout on the way home. Followed by the scene at Downes Ranch that at the time felt a little odd, but gave Arthur a chance to use some of his meanest one liners. Only later did it make more sense......... 5) A Quiet Time. Suspect this is a marmite mission. You either loved it or you hated it. Personally, I thought it was frickin' hilarious! Honorable mentions for Goodbye, Dear Friend & Advertising: The New American Art, both of which I also loved but which were just not quite long enough to supplant the above 5!
  12. So, what if that's not "The way it is"? I really wanted to play RDR before RDR2 came out, to familiarise myself with the characters, the story, the background. But I never got round to it. Thankfully I just went straight into RDR2. I had no idea who survived, who died, in fact I didn't even anticipate the gang would fail. I really thought playing the game he had a plan, I really thought we'd get to Tahiti. But, we didn't I played the story as it came and not knowing where it would end up. I didn't know Arthur wouldn't exist and John would survive. I didn't know the new characters (Sean, Hosea, Micha) so I didn't anticipate their deaths/demise/betrayal (though I had an incline on the latter) I'm on Chapter 3, the good days, on my second replay, and knowing what I know now, I'm reluctant to move the story on. I spend alot of time in camp. Jack got a new dog, stories and songs by the campfire. I try and interact with Uncle and Charles (and John) as much as possible. I try to make Arthur show some love to Kieran, I antagonize Micah at every opportunity. I made a point of getting a pipe for Dutch but never giving it to him. I'm doing as many stranger missions and random encounters positively. I help anyone I can because I know now how short life is. Might be thinking a bit too much (or played too much), but it struck me that when I knew what happened and had a "second chance" at living Arthur's life how differently I decided to live it. I'm sure we can all relate in some way. So, did you do anything different on second run through? Did you pay more attention to any smaller aspects? Did you take time to chat to a sober Karen? Are you more inclined to listen to Hosea's stories at the camp fire? Did you just want to walk up and punch Javier? Did you want to say thank you to Kieran for looking after our horses? Did your view on the game change when you started again, or is "That the way it is"?
  13. Niedosik

    GTA VI Release Date Spoiler Found?!?

    https://i.imgur.com/Qb2Ct66.png As we near the end of 2018, following the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar's first release since GTA V in 2015, I thought I'd poke fun at the people who claim they know when GTA VI is coming out, blah blah blah [*cough* Sernandoe *cough*]. Anyhow, in the picture I linked, you can see a "EXP. 6/19" written on the Flare (weapon). Judging by Rockstar's history where they continually released games year-after-year, up until GTA V, maybe this is evidence they plan to re-continue the old tradition? Obviously, the chances of it being connected to anything other than fitting '6' and '9' onto something are little to none. Though, feel free to make your own conclusions.
  14. Definitely some issues that need to be addressed. 1.wanted system needs fixing. Wanted levels come too easy and the fines get way to high 2.Fast travel sucks, seriously get with the times Rockstar. I should be able to fast travel with my campfire like we did in red dead 1 3.Why can’t we save after we use a cheat code? Makes zero sense 4.i don’t see any options to upgrade Johns home like we did with the camps 5.Should be more locations for mini games, trappers and fence’s
  15. After compliting the game I can't remember to hear this sentence from third trailer in the game. I missed something or is it maybe in side mission? Also - two questions about scenes. First - moment from 1:31 when Arthur throws himself on enemy in Blackwater. It's just made for the trailer? Cause as an Arthur we have no access to this city. Second - burned village from 1:52 - again - is this some mission or scene made for the trailer?
  16. Dont know if anyone mentioned this before but has anyone realised that the dark horse that you get with high dishonor in RDR is the same horse that Micah Bell rides in RDR 2? Looks like R* was warning us about Micah from the start. Love little things like that.
  17. Spoiler alert for the Main story! Im in the same boat as a many others here. just finished chapter 6 and im little dissapointed that we lost all our stuff but most of all that we lost Arthur at 76 or 77% progress.... I also did a few tressure hunts and had a few horses, all guns customized. This is a big bummer to me. Just finished the first mission with John, so now we are legit and no more outlaw life??? I cant belive it, just did a supplie dropoff, and i have no weapons and my pocket have 11 dollar. Where is arthurs hat and saddle that he gave John in finale of chapter 6? Also one last question, how can i do side missions that was availible with Arthur but now they are gone? I didnt do so many side missions, thought i could just do them another time. What if i reload a mission in another chapter, would that bring me back to Main map playing as Arthur? Problem is that i miss a few saves, only one save file where im at 58% progress, and the rest is just old save files from release day... Appriciate the help, let me know if the prologue chapter onr and two is about outlaw life or just playing legit dropping of crates. I was so happy with this game, and it was my new favorite story games of all times, but after Arthur died and all my stuff is gone im not so sure anymore, anyone that feel the same way?
  18. Hi all, I am new here, but just wanted to share this John Marston scene I found from Epilogue One, that looks very familiar... https://ibb.co/mFk9nq
  19. Orfan Loom

    The Rat

    What if it was not Molly nor Micah... What if it was...
  20. I think the most tragic part of these games is the most overlooked, Johns eventual death and being used by the law to hunt his old gang is all due to the revenge we took on Micah for killing Arthur/betraying the gang. Abigail begs John not to go after Micah but he ignores her, the end credits then show us Ross finding Micahs body as he was still an informant for them and he starts an investigation on finding out who killed Micah leading to the credit scene of Ross finding the ranch. If John didn't go after Micah, Ross probably would've just kept hunting Dutch on his own and believing John was gone with his family. In the end it was our love for Arthur that cost John his life, as Arthur says to Dutch multiple times throughout the game quoting Dutch's own teaching on revenge being a path of more needless pain, which was also Dutch's own downfall due to him not being able to let go of Colm, Cornwall, and Bronte. We all forgot how Arthur specifically holds Johns hand when they escape the cave in Beechers Hope and tells him to not look back on the past, Arthur wanted John to forget everything about this life including any hatred towards their former friends turned enemies, but love has a strange way of taking over, in the end the Johns redemption of Arthurs death was his own death. 4:36
  21. faedemness99

    legendary bear

    Hi, I need a legendary bear pelt for an outfit , but I killed the bear earlier on and I lost the pelt before I could find the trapper. can anyone tell me if the legendary bear respawns, or if I can find others in the game at different location? tnx in advance
  22. Let’s use this thread to discuss interesting things we’ve found in New Austin for those who like exploring the old map, such as what’s changed, what’s exactly the same, unique events, easter eggs, etc.
  23. Here we are. The primary antagonist of Red Dead Redemption versus the primary antagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2 (sorry, Micah boy). Andrew Milton disassembled Van der Linde gang, while Edgar Ross got rid of its last remaining members - except little Jack. Who's the most frightening? The most evil? The most efficient of those bastards?
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