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  1. I'm putting this first part in spoiler tags because you should probably watch the video before you read it. Here is the video explaining the mystery... Here are two additional supporting videos on this subject... His journal... How to complete the final confrontation without killing his wolves...
  2. So I am just curious, how long before the diagnosis did you have a feeling something wasn't right with Arthur? Over the course of the game, I've noticed him cough more and more and I noticing subtle cues of his weight and face. For me it was the start of Chapter 5 when I noticed his face was starting to get blotches on his forehead and his nose was red, but I thought it was sun burn at first from being on the island for so long lol. The other big one for me was during Chapter 4 during the Angelo Bronte stuff. I was stuffing my face with food trying to keep my weight, because I didn't eat m
  3. Surprised this topic hasn't come up yet......so figured I'd start it! For me: 1) Red Dead Redemption. The grandaddy of all emotional roller coasters. The final Van Horn shootout with Sadie; Milton's reveal and death; goodbye to Abigail; Arthur's last ride; the Mexican standoff at Beaver Hollow; your horse's death (); goodbye to John; scrapping with Micah; the final appeal to Dutch and then Arthur's last sunrise. The game play may have been so-so, but the story was next level epic and anyone who wasn't moved by it, doesn't have a soul! 2) A New South. A fun
  4. In the other gta games usually it's other people who betray you like Lance Vance and Ryder. In this game it kind of makes claude the betrayer. I just thought it was messed up cause you were doing missions for Asuka and Kenji then you kill him. Then you start doing more missions for Asuka knowing you killed her brother and Claude never talks so it doesn't feel right.
  5. Hey, Let's make this topic the official places to report houses, cabins etc where the player can get some rest and sleep. Little Creek River Cabin: Aurora Basin House: Rio Del Lobo House: Pleasance House: San Luis River House: Hanging Dog Ranch House: Lakay House: Dodd's Bluff House: Deer Cottage House: Reed Cottage House: The Loft: Colter House: Stillwater Creek Cabin:
  6. Hello. PLEASE DON'T PROVIDE ANY ADDITIONAL SPOILERS IN THE DISCUSSION, I ONLY WANNA KNOW THE INFORMATION SPECIFIED LATER IN THE THREAD. I played RDR back in the day and fortunately I didn't have the ending spoiled, so it was pretty surprising (in a good way). Today (which was supposed to be a good day, given the announcement of the PC version) I got a spoiler.... I'm very excited to finally play RDR2, on my PC, but an A**hole spoiled the fact that the protagonist dies (don't know if it's actually true). To be fair, the fact that Arthur isn't ever mentioned i
  7. NO SPOILER Please estimate the hours or the main quest percentage.
  8. burger_mike

    Questions about RDR2

    I have two about the plot that I don’t get 1: when does milton get away in the lakay shootout? I thought we had killed him and I was suprised to see him later in the game 2: while blowing up baccus bridge, why didn’t arthur amd john wait on the lower platform for the train to pass? There was no need really to get back onto the pump truck unless they didn’t want to risk a minor collision on the bridge Also question thread I guess
  9. Just curious... Damn - spoilers - duh!!
  10. donnits

    Red Dead Remastered

    In the very unlikely event that Red Dead Redemption 1's story gets remade using RDR2's expanded lore, map and gameplay systems, I figured I would make a thread on how it could work. Let's say it works as a paid DLC pack, call it Red Dead Remastered or something. It could open with the Marston family sleeping in Beecher's Hope when Edgar Ross and the bureau raid their home and arrest them. He'd bring them to Saint Denis, interrogate John on where the remaining Van der Linde boys are and take his family somewhere unknown. Eventually he believes John doesn't know, and instead uses him
  11. DreadedSilverback

    James Langton and timeline of RDR online

    So recently met James Langton (former husband of Mary) in a mission RDR online while initially I had thought the game was set some where during the story. But if James is still alive that pushes up the timeframe a fair bit as to me at least it seemed as though Mary had been a widow for some time before contacting Arthur. Also for any of you who did all of Marys quest line and also met James Langton rather curious how you feel now as I learn one thing with though my meeting him is that he is a giant douche. And the fact that Mary chose to stay with him while chastising Arthur for his lifestyle
  12. MANY SPOILERS INSIDE So, I just finished the epilogue and what can I say.... One of the best game I ever had the pleasure to play. As a RDR1 lover, I found the second part of the epilogue to be extremely emotional, especially when John builds the house and when he declares to Abigail. I also think the game does a great job in exploiting the main part of the map (basically everything above Blackwater); as an exploration fan I always explore the map regardless, but the mission schedule carefully makes the main character explore the whole map as missions are spre
  13. So is there a way for John Marston to get access to Arthur's horses, money, and other stuff? Losing all your horses and money is a bit of a dick move tbh.
  14. I beat the game and I still can’t find a place to change my outfit at his ranch house. Anyone know how?
  15. ravynwolvf

    Easy Cool Hat "spoilers"

    I happened to stumble onto a way to get a cool raccoon hat without all the skinning and such; and unlike most cool hats I've picked up (like my civil war officer hat I didn't get to keep) this one is savable! There's a big guy in the saloon in Valentine sitting there yelling about how everyone is a wuss, and bragging about killing Indians and such. I'd tried to interact with him before, but antagonize and greet were always grayed out. So this time I just went and got close to him and faced him, and eventually he got ticked that I was staring at him, and started a fight; a big fight. I finally
  16. Orfan Loom

    The Rat

    What if it was not Molly nor Micah... What if it was...
  17. So I may have accidentally read that your Horse dies in a scripted event in Chapter 6. I dont mind the Spoiler for once and I wanted to ask, is it possible to save them by switching to another Horse and can anyone tell me what mission it is please?
  18. Let’s use this thread to discuss interesting things we’ve found in New Austin for those who like exploring the old map, such as what’s changed, what’s exactly the same, unique events, easter eggs, etc.
  19. I always see people praising Rockstar by saying that "because you hate him that means he's a good antagonist" but really? There's nothing to him other than he's a dick. He's like a charectar straight out of a children's cartoon, he's evil because he's...evil. 5 minutes into the game and he chases a woman around her house, burns it to the ground and then says he doesn't want to sleep with "darkies". They do EVERY bad guy trope they can squeeze in. They don't even bother to explain to us why he's evil, he just shouts out his lame "I'm a surviver" line which makes 0 sense because he's always putt
  20. Lock n' Stock

    Bandit Challenges

    This is somewhat of a big dilemma for me. I have two saves stored right now, one playing as John during the Epilogue and one with Arthur before the switch to John. However, I've just noticed about the Bandit Challenges that have about 10 ranks that incude various acts of criminal activity. Since I intend to complete the game 100% in the near future, I'm just wondering how much loss of honor these challenges can cause, since I prefer to keep mine at a very high level. Does the bandana halt honor from increasing/decreasing like in the first game, or does it not make a difference? I'm
  21. How do I get to New Austin before the epilogue? I tried doing the Bronte glitch but once I got to the Montana Ford east of MacFarlane’s Ranch I was shot down by a sniper I'm on XboxOne and I haven’t updated the game since the very first update in November that added Red Dead Online Beta
  22. As John, I was visiting annesburg post office. I headed behind and I saw rains fall. There is a small cutscene and you get a massive honour boost. Just wondering if anyone else knew about this
  23. Dont know if anyone mentioned this before but has anyone realised that the dark horse that you get with high dishonor in RDR is the same horse that Micah Bell rides in RDR 2? Looks like R* was warning us about Micah from the start. Love little things like that.
  24. So we know that John and his family did escape with a decent bit of gold/cash. And then we know that 7 years later they are broke. And all thats said was her brother dicked them over Is there any more lore or info that I missed? On what went wrong or what happened in general?
  25. So everyone whose played Red Dead Redemption II no doubt knows about the Van der Linde Gang and it's members, most notably Arthur Morgan, John Marston and it's namesake leader, Dutch van der Linde. But in the respective game we know that Dutch van der Linde wasn't the only high senior figure of the gang. We also know about Hosea Matthews who often served as consultation for Dutch with plans and is perhaps regarded as second only to Dutch himself. Such was his importance that some argue his death lead to Dutch going off the rails, though it is up for a debate since Dutch was losing it for a whi
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