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Found 264 results

  1. In the other gta games usually it's other people who betray you like Lance Vance and Ryder. In this game it kind of makes claude the betrayer. I just thought it was messed up cause you were doing missions for Asuka and Kenji then you kill him. Then you start doing more missions for Asuka knowing you killed her brother and Claude never talks so it doesn't feel right.
  2. Nokingsman

    Arthur Morgan is Micah Bell

    I realized as I played that Micah actively avoided going toe-to-toe with Arthur until the very end, and even then they were just evenly matched, which begs the question, how would that have gone had Arthur not been nearly dead from TB right there.
  3. In Red Dead Redemption 2, there's a blind beggar that Arthur calls a prophet in his journal. He is this games version of The Strange Man. You pay him $1.00 each time you see him and he'll basically spell out the entire plot of the game for you. "A dollar for your future... a dollar for your fate." "Be not afraid... I see only true things" "Be a wise man... be a fool for love" "You didn't run from last we spoke, sir, you didn't run far enough" "Your whole life, sir, you have followed the wrong star" "Don't waste anymore time with a old blind man, go out there and become who you are" "You are not who you think you are, sir, which is lucky." "It's no use hoping, your father is seduced by the one with the forked tongue... it's no use hoping" "Be warned, sir, be warned. Surrounded by fields of fire and flesh, the devil will make his sacrifice" "Be warned, sir. Do not sleep too deeply. The man with no nose is coming for you." "Even when all reason is lost, and all truth has become lie, you will stand firm for loyalty is both your saving and your curse." "Your whole life has been one of regret... but it can end better than it began" "You will not like what comes next but after... paradise" "You have learned what matters. All else is lies This summarizes Arthur's life: an abusive father leading him to falling in with a gang and following Dutch who has been seduced by the one with the forked tongue, the devil. Dutch betrays Arthur in the Heartland Oil Fields and the man without a nose, death, comes for him shortly thereafter. Arthur thinks lowly of himself but others, namely the nun see him as the kind, generous, and thoughtful person he is. In the end, provided you play honorably, Arthur finds peace and redemption by acts of love and service to others. The Blind Man even tells John: "They will come for you, friend, and when they do you will not have a choice. You have lived better than most."
  4. One of the things I like to do post-launch of a R* game is see if there was any leaks that came true. Aside from the facts about what actually came true, some of these provide info about the general state of the game at the time, what was already in the game, and the development as well. This was one of the more interesting leaks That was posted around 2016 and 90% of what was said was true. Hell, they've already implemented the mare breeding mini-game back then, I wonder how much of the story was already written and programmed in back in 2016, and what they've been working on since. Does R* program the story line mission chronologically or is it in random order? I'd be cool to see how much was already in back then. Another interesting thing is when he said that the directive in which the environment has to be interactive, which is true seeing how many items that can be collected in places which reminds me of how Skyrim does it. RDR2 is a massive step up in environment interaction compared to GTA V. The last thing, and probably the most interesting one are the behind the scenes enviroment at R*, "morale at R* SD had been bad. Long timers are quiting. Lots of turnover. Lots of frustration" and how the game was stuck in development hell if and the team was confused about the gameplay. RDR2 has been in development since the first game was completed, and probably only entered full development after the release of GTA V. Ever since GTA EFLC, most Rockstar games are worked in a collaborative manner under the brand R* studios. I wonder if the low morale and chaotic development isn't only on R* San Diego, but other studios as well, since I've heard some rumors here and there about a massive number of employees leaving or being laid off after the firing of The Benz, which in turn slowed down development on many projects, some of which include the SP DLC for GTA V.
  5. Deadman2112

    The Meteor Crater...

    So I was up in the area of the impact crater, having a better look at it. Mostly trying to get a better idea of it's trajectory. When I was there, I noticed there is what looks like a path, cleared of pebbles and rocks, starting at the center, spiraling outward. Took a few snaps of it... Looked up impact craters and this is not a natural pattern they create. Yet after looking at a few videos, it looks as if they got all the other features of an impact crater correct. Considering that the rest of it is modeled properly, I can't help but wonder... Who made the spiral pattern? Also, considering that the crater can be seen right at the start of the game, and that pattern would have taken time to make... Wouldn't this suggest that this meteor impact had nothing to do with the meteor shower? ..::EDIT::.. Updated info below. See post from March 1st... ...EDIT::..
  6. DirtCheap


    So while debt collecting in Chapter 3, I did the mission with Holmes (the one where Arthur says his infamous ledger quote) where you have to hunt a "rare white cougar" and then sell it's pelt to repay his debt. However, while the game claims that this is the only rare white mountain lion in the game, I keep seeing many white pumas around the map. This is odd as the game classifies them as regular cougars, despite having the exact same appearance as the white mountain lion we saw in the mission. Not only that, but since when are pumas white (the ones in the forests, not the "rare" one)? They have a more tawny coat.
  7. Surprised this topic hasn't come up yet......so figured I'd start it! For me: 1) Red Dead Redemption. The grandaddy of all emotional roller coasters. The final Van Horn shootout with Sadie; Milton's reveal and death; goodbye to Abigail; Arthur's last ride; the Mexican standoff at Beaver Hollow; your horse's death (😭); goodbye to John; scrapping with Micah; the final appeal to Dutch and then Arthur's last sunrise. The game play may have been so-so, but the story was next level epic and anyone who wasn't moved by it, doesn't have a soul! 2) A New South. A fun little chase and scrap scene through (for me at least) the new territory of Rhodes and then some fishing and bonding with Dutch & Hosea. The happiest point in the story and a great ode to friendship.....before it all went to hell 3) Pouring Forth Oil. My favourite of the many train robberies. Good preamble and preparation; great (if borrowed) cinematics, and then a fun shootout through the train. 4) Sodom? Back to Gomorrah. Great, self-contained heist mission. Fun interactions with Karen & Bill, a genuine sense of tension whilst cracking the safes and then a fun shootout on the way home. Followed by the scene at Downes Ranch that at the time felt a little odd, but gave Arthur a chance to use some of his meanest one liners. Only later did it make more sense......... 5) A Quiet Time. Suspect this is a marmite mission. You either loved it or you hated it. Personally, I thought it was frickin' hilarious! Honorable mentions for Goodbye, Dear Friend & Advertising: The New American Art, both of which I also loved but which were just not quite long enough to supplant the above 5!
  8. This topic is for investigate the mysterys founded through the roaming.
  9. Hey, Let's make this topic the official places to report houses, cabins etc where the player can get some rest and sleep. Little Creek River Cabin: Aurora Basin House: Rio Del Lobo House: Pleasance House: San Luis River House: Hanging Dog Ranch House: Lakay House: Dodd's Bluff House: Deer Cottage House: Reed Cottage House: The Loft: Colter House: Stillwater Creek Cabin:
  10. Skill Level and Arena Points What do they do, and what do they unlock? Arena Points (AP): What is Arena Points? AP is something that is granted to a player, like RP, after a round of Arena Wars, but only if you have an Arena Workshop. If you do not own an Arena Workshop, RP will be awarded instead. Everytime you level up with AP, you get a "sponsorship reward", which will grant you a random "discount" for a random outfit, random vehicle or random vehicle upgrade from the Arena Wars update. The discount varies depending if it's a vehicle, outfit, or a modification to a vehicle. You still get AP from losing Arena Wars, but around ~30% less than what you could get if you win. Can you get Arena Points in another way? Yes you can! But it may cost ya'. In most Arena Modes, when you die to an opponent, or commit suicide, you sometimes get a free "Spin to Win", which is a randomizer that awards you anything between Power Ups, AP, RP, and even GTA dollars. Tunables also affect Spin to Win, so that means if Rockstar has made Arena Wars pay double money and RP, it will also be applied to the Spin to Win feature. Once you're at the Spectator Room, you can play Spin to Win again at the big round table, but this time it will cost you $5000 in-game dollars to do. Either you win more than you paid ($6000-$10000), some RP, some AP, or Power Ups. Wait, isn't that borderline gambling? Technically, yes, yes it is. Moving on... Skill Level (SkL) What is Skill Level exactly? Skill Level is also a progress bar, but it's semi-hidden from the player. It works in another... odd way. You start as Skill Level 0 at the very start after you've purchased an Arena Workshop. After you've won your first Arena War, it will permanently increase to Level 1, and will stay at Level 1, and cannot decrease from there. You can see your current Skill Level middle-right on the board inside your office in the Arena Workshop. You cannot view your progress to your next level - only your current level. Also, to avoid confusion; The Skill Level you see when another player wins an Arena War is THAT persons' Skill Level, NOT yours! How do you level up more? Simple; win Arena Wars. Or, well... Not that simple, actually. Your level determines how many matches (NOT rounds!) you need to win to level up your Skill Level. Here's the math if you start at Skill Level 1: (xLevel + 1) = Won matches needed to next Skill Level Where xLevel represents your current Skill Level. Simplified: 2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20 = 209 (+1 if you go from Level 0 to 1 after you've freshly bought the Areana Workshop). The max Skill Level there is is Level 20. So with that being proven; you need to win 209 (or 210) times in a row to unlock Skill Level 20 the fastest. Playing rounds of Arena War does not contribute directly to your Skill Level progress, but will help you win the match, which does count towards it. Can my Skill Level decrease? Unfortunately, yes. Everytime you lose a match, your Skill Level will decrease. It will also count as a loss if you leave an Arena War round or match mid-game. This means that it's borderline impossible to reach Skill Rank 20 in a legit way. As explained above, there's a "hidden" progress bar for the Skill Level. So if you lose a match, you have to win another match to get to the progress you were on before. So it literally goes like this: Winning a Match = +1 point towards the maximum 210 points Losing a Match = -1 point towards the maximum 210 points In theory, "Skill Level" doesn't mean anything. If you reach 210 points out of 210, you will obtain Skill Level 20. If I have more teammates on my team, will I earn/lose more SkL points if we win/lose? Unfortunately (and fortunately), no. Skill Level is an individual stat, and cannot be multiplied if there are mutiple players on your team. However, if you all win/lose, all your teammates will have their Skill Rank progress increased/decreased, depending on the outcome of the game. Does Skill Level actually prove how good I am, and not how lucky I am to be with a team that plays good? lmao no. Is there an easy way I can boost my Skill Level up quicker, so that I don't have to socialize with animals in Arena War? There is! But you need to have a friend with you. Your friend let you win matches over him 209 (or 210) times in a row (remember, rounds does NOT count! It has to be matches). It will likely take several upon several hours or days to complete, so only do this if you have the patience. But to be honest, how else can you unlock Skill Level 20 without stumbling upon a team riddled with AFK'ers, suiciders, and pay-to-win user vehicles? Screw that. Start grinding. If you wish, you can drop your PSN/XBox/Social club name here, if you wish to hook up with someone willing to help out. Just remember, don't be "that guy" who gets to Rank 20 and then deletes their partner without helping them. Don't do that. That's sh*tty. Extremely sh*tty. What's the rewards for reaching a specific AP Level or Skill Level? These are the rewards for unlocking Skill Levels: For each Skill Level, you will get awarded a Platinum Award and a small amount of cash that increases for each level. Being able to purchase the Go Go Monkey Blista for free once you reach Level 20. The option to buy the Go Go Monkey Blista will permanently be added to the in-game website SouthernSanAndreasSuperAutos.com, and will still stay if you drop below Skill Level 20 again. These are the rewards for unlocking AP Levels: For each AP Level (also called "Sponsorships") you get, you will unlock a trade-price for a random Arena War vehicle, Arena War outfit, or an Arena War modification to a specific vehicle. The discounted prices vary a lot. When you get to AP level X, you will unlock: Level 25 - Taxi Level 50 - HVY Dozer Level 75 - Clown Van Level 100 - Trashmaster Level 200 - HVY Barracks Semi Level 300 - HVY Mixer Level 500 - Space Docker Level 1000 - Tractor (the rusty old hag. Yeeeah, that tractor.) Is this otherwise a stupid mechanic that should actually have proven your actual skill in Arena Wars, and not be determined of how many wins you get in a row? Should it? Possibly. Should R* change it? Maybe. Hotel? Trivago. I would like to thank @irish.chr, @WildBrick142, @Fun 2, @StangOne50 and the people brave and hungry enough to find out the secrets behind the stats for Skill Level and AP Levels. You're all awesome!
  11. The girl trapped in the outhouse at the southern part of the The Braithwaite's property known as The Braithwaite's Secret, recites a sequence of numbers that appears to be a code. Here is the exact transcription... One, two, three, seven, six... four, five, eleven... two... uh, one, two, ten, three, five, eight, thirteen, fourteen... One, two... Three... four... seventeen... tw-te-twenty-nine, thirteen... One, two, three, four, five, seventeen, eight, nine, three... One, two, four, seven... five, nine, one... One, one... one... One, two, three... s-seven, six, three... Five, eleven... t- two... one, two, ten, three... four, five, eight, thirteen, fourteen, one... One, two... one, two, three, four... One, two, three... four, seven, three, six! One, two, three, four, five... seventeen? Three... four... seventeen... tw-tw-twenty-nine, thirteen... One, two, three, four, five, seventeen, eight, nine, three... one, two, four, seven... five, nine, one... One, one... one... The full code is separated into two halfs. Each half appears to be separated by the numbers... 1 1 1 Each half is made up of a sequence of numbers that are separated by a series of dots (...) for each sequence except two. One ends with an exclamation, and the other ends with a question mark. The dots and additional punctuations have been omitted for clarity but can still be seen in the video. First half of the code is... 1 2 3 7 6 4 5 11 2 1 2 10 3 5 8 13 14 1 2 3 4 17 29 13 1 2 3 4 5 17 8 9 3 1 2 4 7 5 9 1 1 1 1 Second half of the code is... 1 2 3 7 6 3 5 11 2 1 2 10 3 4 5 8 13 14 1 1 2 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 7 3 6 1 2 3 4 5 17 3 4 17 29 13 1 2 3 4 5 17 8 9 3 1 2 4 7 5 9 1 1 1 1 Once she reaches this part of the code, she repeats the second half over and over. Think it will link to a book or books in the game but I'm not sure.
  12. So I am in my third playthrough. In my previous playthroughs Javier comes to me in chapter 2 and wants me to help him rob the place. This leads to finding a stash of cash hidden under a large box in the barn. On this playthrough I was given a tip on the road from a prisoner I freed, to go rob the place. It was early in the game and I still hadn't went and resuscued Sean yet so Javier is still in blackwater waiting on me. I went up there by myself, killed everyone and looted everything. However in the barn I cannot move the box to get the stash. Did I screw this up? Will Javier still ask me to go rob the place with him later?
  13. After seven long gruelling months, "Arena War" is now behind us and a new location opens, the Diamond Casino & Resort! With it, a whole new, long and drawn-out dripfeed begins. As its predecessors did, this thread aims to be a comprehensive and fully complete catalogue of every piece of content that this update contains and that awaits to be released to the masses, from cars to new game modes and collectibles. Database Contents (Open this spoiler if this thread seems too intimidating and you'd like some help in finding where each section is and what it is about.) Complete List Of Locked Items (A comprehensive compilation of everything still locked away in the game files. This list includes content added in the "Doomsday Heist", "After Hours", "Arena War", "Diamond Casino & Resort" and even older updates.) Diamond Casino & Resort 18 t-shirts. Arena War 43 t-shirts and Arena Premium Races. After Hours 221 livery unlocks (10 liveries unlockable for 25 vehicles) and 34 t-shirts. Doomsday Heist 151 livery unlocks (10 liveries unlockable for 21 vehicles and 5 liveries unlockable for 1 vehicle). Older Updates 17 t-shirts + 1 Jock Cranley Suit + 1 bodysuit In Total 114 items of clothing, 372 livery unlocks and Arena Premium Races. Unreleased Vehicles (Vehicles awaiting release, numbered by their website order.) DISCLAIMER: WEBSITE ORDER. DOES NOT. MATTER. (As proven in past updates.) Credit for most of the vehicle screenshots goes to @BrandonBTYB. Bravado Gauntlet Classic photo credit goes to @JoonasPRKL. Legendary Motorsport Vysser Neo RELEASED Price: $1.875.000 Class: Sports Progen Emerus RELEASED Price: $2.750.000 Class: Super Ocelot Locust RELEASED Price: $1.625.000 Class: Sports Benefactor Krieger RELEASED Price: $2.875.000 Class: Super Ocelot Jugular RELEASED Price: $1.225.000 Class: Sports Pegassi Zorrusso RELEASED Price: $1.925.000 Class: Super Western Rampant Rocket RELEASED Price: $925.000 Class: Motorcycles Lampadati Novak RELEASED Price: $608.000 Class: SUV Southern San Andreas Super Autos Bravado Gauntlet Classic RELEASED Price: $615.000 Class: Muscle Vulcar Nebula Turbo RELEASED Price: $797.000 Class: Sports Classics Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire RELEASED Price: $745.000 Class: Muscle Übermacht Zion Classic RELEASED Price: $812.000 Class: Sports Classic Annis Hellion RELEASED Price: $835.000 Class: Off-Road Weeny Dynasty RELEASED Price: $450.000 Class: Sports Classic Vapid Peyote Gasser RELEASED Price: $805.000 Class: Muscle Vehicle Customization Videos (Credit: @BrandonBTYB - His YouTube Channel + Gauntlet Customization Video by Its Neiyuuki) Here's how the websites will look like once the dripfeed is complete: Unreleased Game Modes/Creator (Strings discovered by @WildBrick142 point towards new Time Trials and new RC Bandito Time Trials, as well as others found by @Fun 2 suggest that a new Arena game mode called King Of The Hill and a Survival Creator could be made available for players) New Time Trials AVAILABLE (Credits: Names and splash screen images: @WildBrick142; Time requirements and coordinates: @Fun 2) New RC Bandito Time Trials AVAILABLE (Credits: Names and splash screen images: @WildBrick142.) New Survivals (Seven new survival maps with new enemies, mechanics, payout system and settings.) AVAILABLE King Of The Hill (New PvP mode.) AVAILABLE Survival Creator AVAILABLE King Of The Hill Creator AVAILABLE The strings: New Time Trials and new RC Bandito Time Trials, credit to @WildBrick142: Arena King Of The Hill and Survival Creator, credit to @Fun 2: Collectibles Gift Clothing (Clothing items awarded as bonuses, to be released at Rockstar's discretion. Initial list by @Fun 2, screenshots by @WildBrick142 and the Rockstar Newswire. All the arcade shirts screenshots by @Volganor.) Action Figures (Collect 100 Action Figures to unlock Impotent Rage's outfit - credit to FoxySnaps and @Classique) AVAILABLE Tattoos RELEASED Penthouse Decorations and Art Information on the decorations and art currently for sale at the exclusive casino store. Imgur Album of all Penthouse Wall Art Imgur Album of all Penthouse Decorations ALL PENTHOUSE DECORATIONS AND ART HAVE BEEN UP FOR SALE. Casino Store Clothing (Video Credits: FoxySnaps) ALL OF THE CLOTHING HAS BEEN UP FOR SALE. TO RECAP Vehicles Legendary Motorsport Neo Emerus Locust Krieger Jugular Zorrusso Rampant Rocket Novak Southern San Andreas Super Autos Gauntlet Classic Nebula Turbo Gauntlet Hellfire Zion Classic Hellion Dynasty Peyote Gasser Unreleased Game Modes/Creator Additions New Time Trials New RC Bandito Time Trials New Survivals King Of The Hill Survival Creator King Of The Hill Creator Collectibles Gift Clothing (8/26) The Diamond Classic Tee The Diamond Vintage Tee Red The Diamond LS Tee Red The Diamond Resort Tee Blue D Casino Tee Red The Diamond Classic Tee Black Street Crimes Icons Tee Choose Your Side Tee Claim What's Yours Tee Invade and Persuade Barrels Tee Invade and Persuade Boxart Tee Invade and Persuade Gold Tee Invade and Persuade Hero Tee Invade and Persuade Invader Tee Invade and Persuade Jets Tee Invade and Persuade Logo Tee Invade and Persuade Suck Tee Mission I Mission II Mission III Mission IV Street Crimes Boxart Tee Street Crimes Color Gangs Tee Street Crimes Logo Tee Street Crimes Red Gangs Tee White Street Crimes Icons Tee Miscellaneous Action Figures Tattoos Penthouse Decorations, Art And Casino Store Clothing On Sale Dripfeed Strings (Notice messages received on the upper left corner of the screen notifying the player of the release of new items on either websites or stores.) Credit: @WildBrick142 Special Thanks To: FoxySnaps, for vehicle prices, model images, finished car seller website screenshots, videos on all clothing items plus peyote plants, information on the Action Figures and image of two unreleased tattoos; @WildBrick142 for model images, screenshots of unreleased special t-shirts, strings related to the dripfeed and the new time trials, new RC Bandito time trials and peyote plants, as well as the names of said new time and RC Bandito time trials, plus splash screens and just for being awesome in general; @Fun 2 for the discovery of strings that suggest one new game mode and a survival creator as part of the dripfeed, time requirements and coordinates for the new time trials as well as a list of log-in gift t-shirts; @BrandonBTYB for all vehicle screenshots and customization videos, sans Bravado Gauntlet Classic; @JoonasPRKL for the Bravado Gauntlet Classic photo and Its Neiyuuki for its customization video; @MARINA for all vehicle classes; @Classique for information on the Impotent Rage Action Figures; The Game File Gurus for the discovery of the Alien Invasion Survival; @NaheemH786 for gathering the initial dripfeed mask screenshots (thanks, buddy!); (In alphabetical order:) @IceDree, @MeisterJazz, @Standard Deluxe 59 and @Willy A. Jeep for the vehicle appreciation threads; @Gaffa for invaluable thread formatting tips; @Razor Cola for the original Unreleased Vehicles Database thread concept. Database Changelog Got comments, information or want to point out something I missed? Feel free to enrich this database.
  14. ... gets sick? Unfortunately I was spoiled by a video suggestion on YouTube, so now I know he dies. I've done 2 missions in Chapter 4, but that's it so far. Please can someone tell me when Arthur starts getting noticeably sick/diagnosed? I want to make a separate save before that happens so I can play as him while still healthy. I know you play as John in the Epilogue, so I'm presuming Chapter 5/6 he gets ill? Thanks so much.
  15. Bakkerbaard


    This concerns the epilogue, so if you haven't done that yet stop reading. And play the game It's been out for two years. Hop to it! Anyway. I got Buell, Hamish's Dutch Warmblood, and I stored him in the stable, fully intending to become best buds with him during the epilogue, yet forgetting completely that not everything makes it to the epilogue, so now I find myself rather Buell-less. Is he out there somewhere? Or a horse just like him? I found a Dutch Warmblood in one of the stables with better stats than other Warmbloods, but I'd prefer the same color as Buell. So, basically, can I get a Buell mk.2 somewhere?
  16. I finally finished playing the game for the first time. I knew beforehand that Roman died in one of the endings because I read a bit about it many years ago, but I incorrectly remembered vaguely that "killing the villain" resulted in that ending, Idk why. But I wasn't sure after this time so I tried not to get it spoiled. I decided to go with the deal ending, by listening to Roman. I also for some reason imagined Niko saying "I should have listened to Roman" if making the other choice resulted in his death. I also assumed that it would be more dangerous to leave Pegorino angry after that mission, rather than going through with it. To be fair money didn't matter much in the game since you can't really buy any cool stuff besides weapons, but I thought maybe you get another apartment or something in the end. I was surprised when Roman died after the "deal" choice but it was a very interesting ending after that, especially with the next mission where you go after Dimitri finally. I was never so emotionally involved with a videogame until I played GTA IV, but ironically now that I got the "bad" ending I don't feel like playing the game anymore to get 100% completion lol. Well I guess I will eventually. I also never got to play bowling with Roman. I don't have any save close to the end before the "the price is right" mission but either way I feel like this was the choice *I* would have made anyway, without knowing how the game ends. Everyone seems to have gone with the Revenge choice, judging from the Internet and people I've talked to in real life. Did any of you pick the "Deal" ending? And did you know before making the choice which ending would get Roman killed, or not? Also I'm curious about what other choices you made. Here are mine: -not kill Ivan (because Vlad didn't deserve to have it his way) -kill Dwayne (hey he was depressed and wanted to die anyway) -Kill Francis McReary (since the other brothers seem to care more about Derrick) -Kill Darco (after so much trouble I guess it would have been "disrespectful" to the other characters if I didn't kill him)
  17. mjjorkaarts

    Where to upgrade vehicle

    Hello guys, I recently bought a arena wars garage with every mod possible. And I bought 2 vehicles the motor and the dominator. But now I'm with a problem. I can't find the place where i can do my car upgrades like placing guns or pimp it. And is cant talk to one of the 3 guys that are walking around. It's really annoying because I really like to play arena wars in my own car. Is there someone who can help me? It's much appreciated!
  18. thisdjjdasiaa

    Vigilante achievement question

    Hey could you clear this up for me, i have a vigilante level of 26 but i never received the "achievement unlocked" sms? Did i miss something? It's a cheatless save... I'm at around 33% but i have only done 10 out of 30 "most wanted criminals" missions if that matters... Another off topic question, can you skip friend activities without losing friend "like percentage"? Sometimes when im not on a mission i'm sort of doing things that count to 100% plus am almost always on a whole different island when friend calls... So just wondering about this... Thanks in advance!
  19. White Shark


    I really liked Vincent in this game. A really nice guy and a likable character - which is saying a lot for GTA, considering there are so many annoying, irritating, moronic and hateful characters aplenty. Throughout the Casino missions, he's treated like crap, and then to top it off, he gets fired at the end of the final mission! I know it's just a computer game, but I felt really bad for the guy. So lame. It has made me hope for an addition to the Casino DLC in which he returns. Which then got me thinking. Maybe Vincent, so bitter at his betrayal and dismissal from the Casino, becomes a new contact for a brand new heist involving the Casino to enact his revenge. Think about it. He knows the security side of the Casino, and can use us as the players to help him out, considering we have a Penthouse right there on the property. What do you think?
  20. Joey The Homie

    Car Meet late night from Men In Paradise

    Hey guys my psn name is JoeyTheHomie If you are interested to chill and show off your fabulous rides feel free to message me and I WILL invite you to impress and have fun:) thanks from Men In Paradise
  21. Hello there fellow gta forums users and DYOM mission designers! I need to tell you all something important, everyone who's reading this topic and who is from Poland, Join "Polska scena dyom" that's a server which has been prospering for a pretty long period of time! https://discord.gg/Zc9EFKN We have plenty of tutorials for you designers made in Polish language, a place where you can use different kinds of bots for fun, lists of every object, vehicle, animation and interiors etc available in DYOM. Also there's a nice atmosphere! We're doing some events too mainly the same as the ones that are already made but in Polish and also every now and then we'll be streming your missions on youtube and reviewing them! Join us now!
  22. HitmanSniperAssassin

    Johnny Klebitz in GTA V

    *SPOILERS FOR GTA V AND THE TLAD!!!* Let me just start off by saying that I think it is safe to say that no one liked seeing Trevor bash Johnny K's skull in in GTA V but I think that it had to happen. I don't like the way they made Johnny full druggy in GTA V as (imo) it goes completely against his character. He is the one in the TLAD keeping the Lost straight and getting his drug addicted ex out of trouble. So when I saw Johnny scrawny and weak as can be it triggered me a little. Johnny shouldn't be all methed up and scrawny, he should be straight and ready to fight anyone who disrespects his girl. However this isn't the case. Instead Johnny takes it and whines to Trevor about what he has been doing to Ashley. As much as I like Trevor it is still very disturbing when you look at things from a certain stand point. Like the fact that she was clearly high which means that he was... well you know. I now wanna talk about why I think it was necessary for Johnny to kick the bucket. I feel Johnny was right for this the role because it was pretty much the 1/4 mark in the game's story and this meant that Trevor's introduction needed to be impactful, and I think that killing off a key character from GTA IV was a perfect way to do so. I think that Johnny being the one to meet his demise (plus Terry and Clay) was the right choice because Johnny had every reason to be where he was (not all methed up but in Sandy Shores). The reason for this is because at the end of TLAD the Alderney chapter had pretty much caved in on itself which meant that if Johnny wanted to continue his biker antics he would need to relocate his chapter (in this case it was to Sandy Shores). That's why I think that Johnny was right to be where he was because he needed to move his chapter to start fresh and continue business. Now I know that it is stated throughout GTA V's story that Sandy Shores (and pretty much Blaine County in general) are big on drugs which could've easily contributed to Johnny's addiction but I still think that it goes against Johnny's standards. I feel that Rockstar hasn't really treated it's past GTA IV characters very well (maybe with the exception of Karen because all they did with her was move her up in the ranks of the IAA. Oh and the mistreatment of Rocco (him getting killed in GTA V) was just perfect as I had wanted to take him out since I first meet him in TBOGT.) One weird thing that I wanted to point out was how Johnny became President of the Lost MC after Billy Grey's incarceration in the middle of the game so why does he still have a Vice President patch in GTA V? I guess it was just laziness on Rockstar's part. I personally think that it sucked seeing Johnny go but I think it was necessary for an impactful introduction for Trevor. Anyways let me know what you think of Johnny Klebitz in GTA V.
  23. I think the only two I enjoyed were the Valentine heist and the train robbery with John pouring fourth oil.
  24. Just curious... Damn - spoilers - duh!!
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