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  1. The title says it all. I have always wanted to do a list of the changes and errors between the first two Redemption games, mostly because these are my favorite games of all time, but also because I loved the stories. I am surprised that there hasn't been a list dedicated to this so I guess it's up to me. Alright, here we go: -To start out simple, John going to New Austin. In the first game, John tells Bonnie that he and his gang never went to the New Austin state. While true for the gang (except for Dutch and Hosea), John has canonically been there twice, once with Sadie and once with Jeremy Gill. -John also tells Bonnie that he has been farming for three years (1908). The GOTY guidebook for RDR1 states that he has been trying to farm for three years. Yet in RDR2, he gets his farm in 1907. -The MacFarlane barn is not there in RDR2, despite Bonnie telling John that her father built the barn when she was a little girl. Even if you say that the New Austin map was made for 1899, that would make her 15, hardly qualifies for a little girl. -In the first game, a couple of newspapers mention that Dutch was thought to have died in a fire after a bungled robbery in 1906. Yet in RDR2's epilogue, which takes place in 1907, this bungled robbery is not mentioned. The newspaper also mentions that he has been on the run since 1899 and that law enforcement is still searching for him, even though he is thought to be dead according to the first game. -The Strange Man implies that the robbery where Dutch shoots the girl was the same robbery John got shot and left behind on, judging by the tone of his voice when he says "same one you got shot on". Yet in RDR2, the ferry robbery happened at the beginning of the game, and John was left behind during a train heist. -John tells Landon Ricketts about an event where Dutch went out and "shot a bunch of people unfair like". This event is never seen nor mentioned in Red Dead Redemption 2. -During "Gates of El Presidio", John's says something to Javier along the lines of "What you and Dutch did was wrong, and the way you left me was wrong". Not "You left me and that was wrong" but "What you and Dutch did was wrong". What exactly did Javier and Dutch do? Did it have anything to do with the event above? -In the same mission, Javier alludes to John's daughter by saying "I hope you, your wife and your children rot in hell", suggesting that she was alive during John's time in the gang. She is never seen nor mentioned in RDR2. -John implies that no one in the gang cared for him and that they left him as soon as they had the chance. John even tells Landon Ricketts that "they all gone crazy anyhow". Yet in RDR2, Arthur and Sadie help John and his family get out of the gang and Charles even helps John build the house in Beecher's Hope. They only gang members who opposed John were Micah, Dutch, Bill, Javier, and if you stretch it, Joe and Cleet. I wanted to put up the Blackwater Massacre, since the wiki states that 37 people died during the massacre, 22 outlaws and 15 police/civilians. However, I read all the newspapers in the first game, the only references to the massacre are from the articles concerning Landon Ricketts, who survived the massacre. My question is, where did the wiki get the body count? Is it from some in-game dialogue or from some RDR 1 website? Or is it another fallacy that the wiki created that has no actual bearing in-game. It wouldn't be the first time.
  2. In the other gta games usually it's other people who betray you like Lance Vance and Ryder. In this game it kind of makes claude the betrayer. I just thought it was messed up cause you were doing missions for Asuka and Kenji then you kill him. Then you start doing more missions for Asuka knowing you killed her brother and Claude never talks so it doesn't feel right.
  3. I'm putting this first part in spoiler tags because you should probably watch the video before you read it. Here is the video explaining the mystery... Here are two additional supporting videos on this subject... His journal... How to complete the final confrontation without killing his wolves...
  4. Red Dead Online was set in 1898 at the initial release in late November 2018. Now, Red Dead Online is now set in 1899 that marks the year of the beginning of the single player events that first occur in May 1899. Not to mention, we've seen a few select of the single player cast of characters from Dutch Van Der Linde's gang that include Sean and Sadie Alder for the stranger freeroam missions so with this in mind should we expect stuff such as map changes that occur during the single player time period. In addition receive work from Arthur and some of the Dutch gang? Of course, it's probably true none of these following will happen in May but it would be a neat addition to see.
  5. I finished this mission tonight but didn't kill the guy in the stable. After he was knocked out, we just took the horses. Since I had past missions there and met people there, will I be recognized now if I go back?
  6. So i made 5 MVL Conversions of Vehicles,includes,Glensh*t,Emperor,Intruder,Tow Truck and Fortune,but there is something wrong with the Fortune That it has static rear windows here is the proof Anyone Help me please
  7. We have an honor system that can change certain dialogues and the ending. The low honor gameplay however doesn't make any sense, since it's going against the story R* is trying to tell us. The game is called Red Dead Redemption. Arthur is an outlaw sure, he kills and robs people through the entire game, but he can also be kind and helpful with others, and he ultimately regrets the wrongdoings of his life in the end. There is no redemption with low honor and Arthur behavior is confusing at times. He knows he is going to die from tuberculosis, but also wants to take the money and run away, giving up on John & his family in the last mission. He's driven by greed but is also worried with Eage Flies and the Indias... It doesn't make much sense to me.
  8. Excalibur Voltaire

    RDRII Confession

    Let's share your feeling or things you like to tell about RDRII in this thread - I always loved RDRII, but I always get harsh on the game whenever I'm discussing about the wanted system
  9. CH14R1

    Mountaineer hat

    PC people, may I ask you to fiddle in the game files to discover all the spawn locations of NPCs wearing this hat? It’s a hassle RNG to obtain this hat on consoles because it can only be found only at st. Dennis saloon (the poor one) or in Annesburg jail. The hex code is E0306F30. Thanks in advance.
  10. ..appeared in Undead Nightmare, especially the more sympathetic members like Sean, Hosea, Lenny, Molly, Susan.. Arthur? I imagine that it would be really hard for John to put Arthur back to rest after all he's done, let alone even seeing him in that state, as a brainless, murderous monster. How would he react to the other reanimated members?
  11. As John, I was visiting annesburg post office. I headed behind and I saw rains fall. There is a small cutscene and you get a massive honour boost. Just wondering if anyone else knew about this
  12. In my opinion Arthur Morgan is a better protagonist than John Marston because Arthur was always loyal(John left the gang for a year for unknown reasons);seems more human;always tried to protect the people he cared about and died to leave John have a normal and good live,and it was his idea for John to leave the gang. 12 years later John killed the remaining alive members of the former gang(Dutch,Javier and Bill) without showing mercy(I know that Rockstar didn't planed a future game developing the Dutch van der Linde gang,but it's a fact). John Marston it's still an amazing protagonist and his death it's sader(for me) but he betrayed his former colleages and Micah's death was the reason Edgar Ross found him(I don't know how that was the reason;BUT the credits) and in RD2 he didn't seem to care about Jack(before chapter 4). John Marston remains an amazing protagonist in RD1,but Rockstar made us to undervalue him in RD2(which was the right thing to do since he was a lot younger and that a protagonist from a game released after is better than one from a game released before means EVOLUTION,but I still admire RD1 and enjoy it)
  13. (STORY SPOILERS) In an other scenario where Arthur had made it out of the gang and not caught TB, could he have lived (or tried to live) as John did, making a life for himself without getting involved in crime? Would he have tried to settle down with Mary and start a family, maybe gotten a job or started a business? Would his life have played out just like John, being hunted or used by the pinkertons/government to hunt his old gang?
  14. So, what if that's not "The way it is"? I really wanted to play RDR before RDR2 came out, to familiarise myself with the characters, the story, the background. But I never got round to it. Thankfully I just went straight into RDR2. I had no idea who survived, who died, in fact I didn't even anticipate the gang would fail. I really thought playing the game he had a plan, I really thought we'd get to Tahiti. But, we didn't I played the story as it came and not knowing where it would end up. I didn't know Arthur wouldn't exist and John would survive. I didn't know the new characters (Sean, Hosea, Micha) so I didn't anticipate their deaths/demise/betrayal (though I had an incline on the latter) I'm on Chapter 3, the good days, on my second replay, and knowing what I know now, I'm reluctant to move the story on. I spend alot of time in camp. Jack got a new dog, stories and songs by the campfire. I try and interact with Uncle and Charles (and John) as much as possible. I try to make Arthur show some love to Kieran, I antagonize Micah at every opportunity. I made a point of getting a pipe for Dutch but never giving it to him. I'm doing as many stranger missions and random encounters positively. I help anyone I can because I know now how short life is. Might be thinking a bit too much (or played too much), but it struck me that when I knew what happened and had a "second chance" at living Arthur's life how differently I decided to live it. I'm sure we can all relate in some way. So, did you do anything different on second run through? Did you pay more attention to any smaller aspects? Did you take time to chat to a sober Karen? Are you more inclined to listen to Hosea's stories at the camp fire? Did you just want to walk up and punch Javier? Did you want to say thank you to Kieran for looking after our horses? Did your view on the game change when you started again, or is "That the way it is"?
  15. This thread gave me the idea to open this. All kind of dlc can be considered, from a supernatural non-canon story to a down to earth one. Connected with the Van Der Linde gang or not. Before or after RDR2 events. Share your thoughts if you like.
  16. While it's obvious that Micah had a hidden agenda prior to joining the gang, the agenda itself is hard to guess, did he want the bounty money for Dutch, his camp next strawberry seems to point to that with a bounty poster you can find there, was he interested in ferry money and he needed the gang to pull it off so he tracked down Dutch and the gang What are everyones thoughts on this
  17. End up shooting Micah in the end? He was obviously there well before John arrived. Micah even said they were teaming up again to do jobs. Even stranger he just walks past John without saying a word, or not wanting the money. Was he just too far gone at that point, or did seeing John again bring back how close the old gang was to him. Especially Arthur, and Hosea.
  18. I know Arthur and John had missions together throughout the game but at the end it really struck me. The two protagonists of Red Dead redemption 1 and 2 together. Maybe because I knew Arthur was going to die by that point and this was the last time that they would both be together it felt special. Maybe it's because the last time R* had two protagonists together it didn't end so well *cough* Johnny *cough*
  19. mjjorkaarts

    Where to upgrade vehicle

    Hello guys, I recently bought a arena wars garage with every mod possible. And I bought 2 vehicles the motor and the dominator. But now I'm with a problem. I can't find the place where i can do my car upgrades like placing guns or pimp it. And is cant talk to one of the 3 guys that are walking around. It's really annoying because I really like to play arena wars in my own car. Is there someone who can help me? It's much appreciated!
  20. Spoilers, obviously. This is just my theory on where John was coming from in the Red Dead Redemption intro, where he steps off the boat into Blackwater My theory is this; We know that John had to have spent at least a year away from his family prior to the events of RDR, I say this because in the mission "The Outlaws Return", Abigail says to John "I thought you was dead! I thought you was dead John! Where you been, huh?" and when John asks about Jack to Abigail she says "It's like he's growing up without a father." and when John and Jack finally do meet in RDR, it looks like they haven't seen each other for years. I think that Ross & Fordham abduct John and his family in 1909. Abigail and Jack are moved to a government facility somewhere on land (John asks where they took Abigail and Jack, and she says she doesn't know but it was quite a ride), while John gets put in Sisika Penitentiary. Now before any of this happens, John must have told Uncle that if anything should happen to John that he's in charge of the ranch, (since in "The Outlaws Return", John berates Uncle for not looking after the ranch) which is why Beecher's Hope is in such a state of disrepair before John is reunited with his family) John spends 2 years in Sisika (which makes the year 1911). During those 2 years, Ross and Fordham have been tracking down the remaining members of the gang, which we now know is more than just Williamson, Escuella, and Dutch. John is first sent to kill or capture KAREN JONES. I say Karen because she is the last remaining gunman that isn't killed in RDR (she participates in a bank robbery in Valentine, and her artwork shows her with a gun). Ross obviously isn't going after the non-violent members of the gang since Abigail, Jack, and Uncle all are allowed to live (Uncle only dies because he participates in the last gunfight, the army was only there for John). So people like Pearson, Mary-Beth, and Tilly aren't on the list. Karen is located somewhere close or in Saint Denis, and is killed/captured by John. After, John is put on the riverboat to Blackwater from Saint Denis. I say Saint Denis and not any other town because one, if you look at the people on the boat, they're obviously high class people (with a few peasants on board), and two, theres a car being transported on the boat too, which means that it must have came from a city like Blackwater that has a crane to put it on the boat. So to recap; John is first sent to take down Karen Jones in Saint Denis. Then he is put on the riverboat that sails into Blackwater where John meets up with Ross & Fordham, and Red Dead Redemption starts. I think this makes the most sense because why else would John be on a boat to West Elizabeth when he lives in West Elizabeth?
  21. Yes i get the most people are having fun exploring the game, hunting and fishing. Or maybe just going on a kill spree in Tumbleweed and killing the narcissist Sheriff who won't shut up. However, i believe that things could change a little bit. For example: If you finish the game with low honor: - You can get hired by many gangs to free their members from some town's Sheriffs office. Or kill a Sheriff officer who is making a gang loose money or is going too hard against the gang. Or even ilegal traficng of good and guns from Guarma to the US or the other way around. - Work as a Hitman for the First class/High end society. You are now a rich gentleman that owns a luxurious ranch and like to visit the refined Saint Denis saloon to talk and drink with rich men (Sort of like Leviticus Cornwall) and while playing Poker and drinking the finest Whiskey, they will close a deal with you in which you will get paid a lot of money to kill someone who is harming their business. Example: Like if you get paid to kill some worker who is member of a Workers Union and he is trying to get the workers together to go on strike for inhuman conditions in the Annesburg mines. In other words, help the rich keep being rich. Or even keep doing jobs like when you did Leopold Stauss missions. - Dirty cop in Saint Denis. Basically, following the previous point, you will end up having a drink in Saint Denis saloon with the Chief of Police of the city. In which he will give you a badge and uniform if you work for him as a Hitman, Extortion, Racketeering, Sabotaging, Illegal arrests, false evidence to accuse innocent people... Once you have the uniform on in Saint Denis, no cop will arrest you and if you mess up, other cops will cover up for you. If you finish the game with High honor: - Sheriff deputy. If you capture as a bounty hunter, alive at least 50 wanted men, they will give you the Sheriff deuputy star and they will let you chose in which county do you want to be a sheriff's deputy for. -Helping people who struggle a lot (Like when you help Mrs Downes). Maybe help people who also struggle in the Annesburg mines. -Help the Veterans Hospital Arthur Morgan donated $20 to. Help them bring all the veterans to the Hospital and go by and check to see who they are doing at the clinic. -And other random events already included like helping Dr. Dragovic, Charles Chatenay, Albert Mason... All of those I believe are missions that are good for High Honor. What do you guys think?
  22. Is when Colm O"Driscoll dies. Nobody has to say a word because seeing the fear in his eyes and the hope leave his face is some of the best emotion I have ever seen in a video game. The look on his face when he saw Arthur on the roof was priceless. It was one of the best deaths I have seen in a game.
  23. WARNING SPOILERS Maybe it's just me but i just don't get the low/high honor in the story mode. I played the game trying to achieve the lowest honor I could possibly can with Arthur. I killed, robbed and beat the sh*t out of everybody i could as much as possible. And all of this meant nothing. After chapter "x" (I don't know which one exactly), Arthur stars developing "feelings" just because he acknowledges he is not going to make it alive due to his sickness. And that's okay if you have high honor, but bullsh*t if you have low honor. If you have low honor you should just be angrier that you are going to die and turn into a "Psychopath" stage or something like that. Let me explain; It doesn't make sense, that you as a player are deciding the low honor decisions which involves killing, robbing and doing all the wrong things you can imagine, and then in the cut scenes, Arthur develops feelings. Another thing i don't get, is if you have low honor, why do you kick out Mr. Strauss from camp? You should side with him and enjoy doing those missions, that's what bad honor is! You should feel proud about what you did to Ms. Townes and her family. Another thing i don't get, you have the lowest honor ever, and instead of siding with Dutch no matter what, you start questioning him just because you know you are going to die from Tuberculosis and you develope feelings. When you should stick around more than ever with him, because the lowest honor you have, the most psychotic should make you and more loyal to Dutch, since you are angry that you are going to die, and you blame it on everybody that has targeted the gang and to your thinking, If the gang had not been targeted, maybe you wouldn't have catch the disease. It might not make sense, but a psycho would have thought that way (If you are not with me you are against me) That why i think there should be at least two endings: Ending with high honor: The regular ending for the game Ending with low honor: Arthur, gets more and more attached to Dutch like Javier Escuella. Becomes more psychotic and violent when he discovers he is sick. John Marston, decides to do what Arthur did and "betray" the gang. In the standoff scene where Ms. Grimshaw gets shot, Arthur sides with Dutch. Micah shoots John Marston and wounds him in the leg, he then eventually flees. Arthur, Micah and Dutch escape. A few missions later, Arthur discovers that Micah is the rat, and tells Dutch. After an intense shooting (Arthur + Micah + Javier Escuella vs. Micah + Joe + Cleet), Micah is going to kill Dutch to get his reward from the Pikertons, but Arthur jumps in front taking a bullet to his stomach to save Dutch. Dutch shoot back at Micah but he escapes. Arthur dies in Dutch's hands. Dutch, tells Arthur that he will break his promise of "NO REVENGE" and go after Micah. *Normal Epilogue until the go for Dutch/Micah mission" Saddie, Charles and John go to the snowy mountain to find Micah. They found that Dutch and his new gang are going after Micah (+ Cleet and Joe) as well. John fight all of Micah's men and the last cutscene is Dutch and John holding at gunpoint a defeated Micah. They both shoot and kill Micah and after doing so, they look at each other and both walk separate ways. What do you guys think? Should Rockstar made a more than clear difference between Low and High honor or should they have done it like I say. Disclamer: I am not hating on Rockstar or the game, just giving my opinion.
  24. Grotti Vigilante

    POLL: Should John...

    For any of us who have finished Red Dead Redemption II, we know what happens. After Sadie finds Micah's old friend Cleet in Strawberry, John and Charles join her in hunting down Micah as revenge for Arthur. Now Rockstar obviously did this for story purposes and to tie up loose ends, and it certainly felt good shooting Micah in the face several times. But from an objective standpoint, should John Marston have actually gone after Micah Bell? Or do you think he should've listened to Abigail and stayed behind? Personally, I feel that even though it was good to tie up loose ends and get rid of the scum that was Micah, the fact that Arthur believed vengeance was a fool's game alone should've discouraged him. John himself says that living on the ranch wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Arthur, and that is true. But then surely that means he should try to honour his memory and not risk his new life that Arthur tried his best to let him have? Ultimately, even if John didn't go after Micah, Sadie and Charles had every intention of going and had much less to lose, and even if they didn't kill Micah, and even if Dutch didn't in the end, he would've been tracked down eventually. If Sadie could find him, then Agent Ross would've been able to given his access to better resources and such. Plus he's a detective so there's them inherent skills.You could argue that Micah was still a bit of a rat anyway still working for the Pinkertons, given that Ross found his body and used the clues to track down John, but anyone who played the first game would know that Ross wouldn't have let him live in the end once all the outlaws and members of the Van Der Linde Gang were gone. From the very point civilisation began to tame the old frontier, Micah's days were numbered if he continued being an outlaw, especially given that he had no intentions of living a normal life like John did beforehand. His psychopathic nature is too strong for him to do that. But what do you think? Should John have gone after Micah in the epilogue, or should he have stayed behind and let things transpire elsewhere while he carried on his new life? As I said, I think if not for himself or Abigail, John should've stayed behind for Arthur. Leave your thoughts below and have a vote in the poll above.
  25. Surprised this topic hasn't come up yet......so figured I'd start it! For me: 1) Red Dead Redemption. The grandaddy of all emotional roller coasters. The final Van Horn shootout with Sadie; Milton's reveal and death; goodbye to Abigail; Arthur's last ride; the Mexican standoff at Beaver Hollow; your horse's death (); goodbye to John; scrapping with Micah; the final appeal to Dutch and then Arthur's last sunrise. The game play may have been so-so, but the story was next level epic and anyone who wasn't moved by it, doesn't have a soul! 2) A New South. A fun little chase and scrap scene through (for me at least) the new territory of Rhodes and then some fishing and bonding with Dutch & Hosea. The happiest point in the story and a great ode to friendship.....before it all went to hell 3) Pouring Forth Oil. My favourite of the many train robberies. Good preamble and preparation; great (if borrowed) cinematics, and then a fun shootout through the train. 4) Sodom? Back to Gomorrah. Great, self-contained heist mission. Fun interactions with Karen & Bill, a genuine sense of tension whilst cracking the safes and then a fun shootout on the way home. Followed by the scene at Downes Ranch that at the time felt a little odd, but gave Arthur a chance to use some of his meanest one liners. Only later did it make more sense......... 5) A Quiet Time. Suspect this is a marmite mission. You either loved it or you hated it. Personally, I thought it was frickin' hilarious! Honorable mentions for Goodbye, Dear Friend & Advertising: The New American Art, both of which I also loved but which were just not quite long enough to supplant the above 5!
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