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  1. In the other gta games usually it's other people who betray you like Lance Vance and Ryder. In this game it kind of makes claude the betrayer. I just thought it was messed up cause you were doing missions for Asuka and Kenji then you kill him. Then you start doing more missions for Asuka knowing you killed her brother and Claude never talks so it doesn't feel right.
  2. I realized as I played that Micah actively avoided going toe-to-toe with Arthur until the very end, and even then they were just evenly matched, which begs the question, how would that have gone had Arthur not been nearly dead from TB right there.
  3. In Red Dead Redemption 2, there's a blind beggar that Arthur calls a prophet in his journal. He is this games version of The Strange Man. You pay him $1.00 each time you see him and he'll basically spell out the entire plot of the game for you. "A dollar for your future... a dollar for your fate." "Be not afraid... I see only true things" "Be a wise man... be a fool for love" "You didn't run from last we spoke, sir, you didn't run far enough" "Your whole life, sir, you have followed the wrong star" "Don't waste anymore time wi
  4. One of the things I like to do post-launch of a R* game is see if there was any leaks that came true. Aside from the facts about what actually came true, some of these provide info about the general state of the game at the time, what was already in the game, and the development as well. This was one of the more interesting leaks That was posted around 2016 and 90% of what was said was true. Hell, they've already implemented the mare breeding mini-game back then, I wonder how much of the story was already written and programmed in back in 2016, and what they've bee
  5. So I was up in the area of the impact crater, having a better look at it. Mostly trying to get a better idea of it's trajectory. When I was there, I noticed there is what looks like a path, cleared of pebbles and rocks, starting at the center, spiraling outward. Took a few snaps of it... Looked up impact craters and this is not a natural pattern they create. Yet after looking at a few videos, it looks as if they got all the other features of an impact crater correct. Considering that the rest of it is mode
  6. DirtCheap


    So while debt collecting in Chapter 3, I did the mission with Holmes (the one where Arthur says his infamous ledger quote) where you have to hunt a "rare white cougar" and then sell it's pelt to repay his debt. However, while the game claims that this is the only rare white mountain lion in the game, I keep seeing many white pumas around the map. This is odd as the game classifies them as regular cougars, despite having the exact same appearance as the white mountain lion we saw in the mission. Not only that, but since when are pumas white (the ones in the forests, not
  7. Surprised this topic hasn't come up yet......so figured I'd start it! For me: 1) Red Dead Redemption. The grandaddy of all emotional roller coasters. The final Van Horn shootout with Sadie; Milton's reveal and death; goodbye to Abigail; Arthur's last ride; the Mexican standoff at Beaver Hollow; your horse's death (😭); goodbye to John; scrapping with Micah; the final appeal to Dutch and then Arthur's last sunrise. The game play may have been so-so, but the story was next level epic and anyone who wasn't moved by it, doesn't have a soul! 2) A New South. A fun
  8. This topic is for investigate the mysterys founded through the roaming.
  9. Hey, Let's make this topic the official places to report houses, cabins etc where the player can get some rest and sleep. Little Creek River Cabin: Aurora Basin House: Rio Del Lobo House: Pleasance House: San Luis River House: Hanging Dog Ranch House: Lakay House: Dodd's Bluff House: Deer Cottage House: Reed Cottage House: The Loft: Colter House: Stillwater Creek Cabin:
  10. Skill Level and Arena Points What do they do, and what do they unlock? Arena Points (AP): What is Arena Points? AP is something that is granted to a player, like RP, after a round of Arena Wars, but only if you have an Arena Workshop. If you do not own an Arena Workshop, RP will be awarded instead. Everytime you level up with AP, you get a "sponsorship reward", which will grant you a random "discount" for a random outfit, random vehicle or random vehicle upgrade from the Arena Wars update. The discount varies depending if it's a vehicle, outfit,
  11. GroveStGTAV

    How to use bath in there

    How can we use bath in beachers hope? I saw bath in there Is uncle came to help for deluxe bath?
  12. I mean, technically I know you can free roam almost right away, but your character is so hamstrung you almost have to finish chapter 2, first. Unless I do, I can't brush my horse, can't grill, can't buy almost any gun, can't fish; it's like the tutorial lasts two chapters. I've already done two play-throughs, and I'm pretty sick of the missions. I can't get into using John, don't want to be a deputy in Rhodes, don't want tuberculous, so there's this tiny little window where it's a good time to run off on your own. I wish there was just a sandbox you could choose at any point past chapter one w
  13. So I am coming to the end of this Questline and the game is trying to make me feel bad, like it has all the way through and all I can think is "No, f*ck them and their sob stories, if you don't want debt collectors breathing down your neck then don't pick up debts you cant repay" They knew what they were getting into when they took the money and like Strauss says at the beginning of the quest line "debtors belong in prison", if they had borrowed the money from a reputable source the debtors would still have come and they would be legally put in prison. I know its sad for some of them but
  14. DreadedSilverback

    James Langton and timeline of RDR online

    So recently met James Langton (former husband of Mary) in a mission RDR online while initially I had thought the game was set some where during the story. But if James is still alive that pushes up the timeframe a fair bit as to me at least it seemed as though Mary had been a widow for some time before contacting Arthur. Also for any of you who did all of Marys quest line and also met James Langton rather curious how you feel now as I learn one thing with though my meeting him is that he is a giant douche. And the fact that Mary chose to stay with him while chastising Arthur for his lifestyle
  15. I found this video and thought I would post it.
  16. Spoiler just because of end game talk. I've been running around with John, having finished the epilogue, and I have him wearing Arthur's hat, his tan jacket, and a pair of old boots that I think might have been his as well, along with a pair of blue jeans (I guess he looked up to Arthur). I wish there were more rustic, beat up old cowboy like options like his. I tried making him more of a dandy, like Dutch, but I just don't like wandering the range, gutting animals, and camping outdoors in city wear. I've spent a fortune on clothes (John's endgame money) but I keep going back to the roughe
  17. Had an oddball one last night while playing. I decided I wanted to take out the gang hiding in the abandoned church in Bolger Glade. I attempted twice, dying each time. Just before Arthur died the second time, a message popped up saying enemies were close to camp and to not lead them there. When I respawned, Arthur was in the trees nearby, and Dutch and Sadie were with him. They followed him, and must have taken down the gang. I managed to shoot the sniper in the upper window, after which every other enemy was dead without me doing anything. I ran a quick search of the church, with
  18. Just curious... Damn - spoilers - duh!!
  19. kemzygfx

    GTA 5 FiveM Community (Be Legendary)

    Be Legendary RP is the new upcoming server released just a few days ago. All Admins and server host have prior experience in running and developing other servers as well. Come give it a try. IP: Small in numbers at the moment but highly underrated. Join our discord here. https://discord.gg/P3N6nrR Add me on discord for any questions. kemzyvgx#7565 FiveM Server Discord Show
  20. BoulderFaceplant

    Is Micah TOO unpleasant?

    Throughout the game, we are basically shown that Micah has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. He is a deeply despicable human being, relentlessly badgering and bullying people around the camp for no reason. Isn’t it enough that he wants to screw everyone over for the Blackwater money? Now I’m not saying this characterization is horrible, but it would’ve been a lot more impactful if Micah was seemingly (and to some extent even genuinely) kind-hearted, only to become nasty in Chapter 6 upon deciding that’s the only way to get the Blackwater money. That arc would’ve played better into the story’s
  21. Have any of you ever wanted to spare someone you couldn't?
  22. Fugitive21

    Arthur and Guarma

    So now the online Youtubers are trying to state that Arthur didn't get TB from Chapter 2 Downes mission. They are trying to pass it on that he got it while on the boat from a sailor in Chapter 5. I didn't catch it yet but they state a sailor coughs on Arthur. They say nobody states downes had TB, or when he dies. Why wasn't his wife sick with TB. I say BS. The whole Downes scene with the cough, blood and such set the wheels in motion. What are your thoughts?
  23. Wondering about this. I did this mission tonight, nearing the end of chapter six. After the big shootout, you have to ride with a wounded Eagle Flies on your horse, with Charles and a Wapiti following. This ride was really bugged though. They kept yelling at me to go fast, but as soon as I picked up the pace above a brisk trot, they would fall behind and yell at me to wait up. And anytime I got a certain distance ahead, it broke the dialogue, causing a really weird-sounding repetition of phrases, including from Arthur. I didn't know what to do so I just stayed at a trot for the entire long rid
  24. During the intro to the game it states that the year is 1899. In chapter 1 Hosea says that it is May as he is bitching about the snow. Then all this time supposedly passes, however when we get back from Cuba there is a letter waiting at the post office from the Mayor of Saint Denis. It states that the letter was sent 14 days ago. The date on the letter is May 1899. How? It's a plot hole that needs filling.
  25. Tonesta

    Chapters 3&4

    OK, so I'm starting this thread for slow coaches like me that want to discuss the story, but still haven't finished the game and won't for many weeks yet! (100+ hours played now, and although I've done most of the stranger threads and many of the collectibles, I just made it to Guarma last night.....). I know a couple of the biggest spoilers (hard to avoid those unless you live under a rock!) but would appreciate people avoiding detailed spoilers for Chapter 5 onwards...... I'm absolutely loving the game still, and the story is great and engaging, but - I can't help but feel that i
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