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Found 189 results

  1. Based on the popular Mapping LC and Mapping LS threads, the mapmaking thread is back for RDR2! The aim is to get an idea of real-world locations within the game, and hopefully recreate the in-game map, using official trailers and screenshots. Scenes in order: @jaredk_ has made a 3D map, check their post out! Apparent leaked map:
  2. DiEgOw_CrAzY

    Epilogue thing

    Okay, is It just me or John looks completelly different in epilogue? Like, not Just because the missing signature haircut, he does look like another model. Does anyone have screens comparing npc John with epilogue playable John? Am I crazy or is just because the hair?
  3. I also sent marstons chapter menu screenshots and official game screenshots to them. If i clearly understand, marston using arthurs hairstyle is their choice
  4. Ben Foster

    update ideas

    I dont know if rock star see this but all i want to say for a good update idea is for the ending game when jhon marston builds the ranch full is that daily deliveries come to your ranch and deal with them like unload them and all that to make it realistic and fun and also make it so you could hire people to work on your ranch would be fun and dealing with them it would just make it more immersive for the player that love rolelplay like me
  5. We gotta get ready for the GTA V syndrome already. People getting disappointed because what they see is not what they imagined just by reading a simple sentence.
  6. Cutter De Blanc

    Is Micah Bell a bad guy?

    , This guy. A lot of people seem to think he might be a bad guy. I dunno, he's pretty cool looking. Looks like he'd be pretty handy to have in a gunfight. That "sometimes brothers make mistakes" line coulda gone either way I think like is he talking sh*t to my boy Arthur, or is he getting repremanded? I suppose either way you paint it it's an ominous line, like what mistake was made? Or perhaps he and Arthur share some sort of adverserial relationship, who knows?
  7. GroveStGTAV

    All missable things

    I want to restart game and complete %100 But i thing there is a lot of missable things in the game. If you guys help me, i want create list for all of them outfits: Hats: -Sun Hat (Chapter 5) Guarma during main mission (missable) Can be farmed in the mission when you save the 3 men from being hung. Keep dying and reloading from check point until Hat drops and leave one guard alive until you pick it up so the cutscenes doesn't start. (Ring Dang Do) -Fishermans Hat (Missable) Last mission in the legendary fish chain.(Ring Dang Do) 39. Johns Gambler Hat (Main Mission & missable) Before the mission is over get in a fight with an npc so they knock your hat off. It should then be glowing when this happens so pick it up again and it will save (seths) other clothes: -johns yellow gloves (I dont know how to save them) Weapons:
  8. Wanted to create a thread to discuss the loose endings, unanswered questions, and dangling connective tissue between the end of RDR2 and the beginning of RDR1. So, don't read unless you've finished the game.. Spoilers abound. So, RDR2 ends after the Epilogue wraps up in 1907. But RDR1 doesn't begin until 1911. So there's still 4 years left unspoken for. I don't think there's enough story material to warrant an entire new game like RDR3 (or, more accurately, RDR 1.5), but will there be DLC, or a story add-on to address those years? Will Online mode cover that as an evolving storyline in the background of our player character's story? Or will Rockstar just say screw it, and not even bother to firmly tie up those last loose ends? There may not be much left to address about the Marston family; I'm sure 1907-1911 just involves more farming and family-ing at Beechers Hope. But there's the question of why it took Agent Ross so long to go after Marston. He had 4 whole years to pull the trigger (pun intended) on Marston, yet did nothing. And there's still the mystery of how John and his family became separated by the FBI....RDR1 begins with the Agents meeting Marston on the Blackwater dock as he arrives from the southeast on the Morningstar ferry. Alone. Why? And where was he coming from, St. Denis? Why wasn't he in chains? Why was no lawman escorting him? And why didn't he raise hell and fight Ross and Fordham instead of just quietly agreeing to go after Bill Williamson? Why didn't he just try to mount a rescue operation to find and free Abigail and Jack instead of becoming a free agent for the FBI? Dutch's story ends with more questions than ever. There's still this big gap between the big bad lone wolf walking down off the mountain in 1907 with no friends, no money, no clear direction; and the down-and-out washed-up gunfighter leading a rag-tag bunch of Apaches across West Elizabeth to a final destination at the Cochinay mining camp. There's a story -- several stories -- there that remain unanswered. And two of those biggest question marks about Dutch are Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella. When last we saw them, they were die-hard Dutch loyalists covering his escape from Beaver Hollow; yet they've apparently already deserted him by 1907, since they weren't by his side at the Millesani Claim shootout with Micah, John, and Sadie. Why? Did they become disillusioned or outraged by Micah's atrocities, like Skeet did? And where exactly IS Bill in 1907? By the start of RDR1 in 1911, he's heading up his own gang of outlaws in New Austin, headquartered at Ft. Mercer. But at the end of RDR2, Ft. Mercer is firmly in the grasp of the Del Lobos. Does Bill oust them, or is the fort already abandoned by the time his gang gets there? Is there room in this story for other surviving gang members to return to John....or Dutch, for that matter? Tilly is in St. Denis; Trelawney is rumored to be there too; Mary Beth is writing romance novels in New York, I believe; which is where a reformed Rev. Swanson now leads a sizeable congregation; Charles and Rains Fall and the remnant of the Wapiti tribe are still in Canada; Pearson runs the general store in Rhodes; and Sadie is....well, Sadie. Still a bounty hunter in Blackwater, or did she follow her dream about running off to South America to join some handsome revolutionary? Could that be a hint that she joins Javier in Mexico? If so, does that mean she never made it out of there alive by the time John confronts Javier in 1911? What about the Wreck of the Serendipity? In 1907, Quaker's Cove is a much bigger quay than in 1911, and the shipwreck is not moored there yet. What is the Serendipity? Why was it sunk? Why was it then dredged up and towed specifically to Quaker's Cove? Why does Dutch and his Apaches use it as a stronghold before moving on to Cochinay? Could Dutch have history with that ship....could it be the actual infamous ferry they robbed in 1899? Is it possible that Dutch stashed the money there before sinking the boat for "safekeeping," to keep it out of the hands of O'Driscoll? And now that we know even more -- and even less -- about The Strange Man, where do the connections come down between that creepy little shack out in the bayou and his three visits to John Marston in 1911? Lots of campfire tales left untold. What are some of the loose ends you're still left wondering about after the end of RDR2, and the beginning of RDR1?

    The RDR2 Beta Hunt

    I'm Starting The Official Red Dead Redemption 2 Beta Hunt First Off Charles Hair Is Different In The Final Game. It Was Different As Seen In The First Official Artwork And In Trailers 1 And 2 The Infamous Scene From Trailer 2 Where Arthur Yells "Where's Our Money!" Is Different In The Mission (not showing for spoilers) (Different Audio/Different Take) Javier Had A Beard At One Point As Seen In Trailer 2 The Number 2 In The Logo Was Changed To Roman Numerals Next Year When The PC Version Comes Out Things Should Get Really Interesting
  10. TheLordMarvel

    RDR2 Screenshot Thread

    RDR2 is officially out now in Australia and New Zealand, and with it fast approaching the US, UK, and more. I thought (with help from a Spider. ) now would be a good time to get this thread rolling. This will be a general screenshot thread. Anything pertaining to wildlife should be posted in the wildlife thread. So! Let's see those vistas, trains, or even pretty boi himself.
  11. universetwisters

    Why was this event overlooked where...

    ...the gang massacre over a dozen police officers during the failed bank robbery in Saint Denis? Not to mention the failed tram stop robbery or whatever it was, where several more cops were killed. That said, why isn't it as publicized within the game as much as the Blackwater Massacre, where many less people were killed? I dunno, this video explains it better than I can at 17:19 and it's been bugging me ever sense.
  12. I mean, technically I know you can free roam almost right away, but your character is so hamstrung you almost have to finish chapter 2, first. Unless I do, I can't brush my horse, can't grill, can't buy almost any gun, can't fish; it's like the tutorial lasts two chapters. I've already done two play-throughs, and I'm pretty sick of the missions. I can't get into using John, don't want to be a deputy in Rhodes, don't want tuberculous, so there's this tiny little window where it's a good time to run off on your own. I wish there was just a sandbox you could choose at any point past chapter one which opened up all guns and horses and other options, allowed saves, but not achievements. As it is, all you can do is make a save, and use that to start new roaming games. It's an incredible world that's been created; it's a shame you can't just create a character and go explore it (and no thank to online).
  13. Cutter De Blanc

    SPOILER:Hunting in Guarma

    According to the compendium I should be using a bow to kill animals in Guarma, the problem is there's no bow in Guarma. And time doesn't pass. How am I supposed to hunt the exotic animals properly?
  14. So I am coming to the end of this Questline and the game is trying to make me feel bad, like it has all the way through and all I can think is "No, f*ck them and their sob stories, if you don't want debt collectors breathing down your neck then don't pick up debts you cant repay" They knew what they were getting into when they took the money and like Strauss says at the beginning of the quest line "debtors belong in prison", if they had borrowed the money from a reputable source the debtors would still have come and they would be legally put in prison. I know its sad for some of them but I feel no pity. Thoughts?
  15. I found this video and thought I would post it.
  16. Right fellers. After the end of the story, I’ve heard that you can’t do every stranger mission with John, and that therefore you can’t get 100% if you haven’t done them already. I want that sweet sweet 100%, but I also want some stuff to do with John when Arthur...you know. Does anybody know of any stranger missions you an DEFINITELY do with John? If anybody can confirm a few I can just leave them be to do with John later. Much appreciated guys 🤠
  17. I think the most tragic part of these games is the most overlooked, Johns eventual death and being used by the law to hunt his old gang is all due to the revenge we took on Micah for killing Arthur/betraying the gang. Abigail begs John not to go after Micah but he ignores her, the end credits then show us Ross finding Micahs body as he was still an informant for them and he starts an investigation on finding out who killed Micah leading to the credit scene of Ross finding the ranch. If John didn't go after Micah, Ross probably would've just kept hunting Dutch on his own and believing John was gone with his family. In the end it was our love for Arthur that cost John his life, as Arthur says to Dutch multiple times throughout the game quoting Dutch's own teaching on revenge being a path of more needless pain, which was also Dutch's own downfall due to him not being able to let go of Colm, Cornwall, and Bronte. We all forgot how Arthur specifically holds Johns hand when they escape the cave in Beechers Hope and tells him to not look back on the past, Arthur wanted John to forget everything about this life including any hatred towards their former friends turned enemies, but love has a strange way of taking over, in the end the Johns redemption of Arthurs death was his own death. 4:36
  18. Naturally there will likely be a few story spoilers here so probably not worth reading on if you haven't finished the game yet. So what was your favorite chapter, and why?
  19. Ok so wanted to clear this up... I've seen people say this is a walking dead/ Undead Nightmare EE but I'm sorry I think that's not even close... However that may have been R* intention (but rather than speculate, let's move on). If I'm not mistaken this is about the Yellow Fever Plague of the late 1800s that ravaged many parts of Louisiana. There is even a sign in front of the place that says 1888. And that was one of the years the plague was present in the state. I know, it doesn't have all the flash and coolness of the walking dead/Undead Nightmare, but I would rather be right than cool any day of the week. If I'm wrong... I'll concede on this, but you are going to have to convince me with proof. This is why I've said (several times now) that I feel lots of YouTubers and many posts are so very wrong regarding so many things in this game. Like the pentagram EE is so way off base it's not even funny. I grew up in Louisiana and know a good deal about many of the EE's found in this game that link to the state, so rather then get incorrect info from uninformed people just ask.
  20. Can you still reach these cutscenes after patch 1.03? I cant why i want these cutscenes, because when cutscene is ended, john marston wearing union suit now. This gives us ability to remove all holdsters, especially off hand holdster, and other items When i enter the beachers hope no matter which time at the night, abigail always standing front of the house. When she saw marston, she sleeping with her regular clothes. So thats why i cant reach these cutscenes
  21. I just have such a huge problem with the ending. Micah has all that $$$$. For one I have no clue why he would stay so close to where all the sh*t has done down and his wanted level. Especially not up in the coldest of mountains in a freezing area. But mainly with all that I find it hard to believe he would just be some petty gang leader. And not have some purchased property living comfortable. Not having all the $ in some cabin, and having so many guys working for him, guys who are hired guns who wouldnt be that loyal to him, who would most likely kill him and take all that. Just find it odd wouldnt be somewhere super nice instead of running a little gang all the way in the cold as if he was poor with no money One person proposed something that would have made way way way way more sense. When Arthur if you choose to go for the $ you somehow get it and hide it before dutch and micah get it, or toss it off a cliff as it goes everywhere and near the pinkertons where they cant recover it. If picked that option then you get the ending everyone had where he is running some petty gang possibly buying time up north as they plan another robbery However if go to help John, then you come across Micah as some rich rancher going by a different name, with really nice property as if he made it and is living as a wealthy man,. Maybe he has even paid off local police to protect him instead and thats who works for him. and then take him down in that position. But just him and dutch would a sh*t load of money hanging out in the super cold all the way north in a semi area where they could still be looked for its very odd. Especially with how much money where they could buy anything they wanted, find it just way too off base that they would be living as if they had nothing. Maybe its just me
  22. John marston had his original hairstyle in epilogue before games release. Also in mission selection menu, john marston has his original hairstyle in mission screenshots. Then why rockstar removed his hairstyle? It is missing content or rockstar just decided to remove it? Will they add this hairstyle with patch?
  23. This topic is for investigate the mysterys founded through the roaming.
  24. Nokingsman

    Arthur Morgan is Micah Bell

    I realized as I played that Micah actively avoided going toe-to-toe with Arthur until the very end, and even then they were just evenly matched, which begs the question, how would that have gone had Arthur not been nearly dead from TB right there.

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