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  1. Okay, hello Everyone so this is my "showroom" of car designs I've made that fit the style of Vanilla San Andreas cars, this is all done because I'm unfortunately not good at modeling, so the best I've got is designing them, ideas are free to use and suggestions are open! I use IbisPaintX to design. Open for criticism.
  2. As you know, we can get Millie Perkins' keycard after the Key to Her Heart mission. However, since the model of Millie's keycard was copied from GTA Vice City, the name and picture of Officer P. Rowe are on the keycard. I want to change this. Is there a mod that fixes this? If not, I want to access the game files and fix it myself. But I don't know where the keycard is in the game files. Can you help me?
  3. truthfinder

    Autodrive script crashes my game.

    Hello GTAForums! I've written autodrive script for GTA:SA Classic. But when I try to start the game, it crashes. Can't understand why... {$CLEO .cs} 0000: wait 0 ms 5@ = 0 6@ = 15.0 if not Char.DoesExist($PLAYER_CHAR) then wait 1000 ms return end // if if not Char.IsInAnyCar($PLAYER_CHAR) then return end if Char.IsInFlyingVehicle($PLAYER_CHAR) then return end while Char.IsInAnyCar($PLAYER_CHAR) wait 0 ms World.GetTargetCoords(1@, 2@, 3@) Char.GetCarIsUsing($PLAYER_CHAR, 4@) if and 1@ == 0.0 2@ == 0.0 3@ == 0.0 then car.GetOffsetInWorldCoords(4@, 0.0, 100.0, 0.0, 1@, 2@, 3@) end end if and 5@ == 0 Pad.IsKeyPressed(90) then 5@ = 1 end // if keyactivation if 5@ == 1 then Car.GetMaximumNumberOfPassengers(4@, 9@) 9@ += 1 Car.LockDoors(4@, 2) Char.GetModel($PLAYER_CHAR, 8@) char.WarpIntoCarAsPassenger($PLAYER_CHAR, 4@, 9@) 0129: create_char_inside_car vehicle 4@ pedType 4 modelId 8@ handle 7@ end while 5@ == 1 wait 0 ms if Pad.IsButtonPressed(0, 16) then 6@ += 5.0 end // if speed up if Pad.IsButtonPressed(0, 14) then 6@ -= 5.0 end // if speed down Car.SetCruiseSpeed(4@, 6@) if 6@ > 30.0 then Car.SetDrivingStyle(4@, 2) Car.GotoCoordinatesRacing(4@, 1@, 2@, 3@) else Car.SetDrivingStyle(4@, 0) Car.GotoCoordinatesAccurate(4@, 1@, 2@, 3@) end // if drivingstyle if and 5@ == 1 Pad.IsKeyPressed(90) then Char.Delete(7@) Char.WarpIntoCar($PLAYER_CHAR, 4@) Car.LockDoors(4@, 1) 5@ = 0 end // if and end // while active Can someone tell me what I did wrong?
  4. Hello there. I remember decades ago, I could ride RC vehicles like the RC Baron in SAMP. I was looking for a mod that allows me to ride the RC Baron in GTA SA singleplayer - as in, literally having CJ sit on it, and not as a separate remote controlled vehicle. I can spawn the RC Baron via CLEO vehicle spawner, but I can't actually get "in" it and pilot it. The closest mod I found was the RC_spawn mod: https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27726 However, I don't like how they were modified with all the miniguns and bombs, and CJ doesn't really "get in" them, but rather teleports in and out of them. Is there a mod that allows you to drive RC vehicles like normal vehicles/helicopters/planes? Thank you.
  5. sprint14

    Add more car IDs in DYOM mod?

    I have added some cars but without replacing skins, but I can't place them in a mission because DYOM only appears up to ID 611 or 610 I don't remember. Does anyone know what file needs to be modified so that it can accept more IDs? (The ID that I assigned to my vehicles is 1500 - 1503)
  6. gtamoder1234

    Game Not responding randomly

    hello everybody my gta sa randomly fails to load or start a new game and sometimes when it loads game it freezes unpon leaving interior maybe some can explain what it could be
  7. Well hello people! I've made some building object for #MieGacoanIndonesianCafe, so i also made the glass for it but, that glass isn't rendered fine, there some bug like this. Someday, I have done experiments to fix this problem, here are my efforts: [Experiment logs] - [TXD Workshop] Try import texture with compression DXT3 - [TXD Workshop] Try import texture with compression DXT1 - [TXD Workshop] Try import texture without compression - [TXD Workshop] Try import texture with mipmap value "1" - [TXD Workshop] Try put the alpha texture to lower order - [ZModeler 2.2.6] Try put the material with alpha to lower order [Action logs] - [gta3.img] i've replaced sunset20_lawn.dff - [gta3.img] i've replaced sunrise11_lawn.txd - [gta3.img] i've replaced lawn_2.col - [gta3.img] i've replaced lawn_stream3.ipl - No IDE or IPL files are edited - I'm not install any graphics, just using vanilla This experiment isn't helpfull to fix the problem, only 50% solved! So, how to fix this bug problem until 100%? Please help me if you know this problem with respect, to @ZAZ
  8. Looking to modify Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: The Definitive Edition audio files? This guide will walk you through the entire process from Start to Finish Beginners Friendly! Tools These are all the tools you will need. Unreal Engine 4 UModel (2.02MB) Path Creator (220B) Replacing Audio Grand Theft Auto The Definitive Edition uses Unreal Engine 4.26.2 You can confirm this by going to AppData/Local/UnrealEngine. The game has to have ran once for it to show. UModel 1. Download UModel and open up umodel_64.exe. 2. At Path to game files, click on the ... on the right and navigate to the San Andreas directory. 3. Enable Override game detected and put it on Unreal engine 4 following by Unreal engine 4.26. 4. At the middle-right Export-only types, make sure you have Sounds checkbox enabled since we will need this to export sounds. 5. Optional: You can leave UE3 package compression and Platform on default if you wish and press OK. This is how it should look like once you've completed the steps above: 1. Click on Tools at the bottom-middle and select Options. 2. Optional: Change the Export to this folder path to any location you desire. 3. You can tweak and play around and set it to your preference or keep it as is and press OK. This is how it should look like once you've completed the steps above: UModel - Extracting We are going to extract the Ah sh#t, here we go again dialogue audio file. 1. Navigate to Game/SanAndreas/Audio/SFX/SCRIPT/VO and search for S_000.uasset. 2. Right-click on S_000.uasset and click Export. 3. The exported sound file can be found at your export folder you set up earlier. 4. Grab your custom audio file and rename it exactly as the one we just extracted, so in this case S_000. 5. Make sure that your custom audio file has the .OGG format. You can use tools such as Convertio or Audacity to convert. We need to check what Audio Class the game is using for the audio file we just extracted. I will save you the time and provide a list of what Sound Classes are being used. Sound files located within the SFX folder will have the Sound Class of SA_SFX. SanAndreas/Audio/SFX = SA_SFX Sound files located within the Streams folder will have the Sound Class of SA_Music. SanAndreas/Audio/Streams = SA_Music Our extracted sound file came from SFX so we are going to use SA_SFX as the Sound Class. We are now going to create a Sound Class in Unreal Engine 4.26.2. Unreal Engine 4.26.2 We now need to open up Unreal Engine. Make sure that you have the Engine version 4.26.2 installed. 1. Click on the Launch Unreal Engine 4.26.2 button. 2. Click on Games and then click the green Next button. 3. Select Blank and click the green Next button. 4. At Project Setting, make sure you set it to No Starter Content. 5. Select a location for your project to be saved and name your project. Name is something like GTADEMods. 6. Click the green Create Project button. This is how it should look like: We need to create a specific folder structure in our Unreal Engine project. San Andreas their Sound Classes are located at Common/Audio. 1. At the bottom of Unreal Engine at Content Browser, drag and drop your custom .OGG file(s). 2. Now right-click and select New Folder and name it Common. 2. Inside the Common folder, you create a new folder called Audio. Final path should look like: Content > Common > Audio inside your Content Browser. 3. Inside the Audio folder, right-click and select Sounds > Classes > Sound Class and name it SA_SFX. 4. Go back to the root folder of your project (you can also tap on Content folder) and double click on your audio file(s). (Note: If you have multiple audio files, you can click on the first file and then hold shift and click on the last item to select them all). 5. Under the Sounds section, click on Master and select Sound Class SA_SFX. 6. Click the Save button and close this popup. 7. Click on Save All first before you go to the next step otherwise it wouldn't cook these files. 8. Navigate to the top left and click on File > Cook Content for Windows. Note: This process can take a while depending on your system. 9. Once it's completed cooking, head over to your project folder. (Mine was C:\Users\Havi\Desktop\GTADEMods) 10. Navigate to Saved\Cooked\WindowsNoEditor\GTADEMods\Content and there you will see your Audio files and a bunch of other files. You only need to grab the ones related to the files you imported earlier, in this case S_000.uasset and S_000.uexp File Structure It is very important that we maintain the original game's file structure. We got our file from Game/SanAndreas/Audio/SFX/SCRIPT/VO but the root folder is incorrect. We need to change this. Wrong Path: Game/SanAndreas/Audio/SFX/SCRIPT/VO Correct Path: Gameface/SanAndreas/Audio/SFX/SCRIPT/VO We need to make a new folder with this exact structure. I have created a batch file which easily does this for you without you having to create each and every folder. You can download the Path Creator that was mentioned at the beginning of this guide. 1. Open the Path Creator.bat file and enter in the following path if you followed this exact guide with the same audio files. 2. Press Enter and then press Enter again. Do not click the X button because that won't create the path. 3. A folder is now created following this exact path. Open it all the way up and place your custom audio files in there. 4. Go a few folders back and copy the SanAndreas folder and then go to your game's directory (Default: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas - Definitive Edition). 5. Open Gameface > Content and paste your SanAndreas folder in there. The game is able to read unpacked files because we put them in the exact folder how the game reads them. San Andreas original Content folder should end up looking like this: And there you go! There is your custom Audio file. Here is the end result
  9. I've been tinkering with some car models, and I downloaded one which did not have any license plates on the model. But for some reason if I copy the license plate off a different car, it shows up in the game like this: How can I fix this? I'm still pretty new to this stuff This is how it looks like in blender
  10. Hello modder community, I present to you a new edition of the Big Gangster mod, The Razashi Edition. This edition was developed for mobile devices but I am working on a new version of the mod that will bring it to PC. The ideas, models, textures and objectives of this edition are completely different from the gtaga3ie1 edition. here is version 1.0 (initially developed for mobile): https://www.mediafire.com/file/lsgzqhs8aqkgceh/Big+Gangster+Mod+-+Razashi+Edition+V1.0.zip/file . In the future I will bring new updates about the mod.
  11. RealmanTR

    GTA San Andreas PC Script to Mobile

    I wonder if there's anyway to convert PC scripts to Mobile. Because some codes aren't working for mobile version. Like Model.Load I can actually change it to 0247: load_model $1096($1175,6i) but it will take long time.
  12. zeko

    Free To Use Maps

    Credits to Nando for the logo! Hello! Today I'm officially launching the project where maps, specifically designed for the DYOM Community, will be available to use in missions/mission-packs! Those maps will be multi-purpose for the most part, meaning you can use them for any genre! MAPS WILL BE POSTED IN THE SPOILER. SCREENSHOTS: How do I install these maps and how do they work? By the use of modloader, the maps will load easy. You don't need to tinker around with in-game data files manually, because modloader will do it for you. It's essential to read the README files provided in each map to get provided information, such as map characteristics, known bugs and so on. Installing maps is easy. When you install the .zip archive and open it, you'll see the "map" folder. Place it in your modloader folder and you're good to go! There's a catch however - you'll need to install the modified Fastman Limit Adjuster (thank you @M316 for that!) and place it in the modloader folder as well, as it allows the map to load even if any object is placed without map boundaries. You can also use the Open Limit Adjuster (newest version) and the maps will work nonetheless (confirmed by @King_Von, thanks to him!) Maps in GTA SA work through the .ipl file, which contains all objects for such map. There are XYZ coordinates set in each .ipl file, which shows the location of the map itself. All maps will be made by the MTA Map Editor, which fortunately enough allows to import resources made by other people. Such case was where you can add SAMP objects in MTA proper, thanks to Nando's resource, which allows SAMP objects in MTA. There will be issues however, as some objects might not be solid (for example, Big Smoke Crack Palace's interior objects) and no one knows why exactly. Collision works in MTA, but not GTA SA. Also, there will be lighting problems due to GTA San Andreas's light collision being dumb. My maps don't load, what do I do? There can be two issues with this: gta.dat file (which is the main issue when it comes to maps not loading) or another map is already in GTA, thus overriding the one you just installed from this topic. 1. The gta.dat file is essential for the map to work, as it gives the exact location where the map should load. The original code in modloader is IPL\MODLOADER\x\x.ipl. This is done so modloader can use the gta.dat file for the map and thus loading it as intended. However, if the gta.dat file is already modified, whether in the data folder or in modloader itself - the game will crash upon loading, or it will load - but the map won't be present. Make sure to check your data folder and see if everything is set up nicely. 2. Another map already in game - this is another issue that won't load the maps provided in this topic. Since the other map also uses the gta.dat file, it technically overrides this one. There's a solution to this: go to that map's gta.dat file, modify it and type this: IPL\MODLOADER\(map file name here)\(map file's .ipl name here) OR IPL\DATA\maps\country\(map file's .ipl name here) (the latter is if you modified gta.dat in the data folder, not modloader!) DON'T FORGET: PLACE THE .IPL FILE IN THE FOLDER AS WELL, OTHERWISE THE GAME WILL CRASH UPON LOADING! Using two, three or more maps at the same time If you want to use more maps at the same time in GTA (beware though, FPS may drop!) there's a solution. Due to how the .dat files work in GTA, you can add as many .ipls as you like with the modified Fastman limit adjuster. What you'd need to do is copy one of the .ipls to the map folder and edit gta.dat so that it includes the map file itself. For example you have: IPL MODLOADER\map\Island.ipl in the gta.dat file And you want to add another map, let's say - the Apartment Building Interior (you'd need SAMP objects for that one). You place the map's .ipl file in the map folder (DON'T RENAME IT, GAME WILL CRASH OTHERWISE!) and open gta.dat and below the Island.ipl line, you type: IPL MODLOADER\map\apartmentbuilding.ipl And it should load. If you still face problems with the game crashing, make sure everything is set up correctly! Freedom in design Some maps will have places left deliberately empty to allow designers to use their own intended objects. For example, the kitchen table - you can place chairs around it and make characters sit on the chairs. There are more additions, so be sure to check them out! CREDITS @Dutchy3010 & @PatrickW - for the Design Your Own Mission modification; @M316 - for modifying Fastman Limit Adjuster proper, allowing the maps to load; Nando - for creating the New Models resource for MTA and the maptoipl resource, whom were used in the MTA Map Editor and thus in the creation of the maps; CHANGELOG: THE TOPIC WILL BE UPDATED AT ANY TIME. Thank you for your attention, have fun using the maps!
  13. Hello everyone, have you ever thought about writing a mission from GTA Advance using Dyuom or Sanny Builder?
  14. Hello Everyone. First of all sorry for my bad English. Maybe someone else posted this, but i couldnt find it anywhere so here its. With this cleo script you will be able to place the floppy disk in gta sa where ever you want, therefore you can make any place new safehouse. FIRST you need to download these files they are very useful 1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/0tsltu0u8ombn6s/coor.rar/file this cleo mod is very useful to reveal your coordinates of the player (where you want to put the floppy desk) (this mod is more accurate than the one in sanny builder -speaking from experience- it will get the right X Y Z) (Usage : Just press ~ in-game to display your coordinates) 2. https://www.sannybuilder.com/index.html sanny builder ofc! Now lets get to the code shall we? {$CLEO .cs} thread 'SAVE_Creator' 0A95: enable_thread_saving 4@ = X 5@ = Y 6@ = Z :SAVE_43 1@ = Pickup.Create(1277, 3, X, Y, Z) 0570: 15@ = call_radar_marker 35 at X Y Z 018B: radar 15@ mode 2 :SAVE_97 wait 0 if Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) else_jump @SAVE_97 if Pickup.Picked_up(1@) else_jump @SAVE_97 if $ONMISSION == 0 else_jump @SAVE_97 wait 100 03D8: show_save_screen :SAVE_157 if or 83D9: not save_done wait 0 else_jump @SAVE_181 jump @SAVE_157 :SAVE_181 wait 100 Actor.PutAt($PLAYER_ACTOR, X, Y, Z) Actor.Angle($PLAYER_ACTOR) = A Player.CanMove($PLAYER_CHAR) = True jump @SAVE_43 Fist open sannybuilder and run gta sa through sannybuilder then minimize gta sa (dont close the game yet) Then click new then copy and paste my script that i provided. make sure it looks like this Now open your gta that you minimized and get the coordinates by pressing ~ from the cleo script i provided then get your coordinates by taking a picture of it from your smartphone or writing it down on a paper. It should look like this Now put these coordinates ONLYY in the: (this is where you want to place the floppy disk) 1- thread 'SAVE_Creator' 0A95: enable_thread_saving 4@ = X 5@ = Y 6@ = Z (this is where you want to place the icon on the radar + map) (same as the other one) 2- :SAVE_43 1@ = Pickup.Create(1277, 3, X, Y, Z) just change the x y z dont mess with 1277 and 3 it should look like this after you replaced the x y z Now scroll down to :SAVE_181 wait 100 Actor.PutAt($PLAYER_ACTOR, X, Y, Z) Actor.Angle($PLAYER_ACTOR) = A Player.CanMove($PLAYER_CHAR) = True jump @SAVE_43 Open your gta that you minimized again and move few steps ahead and get the new coordinates and place them in the x y z (this ensure that after you save it doest place you in the same place as the floppy disc, otherwise you will be stuck) now replace the x y z For the A this is the angle where cj is going to face after you pickup and save your progress. delete the A and replace it with crtl + shift + E this is where your angle is in game since you didnt close the game so sannybuilder can help you out with this one (its accurate this time with sannybuilder) in my case the results were : 178.6001 Before we proceed i just want to note that first make sure you like the place where you want to put your floppy disk, because if you delete the cleo script there is a chance that the icon will still appear so make sure just change the coordinates to a new place you like more this should updated it. (dont delete it, just replace it) but if you delete it and start a new game you should be fine, it doesnt disappear if you save your game in a different safehouse and delete the script. now click on the save icon then save it in the cleo mod folder name the file whatever you want then save it last process click on run then compile ANNNND YOU GOT IT! im sorry for my bad english also sorry if it was long even tho the script is small and simple, but i know some people out there dont know alot about coding so i made it with more instruction just in case If you are: 1-[facing any problem] i would be more than happy to assist just let me know what went wrong. 2-[pro at coding] and you want to give me some advice or improvement about my script you are more than welcome. my arms are open.
  15. Hello guys.. I'm currently working on an idea to keep doing the side/emergency vehicle mission without "Key pressed F/19" and "not Actor.Driving (#........)" checks but the construct of each side mission script (main.scm) is preventing me to bypass them. I'm giving you the codes of Paramedic Mission as an example.. :AMBULAN_8274 0208: 165@ = random_float_in_ranges 190@ 193@ 0208: 166@ = random_float_in_ranges 191@ 194@ 0293: $13 = get_controller_mode if 00E1: player 0 pressed_key 19 jf @AMBULAN_8325 53@ = 1 :AMBULAN_8325 if 53@ == 1 jf @AMBULAN_8426 if not $13 == 3 jf @AMBULAN_8421 if 80E1: not player 0 pressed_key 19 jf @AMBULAN_8414 03D5: remove_text 'ALEVEL' // Paramedic Mission Level ~1~ 00BC: show_text_highpriority GXT 'A_CANC' time 3000 flag 1 // ~r~Paramedic mission cancelled! 79@ = 1 return :AMBULAN_8414 jump @AMBULAN_8426 :AMBULAN_8421 0293: $13 = get_controller_mode :AMBULAN_8426 if not Actor.Dead($PLAYER_ACTOR) jf @AMBULAN_8497 if not Actor.DrivingVehicleType($PLAYER_ACTOR, #AMBULAN) jf @AMBULAN_8497 03D5: remove_text 'ALEVEL' // Paramedic Mission Level ~1~ 00BC: show_text_highpriority GXT 'A_CANC' time 3000 flag 1 // ~r~Paramedic mission cancelled! 79@ = 1 return :AMBULAN_11142 0293: $13 = get_controller_mode if 00E1: player 0 pressed_key 19 jf @AMBULAN_11171 53@ = 1 :AMBULAN_11171 if 53@ == 1 jf @AMBULAN_11229 if 80E1: not player 0 pressed_key 19 jf @AMBULAN_11229 00BC: show_text_highpriority GXT 'A_CANC' time 3000 flag 1 // ~r~Paramedic mission cancelled! jump @AMBULAN_13159 :AMBULAN_11229 if not Actor.DrivingVehicleType($PLAYER_ACTOR, #AMBULAN) jf @AMBULAN_11278 00BC: show_text_highpriority GXT 'A_CANC' time 3000 flag 1 // ~r~Paramedic mission cancelled! jump @AMBULAN_13159 jump @AMBULAN_11334 What should be my approach? If you have an idea i will test it and if it works i will adapt the same approach for firetruck and taxi. And off course i will credit you under my content.. Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend
  16. Hey all, not Scott here. So I'm in a odd predicament here, and as you might have guessed, I'm not sure what the hell is causing it. Basically when I (CJ) go into a closet to look through my (CJ's) clothes, nothing is there in the options... But I can select. And when I do select, nothing, CJ comes out of the closest without a torso. (its as if closet options are there) Also, when I go into a clothing store and try to buy something there, right after my first purchase, it makes marks off everything green. Like I've already bought it and it's in my closet waiting for me (CJ-- idk why I keep specifying this) at home. Now I play with a good amount of mods so I assumed it must've been one of those breaking something, so I took them all out, well besides the essential mods. But even after that the same thing still happens. So I booted up the original version of the game straight from steam, no downgrader, no mods, just the crap the give you out the box. This time around it actually works! Only problem is, well, it's only working on the steam version with no downgrader and any essential mods. So I'm stumped here, maybe one of you out there might have the fix? If so I, and any other future person that comes across this thread, would much appreciate you telling us how to implement this fix. If you need anymore info from me just lmk and I'll try and get it to you. Thanks in advance!
  17. Application for editing mission project files (*.dat) used by DYOM (Design Your Own Mission) modification for GTA San Andreas. By Miran. More screenshots: WARNING: Application should be extracted to its own directory. Do not put GTA_DYOM_Editor.exe into main game directory or any other directory where any other application is already present! As any other Windows application this program will try load and use some .dll libraries. One of them is for example d3d9.dll, which in case of GTA will not be 'standard', but ENB Series, windowed mode hack etc. This will lead to application crash or unexpected behavior causing for example files loss (already proven) . Version 0.95 Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/nus2ol8n11e0wqm/GTA_DYOM_Editor_0.95.zip/file Readme contents: Please report found bugs in this topic.
  18. DYOM Skips 1.0 DOWNLOAD LINK GTA DYOM Addon Skips 1.0 This addon for GTA San Andreas DYOM 8.1 modification. (Design Your Own Mission) Authors: Miran and Toriality Thanks to Rathard for testing Installation: You need GTA San Andreas CLEO 4.4.1 or later installed DYOM mod installed Copy files DYOM_Skips.cs and DYOM_Skips.ini to [GAME_FOLDER]\cleo\ Modify settings in DYOM_Skips.ini if necessary. Press Ctrl+i during DYOM mission gameplay. New text should be visible on screen (only during certain objective types like 'go to checkpoint' or 'kill the person') Example mission: The pack contains example funny "canonical classic DYOM" style mission using features provided by this addon. To see it, copy DYOM1.dat to [My documments]\GTA San Andreas User Files\ and use Load Mission in DYOM to play it. Addon created as 'transparent': It is optional and meant to not alert gameplay or mission files in way to make them not compatible for a player without this addon installed. Optional, safe and revertible. Features for players: Trip Skip: Feature similar to one in original game. The mission designer can mark a checkpoint to be skippable by starting objective text with ~skip~ (or +skip+ using the in game editor). The prefix will not be displayed during mission play, even for players without this addon installed. If the player passed this objective ever in the past (passed the mission, or failed it AFTER the checkpoint objective) then Trip Skip will be available. Conditions needed to trip skip feature occur: Checkpoint objective text starts with ~skip~ prefix Player already passed this objective in the past (logged in file in mission's SD directory) Target checkpoint is placed in over world (interior 0) Player is in over world Player to target distance is greater than 20 meters Player is in a vehicle If conditions are meet, 'Trip Skip' info box and graphic will be displayed on screen. Skip can be activated using Y button (Conversation Yes button). If activated, the screen fades to black and the player with vehicle is teleported to the checkpoint position. Screen text "Later that day..." is displayed. Target player orientation will be the same as checkpoint objective direction. Not all checkpoint types has direction property editable in editors, but this can be walked around: create a racing style checkpoint with arrow and set the desired facing direction. Then edit the checkpoint objective and change its type to the desired shape. Direction data will be kept. Same trick works in my GTA DYOM Editor application. Phone calls: Added sounds to player's mobile phone: ringing and call skip button beep. Ability to skip phone calls with keyboard button. Skip is not available if player never heard the certain call before. This is logged for each mission in its SD folder. The same keyboard button as in the original game is used for skipping the calls. By default, Enter and F key. Cutscenes: Improved cutscene skipping. Space bar has to be pressed during the cutscene, not before. This fixes the problem of accidental skipping when the player holds the space bar for handbrake or sprinting while a cutscene starts. A single space bar press skips a whole cutscene. In original DYOM objectives like Weather, Time Of Day etc. are splitting cutscenes into parts where each have to be skipped separately. Cutscene texts are now visible during the whole duration of the cutscene, not just for the first 5 seconds. Cutscene texts are not flashing during skipping. Unlocked ability to exit to main menu during cutscenes. Objective info: Displays help information about current objective on screen. Can be activated with Ctrl+i key combination. Can be configured in Dyom_Skips.ini file to be: disabled, enabled, or active by default. Depending on current objective type, text will show: Distance to checkpoint, pickup, vehicle to enter Distance and HP (Health Points) of target actor/vehicle Member count and total HP of members to in 'kill whole gang' objective Distance and objective action (touch/damage/shoot/photograph) for 'object' objective For other objective types, text is not visible (Cutscenes, Timeouts etc.) Features for mission designers: Non skippable cutscenes: If cutscene text starts with ~noskip~ (or +noskip+ when using in game editor) then this cutscene can not be skipped using space bar key. Please note, the cutscene will be still skippable for players without DYOM_Skips addon installed! Debug skips: FEATURE DISABLED BY DEFAULT! Go to DYOM_Skips.ini file to activate it. Use keyboard key combination Ctrl+N (Conversation No key) to show/hide Debug Skips dialog. It presents information similar to Objective Info feature, but more detailed and for every objective type: Same as in Objective Info Cutscene time (useful for cutscenes fine-tuning) Time for Timeout, Countdown etc. objectives Keyboard keys (active when Debug skips dialog is visible) Y - skip (pass) current objective. Depending on objective it will: Teleport player to checkpoint, kill target actor/gang, destroy target vehicle, skip timeouts and cutscenes etc. Tilda(~) - slow down game time when key is hold. Slow motion for debugging fast actions / cutscenes etc. Tab - speed up game time. Drive faster, fast-forward cutscenes etc. N - cancel. Hide Debug Skips dialog. By Miran The "Trip Skip" addon idea, initial coding and research: Toriality
  19. Hello fellas, I'm having a trouble after adding new tuning parts for custom vehicles - how to fix them? My parts for adding vehicle work fine, but after adding them - it now crashes when I'm trying to put spoiler "A" for Sultan and fog lamp for most of transfender'able cars. Also, on another note my game crashes when I'm trying to load save file or it won't crash, but either peds or cars will be glitched or part of the map won't load, but I believe it's an issue because I have waaaay too much modloader files, so I will make IMG folder for my added content and replace them in gta3img (but if this isn't the case and it's something else - I will appreciate help in this question too). I'm using SAxVCxLC version 1.5. and many car mods, my car list is around 496 - half of them are from SAxVCxLC and half are my personally added ones. And btw - SAxVCxLC uses only Fastman92 Limit Adjuster. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi! I'm trying to change the posters inside the 7-11s, the muky juice and cokopops ones. I replaced the textures inside the 7_11_posters.txd files, but the posters won't change. I can't find a way to do it. Can anybody help me?
  21. Hi! I'm trying to find the .txd files for the road signs textures, the ones with transparency and with the names of the neighbourhoods. I want to change them for the new names I've given them for the mod I'm making. Are there any txds at all?
  22. lamborghinisa

    Skin request for SA (SOLVED)

    Hi, i found a skin for Claire redfield from RE2 in a formal suit and i tried to port that skin to gta sa but it crashes my game, can someone please port that skin for me? 3D models to convert in the zip file there is a claire redfield skin from SA (can be used to extract the face) and the suit for claire in fbx format and in the RE2 original file format i think there is all the needed files. Thank you for reading.
  23. asins

    Cleo coding ANDROID

    I have been converting a PC cleo.cs to cleo.csa but i got stuck at 4 lines that i realy need help with, need them to complete my mod. Please help... I need a Cleo Android version of this lines with opcodes of course: 7@ = Car.Create(8@, 21@, 22@, 23@) 1@ = Actor.Angle($PLAYER_ACTOR) 1@ += 0.0 Car.Angle(7@) = 1@
  24. Hello guys I've removed the barriers from main.scm but the trains automatically stops moving in front of barrier area where are Richman<>Flint County and Palomino Creek<>Rockshore East (Frederick Bridge) area. I've checked the tracks.dat files and even changed some of them but no hope. Acording to my research the barriers are hardcoded stuff and think my solution will be kinda difficult. Is there any memory adress or some other approaches for preventing this stop? My answer seems switching the integer star 181 at the first place but obviously i can't.. I'm posting some screenshots to explain my situation better.. don't mind the train colours.. i've changed them for spicing up the game.. Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend
  25. Introduction: Modding San Andreas as a beginner can be difficult. There's a lot of outdated and straight up wrong information out there regarding how you should mod the beloved classic. However, with 10+ years of experience modding San Andreas, I've decided to make the ULTIMATE MODDING GUIDE for the game. This guide will teach you the latest and best way to mod San Andreas. You'll learn the following... How to prepare San Andreas for modding How to install the best and essential San Andreas mods How to install Modloader for San Andreas and learn in-depth how Modloader works How San Andreas works itself and what file types do what How to diagnose and solve San Andreas crashes Where to download San Andreas mods from Essential pro tips If you find this guide helpful, be sure to share it with others! So, get comfortable, grab a drink and prepare to mod San Andreas, the correct way. Questions & Answers: What's the difference between this guide and other guides? Other guides typically just show you how to install mods, without actually explaining how they work. So sure, by the end of most guides, you will have a modded game. However, what happens after that when it comes to installing mods on your own? It can get quite confusing, as a lot of these other guides don't really teach you why you should install certain mods one way and other mods another way. By the end of the ULTIMATE MODDING GUIDE for GTA San Andreas, you will be able to download any mod for San Andreas, and understand how you should install it. You'll also learn how Modloader works in-depth, which most guides don't cover correctly, and you'll also learn how to diagnose and solve crashes yourself, which is bound to happen as you play around with mods. Lastly, the ULTIMATE MODDING GUIDE for GTA San Andreas is also fully subtitled. So it's easy to translate for non-English speakers and it's also easier to follow for those who are hard of hearing. Why should I follow this guide inside of using a Modpack? Modpacks can be a quick and easy way to mod San Andreas, but if you want to install any mods after you install a Modpack, it can be a massive pain, even if you know what you're doing. Modpacks often aren't organised optimally, and it's also common for them to use outdated mods. If you don't know what you're doing, you generally won't know what mods are actually included in a Modpack either, and you could run into issues installing duplicate mods if you decide to start installing mods yourself. As well as that, you generally learn nothing by installing a Modpack. They're usually just drag and drop, whereas with this guide, you'll learn all there is to know about modding San Andreas. I've run into an issue following the guide, how do I get in contact with you? If you've run into an issue, you'll get a response fastest by contacting me on my Discord server or on any of the following socials below. Discord Instagram Twitter Episode #1 - Getting Started In the first episode, we get ourselves ready for modding. So we'll make sure we have the correct version of San Andreas, make sure we have our OS setup correctly to view file formats and also cover some rules to follow before starting. Episode #2 - Installing Essentials In this episode, we'll install the essential GTA SA mods which make the game much more playable on modern systems. So, we'll be installing an ASI Loader, CLEO, ModLoader, SilentPatch and more in this part of the guide, as well as learning about most of them in-depth. Episode #3 - Modloader Tutorial & Learning File Types In this episode, we're going to install mod tools for GTA SA, including an IMG Editor and TXD Editor. We'll also make our own basic mod for San Andreas, and install it with and without Modloader so you get an idea of how Modloader works. Throughout the guide, we're also going to cover almost all of the San Andreas file types so you know exactly what each type of file does and what mods may use them for. Episode #4 - Installing More Mods In this episode, we're going to install more GTA SA mods. This will include installing texture mods such as ROSA Project Evolved and other great mods such as Project 2DFX. We'll also learn how some of these mods function and cover what their files do. Episode #5 - Diagnosing and Solving Crashes In this episode, we learn how to diagnose and solve GTA SA crashes, as well as ways to prevent crashes when you're installing mods. Episode #6 - Where to Find Mods and Pro Tips In the last episode of this modding guide for San Andreas, we're going to go over where you can download GTA SA mods, and I'll also share with you some essential pro tips you can use when modding San Andreas.
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