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Found 13 results

  1. CARL JOHNSON 2000

    How to Rig the minigun

    Hello, does anyone have any idea how to rig the minigun? I am aware that it consists of two models: the part that the CJ holds and the pipes that rotate. When I tried to do the traditional Rigging, only the first part was visible, and the pipes were invisible. Although there are hundreds of minigun mods, the way of doing Rigging of this specific weapon is generally not much discussed. I heard that it involved the hierarchy of models, but I'm not sure if that is exactly it. If anyone can help, I would be grateful.
  2. YGE

    CJ Revenge

    Story: Download Now !!
  3. CARL JOHNSON 2000

    Conversion and rigging

    Well, I understand that this issue is quite old, however, recently I created some weapon mods. Specifically, I converted weapons from the game Quake 2 for GTA SA. The problem is that, testing the weapons, after doing that old Rigging process which is based on the attach vertex, in the game the weapons are invisible. I think the dff is ok, but the textures seem to be the problem. With one of the weapons, the rig process worked, but it was after MANY attempts. Dearly, could someone help me? Should textures be added to the dff model while it is in 3DS Max and after going through Rig? Unfortunatel
  4. I've been looking through pages for about an hour now and I cant seem to find any.
  5. Welcome to The Offical GTA Remake Thread This Thread is Meant to Discuss Possible Features ,Changes, Release Date etc...
  6. Basically when I edit any model on 3ds max it loses it's default GTA:SA lighting and it's annoying, this is what I mean: Original Object After Exporting with Kams files I just want be able to export the buildings I create with the Default San Andreas enviroment reflection or however it's called.
  7. Hello everyone I have a problem after changing the values in the file main.scm program Sanny Builder 3.04 in vogue for GTA SA have such a problem that the game does not respond at all after the loading screen,. I wrote for advice to twóch creator on how to edit files of this mod. One of them replied and the other is silent. Someone may be playing in the editions of Vice City Stories PC Edtion if so I would ask for advice. I'm New to the forum and learn a little bit, usually Create and edit in zmodelerze. a deeper edition GTA is a little black magic to me, if someone was kind to help me I wou
  8. Hello! I've a problem, it's new to me. I'm working on a car conversation to San Andreas. Before the export procedure, the mesh, or model looks great. After I import the dff file, the quailty of the model is worse than it was before. And I don't know why. (The yellow parts from another model, the quality is still good after the export / import) Is there any solution for it? I made two pictures to show the problem. Before export: After import:
  9. LadderFrame

    Movable parts on vehicles?

    Hello there guys, LadderFrame from Turkey here and i am a newbie on the road. For the GTA San Andreas, I'm working for a total conversion of all default vehicles to Japanese equivalents with more details and working parts. But actually, i need some help here. Is there a way to add and define a working part on any vehicle such as BF Injection's or Bandito's suspensions and rotating crankcase or lowriders' axles? Thank you so much for kind answers...
  10. So..my tardis mod(sparrow) normally looks like this: But if there is big amount of light around her, the doors look different like this: But they are sharing the same material. they look even worse when a car headlight is on her: I have no idea how to deal with this, here is my material setting, hope u guys could help me plz
  11. StuntGames

    UV Mapping

    This is an area I really had problems with, back when I was learning how to model.... There was literrally NO tutorials for this. But since Im the good guy that I am I made one for you. *Organization* Always remember to be organized, I also find that having 64x64 256x256 512x512 and 1024x1024 textures to be the best. They dont distort. If they are not that size make them with MS paint. Step 1 Now you have to change one of your viewports to the UV Mapper View, I chose the Front viewport. Step 2 Have a shape ready, go into faces mode then
  12. StuntGames

    GTA Modding

    Has anybody found the solution on the reflextions. Does Rockstar NOT want us to mod this game. The more modding we do more ppl will buy the game just because of modding. couldnt R* help us out by making all the files easy to mod, or couldnt they just help us by telling us how to make the reflections work on custom cars?!?!?!?!
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