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  1. Is there any chance or anyone can create water shader mod for GTA SA like this one?: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/File:WaterScreen.jpg As we can see GTA SA water looks very bad, even worse than GTA VC water. It will be really good if someone could improve it. Some MTA SA modder could already do this in a .lua mod and that's the link: https://nightly.mtasa.com/files/shaders/shader_water.zip I hope someone care about this.
  2. Is it known that these two helicopters never spawn at the same time but they depend on which direction you arrive from. There's more than enough clearance for both of them to spawn without colliding. Leviathan was already there, I spawned a Hunter and parked it more or less where it spawns.
  3. Now that I managed to edit the helicopter model I wanted to edit, I tried to make a dual machine gun working on it without CLEO. I want two separate dummies (miscpos_a and miscpos_b) both serving the function of a machine gun simultaneously. In the game there are only four aircraft that can shoot machine guns: Hunter, Sea Sparrow, RC Baron (these three with a single cannon each) and the Rustler, with two sets of three cannons each. Unfortunately no helicopter has a dual machine gun, and if I assign the special ability of any of them via Fastman Limit Adjuster I will only get a single functional gun (from dummy miscpos_a). If I try to label both dummies with the same name, only the second one will work. If I try to use the Rustler special ability (and dummies named miscpos_a and miscpos_b) I can get a dual machine gun working, since that plane does have two working machine gun dummies, but the downside is cosmetic; The fire effect of the Rustler is designed to account for three cannons per dummy, and in my case it's excessive. Is it possible to have dual machine guns like the Rustler's, but with a single fire effect per dummy like the other aircraft models?
  4. I have a helicopter mod with non-functional machine gun cannons by default. A while ago I learned how to make them functional with CLEO, but yesterday I tried applying the special feature of the Rustler to it and discovered it works this way too without altering the behavior of the helicopter, but the gun flashes are placed where they would be in the Rustler. I would like to edit the DFF model of this vehicle so the fire flashes and ammo come out of the right spots, since through this method I will be able to catch the police's attention when doing mayhem with the helicopter (something that doesn't happen with CLEO).
  5. My San Andreas game is full of mods, however I'm slowly fixing the issues created by the conflicts between some of them them. There's one I just can't figure out, some mod whitened out the texture of the floor of the crack palace entrance. Does anyone know the name of the texture normally used here?
  6. Nico

    Update an old ASI script?

    I want to use an old ASI script made by Ryosuke839, "Hunter Missile" which gives Hydra-like heat-seeking missiles to the combat helicopter. This ASI hasn't worked for me in years since it used outdated code that is not recognized by modern ASI loaders. I tried to see if I could find an updated version somewhere with no luck. Could anyone help me make it work? Link to the script from its original source
  7. Teorhus

    A new update?

    Some platforms received an update of 420mb some minutes ago Can someone verify on the whole trilogy?
  8. Mods Like SpeedoSA by fastman92, SA_SpeedoMeter By DK22Pac and Vehicle Health Gauge by "Um Geek" all don't disappear/disable on cutscenes which breaks the game 𝙄𝙈𝙈𝙀𝙍𝙎𝙄𝙊𝙉, The ones by fastman92 and "Um Geek" are Cleo scripts, what I wanted to know is if CLEO has some OPCODE or another workaround to make these not appear on screen during cutscenes. I don't use the one by DK since it's not much customizable. (I'm not using both of the speedometers at the same time, I just have them here for a screenshot.)
  9. I tried to pack the Proper Player Retex Mod in a Player.img file but the game just freezes on a black screen after loading. Thought my IMG was corrupt (Used IMGFactory) but tried again a couple of times, but it's the same result. Then I looked in the ReadMe files for ModLoader but couldn't find anything related to Player.img. I only have that mod that changes files in Player.img.
  10. I've been messing with the Trucks with Trailers script to add functionality to other trucks I added, and I also want to add variety to the cars pulled by the tow trucks. For that specific feature, this CLEO script uses this opcode: 0209: [email protected] = random_int_in_ranges 604 606 IDs 604 and 605 correspond to the wrecked versions of Glendale and Sadler. I want to extend this and include other beater cars like Clover, Tampa and others I added, but they are not consecutive IDs with these two. How can I do that?
  11. Hello there! I wanna know how to combine vegetation mods. For example insanity vegetation is very good mod, but it doesn't retexture all the plants of whole the map like BSOR. As we know if, you put them together at same folder at modloader, you will see white textures inside the game because of mods conflict. So I wanna know how to combine vegetation mods together and what I should do with files like vegepart.ide and procobj.ide.
  12. When putting Project Props to my modloader the game always crashes on loading. I'm also using TTDISA. I think its the fastman92 limit adjuster that causes these issue but I'm not sure. Any tips?
  13. Just got back on this game after a long time...... Anyways wanted to edit a texture of a file named painter, to be black to match an outfit I was testing and got this: https://ibb.co/GJjZ27L Also this is the edited texture: https://ibb.co/Kym8bgt Also tried to research about it and came across this: but still didn't work after converting it to bmp. please help, ty in advanced!
  14. Hello, so I downloaded this pack: https://libertycity.net/files/gta-san-andreas/178677-odezhda-og-loc-iz-beta-versii.html and noticed in game that the glasses where off: https://ibb.co/K9SrKLh tried to finally mess around with blender and models, but couldn't find any video messing around with accessories like glasses, caps etc. probably because I don't know what to search for, all I found was editing ped models with other stuff via blender. anyways this is the original, what its supposed to look like: https://ibb.co/42d882g notice on how its clearly supposed to be on the head and here is when I messed around in blender: https://ibb.co/nfDj40M notice that it aint even close so yeah, if y'all want you could just re adjust it for me but I also want to learn how to edit stuff in blender, so maybe teach me? or link a vid cause I was probably searching for the wrong stuff, I was searching "how to edit gta sa models" Ty in advanced!!
  15. I've downloaded an engine sounds mod (using modloader) and started replacing and moving some sounds around the directory to my preference. However I had the idea to replace one engine rev sound with one of my own that I had saved. The issue is that it doesn't appear to work in-game at all. It comes out as a single flat note even though it's the same extension (WAV). I am aware that I can't just drag any sound file in and expect it to work but I'd like someone who's done this before to please specify what characteristics and format the sound file needs to contain in order for the game to recognize it and thus play it correctly. Thanks!
  16. How do you define using SD in a mission? And what is your vision of good use? I myself don't like when there no SD in missions. It's basic to just use default game skins and that's fine, but not incorporating music or SFX into missions to compensate can REALLY make them feel... dead so to speak
  17. _iPhaze

    Mobile modification?...

    I have purchased every R* title for mobile and was testing them all to see if they run good and yes, so far, flawless. Now, I'd like to do more research on modifications - Any information or links to where I can find trustworthy downloads would be appreciated. I suppose I would have to download an extractor and replace files as I go, of course back up files before I do so... I have installed CTW, 3, VC, SA now and I think I'll work on Vice City first. If anyone has down this and would like to share anything (tips, tricks, install information) I would appreciate the help and feedback. Oh and it just hit me, are there any trainers? If so, link please, that way I can run sometime with unlimited ammo and health. Not big on cheats honestly but I am busy working alot and want to have fun when I can play... If this topics in the wrong spot I apologize...
  18. Hey there, so i made some maps for GTA San Andreas, and while loading the initial game, it crashes right while loading the .ipl file. Log: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5peckf0jtmqrsxo/modloader.log/file Notes: yes, i have limit adjuster.
  19. I made this question here and here I need an addres to get the coordinates of where the player is aiming, unlike the opcode (0667: AS_actor -1 aim_at 969.3931 -1098.341 22.877 120000 ms), which is to force the actor to aim to that direction, but what i want, is to get those coordinates to be able to make a mod that i want to make In all the mods I have seen of "aimbot" since most of them dont work, what they do is to get the coordinates of the "camera" and "target_camara" and then do a thousand mathematical operations to get where's the player aiming in the map But is there an addres that solves that? Like 0A8D: $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_1 = read_memory 0x00000000 size 4 virtual_protect 0 //X 0A8D: $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_2 = read_memory 0x00000004 size 4 virtual_protect 0 //Y 0A8D: $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_3 = read_memory 0x00000008 size 4 virtual_protect 0 //Z // So, i could do something like "create_explosion_at $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_1 $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_2 $TEMPVAR_FLOAT_3" In case there is no addres showing these coordinates, what would it look like?
  20. I am trying to access the address of these values, but it does not enter these addresses and leaves me in the same address sequence given by opcode 0A97 I want access to this: I did this: 0A97: $CarStruct = vehicle [email protected] struct CarStruct += 0x40 CarStruct += 0x0 But it doesn't work, it leaves me at the same address What exactly do I have to do to access and edit these values? I also made a post asking how I can access other addresses of vehicles
  21. Normally we have to kill 3 Ballas or Vagos in order to trigger a "Gang Wars Attack" and sometimes it is difficult to find a 3 enemy gang together.. especially in some weak territories such as Playa Del Sevilla... Off course in some cases the player triggers the unwanted territory.. So why don't we stand in a specific territory, push a buttorn or type a cheat and let the script activates/deactivates this for us? By the way.. "Specific Times" means this script will be only usable between these missions.. Doberman/Green Sabre - Home Coming/End of the Line
  22. bokiking

    Deleting a mission in main.scm

    I've been trying to delete some missions in main.scm, since they wouldn't work with some custom vehicles that I've been making. I would delete the whole mission script, delete the mission in the "DEFINE MISSION xx AT" section, and fix the numerisation too. But, whenever I try to compile the file, I'm getting the "The definition of external script amount expected but MISSION found." error. I've read the Sunny Builder Help, but still couldn't figure out how to solve the problem. Pls help
  23. From intro to credits, from the ground to the sky, from the beginning to the end of the line, a complete remaster is in progress for the classic edition of GTA San Andreas. The remaster is nearly done. I am rebuilding the whole package, it will have a very simple installation program. Many small updates will be added with the update of various mods that is used in the remaster and also requested ones here. While the remaster is in progress, I need your help and suggestions on what you want in the remaster. Currently it has whole map, vehicles, peds, weapons, vegetations and so on retextured and remodeled with some additional fixes in scripts, missions and gameplay. Also includes some add-ons and brought back features from PS2 and the new DE to the classic GTA SA. The remaster contains many extras to make the gameplay more feature-rich and up-to-date gameplay mechanics with latest titles. There's no graphics mod added yet because it might cause issues and crashes to many users but will be added as "add-ons" in future. ## I will update the post with screenshots and videos soon. Meanwhile, here's a little glimpse of the intro. Video
  24. Looking to modify Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: The Definitive Edition localization? This guide will walk you through the entire process from Start to Finish Beginners Friendly! Tools These are all the tools you will need. UnrealLocres (298KB) FModel (20.3MB) Extracting Localization File FModel 1. Download FModel and open up FModel.exe. 2. At the left-top, click on Directory > Selector and navigate to your game directory by tapping on the ... button. 3. Confirm your path and press OK. This is how it should look like once you've completed the steps above: 4. Click on Directory tab and double-click on gta.pak Note: FModel might ask you to restart, allow it and then had back over to the Folders tab. 5. Navigate to the following path: Gameface > Content > Localization > GTASA > Game At this part of the guide, you can pick the language you would like to edit. I'm going to choose 'en'. It is the exact same process so don't worry! 6. Double-click on the language folder you want to edit. I am going to edit 'en'. 7. Right-click the Game.locres file and click Export Data The exported file can be found in the same folder where the FModel.exe is located at. Open up the folder and navigate to: FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en UnrealLocres - Export We are now going to extract the Game.locres file 1. Download UnrealLocres and copy the UnrealLocres.exe to the extracted folder (FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en) Your folder should end up looking like this: 2. Open up the Command Prompt. (Right-click Windows Logo > Run > cmd) and press Enter 3. Navigate to the folder where your UnrealLocres.exe is located. Command: cd /d <PATH> Example: cd /d D:\FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en 4. We want to get the .CSV file from our Game.locres file. Enter in the following command and press Enter. Command: UnrealLocres.exe export <PATH> Example: UnrealLocres.exe export D:\FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en\Game.locres We now have successfully extracted our Game.locres file. UnrealLocres - Editing our Text Go back to your folder and you should see a new file called Game.csv There are several ways to do this. I highly recommend using Google Spreadsheet or Excel to be 100% safe so you don't have to worry about comma separation. But if you don't have it installed, you can also easily do this with Notepad / Notepad++. 1. Open Game.csv with your desired program. I'll be using Notepad++. 2. Search the text you would like to edit. I'll be editing the intro text when arriving Francis INTL. Airport. Every line ends with a comma. We can't replace the exact text, so we have to add our modified text in a new column. If you are using Google Spreadsheet or Excel, you just add your new text on the same line in the C column. OPTION 1 - NOTEPAD This is how your modified text should look like if you're doing it in Notepad: Current Text: GTASA/LOAD_01:INTRO1,"Francis INTL. Airport,", Modified Text: GTASA/LOAD_01:INTRO1,"Francis INTL. Airport,","GTANet INTL. Airport,", OPTION 2 - GOOGLE SPREADSHEET / EXCEL This is how your modified text should look like if you're doing it in Google Spreadsheet or Excel: 3. Do a final check to ensure everything is correct and then Save your .CSV file. UnrealLocres - Import We are now going to import our .CSV file so it becomes a valid Game.locres for us to use. 1. Open up the Command Prompt. (Right-click Windows Logo > Run > cmd) and press Enter 2. Navigate to the folder where your UnrealLocres.exe is located 3. Enter in the following command to import our .CSV into Game.locres Command: UnrealLocres.exe import <Game.locres PATH> <Game.csv PATH> Example: UnrealLocres.exe import D:\FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en\Game.locres D:\FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en\Game.csv Once successful, you will see the following message: Adding our new Game.locres file In the same folder, you will see a new file called Game.locres.new 1. Delete or move the old Game.locres, Game.csv, and the UnrealLocres.exe files out of this folder. 2. Rename Game.locres.new to Game.locres. 3. Go all the way back until the Content folder and copy the Localization folder. 4. Go to the game directory and paste the Localization folder you just copied inside the Content folder. This is how it should look like: Result Launch the game and go check out your new changed text
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