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  1. ArkianHue

    DYOM MOTW# Template

    For rules and guidelines, click here. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER Posting reviews/feedback before the participation deadline is strictly NOT allowed. You may post reviews/feedback once voting starts. Theme: (Host's choice) This is where description of theme goes. Replace it with any text you fancy that explains what the theme is about. IMPORTANT NOTE: Blatantly troll behavior will NOT be tolerated. Deadlines Participation: 1st of January 2021 - 00:00 PM/AM(Host's Time Zone) Voting: 1st of
  2. YGE

    YGE Projects

    This topic will be my future Projects, This topic could be update anytime so follow the topic to not miss any new projects Rules - do not spam - do not annoying each other Thank you for reading and Following the topic
  3. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: EFLC, It is a modification that modifies the city of Liberty City that brings the mod SAxVCxLC, making it more real to the city of NYC 2001, soon when this mod is completed, will make a mod where the city of NYC will be added in the most realistic way possible. WTC With DirectX 2.0 And Spiderman Mod 2016 WTC With DirectX 2.0 Test WTC Light Test -Freddie Mercury- -Rahijo- -KRATS 18- -Debsmith- -Apricat- -Tanish-
  4. 0xB6F5F0 – Player pointer (CPed) 0xB7CD98 – Player pointer, direct offset to the ped pool start (CPed) 0xB74498 – CPeds maximum number (normally 140) 0xB74490 – Pointer to ped pool usage information, which contains: +0 = Pointer to the first ped in the pool +4 = Pointer to a byte map indicating which peds are in use +8 = [dword] Maximum number of peds in the pool +12 = [dword] Current number of peds in the pool CPed +0x540 = [float] Health I looked on gtamods dot com but I don't know how to use these I tried lo
  5. SonicFan99

    Problem with custom_mods.img

    Whenever I install the custom mods that I want to play in GTA UG, it keeps crashing when I select the modded vehicles in the spawner, sometimes the vehicle just don't appear. (I did installed them properly as instructed.) What did I do wrong to get these errors regarding the custom_mods.img? Here are the minidumps, any help would be appreciated: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zamn879qzmr4uz8/gta_ug_20210523_061225.dmp/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/zaqog23n7s8nvwn/gta_ug_20210523_061231.dmp/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/lhnedjkhy0nxhpn/gta_ug_20210523_061235.dmp/
  6. Modding GTA San Andreas for Beginner's Hello and welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Modding San Andreas. This is a series of videos which covers everything you need to know about modding San Andreas. There's several misleading videos out there which are using extremely outdated methods to install mods, which can break your game or simply make modding less enjoyable. This series will show you how to downgrade your game, how to install an ASI Loader, Modloader, HD Textures and more, the correct way. Let's get started! Part #1 – Downgrading, ASI Loader, Modloader &
  7. Lioshenka

    [WIP] La Mystique de Russie

    I started it all by myself about March 2006, and have been working hard to archive impressive results since then. We all know, that GTA is a great game, and I really liked it when SA was released. But what a shame, it eventually starter feeling too small after spending hours wandering around the map!!! The forests and the desert aren't that big, and as we can see now there are no pigsies, wildman, Epsilon cult and all ather crap in the game. BUT. It is not fair, is it? So I planned for my mod to feature: - Medium-size Russian city - Few smaller towns - New vehicles, mostl
  8. Hello My game's sun looks like this: How can I configure it? I'm new with reshades and stuff like that. Followed a video tutorial but mine looks like the image adove Thanks in advance
  9. Hey guys i'm interested in making a devil may cry mod for gta san andreas. I can make skins, animations and weapons, I only need assistance with scripting (the combat system and effects). In the modding community I am known as Eleazar and AstroStormZ for anyone who wants to look up my work. The biggest project I was involved in was the Spider-Man mod by J16D.
  10. I've been trying to make LS, SF and LV cops spawn with a Glock (id 70) and Combat Shotguns (at 3 stars and higher) but keep Colt and Shotgun on desert and rural areas. Is there a way to do it? I'm using cleo.
  11. I've been trying to make LS, SF and LV cops spawn with a Glock (id 70) and Combat Shotguns (at 3 stars and higher) but keep Colt and Shotgun on desert and rural areas. Is there a way to do it? I'm using cleos.
  12. Hello Everyone. First of all sorry for my bad English. Maybe someone else posted this, but i couldnt find it anywhere so here its. With this cleo script you will be able to place the floppy disk in gta sa where ever you want, therefore you can make any place new safehouse. FIRST you need to download these files they are very useful 1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/0tsltu0u8ombn6s/coor.rar/file this cleo mod is very useful to reveal your coordinates of the player (where you want to put the floppy desk) (this mod is more accurate than the one in sanny builder -speaking
  13. Carl Theft Auto

    (SA) Breaking the Bank Parachute Gliding

    Is there a way to activate the gliding mode in the BTBAC outside the mission? As you can see in this video (0:51 to be exact): He glided all the way to another building using a parachute, but the problem is the gliding doesn't work outside the mission, so is it possible for it to work outside the mission via cleo script? As I dont want to start a new game after working hard on my save. Any helpful replies is appreciated .
  14. Hello everyone I have a problem with the dyom mod, what happens is that when I start the mission after a few seconds it ends, and I don't know why, it has no time limit and I also do not meet an objective, it simply ends the mission and not i know how to solve it
  15. Walter Clements

    [GTA SA] Guide for making car sound mods

    Want to start making some car sound mods? This is just the tutorial for you. (I also just felt like writing one, so I wouldn't also forget how to, heh) It's actually fairly easy to do. Don't be intimated by the length of this post. 1. Open your source video game. Mute all of the other sound effects (music, tire noise, environment noise, etc) except for the engine sound in the game's options. (Alternatively, you can also grab a youtube video that meets the requirements below) Then open Audacity. Hit record (R) and record these: Idle Sound
  16. Maurilo_Predator

    How to Rig the minigun

    Hello, does anyone have any idea how to rig the minigun? I am aware that it consists of two models: the part that the CJ holds and the pipes that rotate. When I tried to do the traditional Rigging, only the first part was visible, and the pipes were invisible. Although there are hundreds of minigun mods, the way of doing Rigging of this specific weapon is generally not much discussed. I heard that it involved the hierarchy of models, but I'm not sure if that is exactly it. If anyone can help, I would be grateful.
  17. Which of these two do you prefer most? Low Quality Weapon example: High Quality Weapon example:
  18. Hello everyone, I want to share this problem with you all and try to have a sort of "fix" to it, or maybe just an "answer". I wonder how and why SAMP Addon affects the handling of the vehicles ingame. It becomes like we're riding on ice. Is there anyway to override the current SAMP Addon handling configuration with the original (that SAMP uses per default)? I tried many solutions, such as putting the original handling.cfg in modloader with max priorities, didn't work. Your help would be very appreciated, thank you!
  19. savidge

    Unused Files

    GTA: SAN ANDREAS UNUSED FILES INTRODUCTION Nobody enjoys having files sitting around your San Andreas copy doing nothing other than providing unecessary bloat. All of the files listed below can be safely deleted without any major consequences occurring to your game, provided you are using an unmodified installation intended for single-player usage. FILES TO DELETE *\anim\anim.img *\audio\CONFIG\AudioEventHistory.txt *\data\animviewer.dat, AudioEvents.txt, gta_quick.dat, main.sc, numplate.dat, polydensity.dat, timecycp.dat, water1.dat everything in *\data\Decision except th
  20. GTA SA crashes whenever I start the mission Tagging Up Turf as well as when I finish Cesar Vialpando (right before the cutscene starts). I don't know if any later missions are affected. Modloader log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13VNKre0vsDroGddQ-3j9KPm9lqPIzw4F/view?usp=sharing (It was too big for pastebin) Note that this happened even before my modlist became so... vast. I only had a few of the PS2 restoration mods, SilentPatch, widescreen fix. I tried singling out which one crashes it, but didn't get any results. I can't see any similarities between the two
  21. Well hello there community! Here i want to show you all a nice mod pack of mine which contains lots of cool mods from wonderful people from accros the GTA San Andreas modding community. So this modpack contains lots of asi files, fixes, revival and some realism cleo mods. And here they are: *Before that, all you need is a clean non-touched GTA San Andreas. So this is how it works, you will need a clean gta sa folder first. After downloading the 400mb file, simply copy paste the folders inside of 1-main to your gta sa folder. Do it for every other fol
  22. HzanRsxa2959

    Adapting Mods to AutoID

    You're probably here from the AutoID topic, but if not, then you should probably go there first. Note: The model ID of any entity added using AutoID will frequently change. Any such entity must not be saved with the game. This issue has been resolved in AutoID 2.0. Let's see which entities can be added using AutoID: Peds (Not saved in the game by default, so it's fine.) Vehicles (Must not be saved in the garage From 2.0, cars can be freely saved in garages. Saved Car Generators are also manageable, but it is still recommended to make them not save using SET_
  23. YGE

    CJ Revenge

    Story: Download Now !!
  24. Maurilo_Predator

    Conversion and rigging

    Well, I understand that this issue is quite old, however, recently I created some weapon mods. Specifically, I converted weapons from the game Quake 2 for GTA SA. The problem is that, testing the weapons, after doing that old Rigging process which is based on the attach vertex, in the game the weapons are invisible. I think the dff is ok, but the textures seem to be the problem. With one of the weapons, the rig process worked, but it was after MANY attempts. Dearly, could someone help me? Should textures be added to the dff model while it is in 3DS Max and after going through Rig? Unfortunatel
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