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Found 166 results

  1. Calvin.linardi

    Calvin.linardi's WIP vehicles

    Welcome to my WIP vehicles topic, In here I will show you a few vehicles I'm working on! MTL Pounder HVY Raid Declasse Sabre sand runner DFT-30 Utility Tow truck Bugs, mistakes and problems! And also I released artict trailer 3 for silent patch user!
  2. Mattineu

    [SA] MTT Remap

    MTT Remap is an Remapping Project that aims to give more live to places that don't have almost any, or much detail to start it all, For example: Some places at SF and LV, The Countryside, and the Underwater part of San Andreas. Suggestions welcome! See the Discord server, i might put some screens there too: https://discord.gg/q5phx4
  3. Information: After seeing all these poor conversions I decided I should convert some cars by myself and see how that would work out. Turns out it's not impossible. I mostly only convert vehicles that I actually like, so flooding me with your request probably doesn't bother me. Suggestions, criticism, bugs and negative comments are welcomed. Features: San Andreas reflections San Andreas license plates San Andreas lights San Andreas dirt All cars adapted to Improved Vehicles Features mod by DK22Pac - Brake, fog, reverse and turn lights - Working steering wheel - Tire dirt 100% SA-MP friendly (wheels don't sink to ground and they are all tunable which means they don't crash[if replaced by default]) Custom collision and shadow meshes High quality damage model Custom handling.dat, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat and carmods.dat Download all at once! IVF Style DOWNLOAD (30.03.2015) SA Style DOWNLOAD (30.03.2015) Clean TLaD Gang Burrito (24.11 2013) Download GTA V Sandking XL (13.03 2014) Download GTA IV Primo (13.03 2014) Download GTA IV Landstalker (28.03 2014) Download GTA V Tailgater (04.04 2014) Download GTA IV Phantom (10.04 2014) Download GTA V Picador (03.05 2014) Download GTA IV Tanker Trailers (03.05 2014) Download GTA IV Industrial Trailers (08.05 2014) Download GTA IV Cargo Trailers (10.05 2014) Download GTA IV Emperor (13.05 2014) Download GTA V Packer (08.06 2014) Download GTA V Dashound (11.06 2014) Download GTA V Hauler (26.06 2014) Download GTA V Seminole (11.07 2014) Download GTA V Benson (17.07 2014) Download GTA V Police Stanier (21.07 2014) Download GTA V Unmarked Police Cruiser] (23.07 2014) Download GTA V Bison (04.08 2014) Download GTA V Surfer (27.08 2014) Download GTA V Dominator (07.09 2014) Download GTA V Tow Truck (13.09 2014) Download GTA V Youga (17.09 2014) Download GTA V Bullet (19.09 2014) Download GTA V Phoenix (21.09 2014) Download GTA V Infernus (24.09 2014) Download GTA V Granger (28.09 2014) Download GTA V FIB Granger (28.09 2014) Download GTA V Stratum (30.09 2014) Download GTA V Vigero (11.10 2014) Download GTA V Blista (18.10 2014) Download GTA V Sultan (18.10 2014) Download GTA V Intruder (20.10 2014) Download GTA V Minivan (24.10 2014) Download GTA V Ruiner (01.11 2014) Download GTA V Stretch (15.11 2014) Download GTA V Comet (24.11 2014) Download GTA V Ingot (06.12 2014) Download GTA IV Coquette (19.12 2014) Download
  4. Grinch_

    [MOON]Cheat Menu

    A Cheat-Menu for Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas which allows a large set of modifications/cheats to be applied enabling a much more easier & amusing gameplay. It's based on Moonloader and uses mimgui for its interface. I've been working on this for couple of months now.It was previously posted here and finally decided to open a topic for it at GTA Forums. It contains few basic features with further plans of extending them later on. Features: Teleportation Game memory read/writing Vehicle & weapon spawners Vehicle speed, fps, vehicle health, vehicle gear meters Skin changer & Ped spawner Set of options regarding game & visual changes And more... Let me know if you found some bugs or have any suggestions.Thanks! Screens: Download Links: Download from GitHub repository here. Special Thanks: Um_Geek @Junior_Djjr
  5. andre500

    REL | SA Arena War

    People always wish to see a show being put on, and are ready to spend lots of money to see it. What would you say about modern gladiator fights? Michelle Cannes invites you to take part in the most savage competition to ever be performed in state of San Andreas. Get behind the wheel of a vehicle that was created in your crazed girlfriend’s garage from scrap, and show your foes what you’re made of. SA Arena War is not just a copy of consequent GTA Online update as it may seem from the first glance. It is an attempt to revise technical possibilities of the game in regards of creation of dynamic and spectacular competitions, which are, undoubtedly, present in the game, but are not pushed to the limit by the developers. Features: * New high-scale competition at Corvin Stadium; * Participation in the even at the arena affects Carl’s relationship with Michelle; * 12 completely new non-replacement vehicles; * New workshop where you can buy, store and modify your vehicles; * While on the arena, a commentator is to be heard describing the competition. Cars: Perennial Dominator Trashmaster Modified Bobcat Modified Voodoo Modified Picador Modified Coming Soon Bloodring Banger Modified Coming Soon Sandking Modified Coming Soon Utility Van Modified Coming Soon Pony Modified Coming Soon Cement Truck Modified Coming Soon Monster Modified Coming Soon Bus Modified The modification will be getting updates in form of new gamemodes and vehicles after its release. Gameplay Trailers Gameplay screenshots Download Link: VER. 1.0 Credits: andre500 - scripting Spartan_112 - modelling 7Works - voice
  6. In San Andreas Rewind we strive to deliver the most authentic beta experience at the highest quality possible. Our team has been working hard for about a year analyzing every change then restoring the tiniest and most challenging details. In the mod we will restore most of the changes that are possible including missions, map, vehicles, pedestrians, clothes and weapons. (Click to Enlarge) Promotional videos are currently unavailable. Animation, Map Design and Scripting Rented Character Design Brooklynzsmac Yhdf Coding Cyclone Xinerki Vehicle Design JohhnyK Son of Big Boss Texture Artist Brooklynzsmac Savidge Special Thanks To Everyone that has contributed to this topic with their time and research. Silent for SilentPatch & ExGangWars TheHero for SkyGFX Alexander Blade for SCM and EXE Editing Tools fastman92 for VAL Welcome to the database where you can follow our progress. Please keep in mind that these images may not represent the final product. Also keep in mind that we use the database to see what to do next so if you think we are missing out something feel free to share. **Note** Designed to keep track of development, vehicle list is outdated!!! Key: WIP | Untouched Missions Vehicles ★ Props Map Characters and Peds Scripting and Coding Weapons Fronted★ Clothes
  7. Noah_Antilles

    Antilles' Hangar

    Welcome to my workshop! My name is Noah and I focus on creating San Andreas Style mods, mostly aviation related but I do tend to create other vehicles too. Take a peek at the 'Released' section and see if you like anything. Also, don't forget to check out the 'Work in Progress' section to see what you can expect in the future. Happy flying! -Noah Antilles F4G Piratier Brigadier Cazador Parrot Renegade North American P-51D-20 Mustang Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" Supermarine Spitfire MK1 Messerschmitt BF 109 E4 Fokwith Baron (WWI-Era Biplane Fighter) F-140 TopCat (Supersonic Jet Fighter) F-69 Sabel (Early-Era Jet Fighter) Avant (High-End Sports Car) V-24 Condor (VTOL/STOL Helicopter)
  8. Omega_Is_Here

    Selling Dope On The Streets

    Thought i'd make a small preview of a mod i have been working on for a little while now... After so many requests, I felt the need to release a mod that opens the door, to a beautiful trading system in the world of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. After the release and success of my first 2 mods which i am very proud of, Buy Drugs From Dealers ( Buy Drugs From Dealers http://gtaforums.com/topic/888842-betarel-buy-drugs-from-dealers-v1/) Drink At Bars (http://gtaforums.com/topic/886001-relsa-drinking-at-bars/) I started working on this new mod with more passion and skills than ever. As you may have guessed, this mod allows you to buy and sell drugs on the street of San Andreas. So, what does this mod offer? Different objectives where as a start, you must find the dealer who spawns all over LS: He can be seen roaming around like a normal ped: Then you request a small package from this handsome fella that contains drugs : Obtaining the package varies from simply buying it from dealer, to picking it up from different places including police stations: What makes this mod special? This mod features a small wanted level system and social system Meaning if the cops catch you slanging, they will get a drop on you. Moreover, dealers won't hesitate to kill you if they catch you competing Also this mod provides an actual and proper way to make money. You can check your inventory anytime by pressing TAB+I. NOTE: This is still a beta, so do not hesitate to share your thoughts EDIT: Pc formatted due to virus... The final version was also deleted... However i managed to save the beta link https://www.dropbox.com/s/p1fra9anhfp14qf/Sell_Beta.rar?dl=0 Anyone feel free to edit,re-release and share the mod as long as you mention me in the credits Happy selling
  9. 4Arty

    4Arty's Stuff

    Second sound mod SACSFX about 1000 sounds replaced with max possible quality https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/117136-san-andreas-cinematic-sound-effects/ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another one SAHQS - my first attempt to make SA sounds a bit better outdated but u can combine sounds with sacsfx if you want https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/97715-s-a-hq-s-san-andreas-high-quality-sounds/
  10. I'm making this topic to showcase my fix for the mod United 1.2, this mod fixes the weird dark lighting that was affected in this mod and also improves the map's collision surfaces. No more concrete grass, dirt paths or gravel roads. Oh, and it also fixes weird placed map props too! I just finished Liberty City, I'll work on Vice City next. I'd recommend to use this mod with SkyGFX, while using the "mobile" settings. Changelist: Sidenote: When you see "Removed unnecessary props" it doesn't mean I got the rid of ALL props, but I "trimmed down" areas that had an huge amount of props, which it looked rather out of place personally and also it made the game lag around these areas too. Videos: Screenshots: See more photos at this Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/9s2MQqu Click here for the download.
  11. nWo51289


    Trilogy is a major map modification that expands the SA universe with more features, bug fixes, maps and many more - Combines the maps of San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City, Bullworth Town, Carcer City, Cottonmouth as well as add new terrain including West Hill State Park - Adds shops to all maps - Brings all the interiors to the outside world - Adds all radios from their respective games. Also includes tracks from CD sources - Removes LODs from all the maps - Brings back unused/beta items from their respective games - Adds all vehicles, peds, weapons etc from their respective games - Includes map fixes for all maps (Latest in game map) Modloader is HIGHLY recommended! Drag & Drop "Trilogy" folder into the Modloader folder, double click on gta_trilogy.exe and play! You can install the 'old fashion way' but I will not give any assistance! Other Downloads OpenBull (Bullworth Town Map) OpenManhunt (Manhunt 1 & 2 Levels) SA_LODless (Removes LODs from San Andreas) https://discord.gg/kxnDVEP Join the Trilogy Official Discord Chat Room for more frequent updates and previews!
  12. Dobrov


    It's modification adds a map of GTA 5 and GTA 4 in GTA SA. * Done 70% * IV map - 100% * V map - 50% The mod is being developed by two people: Onyx45654pArik and Andrey Dobrov. Soon the first beta release, i think you must know about this mod. Full realease in summer. Please, subscribe for our group in VK: http://vk.com/v2saxiv2sa #### Screenshots made by XMakarusX with SA_DirectX:
  13. nWo51289


    SA LODless is a modification that removes all of the LODs from SA and also increase draw distances for all of the HQ models in game. This is achieved by transferring HQ models from Binary IPLs for every sector of the map and transfer the IPL lines to its IPL counterpart and then deleting the LOD lines. Binary IPLs used by main.scm & interiors are left intact. This modification is compatible with the default main.scm, SAMP and numerous different cleo scripts, map mods etc. - Extract the files in put_to_root_of_gta_sa to your game directory - Double click on SA_LODless.bat and let it do its job! It will only transfer LODS to SAMPCOL.img for compatibility with SAMP if the SAMP folder exists - Done! - NOTE: You need to install this on a clean copy of GTA SA! - Download the latest versions of Fastman92 Limit Adjuster & SALodLights.asi from Project2DFX - Open fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini and SALodLights.ini and make the following amendments: fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini SALodLights.ini Can I install this using Modloader? Yes! - Create a folder in Modloader and copy gta3.img from your models folder to the newly created folder for this mod - Follow the steps above - While loading the game, when the loading bar reaches the end there will be a few seconds of waiting before entering in game. This will take longer if you have texture mods installed. This is because the game is preloading the map before you spawn. - When entering a interior and the game plays the animation of entering through the door, you won't see any buildings as LODs are by default loaded. Hopefully sorting this problem will be as simple as _DK's binthesky.cs script along with the problem above. What is the difference between SA_LODless & .LOD Mod by @BLlTZ? .LOD Mod replaces LODs with their HQ counterparts while LODless simply just removes them Why do we need this when we already have SALodLights by @ThirteenAG? SALodLights hides the LODs from view which makes them useless and taking up useless space & IDs What is 'LoadMap.cs'? LoadMap is a cleo script which includes the binthesky fix by @DK22Pac, increases ped/vehicle LOD distances & preloads the map before you spawn. If you want more control over these, download LoadWholeMap & MixSets by @Junior_Djjr SA_LODless 1.1.8 changelog Other Downloads SA_LODless 1.1.7b changelog (SA_LODless 1.1.7 combined with Things To Do In SA Version 1.5.1) @ThirteenAG & @LINK/2012 - Project2DFX @DK22Pac - binthesky @fastman92 - fastman92 IMG Console, fastman92 Limit Adjuster & fastman92 processor Igor Pavlov - 7zip You may modify, re-release, pretty much do whatever you want with this mod without my permission. All I ask is for you to mention me in your credits. If not, oh well not a big deal
  14. Inadequate

    San Andreas: PS2 Features To PC

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2 Features To PC ______________________________________________________________ Well, for some reason Rockstar Games have ported the PS2 version to PC with a potato. So, since that happened the game has lost a lot of features and things such as control settings, post processing effects and more. With those modifications listed below you will bring back a 99.9% percent of the PS2 feeling with a few clicks! ______________________________________________________________ Required modifications download: Features download:
  15. GTA UNITED 1.2 : WORLD TRADE CENTER MOD ​ hi there i'm trying to add to gta sa: united more fun by adding the twin towers :XD I think there is no WTC mod for GTA SA looks perfect all the mods are broke & ugly ones that's what I'm trying to make perfect WTC WHAT I'M DONE: ​ *WTC ​A+B-done *antenna-done *roof interior-done *top floor WTC B-done *cull weather-done *plaza sphere-still work at *MARRIOT hotel-not done *WTC light lights-done *2dfx lights -not done *BOUNUS+ * THE STATUE OF LIBERTY-still work at *NY BUILDINGS AROUND WHERE WAS THE UGLY BIG BLACK BOX I REMOVED-not done big thanks to -ATP- to make for us this great mod the GTA UNITED project pics:
  16. BMWSauberF1.08

    GTA San Andreas Fixed Vanilla Vehicles

    San Andreas Fixed Vehicles This modification fixes the bugs that Rockstar left in GTA San Andreas vehicles.I started working back in the fixes and improvements for San Andreas thread, now SA mod index. Let's start: Fixed Camper's mirrored plate: Fixed Rumpo's bumper and shadow: Added a shadow to the Beagle,fixed ailerons and wheels Fixed Previon's right wing dummy and exhaust Fixed the right indicator of the Blista Added specular to the Sadler Added specular to the Articulated Trailer 1 Added specular to the Uranus,fixed chassis_vlo taillight,fixed shadow Fixed Solair's exhaust and front plate Fixed Turismo's plate and windscreen Added specular to the Super GT,removed one of the two boot_ok Fixed the left headlight of the Stallion Added engine and damaged parts to the Monster B Added engine and damaged parts to the Monster A Added specular to the Sandking Fixed the right door of the Hotknife Fixed the windscreen of the Regina Fixed Dune's headlights Fixed DFT-30's wheel and plate Fixed Hustler's exhausts Fixed reflections on the right rear door of the Cabbie Added specular to the Tugstairs and now the Tug can tow trailers Added shadow to the Andromada Fixed Esperanto's mirrored rear plate Fixed the right front headlight and boot on the Ranger Added specular to the Dodo and now it's colourable Added damaged parts to the Fire LA and fixed collision spheres Fixed Perennial's side mirrors and indicators texture Fixed Moonbeam's front plate: Fixed Bullet's lights,shadow and plate,added a front trunk Fixed Sweeper's back plate Fixed Journey's front plate Fixed Sunrise's front plate Fixed Sparrow's rear rotor and texture for blurred rotor(only with Silent Patch) Fixed Flash's back plate Added shadow to the Streak carriage Added shadow to the Skimmer and fixed rotor Fixed Jester's rear window(when looked from above the Jester won't lose the interior) Fixed Greenwood's rear doors
  17. Grinch_

    Project Props

    Project Props is a mod project which seeks to provide the 3D era GTA San Andreas a little touch of realism by increasing map details by adding objects. It's sad that R* couldn't give high details to these maps because of the technical limitations of consoles of that time, PS/PS2 and ended up leaving the empty map in some parts. The purpose of this mod is to simply add objects to give more life to the game, making it realistic & immersed. If you encounter any crash while installing/playing with this mod, please check the following, You are using the latest version of this mod. You are not leaving out any files of this mod. You are using a fresh game. If you still encounter any crash/bugs please reply including the following points, Provide a clear description of your crash. Upload/paste fastman92limitadjuster.log When/where the crash actually occurs(if any specific location a screenshot would be helpful.) Are you using a fresh game, if not which mods you got installed? Project props use object ids from 19200 to 19519. So any other mod using ids in this range would crash your game. In this case, changing the ids from ide & ipl might solve the issue. You can use this to find free ids of your game & this to easily change the ids Los Santos - 60% Las Venturas - 35% San Fierro - 20% CountrySide - 20% SA Build VC Build SAxVCxLC VC Build
  18. _𝓐𝓖


    Description: By comparing the Consoles and PC versions of this game, can be noticed a lot of differences, some of them are the missing and/or completely different User Interface. From the main menu to the HUD, The PS2 and Xbox versions have some little features that the PC version somehow misses. This plugin aims to bring a most accurate version of the PS2/Xbox User Interface to PC with some little improvements like Widescreen Support. Compatible with: GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) Features: PS2/Xbox Menu. PS2/Xbox Trip skip. Multi5 lang Support. Screens (2560x1080 - 21:9): l Download WIP: Latest Warning: Don't put the plugin inside modloader, instead let it load from scripts folder or root. Old Versions: Special thanks: RD4 - Texture Artist. Silent - GInput Support. Tomasak - Testing, suggestions.
  19. gtadrive

    Atmosphere simulation Timecyc

    Hello there. I would love to introduce my GTA SA Timecyc modification which I'm trying to simulate the atmosphere and use all available default SA's capabilities in terms of weather simulation. I'm trying to apply 1/2 of the sky color to the static game objects, 1/4 to dynamic game objects, rotate the RGBA color correction to reproduce sun light color. After fixing the sky and color correction, the picture starting to look like the game has sky light and direction light (sun) applied, plus it gives some color boost for vegetation making it a little bit more greenish. DL current version 0.2: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqT8VbSeVlEfhDN8srK_j82lNEWT?e=pNoeAc Screenshots below:
  20. GuruGuru

    Better Skybox

    Better Skybox is a mod that aims to enhance San Andreas atmosphere by adding multiple different skyboxes to the world map. These skyboxes changes their textures smoothly accordingly to current time,weather and/or location.This means that the sky on Los Santos won't be same as the sky in Country Side,for example. But since a picture is worth more than a thousand words here are a few pics This was 'inspired' by the old SkyBox.cs scripts,so this mod also fixes all the problems caused by those script such as models stuck on savegame,deletion of peds and cars randomly... Required Mods: MoonLoader MoonAdditions Open Limit Adjuster ModLoader SkyGfx (only the Dual Pass option from this mod is required.) Changes: Downloads: 2.0.2 (script & textures) 2.0.3 (script only) Alternate textures Suggestions,feedback and death threats are all welcome in the comments
  21. Flame

    HRT 1.4

    HRT 1.4 (abbreviation means high resolution textures) is a graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas. In the development Official site | YouTube | Mod DB | Twitter | Steam Community Features Remade textures Replacement textures of the whole game world (buildings, objects, roads, landscapes etc.) to high quality analogues; Replacement textures of all interiors to high quality analogues; Replacement textures of all vehicles to high quality analogues; Redrawn textures with logos and billboards; Textures in HRT 1.4 are made in perfect quality and high resolution (2048x2048 and 1024x1024 pixels), and are maximum similar to original ones (the first texture and graphics mod for GTA SA with this feature); Textures are exclusive, made by author and based on his photos, or taken (not stolen) from free libraries. Improved models A lot of models also are improved and enhanced: some models are more detailed and smoothed, on some models are added reflections; Corrected defects of original models (the first texture and graphics mod for GTA SA with this feature); Using more materials than in the original game: for example, if the original house model uses the same texture and for the roof, and for the wall, in HRT 1.4 and the wall, and the roof have unique textures; mod has more variety textures for ground, pavement, grass and roofs than the original game (the first texture and graphics mod for GTA SA with this feature); Improved main character model with better fingers (taken from mobile version of the game that was released in 2013). Other features LODs are replacing too, for more quality displaying objects on the far distance; Using of MIP maps (this optimization reduces the load on the graphics card and helped to get rid from blinking of textures); Using of the newest Magic.TXD tool for textures editing with support of DXT5 compression and high quality MIP mapping algorithm (see also report); High stability of the mod; Completely author's mod, fully an independent project, not collection (mod-pack) of other mods; HRT 1.4 is a spiritual successor of HRT Pack 1.3 (2010), but new mod is not based on any previous parts and does not share any their files; this is completely brand new mod that is made from scratch; Includes high quality radar, radar and weapons icons (third-party mods that used under permission). Development reports and Progress map Help the mod Other
  22. OpenManhunt is a map conversion that converts all the levels from both Manhunt games (PC Versions) to GTA San Andreas Modloader is HIGHLY recommended! Drag & Drop "OpenManhunt" folder into the Modloader folder, enable in settings and play! You can install the 'old fashion way' but I will not give any assistance! Can I use the levels in my mod? Yes you can! Its called 'OpenManhunt' for a reason What has been converted? Everything. The levels have been converted straight from Manhunt 1 & 2 to SA as is. Will you convert the levels to VC, III? No, but you are more than welcome to do that! Will you convert characters? No just the levels Are there bugs? Flickering in some MH2 levels due to having multiple models placed at the same coords for the story mode (for example in neighbourhood, there are models where one has the garage door open and the other with it closed). To fix it disable one or more of the multiple models in the .ipls OpenManhunt 1.0.0 initial release Rockstar Games @cj2000 - RWIO 3ds Max Scripts, WRLD Importer Script, R* Col Converter, R* Texture Converter @fastman92 - IMG Limit Adjuster @ThirteenAG - iii.vc.sa.LimitAdjuster, Project2DFX @DK22Pac - MagicTXD @LINK/2012 - Modloader, iii.vc.sa.LimitAdjuster @ZAZ - Clean main.scm
  23. As we already know that Gta San Andreas map is full of errors and bugs,one of them is vertex colouring bugs.So here I am fixing some of them. ***Some of the Models Which I have fixed already: ***Los Santos -compmedhos5_lae -coochieghous -fredricks01_lawn -ganghous05_lax -laecumpstreet -laehospital1 -lawnhousegreyls,lawnhousereda -lawnhousegreyrs -sunset18_lawn -sunset18tr_lawn Law2 -bealantr01_law01,bealantr02_law2,bealantr03_law2 -rodeo01_LAw2 -rodeo02_LAw2 -rodeo06_LAw2,rodeo06Tr_LAw2 -sanClift01_LAw2 -sanClifft02_LAw2,sanclifbal1_LAx -sanClifft05_LAw2 -venice03tr_law2 -venice04tr_law2 ***San Fierro -ab_acc_control ***Las Venturas -hospital01_lvs,vegassedge09,vegassedge30,vegaswedge19 -vgssbighanger1,vgsbighngrdoor ***Vegetation -aw_streettree1 -aw_streettree2 -sand_josh1,sand_josh2 -tree_hipoly04 ***Download ***Copyright © 2015,RJSanModder All rights reserved.
  24. YOEL_44

    Map textures fix

    OMG the PC release of San Andreas is full of texture bugs and incosistencies, and that's the point of this mod, fixing those textures and unyfing the style of them. No more rare PS2 textures on PC No more unfitting textures or colors Re-added some textures that were better on PS2 (ex: SF smoking guy) Completelly redone texture and txd files that were copy-pasted from PS2 LOL As all my texture mods completelly mip-mapped and compressed The files that overlap with SA Vegetation Original Quality have got the vegetation textures merged into the new *.txd-s NEW Some vehicle textures have been fixed and/or improved Some examples: EXCLUSIVE San Fierro smoking guy: PC quality + PS2 colors EXCLUSIVE Never seen but hidden in game files weights PC textures + mobile static bike VINEWOOD lod now fits with the normal one EXCLUSIVE The Truth's no trespass signs finally fixed (in v3.0 with more resolution and better mapping than this \/) EXCLUSIVE Los Santos hotel window lights (thanks to Tomasak) EXCLUSIVE Canopies now with texture EXCLUSIVE Chinatown people will enjoy a brand new texture alpha Correctly blending textures in all three cities Just replace the TXDs in the right IMG Version 3.0 for final user (06-03-2015)(67mb 7-zip) Version 3.0 for developers (06-03-2015)(142mb 7-zip)(doesn't include vehicles, they're editable in TXD Workshop) Blackbird88's fix (fixed two textures)
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