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  1. welcome to my workshop i make lowpoly/ sa style car mods, hope you liked then disclaimer: i'm fine with peaple reuploading or editing my mods, as long as they give proper credits i also highly recommend you give me feedback, so i can improve the quality of my mods click on the images to download the mods here is some mods that i made: wips/ planned mods: junkyard ( old mods )
  2. blaue

    The Blauehaus

    Hello everyone and welcome to the official The Blauehaus topic on GTAForums! We are a virtual 3D art studio and community with a specific target for videogames and modding. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you'd like, you may support our work through a donation of your own. Very grateful if you do, but it is not mandatory - all mods are free!
  3. Son Of Big Boss

    SOBB's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop. Here you'll find lore friendly vehicle mods and accurate beta vehicle recreations for the classic GTA Trilogy. Some content is still under development, so the workshop will receive updates from time to time. If you want to support me you can donate a bit of money, I will appreciate any help granted. Become my Patron and help me continue modding https://www.patreon.com/sonofbigboss Shoutout to Jago, Gamerjman19 and Brooklynszmac for their current support as Patrons I'm thankful with R4gn0r0k for being my former patron, thank you bro, for your support. Otherwise, if you want to donate using Paypal instead: Note: It is highly recommended, for better enjoyment, to install Silent Patch, and SkyGFX, as some of the mods need them, links can be found here ALPHA VEHICLE MODS MISC MODS BETA MODS MISC MODS BETA MODS MISC MODS
  4. INTRODUCTION: 6 years ago, when I first started converting cars there were no competent converters and high quality conversions. Now in 2020 there is still only 2-3 converters who can provide vehicles that match the GTA:SA atmosphere, have no bugs and do not cause opcodes in SA-MP/MTA. Majority of the converters active right now are incapable of converting the cars in their original sizes, causing bizarre visual effects where a small compact is taller than a person standing next to it; incapable of applying reflections that also look good without any 3rd party graphics modification and no reflections on parts that are not supposed to reflect; incapable of making cars tunable; incapable of creating damaged parts for cars. The incompetence of other modders has motivated me to learn the art of converting and start supplying the community. INFORMATION: The first version (1.0) of the modpack replaces over 100 vehicles out of 212. The cars to be replaced are chosen based on their resemblance to the original vehicle rather than the name or class. The pack only features Improved Vehicles Features version of the cars If the SA style version of car is preferred, the user must individually download the cars on their own. Please be aware that the SA Style version cars have not received any retrospective updates unlike IVF Style. The pack contains of modifications from different authors: @_F_, @Ndukong, @M4k3, @unopieceo, @Zeneric and @DK22Pac. Full list of which vehicle has been created by which author is enclosed in an excel sheet "List" which also details about: which model is replaced by which car, IDs, plans for future conversions. Note: some vehicles in the current pack are just placeholders and WIPs until the real one is finished. Latest version of Improved Vehicles Features by @DK22Pac for the convenience of the user. Transfenders tuning parts that match all cars M4k3's New Car Animations 1.5 for which all the cars are adapted to. FEATURES: San Andreas original style reflections San Andreas license plates Gas tank door ped_arm dummy Custom made damage models Featuring all tuning part dummies Realistic size Custom .col file Fixed R* bugs Door openings Normals Mip-mappings Custom handling Custom carcolors Adaption to Improved Vehicles Features by @DK22Pac Body dirt like in GTA IV/V (not yet 100% cars in v1.0 but will be done in the v1.1) Tire dirt Brake, fog, reverse and turn lights Working steering wheel SA-MP/MTA friendly No sinking wheels No opcodes because of tuning parts No jumping/sinking (not yet 100% cars in v1.0 but will be done in the v1.1) UPDATE 1.1 (14.02.2020): UPDATE 1.2 (25.11.2020): UPDATE 1.3 (26.03.2022): UPDATE 1.4 (19.09.2023): 10 new vehicles added Liberator Utility van Weevil PCJ-600 Ruffian Vader Hakuchou Bus Hotring Sabre Caddy 10 old vehicles updated Hauler Packer Phantom Cargo Trailer Dump Trailer Flatbed Trailer Tanker Trailer Car Hauler Minivan Enforcer New cargrps.dat Updated vehicles.ide Updated handling.dat Many other vehicles have received small improvements as well The known "ENB issue" is addressed: a separate folder with alternate textures is included. UPDATE 1.1 (06.12.2020): 10 new vehicles All car engine sounds revisited, now way more logical Small fixes to old cars Alternative wheels for 2nd versions UPDATE 1.2 (29.03.2022): 13 new vehicles adapted Many other improvements to old vehicles UPDATE 1.3 (19.09.2023): All generic common textures are compiled together into single archive: "vehicle2.txd" (new feature for VehFuncs) Lowering the .txd files of single files significantly Other improvements to all textures Many other improvements to old cars INSTALLING INSTRUCTIONS: It is highly recommended to install the pack with @LINK/2012´s Mod Loader! To install the mod after installing Mod Loader, simply drag and drop the content of "GTA V cars to San Andreas 1.0" folder into ...\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\ It is strongly advised to install the regular pack prior to installing the VehFuncs pack as all the data lines of the new pack are pre-adjusted to fit the regular pack cars as well. Simply overwrite the GTA V cars to San Andreas folder with the new one and remember to do the same with ImVehFt folder, as new emergency lights scripts are there. KNOWN BUGS: Some people have reported problems with some ENB Series. That is due to IVF´s dirt feature. IVF has a feature that allows every texture to have a second version that will be gradually loaded when the vehicle gets dirty (..."_d" at the end of texture name). This feature uses shaders to achieve this effect, which is also how most ENB series work and due to this the two features collide and cause bugs. In this mod the "..._d" features is used in couple of vehicles and in the general vehicles.txd for dirty glass. If you are advanced modder you can easily fix it by yourself by deleting the dirty glass from the texture achieve. As of 1.3 pack, a separate folder with alternate textures is included, so that it will be even easier to replace the textures. IN CONCLUSION: I would like to thank everyone who have contributed into this mod with either modelling, scripting or suggestions, but most importantly the people who have downloaded it and are actively using it. This makes me happy and shows me that my hard work has gone to good use and motivates me to continue working on that project. If you have problems/questions or want to show pictures of your game, feel free to do so here, in the mod´s official topic. INDIVIDUAL DOWNLOADS:
  5. Matt1010

    Matt1010's Workshop

    Hello and welcome to my workshop! Here you will find some of my mods that I have created over the past few years or so. Hope you like... at least... one of them. Of course, there's more to come. Eventually... someday... I don't know myself. (PSSST, CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR LINKS)
  6. Welcome to Morelli's Autos Dealership | Imports, and most importantly, welcome to my Workshop! You can find my vehicle and all other mods right here, all in one place. IMPORTANT: I'm still a beginner at modelling. My main focus is making SA-Styled vehicles, but i will be also making custom objects for SAMP / OPEN.MP! 2021 | Benefactor S Download 1983 | Burgerfahrzeug Club 2 Download 2001 | Obey Tailgater Download 2019 | Burgerfahrzeug Club (including LSPD, LVPD & SFPD versions) Download (civil version) Download (LSPD, LVPD & SFPD versions) *NEW* 1982 | Burgerfahrzeug Comodo Download
  7. endochronic_

    endochronic's thrift store

    this thread houses a mods made by me (mainly focused on CJ's apparel) that I've been working on these days, weeks, months, years, etc. Suggestion are open so if you have any interesting ideas, be sure to let me know and happy thrifting!
  8. RModder

    RModder's Vice City

    Welcome to Vice City! This mod is an attempt to recreate Vice City, based on the modern cities of Miami, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles and surrounding areas. The mod was inspired by such cultural phenomena as Miami Vice, Scarfaсe, Driv3r and Grand Theft Auto Vice City, of course, and other. This is my vision of this place and its surroundings, done in a low polygon style. In the process of creating a map and environment, photographs of real streets and buildings, as well as satellite images, are actively used. It is important to understand that this is not an exact copy of a real place, but it is quite close to the real one, incl. and in scale, because I try to preserve the sizes and proportions of real objects. It was decided to start from a famous place - the street Ocean Drive, filled with numerous beautiful hotels and buildings in the Art Deco style, with its view of the beach and ocean views. Like Rockstar, I try to avoid using real names (so you won't see real names in the game, but improvised substitutes), and stick to a parody style. Each model is carefully processed, textures are created and adjusted, prelight, collision are also subject to optimization for better performance. The property of shading of objects located on the corresponding collision triangles is used. Each created model receives additional models of night lights, as well as LODs with a reduced level of detail. In my developments, I will try to adhere to the original lore of grand theft auto and the original vice city in particular, so that iconic places are present on my map (for example, the Malibu club, pole position, starfish island and all others). Unfortunately, performing this task is an extremely labor-intensive process, and takes a lot of effort and time, and therefore development is quite slow. In the future, as I progress, I plan to master technologies such as pedestrian and vehicle paths, as well as cull and occlusion zones. In this thread, I will try to display the development progress. In addition, it is extremely likely that we will see this place in GTA 6. Also, you can check discord channel: https://discord.gg/WwacW9mCNA p.s. you can check out my previous works here: Miami beach Vice City (1st version) Vice city (gta V)
  9. deltaCJ

    [SA|WIP] GTA 1991

    Nowadays the team is composed by a handful of people. @deltaCJ, being the main head of the mod while being assisted by wonderful talents of: @OGMoney @Juliano Cesar @Stay Dangerous @blaue @universetwisters and wouldn't be a thing if it wasn't for: @lowpolyped @thalilmythos @Silent @ThirteenAG gtamaps.net GTAForums @Shagg_E @Seemann @Deji @DK22Pac @fastman92 @BEGINit, @Braindawg, @Speccy and the amazing modders on the SOV Team and the countless mentors and helping hands that have made this possible. If anyone is interested in taking part on the project please PM me, it's gonna take a long time till I finish this mod if we are only a handful of people working on it. This projects needs time to be released properly, GTA SA is a game with a lot of customizable clothes, hairstyles, cars and stuff for the character so editing it all takes time as well as creating new animations, missions, etc...in the end it brings a lot of weight on my shoulders. Please bare with me as this mod is now in OVERDRIVE! I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR ANY VOLUNTEERS AND/OR FREELANCE WORKERS TO HELP OUT. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED PLEASE CLICK HERE. (if you don't have a google account and don't feel like creating one feel free to PM me.) IF YOU'D LIKE TO JOIN THE DISCORD ADD ME: .deltacj I AM NO LONGER LEAVING THE LINK PUBLIC DUE TO SPAMMERS AND TROLLS.
  10. Son Of Big Boss

    SOBB's San Andreas Beta Vehicles Compound

    You might also like: Vice City Beta Vehicles Arsenal
  11. joepesci69

    J Turismo by Joepesci8310

    Welcome to my workshop, please do not redistribute and report any of my mods you see stolen and posted on other sites, thank you. Editing my mods for re-release is not allowed.
  12. Catalogue Reference: 12 DRAS 1; DRAS 2 (Anomalous Action series No. 1; Anticriminal-Anomalous-Sexual Action series No. 2) After hard work done by just one person (i.e. me), here it is: v1.1 Beta CHANGELOG INTRODUCTION This mod is the continuation of the previous GTA Men In Gang (released in 2021 and then re-released in 2022). On this occasion, we will leave aside the much overexploited mystery hunt, and now we will open the doors to pure action. With a much more complex and expanded story, this mod will be a big leap from the basics to the professionally speaking compared to the first part of this small series. (I recommend trying this second part, you really don't miss much from the first part) FEATURES New story, which at the moment has 30 missions (which in the end will be 42 missions). New weapons (some brought from GTA:III and GTA:VC). New vehicles. New characters, each one with their own essence. A new agency, big enough for you to explore. New Easter Eggs and references. An exclusive Debug Menu with which you can see all the content of the mod (including the content that will be used in the near future). Support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. →DOWNLOAD← INSTALLATION Installation instructions come in the “READ ME's” attached to the mod. PLOT Two years after the events of the first part, after a New Year's party held at the SATPA agency, the agency ends up destroyed due to a mysterious fire, so CJ and the other agents move to a new agency. CJ thinking that there were no more threats to eradicate in the state of San Andreas,throughout the plot he ends up involved in new mafias, new “anomalies”, and above all, in the search for the meaning of a detected signal that was emitted by a possible civilization of extraterrestrial origin, this along with the help of new characters that CJ will meet during the plot. TO DO... Implement the remaining 12 missions. Implement loading screens. SCREENSHOTS FINAL NOTES As I had already mentioned at the beginning, this mod was and is being made by me (a single person), so making mods of this type that require features of a full conversion mod (normally made by two or more people) is quite complicated and tiring. And well, from my personal point of view, I think that all the effort I have invested and am investing in this “project”, in addition to recognition, deserves something more. This is where I open my donation system: https://paypal.me/davidreyes2250 Each donation from you is an extra motivation for me that makes me put more effort into this type of mods, and therefore, the mod will be more worked on and finished more quickly. Any error that you experience in the mod, report it so I can correct it as soon as possible (and please, be concise). The only errors that I will not correct will be those that are caused by other mods, or by bad installation. CREDITS Project leader: DavidReyes2250 Programming: DavidReyes2250 Mission Design: DavidReyes2250 Story: DavidReyes2250 Characters: DavidReyes2250 Weapons: DavidReyes2250 Vehicles: DavidReyes2250 3D Modeling: DavidReyes2250 Language Translations: DavidReyes2250 Audio Design: DavidReyes2250 Music choice: DavidReyes2250 Some 3D models: Zeb89, Automan Plugins for the game: Silent, Seemann, fastman92, Junior_Djjr Plugins for other things: Deniska, Parik, The Hero Software: Seemann, fastman92, DK22Pac, Steve M, HackMan128, Xmen ( W.K. ) Remember, Frankie Say Relax...
  13. Welcome to My Underground Bunker, Here you can find some mods I made for GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City! Mods For GTA: San Andreas Mods For GTA: Vice City Mods For GTA: III Work In progress Like my works? want to see more trash mods by me? want to support me or just want to say thanks to me? Some rules to notice before you posting or asking something here!!! Helpful Person / Contributors / Friends / Supporter list: @mpPako @tigerlim | Tigerlim's Used Car Emporium @TheMadeMan | TMM Auto Imports @XG417 | Extravagant Auto Garage @dirprof | dirprof's Workshop @savidge | $hody Used Autos @Thunderhead | Thunderhead speed shop @Son Of Big Boss | Sobb's Workshop @StarGTS | STAR☆GTS Workshop @TheGhostWheels12 | TheGhostWheel12's The Vehicle Model
  14. lowpolyped

    lowpolyped's Workshop

    Released Character mods moved here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/904224-a-new-look-for-cj-original-texture-size/ NEW 13 Added lowpolypeds WIP DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#!sSRVGLJY!T4YRXF-i_i7PHaS-NBMX2BTEciSqVUOqQXbO1sAptxU
  15. UnitedMel

    UnitedMel's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop. Here you'll find new clothing for CJ. Requests are open but Im too lazy to do anything, so keep that in mind.
  16. Rainbomizer: SA Randomizers for GTA San Andreas Rainbomizer is a mod for GTA San Andreas that randomizes many aspects of the game. It allows for a replay of the game in a new, fun way. The mod randomizes everything from traffic, car colours, handling, mission vehicles, weapons, cutscenes, colours and even the missions! The mod was designed to be played on the original game, and hence might conflict with any other mods installed. . List of Randomizers: Colour Randomizer Randomizes the colours of various in-game elements, including cars, the HUD, and fades. Timecycle Randomizer Randomizes the appearance and colours of the game world, such as the sky, water, lighting, and other time-based elements. Traffic Randomizer Randomizes cars that spawn in traffic including law enforcement vehicles. Script Vehicle Randomizer Randomizes the vehicles you are given in missions making sure they're usable for the mission. Parked Car Randomizer Randomizes cars which are found parked around the map including boats and airplanes at airports. Mission Randomizer Randomizes which mission is started by each mission marker. Weapon Randomizer Randomizes the weapons that are wielded by the player and other NPCs. Cutscene Randomizer Randomizes models used in motion-captured cutscenes. Pickup Randomizer Randomizes all pickups to other random weapons and pickups, including spawn locations, mission pickups, and drops. Ped Randomizer Randomizes the appearance of every single ped, including those on the street, cops, gang members, and mission characters. Cutscene Randomizer Randomizes the models used in motion-captured cutscenes, and the location in which they take place. Sounds Randomizer Randomizes mission dialogue, generic voice lines and various other sound effects. Language Randomizer Randomize the language of in-game text between other game languages. Riot Randomizer Activates a small chance for the game's riot mode to randomly activate upon entering new zones. Police Helicopter Randomizer Randomizes the helicopters that the police spawn in. Blip Randomizer Randomizes every radar blip on the map with a different icon. Wanted Level Randomizer Randomizes how you get wanted levels during and outside of missions. DYOM Randomizer Adds an option to download and play a random mission from the DYOM website. Cheat Randomizer Randomizes which cheat activates when you enter a cheat (disabled by default). Screenshots Playthrough by Hugo_One Playthrough by 123robot Installation Prerequisites GTA: San Andreas v1.0 US (Other versions are not supported) an ASI Loader (like Ultimate ASI Loader) Installation Download the Rainbomizer archive (see Downloads section) Extract the contents of the archive to the root folder of your GTA San Andreas installation directory After the installation, the directory should look something like: The config file will be auto-generated after launching the game with Rainbomizer the first time Configuration rainbomizer/config.toml contains the configuration options for Rainbomizer. The config file uses the TOML format and can be opened in any text editor (like Notepad) To enable/disable a certain randomizer, locate its section in the config file, and change the "Enabled" key to true or false Further configuration options are documented in the config file. Credits Lead Developers Parik Creation and implementation of the ASI. 123robot Development of new v3.0 features and assistance with creation of external files and testing. GTA_Madman Assistance with development of new features, fixes, feedback and testing. Additional Contributors iguana Assisted with looking through code and helped inspire the mission randomizer. SpeedyFolf Creating the tutorial video, beta testing, and feedback during development. SRewo Creating the Weapon Stats Randomizer. Thanks to Fryterp23, Hugo_One, Lordmau5, Riekelt, SpeedyFolf and Waris for beta-testing! Links Below are useful links related to the project GitHub links GitHub Repository GitHub Releases GitHub Issues Support this project Discord Patreon Release 3.0
  17. Lividkilla66

    Carl Johnson(CJ)'s Workshop..

    Howdy y'all, LividKilla66 here, most of you guys on discord might know me as Carl Johnson(CJ) or well as of now LividKilla66(going thru a rebrand rn lol), well after months of deciding & a fat hand full of people asking " when's a guy gonna open workshop?" well.. that day has finally came, why don't y'all stay around check out what I have for you guys to use. Here you can find Cj stuff (clothing, retextures ect), retextures of weapons, new peds, ect.. Animations Audio Peds & Models CJ Stuff Weapons Coming soon to the workshop.. Hope you guys enjoying looking and trying out some of the stuff of the stuff I have here, This is my first time making a workshop & posting my mods to the public, if you wanna show support, join the Discord server to get updates, chat with others, & post requests i tend to upload more there then here!! Hope you all enjoy & plz give feedback Discord server link https://discord.gg/N4KnHV5X6u DISCLAIMER!! You are not allowed to reupload my stuff anywhere else or use in any sort of modpack unless you have strict permission from me, that’s all I ask, thank you.
  18. tigerlim

    Tigerlim's Used Car Emporium

    Quality domestic used cars, grey imports, and LHD converted cars (Certified by San Andreas Department of Motor Vehicles) Bankrupt? Divorced? No Credit? No Problem. Here in Tigerlim's Used Car Emporium, We finance EVERYONE. Check out our stock
  19. inadequate

    San Andreas: PS2 Features To PC

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2 Features To PC ______________________________________________________________ Well, for some reason Rockstar Games have ported the PS2 version to PC with a potato. So, since that happened the game has lost a lot of features and things such as control settings, post processing effects and more. With those modifications listed below you will bring back a 99.9% percent of the PS2 feeling with a few clicks! ______________________________________________________________ Required modifications download: Features download:
  20. Grinch_

    Project Props

    Screenshots: Contributor list can be found here Download from here
  21. Project re:LIT Lighting and illumination improvement Adding tons of improvement to the game with 'pre-rendered' lighting and illumination effects. It aims to blend perfectly with the rest of the original map as if it was made by Rockstar back in 2004, so it will look good with the vanilla graphics and graphics mod like SkyGFX and ENBseries. The changes is massive, the screenshots only showcased some of them. Part 1 - San Fierro (expansion coming soon) Part 2 - Los Santos (11-05 more fixes) Part 3 - Las Venturas (work in progress) Progress: 1. San Fierro= 180+ files (WiP) 2. Los Santos= 241 files 3. Las Venturas= 23 files (WiP) CREDITS: Rockstar Games luke_slywalker - Project re:LIT MixMods - Proper Fixes (base files) sharkunov - textures SPECIAL THANKS: E2001 Hysen MixMods Community by luke_slywalker
  22. Clara

    Original Radio Extender

    A project that seeks to reassemble the 9 original GTA San Andreas radio stations with its 134 songs in high audio quality (256kbps 48000 Hz) and add 830 brand new songs that follows the style and atmosphere of each radio. When finished, this mod will bring a total of 964 songs for the game. The new songs replace the 6 audio variations for introducing and finishing each original song of the game. Due to the game's radio system, new songs have about a 1/3 chance of being played when you open the radio. That's means that the original songs of the game are played more often than the added songs. At the end of the day, this is a good thing as it will prevent the original radio from losing its essence. Attention: Currently Only K-ROSE are available to download. Attention: K-JAH West and WCTR will remain unchanged. PlayBack FM - 72 Additional Songs Additional Songs List: Public Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2tFzaLVjto2YPIdLQeICxV K-ROSE - 90 Additional Songs Additional Songs List: Public Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6s5JlZja9V11gu2xKo3i8T K-DST - 102 Additional Songs Additional Songs List: Public Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7KrqJvMILIz6Ds4Vcl7I6f Bounce FM - 102 Additional Songs Additional Songs List: Public Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4SZgQJPp7RIqKkJYfhSVW2 SF-UR - 92 Additional Songs Additional Songs List: Public Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4cSjJXvJXXchBiwHS75hkZ Radio Los Santos - 96 Additional Songs Additional Songs List: Public Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/myfo7cfhbvj5pd7jb66uo8dfx/playlist/0KSFvFzyQeVZqIAtdMURNB Radio X - 90 Additional Songs Additional Songs List: Public Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5pyiAn5SckWd8XtEDmGLyN CSR - 78 Additional Songs Additional Songs List: Public Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/46JpTtPlL95qWeDB7gcarR Master Sounds - 108 Additional Songs Additional Songs List: Public Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4qG1H5BAyJIl6DruAy6kgB Download v0.1 How to install: Place the files at ''audio'' folder of your game and replace.
  23. MMK_033

    Animation Fix

    Good day for everyone. I'd like to introduce you to my pretty much insignificant work, as it may be not so relevant after 13 years since the game was released, but I think that some people still may find it interesting. Probably, I am not the only one who noticed that some animations in GTA SA are pretty much bugged, like driving and in-vehicle animations, when they are getting performed by some NPCs, like some facial animations, like some stance animations and like the others. In other words, some animations are performed incorrectly with some models: the breast might be twisted, the lower jaw either disappears or doesn't move properly, the eyebrows rise almost to the back of the head - these are the most common things that you can face. Especially these bugs are evident to DYOM players or those people, who play SAMP or MTA, or any other multiplayer client. The aim of my work is to find and to fix any bugs and incompatibility problems in animations. This mod doesn't change the look of animations, but it makes some corrections that make the animation work properly with all models. What kind of bugs it fixes: In most cases, this mod fixes regular twisted breast bug, which can be seen on female models within some combat movements, sneaking, movement with heavy weapons, jetpack stance and driving. Fixes possible incorrect show-up or disappearance of lower jaw and eyebrows for facial animations. Fixes excessive upward rotation of the lower jaw while conversating (originally, the jaw was unnecessarily turned by about 9 degrees upper than it supposed to be), so characters now should open mouth properly while speaking The list of fixed animations (last update - 08/12/2017 20:00 UTC+3): RELEASE 1.5 - DOWNLOAD LINK (MEDIAFIRE) RELEASE 1.0 - DOWNLOAD LINK (MEDIAFIRE) Raw updates are some sort of unstable additions to last confirmed release (1.5) distributed as intermediate WIP-type (alpha) content before the next confirmed release. The content may be modified even within single raw update. In this case, only minor hotfixes are applied, without any new content included. RAW UPDATE #2 (08/12/2017) - DOWNLOAD LINK RAW UPDATE #1 (16/11/2017) - DOWNLOAD LINK Previous raw updates are NOT REQUIRED for installation, so you can just download the last one and install it over the last confirmed release (1.5). Optional part of Raw Update #2 requires CLEO (any version).
  24. JD_225

    JD_225's Junkyard

    Welcome to JD_225's Junkyard The place where I dump my mods Ok, here is the list of them:
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