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Found 196 results

  1. Calvin.linardi

    Calvin.linardi's Underground Bunker

    Hello everyone! I’m Calvin.linardi And welcome to my underground Bunker, Here The place where you can find any type of War Machines, Vehicles, Guns For GTA San Andreas! So let’s get arround! Workshop Themed Vehicles More Vehicles Guns and Weapons Misc Work In progress
  2. INTRODUCTION: 6 years ago, when I first started converting cars there were no competent converters and high quality conversions. Now in 2020 there is still only 2-3 converters who can provide vehicles that match the GTA:SA atmosphere, have no bugs and do not cause opcodes in SA-MP/MTA. Majority of the converters active right now are incapable of converting the cars in their original sizes, causing bizarre visual effects where a small compact is taller than a person standing next to it; incapable of applying reflections that also look good without any 3rd party graphics modification and no reflections on parts that are not supposed to reflect; incapable of making cars tunable; incapable of creating damaged parts for cars. The incompetence of other modders has motivated me to learn the art of converting and start supplying the community. INFORMATION: The first version (1.0) of the modpack replaces over 100 vehicles out of 212. The cars to be replaced are chosen based on their resemblance to the original vehicle rather than the name or class. The pack only features Improved Vehicles Features version of the cars If the SA style version of car is preferred, the user must individually download the cars on their own. Please be aware that the SA Style version cars have not received any retrospective updates unlike IVF Style. The pack contains of modifications from different authors: @_F_, @Ndukong, @M4k3, @unopieceo, @Zeneric and @DK22Pac. Full list of which vehicle has been created by which author is enclosed in an excel sheet "List" which also details about: which model is replaced by which car, IDs, plans for future conversions. Note: some vehicles in the current pack are just placeholders and WIPs until the real one is finished. Latest version of Improved Vehicles Features by @DK22Pac for the convenience of the user. Transfenders tuning parts that match all cars M4k3's New Car Animations 1.5 for which all the cars are adapted to. FEATURES: San Andreas original style reflections San Andreas license plates Gas tank door ped_arm dummy Custom made damage models Featuring all tuning part dummies Realistic size Custom .col file Fixed R* bugs Door openings Normals Mip-mappings Custom handling Custom carcolors Adaption to Improved Vehicles Features by @DK22Pac Body dirt like in GTA IV/V (not yet 100% cars in v1.0 but will be done in the v1.1) Tire dirt Brake, fog, reverse and turn lights Working steering wheel SA-MP/MTA friendly No sinking wheels No opcodes because of tuning parts No jumping/sinking (not yet 100% cars in v1.0 but will be done in the v1.1) UPDATE 1.1 (14.02.2020): 51 cars updated (full list enclosed in "List.xlsx") Body dirt in GTA4/5 style Fixed jumping in SA-MP Fixed normals (better body mesh) New carcols.dat New carmods.dat New handling.cfg Other minor fixes HOTFIX (22.05.2020): A huge bug was caused by the incompatibility of MixSets. The cars were not braking or had very poor brakes. That was mistake made by me, as all the handlings were created at the time when I had MixSets installed and I didn´t know until now that it affected the handlings of individual vehicles. Therefore I tweaked the brakes to be good, but to a point where they would never lock (sort of ABS simulation), but since MixSets changes the brakes of every car, my lines were incorrect for people without MixSets installed. Therefore, I have now gone through every single car in the pack, and manually corrected the mistake. If you downloaded the the packs before 22.05.2020 please download the HOTFIX! If you downloaded after 22.05.2020, the mistake has been corrected in the packs. Very sorry for the inconvenience! INSTALLING INSTRUCTIONS: It is highly recommended to install the pack with @LINK/2012´s Mod Loader! To install the mod after installing Mod Loader, simply drag and drop the content of "GTA V cars to San Andreas 1.0" folder into ...\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\ It is strongly advised to install the regular pack prior to installing the VehFuncs pack as all the data lines of the new pack are pre-adjusted to fit the regular pack cars as well. Simply overwrite the GTA V cars to San Andreas folder with the new one and remember to do the same with ImVehFt folder, as new emergency lights scripts are there. IN CONCLUSION: I would like to thank everyone who have contributed into this mod with either modelling, scripting or suggestions, but most importantly the people who have downloaded it and are actively using it. This makes me happy and shows me that my hard work has gone to good use and motivates me to continue working on that project. If you have problems/questions or want to show pictures of your game, feel free to do so here, in the mod´s official topic. INDIVIDUAL DOWNLOADS:
  3. Inadequate

    San Andreas: PS2 Features To PC

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2 Features To PC ______________________________________________________________ Well, for some reason Rockstar Games have ported the PS2 version to PC with a potato. So, since that happened the game has lost a lot of features and things such as control settings, post processing effects and more. With those modifications listed below you will bring back a 99.9% percent of the PS2 feeling with a few clicks! ______________________________________________________________ Required modifications download: Features download:
  4. CleoModlar

    Mission Completed

    MISSION COMPLETED (MC) Mission Completed Project (MC) Work in Progress. A different themes will play when each mission passed. I'll add for other languages. Unused Mission Passed Respect number added. (MISSION PASSED RESPECT +20/ MISSION PASSED $5000 RESPECT +50) TBOGT and V version only works storyline missions ( I might be add for DYOM) Just Added Respect And Money for Mission Completed/Passed Screen. (TBOGT/ V). I might be add Health, Car Damage, Time, Gold, Bronze, Silver, Tick like in the below. Types: GTA 3: Added original mission completed theme and tralier song themes. Added text colour. Outline removed from Mission Passed title. GTA VC: Added original mission completed theme and trailer song themes. Added text colour. Outline removed from Mission Passed title. GTA SA: Added mission mission completed theme, property bought/achievements theme, Home Invasion and Grove Street themes. Added text colour. GTA LCS: Added original mission completed theme and beta mission completed theme. Added text colour. Outline removed from Mission Passed title. GTA VCS: Added original mission completed theme and intro song theme. Added text colour. Outline removed from Mission Passed title. GTA IV: Added 73 mission completed theme from GTA IV. Mission completed text removed. GTA TBOGT: Added 3 mission completed theme from GTA TBOGT. Added Mission Completed Animation Screen. (I'll show next video) GTA TLAD: Added 9 mission completed theme from GTA IV: TLAD. Mission completed text removed. GTA CW: Added original mission completed theme and tralier song themes. Added text colour. Outline removed from Mission Passed title. GTA V (CUSTOM): Added original mission completed theme and unused themes(optional). Added Mission Passed Animation Screen. GTA V (FRANKLIN, MICHAEL, TREVOR): Added Unused Character's mission completed theme. Added Mission Passed Animation Screen. Also you can change mission completed effect's color and you can remove vignette. Coming Soon..
  5. .M.S

    RoSA Project Reborn

    "RoSA Project - global re-texture of San Andreas to HD." This a mod that aims to continue the project (and yes, I have permission to continue the project.) Team: .M.S Junior_Djjr EduardoDev Credits and Special Thanks: AdrienSpy Blackbird88 (changeme.txd) DimZet13 ernestin1 Gazanfar HybridTheory joaopsantos LostMc Mateod4 mafioso Pequeno Tiagrand Trisepta (T-777) Tomasak The Old Team (Dima001rus and Maks_IV) yojo2 YOEL_44 Zera What does this version have? Mip-Mapped Textures. All previous versions now on a single archive. All textures are close to the originals as original RoSA team would do. Screenshots: In-Game Comparisons: If you also want to see this mod completed, you can call me at pm or the discord group to help with the development of RoSA Reborn. Download
  6. WANTED LEVEL EDITOR UPDATE: Wanted Level Editor for GTA Vice City has just been updated (crash at loading screen has been removed). Go down for download links. - Wanted Level Editor is a mod which allows the player to edit a lot of stuff related with the Wanted Level while in game, - Originally it was build up in scm language, now in c++ environment by using plugin-sdk developed by DK22Pac All of the options of this mod are stored inside the xml file and they can be edited either through the in game menu: or directly within the xml file. List of new options which come with this mod version: - Ground vehicle occupants can be completely edited now. That includes skins and weapons: In this particular case we have 4 diferent cop skins inside the vehicle, altough they all have the same weapons but that can be changed too so that they can have 4 diferent weapons as well. Since you can have 6 diferent vehicles per star - that means you can have 24 diferent ped skins and 24 diferent weapons per star (6*4). Aircrafts and boats however do not have this extended option. - Vehicle occupants option has been extended as well (including aircrafts and boats). Besides the standard 1, 2 or 4 occupants, you can now have: a) TWO_OCCUPANTS_ONE_GUNMAN, b) FOUR_OCCUPANTS_ONE_GUNMAN, c) THREE_OCCUPANTS, d) TWO_OCCUPANTS_10_GUNMAN (requires limits exceeding), e) TWO_OCCUPANTS_4_GUNMAN (requires limits exceeding), f) TWO_OCCUPANTS_2_GUNMAN. - By selecting the "Other stuff" option from the start menu we have: To activate the menu use these keys: Projects used to build up this mod: - https://github.com/DK22Pac/plugin-sdk - https://github.com/leethomason/tinyxml2 Install instructions: - extract WantedLevelEditor folder to modloader folder of your gta san andreas directory. Note: Please remember that this mod puts already added vehicles in the police pursuit (it can not be used to add the new vehicles to the game itself), Once the vehicle is added - first you need to check if it works by using some car spawner and then use the Wanted Level Editor. To make the already added vehicle present in the police pursuit and have vigilante mission - use Wanted Level Editor. Wanted Level Editor for San Andreas v2.11 (the latest) Wanted Level Editor for San Andreas v2.10 Wanted Level Editor for San Andreas v2.09 Wanted Level Editor for Vice City [Update] WantedLevelEditor for gta3 Source Code for gta3 (github)
  7. VirusMS

    Open San Andreas

    Struggle is real. Here is the torrent link. I will be staying on the torrent while I am able to. Thank all of you for believing in this mod. UPDATE: Someone from russian segment of GTA San Andreas modding took a liberty upon himself to fix all the interiors to make them work properly. Here's the link in case you want to DL it. Hello, GTAGarage users! Open San Andreas (OpenSA, OSA, Project OSA) is a major modification which makes most of GTA San Andreas interiors (+ 5-10% custom interiors) accessible via GTA IV style - dynamic doors or actual walkways instead of EnEx markers - and changes main script of the game to fit the game needs - it will be still possible to complete main storyline and use barber/tatoo/Well Stacked/Burger Shot services. The modification have been started 19th October 2014 by me and a group of well-experienced modmakers which was gathered by me to fulfill the mod creation needs. The list of those who took part in the mod creation. Of course you'd like to see screenshots/videos of modification. I'll fulfill your needs just below. [HINT: WIP means it's not fully done - it requires scripting, mapping or whatever is not yet done. DONE means that everything regarding the interior is done and was most likely finalised.] Los Santos [WIP] Location: ??? [WIP]
  8. Noah_Antilles

    Antilles' Hangar

    Welcome to my workshop! My name is Noah and I create San Andreas style mods. Fokwith Baron F4G Piratier Brigadier Cazador Parrot Renegade
  9. ThePedro004

    Faithful Weapons Pack

    Faithful Weapons Pack FWP 1.0 Introduction The goal of the FWP is basically to replace the original game weapons with similar or identical HD quality weapons that are consistent with each other. Each weapon has been replaced by a high quality model consistent with the goal of getting as close as possible to the original weapons in the game. All weapons have their own icon (render of the weapon's 3D model, when I finish the base pack I intend to use nadalao's icons), as well as normal maps and mip maps. I will release DLC's in the future including added weapons without replacing, but will need to use Fastman Limit Adjuster. The mod also includes optional weapon sounds. Videos Screenshots Weapons Renders Current Progress: Melee Weapons Brassknuckles Nightstick Baseball bat Pool Cue Golf Club Shovel Knife Katana Chainsaw Pistols Pistol Silenced Pistol Desert Eagle Sub Machine Guns Micro-Uzi Tec-9 SMG Shotguns Chromegun Sawn Off Combat Shotgun Assault Rifles AK-47 M4 Rifles Rifle Sniper Grenades Molotov cocktail Grenade Tear gas Remote Explosive Heavy Weapons Flame-thrower Minigun RPG Heatseek Equipment Spray can Camera Fire extinguisher Parachute Heat Vision Goggles Nightvision Goggles Jetpack Detonator Others Cane Flowers Dildo 1 Dildo 2 Vibrator 1 Vibrator 2 Telephone Subtitle : Finished Not finished Download Current Version: 1.0 Recomended Mods: Normal Map by DK Awesome IFP Combat FX Upgrade Credits: ThePedro004 (Conversion) All the original models authors are in their respective weapon folder in the download.
  10. deltaCJ

    [SA|WIP] GTA 1991

    “You Little Devil!” Mom used to always say. And before things turned out the way they did, I always thought that ‘s who I was... Lil’ Devil. Not Big Devil like my brother but big in my own way. I was big at school, at parties, in the streets. Lil Devil wasn’t so lil anymore. And that’s when I started bangin’ I started out on corners, at 12:38 at night, waiting to serve another fiend of the block. 4 years later, I’m still on the same damn corner. Thank god for no baby momma, or a kid, but man selling gets old. I haven’t moved up much either. I make about ~$3,000 a week, and it’s better than nothing don’t get me wrong, but I could do better. Komes in Tawp Dawg, the biggest bitch made ass stuck up mothaf*cka I’ve ever met. Same hood don’t mean same blood, and he the reason I got bad blood with half the state right now. Now Gangs dont work as I see you, I kill you on sight, no no no no. Gangs are about community and keeping it tight with ya niggas and the homies around you. Tawp Dawg don’t think like that. Tawp Dawg and I already got some problems because of the house party last year. Ended in 5 homies dead. Dopey is my cousin who’s a die hard ballas, he the one who put me on at first, and over the years he’s done nothing but put food on my plate and clothes on my back. For the longest I’ve been trying to find a way to repay him and give him what he’s given me. I’ve been sitting on 5 pounds of bud and 1 kilo of pure white from my homie Sebastian. It’s time for both of us to get rich. If only we were still alive to see where we went wrong... The mod will feature several changes that will make the original game look modern, new systems, improved original ones etc... From a duffle bag system to store heavy weapons to a drug empire system like in GTA VCS: Credits to @thalilmythos for the modification. The player will be able to take/sell/buy drugs to NPC's amongst other activities... The player is not going to be able to go to the gym to execirse Lil' Devil or changing the tattoos, we want to mantain a realistic character acording to the story we wrote. GYM's and tattoo studios are going to be available for other type of activities. More to be revealed soon. We are not showing too much mission and other related stuff content because we want it to be a surprise when it's properly finished. Nowadays the team is composed by only 2 guys, @deltaCJ& myself @OGMoney, DeltaCJ is the man behind the animations, mission design, weapons and scripting/coding while I'm creating most of the skins, hairstyles, tattoos etc... We both are writing the story, correcting wrong things and helping each other during the process. If anyone is interested in taking part on the project please PM us, it's gonna take a long time till we finish this mod if we are only 2 guys working on it. This projects needs time to be released properly, GTA SA is a game with a lot of customizable clothes, hairstyles, cars and stuff for the character so editing it all takes time as well as creating new animations, missions etc... The release date is not gonna be in a near future. I want to thank @lowpolyped for the inspiration and the motivation to start this mod, without him and the inspiration from Shine O' Vice this wouldn't be possible.
  11. Dobrov


    It's modification adds a map of GTA 5 and GTA 4 in GTA SA. * Done 70% * IV map - 100% * V map - 50% The mod is being developed by two people: Onyx45654pArik and Andrey Dobrov. Soon the first beta release, i think you must know about this mod. Full realease in summer. Please, subscribe for our group in VK: http://vk.com/v2saxiv2sa #### Screenshots made by XMakarusX with SA_DirectX:
  12. Forever L

    [III|VC|SA] Spanish GXT: Updated

    This is kind of complicated isn't it? In case you don't know, I'm from Argentina. The Spanish language is my main language. The GXT versions of all the GTAs (I think) have always been translated into Spanish, but the one spoken in Spain. I have nothing against the work they did, but it is done with many peculiarities of that form of Spanish, such as the way of speaking, or certain very specific words. That, and an incredible and horrible censorship. There was never an official version of a more 'neutral' Spanish for the other countries, mainly in Latin America. Well, I didn't know what else to do, so I went through the GXT files, trying to fix that. * New complete translation of all dialogues, not just changing some words, it is a complete revision. * The names of all missions remain in English, like in SA. * Considerable simplification of certain lines of text, mainly help lines, and menus. * As for the help texts and the menus, they all have the same word base, so they all say the same thing, and try to keep the same structure. * Almost complete removal of censorship. Done WIP WIP
  13. GuruGuru

    Better Skybox

    Better Skybox is a mod that aims to enhance San Andreas atmosphere by adding multiple different skyboxes to the world map. These skyboxes changes their textures smoothly accordingly to current time,weather and/or location.This means that the sky on Los Santos won't be same as the sky in Country Side,for example. But since a picture is worth more than a thousand words here are a few pics This was 'inspired' by the old SkyBox.cs scripts,so this mod also fixes all the problems caused by those script such as models stuck on savegame,deletion of peds and cars randomly... Required Mods: MoonLoader MoonAdditions Open Limit Adjuster ModLoader SkyGfx (only the Dual Pass option from this mod is required.) Changes: Downloads: 2.0.2 (script & textures) 2.0.3 (script only) Alternate textures Suggestions,feedback and death threats are all welcome in the comments
  14. GTA V WEAPON SYSTEM for GTA San Andreas Hi all, I'm currently working on a mod which brings the entire weapon system of Grand Theft Auto V into GTA San Andreas. Currently, I'm working on the Weapon Wheel using lua scripts (which work thanks to MoonLoader) and on the weapon conversion. GTA V WEAPON SYSTEM v0.3 released This version includes the GTA V Weapon Wheel and every weapon model from GTA V (added and replaced) It also includes some additions, as San Andreas has weapons GTA V doesn't have. THIS IS STILL A TEST VERSION AND IS NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH SA STORYLINE: You will gain all the weapons when you start the game. If you pick up any weapon, it won't add ammo. All of those compatibility problems will be fixed in the next versions. You will need: Moonloader https://gtaforums.com/topic/890987-moonloader/?tab=comments#comment-1069697861 MoonAdditions https://gtaforums.com/topic/893996-moonadditions/ Fastman92 Limit Adjuster https://gtaforums.com/topic/733982-fastman92-limit-adjuster/ Silent's ASI Loader https://gtaforums.com/topic/523982-relopensrc-silents-asi-loader/ DOWNLOAD Version 0.3.5 will include the weapons i have not finished converting (take a look to the list in the first post) Version 0.4 will implement parachute slot. DOWNLOAD v0.2s (San Andreas version) My plans include: Complete conversion of GTA V weapon models (added to SA thanks to Fastman92 Limit Adjuster) A fully functional weapon wheel GTA V weapon functions (slide, magazine...) The sounds and the weapon behaviour of GTA V (using scripts for some weapons, such as the Grenade Launcher or the Flare Gun) An attachment and tint system, just like GTA V New Ammu-Nation interior WEAPON LIST LEGEND SLOT 1 - HANDGUNS Ceramic Pistol Pistol [colt45] Pistol Mk2 SNS Pistol SNS Pistol Mk2 AP Pistol Double-Action Revolver Flare Gun Heavy Revolver Heavy Revolver Mk2 Heavy Pistol Marksman Pistol Navy Revolver Stun Gun [silenced] Up-n-Atomizer Pistol .50 [desert_eagle] Vintage Pistol Combat Pistol SLOT 2 - SMGs & MGs Assault SMG Combat PDW Micro SMG [micro_uzi] Machine Pistol [tec9] Mini SMG SMG [mp5lng] SMG Mk2 Unholy Hellbringer Gusenberg Sweeper MG Combat MG Combat MG Mk2 Assault MG [beta] [the model is subject to change] SLOT 3 - ARs & CARBINES Assault Rifle [ak47] Assault Rifle Mk2 Carbine Rifle [m4] Carbine Rifle Mk2 Bullpup Rifle Bullpup Rifle Mk2 Advanced Rifle Compact Rifle Special Carbine Special Carbine Mk2 Heavy Rifle [beta] [the model is subject to change] SLOT 4 - SNIPERS & DMRs Sniper Rifle [sniper] Heavy Sniper Heavy Sniper Mk2 Marksman Rifle Marksman Rifle Mk2 Assault Sniper [beta] SLOT 5 - MELEE Unarmed [fist] Knuckledusters [brassknuckle] Knife [knifecur] Machete Nightstick [nitestick] Pool Cue [poolcue] Hatchet [katana] Hammer [gun_dildo2] Switchblade Antique Cavalry Dagger Baseball Bat [bat] Battle Axe Broken Bottle Crowbar [shovel] Flashlight [gun_vibe2] [script needed] Pipe Wrench [gun_vibe1] Stone Hatchet [gun_cane] Golf Club [golfclub] Chainsaw [new] [chnsaw] Dildo [new] [gun_dildo1] Flowers [new] [flowera] SLOT 6 - SHOTGUNS Pump Shotgun [chromegun] Pump Shotgun Mk2 Bullpup Shotgun Assault Shotgun [shotgspa] Double Barrel Shotgun [sawnoff] Sawed-Off Shotgun Heavy Shotgun Musket [cuntgun] Sweeper Shotgun SLOT 7 - HEAVY WEAPONS Rocket Launcher [rocketla] + Rocket [missile] Railgun [script needed] Homing Launcher [heatseek] + Homing Missile Grenade Launcher [script needed] Firework Launcher + Firework Rocket [script needed] Compact Grenade Launcher [script needed] Minigun [minigun] Widowmaker Programmable AR [beta] Flamethrower [new] [flame] SLOT 8 - THROWNABLE WEAPONS & EQUIPMENT Grenade [grenade] Ball [script needed] BZ Gas [retextured] Flare [script needed] Snowball [script needed] Teargas [teargas] Sticky Bomb [satchel] Pipe Bomb Digiscanner [detonator] Proximity Mine [gun_boxbig] [script needed] Jerry Can [script needed] Hazardous Jerry Can [script needed] Molotov [molotov] Fire Extinguisher [beta] [fire_ex] Spray Can [new] [spraycan] Nightvision Goggles [new] [nvgoggles] Infrared Goggles [new] [retextured] [irgoggles] EXTERN SLOT - PARACHUTE Parachute [gun_para]
  15. Brooklynzsmac

    Brook's Workshop

    *LOGO IS NOT TEMPORARY!* Hello everybody! If you're looking for some custom pedestrians or some other random sh*t (in the future) for San Andreas, then my workshop is the right place for ya! Pedestrians Misc Some of my work can also be found here: Beta Leftovers Fix - SA Beta Leftovers Fix - VC San Andreas: BETA Edition GTA San Andreas Rewind San Andreas: Blast From The Past (cancelled) I may take some ped requests if anybody's interested.
  16. _𝓐𝓖


    Description: By comparing the Consoles and PC versions of this game, can be noticed a lot of differences, some of them are the missing and/or completely different User Interface. From the main menu to the HUD, The PS2 and Xbox versions have some little features that the PC version somehow misses. This plugin aims to bring a most accurate version of the PS2/Xbox User Interface to PC with some little improvements like Widescreen Support. Compatible with: GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) Features: PS2/Xbox Menu. PS2/Xbox Trip skip. Multi5 lang Support. Screens (2560x1080 - 21:9): l Download WIP: Latest Warning: Don't put the plugin inside modloader, instead let it load from scripts folder or root. Old Versions: Special thanks: RD4 - Texture Artist. Silent - GInput Support. Tomasak - Testing, suggestions.
  17. In San Andreas Rewind we strive to deliver the most authentic beta experience at the highest quality possible. Our team has been working hard for about a year analyzing every change then restoring the tiniest and most challenging details. In the mod we will restore most of the changes that are possible including missions, map, vehicles, pedestrians, clothes and weapons. (Click to Enlarge) Promotional videos are currently unavailable. Animation, Map Design and Scripting Rented Character Design Brooklynzsmac Yhdf Coding Cyclone Xinerki Vehicle Design JohhnyK Son of Big Boss Texture Artist Brooklynzsmac Special Thanks To Everyone that has contributed to this topic with their time and research. Silent for SilentPatch & ExGangWars TheHero for SkyGFX Alexander Blade for SCM and EXE Editing Tools fastman92 for VAL Welcome to the database where you can follow our progress. Please keep in mind that these images may not represent the final product. Also keep in mind that we use the database to see what to do next so if you think we are missing out something feel free to share. **Note** Designed to keep track of development, vehicle list is outdated!!! Key: WIP | Untouched Missions Vehicles ★ Props Map Characters and Peds Scripting and Coding Weapons Fronted★ Clothes
  18. GTA Iron Man Mod is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with the goal of recreating the Iron Man world from the movie trilogy in the San Andreas game engine. Features Tony Stark (Clothes, Armors, Arc reactor, Skins). Iron Man superpowers Tony Stark's Malibu mansion & enterable garage. Tony Stark's cars. Loading Game Screens Proton Cannon Rhodey Pepper Potts Yinsen Screenshots Outdated pic Videos To do Tony Stark Malibu mansion's living room The Superpowers Some missions More enemies Downloads Not yet
  19. Tiki Islands II - It is the second entry in the Tiki Islands franchise after the 2018 Tiki Islands'89 Story The game tells the story of Lance Urwell, a former bank robber. His ol' friend Vinnie betray him and leaves him for dead during a bank robbery, leading to his desire for revenge. About.... Get some backstory, bout developments. When 1-st entry of Tiki Islands was been at early stage of development, there was not bout Vice City 80s vibes. At first time, it was an something like, what if we get Test Drive Unlimited (Hawaii) and Tropico series ( Banana Rebuplic), True Crime Streets of LA and Vice City (Miami, not 80s), NFS Underground and put them all together. So there is, Tiki Islands II now following original mod ideas, this is mid of 00s, very tropical and hot. Screens
  20. Rainbomizer A Randomizer for GTA: San Andreas Rainbomizer is a mod for GTA San Andreas that randomizes many aspects of the game. It allows for a replay of the game in a new, fun way. The mod randomizes everything from traffic, car colours, handling, mission vehicles, weapons, cutscenes, colours and even the missions! The mod was designed to be played on the original game, and hence might conflict with any other mods installed. All the randomizers currently present in the mod are listed below: Traffic Randomizer Randomizes cars that spawn on traffic including law enforcement vehicles. Parked Car Randomizer Randomizes cars which are found parked around the map including airplanes at airports with entirely random spawns. Script Vehicle Randomizer Randomizes the vehicles you are given in missions. The randomizer makes sure that you get vehicles that are usable for the mission. (NEW) Colour Randomizer Randomizes the colours of various in-game elements, including cars, the HUD, and fades. Includes 128 colours hue cycle. (NEW) Mission Randomizer Randomizes which mission is started by each mission marker. When the randomized mission is complete, the game progresses as if you completed the original. Weapons Randomizer Randomizes the weapons that are dropped/wielded by the player/enemies. Pickup Randomizer Randomizes weapon pickups scattered around the map, as well as the appearance of certain other types of pickups. Voice Line Randomizer Randomizes dialogues spoken by characters in missions. *(Requires original AudioEvents.txt)* (NEW) Cutscene Randomizer Randomizes the models used in motion-captured cutscenes, as well as the location in which they take place. (NEW) Blip Randomizer Randomizes every radar blip on the map with a different icon. Police Helicopters Randomizer Randomizes the helicopters that the police spawn in with working spotlight and gun. Cheat Randomizer Randomizes which cheat activates when you enter a cheat. License Plate Randomizer Randomizes the license plates of vehicles to a random word. Experimental Randomizers (unstable) Handling Randomizer Shuffles the handlings of vehicles. (NEW) Particle Randomizer Randomizes all of the game's particle effects. (NEW) Weapon Stats Randomizer Randomizes properties of all weapons, including their damage, fire rate, and clip size. (NEW) Object Randomizer Randomizes objects spawned by mission scripts into other objects. Screenshots Thanks to GTA Madman, RAYGUN420, 123robot and Lenzar for contributing the screenshots. Installation Prerequisites An ASI Loader (Ultimate ASI Loader is recommended) GTA: San Andreas v1.0 US (Other versions are not supported) Installation Download the Rainbomizer archive from GitHub Releases (check the Downloads section) Extract the ASI file (optionally the config file) into the scripts folder or the root directory of your San Andreas Installation. Configuration rainbomizer/config.toml contains the configuration options for Rainbomizer. It will be automatically created by the ASI File upon launching the game. Alternatively, you can find the default config file in the archive. The config file uses the TOML format and can be opened in any text editor (like Notepad). It is similar in structure to INI files. To enable/disable a certain Randomizer, you have to locate its section in the config file, and change the Enabled key to true/false to enable/disable it. Documentation for additional configration options for individual randomizers can be found in the default config file. Credits Lead Developers Parik Creation and implementation of the ASI. 123robot Creating external files, gathering data, providing ideas, lots of testing, and general support throughout development. GTA Madman Contributed fixes and extensive testing. Original Concept NABN00B Gave the original idea for a car randomizer for San Andreas. MrMateczko Special mention for sharing a modded cargrp file that led to the original idea. Veigar Idea for the Parked Car/Texture Randomizer and support during early development. Additional Contributors iguana Assisted with looking through code and helped inspire the mission randomizer. SRewo Creating the Weapon Stats Randomizer. Thanks to Fryterp23, Hugo_One, Lordmau5, SpeedyFolf and Waris for beta-testing! Downloads The latest version of Rainbomizer can be found on the GitHub repository. GitHub Releases GitHub Repository GitHub Issues Default Config File Ultimate ASI Loader If you find any bug/crashes, please report it at the GitHub Issues page with the latest log file (found in rainbomizer/logs/) and any crash logs if applicable. (You can get the crash logs by creating a CrashDumps folder if you have the Ultimate ASI Loader installed)
  21. The Lucky Mole

    [SA|WIP] GTA:SA Remastered Artwork + Extras

    In this topic I will share some of the remastered style artwork I created (or edited), to give your modified version of SA a brand new shiny look. GTAtitles Poster Map poster HD icon pack by Zom-Bear Rochell'le Logo Mobile splash screens Cleo.asi without watermark Remastered Logo Widescreen Frontend by @ThirteenAG Post comments with your ideas on what else should I take care of! GRV4L!
  22. Davve95

    [SA] Pepper Ench - textures

    A project for SA that enhances textures into HD in orginal style. Warning big images: Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/riWyAzp Other Pepper Ench: Mapping - (work in progress)

    Crazy Al's Angel Pine Junkyard & Auto Parts

    Hi, i'm Crazy Al Are you bored of driving the Same boring vehicles all over the state of San Andreas? Are you looking to Spend all that hard earned cash on a Reliable Used Vehicle? Are you in the Whetstone Area? If you said YES to Any of these questions, then do we have the selection for you over at.... Current Stock Upcoming Stock If y'all are intrested in a Visit Or looking to buy a Used vehicle, Call Crazy Al at 273-555-1814
  24. I just made CJ's Beta shirts, it doesn't need DFF file. replace it with IMG TOOl that's all i removed black textures on behind ... Enjoy DOWNLOAD
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