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Found 303 results

  1. Old logo: Hi. This is my first real mod... Well it adds more gang peds, gang turfs and two more gangs - the Russian Mafia and the Bikers. The first guys are enemies to you, while the second are good friends with you and GSF Here is what has changed: -Added many new gang peds. Any gang has at least a new one. -Removed all of the hobos (the game couldn't spawn peds with id's over 300) -Added to any gang a female member - REMOVED - It had too many glitches, I will update everything -Added gang territory all over San Andreas for example - Rifa in Market, Da Nang Boys in Marina etc. -Added the Clover as the third Balla gang car. -The Aztecas, Triads and Bikers are friendly to CJ and each other. -Enables lots of gang wars all over the state. A full territory map: Credits to PDESCOBAR for giving the map so I could easily add the territorys LEGEND: PURPLE - Ballas GREEN - GSF YELLOW - Vagos TEAL - Aztecas BLUE - Rifa RED - Triads ORANGE - Da Nang Boys GRAY - Mafia GRAPE - Bikers BLACK - Russian Mafia DARK GRAPE - Bikers and Russians REDDISH - GRAPE - Bikers and Mafia GSF members: Ballas Members: A Ballas emerging from a Clover Vagos Members: Aztecas Members: Rifa Members: Triad Members: Da Nang Members: The shirt of the first one isn't edited, the Ped Editor inverts it. Mafia Members: Russian Mafia Members: Biker Members: Biker & Russians at once... I need help in some stuff: -Adding more gang tags - This is fairly easy, but I don't know how to place them at a wall I can't do any of these things, so I need someone to help me and do it. I will give credit of course Stuff I may do: -Add new gang cars, exclusive to any gang -Add Mafgoon2 from the cutscene files. DOWNLOAD LINKS: https://www.mediafire.com/?ntiq9okoyyqwyrt - New version, might have bugs but is not very bugged. http://www.mediafire.com/download/w7id25x9d298678/Big_Gangster_Mod_Ver_2.1.zip - Enhanced version with a lot more content and most bugs from the old version are fixed. http://www.mediafire.com/download/sxdxo73j0n9sbtb/Big_Gangster_Mod_Ver_2.2.zip -Some small fixes in this one, moves to a different Limit Adjuster and adds 3 more Rifa members. VERSION BY GTAGA3IE1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/erl58vo022w0186/new_big_Gangster_Light_V4.rar/file Q&A A: My CJ is invisible! J: Sorry, this is a difficult bug to fix and I can't do anything about it... A: This mod sucks, it crashes. J: You prolly installed it wrong. A: Why do the Seville, Temple and Santa Maria Families have turquoise color? And why can't I recruit them? J: Tensions are on the rise and they're independent sets. A: WTF I got Rifa in Market, Mafia in Commerce, various gangs in Las Venturas, lololol doesn't make sense. J: I'm porting various turfs found on the PS2 Territory Glitch Codes topic. I don't care if it makes sense or not, I made up a custom story set in 1993 explaining it all anyway. A: Meh the mod is not really like it's in real life. J: So? Who cares? It's GTA after all. You can do what you want. CREDITS: -Silent for his Gang Wars mod -ric-013 for his PS2 Gang War codes, I ported most of his stuff here. -Fans for support Main mod credits: Mario - Peds Jinx - Peds //XP// - Peds Onlinegamehunter1 - Peds, Weapons (future versions will include that) Ric-013 - Coding OrionSR - Coding TheR3MAK3R - Peds (future versions) Kalvin - One SMF member model When you notice any bugs in the mod, write a comment about it. Don't post the logs from the errordump.txt or whatever, I can't really decode what the heck all these numbers mean anyway.
  2. BH Team


    v.026.5-beta WHAT IS MOONLOADER MoonLoader is a modification for GTA: San Andreas that brings new ability to use Lua scripts made by mods creators. With Lua scripts you can change some game aspects, expand gameplay and add new features. MoonLoader provides to developers extensive functionality for modding, it includes all familiar capabilities that CLEO has, and also combines many new features that were not previously available together in any GTA: SA modding framework. It is still a young modification and hasn't yet spread widely, but there are some scripts already made, and it aims to become the complete modern CLEO replacement! FEATURES Lua Programming Language — the heart of MoonLoader. Lua is one of the most popular scripting languages, it has huge community, Lua is very widely used in game development, it's very simple but also very flexible programming language. Very easy to learn — despite it is a simple language there are a lot of tutorials, guides, books, courses and answered questions Great community — lots and lots ready-made solutions, almost every programming universal objective is solved Simple and powerful No programming limits (compared to SCM) No compilation needed Safety and error handling Built-in debugging tools Good and straightforward API And much more... MoonLoader uses LuaJIT — a just-in-time compiler for Lua and the fastest scripting engine FFI — FFI is an embedded library in LuaJIT, it provides direct interface between Lua and process memory and gives ability to directly call functions in memory, access data structures, pass Lua-functions to memory and even write on Assembly with DynASM from pure Lua. And, as everyone knows, all this is an integral part of gamemodding Script Management — script management system allows to obtain information about scripts and manipulate scripts execution Compilation is not Necessary — scripts can be compiled but it's not required, and if the script is open source every user can edit it without any preparation Error Handling — MoonLoader handles as many errors as it can. If CLEO-script dies because of an error then the whole game dies, but if Lua-script dies due to an error, it just prints the error to the log and stops script execution No Dependencies — the only two things are required is installed ASI Loader and version 1.0US of GTA: San Andreas Compatible With SA-MP — MoonLoader is meant to be compatible with both sigleplayer game and SA-MP Events — track such events like starting new game, window messages, quitting game, stopping script, etc. Atom as an Official IDE — Atom is great code editor, it's modern and completely customizable. MoonLoader has its own package for Atom to provide smart autocompletion, function search and error highlighting. Notepad++ also has an official MoonLoader support. If you don't like Atom for some reason, you can choose any text editor, even the standard Notepad. There are really no requirements for any special tools Early Stage Loading — Lua scripts loads just after game starts but there are two stages of loading: the "initialization stage" right after game launch and the "active stage" when game loaded Separate Save Game System — event-based game saving system allows to control when player starts a new game, loads a game or saves it Inter-Script Communication — scripts can exchange data and interact with each other through the export-import feature (it's not the standard function 'require') Synchronous Scripting Threads — scripting threads makes synchronous multitasking a lot easier Standard Libraries — distro includes some standard libraries with the common development tools And of course a bunch of new functions NOTES AND PLANS After almost a year of open alpha-testing MoonLoader finally got a beta-testing status. The stability of its work has been verified by time and by many users, but there are some things that you need to be informed about. Originally was planned that MoonLoader will support all versions of GTA: SA but with increasing functionality it's began to become a more difficult task and in the end it was decided that only v1.0US will be supported, maybe in the future it will change, but not now and there is no promises. Anyway it's not a big problem — most of mods supports only v1.0US as well and this version is most common for modding. MoonLoader has lack of documentation in English, official wiki is ok but currently it's all in Russian (but has the embedded Google Translate). Another thing is that many of conventional scripting opcodes are not described on our wiki (but you can find descriptions over the Internet, eg on GTAGModding). DXUT and SA-MP functions requires SAMPFUNCS installed, because they are opcodes from SAMPFUNCS. If you don't use these functions, SAMPFUNCS is not required. Since MoonLoader emulates SCM opcodes to provide all familiar game scripting functions, it makes small speed overhead for these functions compared to SCM — it is the cost for the all standard scripting functionality, but in most cases Lua is faster than SCM. The most common opcodes are gradually replaced with built-in functions in newer versions. Lua has no native support of thread saving into the file and MoonLoader doesn't support this as well. But it's not that bad, there is event-based game saving system that provides full control over saving and loading game. At this moment MoonLoader already has all necessary concepts and new functionality (like more game functions) can be easily implemented via dll and lua modules. The current plans is to add good rendering API and fix some of issues listed above. If you are interested in Lua script development check the getting started guide. DEVELOPERS FYP, hnnssy, EvgeN 1137 SPECIAL THANKS DK22Pac, MISTER_GONWIK, 4el0ve4ik, EXPORT, Garrus, CLEO 4 DOWNLOAD Download Installer Installation: run setup-moonloader.exe and follow steps of the installation master Download Archive (for manual installation. Doesn't include extension for Notepad++) Installation: extract all files from downloaded archive to the GTA: San Andreas root folder (make sure you have ASI Loader installed) Download Script Examples (may be obsolete) SCRIPT INSTALLATION Follow the script installation instructions or just copy all content related to the script into the 'moonloader' folder located in the game's root directory. LINKS Development Thread Wiki (Translated via Google Translate from Russian): main page; all pages related to MoonLoader Lua Mods on BlastHack (some of them are available in archive with examples, but the threads in the forum have descriptions) Official Russian Thread Official Russian Development Thread
  3. This mod aims to bring the definitive update to the good and old San Andreas's weapons, it consists basically on fixes and improvements, such as upscaled textures and icons, position fixes, uvmapping, incorrect icons redrawn to match those who weren't any close to be accurate (the 3 on the logo above), also, some models have been modified on scale and design, such as desert eagle, (which was too big and ugly, so i've changed it to mh2 model) and m4 (which was too stretched, and the one which i improved the model the most). Also, there's a nice lens effect on scopes on sniper and camera, check them out. (Yeah, i'm too lazy to show the reflections on video). Hope you enjoy them. 😎 (They come with the original 3d muzzleflash model attached to them, you can opt to force the effect from effectsPC with this mod:) https://www.mixmods.com.br/2018/12/remove-3d-gunflash-forcar-efeito-de-tiro.html Features: Upscaled Textures Icons in better resolution (128x128) New muzzleflash texture 3d muzzleflash on models Reflections and extra effects Mip Mapping Position and scale fixes New uvmaps (Check paracx.txd, might be useful if you want to change the parachute) 3D triggers 3D lens on scope and cameras Cutscene models converted as a bonus Have a render of some of the most important models on it: Download latest version Special Thanks to Len (BadassBaboon) and M.S. for helping me figure the upscaling out.
  4. Junior_Djjr

    Junior_Djjr's Workshop

    Can I introduce myself? I'm Valdir da Costa Júnior (Junior_Djjr / Djjr) from Brasil, Ibitinga - São Paulo. I create mods for games since 9 years old (more than a decade); since my cool Windows 98 without internet access. Even before I knew mods I was already modding GTA San Andreas, in 2010. In February of 2011 I had internet access, I started to dig deeper into GTA mods, created a blog (MixMods.com.br) and the following month I had 500 views a day. Currently having 1 million monthly. I'm game modder, indie game developer, music producer, designer, and something like that... Lover of technology, sciences, music etc. About mods for GTA San Andreas, I create really anything - but not organic modeling (skins/peds/clothes). I've always liked to modify and create new things since I was a child... so I really like what I do. The Workshop Before, I never bothered to divulge my mods in different countries. Sorry for almost everything post is written in portuguese, but Google Translator does a good job in portuguese-english. There's a translator widget in my blog. And now I always include a readme file also in english. I'm always open for new mod ideas, but try to say just simple and really creative things, remember that I always have big projects to do so I can't stop them to dedicate to something new. I'm just one person. And don't say "do when you have time", I'll never have free time. The List "Featured:" [by relevance] - Major mods. "Common:" [by most recent] - Normal mods. "Fixes / Minor contributions:" [by most recent] - Mods that I contributed just a bit or I fixed bugs/crashes, because I believe modding is free and everyone can fix the error of others. "Very old" [by most recent] - Please don't expect anything amazing... I did a long time ago. May be a sh*t.
  5. Voron295

    First-Person mod

    First-Person mod by Voron295 v3.0 (Sorry for my bad English...) Description This modification will allow you to feel all abilities of GTA SA from the first person Modification support most of animation mods, like parkour, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuBrc4WD61c What's new - First-Person now is a plugin, not CLEO-script - Added compatibility with versions 1.1 and 3.0 (Steam) of GTA SA - Now first-person mode replaces camera mode from car bumper - Red mission markers are now available - Now you can rotate camera 180 degrees in car in any side - Fixed invisibility of peds, that are along you - Fixed issue with shadows - Added support of cutscenes and script cameras - Fixed some poses in car - Fixed zoom while you handle sniper rifle or photocamera - Fixed resetting camera rotation when you exit car - Added ability to look at the sides via Q and E - Added ability to look back on foot - Improved position of camera - Fixed bug with invisible particles when you are in car - Added ability to walk back and to sides - Many small fixes - Added settings menu where are next parameters: - Camera offset while on foot (saves separately for each skin) - Camera offset while in car (saves separately for each car model) - Field of view - Changing near plane - On/off player rotation with camera - On/off camera rotation at the sides while pressed Q or E Known bugs - Walk anim while swim or fly on jetpack. - Cars with id's < 400 and > 1400 causes game crash - Very big sensitivity while looking with sniper rifle - Problems with shadows - Trouble with GUI mouse when Y inversion is on - Problems with widescreen_fix - Vehicles and peds spawn too late - Lods are drawn too nearly - No gamepad support - Right-Left pressing can do an loop rotation - Some bugs with free-aim driveby mods - Weapon points straight up while aiming at north - Crashing in the mission OG Loc - CJ's face is messed while FPV - Camera rotates while selecting weapon in GTA V HUD by DK22Pac - Transparent vehicles' steering wheels. - Player walks randomly while holding phone - Screen corners bug with FOV > 100 Install Unpack archive into folder with GTA San Andreas. Modification supports 1.0, 1.1 and 3.0 (Old Steam) game versions. Controls Press button V several times to turn on first person mode. Press it again for turning off. Press Alt+B to open settings menu. Press it again to turn off. Authors Author of the modification - BoPoH (Voron295) http://vk.com/voron295 http://vk.com/fs_online http://gta-parkour.ru http://youtube.com/voron295 <script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> Thanks DK22Pac and Den_Spb for helping in development Festo for the logo Aleksey_Move for testing and making video-presentation of the modification
  6. Information: After seeing all these poor conversions I decided I should convert some cars by myself and see how that would work out. Turns out it's not impossible. I mostly only convert vehicles that I actually like, so flooding me with your request probably doesn't bother me. Suggestions, criticism, bugs and negative comments are welcomed. Features: San Andreas reflections San Andreas license plates San Andreas lights San Andreas dirt All cars adapted to Improved Vehicles Features mod by DK22Pac - Brake, fog, reverse and turn lights - Working steering wheel - Tire dirt 100% SA-MP friendly (wheels don't sink to ground and they are all tunable which means they don't crash[if replaced by default]) Custom collision and shadow meshes High quality damage model Custom handling.dat, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat and carmods.dat Download all at once! IVF Style DOWNLOAD (30.03.2015) SA Style DOWNLOAD (30.03.2015) Clean TLaD Gang Burrito (24.11 2013) Download GTA V Sandking XL (13.03 2014) Download GTA IV Primo (13.03 2014) Download GTA IV Landstalker (28.03 2014) Download GTA V Tailgater (04.04 2014) Download GTA IV Phantom (10.04 2014) Download GTA V Picador (03.05 2014) Download GTA IV Tanker Trailers (03.05 2014) Download GTA IV Industrial Trailers (08.05 2014) Download GTA IV Cargo Trailers (10.05 2014) Download GTA IV Emperor (13.05 2014) Download GTA V Packer (08.06 2014) Download GTA V Dashound (11.06 2014) Download GTA V Hauler (26.06 2014) Download GTA V Seminole (11.07 2014) Download GTA V Benson (17.07 2014) Download GTA V Police Stanier (21.07 2014) Download GTA V Unmarked Police Cruiser] (23.07 2014) Download GTA V Bison (04.08 2014) Download GTA V Surfer (27.08 2014) Download GTA V Dominator (07.09 2014) Download GTA V Tow Truck (13.09 2014) Download GTA V Youga (17.09 2014) Download GTA V Bullet (19.09 2014) Download GTA V Phoenix (21.09 2014) Download GTA V Infernus (24.09 2014) Download GTA V Granger (28.09 2014) Download GTA V FIB Granger (28.09 2014) Download GTA V Stratum (30.09 2014) Download GTA V Vigero (11.10 2014) Download GTA V Blista (18.10 2014) Download GTA V Sultan (18.10 2014) Download GTA V Intruder (20.10 2014) Download GTA V Minivan (24.10 2014) Download GTA V Ruiner (01.11 2014) Download GTA V Stretch (15.11 2014) Download GTA V Comet (24.11 2014) Download GTA V Ingot (06.12 2014) Download GTA IV Coquette (19.12 2014) Download
  7. andre500

    REL | SA Arena War

    People always wish to see a show being put on, and are ready to spend lots of money to see it. What would you say about modern gladiator fights? Michelle Cannes invites you to take part in the most savage competition to ever be performed in state of San Andreas. Get behind the wheel of a vehicle that was created in your crazed girlfriend’s garage from scrap, and show your foes what you’re made of. SA Arena War is not just a copy of consequent GTA Online update as it may seem from the first glance. It is an attempt to revise technical possibilities of the game in regards of creation of dynamic and spectacular competitions, which are, undoubtedly, present in the game, but are not pushed to the limit by the developers. Features: * New high-scale competition at Corvin Stadium; * Participation in the even at the arena affects Carl’s relationship with Michelle; * 12 completely new non-replacement vehicles; * New workshop where you can buy, store and modify your vehicles; * While on the arena, a commentator is to be heard describing the competition. Cars: Perennial Dominator Trashmaster Modified Bobcat Modified Voodoo Modified Picador Modified Coming Soon Bloodring Banger Modified Coming Soon Sandking Modified Coming Soon Utility Van Modified Coming Soon Pony Modified Coming Soon Cement Truck Modified Coming Soon Monster Modified Coming Soon Bus Modified The modification will be getting updates in form of new gamemodes and vehicles after its release. Gameplay Trailers Gameplay screenshots Download Link: VER. 1.0 Credits: andre500 - scripting Spartan_112 - modelling 7Works - voice
  8. The Eddo

    No Double-Clip Micro Uzi

    ------------------------ No Double-Clip Micro Uzi by The Eddo ------------------------ About: Micro Uzi's clip has an additional clip taped to it, probably for easier and quicker reloading during gunfights. But no reloading ever occurs in between shots. So, I simply removed that one "unwanted" clip and then decreased the Micro Uzi's clip size from fifty to twenty-five to reflect the change. Screenshots: Time for an element of the hour, take a look below. Installation: 1. Download and install Silent's ASI Loader from https://gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=21709, or Ultimate ASI Loader https://github.com/ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader/releases. 2. Download and install Mod Loader from https://gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25377. 3. Create a new folder inside the "modloader" folder, which is located inside your SA directory, and name it "No Double-Clip Micro Uzi". 4. Put the provided "data" and "models" folders into the new "No Double-Clip Micro Uzi" folder. Download from here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=33753527495586797648
  9. Noah_Antilles

    Antilles' Hangar

    Welcome to my workshop! My name is Noah and I focus on creating San Andreas Style mods, mostly aviation related but I do tend to create other vehicles too. Take a peek at the 'Released' section and see if you like anything. Also, don't forget to check out the 'Work in Progress' section to see what you can expect in the future. Happy flying! -Noah Antilles F4G Piratier Brigadier Cazador Parrot Renegade North American P-51D-20 Mustang Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" Supermarine Spitfire MK1 Messerschmitt BF 109 E4 Fokwith Baron (WWI-Era Biplane Fighter) F-140 TopCat (Supersonic Jet Fighter) F-69 Sabel (Early-Era Jet Fighter) Avant (High-End Sports Car) V-24 Condor (VTOL/STOL Helicopter)
  10. -ATP-

    GTA United 1.2

    Version 1.2 A project in cooperation with - GTAinside.com & gta-worldmods.de - It's time, after more than six years of development we are pleased, to be able to publish the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas modification "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2" at the present day. Since the last version - called Beta 1.1, which was officially downloaded over 400,000 times until now - we always had the goal to raise the modification to a whole new level. Many bugs have been corrected, which have been reported to us from the previous versions, there were implemented suggestions and ideas that we and fans of our modification had. We have invested a lot of work, time and effort to improve the new version of our modification in all aspects, in order to make it thus for many to one: an experience. May it be stability, interactivity or design, we put our heart and soul into these issues and hope to fulfill your expectations. On behalf of the entire team, which stands behind GTA United, all people who have helped us in this project and supported us - we wish you all a lot of fun with our new modification. \\ What is "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2"? Grand Theft Auto United is a modification based on 'GTA San Andreas' for PC. The purpose of this modification is to unite in only one game the gaming areas, the so-called 'maps', of the two GTA games 'GTA III' and 'GTA Vice City', based on the graphics and physics engine of 'GTA San Andreas'. The map of 'GTA San Andreas' gets therefore replaced. A detailed report, what GTA United is actually about and what happened in the past of this modification, you can find here. \\ Team 1.2 Developers ATP 1.2 | Leading Developer Scripting, Mapping, Modelling, Converting, Video Editing LiveLife 1.2 | Leading Developer Advising, Testing, Video Editing cj2000 1.2 | Car Converting ManDog 1.2 | Ped Converting \\ GTA United 1.2 Release Trailer Of course we can not publish version 1.2 of our modification without to publish any kind of special visualization. After ATP could introduce in March of last year with this video some of our new content, he now has made with the finished version a fantastic new and official Release Trailer for GTA United 1.2! We wish you lots of fun and we hope that this video can help to show, first, that we ourselves have a lot of fun with our modification and, second, that the trailer makes you want more! | Vimeo \\ Changelog Bug Fixes Thousands of bugs in the maps Car-Crash Bug Non-functional shovel Saving and loading savegames New Features All interiors of the two predecessor made accessible Added all the gangs of the two predecessor Installed dozens of shops, restaurants and other shops in the style of San Andreas The radio stations from GTAIII and GTA Vice City can now be imported and used There are a few side missions Ghosttown was added Many new secrets A comprehensive and detailed list with images and videos you find here. \\ Download To install GTA United 1.2 please use a 100% clean, unmodded version of GTA San Andreas. The map of GTA San Andreas will be replaced with this modification, is thus no longer accessible after installing GTA United 1.2. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to make a copy of GTA San Andreas beforehand! You will be prompted for that by the installation routine aswell. For any problem, we ask that you always look under the following link first to see if your problem is described here. Should this not lead to the solution of the problem, you can ask us in our respective forums. \\ Note of Thanks There are actually so many people to enumerate, which we want to thank for their help, that this probably would blow over the given frame. We therefore want to thank highlighted only our two hosters GTAinside.com and gta-worldmods.de, through which we can ensure a fast download of this big modification, as well as Rockstar Games and Take Two for their terrific games! And for the concrete developer and former developer and supporter of the modification, we have created for all those an adequate framework within the modification, where we bring our thanks duly expressed. You're lonely peak! At this point a quote from LiveLife (aka ColdDeath): Hereby I would like to announce, that I have finished with GTA United 1.2 now my last GTA project. I will therefore be no longer able to serve as an contact person for GTA United, so in future if you should have any questions, please ask ATP. I am glad that I was able to participate on GTA United for such a long time, even if I had not held a position where it comes to the actual modding at any time. The ultimate modding and thus the most important thing, has been furnished in my eyes in special dimensions of two people, who have made tremendous efforts and contributions, contributions without the entire modification would not have been possible to realize, and these two people are Aschratt and ATP. While each developer has made his contribution, these two have done outstanding work that made me not only a few times speechless. Both of you are the madness! It was my pleasure! \\ Closing Remarks Fun. This word can describe many things, if we as a team look back on our work, our little world, which is both so familiar and yet it never existed in such a form before. From an initially fresh idea, to bring the individual maps of Vice City and Liberty City to San Andreas, to the present day, where we can present what is more than just the sum of the previous items - it was a long road we had to go, there were to overcome many obstacles and all sorts of problems had to be solved. And yet we here and today agree that this way has been worth it, to be followed, always with the goal in mind to create something that meets the intent of each game and each modification: to spread fun and joy. A game which pursues this goal, must combine many aspects in itself, it must offer besides technical aspects such as stability and efficiency also freedom to interact with the content of a game, or in other words, diversity is one of the most important aspects of a game. And this was always our intention, what we wanted to achieve with version 1.2. So now finally it is like this, the day of the release has come! We - the entire team of GTA United and all those who have supported us - wish you all a lot of fun with our new modification "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2". Grand Theft Auto United 1.2 © Copyright 2012 | GTA United Development Team
  11. 4Arty

    4Arty's Stuff

    Second sound mod SACSFX about 1000 sounds replaced with max possible quality https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/117136-san-andreas-cinematic-sound-effects/ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another one SAHQS - my first attempt to make SA sounds a bit better outdated but u can combine sounds with sacsfx if you want https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/97715-s-a-hq-s-san-andreas-high-quality-sounds/
  12. _𝓐𝓖

    GTAIV Hud Mod

    This plugin will change the standard Hud with an similar from Grand Theft Auto IV/EFLC. - Some of the features you see on GTA IV. - Settings file, clearly most settings can be changed. - Episodes From Liberty City's style colors and textures are available. - All colors are taken from the original game files. - Life and Armour bars will shown on the sides of the radar map. - GPS will show when target blip is positioned. - Crosshairs are also changed. - Special blending mode for radar sprites. - Radar range will increase by pressing the "T" button on the keyboard. - Also by pressing "T" button all player information will be shown. - Radio Hud available to show radio stations. - A Cellphone will show date and clock by pressing "TAB" button on the keyboard. - Helpbox. - Mission titles. - Radar mask with red and blue colors will show when wanted level is increased. - 3dMarkers rendering also changed, but require arrow model and texture to make markers looks as they should. - Changed the visual camera position, also added possibility to move camera while player is busted/wasted. - HQ Fonts, Radar, Blips, and Weapons Textures with DXT5 compression, available on the respectively txd archives. - All Textures are "based and/or taked" from the original work make by R*. - Widescreen borders, wasted/busted message. ______________________________________ Code entirely written using plugin-sdk. Make fun developing your own mod with it. Screens showing some of the features. Version 1.3 - 10.08.2017 Here old versions: ______________________________________ Compatible plugins: FullNitrousControl by DK22Pac
  13. Irsis

    (SA) Real peds remake

    REAL PEDS REMAKE by Irsis One of my old edit. Originally created by dim1988, then edited by Junior_Djjr(but removed, because of bugfest) and then hopefully the last person, me. This mod makes random ped around CJ become less boring. they will perform random animation like smoking, calling or get drunk - Now instead of creating actor, the script will catch random actor around player. - Same ped cant perform the anim twice - Unlike the older version, now mod wont start on mission, wanted level >0, actor's task of killing player(you dont want your enemy start doing animation when fighting you right?), when on some animation(hands up, cower, lay back etc), or when in rain(to make it compatible with hard rain mod) Optional: Inside my folder, i include a mod that make random ped bring bag or reading newspaper on a bench. Move that folder into your modloader folder if you want. Credits: - dim1988 (Original author) - Junior_Djjr (Remake version and ped struct script) DOWNLOAD
  14. I was tired of CJ & His crusty ol' face textures, so I did something about it. Enjoy. DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#!AKYRCQoB!Y_w8Fcf8N2mHSyuW2JGwki-_tdDY6154vJXYoPQbhSM[/size] Show Spoiler to see all comparisons
  15. Description: SAAS is my attempt to improve ambience over the whole state of San Andreas. A lot of sound effects was tweaked / twisted / smashed / baked using Audacity, in order to make them compatible to San Andreas atmosphere. A clever script coordinates everything, loading only the sounds triggered by specific places (defined by INI file). Its main features are : - Highly customizable by INI file - Sounds for dozens of places like : seas, rivers, roads, cities, country, desert, woods, farms, airports, ships, crowds, etc. - Day / Night variants - Smooth transition between different sounds/places (no hiccups or glitches) - Only uses 2D streams (avoiding those bugged 3D sounds) Warning : This mod does NOT change any in-game sound. It's NOT a replacement for any object's sound (like cars, peds, etc). It only adds "ambience" (AKA background sound). Installing: Just copy the content of the Zip file to Cleo folder. You will also need this ---> http://gtaforums.com/topic/518780-cleo4newopcodes-by-dk22pac/ Usage: If you feel those sounds too much loud, reduce "globalVolume" in INI file (for example to 0.8) Instead...if they are too low, just reduce game volume to 30% (or less)...and then increase Windows volume. Make sure you have the latest Cleo Plugin installed and that your system can play MP3 files. This mod was only tested in 1.0 US EXE version. Disclaimer: This mod was built using Free / Non-Copyrighted / Free for Non-Commercial Use...Sound Effects. Those sounds are (mostly) from www.freesound.org - very few are from youtube (and similar sites). If you are an author and feel disrespected about any of those sounds, please contact me and I will promptly remove it. This mod cannot be used for commercial purpose. Bugs: You say (Bug Hunters / Beta Testers are wanted). Improvements: Opinions / Suggestions / Corrections from Experts will be very appreciated. Distribution: Go ahead...spread it everywhere...You can even change it for your Taste. Credits to "Pep Legal - GTA Forums" would be kind. Download: full release (jul-16) STANDARD VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!pd5ixSzC!Te7Hq6NuAT3Io__OX1MeJsdxNVyX-uKEG7o1anAIR9s LITE VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!dEg1BT5Y!_qcM9eZX_NsvozUmzC-H1B0Q27d6ylYeUt-WTFk7YEY small UPDATE (ago-16) [ this one updates both : the release "jul-16" and also the old "nov-15" ] STANDARD VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!UZhB1QZQ!1VHLVleeQPFzvpHPvTwBmueQNPiQgPF8qqW8bt_NoDY LITE VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!JIhBlDDD!v6dgLHqlHYLVgy4cCJRLKdbxIe-TB2gWkJ0MAzJOArY (obs.: the only difference between versions is the compression level of the sound files ) Credits: GTA Forums -> Junior Djjr for great tips about Memory Address...and indirectly all those gta ingenious who keep their projects Open Sourced ( I learned a lot from them ) and a huge Thanks to Deji for that Opcode Database ( http://gtag.gtagaming.com/opcode-database/ ) (honorable mention to DK and his New Opcodes, which made my work easier) Freesound.org -> klankbeeld (mostly), inchadney, conleec, corsica-s, robinhood76, reinsamba, brandonnyte, audiactiva, jymdavis...and many more. Videos: (by BlackAlienHD)
  16. Irsis

    (SA) 24/7 Robbery

    24/7 ROBBERY by Irsis Unlike the other robbery mod. - When you aim at the store clerk, there are random chance that they will give you the money/shoot you with shotgun, then the alarm will ring and give you 2 wanted level - They also have 'scared' and 'give the money' animation. - Also they remember the time when you robbed them. When you enter 24/7 next time, there are random chance that they will shoot you without hesitation. - Dont enter 24/7 when you have wanted level becuase they will shoot you. - You can only rob 24/7 and toy store DOWNLOAD
  17. nWo51289


    SA LODless is a modification that removes all of the LODs from SA and also increase draw distances for all of the HQ models in game. This is achieved by transferring HQ models from Binary IPLs for every sector of the map and transfer the IPL lines to its IPL counterpart and then deleting the LOD lines. Binary IPLs used by main.scm & interiors are left intact. This modification is compatible with the default main.scm, SAMP and numerous different cleo scripts, map mods etc. - Extract the files in put_to_root_of_gta_sa to your game directory - Double click on SA_LODless.bat and let it do its job! It will only transfer LODS to SAMPCOL.img for compatibility with SAMP if the SAMP folder exists - Done! - NOTE: You need to install this on a clean copy of GTA SA! - Download the latest versions of Fastman92 Limit Adjuster & SALodLights.asi from Project2DFX - Open fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini and SALodLights.ini and make the following amendments: fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini SALodLights.ini Can I install this using Modloader? Yes! - Create a folder in Modloader and copy gta3.img from your models folder to the newly created folder for this mod - Follow the steps above - While loading the game, when the loading bar reaches the end there will be a few seconds of waiting before entering in game. This will take longer if you have texture mods installed. This is because the game is preloading the map before you spawn. - When entering a interior and the game plays the animation of entering through the door, you won't see any buildings as LODs are by default loaded. Hopefully sorting this problem will be as simple as _DK's binthesky.cs script along with the problem above. What is the difference between SA_LODless & .LOD Mod by @BLlTZ? .LOD Mod replaces LODs with their HQ counterparts while LODless simply just removes them Why do we need this when we already have SALodLights by @ThirteenAG? SALodLights hides the LODs from view which makes them useless and taking up useless space & IDs What is 'LoadMap.cs'? LoadMap is a cleo script which includes the binthesky fix by @DK22Pac, increases ped/vehicle LOD distances & preloads the map before you spawn. If you want more control over these, download LoadWholeMap & MixSets by @Junior_Djjr SA_LODless 1.1.8 changelog Other Downloads SA_LODless 1.1.7b changelog (SA_LODless 1.1.7 combined with Things To Do In SA Version 1.5.1) @ThirteenAG & @LINK/2012 - Project2DFX @DK22Pac - binthesky @fastman92 - fastman92 IMG Console, fastman92 Limit Adjuster & fastman92 processor Igor Pavlov - 7zip You may modify, re-release, pretty much do whatever you want with this mod without my permission. All I ask is for you to mention me in your credits. If not, oh well not a big deal
  18. Inadequate

    San Andreas: PS2 Features To PC

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2 Features To PC ______________________________________________________________ Well, for some reason Rockstar Games have ported the PS2 version to PC with a potato. So, since that happened the game has lost a lot of features and things such as control settings, post processing effects and more. With those modifications listed below you will bring back a 99.9% percent of the PS2 feeling with a few clicks! ______________________________________________________________ Required modifications download: Features download:
  19. Realistic Weapons Settings Version: 1.1.1 Last update: 12/04/17 Author: Deadstroke Credits: Screenshots General Description General Description This a script mod with a lot of changes and improvments in game's weapon system. Resuming, you can: - Reload Mod: you can reload your weapon with many options any time you need; - Limited Munition: set a max ammo in each weapon limiting your munition; - Manual fire: fire manually like FPS games; - Fixes about weapons; - Set all functions like you want; - A separated mod: 'Realistic Recoil', that can make fires more realistic, with a better recoil and scattering. Complete Description Requirements and instalation
  20. Irsis

    (SA) Bank mod

    BANK MOD by Irsis Hi everyone. I got bored playing SA and wondering why the bank interior only used on a mission? Then i created this. There are 5 location of the bank, use Atm mod by Msv(inside my folder) to know the location. Peds, employee and securities roam inside it. You are not allowed to hold weapons inside it, if you do the the alarm will start and you got 2 stars. You can rob the bank by throwing satchel on Atm, but be careful, securities are equipped with desert eagle. After you get the cash, the atms will take some time to appear again to avoid easy money. I also include my edit of bussines mod by fastman92, use it if you want some bank transaction inside the building(press TAB to open business menu when youre near teller) And my edit of Atm mod by MSV if you want to have bank icon and Atms scattered in map(Go near atm to open the menu). You can also rob the ATM by blowing it using satchel. Bank interaction: ATM interaction: Bank locations: Credits: Fastman92 Msv DOWNLOAD
  21. NO MORE ABANDONED AREA This mod is as straight forward as it gets, there will be people in places where there wasn't people, understand me? let me explain Do you like shooting gangbangers but allready finished the territories? Do you like shooting gangbangers for money? Do you like to infiltrate in military facilities just to kill everyone? Do you like to infiltrate in huge ships just to shoot the sh*t out of some Korean gangsters? Well you can do all that with this mod, and you won't have to feel lonely in alleyways, no, not anymore FEATURES -Responsive gangs in different places according to their city -Daytime congruence: Gangs appear in different places in different hours. -Interiors: such as the vagos house, the ballas crack den, and last but not least, the sindacco abatoir. -Restricted areas: You got the weekend soldiers willing to bite your skin off, the KACC freight depot is full of Soldiers too. -Ships: Only the ships of san fierro filled with Da nang boys are a good excuse to try this sh*t, is awesome just parachuting in one of them and shooting everyone in, or going there with the jetpack and shoot everyone in, or going there with a seasparrow and shoot everyone in with the machine gun of the helicopter, and so on. -Money: you don't do this just for fun, everytime you kill the gangs ubicated in the scripts i created you get from 2000 to 15000 depending on how much they are THE GANGS THE BALLAS Good luck visiting the crack den VAGOS VARRIO LOS AZTECAS Dis niggas ain't got no love for the paparazzi THE RUSSIANS They don't exactly like carl neither THE COBRAS BIKER GANG (This is not enterable in my mod, that marker is from enterable hidden interiors) THE MAFIA this is indeed enterable in my mod, there are mobsters inside, that's why the guards. THE SAN FIERRO RIFA THE TRIADS THE DA NANG BOYS The only way to reach this ship is by flight. I don't recomend swimming around this ship RESTRICTED AREAS KACC FREIGHT DEPOT You can only enter this area by using a patriot THE WEEKEND SOLDIERS Did you missed the weekend soldiers? Well they missed you too They just get closer to give you a group hug Is all understood? further instructions in the readme included in the download below http://www.mediafire.com/file/fi9i7bcbjjp8j9f/CLEO%20-%20NAA.rar Now all the gangs are only in one script, aside from that, i made improvements to the interiors. that are still individual scripts. Credits: gtaloconbest98 for creating the original mod in the first place, from which i have created the new scripts. MKKJ for the help testing and improving the scripts
  22. Irsis

    (SA) Mugging mod

    MUGGING MOD by Irsis One of my old mod, inspired by Junior_Djjr's robbed mod(GTA Brazil). If criminal can mug you, why cant you do the same? - You can press 'M' when your target performing hands up to mug them. - There are chances that; they will give you the money then stay/run away, scared then stay/run away, or take out their knive/pistol to attack you. When they run away, there are chances it will trigger wanted level. - You cant rob the same ped twice, their dead body wont sprout money either. DOWNLOAD
  23. LINK/2012

    Mod Loader

    What is it? Mod Loader is a plugin for Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas that adds an easy and user-friendly way to install and uninstall modifications into the game, as if the game had official modding support. No changes are ever made to the original game files, everything is injected on the fly, at runtime! The usage is as simple as inserting the mod files into the modloader/ directory. Uninstalling is as easy as that too, delete the mod files and you are done. Hot swapping mods while the game is running? By using Mod Loader you can! Still not sure? Check out this nice video from Ivey. Features: Do not replace any original file, all the mods are installed by injection on the fly. Instant mod swapping, you can refresh mods on the go without closing the game. Game menu for configurations, providing an even easier management of mods. Bug-free audio modding. When installing sound mods with Mod Loader, you'll no longer encounter this bug. Mod Loader will automatically read data lines from readme (.txt) files. If you have several of the same .dat files, Mod Loader will merge them together for you. Allows you to link mods to profiles, which is very useful for installing total conversions, isolating them completely from the rest of your mods. Mod Loader allows you to use command line arguments, you can find information on them here. Download Mod Loader will always get updated thought GTAGarage, with stable enough releases: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25377 Although you can also find the latest, maybe unstable, release on GitHub (recommended) https://github.com/thelink2012/modloader/releases Screenshots Source Code The source code is available under the MIT license, take a look at the project on GitHub
  24. Seemann

    [REL] Sanny Builder

    Sanny Builder is a fast and powerful tool designed for the GTA 3D game series (GTA3, VC, SA; partially LCS and VCS). It is aimed to make the process of editing game scripts and missions as easy as it's possible. It includes a disassembler, permitting the end-user to quickly disassemble the MAIN.SCM file which contains game scripts, and a compiler which produces a binary script file readable by the game. The editor itself offers a large number of useful functions such as; syntax highlighting, error checking, advanced search tools, player coordinates reading, fast movement through code and much more. Sanny offers an advanced code syntax which is similar to existing programming languages. This syntax includes changeable classes, keywords and high-level statements. We recommend you continue reading and fully explore the help section to learn more about SB and its capabilities. We provide a wealth of information that will help you get started in mission coding. Now that you have discovered some of the possibilities. Official website: sannybuilder.com Current version: 3.2.4 Last update: 2019-08-04 Further reading at GTAModding.com: Sanny Builder Mission_Scripting (Overview) CLEO Follow me @SannyBuilderDev
  25. Irsis

    (SA) Fair cop

    FAIR COP by Irsis Have you wonder why cop didnt react to anyone who hit player? This script fixed it. - Cop will attack anyone who hit you as long as you dont have wanted level - Cop's weapon will depend on the target's weapon, if they using melee, cop will use nitestick. if using handgun/submachine gun, cop will use pistol. If using shotgun/heavy machinegun cop will use shotgun. Optional: Inside the folder i also include cop fix if you want to make desert sherrif and county deputy to appear on desert and county area of san fierro. DOWNLOAD
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