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  1. You can download this mod and find the comprehensive instructions on its Nexus page or in the included readme file. Requires CLEO Redux. Edit: Native controller support now added in v2. Quick details: Bullet time is tied to a bullet time (BT) meter that will slowly regenerate up to 50, the minimum required to activate the ability. BT can also be gained by killing armed foes or driving at high speeds, up to a maximum at 100. 10 BT lasts for approximately 1 second of active bullet time. Meter will change colors depending on how much BT player has: Faded red when too low to activate. Light green when ready for use. Gold when actively in use. Solid green when at maximum. Mod has not been tested in every single context of the game, so there may be unforeseen errors. Please let me know about them in this thread or on Nexus. Have fun!
  2. Police_Helicopter_v1.7 [SA] Police Helicopter v 1.6 Download Link [sA] Police Heli [VC] In case you prefer detail explaination instead of just video: - helicopter has a pilot and a few SWAT officers inside, - doors are open and 4 extra attached SWAT officers armed with AK47s will attack if a wanted stars are 4,5,6 (or 7), - Helicopter speed is extreme - it's synchronized with its distance from the player, - pilot warns the player with a megaphone each time he spots him (voices from helicopter are taken from Liberty helicopter cops), - different colors of a helicopter will appear in game, - SWAT rope...
  3. INTRODUCTION: 6 years ago, when I first started converting cars there were no competent converters and high quality conversions. Now in 2020 there is still only 2-3 converters who can provide vehicles that match the GTA:SA atmosphere, have no bugs and do not cause opcodes in SA-MP/MTA. Majority of the converters active right now are incapable of converting the cars in their original sizes, causing bizarre visual effects where a small compact is taller than a person standing next to it; incapable of applying reflections that also look good without any 3rd party graphics modification and no reflections on parts that are not supposed to reflect; incapable of making cars tunable; incapable of creating damaged parts for cars. The incompetence of other modders has motivated me to learn the art of converting and start supplying the community. INFORMATION: The first version (1.0) of the modpack replaces over 100 vehicles out of 212. The cars to be replaced are chosen based on their resemblance to the original vehicle rather than the name or class. The pack only features Improved Vehicles Features version of the cars If the SA style version of car is preferred, the user must individually download the cars on their own. Please be aware that the SA Style version cars have not received any retrospective updates unlike IVF Style. The pack contains of modifications from different authors: @_F_, @Ndukong, @M4k3, @unopieceo, @Zeneric and @DK22Pac. Full list of which vehicle has been created by which author is enclosed in an excel sheet "List" which also details about: which model is replaced by which car, IDs, plans for future conversions. Note: some vehicles in the current pack are just placeholders and WIPs until the real one is finished. Latest version of Improved Vehicles Features by @DK22Pac for the convenience of the user. Transfenders tuning parts that match all cars M4k3's New Car Animations 1.5 for which all the cars are adapted to. FEATURES: San Andreas original style reflections San Andreas license plates Gas tank door ped_arm dummy Custom made damage models Featuring all tuning part dummies Realistic size Custom .col file Fixed R* bugs Door openings Normals Mip-mappings Custom handling Custom carcolors Adaption to Improved Vehicles Features by @DK22Pac Body dirt like in GTA IV/V (not yet 100% cars in v1.0 but will be done in the v1.1) Tire dirt Brake, fog, reverse and turn lights Working steering wheel SA-MP/MTA friendly No sinking wheels No opcodes because of tuning parts No jumping/sinking (not yet 100% cars in v1.0 but will be done in the v1.1) UPDATE 1.1 (14.02.2020): 51 cars updated (full list enclosed in "List.xlsx") Body dirt in GTA4/5 style Fixed jumping in SA-MP Fixed normals (better body mesh) New carcols.dat New carmods.dat New handling.cfg Other minor fixes UPDATE 1.2 (25.11.2020): 10 new cars added Peyote Faction Rebel Sport Flatbed Box Truck Ambulance Retinue Vagrant Tornado Romero´s Hearse 10 old cars updated Oracle Enduro Mr. Whoopee Blista Infernus Classic Coquette Buffalo Police Picador Emperor Esperanto Updated tuning parts All new tuning wheels New cargrps.dat Updated vehicles.ide HD vehicle.txd Cutscenes vehicles UPDATE 1.1 (06.12.2020): 10 new cars All car engine sounds revisited, now way more logical Small fixes to old cars Alternative wheels for 2nd versions INSTALLING INSTRUCTIONS: It is highly recommended to install the pack with @LINK/2012´s Mod Loader! To install the mod after installing Mod Loader, simply drag and drop the content of "GTA V cars to San Andreas 1.0" folder into ...\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\ It is strongly advised to install the regular pack prior to installing the VehFuncs pack as all the data lines of the new pack are pre-adjusted to fit the regular pack cars as well. Simply overwrite the GTA V cars to San Andreas folder with the new one and remember to do the same with ImVehFt folder, as new emergency lights scripts are there. IN CONCLUSION: I would like to thank everyone who have contributed into this mod with either modelling, scripting or suggestions, but most importantly the people who have downloaded it and are actively using it. This makes me happy and shows me that my hard work has gone to good use and motivates me to continue working on that project. If you have problems/questions or want to show pictures of your game, feel free to do so here, in the mod´s official topic. INDIVIDUAL DOWNLOADS:
  4. ElYisusKing

    Story Mode 2.0

    Please, don't get confused by the mod "Storyline Enhancement" this mod adds and improves several details and fixed many issues of the story mode in the game, also trying to give more life to the world of san andreas and even adding brands news territories and gangs such as the Russian Mafia and the Biker gang like the gang 9 and the gang 10 without trying to be the same as "Things to do in San Andreas" we all know how the story mode in this game is one of the best in the gta series, however in this game, it misses so many details that it would have given the game more life to his world, so i added the detail that i think it'd be perfect for the story in the game, also i know how you guys enjoy having gang wars so i added more territories that i think it would fit in the perfect places Current State of the Mod: No Glitches Found How to Install ? simple, copy and paste all files and folders in the root folder Note: for the mod work in the game, you need to start a new game. Start Changes: Los Santos Changes: Countryside Changes: San Fierro Changes Desert Changes: Las Venturas Changes: Back to LS Changes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update Changes Update Changes 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mod Recommended: Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/37s8pz0rlc5buay/Story+Mode+2.0.rar/file CHAOS MOD you guys should have heard of the Chaos mod for GTA San Andreas, well now it is possible to play that mod with Story Mode 2.0 without any problems with the PassCurrentMission effect, as you guys know, the PassCurrentMission automatically makes you pass the mission you're playing but since Story Mode modify the Main.scm, the effect of PassCurrentMission will makes the game crash except for some missions but do not worry, thanks that the owner had open the mod source, i was able you modify the PassCurrentMission effect so it can be compatible for the mod and do not make crashes (WARNING: do not recomment to use this link if you're not going to use it with Story Mode 2.0, this was made specifically for Story Mode 2.0, any other mod that changes the Main.scm or use the original one will cause in a crash, also for this to work perfectly, you need the last version of Story Mode 2.0) https://www.mediafire.com/file/ip2ye06jo9h1l8b/Modded_Chaos.zip/file Screenshots Videos:
  5. NO MORE ABANDONED AREA This mod is as straight forward as it gets, there will be people in places where there wasn't people, understand me? let me explain Do you like shooting gangbangers but allready finished the territories? Do you like shooting gangbangers for money? Do you like to infiltrate in military facilities just to kill everyone? Do you like to infiltrate in huge ships just to shoot the sh*t out of some Korean gangsters? Well you can do all that with this mod, and you won't have to feel lonely in alleyways, no, not anymore FEATURES -Responsive gangs in different places according to their city -Daytime congruence: Gangs appear in different places in different hours. -Interiors: such as the vagos house, the ballas crack den, and last but not least, the sindacco abatoir. -Restricted areas: You got the weekend soldiers willing to bite your skin off, the KACC freight depot is full of Soldiers too. -Ships: Only the ships of san fierro filled with Da nang boys are a good excuse to try this sh*t, is awesome just parachuting in one of them and shooting everyone in, or going there with the jetpack and shoot everyone in, or going there with a seasparrow and shoot everyone in with the machine gun of the helicopter, and so on. -Money: you don't do this just for fun, everytime you kill the gangs ubicated in the scripts i created you get from 2000 to 15000 depending on how much they are THE GANGS THE BALLAS Good luck visiting the crack den VAGOS VARRIO LOS AZTECAS Dis niggas ain't got no love for the paparazzi THE RUSSIANS They don't exactly like carl neither THE COBRAS BIKER GANG (This is not enterable in my mod, that marker is from enterable hidden interiors) THE MAFIA this is indeed enterable in my mod, there are mobsters inside, that's why the guards. THE SAN FIERRO RIFA THE TRIADS THE DA NANG BOYS The only way to reach this ship is by flight. I don't recomend swimming around this ship RESTRICTED AREAS KACC FREIGHT DEPOT You can only enter this area by using a patriot THE WEEKEND SOLDIERS Did you missed the weekend soldiers? Well they missed you too They just get closer to give you a group hug Is all understood? further instructions in the readme included in the download below http://www.mediafire.com/file/fi9i7bcbjjp8j9f/CLEO%20-%20NAA.rar Now all the gangs are only in one script, aside from that, i made improvements to the interiors. that are still individual scripts. Credits: gtaloconbest98 for creating the original mod in the first place, from which i have created the new scripts. MKKJ for the help testing and improving the scripts
  6. ForeverL

    [SA] Mobile Hands

    Updates BETA Models added. IMPORTANT! Models no longer need the Mobile Specular Map, which corrected a 'claw' bug that appeared in the hands. The mobile/remastered version of San Andreas, brought several new features. Among them, models with new hands. This mod brings those models to the PC version, with a few extras. - Models converted from the mobile version. - Mobile Hands for models that were not added in those versions. - BETA Models with mobile hands (thanks to @Kalvin for the models). - Minor fixes in UVW Map. Default Models B Dup Big Bear (Thin) Catalina Cesar Dwayne Emmet Hernandez Janitor Jethro Jizzy Kendl Kent Paul Maccer Madd Dogg OG Loc OG Loc (Burger) Pulaski Ran Fa Li Rosenberg Ryder Salvatore Silverman Sindacco Slut Smoke Suzie Sweet TBone Tenpenny Torino Triada Triada 2 Truth Woozie Zero New Hands Bettina Big Bear (Fat) Bogman Burger 1 Claude Dope Grove 1 Heckler 1 Heckler 2 Jose Lil Bil Mafia Goon 1 Mafia Goon 2 Plas 1 Smoke (Kevlar) Triada 3 BETA Models Cesar Kendl OG Loc Ryder Salvatore Smoke Smoke (Kevlar) Sweet Default BETA
  7. СКАЧАТЬ/DOWNLOAD (2.1.1) ImVehFt brings new features for vehicles in San Andreas: -reversinglights, foglights, turnlights, breaklights; -breakpads; -animated spoilers; -steering; -added taillight shadow; -possibility to use an unique texture for vehicle lights; -fixed lights darkening after switching; -fixed vehicle dirt feature; -and more... Notice these features (expect vehicle dirt, taillight shadow) could work only with adapted vehicles. You can find information about vehicle adapting and video tutorial in "Developer" folder. You can find 3 adapted vehicles in this release. 1. Blista Compact by Jur1zz with turnlights 2. Blade by Jur1zz with breaklights and foglights 3. Benson by Jur1zz with turnlights In this topic You can share your ideas and ask questions on car adapting Have fun. Screens Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Co-Authors Function-X- - author of some ImVehFt textures. Thanks So many people helped me... Den_spb - thanks to him for the idea of realising turnlighs. izerli - thanks to him for the idea of realising steering wheel. }0RIC)-( - much helping with HLSL and shaders programming; PetkaGTA - helping with shaders; Deji, fastman92, LINK2012 - helping with programming; listener - author of SA .exe database. Jur1zz, DERK7, Mad_Driver, THREE6MAFIA, YourCreatedHell - car makers/modellers.
  8. Son Of Big Boss

    SOBB's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop. Here you'll find lore friendly vehicle mods and accurate beta vehicle recreations for the classic GTA Trilogy. Some content is still under development, so the workshop will receive updates from time to time. If you want to support me you can donate a bit of money, I will appreciate any help granted. Become my Patron and help me continue modding https://www.patreon.com/sonofbigboss Shoutout to Jago, Gamerjman19 and Brooklynszmac for their current support as Patrons I'm thankful with R4gn0r0k for being my former patron, thank you bro, for your support. Otherwise, if you want to donate using Paypal instead: Note: It is highly recommended, for better enjoyment, to install Silent Patch, and SkyGFX, as some of the mods need them, links can be found here MISC MODS BETA MODS MISC MODS BETA MODS MISC MODS
  9. Restored Bus Fare Bonus by @H-G About: Features: Screenshots: Credits: Download:
  10. H-G

    Single Notes Fix

    Single Notes Fix by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download: Thanks to @Mugetsuga for the PS2 cash register textures.
  11. The script makes the interiors of the scenes in GTA San Andreas DE available to visit. At the moment 33 hidden interiors are open, the list will be updated. In some of the interiors have defects with the collision of the walls. Be careful! Full list of interiors: - Sweet House; - Ryder House; - OG Loc House. - Poncho's House in Glen Park; - All of CJ's Girls' Houses; - Two brothels in Los Santos; - Wu Zi Mu office in San Fierro; - San Fierro Police Station; - Tranfender's Garage in San Fierro; - Doughnut Diner in Los Santos; - Doughnut Diner in San Fierro; - Doughnut Diner in Las Venturas; - Stores 24/7 near all gas stations throughout the state; - Also, all the houses available only during a thief's mission. Download Link Installation: Move file to Gameface\Binaries\Win64\CLEO. Before installing the mod, download the CLEO Redux library.
  12. Late BETA Blue Jeans by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download: Thanks to @Mugetsuga for the PS2 clothing store prop textures.
  13. Enhanced Blue Low-Tops by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download:
  14. License Plate Colors Fix by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download: Thanks to @Mugetsuga for the PS2 "vehicle.txd" file.
  15. Inadequate

    San Andreas: PS2 Features To PC

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2 Features To PC ______________________________________________________________ Well, for some reason Rockstar Games have ported the PS2 version to PC with a potato. So, since that happened the game has lost a lot of features and things such as control settings, post processing effects and more. With those modifications listed below you will bring back a 99.9% percent of the PS2 feeling with a few clicks! ______________________________________________________________ Required modifications download: Features download:
  16. Well well, this mod gives you 85 (75 in older versions) Rampage side-missions to complete all around San Andreas. They're put in pretty predictable places so I guess you'll be able to find them easily. For completing all of them you'll be greatly rewarded with weapons and vehicles. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p635e5fp9v6uibj/GTA_SA_-_Rampages_Mod_V3.zip/file OLD VERSIONS, YOU BETTER DON'T INSTALL THEM... V1: https://www.mediafire.com/?y4jwy1i7ndkf67a V2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fd6lll310qmb3q5/GTA%20SA%20-%20Rampages%20Mod%20v2.rar Credits: Rocky24pl Jason Statham Jeansowaty Silent Curtis Various other people who gave us ideas Map: http://snapmap.wikigta.org/index.php?map=SA&title=&set=101,708%7C715,515%7C680,386%7C539,353%7C267,451%7C409,416%7C388,726%7C481,515%7C434,580%7C461,463%7C698,612%7C690,584%7C675,559%7C669,523%7C590,618%7C598,635%7C612,647%7C628,656%7C572,595%7C532,595%7C638,585%7C514,522%7C565,546%7C492,569%7C99,401%7C477,459%7C120,374%7C69,388%7C147,388%7C161,225%7C41,370%7C102,305%7C188,241%7C54,345%7C154,312%7C115,301%7C35,335%7C45,208%7C167,243%7C91,316%7C85,246%7C11,290%7C61,82%7C90,93%7C100,249%7C170,302%7C480,338%7C182,48%7C291,188%7C277,195%7C351,258%7C348,52%7C334,190%7C344,156%7C376,227%7C756,115%7C660,26%7C505,124%7C585,143%7C630,267%7C678,190%7C716,289%7C714,88%7C643,111%7C721,227%7C705,227%7C678,115%7C613,109%7C644,161%7C565,29%7C659,168%7C582,298%7C625,289%7C554,259%7C523,205 Pictures: N/A for now.
  17. GrGTaGamer

    Ped Variations

    An ASI mod that allows you to add up to 20 different model variations to peds. Please report any bugs you find. Best used with added peds. Tutorial on how to add (not replace) peds. DOWNLOAD Changelog: V2 Update: Added ped weapon variations. DOWNLOAD V2.1 Update: Added INI option "VariationType". If you have v2 you must add this to PedWeaponVariations.ini (more info in readme.txt). DOWNLOAD V2.2 Update: Fixed drug dealers not working. DOWNLOAD
  18. BlipFix Script for Broken Saves Mirror on DropBox (Google drive is being flaky on Edge) by OrionSR, July 26, 2020 SA: Includes a BlipFix script for Cleo4 on PC, and BlipFixA for CleoA on Android These scripts are intended as a fix for a clogged radar pool usually caused by bad cleo scripts that add new radar blips every time a save is loaded and re-saved. Eventually the radar pool becomes so full that no new blips can be placed. The usual symptoms include; new mission locations are not created after a mission, mission destinations and targets are not marked, and when it's completely full - cannot place a target marker on the map. Note: GTASnP.com includes a modification tool for removing stray blips, destination markers that can be glitched into a save by mission duping, or accidentally by an incoming call at the same time a mission is started. If you don't have cleo, this tool should be enough to fix any standard issues with stray blips. BlipFix cannot detect the non-standard "good" blips you might want to keep; anything unknown is removed. BlipFix cannot place missing mission markers, but they aren't needed if CJ stands in the correct spot. New mission markers should eventually be properly placed after fixing the blips. BlipFix cannot place other blips that could not be placed because the radar pool was full when they were supposed to be created. Removes all non-standard radar blips PC: Activate by typing "BLIPFIX" Android: Activate with the CleoA menu Standard script variables are expected but loosely enforced Safe to use with a target or airstrip marker active Removed Blips Stray Blips - yellow/green square/triangle blips usually glitched by mission duplication & Friendly Strays - the rare red versions of stray blips Hidden Blip - expect 1 lost checkpoint after Explosive Situation Unknown - All remaining active blips not associated with standard marker variables Will not remove blips if variable space size is not normal player is on a mission yay courier is active dating or meeting a girlfriend BlipFix.txt - PC version text script BlipFix.cs - Custom script for PC BlipFixA.txt - Android version text script BlipFixA.csi - Cleo for Android custom script BlipFix.fxt - Custom text for Android, not needed for PC BlipFix_Readme.txt - same as header comments in script
  19. 𝓦𝓸𝓵𝓯

    [REL|BETA] Uzi Restored

    Hi, am bringing the uzi which was removed in development from gta san andreas remember it took hard work to modify until my eye got forced on the white screen and hurt have fun. Edit: Oops Uzi weapon without replacing. Discord https://bit.ly/382Tf84 Dowwnload
  20. So after more than a year, I've finally made a seperate forum post for this... Overall Improvements aims to revive the abandoned volume 2 by porting most of its features to a more stable form. (The leaked volume 2 was really unstable) Apart from adapting features from volume 2, new peds, new vehicles, bug fixes, more dialogue and more have been added. This release is based on Crspy's Fixed Volume 1, so it features all his additions as well. Some Features All vehicles cut by DeeZire are now restored. The ones he replaced them with are now seperate vehicles New cut vehicles have been re-added, the Bloodring Banger B and the FBI Car New clothes. For example the new GSF clothing after reaching 100% turf control Police helicopters are now controlled by actual police pilots, killing the pilot results in the heli crashing. New police officers and gang members have been added along with unused unique voice lines. (A LOT of voice lines were cut, Example: VOICE_EMG_ARMY1, 2 and 3) The cut drive to the cemetery in 'Big Smoke' has been restored. Along with some removed voice lines in 'Sweet & Kendl' The supporting character, Guppy, now has a unique skin Recreated 4 of the 10 hidden mobile exclusive cheats The cut vigilante variant, 'Vice Squad' for the Cheetah, has been restored Revamped DeeZire's AWOL Angel If you start Los Sepulcros with insufficient respect, now an otherwise inaccessable part of the mission will unlock. (I made some minor changes to this part) If you have previously started 'Are You Going To San Fierro?' and failed, you no longer have to pay another $25,000 to re-start the mission The Four Dragons casino will now be an asset after 'Fish In a Barrel' The help messages about being wasted and busted now don't take away player control anymore (it is now like Vice City) In 555 WE TIP, you now have to drive into the garage to plant the weed in the car (This is a recreation of a beta objective) Cesar and OG Loc now appear with their beta appearances in certain missions. You are now correctly able to reach 100% completion, instead of reaching it prematurely even if you haven't completed everything yet Changelogs Original Volume 1 Changelog OV Changelog Download Version 1.6 (06/11/2019) 1.6.2 Patch (17/04/2020) Savegame Pack 1 (LS Chapter - 07/11/2019) Savegame Pack 2 (Country Chapter - 04/12/2019) Savegame Pack 3 (Halfway SF Chapter - 09/01/2020) (Savegames from the unmodded game and previous ttdisa versions are incompatible) NOTE: Since this mod is still in development, compatibility between newer versions is not garanteed. --- Installation Instructions Credits Original Volume 1 Credits OV Credits Misc DISCORD (for suggestions, bug reports and previews) YOUTUBE (where I post my TTDISA OV videos) Note Unless stated otherwise, it is not allowed to reupload this mod anywhere. (This includes modpacks)
  21. ThePedro004

    ThePedro004's Workshop & Weaponry

    All mods are for GTA:SA. Also please note that some of the mods download pages might be in portuguese, Google Translate would work just fine, just search for the big download button and that's all. Best Mods HUD and Radar from Watch Dogs 2 The name says it all. Faithful Weapons Pack Original Weapons in HQ + Weapon Sound Pack Gore Overhaul & Particle TXD A complete overhaul of the game's gore including a particle TXD. SA:Roads HQ Road textures from the GTA 5 Mod L.A. Roads. Dynamic Weapon Draw Sound Weapon aim sounds. Toon FX Cartoon effects. Other Side of the Fence New grass textures. The Forgotten Retextures* Retexture of forgotten parts of the map. Collaborations GTA Brasil feat Equipe GTA Brasil VRTP feat M.S Brazilian Speedbumps feat Junior_Djjr Weapons
  22. artginPL

    Enterable Hidden Interiors

    What is EHI ? This mod allows you to enter the buildings which are visible only in cut-scenes, some of the missions in GTA San Andreas or not used at all in the game. Most of the interiors has made new collision files. GTA SA has 376 entrance exit (enex) markers, and this modification adds another 124. DOWNLOAD EHI V4.3 LIST OF THE ENTERABLE BUILDINGS: 1. LOS SANTOS: - Sweet's House (Ganton), - Ryder's House (Ganton), - OG Loc's House (Ganton), - B Dup's Apartment (Ganton), - B Dup's Crack Palace (Glen Park), - Blastin' Fools Records (Market), - Crack Den - Ballas Apartment (Idlewood), - Vagos Gang House (East Los Santos), - Two-Floors Ammunation (Downtown), - Arena from 'New Model Army' missions (entry in front of Film Studio in Vinewood), - Los Santos International Airport, - Sayonara Hotel&Restaurant (Verdant Bluffs), - The Bog Standard Hotel (Temple), - All floors of the Los Santos Office [glazed building] - (Downtown). 2. SAN FIERRO: - Woozie's Apartment (Chinatown), - San Fierro Police Department (Downtown), - Preasure Domes (Battery Point), - Supa Save (Juniper Hill), - San Fierro Easter Bay International Airport, - Doherty Garage with fixed camera view, - Adds the possibility to open and close of the hold, and the possibility of lifting and lowering of the two platforms on the Aircraft Carrier (Easter Basin). 3. LAS VENTURAS: - City Planning Department (Come-A-Lot), - New Room in Bike School (Blackfield), - Sindacco Abattoir (Whietwood Estates), - Rosenberg's Room in Caligula's Palace, - Woozie's Room in The Four Dragons Cassino, - Janitor Room in The Four Dragons Cassino, - Las Venturas Airport, - Adds entry to eight casinos (Come-A-Lot, The Emerald Isle, The High Roller, The Pink Swan, Starfish Casino, The Visage, Old Venturas Strip x2), - Las Venturas Bandits Stadium (Redsands West), - Plastic Factory (Whietwood Estates), - Basements in Caligula's Palace. 4. OTHER: - Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts (Market, Palisades and Fort Carson), - U Get Inn Motel (Angel Pine and Fort Carson), - Welcome Pump (Dillimore), - Bank (Palomino Creek), - Cesar's Hideout (Angel Pine), - Police Stations (Angel Pine and Fort Carson), - Interior of the Shamal aircraft (entry in every Airports), - Area around of the Liberty City Saint Marks (entry in Shamal aircraft), - Interior of the Liberty City Marco Bistro, - All Hauses of CJ's Girlfriends, - Brothel1 (Valle Ocultado), - Brothel2 (entry in Strip Clubs), - Nude & XXX Shop (Los Santos x2, Las Venturas x1), - Sex Shop XXX (Los Santos x1, Las Venturas x4), - Sodom Sex Toys (Los Santos x2), - Adds unused save house to Mike Toreno's Ranch (Tierra Robada), - Main entry to underground of Area 69, - Manhole with jetpack in Area 69, - Gas Station (Dillimore), - All gas stations buildings with 24/7 interiors, including three interiors unused by game (all San Andreas), - All bars and restaurants from Dating Missions (all San Andreas), - Many stores with 24/7 interiors, including three interiors unused by game (all San Andreas), - Makes that the vent in Area 69 is not blocked, - Gates in fence of Area 69 are movable.
  23. Rainbomizer: SA Randomizers for GTA San Andreas Rainbomizer is a mod for GTA San Andreas that randomizes many aspects of the game. It allows for a replay of the game in a new, fun way. The mod randomizes everything from traffic, car colours, handling, mission vehicles, weapons, cutscenes, colours and even the missions! The mod was designed to be played on the original game, and hence might conflict with any other mods installed. . List of Randomizers: Colour Randomizer Randomizes the colours of various in-game elements, including cars, the HUD, and fades. Timecycle Randomizer Randomizes the appearance and colours of the game world, such as the sky, water, lighting, and other time-based elements. Traffic Randomizer Randomizes cars that spawn in traffic including law enforcement vehicles. Script Vehicle Randomizer Randomizes the vehicles you are given in missions making sure they're usable for the mission. Parked Car Randomizer Randomizes cars which are found parked around the map including boats and airplanes at airports. Mission Randomizer Randomizes which mission is started by each mission marker. Weapon Randomizer Randomizes the weapons that are wielded by the player and other NPCs. Cutscene Randomizer Randomizes models used in motion-captured cutscenes. Pickup Randomizer Randomizes all pickups to other random weapons and pickups, including spawn locations, mission pickups, and drops. Ped Randomizer Randomizes the appearance of every single ped, including those on the street, cops, gang members, and mission characters. Cutscene Randomizer Randomizes the models used in motion-captured cutscenes, and the location in which they take place. Sounds Randomizer Randomizes mission dialogue, generic voice lines and various other sound effects. Language Randomizer Randomize the language of in-game text between other game languages. Riot Randomizer Activates a small chance for the game's riot mode to randomly activate upon entering new zones. Police Helicopter Randomizer Randomizes the helicopters that the police spawn in. Blip Randomizer Randomizes every radar blip on the map with a different icon. Wanted Level Randomizer Randomizes how you get wanted levels during and outside of missions. DYOM Randomizer Adds an option to download and play a random mission from the DYOM website. Cheat Randomizer Randomizes which cheat activates when you enter a cheat (disabled by default). Screenshots Playthrough by Hugo_One Playthrough by 123robot Installation Prerequisites GTA: San Andreas v1.0 US (Other versions are not supported) an ASI Loader (like Ultimate ASI Loader) Installation Download the Rainbomizer archive (see Downloads section) Extract the contents of the archive to the root folder of your GTA San Andreas installation directory After the installation, the directory should look something like: The config file will be auto-generated after launching the game with Rainbomizer the first time Configuration rainbomizer/config.toml contains the configuration options for Rainbomizer. The config file uses the TOML format and can be opened in any text editor (like Notepad) To enable/disable a certain randomizer, locate its section in the config file, and change the "Enabled" key to true or false Further configuration options are documented in the config file. Credits Lead Developers Parik Creation and implementation of the ASI. 123robot Development of new v3.0 features and assistance with creation of external files and testing. GTA_Madman Assistance with development of new features, fixes, feedback and testing. Additional Contributors iguana Assisted with looking through code and helped inspire the mission randomizer. SpeedyFolf Creating the tutorial video, beta testing, and feedback during development. SRewo Creating the Weapon Stats Randomizer. Thanks to Fryterp23, Hugo_One, Lordmau5, Riekelt, SpeedyFolf and Waris for beta-testing! Links Below are useful links related to the project GitHub links GitHub Repository GitHub Releases GitHub Issues Support this project Discord Patreon Release 3.0
  24. BlackStallionDX

    [WIP/SA] GTA Miami Vibe

    Story The game tells the story of Lance Urwell, a former bank robber. His ol' friend Vinnie betray him and leaves him for dead during a bank robbery, leading to his desire for revenge. Screens Progress South Beach - 100% Mid Beach - 100% DownTown- 0% MidTown - 0% OverTown - 0% Little Havana - 0% Little Haiti - 0% Design Distict - 0% Upper East Side - 0% Dodge Island - 0% Credits Black Stallion - Lead, map, scripts, characters, missions, vehicles Nicksud - Artwork Beloyvan - Radio artist Burlachenko - modelling helper Voice acting A.Beloyvan E.Moiseev A.Burlachenko Metal Stories Wild Gamer Like Bax Nobilius Special thanks to.... Junior_Djjr Fastman The Hero Madleg Function-X Ezekiel [SAK*]KING_OF_SA BadassBaboon WarButler ActionVFX cgman DK22Pac _AG ENB Developer Demo https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FDd0UvvJH13FSoHjcGUrnq3o3SLAkwV9/view?usp=sharing
  25. YochiThMaster333

    1998 Bravado ExSess RS

    Made it mostly completely in original San Andreas lore style. This car was meant to parody Dodge Stratus/Chrysler Sebring coupe. Model based on GTA LCS Forelli ExSess (i.e. literally a Kuruma but better). During development, its codename was "Forelli Coupe", but since Forelli refers to Forelli Crime Family, it now uses ExSess RS as the name. Featuring: Full Customization in Wheel Arch Angels 3 new paintjobs (paintjob 1 is a Falken-themed livery (with Atomic logos), paintjob 2 is a custom livery, paintjob 3 is Stratum's second paintjob but recolored) Vanilla San Andreas Textures Only Custom chassis_vlo and Collision Custom made stock wheels, based on those of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII Downloads: Bravado ExSess RS Credits: MAJEST1C_R3 - Source LCS Forelli ExSess originally made as a mod for Vice City (actually released as a part of GTA LCS Vehicles Big Pack)
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