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Found 386 results

  1. Just another russian total conversation, unlike other russian mods this one feature high definition textures, high detailed models and storyline. Removed Link
  2. Jeansowaty

    San Andreas Rampages

    Well well, this mod gives you 85 (75 in older versions) Rampage side-missions to complete all around San Andreas. They're put in pretty predictable places so I guess you'll be able to find them easily. For completing all of them you'll be greatly rewarded with weapons and vehicles. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p635e5fp9v6uibj/GTA_SA_-_Rampages_Mod_V3.zip/file OLD VERSIONS, YOU BETTER DON'T INSTALL THEM... V1: https://www.mediafire.com/?y4jwy1i7ndkf67a V2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fd6lll310qmb3q5/GTA%20SA%20-%20Rampages%20Mod%20v2.rar Credits: Rocky24pl Jason Statham Jeansowaty Silent Curtis Various other people who gave us ideas Map: http://snapmap.wikigta.org/index.php?map=SA&title=&set=101,708%7C715,515%7C680,386%7C539,353%7C267,451%7C409,416%7C388,726%7C481,515%7C434,580%7C461,463%7C698,612%7C690,584%7C675,559%7C669,523%7C590,618%7C598,635%7C612,647%7C628,656%7C572,595%7C532,595%7C638,585%7C514,522%7C565,546%7C492,569%7C99,401%7C477,459%7C120,374%7C69,388%7C147,388%7C161,225%7C41,370%7C102,305%7C188,241%7C54,345%7C154,312%7C115,301%7C35,335%7C45,208%7C167,243%7C91,316%7C85,246%7C11,290%7C61,82%7C90,93%7C100,249%7C170,302%7C480,338%7C182,48%7C291,188%7C277,195%7C351,258%7C348,52%7C334,190%7C344,156%7C376,227%7C756,115%7C660,26%7C505,124%7C585,143%7C630,267%7C678,190%7C716,289%7C714,88%7C643,111%7C721,227%7C705,227%7C678,115%7C613,109%7C644,161%7C565,29%7C659,168%7C582,298%7C625,289%7C554,259%7C523,205 Pictures: N/A for now.
  3. INTRODUCTION: 6 years ago, when I first started converting cars there were no competent converters and high quality conversions. Now in 2020 there is still only 2-3 converters who can provide vehicles that match the GTA:SA atmosphere, have no bugs and do not cause opcodes in SA-MP/MTA. Majority of the converters active right now are incapable of converting the cars in their original sizes, causing bizarre visual effects where a small compact is taller than a person standing next to it; incapable of applying reflections that also look good without any 3rd party graphics modification and no reflections on parts that are not supposed to reflect; incapable of making cars tunable; incapable of creating damaged parts for cars. The incompetence of other modders has motivated me to learn the art of converting and start supplying the community. INFORMATION: The first version (1.0) of the modpack replaces over 100 vehicles out of 212. The cars to be replaced are chosen based on their resemblance to the original vehicle rather than the name or class. The pack only features Improved Vehicles Features version of the cars If the SA style version of car is preferred, the user must individually download the cars on their own. Please be aware that the SA Style version cars have not received any retrospective updates unlike IVF Style. The pack contains of modifications from different authors: @_F_, @Ndukong, @M4k3, @unopieceo, @Zeneric and @DK22Pac. Full list of which vehicle has been created by which author is enclosed in an excel sheet "List" which also details about: which model is replaced by which car, IDs, plans for future conversions. Note: some vehicles in the current pack are just placeholders and WIPs until the real one is finished. Latest version of Improved Vehicles Features by @DK22Pac for the convenience of the user. Transfenders tuning parts that match all cars M4k3's New Car Animations 1.5 for which all the cars are adapted to. FEATURES: San Andreas original style reflections San Andreas license plates Gas tank door ped_arm dummy Custom made damage models Featuring all tuning part dummies Realistic size Custom .col file Fixed R* bugs Door openings Normals Mip-mappings Custom handling Custom carcolors Adaption to Improved Vehicles Features by @DK22Pac Body dirt like in GTA IV/V (not yet 100% cars in v1.0 but will be done in the v1.1) Tire dirt Brake, fog, reverse and turn lights Working steering wheel SA-MP/MTA friendly No sinking wheels No opcodes because of tuning parts No jumping/sinking (not yet 100% cars in v1.0 but will be done in the v1.1) UPDATE 1.1 (14.02.2020): 51 cars updated (full list enclosed in "List.xlsx") Body dirt in GTA4/5 style Fixed jumping in SA-MP Fixed normals (better body mesh) New carcols.dat New carmods.dat New handling.cfg Other minor fixes HOTFIX (22.05.2020): A huge bug was caused by the incompatibility of MixSets. The cars were not braking or had very poor brakes. That was mistake made by me, as all the handlings were created at the time when I had MixSets installed and I didn´t know until now that it affected the handlings of individual vehicles. Therefore I tweaked the brakes to be good, but to a point where they would never lock (sort of ABS simulation), but since MixSets changes the brakes of every car, my lines were incorrect for people without MixSets installed. Therefore, I have now gone through every single car in the pack, and manually corrected the mistake. If you downloaded the the packs before 22.05.2020 please download the HOTFIX! If you downloaded after 22.05.2020, the mistake has been corrected in the packs. Very sorry for the inconvenience! INSTALLING INSTRUCTIONS: It is highly recommended to install the pack with @LINK/2012´s Mod Loader! To install the mod after installing Mod Loader, simply drag and drop the content of "GTA V cars to San Andreas 1.0" folder into ...\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\ It is strongly advised to install the regular pack prior to installing the VehFuncs pack as all the data lines of the new pack are pre-adjusted to fit the regular pack cars as well. Simply overwrite the GTA V cars to San Andreas folder with the new one and remember to do the same with ImVehFt folder, as new emergency lights scripts are there. IN CONCLUSION: I would like to thank everyone who have contributed into this mod with either modelling, scripting or suggestions, but most importantly the people who have downloaded it and are actively using it. This makes me happy and shows me that my hard work has gone to good use and motivates me to continue working on that project. If you have problems/questions or want to show pictures of your game, feel free to do so here, in the mod´s official topic. INDIVIDUAL DOWNLOADS:
  4. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto Vice City Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto 3 Widescreen Fix This and many other fixes now available at thirteenag.github.io/widescreen_fixes_pack
  5. Hello, GTAForums. This is XG417 and I'm finally opening up a workshop! I know it's looking rather bland and rushed right now, but I shall be building on to this 'shop and give it more flair as soon as I take care of some personal things on my end. Right now I just want to have a primary hub for my mods, as I'm sure there'll be more on the way. I am currently an SA-Only Modder, and as such I would be making mostly Lore-Friendly Vehicles that would (as much as possible) fit into the timeline and atmosphere of GTA San Andreas, though I may deviate from time-to-time as I experiment with my creations. Some House Rules: * Do not upload the contents of this Workshop anywhere else - I will be the one deciding where it goes. If you see it anywhere that isn't uploaded by me, notify me immediately via PM. * I won't be directly taking requests, but I will consider possible suggestions. * Note that I only make mods as a hobby and practice * I highly encourage giving Feedback on my works so I may improve my craft and produce more quality mods in the future. With all that out of the way, welcome to my Garage! Please do not mind the mess and take a look at what we have in stock right now! From-Scratch Mods: Edits: Future Plans:

    Crazy Al's Angel Pine Junkyard & Auto Parts

    Hi, i'm Crazy Al Are you bored of driving the Same boring vehicles all over the state of San Andreas? Are you looking to Spend all that hard earned cash on a Reliable Used Vehicle? Are you in the Whetstone Area? If you said YES to Any of these questions, then do we have the selection for you over at.... Current Stock Upcoming Stock If y'all are intrested in a Visit Or looking to buy a Used vehicle, Call Crazy Al at 273-555-1814
  7. This where I start making this map since the pandemic using MTA's editor, MAP2PAWN, & PAWN2IPL to convert to GTA SA. This is my biggest map I ever created few mouths ahead. It's filling parkours, spots to fight, office building, the underground mall, airports, sniping spots, and some noticeable areas. This include 2 resizable areas from COD, one is Shipment at the beach and second is Rust in downtown. This map is a open world map and it's Bigger than GTAIII's Staunton Island! This one comes with 2GB/4GB RAM for .exe just in case if your using modded game. Cuz definitely it will load alot of OBJECTS in fewer areas! Currently there's no traffic or peds however they still spawn on benches and by some buildings. There is also a basketball mini game nearby the apartments I couldn't able to create traffic/peds in 3dsmax trying to load this custom map out of the border of San Andreas, APE can't even do anything off the border, I don't know how to use that APE, however so it's pretty new standards with fastman's limiter adjuster. I was they should add this for cleo newupcodes in order to create traffic/peds to store coordinates with sanny builder. beside AS pack limir to 8 each times Use carspawner mod to spawns cars in this map cuz no parked cars yet. I'll be adding cars soon depend if some areas haven't have it's detail will be edited. This map is work in progress, I'm still gonna add alot of things that haven't planned yet. More props in most of the areas like trees and stuff in case AIs interact mostly pillars or trees. Some stunts jump I'm prebaby gonna soon. Download links Gtainside v2 https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/154122-cakey-city-2-0-full-map-as-battle-royale-bigger-than-staunton-island/ v3 https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/154653-openworld-cakey-city-3-0-with-linked-sewers-tunnels/ or MediaFire v2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/oq23jfjpdl2mdr9/CAKE+CITY+ISLAND+V2.rar/file v3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/wqykhpybknuofme/CAKE+CITY+ISLAND+V3.0.rar/file Location SCREENSHOTS SAMP2IPL doesn't load low poly objects if far away, they spawn just like MTA SA and SAMP, sightly not bad for driving but on air invisible. I don't even how to make objects Low poly tho. Oh keep in mind I use SAUR textures, 4GB ram modded gtasa.exe, project2dtx, fastman's adjusted limiter. Here's MTA SA version but the draw distance for the "object elements" isn't good and worst of too many objects in one area and that's where I converted from. This is also available for MTASA version as source (no scripts like that are used, few cars at the beach area by the road) This can be used for survival, zombies, roleplaying, battle royale, freeroaming, racing, parkours, missions and sandbox
  8. Junior_Djjr

    Junior_Djjr's Workshop

    GTA Annual Awards 2019 Winner Best Workshop: here Best Script or Plugin: VehFuncs Most Helpful Modder: me ------------------------- Can I introduce myself? I'm Valdir da Costa Júnior (Junior_Djjr / Djjr) from Brasil, Ibitinga - São Paulo. I create mods for games since 9 years old (more than a decade); since my cool Windows 98 without internet access. Even before I knew mods I was already modding GTA San Andreas, in 2010. In February of 2011 I had internet access, I started to dig deeper into GTA mods, created a blog (MixMods.com.br) and the following month I had 500 views a day. Currently having 1 million monthly. I'm game modder, indie game developer, music producer, designer, and something like that... Lover of technology, sciences, music etc. About mods for GTA San Andreas, I create really anything - but not organic modeling (skins/peds/clothes). I've always liked to modify and create new things since I was a child... so I really like what I do. The Workshop Before, I never bothered to divulge my mods in different countries. Sorry for almost everything post is written in portuguese, but Google Translator does a good job in portuguese-english. There's a translator widget in my blog. And now I always include a readme file also in english. I'm always open for new mod ideas, but try to say just simple and really creative things, remember that I always have big projects to do so I can't stop them to dedicate to something new. I'm just one person. And don't say "do when you have time", I'll never have free time. The List "Featured:" [by relevance] - Major mods. "Common:" [by most recent] - Normal mods. "Fixes / Minor contributions:" [by most recent] - Mods that I contributed just a bit or I fixed bugs/crashes, because I believe modding is free and everyone can fix the error of others. "Very old" [by most recent] - Please don't expect anything amazing... I did a long time ago. May be a sh*t.
  9. Zeneric

    Smooth Criminal Bicycles

    Smooth Criminal Bicycles v3.0 v3.0: Added more bicycle extras. Adapted with Vehfuncs' paintjob function. Secondary colors (carcols) added. Adapted with Vehfuncs' f_brake function. Replaced some SCB bicycle meshes with improved/better meshes (aka less blocky/messy). New bicycle details. Retweaked some bicycle materials. Adapted with SkyGFX and RenderHook (Sormed's PS2 Atmosphere RH preset recommended). Added default GTA SA Dirt (vehiclegrunge256) to bicycles - adapted with Vehfuncs' dirt system (ECG recommended for high quality dirt texture). Removed the need of ISDC's bmx/bike wheels, and also removed the need of Rikintosh's textures. Authors: Zeneric/Kkjj SCBv3 download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M82o-b6xHHacUiNa4yxj-9x47DkDGOT7
  10. DK22Pac

    GTA5 HUD by DK22Pac

    v0.925 Mediafire https://www.mediafire.com/?p3uk0xvtyyeo10s v0.920 Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/download/p6r6ulrmcp19qsc/V+HUD+by+DK22Pac+-+release+28.12.14.rar v0.910 Sendspace https://www.sendspace.com/file/dyqhzi Mediafire https://www.mediafire.com/?rz65d0ihwgpuyd2 libertycity http://www.libertycity.ru/files/gta-san-andreas/83045-gta-v-hud-v0.910-by-dk22pac.html v0.890 Sendspace https://www.sendspace.com/file/u29umt Mediafire https://www.mediafire.com/?l28bhcjlh2p40qn libertycity http://www.libertycity.ru/files/gta-san-andreas/81914-gta-v-hud-v0.890-samp-edition-by-dk22pac.html v0.815 Sendspace https://www.sendspace.com/file/ireohu libertycity http://www.libertycity.ru/files/gta-san-andreas/80870-gta-v-hud-by-dk22pac.html?page=5 An exclusive add-on Other mods compability Since this plugin uses new version of plugin SDK, you'll need to remove all plugins which use "deprecated" plugin.dll library. You can get new versions of some plugins here: IMFX Final Update http://vk.com/doc45765610_318675122?hash=a11b3a754de2151207&dl=d19d71bef7f924385f Advanced Aiming Mod v1.1 https://www.sendspace.com/file/v85lgh
  11. This list will make your San Andreas experience feel more alive! Well first of all, non of these mods are mine. All the rights goes to their respective creators! I'm just mad that all of these mods goes to "cleo mods/scripts" category all the time. When you try to find them, it's like mining thru a mountain full of rocks and trying to find the diamond among them.. Please just tag those kind of mods under a new section (mixmods please do it!) like #revival #pedsrealism or something whatever you want to call. My main purpose here is making a list of mods that "bring life to san andreas" not just revival mods. 1-Realistic Beach v2.6 Adds what a beach needs to Los Santos' beach. 2-Ambient Taxi Makes a random npc enter a taxi. DON'T USE WITH "TRAFFIC AND TRAVEL" 3-Bus With Passengers v2 Adds npcs to the busses. DON'T USE WITH "TRAFFIC AND TRAVEL" 4-Prostitutes get into cars randomly Makes a random prostitute enter a car. 5-Peds Buy Food Makes a npc buy food from a machine or hotdog seller. 6-HardRain v1.2 Oh my precious... I'm in love with this mod! When rain starts, it makes some npc's use umbrellas, some other npcs without umbrellas starts to look at sky, and damn themselfs cuz they didn't get their umbrellas with them. If there is a rain-safe place like under a bridge, they will go there and wait till the rain ends. DON'T USE IT WITH "TTDISA" because sadly these 2 mods make a sound glitch together due some animgrp uncompatibility. 7-Homeless and Trash Bags Makes some homeless npcs look into trash bags around them. Sadly this mod is unstabile (as some comments say) and will propably crash your game 8-Home Brains Makes homeless npcs sit, pee, vomit and getting drunk. Don't use with "TTDiSA" cuz ttdisa already has this feature. 9-Ped Lean v2.1 Amazing mod!! A MUST HAVE INDEED!!!!!!!!!! Makes npcs randomly lean tru the walls. Just use it man. 10-More Hostile Gangs Makes hostile gang members shake your car. Don't use with "TTDiSA" cuz ttdisa already has this feature. 11-Pedestrians using map objects Like you can see them fishing in Santa Maria and use telescops in observatory. 12-People's attention When you walk-by npc, he/she will look at you for some time. 13-Car Crash Look When you crash your car, peds will look at your failure. 14-Real Peds Remake A classic mod around for years. Makes npcs randomly use telephone, smoke ciggarets or get drunk etc. This very specific mod comes with a sub mod (which is probaly this one ---> Peds Read Newspaper And Use Handbags) that will make randomly nps walk with bags in their hands and some read newspaper sitting in the banks. Don't use the newspaper and bags mod because it's -sadly- very buggy. 15-Urbanize Project Djjr and his community's amazing job! The real Revival mod i would say.. It supposed to add a bilet line in front of cinema, a homeless begging for money, A bazaar in Santa Maria etc. It's quite buggy tho. And they stopped working on it due to the new codding tool gta3sc. Use at your own risk. 16-Original Peds Vary Same ped has uniqe variations. Amazing and a must have!! You need this boi to use it tho ---> PedFuncs V0.3.1 17-PedTweaks Adds some missing peds to the game. I don't know if it's compatible with TTDiSA. I had no problem tho -yet-. 18-Aimdrivers Not a revival but it's just amazing. You aim your gun at the drivers and they get out of the car or doesn't give a f*ck and just leaves the area (maybe i didn't aimed right and that's why it didnt work lol). 19-Hide from Cops This mod is just beyond amazing. Look at it tru the link. (It's not djjr's 'hide of cops' mod. It's better) 20-No Abondoned Area C'mon, you know this mod. Everyone does! Go and download it immediatly! 21-Traffic and Travel This mod is gorgeous! But very buggy. Use at your own risk. Does a LOT of stuff to the game. Just look tru the link. 22-Things to Do in San Andreas/TTDiSA Here king, you dropped this *one of the best San Andreas mod* ... I cant explain with my broken english here... This is what it writes in the old ttdisa's gtagarage description: Well that's it from my point of view. I hope it helps someone out there to find some gems around the modding community. Don't forget to use Modloader. I thank to everyone who made those awesome mods and kept the modding community growing and i specially thank Djjr for making mixmods! Your webside is so good. I'll add some more mods in time. Or if people wants i can add some pictures too.
  12. This mod aims to bring the definitive update to the good and old San Andreas's weapons, it consists basically on fixes and improvements, such as improved 3d parts, upscaled and minor edits on textures and icons, position fixes, uvmapping, scale and overall design. Also, don't worry about being too HQ, they're still atmospheric to the game and not far from the original size of the vanilla weapons. Hope you enjoy them. 😎 (They come with the original 3d muzzleflash model attached to them, you can opt to force the effect from effectsPC with a mod). Features Upscaled Textures and minor edits and uvmap fixes Icons in better resolution (128x128) New muzzleflash texture 3d muzzleflash on models Reflections and extra effects Improved 3d model Mip Mapping Position and scale fixes New uvmaps (Check paracx.txd, might be useful if you want to change the parachute) 3D triggers 3D lens on scope and cameras Cutscene models converted as a bonus Have some screenshots (Outdated) GTA SA VERSION GTA SA CUTSCENE/BETA GTA VC VERSION Credits to SprunkieMonkey for the Colt45 Icon Special Thanks to Len (BadassBaboon) and M.S. for helping me figure the upscaling out. If you support my work and think it deserves a finantial support, here's the QR code for donations, it'll surely help me while i'm unemployed through these harsh times, i also take paid requests if you want anything custom made for you, anyways, thanks for stepping by and checking my work. 😃
  13. This is a simple preset for latest reshade with necessary files for easy install and use. First preset is for smooth and bug free gameplay. And preset 2 have adaptive fog which can be buggy it is up to you to use. You can switch between presets easily with pressing (home by default). https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/151776-vivid-natural-san-andreas/ Credits:Junior_Djjr, DK22Pac, Ezekiel, The Hero, crosire, Wesser,Black White 7 Blue, Zeneric. Rest of the credits will be updated if some one can give me info about the cleo's authors.
  14. Calvin.linardi

    Calvin.linardi's Underground Bunker

    Hello everyone! I’m Calvin.linardi And welcome to my underground Bunker, here you can find some sh*t I made for GTA San Andreas So let’s get arround! Workshop Themed Vehicles More Vehicles Guns and Weapons Misc Work In progress
  15. EnhFuncs is a mod that adds new functions to models, designed for both weapons and for vehicles. It works just like other mods functions to models, but also with a .cfg. To have a weapon with some function of this mod, simply download and install. To adapt a weapon to some function, read files "How To Adapt" coming in the download. Actual list of functions: - 1F [break Action | "sawbarl"] - Possibility to model a gun that the barrel is broken when reloading (original sawnoff GTA comes with this feature!) - 2F [slide Cover | "slidecover"] - Possibility to model a gun with a piece that goes behind when shoot, the generally the "slide cover" of weapons like Glock - 3F [Penknife | "knifeblade"] - Possibility to model a penknife with the blade opening and closing DEMO OF 3 FUNCTIONS (1F, 2F, 3F): (was make with 3F v1.0) (Song: Djjr - L.I.O.N.) Author: Junior_Djjr Special thanks To: LINK/2012 and Wesser ACTUAL VERSION: 3F 2.0 [DOWNLOAD] You can download some weapons with this functions, clicking here, feel free to publish their functional weapons (or vehicles in future) here in this topic Change Log: ------ 26/08/15 (New script) - Main script rewritten from scratch with less CPU usage and RAM, not now lose more FPS. (EnhFuncs uses the same system for vehicles). Before the game could give lag if appears many people with weapons (such as police officers during high wanted level). - Fixed the "sawbarl" making the animation to reload twice. - Fixed Cameras commands (were wrong in the readme). - Added ability to change the game speed during the camera mode, thus being able to visualize the movement of the functions in slow motion etc. Cool to test and create videos demonstrating their weapons. - Less limit of models such as the "knifeblade" working for any melee weapon, and not only the knife. - Fixed camera 3 having the same configuration as the 1. - Rewritten error warnings, better and more warnings, such as checking files and version of crack. - Improved the default setting of the sawn-off (best locations and times). - Improvements in .txt of tutorial of how to adapt the functions. - Fixed the "slidecover" activating immediately at pick up a gun adapted to it. - Funções não duplicando na mesma arma. - The gun did not bugs if the .cfg not be loaded. - .ini file with some settings, including the camera positions. - English and Portuguese using the same scripts. Language set in the .ini. - Among other improvements not visible to the player.
  16. Son Of Big Boss

    SOBB's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop. Here you'll find lore friendly vehicle mods and accurate beta vehicle recreations for the classic GTA Trilogy. Some content is still under development, so the workshop will receive updates from time to time. If you want to support me you can donate a bit of money, I will appreciate any help granted. Become my Patron https://www.patreon.com/sonofbigboss Shoutout to Mr. Jago for his support as Patron Otherwise, if you want to donate using Paypal instead: Note: It is highly recommended, for better enjoyment, to install Silent Patch, and SkyGFX, as some of the mods need them, links can be found here MISC MODS BETA MODS MISC MODS MISC MODS
  17. TheMadeMan

    TheMadeMan's Workshop & TMM Auto Imports

    UPDATE 18-09-2020 : So I haven't scrapped the videos yet and have no plans to do that, however since I've been much busier than when I started the series I don't have time to record long videos so it will be paused until I can record. Playlist Page is under construction, some mods will be purged. Welcome to my workshop. Here you will find all of my released mods. Feel free to discuss any of my older mods. Or, see what's going on right now The more recent mods are at the bottom. Currently Available mods Currently, mods are only available for GTA SA New WIP Project : GTA SA : Lowriders Old Section, will be removed later, most of these mods will be reworked and subsequently re-released. WIP not in order Special Thanks to: Notes: All mods are unlocked, you can use any of my mods in your mods/Total conversions, please notify me and give me credit for the mod as well. If there's any bug please use PM. Requests are now not accepted. Because I probably won't ever finish them when I don't want to make it.
  18. Clara

    Radar Satellite View

    Download 6K Version Download 12K Version Original Map Tiles in 48.000 x 48.000 .PNG The tile sorting is: 7_0_0 7_1_0 7_2_0 7_3_0 ••• 7_0_1 7_1_1 7_2_1 7_3_1 ••• 7_0_2 7_1_2 7_2_2 7_3_2 ••• ••• 7_0_95 7_1_95 7_2_95 7_3_95 ••• -You can use xnview to merge them.-
  19. StarGTS

    STAR☆GTS Workshop

    Welcome to my trusted garage. Need a car to take some girls on the streets of Los Santos? You have no money and want a waste to take with you, your cocaine addicted girlfriend and a beer in the back seat? Are you a regular advertiser looking for a vehicle for your dirty and dirty business? Otto's Autos is the ideal place for you. In my personal workshop only in SA style. They are simple mods, nothing special. These are some mods, but I assure you that good news Cars Pelli Ricambi auto Armi Mods Cars
  20. Clara

    Foliage Improvement

    Description: Changes SA default vegetation foliage mesh with a new foliage mesh way more complex. Palms: Original: New: Original: New: Original: New: Original: New: Trees: Original: New: Original: New: Palms - Download Trees - Soon Bushes/flowers/grass = Soon
  21. MrFinger

    [SA] Uncompressed SFX Pack

    The amount of attempts at finding the original sources of the GTA sounds were in vain, almost to nothing could've been found about them until now. Now, we have found literally what has been searched for years. This modification gives you an experience on what the sounds are like without much compression. For now only version for SA is available. III and VC versions coming soon! List of new HQ uncompressed sounds [SA] : Bonus folder contains HQ versions of: Don't forget to watch comparison videos below!: Downloads: SA Version III Version [WIP] VC Version [WIP] FAQ: Special thanks to: @Matt1010 For cover and few footsteps sounds @4Arty For loops of Cheetah, Club, BF Injection and Linerunner
  22. pep legal

    Hard Rain

    Hard Rain This is a silly mod I made some months ago and now decided to share (after some polishing). Installing: Just put the "hardRain" folder in ModLoader folder. Features: - Raining weather in San Andreas is a bit less boring - Peds in a hurry - Drivers a bit nervous/impatient - Roads a little slippery - Nothing over the top...just subtle touches here and there. Download: https://mega.nz/#!8Zx1WZZD!MSrq5tFuBNahSHGzahCgSt9TJGogqubmvXiOVZ9IAPQ Credits : - As always, all those modders who keep their source code open. - Model used in this mod was found on Internet (under no name). If you are the owner, just let me know, I will gladly give you proper credits.
  23. So after more than a year, I've finally made a seperate forum post for this... Overall Improvements aims to revive the abandoned volume 2 by porting most of its features to a more stable form. (The leaked volume 2 was really unstable) Apart from adapting features from volume 2, new peds, new vehicles, bug fixes, more dialogue and more have been added. This release is based on Crspy's Fixed Volume 1, so it features all his additions as well. Some Features All vehicles cut by DeeZire are now restored. The ones he replaced them with are now seperate vehicles New cut vehicles have been re-added, the Bloodring Banger B and the FBI Car New clothes. For example the new GSF clothing after reaching 100% turf control Police helicopters are now controlled by actual police pilots, killing the pilot results in the heli crashing. New police officers and gang members have been added along with unused unique voice lines. (A LOT of voice lines were cut, Example: VOICE_EMG_ARMY1, 2 and 3) The cut drive to the cemetery in 'Big Smoke' has been restored. Along with some removed voice lines in 'Sweet & Kendl' The supporting character, Guppy, now has a unique skin Recreated 4 of the 10 hidden mobile exclusive cheats The cut vigilante variant, 'Vice Squad' for the Cheetah, has been restored Revamped DeeZire's AWOL Angel If you start Los Sepulcros with insufficient respect, now an otherwise inaccessable part of the mission will unlock. (I made some minor changes to this part) If you have previously started 'Are You Going To San Fierro?' and failed, you no longer have to pay another $25,000 to re-start the mission The Four Dragons casino will now be an asset after 'Fish In a Barrel' The help messages about being wasted and busted now don't take away player control anymore (it is now like Vice City) In 555 WE TIP, you now have to drive into the garage to plant the weed in the car (This is a recreation of a beta objective) Cesar and OG Loc now appear with their beta appearances in certain missions. You are now correctly able to reach 100% completion, instead of reaching it prematurely even if you haven't completed everything yet Changelogs Original Volume 1 Changelog OV Changelog Download Version 1.6 (06/11/2019) 1.6.2 Patch (17/04/2020) Savegame Pack 1 (LS Chapter - 07/11/2019) Savegame Pack 2 (Country Chapter - 04/12/2019) Savegame Pack 3 (Halfway SF Chapter - 09/01/2020) (Savegames from the unmodded game and previous ttdisa versions are incompatible) NOTE: Since this mod is still in development, compatibility between newer versions is not garanteed. --- Installation Instructions Credits Original Volume 1 Credits OV Credits Misc DISCORD (for suggestions, bug reports and previews) YOUTUBE (where I post my TTDISA OV videos) Note Unless stated otherwise, it is not allowed to reupload this mod anywhere. (This includes modpacks)
  24. CLEO 4.3 Visit CLEO Website CLEO is a hugely popular extensible library plugin which brings new possibilities in scripting for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Rockstar Games, allowing the use of thousands of unique mods which change or expand the gameplay. You may find more information about CLEO in the Sanny Builder help and on the website http://cleo.sannybuilder.com I'm now developing this. Now with legacy (CLEO 3) mode! Name problematic CLEO 3 scripts with the '.cs3' extension for added compatibility with certain CLEO 3 scripts and CLEO 4 (rarely necessary). The change log mainly highlights changes to opcodes (pretty important for scripters). Mirrors (latest build: v4.3.22) Download (setup) Download (zipped)
  25. artginPL

    Enterable Hidden Interiors

    What is EHI ? This mod allows you to enter the buildings which are visible only in cut-scenes, some of the missions in GTA San Andreas or not used at all in the game. Most of the interiors has made new collision files. GTA SA has 376 entrance exit (enex) markers, and this modification adds another 124. DOWNLOAD EHI V4.1 LIST OF THE ENTERABLE BUILDINGS: 1. LOS SANTOS: - Sweet's House (Ganton), - Ryder's House (Ganton), - OG Loc's House (Ganton), - B Dup's Apartment (Ganton), - B Dup's Crack Palace (Glen Park), - Blastin' Fools Records (Market), - Crack Den - Ballas Apartment (Idlewood), - Vagos Gang House (East Los Santos), - Two-Floors Ammunation (Downtown), - Arena from 'New Model Army' missions (entry in front of Film Studio in Vinewood), - Los Santos International Airport, - Sayonara Hotel&Restaurant (Verdant Bluffs), - The Bog Standard Hotel (Temple), - All floors of the Los Santos Office [glazed building] - (Downtown). 2. SAN FIERRO: - Woozie's Apartment (Chinatown), - San Fierro Police Department (Downtown), - Preasure Domes (Battery Point), - Supa Save (Juniper Hill), - San Fierro Easter Bay International Airport, - Doherty Garage with fixed camera view, - Adds the possibility to open and close of the hold, and the possibility of lifting and lowering of the two platforms on the Aircraft Carrier (Easter Basin). 3. LAS VENTURAS: - City Planning Department (Come-A-Lot), - New Room in Bike School (Blackfield), - Sindacco Abattoir (Whietwood Estates), - Rosenberg's Room in Caligula's Palace, - Woozie's Room in The Four Dragons Cassino, - Janitor Room in The Four Dragons Cassino, - Las Venturas Airport, - Adds entry to eight casinos (Come-A-Lot, The Emerald Isle, The High Roller, The Pink Swan, Starfish Casino, The Visage, Old Venturas Strip x2), - Las Venturas Bandits Stadium (Redsands West), - Plastic Factory (Whietwood Estates), - Basements in Caligula's Palace. 4. OTHER: - Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts (Market, Palisades and Fort Carson), - U Get Inn Motel (Angel Pine and Fort Carson), - Welcome Pump (Dillimore), - Bank (Palomino Creek), - Cesar's Hideout (Angel Pine), - Police Stations (Angel Pine and Fort Carson), - Interior of the Shamal aircraft (entry in every Airports), - Area around of the Liberty City Saint Marks (entry in Shamal aircraft), - Interior of the Liberty City Marco Bistro, - All Hauses of CJ's Girlfriends, - Brothel1 (Valle Ocultado), - Brothel2 (entry in Strip Clubs), - Nude & XXX Shop (Los Santos x2, Las Venturas x1), - Sex Shop XXX (Los Santos x1, Las Venturas x4), - Sodom Sex Toys (Los Santos x2), - Adds unused save house to Mike Toreno's Ranch (Tierra Robada), - Main entry to underground of Area 69, - Manhole with jetpack in Area 69, - Gas Station (Dillimore), - All gas stations buildings with 24/7 interiors, including three interiors unused by game (all San Andreas), - All bars and restaurants from Dating Missions (all San Andreas), - Many stores with 24/7 interiors, including three interiors unused by game (all San Andreas), - Makes that the vent in Area 69 is not blocked, - Gates in fence of Area 69 are movable.
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