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Found 13 results

  1. i shoehorned a silver shadow and a low rider in the johnson house garage side by side and now they are well and truly stuck, cant even push the damn things out and cj gets stuck between them til the point i need to load from a save, i really need to get the silver shadow out to pick up girlfriends in, and the low rider for cv missions.
  2. Kirsty

    PC/Tech Help

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - The Definitive Edition PC/Tech Help Thread Use this topic to request help or advice with PC-specific problems. Be sure to include your PC specs and graphics card information for easier diagnosis!
  3. Timbo Baggins

    Another Girlfriend Topic...

    Sorry to post another girlfriend topic but I can seem to find the answers to my specific questions anywhere. I'm at the very beginning of the game working on my starter save. I have 49/50 Oysters and I want to get Michelle, Barbara, and Katie down to 0% before moving on in order to move their progress up to 45% by getting that last Oyster. Currently, just running around has reduced my progress with Barbara and Katie to 9% and 13%, respectively but I'm not sure how. I've read that you lose progress by not answering their calls or by being in vehicles when they attempt to call which checks out I've never actually gotten a call but have always been in a vehicle when it's happened. I've also read that it only happens when you're on their city. However, I know for a fact that I've lost progress with Barbara while driving around in the badlands north of Los Santos Another thing I've read is that you can't get calls while you have a wanted level. Is that true for girlfriends? I've been trying to find a safe place to stand or drive around on order to lose progress but I can't seem to. When exactly is a date considered a date? Can you safely murder your girlfriend without disabling two-timing scripts?
  4. Isjdjwuwj

    My mission is disabled

    Pls fix this bug my backup school and racing mission is disabled why
  5. King_Von

    Dyom IX problem

    How come that dyom ix modify on my classic gta gameplay? In example when i play classic gta, i find hot coffe mod installed even though I don't installed it,and i found other modifications that i didn't wanted to add them, is it possible to fix it or i need to uninstall the whole thing
  6. xXQTRxFMSXx

    SA 99.47% on Xbox series X

    Hi, i have completed everything in the checklists but i didnt get 100%, i think the issue might be because i have only passed 143 mission as I see other people have 144 mission and its not the heist. i have completed 100 spray tag but i read online that it can glitch if not sprayed properly could this be the issue ? i have 100 of 100 tag in the stats.
  7. Avichai

    Running DE on my laptop

    Considering my laptop can’t run gta IV properly, would it manage to run DE properly? i have no idea regarding my laptop’s specifications
  8. Joey O

    Missing 1 Oyster

    I have 49/50 oysters, I have checked every location across multiple guides, I think there must be some glitch where one or more oysters appears invisible and it’s impossible to know which one I missed. Anyone else experiencing this issue? This is for GTA San Andreas: Definitive Edition. Sorry, I forgot to mention that.
  9. Every time I start the San Fierro Stadium Event (Blood Bowl) even if I completed the event or failed it, after leaving the stadium and trying to save progress the game crashes. The game automatically saves inside the stadium (checkpoint), if I load this save and try to load another save the game will also crash. The game just won't crash if I load another save during the title screen. If I go inside the San Fierro stadium it is certain that the game will crash when I try to save my progress. Is anyone having this issue too? This is the Xbox Series X version.
  10. I looked up some guides for both DE and OG versions of the games and the codes just don't seem to work. Do we have a working one for PS5 or nah?
  11. Title says everything, although ESC works, the other buttons don't.
  12. anyone post freefall save file of gta san andreas definitive edition
  13. kubon352

    Save corrupted, fatal error

    I have a problem that doesn't allow me to load my save. It crashes my game with FATAL ERROR. I tried loading it after starting new game but no luck as well. Is it corrupted for good?
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