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Found 1 result

  1. [The following section is out of character.] I'm looking for like minded individuals to organize into a free form role playing group. What do I mean by free form? I mean no initial restrictions on your character. You can put as much or as little as your real self into the character. Of course this also means that the nature of the crew is dynamic and will be shaped by our play styles over time. However, I wish to obey the rules of the gta universe to an extent for role playing purposes. If something isn't imperative in gta, even if it would be in real life, it's not imperative for us. We will drive the way criminals drive in gta and so on. Your character is free to be whoever you want him or her to be within the context of the GTA universe but if you make outlandish claims, be prepared to be able to back them up or the rest of the crew might just laugh it off and take the piss. If there's enough interest to make this happen, I will set up a subreddit for us to discuss things in private. I will retain the formal position as boss as I think I've earned it by organizing all this stuff but, as my character will inform you, as long as you're reliable and trustworthy, you will likely be promoted to commissioner before oct 1st and you'll be treated as having an equal stake in this group as me. The number of commissioners I promote will depend on the crews size. Anyone who doesn't make the cut will still be valued as vital members of the crew and their input will matter to the commission. If you want to join as a minor member and not be too dedicated to this crew, feel free to do so. We can always use some outsourced muscle. I want this to be a mature group of players, meaning no racism, sexism, etc unless used justifiably in character. We will, as a group decide what is justified but never in the actual game. We will have an out of character conversation about it. Without further ado, here's my introductory post for the crew: -------------------------- I call myself fever. None of you know that name. That's fine, nobody knows me. I'm a nobody here in liberty city, looking for opportunities to expand my operation. The problem is, there's no room for expansion here. The families have a chokehold on organized crime in this city and unless you want to be paying them tribute and looking at jail time as a death sentence, there's no room for anyone else here. I've pulled enough jobs for them to know that they treat low ranking members of their operation like me as cannon fodder. They're not without their flaws. Grotti, the rest of the bosses and their capos are sharp and brilliant but as any organization expands, they need to put their trust in more people and they make mistakes. I've been watching those mistakes. I don't make them myself. The time is now to head to the Wild West in search of greater things. I have some contacts out there and although I've never been myself, I know enough about it to recognize an opportunity when I see one. I'm taking the first flight in on October . I can handle a gun and I'm an excellent driver. I have been brewing plans, some of which im playing close to the chest for now but rest assured, you won't be without a good getaway driver. I'm posting here to find others with sharp skills who want to make a name for themselves in LS. If anyone wants to get in on the ground floor of an organization, now is the time. Because of the way things work out there, I will be taking on the formal title of boss. However, rest assured that those among you who prove reliable and trustworthy will quickly find themselves with a seat on the commission where you'll be treated as equals, not subordinates. If you wish to join me, sign up here. I will be setting up a more secure mode of communication for the crew very shortly. We will figure out what we're going to call ourselves then. Fever
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