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Found 2 results

  1. decro435

    Well Done Rockstar.

    While the game hasn't actually been released yet, what I have seen, read and watched has been amazing. Rockstar is clearly a user-focused gaming company and has put time and effort into listening to the user and using this information to create a game that will try and satisfy as many people as possible. There will be parts in the game that I won't like, with a game of this size and the amount of features it logically will happen. I've seen enough to be satisfied that Rockstar has surpassed many of the other gaming companies which tend to re-hash the same games year after year and ultimately fail in being creative. Well Done Rockstar for being an innovative and forward looking company and for listening to the users. P.S: For the people complaining about certain features in the game, when you finish school/University you'll realize the amount of effort/time that is spent to achieve such goals. You'll begin to understand that it is illogical to believe that you can satisfy everyone especially when you are dealing with a rather large 14-16 year old user base. I was the same at your age though, so complain on..
  2. 'OG' Loc

    Just preordered my copy

    Just preordered my copy, and a hard drive so I can even play it. I've been on a 4gb 360 slim for the last 3 years. Just made an account to post this and jump on the hype machine because face it, this is going to be the best game ever made. Who cares about PS4 and Xbox One in november? We've got GTAV this month.
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