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Found 6 results

  1. In an unexpected move from Rockstar, some book retailers and Amazon seem to be listing an art book called "The Art of Red Dead Redemption II"! As known to everyone, Rockstar does not like releasing pre-release art or assets from their games, they like being secretive and leaving all the intricacies of their games' designs a secret. Not this time it seems. Starting today, several Amazon branches (US, UK, Germany) and even Barnes & Noble have started listing a book named "The Art of Red Dead Redemption II", to be released four days after the game releases, on October 30 2018. According to the page, this is the description of the book: Promising huh? The book will apparently contain storyboards (hand-drawn comic-book like strips to conceptualise scenes in the game), concept art (used to define a certain vision for an area, or a character, which the 3D artist will then use to transpose the art to the game), story and character studies, sketches and everything, which is an extremely welcome first from the oh so secretive Rockstar Games! UPDATE: More websites are starting to list the book. It has also been listed in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Book Depository reports 150 illustrations for the book!
  2. Reuters reported today that after the final trial for the famous "bikini girl situation", celebrity Lindsay Lohan has lost the appeal by a 6-0 vote. The Court of Appeals of the New York State's highest court said that Take-Two's depictions were "nothing more but cultural comment" and added that Take-Two owed the celebrity no damages. According to the judge, Judge Eugene Fahey, although an image like this may constitute a portrait to support an invasion of privacy, all these pictures depicted were generic twenty-something year old women, without any likeness to Lohan. For those who don't remember, Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar over this art from GTA V, claiming it was her likeness and that Rockstar had stolen her likeness. This also happened with the art that depicts a female police officer frisking a criminal. The outcome of this was more than predictable. It's not the first time Rockstar is sued over some generic art they release for their games, with celebrities saying the company stole their likeness, as if they even need to do that... Time to get out of your shells, boys and girls. Thanks Ben from RockstarIntel for the tip and Reuters for the original source!
  3. In an extremely charitable move, Rockstar Games has announced a very impressive Humble Bundle package, where all proceeds are going to the Rainforest Alliance! The Rainforest Alliance is a nonprofit organisation that focuses in tackling today's challenges: Poverty, Climate Change, Social Inequity, Biodiversity Loss through collaborations in agriculture, forestry, tourism and more. With a $1 donation to this cause, you can get GTA III, GTA VC, Max Payne 1 and Manhunt all for yourself on the PC platform. For more than the average donation, you can get, along with the above, Max Payne 2, Bully, GTA San Andreas and L.A. Noire. With a $15 donation, you get access to Max Payne 3, GTA IV and all it's DLC, and L.A. Noire plus its DLC. The bundle ends on February 12 at 1 PM Eastern Time, so follow this link to help out! Over 5000 bundles have been purchased so far! Rockstar Games has been known for some charities already, by supporting (to list one) Movember (to help out prostate cancer and other male-directed diseases), and even forcing GTA Online cheat tool creators to donate all their proceedings to charity. Although not profitable, they have also been a part of the Dare to be Digital student developer event, to help out young students in the world of programming and development.
  4. Spider-Vice

    L.A. Noire Switch Trailer Released

    UPDATE 15:47 GMT: Some screenshots for the VR and Switch versions have also been released on the L.A. Noire website! A brand new trailer for L.A. Noire's enhanced release has just been released by Rockstar on their Newswire. Showing off what it looks like, and how it plays with the new features such as touchscreen support and JoyCon support, this version is releasing on November 14 along with the other versions. You can watch the trailer below: Rockstar Newswire Post
  5. In a surprising turn of events, Imran Sarwar, the new producer for Grand Theft Auto at Rockstar North, has given out an exclusive intervew to GameInformer about GTA Online, its past, present and future. This interview also reveals some details on why a SP DLC never happened (and likely never will) and many other confessions about what GTA Online has become, how surprising it was, even how it was seemingly dying up until 2014 and how difficult Heists were to develop. Check it out!
  6. Today, Rockstar Games has finally announced what has been rumoured for quite a number of months. LA Noire is coming for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and for the Vive VR platforms. Coming on November 14 this year, the new release of LA Noire will be divided in a few different versions: LA Noire: The VR Case Files for HTC Vive contains seven cases from the original game, rebuilt for Virtual Reality, and, according to Rockstar, "blends breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience." LA Noire for the Nintendo Switch is the original PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game, adapted to the new Nintendo console. It contains specific features for the console, such as a Joy-Con mode, with gyroscopic and gesture based controls, rumble, and new camera angles, along with touch screen controls for portability. LA Noire for PS4 and Xbox One is the ultimate LA Noire experience - it will deliver the original game and its DLC with a range of technical enhancements, including enhanced lighting and timecycles, new camera angles, high resolution textures, and much more. Rockstar says it will run at a native 1080p on the Xbox One and PS4, and 4K on the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro, making this Rockstar's first foray into 4K gaming outside of the PC platform! The LA Noire website has also been updated with more information about this release, and we can expect more about this in the weeks ahead on the Newswire. Rockstar Newswire Post
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